Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 18, 1930 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 12
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Off to Open New Air Mail Route Scene of Heavy Fighting in Brazilian Revolt Speeding Train Strikes Abandoned Car; Derailed Illy ITWIflc* All.villi-i A nrw n i r mail route ever tin- K o u t h e v n circlf, sLn-tchinu fnm const tr const. VHIH inmiKU i-ii let! l-he oilier Hn.v nsi plane took off from Atlanta, Georgia, on Ili'sl trip. Walter Brown, ponl musler frenchi-l. Is aeon here i»s in" b^antcd plane at Washington. 11. C.. which rnrrirrt h i m lr A i l n n t i i . where )to oflkiiiled at the inaugural cr«- mmi*. New ruti' will i-Htnhlixh direct, air mull aervicc in many town* h i t h e r t o only i n d i r e c t l y linked in grent air mail i'hatn. Here is a fine view il' Hao t'aoh), scene of much hoavy fighting between the insurgents and the Brazilian federal troops,, in tho current uprising against the -prevailing government nt, Bin tie Janicro, In it special ruling issued the other day, Secretary- of State Stiimson, makes it possible for this country to sell munitions untl arm* to the .Federal troops but not to the revolutionary forces. GaUmnn'.i attempt to flag thin onnwhing piiMcngPr train nciir IlpynnMi', N»b., n(W h« Imd abandoned cur on trnchti'n wliort distance from crossing, prftw«l f u t i l e nnl )l«)Ty 11. Lonfiu^Ht. *rntini?r, and William H. Hunsmire, flremnn, were killoit wfen nftcr strikinjr tli" i-ar, vh' "iiitinn and hrw c»r( left the roils «nd overturned. Here in view of the w rechttKO ;is derrick mains BI its ;ol fit ctoarinji tht rails. Religious Edifice Restored for Boris Nuptials Forbes Presents Credentials Honor Memory of Robert E. Lee Next Viceroy? . * AlliltlUrO Tlie memory of Koliurt K. I.CR, fumoua general of tho Civil war, who lurl (lie (ionri-fitn-iitca fijsriiinst the Boys in Blue on the various biittln- . was honored iho'oltior tiny nt Htartford, WoMtinori'lRncI county, ou Lho iicrasum of the tiixtiell) anniversary jf his death. This i* listi-niiiK in rapt silence xis Dr. ik-nry t^rwis Smith of Vn., L'.ttnlts the deeds of tha soutli's b*lovcti KG item I. ai-i)li;4 A l l r i n l l i - l The Holy Santn Sophia cathedral, dcatroyeil during the Iftte world atrUKK'e, has Ix-en ruatorol UH the Cathedral of the Capital of .Bulgaria and wilt bu the scdiie of tht; forthuumin^ wudding t)C Ktnf Boris and P r i n c e s s CJmvnnna of Italy, Kxtensive religious TM re m on its market! Hit: opening o.f the; odifice in Sophift in whieli KinttBorispartiftipHteit, and he cnn'tie Reeh (hut in hand hukliiij candle) in above |jroc«- aion. Destroyers Lay Screen Wrigley Donates Building for Feeding Jobless T h i' (iilMivc), win, nditor of tlu a f t c r w u r d rc MtiVil (Inirx' jii'imi' niitiyli- to surcci'd Lo of India. piri'n M l , o i b i « n in rm;li iji i'l' I." I h i ;i n us riiili|« Kt-rr WHS Hound Ttilili' luui r r c t t i r y I n Imvid t 1 svlivii !«· win -r, Ims tn'i'ii rd t r w i n 11 til [ r w i n ' H u-vii* Tin' iiiiiri|iiiit It-Hi; U ..... n ^^·^^^P^^H^M^^i^^^^^^^^KiM^MMM^i^^M,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^B^^^^^H^^^^^^H^H VV. ['amcrott l-Wlx-^, Ann'rit'iiti uinliH^iidor to .lupiin, if i"wi) h" just hefoiv starling for the Imperial puluce ill T.tkyo, to present h letter of nvdorwv to Kmpiror liirohit.o. Seen \vnh him is Mnfcoi \Vntanhe ( l e f t ) , macl^r of ermonies in the Juprw 1 ?? imperial how hold, who formally pre^nleii him to the I'iniieror. A Reluctant Patient onaueror Family Man W i l l i i i m tt'rigk'y jr., uwjipr of the Chicago Cuba, has donated, ttio use (if a varniit. building in Chicago to the Salvation Army, and ar- rommudalions aro beintr made lor 2,000 \inemptnyeil, who will he given ralinn s and a piaec to sleep daily u n t i l they obtain employment,. Here hungry mouths arc being fed in temporary quarters in the building. MacNider's Quarters in Canada Layer after liiyer of deuso MsicU smoki-, fiiniiiiiii ii perfect screen, in being luid hy thusc lieslroyers a» they parUi:i|im.u in Navy Duv maneuvers ofV the A t l a n t i c coast. Nosu of destroyer in foregrounll is the, only pnrL «f thn nntiru fleet that wiu* visible lu tiie imaginary enemy, who is supposedly approaching from the right, and this fnvms a vury poor target, owing to the greitt speed at which it is traveling. ' A viiu,;iui j i . , . v i i i ... ., j j. ' : '"" '' "''" I'ine. shipin-r uf llu- (Jci'iruilv J,. TlR-lmiiil, (iioiu-"si,'r lic-liiim Huhooni'r, which is now vii'inir wili) tlie ("nniiilinn ilHVniliT, liliM'iioi" 1 . for the Sir Thomaii U p t o n clip off filoui't'slcr, Mai*, A ri''ummci* of sinus trmihlc Confined him ln'fore (he scrii'it was I'lilHiinalo'i. Th«t imrtnlivnr to he nt th hi'lm oC liih ship, Ih-* priile of the Jishei'folk, is seen here Wine attended by nwe. Danish Infantry Trudges Back From Maneuvers f^tt's the ivit to 11 are, i with Curni-rii. Itiitinn u ... Ut. U not iiuile »u , on the eontr; * -wife and t w t ! prti lieav vt-d a s t u m b l i n g block in ywelght invwiler, us hw ·o HM he may seemln tho man. and hn ia home in \Volliiston,j Mn*9. This tinii ulil tiuiiw, nice mi.- jvdujutitc in. .Sir .Mm A. MauUonolri, flrat prime minister of Canada, lias been leased to Lieut.'Cot, Chatlra Hanfot'd MacNIrter, recently appointed minister to Canada from United States, Known aa Stadacona hall, it is located in Ottawa, nttar the residence of the .Right Hon. W, L. Mackenzie Kint', former Caniuiian premier. , Gathering for a K rwd^ their monueh, KJw C-hviatian, theao Danish noon - ing; along this beautiful Btretch of country rowl In Sjollaml, Denmark, returning from mil urn mil mun- covers In which the etrtln DDuh m lilary forces nnrticipuled, Rpn^l over may mile*,during IHIWUV. era, entire army united and filed majestically past the king, who viewed pantdo from fovorito mount. i'nrli(« lo tho tiportu world, AbUi Suplefonl Allow (above) »»i (ieorge Loll, IMvin fU|t »t»J'. w«ra wed nt Klktoi). Md., ««· lowlntc thdir «!oii!mc«t. nmt couple arc now -iT on moon. She in rtw iluu Mr. and W i n . llftlph Allen DC Abinttwn, Ihflndel|hin, Pu,

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