Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 2, 1987 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1987
Page 3
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THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL SUN Grand design for a grand project Architect Victor Lopes Bute* Evenole Apple maggot finds threaten Sonoma crop GUERNEVILLE (AP)—Chemical spraying is underway here in an attempt to spare Sonoma County's $10 million bumper apple crop from the ravages of the apple maggot fruit fly. The activity by agricultural officials follows the trapping of five suspected apple maggots in trees at a Russian River water treatment plant near Vacation Beach on and positive identification of the insects by state entomologists last week. The discovery marks the first time the bug has surfaced in Sonoma County's apple growing region, which was the second-largest apple-producing area in California last year. Apple maggot fruit flies lay eggs in apples and the larvae eat their way out, spoiling the fruit. "There is no threat at this moment to the commercial crop," said Supervisor Ernie Carpenter on Friday. Officials said the quarantine area will be expanded south on Monday, but declined to say whether Scbas- topol would be included. The Sebastapol area accounts for about 90 percent of the county's 6,200 acres of apple orchards. Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner Edward Urban said the quarantine area probably would cover a small area in the Guerneville area, where apple production is limited. Agendas Ukiah Unified The Ukiah Unified School Dis- U^cthas,scheduled a Board of Edu- ,fijt}Qn .meeting ,for, Au^.4.1. 7:15 -- ' • • Main topics on the agenda are as follows: •Governor Deukmejian believes that the state is in an era of limits, and the board is expecting some cutbacks over the 1987-88 fiscal year. A report on Deukmejian's budget will be presented. •The tax override fund will be subject to a decline from $696,275 to $661,275 in the 1987-88 school year, based on the projected .revenues and expenditures. The Gas Prince leaves Kuwait Kuwait — The tanker Gas Prince slipped quietly out of Kuwait on Saturday without the mine- damaged supertanker Bridgeton. Britain's ITN news said the decision to have the Gas Prince leave Kuwait apparently was prompted by the attack Saturday on the Kuwaiti Embassy in Tehran. "The U.S. warships ... are now shadowing the gas carrier (the Gas Prince)," said ITN reporter Brent Sadler, aboard a ship in the gulf, in a dispatch monitored in London. "It also appears that the Navy escort waited for the Gas Prince to pass through the possible minefields before they moved in, the lack of minehunting capability clearly restricting the U.S. movement." The 401,382-ton Bridgeton was still in Kuwait on Saturday, taking on crude oil before beginning its return trip down the gulf by midday Sunday, sources said. Earlier Saturday, the USS LaSalle, its starboard side scorched by a fatal helicopter crash, docked in Manama, Bahrain, after a fruitless search for the three U.S. servicemen missing in the Thursday accident. Sadler reported the Gas Prince had cleared, the area near Farsi Island where the Bridgeton struck a mine July 24. board recommends approval of maintaining a 44-ccnt tax rate based on the relatively small drop in the override fund. •A proposed contract from National University to provide student teachers is presented. •A Social Studies Workshop scheduled to be funded from the Classroom Teacher Instructional Improvement funds has been cancelled because Deukmejian has deleted CTHP from the 1987-88 budget. A report will be presented. By BARBARA EVERSOLE Special to ffw Journal Ukiah's new Civic Center will open on Sept. 26 and a gala grand opening celebration is planned. For the past three years many people have been involved in turning the former Yokayo Schooi into a modern and extremely workable center housing all city offices, including the fire and police departments. The architect, Victor Lopes, has transformed this historic structure into a modern complex and yet maintained the character of the original building in its Italian- Renaissance design. Lopes began his practice in Ukiah in 1977. A native Califomian raised in the Bay area, he attended the University of California, Berkeley, earning a degree in architecture. He began his career as California registered architect in 1970. In 1971 he became a general contractor, carrying on a family tradition of involvement in the building trades. Lopes opened a construction company in "Piedmont in 1972 doing custom residential and small commercial design and construction. He was the project architect of the Oak Center Project of the Oakland Redevelopment Agency in charge of the restoration of 56 blocks of old Victorian buildings. Lopes has been involved in restoring some of Ukiah's finest old structures since opening his business here. Lopes' list of restorations includes the Lambs Inn on North State Street. In 1978 that lovely old building was a burned out shell in danger of being used for "practice" for firefighters. Lopes also provided architectural and construction management services for a restoration project involving the Benbow Inn in Gar- beryille and the SUIT House in Ukiah, as well as designing and managing the construction of the newly opened Grace Hudson Museum. However, his biggest challenge and greatest reward has been resto- Pilot in fatal crash detained MEXICO CITY (AP) — The government Saturday detained the American pilot and co-pilot of a cargo plane that crashed on a highway just outside the capital, killing at least 40 people. Frederick Morr, 49, of Hialeah, Fla., and co-pilot Robert Banta, 61, of North Bay Village, Fla., were under guard at the American- British-Cowdray Hospital, where they were recovering from injuries sustained in the crash. ration of the Yokayo Grammar School site. The school was constructed in 1926 and has been virtually abandoned for the past 22 years. Lopes has used all of his understanding of restoration, combined with his architectural and craftsman skills, to help make the dream of rejuvenating the venerable school into a lively civic center. In December of 1984 he was selected project architect for the Ukiah Civic Center. This led to a flurry of activity determining the seismic and structural capacities of the old building. He determined the feasibility of the project would require retention of the perimeter walls while gutting and rebuilding the interior. Conceptual drawings were created, with the assistance of state-of-the-art Computer Aided Drafting equipment, and submitted to the Council for approval. Many meetings and discussions resulted in the design which is now becoming a reality. Also involved in this dream was Frank Crane, owner of Crane of Ukiah, Inc., and son of the builder of Yokayo School. Crane, as a young boy, worked on the original project. He and Lopes have collaborated closely to ensure the integrity of the building and the project, and have made possible the continued life of this lovely and graceful old building as an integral and valuable part of Ukiah's past, present and future. Construction has proceeded essentially as projected and costs have stayed with the original budget set in 1984. Lopes is proud of this project and looks forward to sharing it with the residents and visitors of Ukiah and Mendocino County for many years to come. He is grateful to the City of Ukiah and its City Council for their commitment to the restoration of this venerable building. In addition to Crane and Lopes, the following list of contractors, vendors and suppliers have also been involved in the construction of the new Civic Center Complex: Ukiah Sheet Metal, Rubio Electric, Mill Creek Irrigation, Ron Pearson Landscaping, Ford Gravel Company, Deep Valley Masonry, Morton Technologies, Big 4 Rents, Westinghouse/Wesco, Larkin Ypunce, Berglund Tractor, Beacon Light Communications, Inc., Communication Resources Co., Contel/ Executone, Telcom Concepts, H & M Tree Service, Hot Rocks, Arrow Paving, Baffico Engineering, Penner Insurance Co., Jeffers Plastering, Ken Ray Roofing, J & L Specialty, Mendo Mill & Lumber, Hawkins Insulation Co., Yaeger & Kirk, A.D.L. Painting, Bell Industries, K & L Flooring, Arnold Tile, King's Office Products' Center, Bowen Plumbing, Scherf & Rau, Herzog & Associates, Ken Campbell, Structural Engineer, Ron Coots Surveying, Northern Woodcraft, Action Appliance, Space Saver Co., B. B. & T., and Reliable Steel Company. OAY,AUGUST 2,1987-^ ••** M TANKS ••MM* Roto Rooter of Mendo. Co. Inc. 462-4012 or 4S9-5949 '•""*" °® ." UhlflH4 4626788 SPECIAL WEDNESDAY BARGAIN MATINEE 1:00 pm-5:30 pm Any Movie Only $2.50 Doers Op«n at 1:00 pm NOW PLAYING Broiler STEAK HOUSE 485-7301 DINNER FOR TWO Dinner Steak Grllled°Ch!cken 1 JE" 25 15 Breast or CrilUd Prawns — INCLUDES — Baked Potato, Green Salad ft Rolls Of IN {VERY DAY 4-11. SUNDAY 3-10 Good Monday thru Thursday Evaningt f »lr«* S/17/S7 Mu " ''••• nl Coupon Al Van Or4«r OUR SPECIALTY - JUICY STEAKS AND BARBEQUED DINNERS BROILED IN OUR OAKWOOD PIT 8400 Uva Dr.. Redwood Valley 7 MIU> North of Ukiah, Turn on Uva Dr or School Way and Follow Sign. 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