The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 3, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 3, 1859
Page 2
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THE «aadKUt«. tie The Relations of Pram* wjd „ j>*tto«x*t}c State Convention; to,Nowmb.rB«i', Pretnont In 1856,, £>nnderstand "the inside working" „, lwg r «-i.,. pnbllcan organisation, tavora its tenders wt&J ^ffZS. * , -Borne weeks ago a special pfenipot«miaryW . - , -, .^.-. r . Willfcen, wagsentito Vienna tteriral candidates tat the 'Presidency I 4 ** *"** Qerffla ? Ptfwere > - . /i i . < V " U J* |ofB>nc!»n »«J /»«f™.»«_«-tir. s "it is maul- partisans of Seward. Banks a very interesting condition of liaUonai Convention, to J discord and uncertainty. '.-'Mr, SewardV on his departnre for i brief iropean tonr, did not leave Wi political in. ^ n ^ wm wt«l»ere«BbJect ; to the chances andaooi- risonaUtntia^MeniiylMjtotet j dents of th " P 488 * 1 * tour. On the contrary, claims, pretensions and as , . WOtUM PITT DEWET, JtlOHAiD P. • D«i«aat Madltoa, JnAeST, ISJ9. ere and there, as occasion j may require, than he could Tilmself undertake to gire., Indeed,, we think it safely as- j sumed that the main olject of this visit of Mr. I SewardJto Europe was to escape the snares and A gentleman from 4he East, who occupies a ] * nd &**&* of the Intriguing politicians cfthe phteeUX and political posjtionf and Is 4isV ("pfiWfoan "oamjraeBlrons of removing i him tlagulshed likewise-for his scholarly attain-1 outof the ."***' He left these-shores, too, 1__L L *' •*'•-«.•'>. *'- - : . . - . * - . f _«. Jt—_ *T,-» .»•__« *t -**_.»-. ' . » • *'.'-'.' », cer- would' and obnia lead, supposed, not perhaps to an defensive alliance. , General Wflllsen returned to Be£tin, according Jo the best informed Prussian and Aostri. an papers, without a satisfactory result tp hi mission, Austria havlng-refused to accept th" Prussian proposition. Bnlthe fatal bsftleo MageBla-ieems to hi«r broken down the stub- fornefsxf Austria, and all European papers tell us *>» thatthe two empires are on the ere of reconciliation, if not already reconciled fiTlfl All 1M1 1*Krt IA«* **nvfrm M !*.>•.£. *!__ __* * *t* SIB JAMES Female Prepared from a prescription <?/.${, j . J)., Phvsiann&'raordmary'to th rty ofine lerlrf on ) ihor»ttg.h« knowledge of ' ™°st flatteribg assurances from the . the resburoes of the country, oalled our' atten- **^ wd of P? 1 .'^ «amlrers who escorted 'him smiling opean; and his'^itiantio -^^^^Ws^or^ned siois;of the White Housejwith tion to the feet, that, whflejthe people of Wis-1 oat to ,«onslnwer» complaining of: hard ness oonse^nent -ppon having only a very limited «»o«» *• «P<>rt of the growth,'produce or '. Bu M&f:ffe*<[W: thinks iis nomination by mann&etnre. of this State, -we hayaia our ibr. ^W b M^'P^r»lfae»«»paB«Ba-with;for- ..,. j ... ."—T7 "",""?• " ~-**••» Q ***, U ULT 4^J> .teeihanstibte supply: of, materials for tie inanufcptare^of /ataveis, wiloh^can becar- riedoa wittout oapitaj, and for which there i» » oonsUnt demand fa foreign Jmarkets. We were ^ware that staves had been for many= y««s an important article of. export from the Stateofiffiohlgan, '' L '' """ ; and allied. The last news about the mobilization of six Prussian eorja d'armte (yiz 000 ] the presence of "Prussian officers in Dresuen Munich and Vassal, tho transactions with'the railway companies between the eastern wo- vlnces of Prussia and the frontiers of Prance lor the transport of Prussian troops, seem to corroborate the opinion that Prussia Is really about to take some v?ry Important steps Jn favor of Austria. '.-"' Under tue circnmstanoes, the propositions of Prussia made'by General Wflllseifto Ans- tria. are of the highest Importance. Notwithstanding that these,propositions are ; not yet anthenticallyjpnnlishBd, there has^transpfred enongh of their contents in the well instructed Apolitical circles'of Berlin, and we dio not doubt that the following communication, which we got from a very reliable sda'r*e,' may be : regarded as generally, correct and true: •'>',' 1. Prussia demands : from: Austria that the raiutary leadership of the German federal Pow- ers—armles-^wlth the exoiption of the=Aus. tnanjcontihgenVshall 1) H ieft exclusively to Prussia. The federal army "would therefore b^ in future a Prussian array, nnder Prussian commander*, ruled Dy thti Prussian King and the Prussian ;MinIster of War. • ; ; -' ; ;2. AnsU-Ia to concede to Prussia the per. manent Preddenoy, of tin German Dletat Trlrtoe of to execnt'on usaed from 1 the/jboreratlUed action,» medirec^- ., against the personal and real propert . ^^, defendants, I haveidfeS and i realtttate.ljUigandDelng'ln thed'tyo? •to to wit"-' - Itttyo ^ «U»«<'>:e«aad State of iriicoo- i ?? u ™^ *° the IS* 0 * « ut qt»rt«r of «ectl<m It,' tow* r. «n». «. beginning at the south eajt ~~ter eectlao; running along quarter section north to »• r 3 of .,v •""»» quarter secUon, being the aouth east of land conrered 6 T said Richards to lence with soutb a land conveyed toSchloepf west to a feot-esst of middle Cf Green Bay .jooa; inenceiouto 100 feet; thence wc*t860 ueet 10 middle of Oreen Bay road; thence along the middle of said roed .onto to the south llnf ° f "'Jloirtw'Ktlon,- thence, west along.aid eouth Ike of said quarter ——— • • f 8 ^ 0 Aahorttlmeagol became acqa if A young girl, who seemed to with worms and lirer complaint at the nm"°Ume had been ratfeilng for «ome two months. 0 Hi ro persuasion she purchased one bottle of 2)r' and one bar of I,i\ took according to directiocs. The result ,»„,, patsed a large quantity of wrro;3, and tl.lnlis that one boi more of. the Pills will restore her to p:rfect health. Her name and residence can be learned by calling on E-L. Theall, Druggist,corner if Eu'gerand Monroe streets. male constitutes .s subject..'' and remove, all obstruction, be relied on. . TO If moderates a.! speedy cure may Than caja CAP —ASD— GOODS, t-'EHT. * ""'' fee the monthly period with regularity. Each bottle, price One Dollar, bean tha Qorernmen Stamp of Sreat Britain, to prevent counterfeit M ONI 03 of fre, on Mtocarriagt, y, <M (key any at, of i on alight , Hysterics, anil W! remedy, - north "»t corner of •quarter iettlonj thence west with north tow of aald quarter eectton 26 .24 chains to mid- d e of Green Bay road; thence .oath along mid-' aieof .aldroadtSSchain. to north weit loner SlitS 4 conveyed, by Daniel H. Bicbards t? ChriJ^ph gchloepf; thence West; along north? Kne of «i>ld land to eait line , of said quarter •<S"°? :w -2* chains; thence north 4 8B chains! ;? if B K? ln? i* lD * Bbont J2 ""=«•» »"'<l aD the! r fea. 1 ». tllle » n <H''tereji of the .aid defendant' br either of them In and to the aald premises' and appurtenancea on the tenth day of Octo- i , IbW, or sin Vermlfn es In comparison are worthless. Dr. MOue'i I f!r'° e l e ™ 1 ' bgeill " > h ' S cel<:lir »jea Liver Pills, """" "" *" J " *" respectable <jrug stores. which should be carefully preserved. can I Sole Agent for the United State, ' means 3 hot contain Iron, calo- I escli package f2J JeU-d*wlm JOB,aOSK3, pute I. 0. Baldwin 4 Co FLEMING IJS03. .her, reto." ••» '«Public AucUon,Tt' ti more ness than out owaSta^ v^have the timber «nd the th Prankfort, '.- which- 'was alternately Jmld by ; : - . Prussia and Austria The above sale Is hereby '' •-*&*** in future to 1,« represented by her t^ZStftSS SSSgiSS*^ { %Sp-jrfta|"Mcras» •.: - -, , .. . • — " --- .— x T **«»«»»*»u, berg, Saxon or Hanover Ambassador. ^nsWeraliD. Wurtem- midahle obstacles, and says that he is Bow "sandwiched;betweenBanfcs L and Ohase.'f It says the repnbUoan party; is of the com- poiite^rder:qf.;architeotnS-or a Wrt of^mo. sale of old whlgs, democrats, native Americans ^r7««SL^S™L Ft 0 *^ 11 - 011 men ' free traders, twn» nn » » - tissue, opponents slavery,. and ram* as the representa. irrepressible icon- Slavery element or me republican bamn. : He Is not' lifcoaiT. 1*' a.usin» ip ; consmer a •^rl^dtes^o^W-^fj^ element, nor iy the old;^^^ line oonserviMira-!•«.-- A"?^ 81 *}.* 0 ' itse " and as representont of . n ' ; A.J. UNuwoaiH^, o^H? ^^ ^^ b ° 4rd8 '"* f : ^ t ? TOSlor < 3has Mf -°'^?«Sto^iS. JS^SSd 118 * 1 "" 118! \ Gen "*nio States « now Date f S ™«»^.>n«««*«aj*' •Uihat Is absolutely required to^«et out*£v^ ^°n, wrasi&fagthali : the 'set.iJeSiOTt'oJ 'the 6 ' Pros * ia " to warrants A ^ j. *;_ r..,,. J I rtr-W. ,!«,.. -..i.,. v.^wf 5f?J Chough capi^;can tikewise + *b&$8Sg!^^ JVEHVOPS I! ffhii is a complaint very common, especially among females. Jfoofla^. G er man Jlitter, neverfall, 'to cnre this disease. The system, under Us nse> Is restored to Its original strength and vigor; the appetitt | and mind you feel tt.e full restoration .of'health" For ers In medicines iverywhere, ._ ; '•_ dtwlmtt i M P L, O Y M K N T . 850 n Month and ail Expenses Paid L R? 4«PVn 1- . .- , . - * every town and county L_ | Dat^d Sheriff'* Office, Milwaukee, May 14, 1S5J. ' thorised Agent, will Insure plllj, by return mail. For sale by • ; bottle, conuinijir over SO GBEKN 4 BUTTON C. IfARBINt.TON, ' BONNKK BONNER BOiNNKK BONNKR BONNKK BONNKH Just received at aprSO HAT I I.ED'GEK .HAT. I. EDO EH HAT J-KDGER J.KDGKH J.EDGEK HAT. HAT. HAT. HAT. W. D. B.VCON'3 JOi Eaat Wnier jtrcut. J. M.ALIJOTT. i, Milwaukee, March 23, IF. — ' A. J. LANG WORTH Sh'ff.jju Co., i HATHAWAY & BELDEN, HAN KINO, ' ami (Jolicclioii Ollirr A u iv M o H PHY MSRCHAN13 FROM Tai5 COI7N try are Innted to c*amjne mhl9 HOTELS, &C~ E atO. C.Mnrrayi lame place f T" tereby given that •' J. the firm of Murray, Prior &~ n ; havioKjo'ld" In' h^ I right and tatcrist In ,,ld Brm » J Wl "am U. Kimbil' Sheriff Mll-'Co'-r-wis ' 0. C. MtJREAT. ' •ale Is lereby further poa " - or June, lw», St 1-0 U T,H. H O U « OK HIS LOUS, bed'in 1S«, ami has bctn continue.l by Thebosineo ..,.,. . P^Wy I Majbr^^ lebusiness. ... ., .j Chase is sufficiently anti-slav«iy f "••' We have an abundance of labor and^^iraa^ ^P 11 *?? 868 ! •% ^'^edents as !.'_;-* •: -. ,'. -,..- .» ' dafnon ™t give him »-po werfnl advantaBe'oTar , especially In the " we are 'flpeakinir Is \ The Qovernorf however, - ^1»| ' J " . » , i . -? l • O *T..| ,'»»_Mii^ * s, •«!» - . ' i .-. * weu adapted to our circumstances. -Besides •«« ,. ^ p ,»and not ' ' Prussia to warrant to Austria her Italian —«— inder the following condition^- i must be established une II, 1SJ8 LANGWOBTHr, ; ; heriITMII. Co., Wl«.' I e '* Bersby further postponed to A. P. PE10H, J. P. HABBICK, WM. M. KIMBALt. •^product—wheat—«nd render it at all times a -precaripus reliance, nor to the fluctuations in ,.price,, whiph make wheat a d-angerous personal j _ of the bouse of Hapsbure, in way and'manner: as" Hunwry was with Austria before 1848. ?%*'•. \ treaties: 3d time- of day. •- • D«te4 eherUTs Offlce, Milwaukee, July 2, JS55. '• "•':>•"-' -• A-J. LANOWOETUY, _''.j - ' . T- Bherlff MIL Co., W 1811 i ': SHEKIFF'S SJ11.E' [IVe • STATE OF WlfiUONBlN, I l Circuit O^onrt, Milwaukee Comity, f COOH..OIDIOSa. HOLUSIUB..CHiaLK3 C, COTTOS. . CQOff, HOLLISTEB & COTTON/ Altoriicys and Counsellors, , NOS.4,5, kSD-S, PUCEVIXBDILDIMQ, ' (1ST East Water Street,) novSO i^TOCK ,. Hats, Caps t k a«1raw Of A T \\ Alio, the VERT BKU' ^TOCIC or RETAJi, GOODS, Ever brought to this JlarJief, for sale CHF VI' u B. T H Ii O O p . 18© East Water ALBANY Stolen. •«.-• s,- - , . . Banfcs ff >i the successor to" the editonal chair oi Dr. Bailey. If there were any money tola made ont of the con««4».i s- • m. ••»,--. • : " ; "" " 8mweB n° nla conjecture that ThnrlowWeea ^*g.P- -Then, Uke lumber of other kinds, In behalf ;of his master, would be^helnanfoV U makes the safest andSnestcargo with which p ? ne 5 olmlfun '; 'bnt as.the^et profits: of the vessels:can be.freishted.- Bavin* » * «»tH. • ?' ' ac ?, 0 .^!- n S'"feed'sidea Si are'small,the ^«*°^,^^^^^ S^l-^-W 1 ®S'ma 3 growth and manufacture of the United States I ^^ u PP' int ^-i n *he purchase. At all'events eT~r, n .t»)•,/• fj_".'_'...-; .»"'. _ M the availsbilitv and TwinnK>4fw o f g 07 . (jj.igl . With the Italian powers; th *t is, the riirht of Dtnld H. Richards m"»iary oecupation and military intervention ? arret $?<*, 81119 ^"fflSTB I tome. ' -i- •«, A^VJ. A Haru said note as It will not be paid —AND— BILLIARD UUOM. Albany J^ttick^ \cofmr' of Jfain. ml iri Opposite Jfeidiall Ifou*,, Si!,^,'^^"" * U WTJ*»e» HBtraace seeor.l ,loor on sm n Jt r«t. HX A TT H'OUS I1ARBABA 1IIED . that the . States eipojted $2,055^9:6f . , • . k-^f^ 8 %*^?*' 0 ? p '. K '« r y °* Poetical .^ onelialf ,„ .great as th«f?* orite . Qovv Banks, of " . value of satred 7 utober exported" that year ' .^^fl the : ^¥« fo , rt f lK 5 t ° r *» ^ *i» Stale, .J"^ *^K<.^ d,Iarg« quautltles oTs&ves pOad^ 1^ hasWde > very strong sta ! i > .-°-i---~~oov» oun-rapuea-up•[•••«">*'"*»• ni«ue»-ray sirong impression In at rarions stations along the -line of tbe^ Great I -• fevfflE8BJon K *<!* republican and opposition Western EaQway. Repossess very kreatlr™ *t,^T, S H1 e ^i^L° pinfc!n ' Hart ng ns^n advantages brnrnnr naniit™ _-.-i^i-- i.^ IT^S - - hnnible' bEglnnfng of a factory bor EaQway. V7e,possess very ... .advantages orerour Canadiaiuieighbors : {nthe, navigable waters, which-lie-cqn.tiguons to our. ' rorestspfoAktimoer. ihrpugh Ibis own exertions, talents and com-' to cede to Sardinia that part ofi ,-?-* the !» boTe entitled * thelett bank of the Ticino iS^" 1 ?w 5'i t j 8 P 6 ^ 00 'itedl.jr the so<:a11«l «i Sn^l^;»i I «hVfoiio«Sigreal esut?to:»"" * Cl " d * adl " ie<1 cn "Beginning at a point in the line between secUjn 19, and 20,12SJ fectporth of tlleqnarfe? sectlin corner; running thence west 699J£ -feet 12.^" ^ line ° r 'Fourteenth street; thence with.Bald east line of fourteenth street, north <M ftet to Beaubian street, or the eitension of that»treet as represented In the plot of Vllet's Addition to the city of JIllwaake« thence with the Math-line of nald 1 street, ea%t E06 fctf thencfc with the southerly line of said street northeasterly about 210 fret to au angle In said street; thence with the sooth line of said street east about 60 feet to the point where the south westerly line of the land convened to Abram Vliet.;by dee! rect>rdcd.:ln Milwaukee Connty In voljSl ofdecdsatpageSlO, crosses saidwutn ilneojiald street; thence with said southwester; ly llnd of Abram Vllef* land south 47 degrees, -««st ibont OT feet to a jioint on Elerenti U '"(I Y aera ** J(J "P" "* intersected by the west Tecorrfed tn »ol 61, of deeds at pare SMS- Lhenc* ?S^"^ lt ? (a!tl Wtft Ua ° of *«"•»» VlleV. land , T. ~- 'W,."«u», vi IUB AlCinO. ^.! Yi 'r.~-wnte&J.y ite soiled " Sndditi mist!, to avoid further conflicts ,with Sardinia: . •..--. Now, if Austria accept* these really hard j conditions, Prussia will, warrant to her fhe possessions in Italy ; that i* to say it will regard the Incorporati-.n of the Lombardo-Veni; tian kingdom to Sardinia by theEmperor of Pranpe M.a'.«Mw ; ^7« '.against France-hy the KtngiOf Sardinia as a casus l/tlli acainat Sar dinia. - J. .n n execution Issued from said Court In I ' ^ x^snricickia I»D HITJII. -""ed action, to me directed and de;. Oen'tleTnen'i :raonal and real property of the M emlemen 3 . , I have selied ,--*-- ' to wit: .SHOES, SMI SOOTS MADE TO ORDEJt No. 225 ra«l TVatcr »»rcct ((Deposit* Walker House,) ;^ILi7AUKEE,.....-..[01,31] WISCONSIN: DAGLEHKE.IIV USES OB IOB.— In health no one ought to 0 * >eewater> for it has occasioned fatal inflammations pf the .-'.otatr^wZ bowels, and somehmessnaden d^ih, the; tmplatjon; to n°5,i isT<a7 8««at.. «v nainmer; to nsa iti at all with any^fety.U.e p^on should' tske but K. A. <'Li UKKAT CV.KTH.\I. AND FINK AliT GA1 LEHY, 17i Bait Walzr Street. present year; Their cargbea iav principally Jnmber.and staves, with ."Wheat and a few hides. . : The number of staves shipped this year greatlyesceeds that of any former year. The Defroit ffreej^u furnishes tie flowing taVk of the different, articles exported during «*ch year: . ' " " - • .\Wheat, bushels, of Fremont the most pf.*^™- TV WM n ?^ neSlit ,-*-y«.u» k statesmanhfce, comprehensive, consistent and convincing in the matter and in the scope of his addresses. ' • ' . • Hides, No., . •/ Staves, No., - 1856. 1857. els, tntnber, feet, - ; 1858. "1859. ;" '15,000 3.000 '120,000 . .675,000 • 700iOOO ublican party. Banks, '^9 the testffromth^ would * , , .. j -—- «•*«* New £ndand '^SSPV ««?^,^ abl?c » n °»Monal S Convention of .1850 will be a unit in his behalf- anctjf In view, of the absorption of the floating' .,' Steves, Ko.,l\ ^Here ^ a business which ^01 firhfeh'em. ployment to laborers *nd Vessels withimt re- -«wrfngj»ny<on8iderable amount of cash cant taL Who will embark In It ? conservative ele •w > »e should not be sur-' prisedwere the oonventfonto makehim the repnblican candidate, and upon Platform than that of •* n >im ?1 take theglass frbm ,tl.eUps for hal/, a minute -and -then another strallow and so on. It will be found -that In I this way it becomes .disagreeable after a few moutiifnls. •- ;'•"'"' " i • ; On -the other ban J, ice itself may be taken .is.fredy as possible, not only without injnry t-nt with Hie-most uriking advantage in dant gerutia.forms of disehcft.; if broken in sizes of a bean or a pea, and ^iralJowed as"- freely as practicable, without nmcli chewing or crashing between the teeth', H will often be efficient in checking various kinds :.of. 'diarrhoea, and has cured violent cases of Asiatio cholera, A kind of cushion ofT>OBrdered fee kept to the .entire scalp, Jias allied Violent Ibflamma- tion of.the brain, and' arrested frarfnl conrnl- slons induced by too tuuch blood there Water, as cold as Ice can make it, applied freely, to the tfiroat, n.-ck and chest with a spongeor cloth, very ofu-n affords an almost miraculous relief, and if this be followed by drinking copiously of the same Ice cold element, the wetted parts wiped dry and the child be wrapped up well In thebed clothes, it falls into a delightful and life giving slumbeV All inflammation, Internal or external Is promptly subdued b^the application o??ee or ' becanse Jt * converted Into steam ™* {' vere nto steam and rapfdly conveys away the extra heat, and '' to the^twaddle of .-oj» «ty. optemporarles, obnoeralng /the • aban. of went.tas <Eemerided the: release, of the : - goternment s «Jaim ; pf. perpetual allegianoe, an'd ittsnotto oeptesumed that our government .be\just;; : .. ;«Tes In which our government neglects to pro- 1 ,t«ct its ettkens, either native born xw nature^ ,.M^It;wra,beiigh:time to" denounce it We too, irfllihen be found as ready to condemn ; it M any of pnr.cotemporaries, but at this time when |t Is contesting' the '. -claim, of congestions. Louisville JDemocrat expresses favorable opinion, of Douglas' letter. ./ ft says: *jThe:. letter of Douglas Is not In the Jtaste of the Interventionists, We did not expect that anything from him would be. He occupies, howerer, the. position the democratic party . has occupied for the last twelve or fifteen yoars, North and South. He speaks according to the record, and there is not the slightest probability that h<j will change! He stood Just where lie does now when the abolitionists called him Stephen Arnold Douglas, and burned him in' effigy. He stands Just where he stood-when nearly the whole Southern democracy voted for him for the nomination for President;, This policy can't be changed any more than the j slave trade can be re-opened. It it nnaUera- _bjjr ; fixed,'«na these agitators had as well make war against fate. They had as well make up their mind hpw as to what they will do! about | th ^° sts ' ^f it. This letter embodies what we shall hear To drink any Ice cold liquid at meala retards digestion, chills the body,' and has been Known to Induce the most dangerous internal ' If ice Is put In milk or on butter, arid-these are not nsed at the f Ime, they loose their fresh i ness, aad become spur and stale; for the essential nature of both JU ohineed, when once frozen thd.then ' •--•.*•... -. Stall** i? of How » COOK BROOK Taour.— The up north corresppndent of the Albany Journal, tells iow to cook fa'ook trout: , First, the porfc-frylng process. Every drop of fat must bu extracted. iy a slow andTarbftS 12JB «4alns w a corner; thence west irilh 6004- • aryofaaidAbramVliet'slanua chains: thence •onth with said boundary 6lSx f cc t to north line ofjBhernian street; thence with said north line, *e»t 6.92 chains to" section line: thtnce with section line north S59 feet to the nl.ce of beginning, containing abbui 8U.70 acrei, aoJ being »iluatcd In the east half of the north cant quarter of section ID, »nd in the west half of the north wen quarter of section 20. Uiwn 7 range 22. Also jots 9, Id, 11, 12, block S. Lots 3, 8, 4, 6, 6 and i, block S. Lot C, block 4. Lot C, block «. Lot Ef, block ia All Inyitet'i Addition to [ihe city of Milwaukee, being in ih« fist haif of the north east quarter of section 19 and the weathaif of W W j^iof section 20, town 7, rauge S5 east Also the following real estate beginning at a point In section line between sections 19 and i 20 at north side of gheraan street and G23 feet north of the quarter section comer; thence with section line north JS8 feet; thtnee west C99Jf feet to east side of Fourteenth »trccf thence with east side of said street. sontS 5*i feet to! north side of an alley; thence with north slile of said alley south easterly 64C feet to north side of Sherman street; thence with said north line of Sherman street 201 feet u place of beginning, containing ll>f acres more or leas, being situated in' the east half of the north e^st quarter of section 1», town 7, range Lot 4,5>Iock S3, Second Ward. Norths lot 5, block 89. 8<conJ Ward. Also the;following real estate belnu in the north east quarter of section 17, to»n 7, ranee S.', beginning at a point in the west line of 'said quarter .Section 10.06 chains north of the south west cornerofjald quarter sectional the north wot corner of lands convejed by Dmiel II. Richards, to one John P. Ehoenaclier, thence with saldiwest line of said quarter section north to a point 8.16 chains south of the north west corner of said quarter section; thence east 14.70 chains to middle of Green Bay road- thence albng middle ofsald road south to point 4 10.09 chains north of the south line of said quarter jectlon; thence west 14.10 chains to 1 place of beginning, containing about S3 acres and_be:ni on the west side of the -Green B»y road, 'r . ' Which saldiproperty, as aforesaid, I shall expose for tale and seH at Public Auction at the Court (1 ™ '- -°- Kooa«. GALLERY, iwn as Seeley's ' - m».U . " FEED THE HUNGRY, » injuncti,!., divine in it, orijrin at,,! .oMij ' 1 * 11 as '"' I3 COT fctln " b -"« t JANE6VILLE Be M ™ BiAVTi <-n * r:l '- SIcManraiin retirinj, .1 Th^M' P """diig him in lu ma^ifcmf. ine Messrs, p. are both well known throughout th western country aj gentlemen of eiperimce In Hole P ' anil . no "'ber aiaamiict; 11 Decessary th - ill hercaffer be con.lucte.l In i r.yle le UAB1NET A UIIAJE M A N l) f A <J T O K Y . Nos. 301 ana i 12 Wust Water -St., Milwaukee. ........................... Wisconsi J NVITS3 the attention of purchasers to- ona of Jt "irsestandbcataelecttastoctainthacitT. All th "-,mn Dg "v?"^, ' Q the abOV " ""« ' 1!1 3 °^ mv np oalljng on him b.fore purchasing jlaowhero. C A C I N ET -.11 A IvE RS ;;ia alwaya and a larRs and T»li-sele,:ied itcoi j'--at chi;™ in iho knock-Joirn fora. l; 3Q ,„- rr ,, ,' . Hj-att House . ving the^patronaje o/th,, public o-r 9-jtf LOOK .. INING WEAI;VTR^VELEES •> OISTEUS !\\\t ^ Serial up in every style, on short ayj supplieil with the choicest cpt 13 Missi3gippi i Lunch from lu t,, 3 .,'cl. cu ev/r 7 .Hr ' C. CUNNINGHAM, ,Ti, P netor 243 KAST WATEK STKEKT MILWACKLE WISCONSIN ' Wlioarejo-tinn-CHptof theche"ap,"«, best asioited and tnost complete sleek of »«UIMU Family f»roci ries recency in the Ne'w'rorJ'a'nd "olfon'mark^ts ° ^"^ F O K CASH Such FAM V AM> STAPLE, fujars, (a I klndj »c.l at the v e rj loirejt ' ea-, (\ T. for SOc warranled th <n can Cheap Family I an no CHOI C K W HICH I ic. ,J« Itetnrl il K -r.- -it. ,toci „/ All „•.! Kl j) ( , 1- s. O S « '& 1.1 M. V KX *l ALJ.CUIT. .i.-it IV'uler ,-:.(.._.; fU [>y ALLB01T J II. .if, I C'T •V >.U . t:j! K 1 n.s ',, L, )'.?',, VV r i^hi :* i liters' ^Jl^v .,,,,,,1, [„.- ljt . „. n _ X V Cove Oys •Coopcra ______ '.Hifs, Raisins, Cll :In 1 . €? A JOBBER IX AND V a ii k c c ^ o t i o n s . STOClTTLWAYS^FULL. CO47STKV. JIEIiCHANTS Are requested to call and examine OOODS AND PRICES. H. p. CADY, •Qu^ntin'i Block, 71 E. TVaiertit. JUKE cur- l-ipj, Junuu JU Wi- 4NOTHKU ' ,,-r:«, I Chipped H;E wiT33 ami ?ac'j, i-:i,i 'Viidi^ale -inii ."!>I. ALLCOTT, AT t K O * B 1 : Oi' CEOICH i S * Apples, ,\\z:\ ) bo.t*?:!.' l*e£D{ 'if,'3 an'"l 5 oai fublii J. H, COR&ES Jly sale. . ^process. . Then the tront.fif mail, to the number of twenty, are placed (heads and the huge frying expen Milwaukee, Teb. 8,18S3. abbre sale Is hireby 'postpon Sheriff'! Offlice, Milwaukee, March 19, 1SJ9 ar20 -HVselects of ive coals, and should BT The .bore sal. I, further p •tn Milwaukee Co. 1 to iVtd Hacombcrs Salad Cream ; aooo srcAii CUUEB HA.HS, Tlie,best ever cffered in this city. iUo I £a JUBLS. BIESS PORK Put up expressly for oar trade. JfBKSH GKOUND FLOUK ;M»»ys on hand from the Empire and New Toik Jliib, , • TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT, AS WE DOOKH. Ufe of General HaT.Jock. by J T. ITeadley the Convalescfnt, hy N. P. Willis. ""'=?• iy 1 F.'T. P c'z-?u'V* S ' Pape " : "' Livl ' n 8 ln "'* Countr Just HecciTcJ.' For jjlt- hy ,-jo ' TERRY 4 CLHAVSK, ' " K7 Kas't Water St. « . SIM ill O X D s7 SOLE PROPRIETOR 4 SUOTTACTDEES 0? OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY. . W hol fjs a--- 1 a Grocsr i-U H A i: K v M Vi :i \ •>nur=ir..jy *. OLD ST.1M. 1 ^1» SniiiO' L : -'J-- the Siime aj tic NOTIOE. FOR CASH, !ll ' do "*' * thom and flaps them ' -. aoonse the administration of g; rts- that'hb was liable to military *srvioe : *lwato.' emigrated from ;l?rnssia i. , -* a >autirnl.sWll and; dexterity! with which Ed? ...... Koyal. Correspondence 9f the' K.'T. Dated Shcrllij's Office, Milwaukee, March !6.1SI9. .,..58 i A.J.t,NGWOim£r, Da ^ ri "' ' , Sheriff Mil. Co. • s * I « li 'nrther postponed to Salnr- Bated SherUf '/Office, Mllwaakee, April fi, !Si9. k _,. • A.J.LANQWOBTHr, ' ShenffMlIwauiecOo. .'H e - 1 !, h 5. r .*':'« tl »« P"«'Poned to « liT-.rUing adaitional I America) I prcilii- .; other t : ev!,Iem- ictured for several the Catairb.1 Grape, of the pr^jjress ol \ Call and Examine pur stork, whether yon want to bny or not, aad w b wui ireely snow jou our goods and nrlcti ihi^i, w. know cannot fall to please you. P we : ' CS . HUNNiOKOSaT. Tlie FrankihTTtoical Wn^\^$^^^™^^^ KO. S31 NORTH nuKKUV CTREET, ' kee, March 12, 1SJ9. U. HAEBTEL, - felt In this- ILLINOIS. owngoveroment,.3ipr doiwe believe that sconwefa dictated by a high regard for ^« ^^l' WeUMe *° d "fcfr of oar «d<>Pted- oitiseni, either at home or ibroad, afloat or ashore. Borrows ^ y^j, K ._ The N. r JH- 6«w having intimated that Mr. Dongtas «oentlj,«sitedUartin Van Bnren at uJL "S^^^^^^^^^ot her husbandei he going or returning has tended to revive tS unpleasant -reports In circulation in a very emphatic letter from to f frfend b London . «»t» seeming neglect by the Prince of .turned fish: prwenti i A rich, juicy, brpwn-.crte and oaorousl, iAnd whra cooT ed LW« A luscipus -morsel— with B flavor Which reduces nectar t<> thelow grade of small- beer, and makes turtle soup as insipid as bar. ly botn. -. r ,D e aUd8Smr|.01Ece,Mllwa U kee, l May2l,185!). \ Wu^tMdJlnw'niT, 1 ;. 6 i°, on ! CBS ' om <«. »°d to m»v22 " ' A.J.LANQVoHTHf, ' l"ein7.gen^ Ifllfb Tmsn^Ld"-f"* *'* ""T ° 0 m*vX« . • Rhwrtnr MII ft ni- »»» • *^o "fcciit win uc uiSyalCDCCl irom onrirnrti m--^~. — • . : . autriu Alii. Uo.. Wi». W*t inviiA «». -i,j >, r _ . .. " . uur <*a**s.— an.gardsdagTealpuWio good. The Oatawba Branrtv possesses all thsgood qualities claimed for the beat lier^by givea, '.hat by r.rtue and In m,r ^ '"''^ "' " CMSe " ldt -' "y "» OoMty '' 3U ' 9 of Wisconsin, on *' .ist. i u tho matler of th " ™" _ in the Sptetator it. -r. ,.-,7 * ondno ' has touched the English nation: the venerable Es-Pwaident IrThethertKe 2fe««, I* correct in that etatement.or not, nothing |g moreim- probafrle,thaa an. Interview of the kind epofcen of taring taken place between them. The S. ?. £&raWI» responsive f or that«<». **rd, end the aert dajaBer o>Iginatmg-it, »p. fcinated wottar, which obntradipted the first, via: that the letter of Bonglaa,wM written at flwBnjgestion .of ^u», which; of course. onarated Kr.JTan Burea. „ — M * H AERISTBD roa A MUBBEE COHMITTKD Tw«sirrouB T«AES Aoo-It seems that a little over twenty.' •; Dated Sheriff >ii Office, Milwankee,'May 28, JS59 A. J. LANQWOBTHY, Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls. Dated Eheriff'f Office, Milwaukee, 1 June 11,18*9. '" •! '. A I T. i Kmnr/\nmn*r hi , would, come over to .fetch her back: 'reasons of State,' It seems, ptlll prevailing to prevent bJm h rrompaying that attention to his bride or his mother-in-law.'' iride or of the Court Journal to that there, is nothing Princess and her husband ~«~> Jt , residil S in that county, an'd mnrdered her in a del.terate dnd oold-blooded manner. He was arrested for the crime tried convicted, but owing to some palSg clN ^^°<» connected with the afiair, instead s^SS^^**-^ Dated SjerUTi-Office, Milwaukee, July 2,1853 It3 - V f , A, J. LANQWORTHT, ^ J J- _BherjffMIL Oo , Wls. Essences of Liquoi>. . I! »l^,yj, ,111 oe eiecnte< l , 0 ,h e l reatlr j , lt , g . s»nds appreciate the plan upon which re made which presents the foliowinz ad- i i "S.V *2 d ? a<:illt le» neTer iffered by others: i 1. The Essence i from these .worts are actually gained by (fisfliatlon, therefore Healthy and Pure-1 «me.hlng that others cannot or dare not clam for I al Debility, is. NO PA11ILT SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Retairprice, 81,35 Per Bottle. "''""«'»• • d ,v f « -JU day cf May, Dated tl Hth day of Jana, i. D.. 1353 NAllCISSE M. JUN2AU UENRY S. WHITE, Ailminlstrators. Jill-dSl BEKJti SALOON BJLl. " Ule3 * cnt3 ' t ' ! ' e P°''^ " e much Ie " t " b * n ' other.;'because e -S?i' Bp ta P 1 "" 1 ^««h containing for forty gallons, and cemprisln? not only all U ? e .'«5 u! . red 'nwleni., totally tAt eo&ri^.' A? CAaL Eni ' EB ' Manager. ,rankiin ChlcllK0 ' m ' p - °' Box, 33*3. SHE»IFF»S SACE. OB the Arkansas river, an v,. • i '. T"* 1 *" noway oonldi have ti**r» SSS2KSS8 Sfss^fSS Arkansas—6 period of some twentytwo years —he married* highly respectable lady of that State, became the fat! er of a family, the owner of a large plantation, and was honored by h!s fellow clUiens with the post of magistrate for•a termoftenyear,., and the duties of which position he ffischarg^d.wTtlj fl$eJUy and to the Be '«3so "became con'iiectiedwfthandlror years wa8*leadtogmembe. of one of the prominent Ohristfan denominatinusofthe day. Bat the ,[BTATE 0? WISCONSIN, O'rcnlt Court, Mll^raukca ' [Nctv j Jiunej S. Brown, i , HARDWARE. &C. ;THIS WAY WITH YOTTgMO^EY JOHN W. LEDYARD, Cash Grocer and ' Wine Dealer fJO. 181 £AST »:"ATER ST. my!9 OLO and MOCHA COP 'orecloiare. OF THE RED KETTLE! DEALEB3 IN Slieot Iron, Tiij, "-• i-.-.;>;• 1 • • ' •• -7AND— iCUICULTUIlAL nr hw *h> ««_i *T».i """"*" "ai^SS^ 1 B^ISe«SSa»T.ttffll3 l 5J^^ . one of those hard incidents of t&e'! r;Mojmtai,|toariste: "Whenwer88dhed,'o,^arJ ^tu«ttB-«»-'unusual thing for the wJn^ 'OrcAoBonrway np three morning, y^4££^*>^te to:oowf/^u?aSS the .outh- >eeUan «">n>l>«r' nine (?), in of range twentj--lwo(«2^ . olri » to *" : eommenclng at the - 'dissipated all he -ft-^S? of !5 fel ^ 8nd withontKslBtanca to^^^"*' 0 ^**™**?' alns: : ne irettte of the said quarter r?^*"* M"0> to 00) chain? tottS Swf,? f i,' >egllu " nK ' sontalnlngten (10) acres, ono half tho width of * n — ....T , . • - r- re «P«««ft«U7 taforn their friends and the ,l!ubllcgenerally, thatttsy hare opened a Btoreat Tne best place to bujr nice SYRUPS • The best place to buy all kinds of MOLASSES The best place to buy all kinds of SUO UfS • The best place to buy all kinJa of SALT 5 ' The rest place to buy Cross S BlAckwell's The best place to buy all kinds ITOBEiaN D , The best place to buy all klnda PIEPRu'lTs'- The best place to buy SUQAH CORED HAM-1 • Thebesipuce tobuySMOKEB B>EV- ' The best place to bny CUOICEIBUTTEil • .,«„ i ">e best place to buy PALE ALE • LUPLEMENTS,! •^% b S{?S{ 00 ^Jg I "S?^««o»w: The best place to buy all kinds: WASHING SO VP1 • The best place to buy best STARCH; ' ' Hardware J ... ....206 I articles, togetbe » j ii- .•*-;—•—« ""«"«"«, RAKES, HOE3. And Afcrkaltur.1 Implement. reneraUy, u well as a 1 * jtarts /if with . e*. Apri 1, 1S69. A-J.LANeWOETHY, SWEET raojr The best place to buy pure LIQCOita for fa The beat place to bny Native an;t Foreign \j The best placo to buy a good boi CIGARS • ^ The best place to buy Meefshaom SMOKKiQ TOBAC- >uy high andjow cost CHS"WING J VKNISON JltH cholcu Venison ll^ma mar.^ IJAMS. ,t liUNN 4 CEOEDV-S. nit1 " 3 Sraoked Salmon at UUNN4 CH03BY'S. MA-PL.K 60 wi^^K 0 SyrUP ' ^^fl?-'"' Buck. mar31 * CU03BV9. > EUEIVEO by Ural boat GOBI Builalo 'at * irl > ". <i. JAVA" .HUN N J, aKOSU Y '3. hereby postponcdtoSaiur- Bme«fday7~" "j""',' 18c9 ' at ** fMKjplacaaBd Catsi 8herUT'« o£ce, MUwtakee, July S, 1850. )ira - 1. A-J.LA?raWOBTff_, J *» - fherlffMll. Co, Wlj. and will be »taking to- Oharlcston BOARDING.' 19* William Smith O'Brien has and from six te ten-day boardcn ' on reasonable terms.' -Maa.WILUAMfiOK; Bkovei pot up to order, fff- Rcofin?. WtTrri i T-r«m^ . ... . _ 3 lutrtsca., V^KPEUTSCHA wi N K ii E i : ATTOBA'CTS JSND OOUNSELLOBS AT 1A.W, OPH03-Empire Block, 221)f East Water s{. ROUNDS ft: , Adyertlslng Agents, -j-" ~^™- i*.«w« .v u*»] cuijji ou mm Amorl .The best place to buy K< od GOODS • Tie best place to bny GOODS CHEAP • The best place to buy all klods 0 lit OS'RJ Weask the citizens oTMUwaukao to tn , | poor. , ' J e ^* ' JOtiWTi N EW Vork Mills Kloar. constantly an ha:. J, at mnrtT • iirrw t Oiiusil O O. M JS A N •£> .» E. £ ' i EH1VAL of an enilr'-fy uotr anil 9|jluniil,ii 3iock of 1\^ iVeucli, fcutEliJh. and AoitTleiu •• J.B \OBAtIB l'j( DDniestic Exchangie 1 and Sped*-, I FllllE highest rates paid for all kind* of GolJand3il. I JL TCT Com and Bullion. , .Exchange eanstantly for sala at the lowest prices. Aal make dealing In Specie and Exotiansa my. entire I and eiclualrs builnrsi, I am able to giro my cuato- mera ta adrantaga over current figures. List of prices f will be furnished at mjf ofttae, . , JfO, S3 Wl Under the BapUaS 01 Of Isteat Styles, ^ . for. East Water and Wiaconsin streets. tely disposed of mojt of ny former atocfr T y' I * lnn!K!a « 1>ln *'« «"" ^Mtam M I¥cw Slyles aud Patterns, Which have been ImportsJ and m-tnnfaetared sin«o 5i» laat panic. 1 luwe also purchased a larja stock oj aad Qentlenjen's Watches, eats acksowleded the Amtriean tiafaii With moveineats acksowledged M tli« mo3i jnperlor h T • 500 t»W UCSiS A C.aOB2'3,

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