Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 1, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 1, 1941
Page 11
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Page [Sterling Daily Gaiette »esir,'t their wfll. Wfcshlnjrlon i* p.t faint in not, rrmvinelnt worlrfr* th?y cash! to b 8i:r,<1»t ;~H in flfcep."—H^sfliin". II r><-». cri-r r>f»ds an epitaph, j win he it, ' i A Wstasl Opposit ~ 0 Jnn* ?« 1918 Co piihli ?';— Sf/Tlsnn Ul T;.<- r f t»\ t.rmibl<* Is that ,ir rm-*•« fa-;t4»r than n rt •;; rr.Vptr ::p l'« mind. J?>r:tn<r •a PRESS ^Jl ASSOCLATED - * t ™ Associated Frew Is Jy entitled to tr» use for republica- Son of all new <«.:*n'.tcri^ "^iwd ; to it or not o:r,-r*-:^ credited In thin parxr and a^so ths .ocru news j published ' - Nn rr»t?«-r ifr thinkv h* !<sn'l AmTirs if nh** he inr to Hll!*r. fn p!«i«- Monday's Menw Bre»kf«.*.t: Tomato J-IK-. cooked who>whent cereal. t •">««•., coffee, milk. Luncheon: f*-antv,wi rt^'-ri'r* and \enet»b!e.«. * ho> *-h»*t bread. spp> rv.KP. t™. m:".* Dinner: BwXrri .«"i!!<-d " B r>- rvr. r >. tomn'o jnure, hsk"d p-"'s- 'iD <s - 1 -. br'.i.vr'i* ^prn's'.'".. fru.t c"ip, lnyer cnkr, coffee, milk. t'.nst vo-i to the rrcnibl*' of ! the julees yo:ir.*elf. ! Scalloped C'!t. S-l < rr>'*. leftover .'trine bma«. i di*h »nd eovcr top «-;th h*l*nce of (.up cooked , leftover c»r- pe»«, 1-2 cup conned fo-.r,a:o»v 1-4 fir* ^ r -*T;^*o '"j; rf ^. 1 *.* " ; p .- r y;\ r *. 2 drop*; RRTI^C rjire he».*e. Bske in « moderate oven 375 de<rre?fl F. for nbout 20 Tninutes. or! veil bro»ned. Tepptrs '4 and one-half cup* leftover Hsif r>n q-mrf-s ^R tnh!".tprvin." ;«iicR. 1 1-2 »nr| Veseiahlfs j s ^ ; *•>' M frviriES.' | r '' v "'* s'n ;;-rj| rnr«fi niv^i;'-.-.. 2 j ;>'--! r;>;r •r. 2-3 inhlrADfyin s^it. 3 ] f.: r >'::.."! bv'T. 1 -t t«>f».«.poon pfl-jfl'.' r ^^'V( <••;:« rr,:!k. 3-8 run park- i rrs'o ;•;; rr.««'5f, 3-B cup finfly ' f; r.-"vl'. M.ak* a r-ftiir'' hv rr?'.?;r? in tnp <~>' n rt<rih;r boiirr nnd ft<"!d:Ti? pa- j rh::fcrn or ham, 2 ;r-ia a:;ri fifvir. P':- •::•.•;': ?rnon»h. : ;r« rnivT.s. 3-4 cup 'r-';<v. r,-v-,jt sbo-,t 10 ~.::r;'<\- A'irt fslt •*''.I b*atrn rptr. 1-4 1 c. cook- Po-ir I-R teaspoon pepper. nr::o:i i-nce, 2 drop*, g prsTd riiee.'e. 4 ure<«n pe'P^"' C 1 .;: thin ,<;icr from . c '.en: e r^pv^r.'-,. remo'.e nil fed'-. »ft- r - >:i rnlt, '•».-;) 0^111 1-4 cup in bolllnjr ««lted wgtrr shout 7 mlnut«. Melt butter. «dd rice, waMHiInf?*,* Rnrt finely c.hon- p'd chirfcen or hsm. l^tiv »rtd bent- en cRif. Stuff peppers witli this mixture and b9.k»> 30 minute^ |r. a moderate oven 375 decree.', F. STVC "f. it'n toma'o sau-e. Tnmftlo Satirip H«!f ran tonifltnr,<,. i bnv ieaf. fe*- tabJe.'.pOQn.s flour. 1 1-4 teaspoon pepjvr. per. Make Hour info ft smooth by miTlne with wsrer. Add to »bove mixture »nd ,«ttr until thick. Buddy Club Organized r r I !•• r v t ops. 2 drops, ear lit Cook toma'or-.'-. hav !*nf and f r '.- • riy top,s fr.r 5 n-.::; .'r.'. Sna:::. ."•'••»- 5on with cftti;~ .] nrr.. sftit and r>rj>- RT I.OU1R — 'AP>—The ran J?ud<1v Club hns N>cn incorporat- rr! by « Rroiip of St. Loutwins to pro- ir.otf fiimrl.ship in s sahnstion b*-^n nviliRn.*> ftnd Foldifrs. ''HI, Puddv" 15. ihr ps.vyord to mutu*l READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS. By mail in Whrofide and ndjoln- ln« counties — p*v v " sr *-i W, stx month* $2.75. thr«* rr.onth.i $1.50. O n« month 75 cents Ca«h with order B? man outside \Vh::«\< : :d« and ad- telnlne counties—r*r vear *T.OO. MX months $3.75. three months $2.00, ne month 75 err/.* Ca5h with order per wfrSc de'.iv»>r«J b^ cnrrirr In •Ither Stcrlme or Rock Falls 20 eents pavnble ever? Saturday mom- tow No parwrs pent throuRh the postofflce In the city carrier dlatriet of SterlJnsr or Rock Fftll*. Vt vo'i n^vfr ,ve » bron7» stRtu*> onion snd Rsriic jiiirr.«i Ri\r n»-w of « m<n •? ho«^- on!v srhievrment \\r f j n ]>.;•. 0 ', T \r~e.r t»hv« .l-;rf'- nn« '.o c r ' mon^v Jor hlrn^lf. nou.^iv n.-^d. lh r v do .<•';: p:iA:"2 —• (.hiiiB-r- tf yo'.ir favorite I"?'<•••. er re- S'f. r-1-."; yop'.p think ihry flf ripe.^. If >n-; wan! to .'«•.r 'O'ir':.' -rfTH'i 1 -' 1 thry nrvr hnve hnnd> from odor.v \if-p tii' 1 n^w .r.:r- o o r ^l '- r '.'h <he kind of p?op> who wi th«t,ron-if in *-oii;i~*» bof.:^. a:' 1 'Vi;d K'-'-c lii^ni a pxin In the. not pxperi^np. and will brins ::°T n^fk inteir.'t to vour n'.eivufc wi^hoi;: A Thought for Today It 1« Ood thst ptrd^th me with ttrfflfrth ,«nd maketh my w«y perfect.— P» Rims 18:32 « • • It mBtters not how long we live, "but how.—Bailey. Tomorrow's Birthdays Mrs. J. F. Sundbers;. B. 6. Oi?den, Pcnh»H. Clarn Rwd. Harold _ Lobaugh. 8. Mrs. Thcma Bcien. Steritn?; Brrnaixl Mitchell, Raymond Howe, Wayne Kdeus. 4, Rock Falls: Frances M. Bull. Ro- ••«hest«r, Mich.; R«r. Minn BUlman, Kalb. Monday—Beverly M. Welker. M. 'II. Warner, Dr. J. K. Swain, Joim Brown. Mrs. Jarn*s E. MoCue, Syl- /Ttster Null, Mm George Livingston, .Chfendolyn Oleason, Sterling: Arlene p, Robert Hoak, Glenn Gregory _ Lorraine Fisher, Dorothy Jean Forehand, Rock Falls; Lillian Ernst. Ifflledfcville; Charles R. Burden, Tamploo; Margaret Bxill, Rochester, -Mich.; Earl Siefken, Janet Marie lens, Morrison; Yvonne Kcrch- Thomas; Geraldln* Devinst, |?rtncl8 Heeren, Deer Grove; Har- Old Hines, Coleta. Quillen'i Quips By IWoa*i Qnntao Silk U not yet extinct, but you gay it is on its last legs. But arming merchant ships merely 'Invites destruction unless the arms •re effectiw enough to destroy any •tucker. ' Bat why expect worker* t* realise their oavntry's danrer whan coiigiesa- itself neems ua- awara «C H? Our tax rate is 1 per cent higher England's, and we still have %Ut* and other taxes, while En- ti pay only the one. Whose irar is'thisf A land of opportunity is one a fellow with money could ive fun U his wife didn't yearn fbr swell aoctoty. Government attitude toward in •ocDpetents: "Your mistakes are forgo now and make some Germany beat the world arming, without any money; we beat the fMrtd spending money, without any •raing. It should be easy to outguess Nasi strategy. They wont vary their Btaeher plan so long as it keeps working. if they weren'l asnut U see the awe* ef plasi- sling to de e«r mtaaeat. why are they smart etMSgh to he kepi en the Jeb law can make men work IVORIES IN STAMPS| ^Father Leaves George VI Stamp Collection IKE President Roosevelt, King .George VI of England is a ulatelist. His father left him one the finest stamp collections in world, and he has maintained (eyer since his death- Canada, as a part of the British {Commonwealth of Nations, shares (the mother country's fierce devo. tfton to its king. This was clearly •town by the enthusiastic rccep- Iffion given to King Gcoi ge and m Elizabeth i on their 1939 to the dominion. The 1W7 poilrdit stamp abo%e, one of the HriUsh- empire's .Coronation .tvi'ies. George VI; tinid of the House ( Windsor, was bom Dec. 14, S, ion of the laie George. V and Mary, lie succeeded to the •-Ihrene Dec. 10, J93C, alter !us >|«'»ther, Edward VIII, abdicated ' to rnany Mrs. V.'ahis Warfteld jn, an AmcMcan. king u &s tuHicivj'uve in fC*$ as Edward, uas during. Rf with phdiitely. Jus hobbies t^ntiis. golf and HOLD EVERYTHING! •VU right, who't the dumb cluck Out did thi>r SIDE GLANCES Tll'« from Ihe foundry, Tom! They don't care if you «r* getting oU~~they say you'rr « skillet I man and they wan I you to come back lo work!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William F«rgu*on 1 DEFEND AGAINST T WHAT SCHOOLS DO THE F=0!_LOWINje COACH STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY -ul Biov.n, Ohia S!a,te: D. X. Bible, Texas U.; Loyola U. of La* Angeles;- Mavun X --.rr- New York 0,; iiiil, ituineiiCt U. Marty Julia Brill Barn* OUT OUR WAY BY L R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLI /GIVE. ME THOSE .' HAMt? THEM KIGMT HERE.' THS. Ci-TTTEClS AMD ARE OUT ivj THE MOW, L'S^SSi-- ) THAT 5 A LITTLE TOO ! TO CUT THE SCIS WITH P'P- THOUGH.' CCL'LDMT CUT PIPE SCISSORS. IVE VANlCURHO T^& , »TiV,E6 TODKV/'— EVERV3OOV ' ; A, COMES !M LOOKS, JUST RUN TKt O£P.ffV CM A MUDDY TRfXCK—-AMD VOU <8TUM8LIMG AROUND WiTM TH& DOORMAT UMDER. NOUU ARE "YOU TRNlMS TO A 8IG-SCM.E: MUD PIE INDUSTRY HOME WILL. Bfe. AS IMMfcCULATB ^%^N OPERWIM6 ROOKA WMS.M 1 REVOLVIKKS 'ooK, OUT FOR A> REVOLVING BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Very Mysterious BY EDGAR MARTIN RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Two of o Kind BY MERRILL BLOSSER BBN0 WHH.BT LA*t>e I ao TMBVl»» •OTH TO PHITCND MO ROOM ID AND TUr )MCcoy JOINT (TAKEN OVfK. THAT T»* »="** wrtMOur GETTING ID OBATW/ .. UXX AT 1M WASH TUBB5 Asleep at the Switch BY ROY CRANE HAVK NT VOUHWKPO ... 1Mb BLAZES yOU BCEMf MIMf^lSTHAT I THAT AM MOW THEPaTi KNOUdH EX HBM TO LMTA M6HTSA6O VaMCHMAM! RED RYDER Not So Faitt, Red BYFREDHARMAN ALLEY OOP Pardon Us BY V. T. HAMLIN VB VDUK PjRIATH, PSMMM CA*rr

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