Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 16
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 16

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1959
Page 16
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his, G. Robinson Hostess To Guild (Spl) ~ Mra.i ftdblnSort waft hostess re-' to the Wesleyan Service Guild Mtft Mrs. Katy Close, president, presiding at the business SSeaiort A3 plftns were made for | ths District Guild to meet in; ShftnM-odk 611 Mar. i. Mrs. Close led IhS opening prayer. d$w by Doris E. Wilsoft Edltof Lauren*• Chinn of Borger, the ed," Mrs. Chinn says: "Who are author of "The Unanointed" which,'the unanointed".' They are all the '"Mrs!" t^avoicT Tftstcrstnim, pro- Crown will publish March 20 and! people whose skills and minds are praln ' I'frcUr for """Unclsrstanclin* which is the Literary Guild selec-1 dedicated to the gteat and fam- Othef Cultures," WBI assisted by tion f° r A pi'". describes herself jous and without \vhom these men Iti-p. Kd Schaffner flhd Mrs. Jne as «• mid-Westerner in the fullest.would never 'nave become great Hind man. sense of the word; torn in Iowa,'and famous." The V.'orshlp center featured an'she has lived in eight middle- "Many books have been written oBSrt n."i.' 1 .i fl">(1 red cp.ndles in,western states ranging from Colo- compelling figures in history. Yet efyst't holders with a centerpleca '' acl « to Illinois, in the course of jit was Joab, his kinsman and of red c-rm lions and white stock sharing the peregrinations of a l commander of his armies who in th* Vfl. 1 ?r>t're motif. ; preacher-father and an engineer- j mft de it possible for David to be- Mrs. 7ce~2V3trum gave the de- hui'.:and. 'come king of Israel; whose VOi' from Second Peter follow-! After graduating- from Hastings SW ord cleared many of the obsta- ed by a round table dtficussion. ; College in Nebraska, Mrs. Chinn c i es to David's destiny . . . includ- Mrs. Francis DaPcw dismissed received her Master of Arts de- j ng . the Hittlte captain, Uriah, the group with the Guild Benedlc- grce at West Texas State College, shrewd, loyal, toufrh-minded, Joab, tlO'T. I She worked in Chicago for several | wno lived by the sword, died by A Valentine Motif was carried years arid later taught in Kansas j it _ . by the order of Solomon, out in refreshments. |and Texas. It was an editor friend j But for more thp.n thirty years, ho Members present were: Mmes. who started her writing by sug- j nac i ser ved David . . . and Israel Ed. Schaffncr, Harold Tester- gosling that she try her hand at| _ _ -W ell, helping to weld the strum, Francis DsPew, Agnes some stories. Since then her stories twelve tribes into a nation. The Reynolds:, Elsie Mae Hood, Joe and poetry have appeared in num- Mlndmin, Wllla Belle Daughtery, erous magazines, newspapers and Katy Cl.-os. Ma:y Pace, A cl a h anthologies. When nsked about the Wo^ten, and Merita Bumpers. references to Joab in the Second Book of Samuel are few and conflicting. He was a devoted, able of colorful corduroy covers for scatter ulllows Is » find for this young homemaker, SIM makes them of plaids, paisley and paisley prints, and jewel-toned solid colors, YOU Too, Can Have A LOVELY, HEALTHY BODY title, of her book, "The Unanoint-i lieutenant, yet he was brusquely dismissed more than once. He was !a man cf depth and sensitivity, yet 'he cooly commuted four murd?rs j... in one of which he slowly jand with leisured cruelty, disnatch- 'ed David's spoilt, treacherous, favorite son, Abso^om, fls he nun;? helplessly trapped in the fork of la tree. He loved one women all Discount on All Courses Contracted This Week! Tiring Routine Exercises Disrobing Drugs Steam Bruised Tissues Each Visit Is Reserved Especially for Youf Relax, Reduce in Complete Privacy. You Will Enjoy the Quiet, Restful Atmosphere of Our Salon. his life, yet lost her to D a v whom he served, and serving." For Living-Room Spring Pick-Me-Up Scatter Colorful Toss Pillows Around By KAY SHERWOOD NEA Sta/f Writer Siamese pink, purple, sharp blues and greens. A cluster of gaily colored toss! The heart of the pillow is the pillows added to a simple, basic'stuffing. Precut shapes in foam room has much the same niorale-1 rubber or urethane are ready to Junior Auxiliary Plans Future Study LEFORS (Spl) — The monthly business meeting was held by the Jtinir Girl's Auxiliary in the home of Mrs. H, L. Teel on Monday j afternoon. Mrs. Frances Clarke presided over the meeting during which it 16 THE PAMPA DAtLV? NEWS SUNDAY, MARCH 1, 1959 Ms! Veaf HtNf ttf PURCMASfNd When buying spnrerlbs, remem her this handy suggestion . . . i! aide of ribs is equal to approximately 2 pounds. Remembsr that meat In the reducing diet Is Just as Important fts in the weight gaining diet. HORS D' OEUVRK SPECIALTY For ft pre-meal snack, use chipped beef ... it's so easy. Shape about i lablespoofi fct o. f e ft ffl cheese In ftflndl f» form ab:>ut 1U inchJS long. Then .'t n 1 strip of fchipped beef. "1^U»CTWl««M««W^~'*"^^^«™- < -^— T ~"WALL PAPER See Imperial New Olemttyle Washable paper SttftWVIN-MLLIAMS Paint Co. 110 S. Cuyler M<"> 5-5322 -»«-«**and YOUR HOMS by Jack foster ROOMS CAN CHANGE CHARACTER went on'boosting effect as the bright, | be covered; the same materials'was decided to have mission study i spring flower corsage added to a • bought by the yard can be cut to next week, with Mrs. H. W. Callenj "The Unanointed" Is Jonb's good, basic suit. story. It is also the story of David and the many other men and women who were part of Joab's life. Within the framework supplied by Biblical chronicles, Mrs. Chinn The pillow, in various sizes and shapes, is becoming a popular accessory for more reasons, too. Pillows may be used to introduce strong accent colors into j pat tern size. For softer pillows you might use down feathers. The easiest coverings to make teaching the book, "For You," at which time a supper will be en-j joyed. I Reports were given by all chair- has woven a rich, realistic drama'an otherwise predominantly n e u- Doxcc i sides give a neatly tailor are rectangular or square shaped, men, and after adjournment, lhe ( Corded piping or welting and of character. tral room. j e(1 e ff ec t. Big floor pillows are colorful ad-1 jr or more feminine effects in Deborah Circle Has Luncheon Deborah Circle of the Church of! can be used to convert the table J com bi nations of the two offer at- ditions to seating space especially i tearooms, substitute a ruffle for v favored by the young in years. | lne piping. i The rise of many variations ofj \yith many solid-colored cordu- the bench-table combination calls i rovg anc i similar suitable fabrics jMarlene Cates for tailoring seal cushions which|matched to colors in the prints,' group went on a community mission tour. 1 Refreshments were served by, Mrs. Elms to Misses Frances! Clarke, Nita McCool, Janette Mayberry, Marcia McDonald, An-^ gie Atchley, Loretta Parks and LADY-B-LOVELY SCIENTIFIC REDUCING Don't Wait—Call for FREE Trial Demonstration •#*" 'KSf " 2010 N. Hobart— — MO 9-9301 the Brethren met in the basement; to a bench. of the church recently for i t s j And let's not forget to mention i tractive variations, front and monthly Bible study and relief | the pillow's virtue as an aid to i may be print fabric with work. i comfort wiien tucked liner an el-; colored sides. a pi]] O w solid- Rev. Darryl Fryman offered bo\v or behind the head, opening prayer and led in the Tha gir] with a hope chest to fill study of the'Gospel of Mark. ! or the young home-maker looking Luncheon wa., served by host-i fo11 a sp'-ingtime pick-me-up for a esses, Mmes. Harry Miller a n d » v >"ff ™ om OI ' bedroom might in consider cutting and sewing two | covers at the same time. j This gives a quick change of scene, when one cover is being cleaned or a seasonal shift of col- If you are using small pillows, i or accents. Character, says Webster, is the, aggregate of qualities that distln guishes one person or thing from 1 others. And rooms, like people, have character. Unlike, people, it| Is relatively simple to change the, character of a room. The way to change a room's character is to plan a new background and color scheme that conveys the new mood you wish to express. Then appoint the room ) with accessories that contribute to that mood. The difference between a room with a formal Regency character and one with a Modern or Con-' temporary feeling in the difference between striped silks, satins and damasks and textured cottons and plastics; between dull gold, deep red and Regency green and beige, grey, and neutral tones with strong color accents. It is well to remember that well-designed furniture with clean, simple Jines will change character easi'ly, and adapt itself to its surroundings and the company it • keeps. A new background of tawny beige with rough-textured w a 11- paper with broken vertical linns, and a new room arrangement gives the bedroom sketched above a masculine character and a good' Contemporary feeling. * Storage pieces lined up along one wail save space, give room an uncluttered look. Pale citron-color- , ed carpet adds a note of sophistl- / cation. Citron has been repeated " in the draperies. Charley Ellington. vestigate the pillow patterns, the. During the afternoon, bandages P™'™' tofm * «"«' the ware rolled: Infant garments com-1 * oods counters for make-them- pleted and comforters worked on. y° l "' self ldeas Those attending in addition to Ready-made scatter pillows are attending those previously mentioned were Mmes. Ray Burger, Allie Byrum, Don Elledge, Darryl Fryman, Frank Heaston, Cloy Long, George everywhere, but many will p r e- fer to sew them at home. It's a project that's not difficult, yields results in a hurry and will bring $ Day eciois Drastic Reductions! Must Move 'Em at Once! Unheard of Values! 2 PC. DRESSES Sizes 8 to 14 only, good materials SWEATERS RPK. 8.95 to 16.95 values SKIRTS All Wool Skirts at Great Savings COTTON HOUSE COATS 7.95 to 9.95 Valu :•« WOOL JAMAICA SHORTS JEWEL TRIMMED SWEATERS CHOICE L-ss Cost CAN CAN PETTICOATS Values to 14.95—Black only ••••^•••••••••^•••••Mpl^^BHHHMHIiHHMBMinMMMHMMMBKnBMHHKMA^Ife'LS *"*- • ' **^ 2-PC. DRESSES Values to 35.00 CAPRI SETS Cotfon or Cotton Knit ROBES Values to 19.95 Woolen, Quilted, Corduroy COTTON KNIT SHIRTS Short Sleeve or Sleeveless. Values to 7.95 Capri Pants I Pedal Pushes Compare at 4,95 Jamaica Shorts i in Fine Sheen Gabardine.New Spring Shades Maul, Russell West, Bob Swope'J"" 1 lhe color note -V ou want and Ruth Hubbard. Mrs. Dale' For man >' of the "mailer.sizes. Walker was a luncheon guest. remnant pieces of fine fabrics represent a substantial .saving in money without sacrifice of quality. You will want to consider fa>b- rio from the standpoint of maintenance, too. The homemaker with children will be mindful of fabrics that look plushy, but are washable. Cotton taffetas, cotton satins and c o r- duroys arc among those that fit the picture. New corduroy prints in plaids, |i paisleys, florals or stripes take | the same brilliant velvety colors as the solid pinwales. Tliis spring, there is a gorgeous range of Oriental colors such as Borger Trio To Guest Appear For Treble Clef Treble Clef Club's Spring Guest Niqht program will be given Tuesday evening at 7 :45 in Lovett Memorial Library with the entire program presented by members of the Borger Music Club. Appearing on the program, through arrangements made by Mrs. John Oil), will be a trio composed of Mrs. Cirace Wendel, piano; Mrs. Annabellfi Ingham, cello; Mrs. Anna Louise Rentfrnw. violin. A group of piano solos win ne presented by Mrs. Billy Jo FoiTiey. Mrs. Forney. Borger piano teacher, is active in the Borger Music Club. She was graduated from Oklahoma City University and studied for three years under E. Robert Schmidt, French concert pianist at the Schnu'tz School of Piano in San Francisco. Members of the .string trip are assisting in the music program of the Borger public schools. For the past fe'.v years they have been giving programs in the public school demonstrating and explaining the stringed instruments. Hostesses for the Guest N i g h t will be Mines. Atlia Wilks. Kllen Shipp, Bonita Reimer, and Wanda Gill. CHOICE I COATS Values to 69.95 JTii)# fabrics for year around wear. Buy for now or a $5.00 told UL layaway. Sizes 6 to 16. Black or beige only. Mrs. Jerry Parks I Fered With Party | Highland Hobby Club surprised! Mrs. Jerry Parks'with a "f Joins Away" party in the home of Mrs. John A. Moore rect-nily. The club prt-.stnted Mrs. Parks with a bronre decorative de.-anter bottle with a matching get of swans. The Parks plan, to make their home in Perry ton. Hostesses were Mmes. Moore. Walter Hurst, and Alvie French. Members attending were Mmes. Ray Laycwk, Melvin Peeplea. Vernon Hulsell, Houston Nail, Arvin Calvert, Bob Huey, Joe A u l r y, ("haileg Fletcher, J, R. Newman, 'and Mrs. R. D. Holmes. 45c Kotex-12s Regular—Junior or Super Only 33 $162.50 Wollensack Model 715 Movie Projector Only Baja Slide Case Ilrkls X — Airequint Maga/lnes $5.95 Value-ONLY $2.95 2.00 Chux Diapers Only $139 $149.95 Wollensak Model 815 Slide Projector Nujol 75c Only42c Listerine 55c Only 39c 1.59 Lvdia E. PhiMwm's Compound Only $1,09 1.00 Ban Deodorant Only 69c Baja Slide Case Ho':!s 1'i—Aimjirnt Mnu;a:'.'in>s $5.95 Value-ONLY $2.95 Gleem Toothpaste 42c 1,00 Melrose Hand Cream Only 1.59 Psoto Btsmol Only 1.09 lOc F&F Cough Drops Only 5c 1.25 Anncin Tablets Only 79c 50c Jernens Lotion Only 39c 1.00 J&J Boby Lotion Only 69c 1.00 Woodbury Shampoo 29c 75c J&J Baby Powder Only 49c 1.35 St. 37 Mouthwash Only 98c 1.25 IJtV Lotion Hair Treatment Only 89c 1.00 Roval Only 69c 3.00 Nutri Tonic Only $1.19 1.25 Lustre Net Only S9c Russell - Stover Easter Candies Now On Display ( Fame's Synonymlor Drugs 111 N CwyUr MO "• I

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