Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 26, 1936 · Page 6
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 6

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 6
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LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA ADVENTURERS' CLUB "Death Rides tJie Waves" By FLOYD GIBBONS Famous Headline Hunter. D ID you ever notice, boys and girls, that in all the stories you read about shipwrecks and storms at sea you never seem to hear anything about the fellows who get the worst of it? I mean the boys down below decks in the engine room. Harry Helgesen of Brooklyn, N. Y., tells us about what the "black gang" Is up against In a storm at sea. He ought to know, too. Harry Is a licensed marine engineer In steam and Diesel. Harry's big thrill came when he was assistant engineer on the auxiliary steam yacht Ulvlra on a hard luck cruise In the Atlantic. The cruise started from Brooklyn for southern waters on February 8, 1934, but they never got very far south. The bad luck started the very first day, Harry says, when the ship grounded on Reamer's shoals In the channel. The crew of amateur and professional sailors finally got her afloat again and the ship came back to port and went Into drydock for Inspection. The hull was found 0. K. but they had lost a couple of days. When the Sea Kicks Up There Really Is a Mess. The next start was made in a snow flurry and everything went fine nntll they got to the open sea. Once there the sails were run up and the engines cut off. Down in the engine room the "black gang" was getting things ship-shape. Now when an auxiliary yacht Is under sail things are generally easy for the boys under decks, but Just as they were about to bank the fires, Harry says, the chief mate came down and said they were in for "a bit of a blow." And a "bit of a blow" was putting It mildly. Wham! a storm from the north slapped the Ulvlra with a broadside that nearly turned her over. In a second all was busy as a beehive In the engine room. "Full •team ahead" came the order from the bridge, and Harry and his gang went into action. Death Signs on the Ulvira's Cruise. Harry ran up on deck to get the amoke stack hoisted. The stack had been let down when the sail* were run up and they needed more draft. On deck all was confusion. A boom had snapped under the strain of the gale and the sail and boom were hanging over the side and into the water like a sea anchor. And that wasn't all. Hubert Kuechenmelster, a young Northwestern university student and amateur sailor, had been swept overboard. The huge waves breaking over the rail made rescue impossible. Death had signed on the cruise of the Dlvlra I Harry got his stack up and hurried down the ladder to his station. What he had seen on deck wasn't very encouraging, but his Job was below decks, and he went to it. Those engines had to get going or the boat and all on it would be lost. The engine room by now was a mess. The boat was pitching heavily, Harry says, and the huge seas shipped at each pitch started coming down through the bunker plates, hatches and deck houses and filling the bilges with water. "We started the pumps," Harry writes, "but the ashes stirred up by the water kept clogging the strainers and the water kept rising. The engines were going full blast but we didn't know how long that would The Water Kept Rising Toward the Fire. keep up. The boiler plates started leaking from the forcing they were getting and the water In the hold was up to the engine cranks. As soon as the water reached the fires we were through." And the water kept rising. It was swishing across the floor like It does In a ship's pool on a rough day. Anything that floated became a menace as It sailed back and forth at breakneck speed with the action of the ship. In all this dirty water full of ashes and debris, Harry and a fireman spent an hour "diving." Diving in an engine room means going under the water to free the strainer from the debris drawn In by the suction of the pumps. How Would You Like to Dive Into Slimy Water? Just Imagine diving in that slimy water wondering if you were going to be swept up against the boilers and scalded to death! Up on deck another fight was going on against the elements as the ship reeled under the shocks of the gigantic waves, but our story Is below decks and below decks we stay. The four men In the black gang fought the advancing water for 24 long hours without relief. Once the captain came down and asked If they wanted more men, but the chief engineer knew that a greenhorn would only be In the way and asked for a bottle of rum Instead. The rum came down and Harry says It saved the lives of everybody on that ship. The rum gave the exhausted men new life and for the next two hours they worked like madmen. The high point of the water was only eight Inches from the boilers. Another inch and It would be the boats, and the boats could never live in a sea like that. But that extra Inch never came. Instead, the four men watch. Ing the water In the ash pits suddenly let up a weak cheer. The water had stopped 1 .The pumps were at last holding their ownl After Death's Vigil the Black Gang Got Hungry. Well, sir, the gang realized then, that they were hungry Harry climbed perilously up the ladder to the deck to search for food The galley was a watersoaked mixture of food-stuffs and kitchen utensils that slid back and forth across the floor with every movement of the ship The ship's cook was gone seasick. And the galley fires were long since dead. But that black gang had to eat so Harry fished up a side of bacon and finding some eggs unbroken In the Ice box he managed to snare a frying pan and carried his prizes down the ladder again. The U. S. Coast Guard to the Rescue! Two men braced hlr then as he held the frying pan over a •hovel full of live coals. Harry admits it was the best meal he ever tasted In his life. He admits, though, that he has had better service. They picked the food out of the pan with their hands and had coal dust for salt and pepper—but It tasted swell. Then came the coast guard and towed the disabled yacht into 'Norfolk, Va., and the mid-winter, hard-luck cruise of the Ulvlra was history ©—WNU Service. *' Bead* Through the Age* The earliest objects supposed to be beads are small fossils, found amoung the Acbeulian remains, and by the Aurlgnaclan period there Is no doubt that beads made of teeth, shell, bone, Ivory and, most of all chamois teeth, these latter "beads" having two formations, were worn in large quantities. Shanghai Government Shanghai's International Settlement, taking in about one-third of the city, Is a single self-governing community administered by a municipal council, an elected body of 14 serving without pay. Nominally, these 14 Include 5 British, 5 Chinese and 2 eacn American and Japanese. what .about: High Collart and Adam's Applet B EVERLY HILLS, CALIF. —The moot question of whether the east coast or the west coast is America's artistic center is one of the most moot- ful you ever encountered. Temporarily, though it's being eclipsed by the burning Issue touch- Ing on what the well-dressed man will wear around his goozle. New York's tastiest dressers are encasing their necks within high linen walls — the highest since Jericho, I hear—whereas Hollywood's defenders fight on for the rakish, not to say winsome, Irvln S. Cobb open - throated effect — In other words, 'tis a war between the shut- ' Ins and the fresh-air fiends. Maybe you don't think this Is Important, but they do. Today, typical champions of these clashing schools of thought met here face to face. Sunset boulevard's entry was unbuttoned so far down In front he practically was being served on the half- shell, and one and all had a fascinating view of his Adam's apple as it raced up and down, the same as a fox squirrel on a snag. Like a boy chinning himself on a board fence, Fifth avenue's challenger was hidden behind the tallest, stlff- est, and flaringest collar I ever he- held. Kid Movie Actors Stampede A CCORDING to honest estl- ** mates, exactly one child In 3,000,000 gets a chance to qualify as a child actor in the pictures— not an outstanding star, mind you, but Just a reasonably successful Juvenile performer. These figures have been broadcast In a laudable effort to check the flood of hopeful parents who pour into Hollywood, seeking large salaries and fame for Junior or precocious little Doris, and finding, Instead, only disappointment and heartbreak and finally despair and often destitution. So I'm repeating the doleful warning. It won't do any good, grown-up vanity and greed and ambition being what they are. *». • * Headaches From Economic Messiahs A LBERTA, in Canada, produced an economic Messiah, a spouting John the Baptist of the dispensation, who came out of the wilderness with a lovely device called a "social credit system" which, among other pleasant things, guaranteed every adult $25 a month for life. So the voters overwhelmingly elected him as premier and from all over tlie dominion flocked In thousands to share in the distribution. Now they're busted; the budget Is a sieve; citizens are faced with ruinous taxes—and nobody yet has collected that twenty-five a month. Industrial depression always spawns Its self-anointed saviors who promise to restore prosperity by giving money they haven't got to people who haven't earned It After a while, in spite of human folly, good times return. * • * Crystal Gazing in World Affairs. 'TpUDAY we have a few fresh-laid A predictions by good old Doctor Cobb, palm-reading, crystal-gazing, numerology (during income tax week) and car washing. France will save her face and Ethiopia will lose Its pants. The Rhineland, being German, will keep right on being German, as it should. Although perhaps making some snoots at each other—for public consumption — behind-, the scenes Adolph H. and Benlto M. will have many a hearty laugh together. Several smaller nations will get painfully crushed in the Jam, as usual. England will positively not get crushed in any Jam. Japan will discover the Chinese are responsible for the whole mess and grab off another slice of territory. * » • GOT. Hoffman Overlooks a Bet TN THEIR efforts to impeach the ••• prosecution's key witnesses, Governor Hoffman and the other attorneys for the defense In the Bruno Hauptman case are overlooking a bet There was one person who testified most damagingly against the cause to which they have devoted themselves. Under oath, this person solemnly declared that, on a certain night, alongside a certain cemetery, he recognized the voice of the kidnaper. True, this Individual has gone abroad since a trial Jury and a high court decided the proof Justified conviction. But his whereabouts Is known. In accordance with the present campaign, why not fetch him back and attack his evidence as spurious—attack his credibility as an honest and a truthful man? The name Is Lindbergh, IRVIN 8. COBB. , A—WNUSflrvlot. BRISBANE THIS WEEK Maybe Peace, After All Building in a Big Way A Level'Headed King One Strike Method The real war news from Europe —It sounds like peace news—is that Enjfland has refused" France's request for Ira mediate assistance In forcing Germany's arm ies from the Rhineland. Eng' land even hints that France may be partly to blame. France appeals to all members of the League of Nations "In a fight for peace." But, with England holding back, other signers of the Locarno pact are not Inclined, in the language of the day, to "stick their necks out." Arthur Brlxlmnc The United States Is doing and spending In a big way. The Public Works administration says more than $1,000,000,000 worth of projects have been completed, with $2,200,000,000 of other work still under construction. Twelve hundred millions have been spent for materials, all involving labor; .$039,000,000 for wage payrolls, by PWA. Organized labor presents a building program of $500.000,000 to occupy the Idle building trades. If money holds out, and the Inflation bonds keep their value, this will be remembered as the building age. A level-headed young man Is the new English king. After seeing the new giant Cunarder name'd for his mother, walking seven miles up and down In it, he visited the slums of Glasgow, called the worst and "reddest" In England. Some ultra "left wing" city councilors refused to be presented to him. "That's perfectly all right," said the king. "Tell them I'll come and have tea with them instead." This he did. Two thousand ship workers cheered and called him "Good Old Teddy." The king, who visited individual tenements, knocking at the doors, patting babies on the head, keeps up with the times* No English king did that before. There are different ways of handling strikes, depending oa public officials. At Akron, Ohio, a strike of milk drivers disturbs consuming families and producing farmers. Herman E. Werner, public prosecutor, says coldly: "Anyone who Interferes with milk deliveries will face guns, and the order will be 'Shoot to kill.'" Akron has 10,000 men out of work; too many, at one time, for that sized place, and the city Is tired of it. How many millions would be killed, gassed, bombed, ripped to pieces by shrapnel and machine- gun fire before Hitler or the nation back of him could be persuaded that he Is not a reincarnation of Frederick the Great, or Napoleon? This time a murderous war would be deliberate. No grand duke heir to an imperial throne has been murdered to supply the spark. The Department of Commerce cannot explain the Arkansas air crash, on January 14, that killed 17. It says some passenger "may have incapacitated the pilot or Interfered with controls." The local sheriff says somebody Inside the plane fired a kind of pistol. Bullet marks were found. Let air passengers before embarking pass before the electric device that reveals instantly a pistol or any other metal object. No decent passenger would object. Guns and knives might be "parked" on entering a plane. Japan Is the question mark In the war situation, but Japan would not deliberately antagonize all Her customers and friends in western Europe by striking at Russia, - In a war Interesting to all of them. It is probable that Japan this time, as in the last war, would send "observers," thoughtful and silent, to watch the white races cutting each others' throats. Mrs. Akeley, who used to help her husband hunt lions and gorillas before he died, has been In Africa on her own account and reports that in Southeast Africa natives cling to their old ways and methods; nothing will change them. The chief who Is sick wants a witch doctor to come, howl, dance and tell him that he has been bewitched Into swallowing a small crocodile, which Is biting his In- sldes. The treasury finds that In the first eight months of this fiscal year It has accumulated a deficit of $2,410,000,000. The country took lo, $2,348,000,000 and spent $4,758,000,000. In prosperous times the country's total Income is $90,000,000,600; but when will those "times" come back? i ® Kins Feature* 8yndto#t«, lao. WNUServlc*. (1 SUNDAY Uniform II International II •:• LESSON- ; - By REV. P. B. F1TZWATBR. D. D.. Member of Faculty, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. (S) Westorn Newspaper Union. A Charming Needlecraft Picture to Efcibroide PATTERN 8297 Lesson for March 29 JESUS EXPLAINSTHE KINGDOM LESSON TEXT—Luke 13:18-30. GOLDEN TEXT—And they shall, come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down In the kingdom of God.—Luke 13:29. PRIMARY TOPIC—Good News to Men. JUNIOR TOPIC — Jesus Talks About His Kingdom. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC — My Part In Extending Christ's Kingdom. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC—Requirements for Citizenship In the Kingdom. I. Jesus Teaching In the Synagogue (vv. 10-21). The presence of a sorely afflicted woman called forth Jesus' sympathy and he, therefore, healed her. This action on the Sabbath day provoked severe criticism on the part of the ruler of the synagogue. Jesus quickly silenced his objections by showing that this good deed was entirely In keeping with the purpose of the Snbbath day. Not only were these critics silenced and shamed, but the people greatly rejoiced because of the glorious things done by Jesus. 1. The parable of the mustard seed (vv. 18, 19). a. Its unimportant beginnings (v. 10). It begins as the least of all seeds and grows to be the greatest among herbs. The parentage and humble circumstances of Jesus the King greatly perplexed the people. That twelve unlettered fishermen should be selected as his royal advisors was still more amazing. b. Its vigorous growth (v. 9). Though small In Its Inception, the work Inaugurated by Jesus Christ has become mighty In power. c. Its lodging capacity. The birds which find lodgment In a tree do not represent the children of men who find safety and salvation In the church, but they are predatory beings waiting to pluck the tender buds or to prey-" upon the rlpeneja fruit. The effects of such lodging are evil, blighting even to the spoiling of the tree. 2. The parable of the leavened meal (v. 21). When the scriptural significance of the meal, the woman, and .the leaven Is known, the Interpretation Is easy.', a. The meal. Meal In Scripture means something wholesome and nutritious. It was used In one of the sweet savor offerings which typify Christ (Lev. 2:1-3) and was the food for the priests (Lev. G: 15-17). b. The leaven (v. 21). In the Scriptures leaven Is invariably a type of evil, as the following examples show (Exod. 12:5, Lev. 2: 11; Matt. 10:6-12; I Cor. 5:6-8). e. The woman. In normal life the woman Is the administrator of the home, not Its head. Her responsibility Is to take the bread provided by the head, prepare and distribute It to the household. In Scripture we find false doctrine being taught by a woman. Dealing with doctrine Is forbidden to woman (I Tim. 2:12). In I Timothy 4:1-3 we find that apostasy will be brought In through false teaching In the ranks of God's people. The mean- Ing of the parable, therefore Is that the true doctrine of the meal given for the nourishment of the soul will be officially corrupted by false doctrine. The children's food la thus corrupted by their mother. II. Jesus Teaching In the Villages and Cities (vv. 22-30). Jesus knew that he was on the way to Jerusalem to be crucified. He was, therefore, making an effort to reach every person possible with the gospel message. 1. A question asked (v. 23). We do not know just why this question was asked. It may have been out of curiosity or by some Jew who prided himself on being of the elect. 2. The Lord's answer (vv. 24-30). He did not answer directly, but by likening the blessing of the kingdom to a banquet hall in a palace. a. The gate of the kingdom Is strait and the way narrow. It Is easy to see from his teaching, as well as from observation, that the saved are few. The fewness Is not due to either Christ's unwillingness or Inability to save, but the unwillingness of the sinner to come to him. b. The immediate duty set forth (v. 24). Regardless of what others are doing, the personal obligation Is upon everyone to strive to enter. c. The door to be shut (v. 25). God's- patience will not last forever. His mercy Is to end and his Judgment will follow. Love and grace spurned will eventuate In the manifestation of divine wrath. d. Pleading for entrance on the ground of knowing Christ (vv. 2"i 20). This plea is met by the awful command" to depart, and even calling them "workers of iniquity." e. A day of weeping and gnash Ing of teeth (v. 28). The very sk'ht of the faithful ones enjoying the blessing of the kingdom, while the! themselves are shut out, will be «>? tremely awful. "*' The old-time well—the bucket hanging there, just waiting to be embroidered In Its natural setting And what a lovely arid colorful wall hanging you'll have when finished You can use as many bright threads as fancy dictates when you begin to "paint" the old-fashioned garden In lazy-daisy, French knots, running and single stitch. And you needn'l frame the panel—Just line It,and hang It up. In pattern 5207 you will find a transfer pattern of a wall hanging 15 by 20 Inches; a color chart; material requirements; Illustrations of all stitches needed; directions for finishing wall hanging. Send 15 cents in stamps or coins (coins preferred) to The Sewing Circle, Household Arts Dept., 259 West Fourteenth Street, New York, N. Y. Where Needed He was about to leave for the office when his wife handed him a small parcel. "What's this, dear?" he asked. "A bottle of hair tonic." "That's very nice of you, but— er—" "Oh, It's not for you!" she replied. "It's for your typist. Her hair Is coming out badly ou your coat."— London Answers. A Winner "My dog took the first prize at the cat show." "How did he manage that?" i "Well, he took the prize cat." Papa's Boy "Did Johnny take his medicine like a man?" "Yes, he made an awful fuss." Time to Wake Up "I could play bridge In my sleep," said the girl enthusiast. "You do," murmured her partner. Please Go Away Young Man (ardently)—I've never seen such perfectly dreamy eyes. The Girl—You've never stayed so late before.—Pearson's Weekly. Cutting It Fine First Farmer—Which Is correct— "A hen is sitting" or "a hen Is setting?" Second Farmer—I don't know, and I don't care. All I bother about Is when she cackles—Is she laying or lying?—San Francisco Chronicle. Federal court at western district of •S P M f °K ?" ly one S. Marshal Joseph the session. It'sj, port custom. A regu a not been held there for Week's Supply of p 0 Read the offer male Company In another per. They will S ena a ply of health giving ost anyone who writes for i Overlook Tough B r , L "Man was never meant ?J tremely happy or extremll able. I take my pleasures w LI them, and try to forget ' breaks."—Wallace Beery. Every seed a "Graduate" of THE FERRY-MORSE $[ BREEDING INSTIT Dtvottd to improving or*/, taintng thf quality o f ^ vegttabU and flower i|J At Rochester, Mich., and . Gal., The Ferry-Morse Seed Ing Institute is devoting of acres to scientific pro, of vegetable and flower seedil 80 years this work has pro . . . selecting the finest plant,! pollinating them with othn plants ... developing a found stock .. . growing seed cropil this ... testing the resulting before they are offered to you! Protecting the established ity of the finest vegetables] flowers, developing new and fa esting strains is our contiti. work. The "graduates" oil Ferry-Morse Seed Breeding H tute are now available to youl for as little as 5c a packet. H find a complete list in our] Home Garden Catalog; Look for the Ferry your neighborhood stores. Morse Seed Co., Detroit i Francisco. CLASSIFIED 'REE I America's Most Beautiful .\, nd Seed Book—full natural coin] arpralns. Guaranteed stock. Lw i Compare our prlcea with other! 1)1 ourself how reasonably priced osl America's largest dlrect-to-yountl INTER-STATE NURSERIES] 3 E. STREET - HAMBURG,! •" tmwbcrrlcs-Waymtn. The new 1 orsett and Catsltlll. HEN.UMIX F.lt 047-8tli Arc. Southeast. RoclieslnJ \\ RAIN OR SHINE. A/WRIGLEY'S IS THE ^STANDARD OF QUALITY] It' ^ i ^§*U rtt FLAMES He—I'd like to know wliyj get engaged to several men it| She—When you have onei doesn't It go out? In Reverie He—How old are you? She—Just turned twenty-ton He—Ah, I see. You two.—Pathfinder Magazine. WRIGLEY'S, PERFECT GUM 1 THE FLAVOR LASTS BLADES their Keenness .never ^ varies READY RAZORS

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