Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 12, 1964 · Page 8
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 8

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1964
Page 8
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Benny's love in Bloom' Aids Pension Funds By MURRAY CHASS PITTSBURGH, (AP) — Jack Benny, whose comic tightwad image has helped makp him fleh, draws still more money these days with his violin. The money, however, doesn't go into the mythical vault fictitiously located In the depths of ftenny's Beverly Hills home. Rather, it goes primarily into the treasuries of many of the nation's symphony orchestras frith which Benny has appeared as guest soloist in henefit con- Certs, where he is in ns much demand as he ever has been as • comic. Benny, who played violin professionally as a teen-ager, performs the concert* in complete aincerify. At the some time he is humorous about them. "I'm net qood enough to be a concert violinist." Benny says frankly, "but I'm good ^non^'i to do a comedv concert. The playing is as good as I can do — which isn't too good." 'I am only a fair violinist — not even n good one—who would not be able to give a legitimate concert" Now nearing the ago of 70 — far from his -legendary 39 — Benny has appeared with most of the major fehestras in the country in the past ssven years, receiving no salary for hH n<>r- forrnanc n .«, just r>xn°nses. Benny wi'l bo 70 next Friday. IB all, he has played with about 35 orchestras and has helped raise nearly $3.5 million for various benefits. About h«lf of the money haa gone to main- Itenance and pension funds of the .chief straight men, acting more orchestras. "I think I get about as much satisfaction out of this as anything," Benny explained before a recent appearance with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. "I have a lot of fun doing it. It's very much like a stage performance, and I like it very much. "If* famous utlro on a world- than performing at times- The program opens with Sara- sate's 'Gypsy Airs." fienny becomes enraged at the concertmaster for playing part of Benny's solo, and has the conductor banish him. Somehow, near the end of the piece, the melody slides over into Benny's famous trademark, "Love in Bloom." The second item (which varies from city to city) is a condensed 4A C liv Telegram Wednesday, fes. 12, If44 violinist. I'm supposed i version of one of the major das- to think that lama great vi- j s j cs during which a couple olinist. jmore distractions occur. Benny "The audiences have been great. Some don't know what to expect. The easiest audiences to make laugh are concert-goers because they don't get a chance to laught at concerts." The critics have "been great and the conductor start heckling each other. Finally In "Caprleelo Espagnol" Bennv serves as concertmaster. The music goes faster and faster, and at the end the JACK BENNY plays his violin with conductor William Steinberg and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in rehearsal for one of his many benefit concerts. Georgia Inn Sits On Vein of Gold DAHLONEGA, C,a. (AP) - Although Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Fry live in a barn, they own a hotol which stands over a vein of gold- No one, however, knows how rich the gold deposit is because it Dahloncga, which once was the site of a U. S. mint, is famed for gold panning as a tourist altrac- about it," hte added. "They've distraught Benny stalks off the always loved it. 1 expected just stage. He returns, however, for once that some critic would say, some informal encores. 'It'* funny, but it shouldn't be | Though Steinberg is a serious- done.' But it's never happened, mided director, he was quite I play as good as I can. They taken by Benny, (the critics) wouldn't like it if I "I feel that the fact he's so they thought I was making a monkny of the music. They know I wish I could play better." The comedian d»e» not appear in the first hall of the Benny concerts, but takes the sootlight after the intermission. He works his colleagues into the act — in Pittsburgh, conductor William Steinberg and concertmaster tion. Any resident will gladlv show Samiie i 'Thaviu served as his a visitor wiicrn to pan for gold. And most of the time flecks of the has never been mined. Workmen discovered the vein j yellow metal can be found. The sleepy north Georgia town while excavating for a basement was the scene^of thn first major in the middle 19th Century. But - ~" "'"''" the former owner of the hotel scaled up the basement bccausn Took Up Her Hobby LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) heart attack led to a now And GYGfltUdll V Jl flt^ll O* iJHiij ••»**•!•*• „„.,.,.._..-- — — *-x t i A* • ribbon, for 5/year-old Otis Liv! Smith-House - is a *»o,n hotel : whcr• D.hloncBa w blue A ho was ready to retire and had sold his gold holdings. The inn— now known as the gold strike in this country more I than 130 years ago. ; Dahlono.fa also was chosen as the snat of Lumpkin County. This infuriated thp town's older sister, i Aurnria, which was established inffston. a Louisville accountant and loan company treasurer. While recovering, Livingston watched his wife work on a needlepoint chair cover. Since he took up the needle and Tiegan making handbags and chair cover" s, Livirsston has won 14 blus ribbons at Kentucky and Texas stale fairs plus 11 others for second and third prizes. As Ht Exptcttd MADISONVILLE, Ky. (AP) Sheriff Al Lantrlp use a bit of psychology In capturing four men wlio were gambling in the Nortonville School. He drove to the school and knocked on the back door. Then hie dashed around to Iho front fnd was wailing with open arms Wnen the gamblers came running Outside. with a reputation for its good food ' morc tnan a pasture. rather than for its gold. Mr. and Mrs. Fry live next door in a four-bedroom, two-story louse which once was the barn. Fry, who bought the hotel in 1944$, says he has no intention now of digging up the basement, which is the hotel's dining room. An 1199 inue of the Dahloncga Vugget, a weekly newspaper, reported the gold vein to be six feet wide but of unknown depth. The hotel's guests sleep above the headwaters of one of the richest streams in gold deposits in Lumpkin County — Tanyard Branch. Early in the last century the stream was called Amazon Branch after a huge Indian squaw. The white men called her Amazon because she wore war paint and leaped into a shaft and thrashed white men who stole her gold. Pangburo'i wonderful MUk-snd-Honey Chocolates in the world'* most (sUnwroui Vatenttne Heags. Select "Hers" today NORRIS DRUG STORE enormous musically makes the whole thing so nleasureable," he said. "Everything he does comes out of the spirit of the music, and that's what is important." Thaviu aho admired Benny for his sincerity and his timing. "When it (the performance) is done in the soil-it in which he does it, it can't be anything but good," said the concortmaster. TWA Named For Contracts KANSAS CITY (AP)-Pfesi- dent Kenneth Krakuer of the Chamber of Commerce was informed today Trans World Airlines will be selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for key contract negotiations to provide basic services at Cape Kennedy. A spokesman for the chamber said Sen. Stuart Symington, D- Mo., reported the White House had avised him of the plan. The senators said they were informed by NASA the services to be provided included general maintenance, operation of utilities and suppies, medical services and security. They were told that the contract value would be about $7 million for one year. The senators said a statement it is their hope that "TWA's selection for he contract negotiations will have the net result of creating new employment for Missouriahs in the TWA installation in Missouri—this due to TWA's increased operations and opening for replacement of some personnel the airline might transfer to the Cape Kennedy center." v Always = appropriate... = WORLD I gift* i BIBLE I KINO JAMES VfcftSION Z: 'For important occasions, there's one gift that's always appropriate, always appreciated ... a beautiful World Bible. Available in gift bindings of luxurious leathers and fine imitation leathers ... in white, red or black. Editions suitable for every Biblt ' reader, at prices for ail. See our beautiful selection . . . from $2.50 1 re to $12.75. NORRIS DRUG STORE 312 N. Main Garden City. Ks. Phe. M 4-3231 Wont Ads gef results 112 N. Main Garden City, Ks. Phe. IR *-3t31 Aurariant called It heresy, and t t'-9ir first Fourth of July cele- iration. they raised their glasses j toast: "Our county scat—con- eived in sin, brought forth in niauilv, cradled in corruntion, ocalcd upon destruction." They nredicted that it would be mpossible t6 build a passable oad from Auraria to Dahlonega- The roncl was built more than 100 ears later. A few blocks from the Smith louse is Mt. Hope Cemetery, vherc many former gold miners arc buried. Some have golden ombs. An 1882 newspaper account says: "In the village cemetery there are several rich little veins that show gold freely, and often when digging graves, specimens of quartz sprinkled over with gold ore are thrown out of view; and the miner has the assurance that when he has laid down his pick and shovel, and panned out his last 'clean up' his weary bones will bo laid to rest within a tomb, the walls of which are glittering metal for which he toiled his life away." Many still dream of finding a parent vein from which tliq bits and pieces and nockets which iave been found first came. Fry •says, "Gold i« where you find it." as he hanpilv counts the profit in the b«t»l's dining room. Fight, Th«n Flight MANSFIELD, Ohio (AP) Police, answering a call to a rcsaurant, were told that two women began throwing water on ench other, and that their escorts then got into a fist fight. Dishes sailed through the air, a man at the counter got hit in the head with a plate, and another was whactpti with a sugar bo\yl, the report went on. During the commotion,' rhe two couples who started the whole tiling walked out without* paying, employes said. Isn't It Amazing MEMPHIS, Tcnn. (AP) — A newcomer to Memphis was asked bv a cashier the other day where she came from. "From Scotland," she said, the pipes skirling In her voice. "Well, honey,'' said the cashier kindly, "you sure speak English well for a foreigner." 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