The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 15, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1914
Page 4
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Paste four T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Wednesday Evening, July 15, 1914* is pun Sociability Tour to Promote Highway. O P E N F O R T R A F F I C Motorists to Come Through Dccatur in August. \i n , .·,, 1,1. in '·. n : tnn'1, f' r i ,,,,,, . i , ,,, ,, ,, ,,, i i . in M. I il I It , ,, ,i, ,,' iiit i in In « I I ..... «' 'I '· " i lk . ., (M i ,m l f t I i t i l» in- t . i,, ,,. i i i ' \ « H. n '"»' i " ..... , ,' . I. Mini: · ' Ih HOLABIRD TO CHALMERS MEETING W. P. Himcll, of LovlBirtnn. »d W. B. \Vtmrer AIno O«, A n HoUblrd, proprietor of tho Dor a l u r A u t o Hiirain-. with W. F. Unwell. l m i - i K (iBClit In ]xvlngton. and \V. \\C.I\IT. of Poontiir w i l l \f\n \Vcd- rd.iv f V o n l r i K for notrolt to visit the a l i n r r H f u c t n r Thi-y will then so l. y i , n n t m Cfrtnr Point, Ohio, where ti.ry « l ' l i i l t r m l a convention of Otml- i r t T n . i r i n t n f r o m nil over th« t'nltfld H i n t o H , \ h t h ''onvftn'R them next Prl Bridge Company Gets'I. T. S. Job at Peoria. Shop work wan started at the Decatur Bridge company plant Wednesday i n n v r t l l ' R u i v i " I I I - J I L r i i - i t u r B r i d g e COITlI'iiliy pittuv ,t i;uin,u-"- m \ A t t h o convention, Ihe s o l l l i i K morning on tho first 600 tons of gird- r ,,.|i,t» or (hi- rnr and now I m p r o v e - | ( | n ,, n(} p t i u o l u r a l steel which within i i - n l n i.r* lirmiKhl out nmi dtummcil |,, ,,,. m o n t h s w i l l fnltlll the contract Tin- p u n 11 ill i ' t u r n to DerMur n e x t ' I t I J. E. YOHE TO MOVE STORE will fultlll the etween the Decatur company and the addition to the hospital, remodeling the present building and providing for the present indebtedness. About ?20,000 will be spent in the new building. The Indebtedness amounts to $27,000. The lest of the $50,000 will be spent in the remodeling. The hospital now has accommodations for about sixty patients. When the new addition Is made, it will be able to take care of about eighty or more. BEER FURNITURE CO. BEER FURNITURE CO. Mill Take , , . , , ,. i , I i - . ' .. n T, r - , II , ,i. , . t ,i il ii-'li Itl mill " I,,., j i \t t l I,* tin » · ''I- »f * » B . . I I i l l ,. I I i In | ' ln«t. 'I h i , , , , I in . ' v il · i I ...... H , , . , in t n t in i n if i it , t , . I , ..... \ h l ' I t l . n , , ..... I. II. li !«T«nn · !·' I... i | ii ' I I ^ . . i i \ 1 . .1, I K . \ l i I I , , i , . i i l l ! . li- I'U f t . , , , , . u I 1 I Ml "i- I ' l K e · . ,, ...... M I I h « V l« Mil I I . , 1 II I I - II . - t llttl.ll ' , i , . , , ' , ! ' t . i ! 1 1 Ii » ( »TJ , ,. . ! iti ' I it I' '" t '1* l°« ' , 1 » · I . 1 I in I I n. I , : I , I I I I . I I , I ' ' ' · i , ,, , , , . . , i I . , n n i l - o i l I . ; , ,, u 11 I' I U II - H P 1 r . " \ l i t . , ,! ^ r - M i l , .1 U . 'I. f ' i T k " 10 SI I ,-r I-. ] . ! · · ., i, I M 1 1 ' |-\ C I S \ i i ' ! l t t v r u n ' [ « M l - r i e Hn"" 1 ,. ,,i , i i i . , ' l r l ' i n I ' .t"»i'h t i . f .l i . I i n t \ . i · \1 · . i n. i n .. if I " it '"'" . IP' , ,,. ., "' II !''" f r'lk n, · Tl t" , , ,, I ,, u II I . I 1 1 1 II III I'l I l l i n o i s Traction System lor all tho ..leri minleil In the building of a new t e r m i n a l and general office building to b" hullt by the traction company at 1 , 0 1 1 . 1 The h u l l d i n g will he erected on th- »ltf of the old National hotel, tlniiin ^»c-«t«"l In (lie Mew |,(oh dpstroj-od by fire eome time · i l n l r ftilnau. !.-KO. 'I » cost of about ?400,00n. i: Yoln w i l l innve 111" k W ' l ' ^ j ]S BIG CONTRACT. r , f ;rn. hl ;,?;;r^ r r,r f «r:; T,,, ,,,,,*. ,omp. n ,. w 0n th . 0^ ,. ,,,-r,,pl^ hv Ml.-hnrl n r t i l n u , I ' d r t l t i B . . = a m h t a number ot the largest ,, (h, foot of M,.M.lia,u s t r e e t , -nd most I m p o r t a n t steel works In he n i n t n '1 ho contract is one of the 1 irsost to Hr received by the local v.oitf d u r i n g the year and proves the ,,, l i g h t in which the bridge roinp.inv IB seen In hlgscr business cir. i-li"; Tli* 1 De''itur plant is capable of t u r n i n g o u t 1.000 tons of steel a month, and o f f l r c i s nay the^llme limit on the pipsent contract Is ample. The nfvv terminal b u i l d i n g will be ishlonort a f t e r the lines of the f i n e s t r l t i i r t u i p * of the same kind in the o i i n f v BoMdes regulation train sheds and n c rommodationa for passengers. HEAR REPORTS OF CONVENTION Reports from the recent convention held at Dalton City were given at the meeting of the Christian Endeavor s-ociety of the Third United Brethren c h u r c h Tuesday night. The reports v*ere made by Barney Robinson and L E. Weaver. Other delegates will re- rort'Sunday evening. .A. devotional committee was appointed, consisting of i. E. Weaver, C. Johnson and Mr. Robnlson. It was decided to hav 0 Miss Bessie Haffner, a missionary, who ib to BO to New Mexico, to come heie next month Mr. Robinson gave to the society a book, Txpert Endeavor." MID-SUMMER SAVINGS . H I ' \ u r I The rooms nou "ccu- it \,\ Y t i h e In Hie linnk h u l l . I. nor ale n w n e . i bv .lotin rilrli'h It 1- n u r t e r Hi u ( h e l u i n k I n i l l i l l n K « ' l l « u e x t e n w n e r e p n i r N CALEB SMITH AND FAMILY LEAVE Mr rinrt Mm Tnlel, S m i t h «mi 'nil. r i w l n . l e f t Tnesdav nleh' f'r t h " east. Mr Mrrlh woei» on the huMness of the r n m M n i t l o n K o u n l ^ i i n r o n i p a n j . f o r I ' l It i i - i e ' M t ..... '· ' n n i t i ' t i l n i r i -il. I I - . « I- n '·. , r I I , . U'T i t - h Tl . t n 1' li i f T tnMI of ' ""^ -l! B I M I I I I T I N . I' 1 "'' n |. ,i · |. ,. , |, K r . i i - i ] Itl ' 11 Inc, ,, 1 1 1 1 j i « - h . " i - h n 1" " l ' i " r . .. M i ' i n l t i k . on. 01 m r . r e i ' . I n k " I , , l " \ , c u t · . rr · · In ' " t"« n M t. 1,1 i n n n . ...irn. t r i p « 'm u . u i M U K ' t" ' In I" · i ' l . . n " r mi "1 p i r t \ M , n , ·, ... u r. n ., * w I I he i r , ,, . ,| . . 1 ,1.. ir t'' m i t - It .., -1 , I I . Ml ' I I Ir · · 'It w h i c h h e I B Roncm! n g e n t In t h e east- e r n t f r i ' t n n Mri P m i t h w i l l t i u f l w i t h h i m i l l w l n t r i V J I n l n M n l t l i Ifc »-'.in*: r u t o n hi*- i . i . n t l n n Ho w i l l r-- t i i r n i n t h e f u l l t o E n i k n or.|l-i. r e. n t i - r e h- m i p r o f r s a n r of mus.lf T 1 PV « l l l I T I t \ m l t h r " n ~ h t h e e i ' . i n ·tfiti · Mr n ml M r « S m i t h nine been m i l - !ns t h e i r home In O k n h o m a flti.. b u t export to loLiite e l s e w h e r e . Thev h i \ e h--n \ l H i l | . t n l i ' i if ne o f M = r i i h I."". I s i t r t h r i o a r t u o . her' 1 Mrlnl Content llelil lit M"i'»n. R a l j t h '-^ites w . i r ,n irded tho £ I T ?r i n t n 1 I.A^ ^ o n l i ' - t « h - n .it M l - r n n T'K l i \ f \ P l i l n s ; imiler til- i n s pi,-, ,,f ( h - \!l n « '' T r I'h" t ' m p e r n m e r|. in l u s t r a t i o n ph en b\ the b., i « is gr"ot!\ F.pvi e u l a t , ,1 Tin- T«ni!|. p i n l n'lle q n n i t r t f u r n N h ' ^ i l tlu 1 m n s l r T h e e n t i r e proErrim tv-i^ s n r h n c u r r - ^ ' [ h i t It 11 ns i cqiioMort to l l a ^ p I t repe-ii.,1 the last of thi- neck. M i - L : i l l e L o r t n c - r \ a n " ^ a s In . b i - e of iie. c n n t c h t , anl the J u d g e s v . i . M i « f n i d l l Miss M , t ] l l e \ n r t e r f o n of Mi^on ana Mrs M'Ml D ^ ^ l s of Pc, Mm M I P K i a r s w i l l C o n d u c t a vouns; n o m e . , v r o n t ' s t at B"\\" F r n l r l ' n e \ t F r l d i v e v e n i n g it win c o n t a i n general offices occupied LOCAL PASTORS AT SPRINGFIELD RCT. AMIIlain He3-ne nnd He». Theodore Lolirmnnn at Hoipltal Donrd. Km V U l l l i m H e n e and Rev T h e o - dore I o h r m n n n were in Springfield T i i e « l i \ t o a t t e n d t h e m e e t i n g o f t h e S n i n i - f i e l d h o s p i t a l bo.ird At this m e r l i n s t " " hoard took care of the nonrts ira to he floated for Ihe I 11 r ml o t h , Thr t" i b o u t n n o it r i i u b h u o k . general manager, dsln. general supei I n t e n d e n t , o f t i r c r s ,lue company has been con- bid on the c o n t r a c t for N. H. WELSH IS NAMED DELEGATE : H Welsh was appointed delegate to the annual conference of the United B i e t h r e n church, to be held In Bloom- Ington In September, at the q u a r t e r l y conference of tho First U n i t e d Brethren church Tuesday n i g h t . The alternate is A. F Pmkston The q u a r - terly meeting w a s presided over by by V. W. 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