The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1945 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1945
Page 2
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PAGg TWO — Italian "Maquis" Fight in Alpine Snows {Frances Halbe) THE MUSIC HAD TO BB A very big whtstle came dowa my road, And In behindiit a small boy strode. • •/ It was morning and all blue sky And aewdropa.sflre—and that was why. , So slender beginning to such a force, Ho huge a sound, so small a source I Even the robins In mid-hop Oiew round-pyed and had to stop. livu ^^uliTels had to cease their laugnter— Wide music, then a boy long after! I think the music had to be. And took the first thing it oould see. It saw two leg^and two go^d^^ Ahd leaped on-^i boy not half it» size. Vigor outside us cannot wait Pjir ihe coming of the great. • iMaybe only a sparrow is round When it decides to be a sound. « Itt has to catch rides as it can, Eren iipon one-third of a man! • —Robert P. Tristram CofOn. C^lisle-Anderson •Miss Mary Carlisle, daughter of ...Jis. ^auan Cai lisle of Dallas, Tex- a^.u ijnsign Jack Anderson, son <ji and ivirs. A. W. Anderson of Idla, Kansas, were united in marriage at the Naval Air Base chapel atj Jacksonville, •: Florida, at nine o'clock Friday evening, Januai^ 19. The Presbyterian chaplain read the single ring ceremony. The bride's suit was of gray wool crepe. She wore black and white aijcessories and. a white orchid cordage. ivlrs. E. M. Bailey was the bride's •c.-y aL.endaut and Ensign J. F. ^.J .L.., uuicu ao best man. .outiis at tne wedQliig were mem- beis of Ensign Anderson's flight rroup: Lt. and Mrs. Dick Crenshaw, iJii.. ^. u. baack. Ens. O. O. Buck, Ens. William Isellng and Ens. E. M. B&iley. (After the ceremony a reception was held for the bridal party at the Patio Room in the Hotel Roosevelt. Mrs. Anderson attended tola Jun- ioir high school in lola before moving with her mother to Dallas, Tex. She was graduated from the Highland Park high school at Dallas and a( the time of her marriage was a "wi''' I' tilt; ! e .^.ai S .atL college CALENDAR FOB THE WEEK | THURSDAY The American Legion Auxiliary meets with the post members at 7 p. m. for a covered dish sup- super. Bring covered dish, sandwiches, and own table service. FRIDAY Past Matrons will meet with Miss Viola Dalgamo, 202 North Elm, at 7:30 p. m. Loyal Leaders of the Christian church will meet at 2:15 p. m. with Mrs. Dave Long, 209 S. Sycar more. The regular meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary has been postponed one week. Initiation of new members will be held Friday, February 2, at 7:30 p. m. Evenini: Bridf^ Group Plays Tuesday Night Mrs. N. J. Brigham and Mrs. Alfred Nash were hostesses Tuesday evening when the evening bridge group met at the Country club. Prizes were won by Mrs. John McNally and Tom Waugh. Present were Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Brigham, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Nash, Mr. and Mrs. John McNally, Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Mann, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Waugh, and Mrs. J. M. Powell. « •> • Win Mow Class Has Dinner Meeting The Win More class of the Christian church had a covered dish dinner Tuesday fevening In the banquet room of the Masonic Temple, with almost fifty members present. Mr. i and Mrs. G. E. Hartrick and Mr. j and Mrs. Arthur Whittaker became new members. j The following officers were installed for the comin? year: President, Mrs. V. J. Evans: vi ;.c p: evident, Mrs. Helen McAdoo: .secretary. Miss Pearl Elliott; treasurer, Mrs. ' Nettie Richardson. '• i An auction sale followed the business session and the proceeds will be adtled to the building fund. Marsh accompaziied the team to Mildred. LaHarpis and Unlontown tangle at LaHarpe. Friday night. The LaHarpe'town team will play near lola to visit Edna Lakery,%ho 1 Mexico. Mrs .SMdS_ ^ staying with a^.l^re tmitU Glen* sister, Mr* ; here from Nevii Stapleton LAHARPE, Jan. A correction of items January '23. Mr. George Teague returned from Kansas City last Monday evenliig. Mrs. Teague is in the Bethany hospital where she underwent surgery, and Mr. Tcacuc reports her condition improving. • Mi.'^s Edith Dunterton returned to her home in DunkSrton. Iowa, Wsd- necda". She came tp visit her brother, E. W. Dunkertojfi and Mrs. Dunkerton Tuesday from Port Scott. Miss Dunkerton visited her sister i in Port Scott befoi:e coming to La­ Harpe. i Mr. and Mr.s. Wliiis Kerr of Paola, Mr. and Mrs. O. Dv^Hartley of Tola, and Miss Effie Stevenson were dinner quests of Mr.:.8.nd Mrs. Frank: Stevenson WednesSay evening. Mr. I and Mrs. Kerr relumed to Paola Thursday. The question for 4i -scussion at the Sunday night services at the Baptist church is, '-WHat material in- orpase did Job s-et out of his tribu- biion?" You .'.re..- invited. Stmday i school at 10 o'clocR.; Preaching serv- icp.s 11 o'clock. : Mrs. Lois Holir^s who has been in Kansas Citv th* past week, came to Gamet'c last Saturday and visited her broiher-in-law Mr. Frances Holme.s and Mrs. Holmes, coming on home last Sunda^.' The LaHarpe P;;nthers scored another success in'.'their game with Kincaid Tuesday", night. The La­ Harpe second team was defeated, but olnyed a good- game. The La­ Harpe grade school, under ihe coaching of Charles Marsh, a senior, plaved the .Mildred grade team at Mildred Wediiesdav , afternoon, and W.1S defeated: 'Mrs. Leake, seventh and eighth gr>.de teacher, Mrs. Crogan and son -BUUe ahd Charles Mildred towni team on Friday night lUs returns, also. Come oUt and enjoy a.lot of Miss Edith Stapleton has been ill.- basketball. Community hall. the past week at the home of her Raymona Funston. S 2-c, a for- mother, Mrs. Leah Stapleton. mer resident of LaHarpe who is stationed at a camp in Florida, re-; Dashlell Hammett, .\merlcau turned there Thursday after a fur-. founder of the "hardboiled school- lough spent here. of detective fiction, was a Plnkertou Miss Glennis Truster who is stay- ! detective for eight years, and worked ing with Mrs. Truman Moore and on the Nicky Amsteln and "Fatty" attending school, went to her home Arbuckle cases. You Can Usually Find It At Though little-publicized, Italian "maquis" have been fighting Fascists since 1927, and now are carrying on bitter guerrilla warfare against Germans and pro-Nazi Italians amid tlie snow-and-ice-covered peaks of the French-Italian Alps. At top, left, a color bearer and companions take time out for a smoke; top, right, a comely woman school teacher, who fights beside her husband above the Little St. Bernard pass. Bottom, knee-deep in snow, pi column of the partisans struggles up a mountain slope. McAdoo and Mrs. Nettie Richard son were the f ,5clal committee in charge of the games and entertainment during the remainder of the evening. « • • Mrs. Dreher Entertains Rock Creek Club UNFORGETTABLE Los Angeles. Jan, 24. ( APJ —Tho two sons of Guardsman William "Ivan Romero .should bo good in American liistory. At least there's BY ROBERT GEIGER as 15 hours oyer the vast, unfriend- one date they'll always remember— Saipan. (AP).—Of the hundreds !ypacific oco.nn._ _ _ .• _^ j Pearl Harbor day. So^r M ^r^'ettirRic?a1^:) ^ost of B'29 Crcwmen Who Bomb Tokyo Never Have Seen City of American B-29 Superfortress M'-s. Knmer Dfher WT ho'te'^s crewmen who have bombed Japan. or William Arthur Ftomero was born ''^''n''jack Anderson received '"^^ ^^^^ ^ handful have seen Tokyo 1-1^ education iri the lola schools, i ^f?,^!?^'*^^^"''i^.?^.5!^i?L^L-?7 ether parts of the island empire, ing the trip.: This inforrnation Once backr.'xt the home base, they art aue.stionec! thoroughly by Intel- . „ . ^ , i'tn':? officer* -.vho cet every ounce , December 7, 1943. a,nd Martm Lynn of infoi-mation from them concern- i Romero Depember 1944. li' ju..ior college to take part .ii iiiL- v '-j pro^iam of the U. S. N. R., and received his wings at Corpus Chiisti .Texas, on September 27, - 19! r. Lil-U...*....-. V^o** t.i4a Ivlii. AliUCi- son will go \,o Ensign Anderson's new assignment at San Diego, Calif. * • • Sorosis Club Meets With Mrs. Stroup \ 'Mrs. A. R. Stroup was hostess to Sbrosis club Tuesday afternoon in her home at 814 East street. "Information Please," a geograph- meetin?. The dav was spent work• nrr on the club quilt. Few care if they ever see the place. More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Hero is a pleasant way to over- rome loose plate -discomfort. FAS TEETH, an improved powder 'fpvinkled on upper and'lower platc" holds them fhnicriso thrit they fee) more comfortabSi." No gumrriy •'. .-,ryv, \y:. \\ t ;istt< or feelin?. It'; :ill-:alinc nym-ivirfi. Does not .--our Clierl'j; •'1)1 .11 e nrlov" (denture breath). Get FAgTEETH today a' any drUK store. for guidance -in later raids. Supp?r is Rer \'ed and it usiially Is midni';ht before the boys get back to their Quon-set huts. The bombins villae.e is located on a .'=mall poi-tio>i of Saipan, an i-land ' 15 miles long' by four wide,"at its Dickerson, Mrs.-'I^linar Call and I,^^The army announced Monday widest. • .. Mrs Leroy Searcy Guests for the Captam Darden and his crew ; The tent anci Quonset hut city day were Mrs. Hamilton, Miss Bab- ^^^^^^ return from an attack on was constructed in about three Present were Mrs. Pauline Claus. 'O'^ '^'^1''^^ Tokyo, we Mrs. Averv Wilmoth and Mary Ag- '"^^ "i^^^/^^ outskirts of the ci.v. nes, Mrs.Lowman. Mrs. Alta Ling, Capt: Jim Darden of Guymon M-, - \--y,- r- —° Okla., whose plane was the first '^V. . '."',". • '. ' ,^ ., . Mill.-' thw' Doolit lo itiiie to cu-oi; Strickler, Mrs. Ed Clark, Mrs. Glen'',''^^^s on Tokyo proper. cock, Mr. Lowman and Mr Claus ' Nagoya, December 12. No details nicnths. Most ol the land was cov- The February meeting will be witli ^'^'"^ given as to the fate of the ered by sugar I'ane when the Ameri- Mrs Vera Cames iplane and its historic crew.) leans moved in. I "Clouds had closed in on the city ; = DISABLED we had to bomb by precisio;-i; Many native families now are Tulsa Okln. Tnn fAP^ | li.'.struments," he says. i housed in a central camp and con- 1 leal quiz piogram, was presented by p-nnk Tompr TT R IVTW.: "'^^'^ nearly always cloudy over the tiniie to farm portions of the island.! Mrs r. A SwiPPPtf. anH Mi<K Vinial^™"^ james 11, 01 liiacK bprings. Mrs. C. A. Swiggett and Miss Viola Dalgamo. Mrs. J. O. Allen gave a paper on "Minds and Maimers of - Animals." Ark., can't enter the checker tour- :nament next week. James explained: A tree fell on me and injured an bombing targets, but even if :t | A few native women take in washing j weren't, the bomb crews don't have from the soldipis, but the flyers do time to sight see. They are too busy . of-their housekeeping chores. manipulating instruments and fir- During the business session the ^id hurt. I thought I could make it, ing weapons at the Japanese fi^ht- members voted five dollars to the In- . • fantlle paralysis fund. Present were Mrs. J .O. Allen, Mrs. anyway, maybe, but a horse hurt me ers. "Each outfit 'ha.s its own tent or outdoor movie; The flyers play baseball, touch football or swim. Many f;row flowers "and vegetables as a again trymg' to'throw mc and I'was ' "^onilng in on that first bombing, told not to do anythhig to hurt Thanksgiving day. we had a beauti-; hobbv. W^!! ace Anderson, Mrs. B. M. Cou-.myself again, but unfortunately did" ^i^w of Fuji San (Fujiyama)! All Japanese, soldiers haven't been tiT, iU - Viola Dalgamo, Dr. Llicy which is 46 miles from Tokyo and rlf-ared from the island. On a recent! Hull, :«:rs. N. C. Kerr, Mrs. D. B. Mccarty, Mrs. G. E. Mahoney, Mrs. D. P. Northrup, Mrs. Guy Pees, Mrs. C. E. Russell, Mrs. Roy Sanden, • congress in 1903! Mrs. George Sljerwood, Mrs. C. A. Swiggett, Mrs. A. R. Stroup, Mrs. The General Education Board, ^ perfect volcanic crater covered inopup, more than 200 who had been which does most of its work lii with snow. That's about all we saw hidint in cavefe were taken prisoner southern states, was incorporated by °^ Japan. Even that glimpse wasn't' or killed. ~ la teaser to make me want to come ' I back after the war and see the rest veal, of the country. After the war. I A tin-plated canister of Frank Taylor, Mrs. B. E. Thoipp- ! packed in 1824, was opened In Eng- want to get back to Guymon, even | son, Mrs. Clyde Thompson, Mrs. J. land in 1938, and the contents found if it| is dust bowl country in some A. Watson, Mrs. O. L. Garllnghouse, to be edible. Mrs. A. D. Gordon, Mrs. J. P. Kohler and Mrs. W. E. Lyons. Refreshments were served by the hostess. German officials estimated the population of Paris and suburbs during the occupation as 4,617,579. Wild Creature HORIZONTAL 61 On the shelt- 1 Pictured ered side beast 5 Arabian gulf 9 Skin opening 13 Great Lake 14 Roam 15 Dry 18 Black bird , 18 Decigram 19 Herb 20 Compass point ^ GixVz toy 21 Shouted 'Bad 22 Siamese : 8 Symbol ior measure i "eon 23RaiL:oad (ab.) »Kitchen 25 Negative j utensil 26 Sluggish 10 Prayer stream 11 Get up 29 Window ] arts 12 Paradise 32 Any 17Nevi^York 33 We ! (ab.) 34 Heart (E|ypt) 35 Knight o the Elephant (ab.) 36 Doctor's f assistant; 38 Stellar bidy 40 Whlrlwinb 41 Soul (Egfet) 42 Male swan Mitis a wid 62 Angers VERTICAL 1 Existed 2 Algerian clfy 3 Characteristic dreaa 4 Charge for 19^ Paid notice services 24 Waken 5 Area measure 25 Rich man 26 Prohibit Answer to Inrariona Paade r=ii=«(=) - iijirit^n: • 'i>aiii»i - WI^IHM;:.. lillsl lallllMW - Id&lMI -im III ••JIM r^l'^i>]l^l>] IrdrjnM:-'.* liiil'i*" "^^HEiraiS] renHBiraMraiBiiffara 44 One (Scot.) 45 Image 46 Horse's nec' hair 27 God of the sky 47 Behold! 28 Employ 29 Moccasin 30Piece out- 31 Harden 3 'r Sinewy 39 Subjugate 42 Fish 43 Musical Instrument 1 I 4 13 lb V> ^1 49 Head (Fr.) 50 War god 52 Observe 55 Threefold (comb, form) 57 Symbol for tantalum 58 Selenium (symbol) : 7 H 10 II 12. 18 1 2S 48 Station (^b.) 51 Invectiv^ 53;Ambary' | .';4 "Rlammal • 56 Flower , 57 Units of | TvejVht 1 59::et"vvr".'k (anrr.'- 60Nicki >ame for Peter U years, and enjoy life." A change of weather accorded Jim's crew the distinction of being the first .since Doolittlc lo bomb Tokyo proper. ^ A raid requires about 22 hours of work, study and concentration. "It takes about a day or two to get rested," Darden said. "Even then, a man doesn't feel comiileUly recovered." On the morning of a raid day. the crews get up about 5:30 a. m. ^ and attend a briefinf; when all do- j everywhere, tails are explained. They have break-' fast and then prepare for the takeoffs, which are timed to the second. They may be In the air as long Were Stomach Ulcer Pains Napolecii's Waterloo? The" great "Napoleon who con- nuered nation!* was himself a victim of after-eating pains. Those who are distressed with stomach or ulcer pains.,itjdigestion, gas pains, heartburn, burning sensation, bloat and other corRlitions cau.sed by excess acid .shoHld try Udga. Get a 25c box of Ud^a Tablets from your druggist. Flrst«i'dose must convince or return box to us and get DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK. At COOK; SEY'S DRUG, and drug stores You Can Usually Find Ft At KNITTED $ 1.98 —WELL MADE —FULL CUT —TEA ROSE —RUN PROOF Size.s 32 to 40 lO TO 2d WEEKS TO PAY JUST RECEIVED RAYON AND COTTON, DRAPERY Shop here for the drapes you will want to make your home prettier this spring—We are headquarter.s for •'Super" fabrics for drapes. $1.98 Yd. PLBNTY OF COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM 3Ac EOMISTON WAY lO TO 20 WEEKS Td PAY OUT OUR WAY Stricken i Dixie Lee, above, wife of crooner Bing Crosbv. was hospitalized in an o.xygen tent in Hollywood, following collapse in her Hollywood home from "a respiratory infection." A former film actress, • she is the mother of four sons. qy J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE f VES ,rMPl ^(E,TUtRAsDlO 1^^;^^ AUOVJ ME TO COMEOlANi, CARGE, ANJD NW ti^ BROADCAST BESlNic, ^ 15 : MiMUTEe/— X HAVE To VOQRK, I'^A TOO NiERV/OU'E, TO STE/^L AMD X UOPE /VVW STORV iG A6 CLEAR AS AAUD SO IT'LL COvj&RTt4E (SROL)l\iO »^VLiv4-KW0K/ lMTERRUPT ,6ERGEAfviT.' }^ DID X TELLVGU ^ AM OLD 6COTLAMD ' ^'^ VARD GLEOTM? DID YOO EVER. HEAR KOSM L UMRAV£LED \ TUE AV.\MNi^TER V ' POieONidAeEjy

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