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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Sunday, July 3, 1859
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T H E VOLUME XL MILWAUKEE, SUNDAY MORNINQi JULY 3, 1859. K.UMBHR'237 '.4 THE DAILY NEWS. PtiEUSBZD BT SHAKPSTEIN & L.ATHKOP. I.E. flSlBPHim!. Dtlly Paper, published tray tnorntog, except Jtondfty TEEMS OF DAILY PAPER. pally piper lor one year, payable In advance,.. ,tT,QQ TEEMS OP TEIjWEEKtY PAPBK. Tri-Weekly Paper for one ycar,paj-ab!e TERMS OP THE WEEKI/F PAPER. JFeekly Piper forone year, payable in adrerice:,! 1,00 •«ATJES Or ADVERTISING IN DAILT Ten lin«a, or leas, of Konparep makes square. I square, 1 day..,.. I do. S'days 1 do. S4ajr& .. 1 da. 4dsy« ... 1 do. 5 dare:... 1 do. 1 «•««:.. . 1 do. SVeeis,,. 1 do. 8TT-.ks... 2,00 £,60 8,00 8,60 4,00 5,00 1 square, 1 month,. . 1 do. 2 months.. 10,00 1 0.0, -Smooths.. 12,0 1° do. 4mbnths.^lB,e 1 do ; . flmonthe.. 16,00 1 do. 9 nu>nth»» 20,00 1 do. lyemr.... Rounds & ACEWTS, IB5 Randdlpb Street, art auOMTiud'to receive Advertisement* for iMe anil ail ft« Leading Papers cfihf ^orOaoeit, and are Iht OELT an-dsi- vtosrrwr vaStorteed Agenls in (t,f _J?orfhtoetlfor'.*a majority nfOaai. mtr4 IN TOWN AND OUT , OP IT. MARK M. POMEROY, !tf ctcorologlcal Record, for Jnly 1, '59 VepttyO. H.BAEDINEE* CO., Drnggista, It tiprlng street. TEESHOUETEB. 6 *.ii. Sf:n. 88<>B ' For Teltgraph and Oommercial'maUer* tft Fourth Page. Newhall House wants waiters.— See notice elsewhere. , 1®* IKSAXE —There are at present five lunatics confined in tbe jail at Mineral Point. j&F DEDICATION.—The new -tTnlversalist Chnrcb, at Stongnton, in this State, was dedicated, with appropriate~servioe8,pn Wednesday last. :. : '.'• .'•.' ; .''•" •'.;•;;' - V .V . .;•' £S" The Weyawega Herald inserts our pros-' pectus, with a few laughable typographical errors. The idea that the Vews is democratic, isagpocUpne. \- Harry Bingham has invented a flew beverage for the Fourth. We can't jtate what it is, but we warrant there will be a rush for Bingham's — -— — , all day Monday, and longa'fter- . » ' CAK'I WORE os THE FptrsrH.— Owing to the pressure of patriotism, the employees of .this office have concluded to let the editors celebrate on Monday, Therefore, no paper will be issued from this office till Wednesday morning. . •--"' •" '•• •'-... '.]-• ' ' ".-' - - Pawn has withdr«»»-fr— ^e^Ottorlal corps of jjM'XSinoinnati JSnyuirer x and it is stated that A. D. Banks, late editor in Virginia, will take the editorial helm of the Enquirer. W. E. Tunis & Co., have just received the Uteet number of the Illastiated Condon Sews, it is, throughout, a beautiful tiumbar, end contains additional fnteRigsno* of 'the European War.;' : '.;..-. —Mut*ipon. haa made arrangements to provide good thinjfs, such as loe cream, strawberries, snd other eytfejes o f luxury, for about fonr thousand pe«~pi ej to-morrow. The 4th wfll find Murison r£^a y to bring forth all a crowd ca& ask for. yon an Vant to eee the great Swiss Bell BJngers on th^ Foirth of Jnly, go to Al bany Hall. The 000^^3 commence 11 o'clock, 3 o'clock, and 8 o'c/iock. Tickets 10 All who attend the.^ renin g conccrt & chance to see th<, great fire works. e.— It has just been disoov 'eVed that ginseng dug in the Spring and Summer is good for nothing. The Fall Is the only .season when tbe root is possessed of sufficient medicinal virtue to make It an article of value. Several people about St. Paul have got "Booked in" by their Spring ojjeratioDs. CiEouMSTAjriiAL.—A man nataed Griffith hs£ just been released from-the New York-State Prison, where he was under sentence ten years for robbery and murder, it having just come out that be is innocent.; The real villian, is a man named Gordon, lately attested for burglary, when his conscience made him confess. f OOETH OS JTOT AI THB NsWHAlt HOUSS, —The proprietors of the Newhall House are preparing for a grand pnblio banquet on the •4th of Jaly, and in order to accommodate all, extend the time from 2 to 5 p. m K«l has been as busy es a nest of bees for several day*, hunting up tbe clioic it edibles—the finest strawberries—the choicest meats and fish—the beat of frnits, etc., till there will be a supply for all. A dinner at the Kewhall^by all means. ( At a meeting of the Trustees of the .Mutual Life Insurance Company, of the State of Wisconsin on Tuesday last, the following gan- tlernen were re-elected oJBcers of the Company tor the ensuing year: S. S. Daggett,President; Dr. E B. Wolcott, Viee President; 0. D. Nash, Treasurer; *nd A. W. Kellogg, Secretary.— Messn. H. L. Palmer, James Bofinell, and Obarl-s P. Ilsey, were also elected as Executive Committee. Under the abors manage- •nwnt the public will Tisve perfect 'confidence in tee safety and success of this new bntal- reafly prosperous and cherished institution of our State. To LIGHT DKIJTKBBB.—Some folks are ao^ponstitnted that they cannot drink anything ardent, stronger than cold tea, sweet milk, boiled water, slow melted ioe, strained buttermilk, or something of the kind. To Bneh, as wtll as others, we wonld say that- West Blfot, at the "Golden ^ate," has all the ingredient* for julepi, or whatever yon wish, 'j^ to lemonades, he makes them BO palatable that if w« were«very young Infant we should, "by all c, insist upon being weaned-on them. -Th« Madison Patriot', of the letlnst.', say* tTiot yesterday, Mr. Webb, of St. Louis, and Kr. Chatfield, of Cincinnati, disposed of their entire interost in and to the office—it* books, ftcdonnte, Ac., to Ear-, ^Eeed, Esq.., of tlieState Ji>«r»iiZ—that pUem»n assuming to pay the'claims-of ibpae Sfc sell 'thi whole or part of the Argttt % to suit purchasers, while the. Wtteti ' feo;,will remain In tashimdiW M "" The Post-Offloe will be opened onMon day. Jnly 4th, from 8 to 9 A. -M., and 2 to 8 3 v- >• J B. DDNI.AP, for f. it. The Band Wagon accompanying Eh procession of the Knights of the Golden Crog is a magnificent one, and will be 4rawn b; eight large cream colored mules, driven b; Mona Blondin, the rope walker, who graphed last night that he wonld behere, with out fail. The field piece is a fine 64 pounder It was brought over on the Cleveland, from Detroit, to whioh jdace it will DP returned ttf ter the Fourth. tjne & Montgomery will open the Market Hall Theatre on Monday night, wife a atook company. The theatre ha* lately be&» overhauled and remoddled, till it Is very convenient and pleasant, and as Young's Hal is in ruins, ira look to see It well filled. Prom a list of the performances, We have no best tancy in saying the acting will be above the average; MOBE ^ovEtTrsa.—The Knights o the Golden Cross, dressed in their fanoifulVr ray, will take op their line of march from tho Sewhall, on the 4th, at about half-past one ii the afternoon. Tneir performances, oration review, presentation of colors, parade, etc., will be one of the most prominent features ol tbe day. Each Knight is to bt mounted on a fine horse, and tha number, about one hun dred, will make the display a unique one The 4th will be celebrated iu Milwaukee, right up to the handle J@-ALBAiiT EESIAUKAST—DicfcinsioQ has been re-painting, re-papering, re-paJring, and "rejuvenating" his popular place, corner of Main and Michigan streets, till everything aa nice as the parlor a girl wonld invite her lover in, of a Sunday night. As usual, "Th'e Albany" will hereafter be well stocked wito all the delicacies of the season, from the leg of a frog to a be«f steak, or from the brook trout of Minnesota to the fresh cod from vi down east. If any man in Wisconsin knows bo-w to get up things in style, Dickinson is just the man. S^DBSCENT TJJ?O» i HOUSE OF IU- The.police made.a descent .upon a house o the above description in the Third Ward, Frj day night, and they were disposed, of yester day as follows: Chas. Stewart, keeping a disorderly house," fined §25; Eliza^Stewart, keeping disorderly house, $25j James Williams, inmate, fined $10 ; I. J. Tracy, inmate, fined $10; Susan Holy, inmate, fined $10, Clarissa Bnrnet, inmate, fined $10; Elizabeth Baker!, disorderly, fined $1. MttWAUKBE ClTT DEAOOOlfS.-r--We understand that the above named 'company will not be-ready to turn "out in accordance with Col. King's order, in aa good shape as they wonld like, on the 4th of Jnly. It appears that they 'have ordered an elegant uniform, the cloth for which, they were obliged to send to Germany for.. It did not, arrive in time to have all their uniformAjnado.'-" .*^-"-**? 1 *™^ uniforms, xdll apj. >ear in citizens' dress. Capt. George and Lieut, {nnnemacber express great regret that th«; are not prepared fully, but feel desirous of making as good an appearance as they can under the circumstances. So if they do notfnlly meet the expectations of our citizen's, they beg .o be excused for this time atleul.; GOOJD PL ACS roaSsAKES.—Bridge, man, the condactor, has jast returned from • trout fish" in Minnesota, looking about the face, like s garden full of oaoomber hills, from mosquito bites. He killed a Urge rattle snake, one day, and after that, began to look to hi* steps. Meeting an old man, a few minutes after, hoeing corn in a field, he asked him if rattle snakes were very plenty about there. Tbe old man looked ap, hit tbe back of his joe against & stone, and said—"oh uo, there are but few here this year. / haMt Jcillta 'na seven yet ihi* morning, but last year they were plenty." To prove it, the old fellow showed Bridge., tbe rattles from seven lusty fellows, fresh taken from the tail of the scaly chaps. We know of one man who bid the snake killer good morning, and made tracks for Wisconsin, but we shall not say who that man was 1 Jg-MuKICIPAL COTJET—HtsHoHOt, JrjBQB FOOTE, PRESIDISO—Saturday, July 2.—Eliia- >etfa Baker, disorderly, fined $1 and costs. J?rancb Tanning, assault and battery, dismissed on payment of cottn, amounting to $3,43. Chas. Stuart and Eliza Stuart, keeping house of ill feme, fined each $25 and costs. James'Williams, 3. Tracy, Catharine Conors, .Susan Holly and Elizabeth' Burnett, in mates of house of prostitution, each fined $10 and costs. All paid except Catharine. Marshal Clark, disorderly, fined $C and costs. John Connor, disorderly, fined $5 and coate. MnrO'Hary, " " $3 " David Connor, " ' " $6 •' J.B, Williams, " •' " discharged, David Mitchell. *' ' " |gS~ Married in this village, this evening, by he Rev, A. Gardner, Mr. Geo. M. West, aged TO to Miss Eliza Creamer, aged 17. The venerable sire had suffered an Interreg. nnm of married life just 62days.— Wtyauwga Herald. ' ., W6 beg leave to enquire what right the Herald lias to drag Mr. West into the papers In this style. If he is terenty-nint years old, f his wife is but seventeen, and he burled » 'ormer wife but fifty iwo • days.' since, It is Mr. •West's own business. To be sure, U look» ike' harrying matters, but perhaps the parties lad reasons for haste. At all events we object to getting him in the papers. ax SONS OP MAMA .—The Milwaukee Macs take* us to task for saying that tbe Sons of .Malta are a " convivial" net, and like prao- ical jokes. It seriously assures Us that they are devoted to good works, taking care of tho widow* and orphans,-etc. But it won't do, fr. Pomeroy, .either one of the " Sons" has teen tilling yon most onlrageonely, or yon are trying the old game on us; In either case t won't do, taieed.—• Boekford ffeiet. I Hn.'Croley, the editor of the Bockford , is acting very wrong fn thus endeavor- ngtoca»ta*tigmaon -this illnstrious order. She evidently - bos * tie ver meV & •' good oondl Uoned" member, or'she would not pronounce t a humbug,«.weak institution, and all that. We have no doubt she meant well, but with he little informaeonihe ha* ofthem, she had better 6lo»np her controversy, tlU she has ««en tb.e,8on*«t«ome ol,their,work—seen the ease, they fire ' ' Another Fire' at OibkoilL. ' * "* - OSHKOSBT, July 2,1859. To ttis Editor of tRc yew* f Oar citizens wer? again startled lay an alarm this moratug of jmother rlaitttlon of Ui*t dread enemy, which but a few weeks since'laid (n rains the business part J of onr city. About 8 o'olortk this morning, a fire broke out in the Osbhoeh planing mill of Messrs Morgan, Watson & Jone8 ; entirely oonsujiing It and gfi dwelling houses, ote of which was the Episcopal parsonage; the others mostly ton- nant houses. The loss «an not r be less than ten thousand dollars. $here waa an. insurance upon the mill of two thousand dollars, five hundred of which is 'good for nothing.— The mill conld not hare cost originally less than dght thousand dollars, and there was considerable lumber" in' and about U, which was also consumed. \ j Tffpoh the parsonage there was $600 insurance, which will quite cover the loss, but very little or no insurance npon the other dwellings. The nrjok dwelling of Mr. Blake canght fira in a wing, which was builtof wood, entirely destroying the wing.bnt, through the efforts of the firemen, the main part of tho house was saved. He had an insurance of $"0(1, which will not coyer one-third lua load. At the time tbe alarm Waa gtren the wind was blowing very strong from Iho south-west, and there was erery appearance of a repctUiota of the disaster of the 10th of May, for tbe buildings were quite close together in toavlcinlty of the .fire. Directlyin the path of the flames stood.tho church edi* fie, a of the Episcopal and Congregational so lies, which, at first, all thought must surely go, as the parsonage of the first burned down within some four or five rods of it, with the flames setting almost directly towards it; but fortunately every thing was so damp, from the recent rafns, coupled with •' live or die 1 ' spirit of Our citizens and firemen", that it was finally successfully checked. Had every thing been as dry as it was a few days ago, nothing conld have saved us from a calamity worse than the late one. Yours &o. 1 ,- WINNEBAGO THE EDITORIAL -.COHVE'STION.—We published last week the official account of the proceedings of the editorial convention held in Milwaukee. The social history of the convention would: occupy a much larger space, and we despair of ever doing ia tithe of justice to the very perfect manner in which our Milwaukee neighbors made the fraternity welcome and happy in their beautifully. '• If there is any truth in the charge that the editors did not give eno'ngb attention to the strictly business affairs of the convention}, it may be answered i that the Hilwaukeeana did not give Inetn time to do it. We can bear testimony that, pending motions and resolutions, and all that, impatient -horses and long lines of carriages, and srill more Impatient gentlemen waited to escort their country friends to see the institutions and the sights of the city. Mayor Page, the eily editors, and many of the prominent men of Milwaukee, seemed to be omnipresent and profuse in generosity and courtesy. ' Every guest felt "athome." From the broad entrance of the princely Kewhall- House, even down to the innermost vaults of the lagor beer manufactories; tbe doors were all thrown*wide open ''without.jnnn»»-——•* without DttSB-'.tV=~~—;tr~"~ . ,~ - -mB-nSiito tue public schools was perhaps the most interesting feature of the pocseion.— These aire the pridei tnd well may bfl, of Milwaukee. They are large and bt'antifurbuild- ings, almost colleges in themselves, and the thorough discipline and arrangements in every respect struck most of us In broad contract with whst we havo been used to.seeing In- th^ country. Only two nf thi- schools were visited —those; of the Secoiid stid Seventh WnHs. under the management of principals McKiuu ley a'ndjLarkin. The time did not permit of any recitations in studies,' and the exercises consisted in singing and calisthenics. At Mr. UcKindley'i school, one of the pupils, a boy of about fourteen, addressed the guests in a very neat little welcoming speech, which srat wplied to by; several of the editors. An ezonralon across the lake to Grand Rapids was one of the most notable parts of. the programme. Mr. H 0. Wilson, sgeat of tho Detroit |& Milwaukee line, had charge of the excursion, snd we regret that our lime did pot permit Our seeing in person what .every oho Who went described as a charming trip. It ia i fine route, and must be popular wUh alt Wisconsin and north-west people. Mr. Wilson spared no -efforts ia making every one enjoy C'H.CBUATIOJ* iElgbt?*Xbird Anniversary of , f AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE!! i WILX. 3B CHLSBBATID AX j j MoinJay» My 4th« ^—-^ " j j >r the Calebrstion. \ \ i _—, >*, 1 ! Federal salute at eunrisb, by tha Milwaukee ' (Jttietal military aid, civlo yroceaaion ^it j it> ,0'eloeJr. • ' [ ' ' j Nntiotal salute at li o'rloefc, by Milwaukee Artillery, Uapt i5ade. ^ . i Addresses In Oonrt iloosa Squaro al 11-2 o'clock! The speakers ere Hon. Jonathan E. Arnold) Hon. levi ITnbbell, and, in Germin, Augnslds Krenr. _ , , Beadisgof the^DeolarRtiou of indepeiwlwlc? by J. a, MoKndley. ~ j [ Grand banquet at thy Netrliali House at 4 3d 4th 5th 6th' 7th 8th 9th The Cathedral was visited—the editors being revived by Bishop Henni, Col. John White and others. Many of tbe lager beer establishments, with their immense vaults, were looked into. The Panorama of. tho Arctic Regions, which chanced to be on exhibition at the time, wss free to all. These visits, with tbe excursion, the regular business of the Convention, and tbe "receptions" of many ol the citizens, made the three days busy ones indeed. The visit to Mr. Mitchell's fine place on Spring street hill was one of the occasions long to be remembered. Ice cream,' champagne, coffee, toasts and speeches, and a grand time generally, were the order of the day.— We believe that the editors came away fiom there with the conviction that Mr. Mitchell is one of those rare few who ean "rise from the ranks. 1 ' andocqn!re a princely fortune without a particle of snobbishness. We cannot now undertake even to allude to one half the men in Milwaukee who took pains to make this anniversary a- pleasant one.— We shall take otber^time and opportunity for it—assuring pur friends in that city that not a courteous word or friendly act has been fogot- ten. We can only, Jn general terms, mention the names of Messrs. Sean & Bice of tbe "Newhall,'' Mayor Page, Alexander Mitchell, Sheriff i Lmngirorthy, Mr. H. 0 Wilson, Major Difkengon of the "Albany," Mr. Davis of tho Omnibus Line, Col, John White, the entire corps of,Milwaukee editors who were at home, :Le head and front of which, on tbispccation- was Mr. Pomeroy of the News— all gentlemen who spared no effort in maintaining the part of hosts. We more that they be enrolled among the Wisconsin editors, and be required to meet as all at Green Bay next year. • * A word about the editors themselves. We do not know the precise number presrat, but there were many more than a hundred. Taken as a tody, those who saw' them for the first time were doubtless struck with their youthful appearance—there being very few among them who had even reaohed the prime of life. Wisconsin is * new State, and its many newspapers a» started, not by old veterans, but by recent!graduates from the printing school house. Youth and vivacity (n the editorial *oom «w not fatal objections They dress * 'JlSf'fKlwoanse they cannot dress better. This Is reason enough. ' If the people of the State wonld like it different, let them march op and pay their deluMUenele* On the editors' books. We believe that they comported themselves as gentlemen during the whole,ocoasion. We teard it stated what was lirobahly true, that theJr Were one or two, per. haps three, worse /or dissipation, Amone mow ihan a hnndred young men, from the MS&SSZSP ^°^? n » F 6886 * ° n »» ? ?£**«« f ^PiWitles it was surprfal ng indeed that there were not dozens in Ihat category.- Human flesh is frail, and editors are not Mtnrt.— ffrten Say AtooctAe. Ct any - •- -- - • Chaplains who have just teen appointed totbe army fa Italy, Is the , . n. self Jn the Crimes. In, one action, IB which heleppenea to be by the side of General Can. berYtfah horn, was killed, tinder him.— 'That, reverend sir," said the General, "is an accident without remedy— 1 cannot get yon another horse— so, au revoirj',' But-.Father ii* duty to bs present In ---- -- - -• oat' a^Z.T 1 ,? :Wn f * OM »noa approach, h» ipeS ^rtride ii,-«nd wts conveyed in that nttnnetJnth* midst of the action! where he exwcised .his *aored ministry >y assisting the wonnded and administering rdlriops oontohv. ;ion to the dying. "*.-•.. ' io* Ws wife didj; answered, "Indeed leigfc lj niyariftfftara ihatsha e m wUtnot{ jrhlek fflakea •dfeponsolato bouse'* of wisdom In Grand Regatta on the Milwaukee ftiver'at 5 o'clock p. m 5 i s , " Gran&'display of Fire,Works irt front *>f th4 NowJiali: House at 9 I 9 p. m. . | ' Performance, at 'Albany Hall by the Peak Familyj'at 11 1-2 a. »., 3 p. in : anil 8 p, «nj i Marshal of the Day— Uea. E. B.AVolcottj i Assistant Marshals—.5 , S. FiUmoro, S.jS, Merrill,,Edward O'JfriT.-Capt. D. Georga, and I>. SclntlU. ' s j ' Officer* of tbe Day. ' i JOHN NAZE0, President., lat Wsrd—E.'Townsend,"* Vice 1.2d -' —Geo. Abort, '' " —John Jenuing*, " ' " —G. W. Perrine, ." " —Frauk Conrad, " ; . " —Cicero Comstock," : " —A. Sweet, " " —Geo. Bnrnham, " " —Mathias Human," - " COMMITTBB OF ABBAHOSMEST3. John S Fillmow, S. S. Daggett, Caleb Will, T. H. E»iston, C. Preus?er, John Bosebeck, Edward O'Neil, Philip Best, Dennis Culligan, A. fl v Johnston. ' PEOOEAllMB FOB THE PAT. ° * Federal salute—13 gun* at sunrise. National salute—33 guns At noon. ';."•- i • Parade at 10 o'clock. , OECKa OP THE PKOOBSSIOS. . I 'FireDepartment, Engines drawn by horaea.i •-i'. 1 ' ; j Tbe Turners' Society. , : I ii. City and County Officers. j (Jatholio Total Abstinence Society, j : : ;| Odd Fellows. f : jisonsof Malta, ID Carriages, ..j Revolutionary Soldiers and Eoltiiers of 1812 ; S»v«rith Ward High School, in Carriagea.! ; . ' Orator and Reader. j ; Masons and Druids. i f Express Men. . ' ;) Draymen, mounted. ,1 Butchers, mounted. Major- General Hathaway and Stan". Brigadier-Gen. Best and Stiff. : First Seglment Wisconsin State Militia. On reaching Chestnut street bridge, the procession will halt, and the military take the right. i> : — —---•••. . -•..^-jjrtcwiaou'to lorm on Main itreet, at 1C a'clock precisely. j The line of march will be as follows: : . Down East Water street to the Fifth Ward ; Bp'wtst a^le of river to Chestnut street bridg^; and thence through the Seventh Ward to the Court Ho'nse Squaie, where the procession will IM ilbmis^d, and the oration and other e'xsr d3*«s lake ;pkce at 11 1-2 o'clock. . • E. B. WOLCOTT, Marshal of tha day.; There ^511 be a pio-nic by Engine Co. No. 13, in Vliet'siGrove, Ninth Ward, from 2 tp 6 p IDJ, sn-' :<! i •:•':<: in the ev*ning. | arder of proceedings at the grand Begatta, to take place on the Milwaukee river on the afternoon of the 4th or July—The following boats will be entered for Prhes. at the Bb- gatta, which will tate" place at p o'clock on Moaday p. m. " -, } The Kiunekinick, s splendid clinker built outrigger boat.'buiU by Mr. James, of the city ojf New York. i The Waioma, of the WenonaCJnb, six oars. The Milwaukee, ot the Milwaukee Clni, six oars. '_!•'•.. ... Tho Uieknown, built and owned.hy Mr. Brooks, opr accomplished boat builder, four oars. • ;' The Wlota, of the W«nona Club, four o»ri. Tho Meaomonee, of the Jfilwankoe Club, fon» oara. 1 :] • Besides rt .number of scull boats, two and one pair eSob, built by Mr. Brooks, to compete for;the third pri2e. • ;' '-••-' x The foltdwing will be the order of prizes : For six-soared boats, first prize, $1S/ • For fonivpared boata, second prize, $10. . !ForEvnl|s, two and. one pair, §5, The course will bo.two miles, starting from Walker's Point Bridge, turning aj. stake boaii, near tto olii harbor, and return to tie starting point.';" '.if-; • •' • ' ••'-." ' • 'T.ho judges are to bo .selected imuiediately; before starting, and the benntiful birgeaof thfe Milwankeoand Wenona Clnbs, will be in ati. tendance tr> convey the Judges to their proper positions.! . - . -. Thft rule* and .-/egulations: of tha Eegalta will bfl furnished by the Judges to each crew before starting; «nd.-b». read to them- before s'Urtingon/each raoe. : .."- '. ; .By-orderof the Committee. i ' , ;"-, ..::.. : . " Rc»us KIKO, .-'•'. :';•] '••'•• '•'.; • JOHS THOESBH, ;' ; i : ':~. .'.•;•--; "'..- • ROB'TCHASDLEB. f^-Franklra Steel?, Esq., of St. Fail, ua i tendered tho Sons of Malta the free use of hi gronndj aboat Minoehaba Falls, for camping and other qttzena of that place are tnakifl ; preparations to accommodate excursionists. tOF: Among, tbe firework j<t^e let off in Butfalo oa th<3 fourth, is one^lnsh will rep resent a broad expanse or crinoline^ When first illnminated it will be apangled with du mond», and glorioos in flounces; a liUSe later the decorations frill disappear, and the skel etoo will appear in its gigantio proportions. — Exchange. - 'We have heard that arinoHpS and flre -works lira itudperable companions in Ba&lo. (honld't caromnoh about the bugs' said a thin, pale lodger to his landlady, ''bo the fact is. ma'am, I hafnt" g»t the blood tc sjare. HAEBOB.—-We ara informec by Mr. t>. Head.Chalrnian of the Harbor Com rait tee, under whose direction tho improve ments in the harbor are now being made, tha a channel 11 feet deep has been dredged alotg the north harbor pier. Shis will admit the largest vessels on onr hike. It is found tha very little sand drifts' in between the piers,one hence, when the channel is onca thorough!j deepened, the work will not need to be done over again very soon.' Now, if we can nice our Bockford neighbors, and so complete ou Bailroadto that point, ne may be pretty sun of full warehouses and better times — Kenoiha Teledraph. • IS jBfIBBSOH CopStS.—W<| fiav«t taken-,some pains to ascertain, for our- selyes.what the protpecta are, and from what we have been able to learn upon inquiry and, from personal observation, we conclude that the .general Average is as fair as it ever waa at this season; bf tbe year. Wheat looks first-nita —we meaniepripg wheat-^thotigh there Is this season, as there always has been and always will be in cVery other one^ 'here and there a< piece that io accounted poor. Corn is small, 1 but in tnosi instances look's: finely, and will be! a good crop, there-is .plenty of time yet for. it to mature: and.unless some other calamity! than the onfe with which it has already been; visited, comes along, we shall have no fears for it. Fruit was damaged to a great extent, nndin many localities entirely killed ; bat the destruction is not so general as was at first an- tipipated. It is, of course, too early to predict, 'with any degree of oeitalnty, what oar harvest will'bo, but we certainly see no reason now to h&ve any misgivings about it. What may Intervene between now and then Is hidden in the futuro, but we are satisfied it mast be something 0at of tho niaal current of evenU to make it a^ poor and unprofitable as waa that of laat year, or even the one tbe year before.— Watertoien Dem. > - » j^f «xf baxs,—John i T. Saydam, .Esq., Collector, hands na tbe following list of exports from the port of Gredn Bay. for tbe quarter ending J^neSOth, 1859: r 600 barrels of flour, t •*-" - „ 35,675,000; feet of lumber, ,*.""- • - • fish, ' " . l,61fi -iorcn palls, ". ' , » - j 31f> do ' tubs, ' . * * 280 handles of spokes, * ' ', J ' fi2,926lbe,pf pearl ashes, f 62961bs,J8atlier,^ ,,, '-''•-. • 85,718 IbsTrags, . l ' . ^ 8,8»3 Ibs. maple angwr, -. , ',*_ 2,000 bosefe furs, , T,' H 8,84* Ibs. *3ippery elm. tark, -. , 22 bbls grass seed, > ~ im banal* paper.— QrtetCBty Adv. ' f IH» only necesaarr to grow old, to~ ; be^ «fltt»jnotBlaldntgeiit. Isee no ftoU oonHnW ted thatlhavenot oommitted myielf.— i t —Wp judge from the'constant increase of the : fleet of fishini? smacks in our harbor.that the fishing groondi of this port mnstbe : thd best^on the Lake.— Every few days a strange craft appears, and soon an additional shanty : goes up at som point on the Harbor. We have a pretty fair fleet of our own, bat-then we havu' besides fishermen from Milwaukee, Racine, Waukegan and Chicago, altogether making a, trcmenjtt* fl-et. We understand that all are having capital lock, every trip out yielding a full cargo of trout and white&ah.— Kenotha JTrart. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. TWAlTEBS WANTED. TWELVE extra Talteri vante£ for the Monday din ner, at the Newhall House, for which Jl f& »1IJ b« pal. Jj8, i ,** . KBANArBICE. Fire Depar ment Notice finHE KTerat Fire Oosipialej, comprla'ag the Ullwia JL kte file Dtparunrat, are requested to meet oa il»in itrtet, la front of Ibe Ntwbalt cose, Jaly 4th : at 10-o'cloek A. K., precisely, to participate in tbe Cele : brsUoD. - i - ' :' 153 THOa. H. EY'STOH, Chief Bo;io>er. AUCTION SALE OF JTHMTI HE AND WALL PAPER. W ILL be' aoid at Hood'i Auction. Booia", N o. 4 Fprlcg itreet, on Tuesday morning, July 5th, a 10 o'clock, a gener»r aoortnent of nirir mod le-om hand household furniture; alto aboat 100 roHi assortei ;WalI paptr. ?lie posit!t.'. Talmi c»»h. y3 __^ ~ . ' J. HOOD, Anctlonee/. NOTICE. T Htneit moDtbly meeting'of tbe St. Q^.^.o^ ?lety will be held on tbe elaTentb day of July ne« the. 4J> helag the Celebration of American Indc'pend jyS OHO. 30UTHWELL, See 1 /CHATTEL HIOUTOAGE B T Tirtoe of a certain ehtttel Qortgige'mida by Jollns 0. Beddeni'D, In faror of Imtnael Siner dated the Sl»t day of Uay, 1819. and filed uarsmnt to lav. In the Clerk'* OCBce of the ry frame tnUldlng itandlng on the lo oirned by the helri of Henry Hilgenborg. d'ceased it uted on (ait Water ,trwt, near KStppit «t. In the Flrtt Ward, of Mllvaako, ttn ThttrDiay, the Tih "day of June, 1S50, one Capper Cylinder, one Ircn Siejua Bailer and thre« Copycr Kctt'tJ. JWir»akee,JalyJ,lSa3. ElliNUEL BAtTER, iloitl2..-e. J. HOCD, Auctiopgtr. - . 'jy3 , . NOTICE- S I BES£BYg]TeDotlce,Ui'atI>ball apply to tha Cli cult Conrt of Mllwiittkee Co inly, at the opening QL Court bo the third Mondar of Septrabtr, ISiS. to rv.t-r tne pr;Mr,tfl>t of lotaooe ana t»o, th« north h»If o thre and lot fnor, and.tSa D«rth ih)rty fettof lot five. In bl ck No. flftc.Blx In the Foartb Ward of the City ol MU»aa*ee, to thai the. sane *>-en allercd will corre- «pon4 w!Ui a cert»io plu or labdlTbioa of sil' prenl (e» fill d In tha office of tit £epii:erof peedi of Ml: mtukee Owaty. : Jj?-d3t NOTICE- Crrr C.iwrsoLua'3 Qincs, I ». | Oont«ct Dep»rtaeat, Mllwaniee, Jaly 1,155* T BS foilowlng I» a achrfa's of loti froutla* on Sher man d«t, frrm ftl ftrect to Hubbsrd street, la th<6th Wtrdof theClty of MUwiakte. shtwlcir the anoant which eaclt lot will be bene&tud by plank- Ing and ctrrb'n; the walki and pa-rtc; the mtun, ic cording to plasi of the City .Engineer, aiiessmect u followi: :. In Sherci*n'i Addltl-.i. Eloc'e. t=l. Benefits. Block. Iqi, Eeseau. « i ira#e « i uaW 44 : a 17d.T6 48 2 ITS 63 3T 15 I'Ufia 85 li , 1T6.66 37 10 ' 178.S6 25 16 ITifS 45 1 11866 ' 47 1 •> 166.1S •'. 4S 2 :ir6,ec 4; 2 ica.13 80 15 ^ i;t,C6 * 34 15 163,13 .S3 1C 176,60 34 " 1C 1C9.1S jyl-ast E. L'H. OARWNES, Comptroller. BUTTER. f WODLD call the attention of Families in my«el^c I tlonj o: OH01OK BUTTEK. 1 am dally receiving by Exprew.clolce loU of Batter from the best Dairtea in the SUte, which for quality an4fl»TOTli tm»ar»u»ea. prices always to corns pond with the "market rate*/' and quality warranted Ordtn solicited and aent to all ptrts of the cuy free. • . - - jojjjj -^y. l^DT.^RI), ,. .-'.'" Grocer «rd wine Dealer, 151 Eart Water itreet. St. Louis Sugar Cured Ham«, AM comtantly recelTlng a eupply of these celebra J. ted Hinu, the best in tbetrDltedrgtties. Those who lore good things la my line *on]J da veil to call and examlcr m; stoct. WBN W. LHJTARD, flrocer ind'tflne Dealer, ./ • 1S1 Eaat Water itree'l.' MAP OF THK SEAT OF WAK PRICE TTSFEMTE-I'iyE CENTN. "\f ET? Uap of Nortbtrm and Central Italy, shdvlog 13 the Beat «f the War, Poshloo of the Armies e*c« to which U attached a (mail Uap of Europe—all for. 25 ecnts.- •'•' -••.:• •;••••>' . • • \ Also, A fine Map of tie Ii«atrs of-the European War,with Portralu of the £bl*ri In Europe, etc .—price S) cents, at ' STBlCKLANl) 4 CO'S Ie22 . : 184 Kait Water Street. ; Great Wood & Hay Emporinm I IHE BIOEST ilAEKST TOSS ExtraBal'd Hay, 5,000 Coris 8euon»J _ _ Wood, each delivered to order In quantities to salt; cheap, at corner Welt'WaUr and Cly bourn Mreetf. Office with Mabtwtt A Breed. jeBO „ - Q.H. LAJIBERTOS. , EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, —AJTD— - : MACHINE WOKKS tlTRTOTt i SEnCOTIB, Proprictora. ..NOB?* 12il692;9S^3OO9 3O99lid304 ' k - VVEST WATE-K STREKT : Two bloeks bclov tho La CrcMc B. B.' " i'. •.-.-. -•"•• '- • MAKOT-ACIBM: . ' - -"' ' BTEAMESGDns, / : , - -. iOLI, SEARING, i '.-'.•• HOR8BPOWKR* WtBDEtTOJOMACUJNEB, - ! " ' v - ; BBIBQE, EAILHO AJ> andSTKAMBOATOXSTlHGB, IHQH-COUJMN8, ^ for BttUdtap, and every Tariety of Job Work, In the but manner, and on tbe most liberal Jenct . -The attention «f Mffl-owneri and owners of W«l»r. fawer, U particularly called to tha AJ being by far the most powerful, datable snd economical Wheal ever Inrented—not UaMe hr get out of order, not affected by lee or backwater, aed using lot Vkttr In proportion to the power produced than as; other Wheel la tha market A doacripUye circular for' warded upon application, fre* of chart e.- 4 BIG PILE OF GOODS For a Small Pile of Money, CALL, AND EXAMINE .-'AT- BUTTON'S! 'Clothing Establislunent KO «, JVE WBAXI, HOUSE. HOUSE- TO tiKNT. %!/ £ bvre strtral Brick and trama Homes to rant If exceedlwry eh«*p. W« J**T» for mle a Tart quaoUty of K«»l atate, cooslstiog of Homes and tote, «proT*dand OclmproTed»»rms <x etery »!ie to »njt MKbaio*. Sdiool tan.ds earefoily selected «t an • Wy day. Time win b«glT«n for part O f the porebaio J (73323, 18J3. Jftliri. BtrihW it Bruno , OitirruBXEf :— I tnk« pleaanre In stallnir taatthid one of yoar Safes la my office, In To rg'j Block, anil that an being opened this moraine after the fli9. 11 a booluwerefonndtobsnn} Jarsd Inilitc of thertmrs, and noEasf the- piperi 'destrojed, apt] oni/ fair of them glfghUy cho- red. Aa ths Safewai one ofUia imalUrt ,s:z», and lha 3i« a one, I think, jour, Safe stood ilia test rcassn- able well. ' I am josiri trjuly, ' -'• ''•<'.:• A- ?• OLAHSE. NOTICE; I a HEREBY Kjven that » meeting of tho Stockho'derj la the Swedes Iron Company, will be ho d «t iu office ia the CHy p/ Ul'vadlcee. on Xa$ada/, the second day oOuunsKneSt, at 3Vo act ?. it .for tha ru-pc-se- of (lecljogDlreciQra for the ensuln? ytar, In pursnan o of a Stockholder's call, aoid of a resolution of th» Bowl of Director* oi salil Company. FT. COWIES, itecrctary. Milwaukee, ihiEe 23, 1$59. jc29-dnti>4ir STATES IHAKSHAI.'S Jamea'Bucha'riaij, - '1 "1 The Propeller- or Steaisboat Seneca,htrer,sl(iea, machine, f . In Admlrslity. ry,boata,tackle, apparel and) furniture. } B Y virtue of a writj of ven>|tlonl expotim limed but of and under the seal ol thsDHtrlct Court of the TJaUeil State for the; Dist'let "of TJijcan»ln,I shall ..expose fur sue 1 anil sell it Public AucWft to the highest bidder for cash, on 'bparJ ; . of the arjj propeller or steamboat Seneca, lying! at tiaperlor in saiil district, on JTriday, the eighth day nf July,'1359, at four o'cloci in. .the afternoon, tho propeller or atearobo 't aene'ca, her engine*, machinery, IwaU, tackle, apparel and rural- IUM, as she now lies in llie harboF of jfuperior, In the County of Douglas, In * iid .District of Wisconsin,'condemned at the suit of James Bncr > anau. M»rsl>al's OAlce, Milwaukee, W'g.. June 1C, IsS'J. je2S-USt - 3IJ J. THOaiAS, U. 3.. Marshal. NOTICE. Cm Coupraot.i-Ka'3 Offscs, | Contract Department, 1111., Julyl,13S9. f. T H«' following ilcscribeJ lots in tha 2nd Ward, of theCltyof Mllwanliee, by resolution of tf f i* Common Council, adopted June '-1,1S59, were declare! pub- llc nuisances by re spa of fluh auJ stagnant water thereon, and said nuisinees ordered to bo aoated with. In 20 days "omtfila date, T!: : Lot», Mock 1M; I 'ts.S,S, 1, 14, 15 aad 18 bloct1S3, leu 4 and 5. bloct4S; Idc 14, block -2; lot 4, block 86; Jots 4. 8 T, S % 8,10 anrriS, bfoc* 8T; lot« 9, 10, II VJ and 18, hl«>ck44; l^tlO, b'(icfc48; Lit 1. • T»a of i', 5, 6 and B SJftof-W 64Jt of-13 and 16, Moclc4ff; »-2n n«' lot 6 and li.t 8. bloc* 86;i lot' 2. 8. 9,10, 2 % of U, 13 and 14,btockin;W100;rtoflot 2; W 100 ft oi 3,1,11 and K 19 ft of lot 15, In block 39. Ortiers and »?ents rf; the above described proper y are hereby notified to abate said nuisance-within tht- time named ahoTeorthe:StreetCi>mm:sM- nera nf tr/«2d W»rd, will cause the s=p« to b- done and charged to the rupestire lots iccoid'ng to law Jyl o«t K. L'H.aABDlNEB.ComprrcHe.. AMUSHM23 IN T; —AT— - . MA RKST "H A L I,. U»Olfi» III* MA^AO M8ST t 5' LYNK A3SJD MONTUOIylEItV, On blondsy.Jaj 4 h, 1839, A SULL7- AND EFFICIENT COMPANY And a(K)Ol> OUCllSSraA la en n 'ijed Prlceeof AdraMnn 2oc. to all paru .if th-j A fplendid Bill for th» afternoon and e7on!n-[. 1« programme uf tho flay. - *-'" 'Jha aiternoon p^r.^nnflnco Tilt coiamenre. it •.' o'clock—w! 1 be ovar In time for tho HcjtatM. 1;ia"-vi- nlng perSormaDco - will corrffl-ai;<> at ly, o'olocSt-- ST'-Pafpiayn d'nl aiklrlbmSo-tl of oharacter, HiJ sm,iil bills of ills d.iy. ,.,3 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Crrr Vosipraou.ia'a OJTICS, I Contract Department. June 80,1S19. f A LL proposals for city work must be directed to the •nnde s'gned. and panlcular care t*s>n- to sta e npoa tne enTelopa the Ward In which »uch wori Is located, find the nature of trie work to he le{. Je30-dlOt K L'H GAROINE1, Comptroller. Oonn Siairt 0 'iia:3EiossBg, .. . . Mllwaolee, June 3>/, 1319. f A LLp^rsonj who bid off ivori: on Uie 17th Irs , to abate a nalsance upon the foilowiocr '.4(3, In tne S h Ward of the U y of MIl»anl;«, to >u : LoU 1,2, 3, 4, block 2T, WalKe s Points 2. and 3, b oclc fi, >• alliersi Point; nnSnlphfd parts of block 7 and 9, viaiker Point; lot T, block 12; lota 5, Gand ", block 2T; lot 9, block 11; lot I, block 12; Ibt 8, b'o« 11; oti 2, 3, 3am.I 9, block 1(W, in Walkers Point- to 2, block 7; Iota a and 3, block Cf Iota 4 and 6,. black 0; lots 1, 2 ind 4, block 27, all in Milwaukee proper; lot 3, block 1*3; west L j lou 1 and 2; block 103; l"t 10J block 27; lots 11 ann 12. block 85; lou 4 and 1.1 block ij.Iotj 4. 5 and fl, block 54. Walkers Point; lots 12; and 3, block C; lot« 5 and 6, block 5, Minrnukee prnper; south ft lot 12 block 7; lot 1 ', Hoes 24, Walkars Point, are hereby notifled to com- forirard tr thin'are day* from thri dale, and cotnme ce said work and flnlah fh«.3 me with al ressontble dispatch, of wh'ch the undersigned aretojadge; if not go commenced the »ork wil] be .iziin let y this BoarJ. HK 31 S KSO^OKS, JOHN B03EBECK, Councilors »nd 3t Commits oners, 5Ui War.l. - Cirr CO*?TSOUJ 'aOrn^e, > Coctnct Departoect; Hlliraukee. July 1, ISi». f T HE folloirlns lots fronting on Sycamore JtK-et. fr m C'li to *th street. In the>4tb *a d, of the C'tv of M'i~.>^kee, wilt be Benefit d to the cioun set odposit* c-.:n hyirradlng the street «nd »Mewjlujt' th»<-stao- lU'aed grids, and planking aniT cnrlilna the sldewjllii. A. H.JOHN TUN, J. H TE^OH, Street CoaaiSj'lonerj. Lot. 1 T9 79 79 - 3 4 S 77 '6 79 Jyi^3t ',04 42,91 S7,l« 59.10, ot. • Block. 9 aa 101 la . i 63 ir>,!8 r • M no ej. 4^.41 S 13 86,23 S 53 K. L'ff. GABDIX1!! '.Or, STATES MAKSHAi,'3 Ardrsir Johajor, 1 , 1 John Hcnefsey, f R bert .lell, f Hirasi ?'. Tranball and | 'n the 0.S. Dis^ict Court jr Forces, ). Dl*trc' nfTVuconsln. In admiralty. _ T S- ' The Sc iconer Chirl ey PSb- b»rd, her bos s, taclc.'e, | - "' GRAND INOEPENDENC? FESTIVAL 1 On. the Fourth, July, 1859, -,vr- ' V LIE T ' S ' Q R O .V E , I ,\ T' JI - W- A K » , li A- ENGINE. COM'Y -^ _-N O. 8. rjlIIlS ffiiilersiiriieti, Conjinltiee, rcapei-tfully [mnnunuc -i 10 the Pub in m i;enur:il, that Engine c o. No. -t !iav made all nccwsary arraj)^&m«nl:>; to oi-l«hr»ti> the .lay of Independence in. th» ninrt. attractive mnniu-r, -t Vlltt'i «ri>vi>, 0 li W;ir,i. '.\n Ciiopanli-J andSoi-lvili-., and tho public of thi-T oily, arc rcripectfnlly iovitc-l u» attcnd'saiiiyeiilv-al. The W-i..lii D ;'on Artlll.-ry Cm,,- pany will be present Hr.ra. H.iliU'-. Cinntl Cono?it in Hie -Ai'tri-noou. Bail In Oaf ET,f>aai33x. L jpli'Bdid Hall, -ll.V'il Iliw I.een unit for Hi,occasion. . . f»*~ Rf freshmenta of all kinds will i>a im-tlio Krouu.i £iir" Societies and Ot!t'i aro frco nf iilnilitan.-.t. to the Grove. fa£r~ Aiim ttaoce to the Qrovo 10 c^uts for tvzrj ^ou- Ileman, ad 23; t» h'. B.t 1. LvJI, j fr-j. ^^"A.theS ilthe sir.ctest order 111 bs observed. all i all a_w dancei will appear oa t-^e pr'-giammo. ~ gooa IJjnd of J. 'j-io, of ltlj.3iforra>:n, la ia . 33T" J. 3- MilMST. Kjq., will drllver an orat'on la tho i.ntj!13h, ana Mr. A. Eautta m the Q^ man langua^o . J. J. Laub nhelmer, H. Kuccki t, 3. Ch. Wicheihaas, ' N. Hart, . - F. L. Ltuu*. Ph. Beat, ; H. HHwantel, i, 0. Sahn. ? Kasten, 3.'I. ggf" Omnibu93»3 will lea^a ^V,i!!:er'J Paint, Spring at. ert, and the3.nnt 3t eet Brldgoa, it tbo T.V.O 01' -\ cams each person to tie grounds. Jyl T O for alx performances. T.lej- wll .ippear J.TJ T 'if A hany Hall, on July lat, '2nd .mil It'i, i- Collow.i: on Friday evenine at 8 o'clock, Saturday aft'rnonn it'! o'clock and Sainrday evening it ^ 'iVIoc!;, "tuJ on Fourth of July there will bo three performances, aa fol- lon-s: 11 o'clock In the morainff,.3 o'clock In tbe iftcr- bo.-n an l 9 o'clock in the evening. Tho po-fnrmanc-i on dam-day afternoon will be l«r children and thuja <vh-> have the car- of them. The Orphans (rnna :hf ttvn Jaylams an InVlleil. AilmH-ion for thntaiter'ncon lOc only. . ;-.-oO MIL1TABY BALlTl The i?lontsroJine;ry Suaj-ds \Vlll i?!v? \ Ball on the evenlni; nf ths B-OUBTH oi<' ,ji;r,\; NKXI. AT THE 111 .\ZM AJ4.TI«IiY, 128 EAST W A T E R STREET. fe&~ Tick U one doilw, mc.'u.lln^ Ofreabmenta. f" -apt. Bin. ham'* and from the m uil><:r •, of th,. Gocnpiv- oy, and at ho d or on ti.e e7-.a nt; je'il By order,. J. >,cCAULV, Jecrefary. MAP O F \V A PKICK TWKMTY Al" Slrirkiaaad Co.'s. Thi) J/ap ^ if T -iS ?ti a> »hlci) anJ L-.ajbaruy raj* appall and fa> nliure B Y ytrtue of awrit &f, VendiUooi E^pona-*, issued oni rf a--d nndtr the «ea - of the District Cnort i.f tne Cclttd States for the District of Vfiarotuia, I 3 .ill n po« for a,lean'l itllat. Pnb Ic *act!uo, t^ t e hlgheit and brst b dder, or ca.h. oa'Mond ty, ihe eleTcnih da- of 3a y, 15t9, aftso o'clock la the afternoon,, i n bcr rd of the Chariej Illhbard, ly ng ID the M-l»au- kee -iTer, South o: 'he One:da itr,et br-dge, at ihe f>.oi o[ Oneida itre-t, In tho City of iritr»uke«. in he sa d District, the sal i Schooner Ch.rley Hibbard, fcer coaii, iacltle, ipparei and tcrn'ture, as the now 1 ,s. condemned. »nh3 suit of Andrew J' hnton a d othen. Marshal's 021cf,MlltT oAee, June 59, US*. JeSO-USt 31. j. T30UA.'. C. 8. Uaraaa Cm CoMPTisoLLia i Orncs, h Contract Department, MUWIUHB-, Ju>y 1, '.9. f T HE following Ia * schedule of tte lota benefited 67 Ihe.conjtructloa af the propojeil jewer, which ts (roin» to be bnllt through block tTentj-e'ghtC&j In the Slith Ward of the City of Milwaukee, showing the- amount which each lot will be benefited by the .-nn- strn^litm of said sewer. , -. ESNST HF.HZKR, 1 CARL BU3ACH, • . Street Commlaai->oer?*. Lot. H'.ock. Beni-fltj. _«>J «' 1 23 5 hO. West y, of 1 2S 4,S4 F»«t« of a 23 5 so West K of i 23 4,'SD H 'J3 u 5', + 'J3 14 51 S iS 3.70 -. - i, 8 2S 3.70 T 28 29,01 ,•' H '23 -J3.2rt » iS 2901 10 i8 J9 01 • . : . . 11 2S 14.51 . V2 'J3 1451 15 i3 29,01 1G - 23 29,01 K. I,. H. UARDINEB. Comptroller. NOTICE. T HE Board of ffesleirpf the City of 3J;iwauk<:e, will a-et at Common Council Konrn, at t o'clock A if.. D the 16th day of July Jnat Jor the purppaa of h 'arlna objections of parties or persons deetmi g 1 tt» mjel7as aggrieved by the AssessDent of the tixabie pfope iy n said city for the year. 1S59, snd after the hearlDJtliB ptrtles; wl'l nuke inch alreratloit'aa justice an i «iuity require; and supply omiasions ami equa Iza t( * ^sjena. ment Lists as to the several Wards or any part or portion thereof and will continue from day lo clay until their duties sh&U be complied. Milwaukee, Jaly 2,1S59. JeS-dtt . iHERJTANL. PAOE, Maynr. flfurjoa tis Ifin -,r; ^ edaoat :Ji» N u r-.n ^na -ou :i or Liieae, a o Igco-* gnu' ua:<» < f r ?c..a/ un tlie ao tn ^ j U v •> in y -;.i e TyiO ; ua Un? IT ^ :!i^. ; ,i j afi : auu '.ne t apa 3t»i--^. .1 d- ni.-iiaaa oa i ;h oU; U;n av:cno -rtjin Fr . -. . ho » s>r <rl 1 eviuonll, -jconantd 't "' . p ha ^ il .its. T a tcir toiy ci/nip igett a too,'. -...;-,, v^n.c , ^ ^a- ajont »nil M.T.-J, ?aina. lloden:v - ! ^n>, .nu^^a uyt q :to aa J^r^o xa^Lie^t ta-i^v-, Vui'^.L'Outai ! L^ , i>..pu:»:ian at atsrly la,ui o Qio .-oula. ur:n«-8, ?i iy 4 fiuO.uuu -.-ar'J nlaua — ar? irce rora tjie '. or :ad:« -cut oway of Aaatna 1-ombarxly, -ajilctl ts p.rt ol r be AI.I ttan cmpir=, and »hicn Is, in lapccii, iha flu s count y — in point of aatur J luvanth^ea — in '.fat- •i,ria. cont.ini a population of J.WOjOflO. . It DI.CO ."lad twice cr tar co aa o^apy. Ltlc Auatr an. cr a -id lh5 Tlcino. T^J <VTO ^olil, nt thice poi ii— '.bra.teuius No?ara, Caaale jail V^rceili anil lunlier noun, brllla ana Jorca, and the uortnern • streaky of uiie railway from Arom* oriLaku ila^gior" to (j« joa. uf these polnia, tho only o. .* .)i ^uv sirengih is t asile, TT!IH::I impartaui m liury p" i,tio> , ai,d hjj bei:n itren^hcnert at coii!i<t=r 5iu ^ pease, Ii 13 iho nears t SITODJ: pines to tlw Loraoir.! frontier, and iras in o!(len il ea the acefly of ^i .T, -i confliqt. pop-jlation at thi; list o nsaa TTM il.i'oo Nova. a is unfortiueu, thnugh ,a placn of note, wit). about 20,000 Inhabitants. A r;til^vay conne7i-( .lovar'i Tith Turin. The French Iiavo fntoretl ?:udmont on twn sides— by th(» Moi-t C^nls und G&nofi. R.illroad:> from Susa »nu frum benoft will enable them, if they choosi-, to concentrate their fori-e.7 n n Turin in a !• \v hours.— The &enon ruad passes through Alessan>lvU, nrul^h. next >o Genoa, li .heintron^est place In Piedmont; 3r. trial, I fit De thought adviiabi-, ont>.forp d'<irtii,;'. may move aireotly norib.w«il Crom thcms. Til"' » s»r^ also roads from Ales landrla ami irom Turin tn V.;rc<^. II. would enable ttjo Frtnoh to '-.lied their troop.i there also. The Drat battle of th<? present oainpai,;n «as fought at ilonttb»llo, M.iy 3!3t. Tho ^Teat i>.i!tn> ihich aeciil.d the fa» of Nsp.ileon'.i flrst Italian cam- pamn, -ras-'Ought June it, .SCO, on rue plain of Morun go within algh. <»f tiie fonreas of A!.'-asa:ulrl:i. ievO CrtT CoitpTRoLr.a':V OPPICJ, I Contract Department, Mil., Julj*!, 1S^9. y IU EALED proposals TViirbe received it this oilica 'ui- K5 til Wednesday, July C, KM, "at I'O'J i u'., for far nUhing earih to be delivered it such tim? ami placo In the 2nd Ward, of the 01 y of Milvraukoc, .u iho 3'roet Comml sinners may direct. K. L'E. OABDISSK, iyl-dJt ^^ City ComptrolU'r I'lTT CflMPTUOI-linM OWICS, ( CO.-JIR.ICT DhpiaTttEXT, July 1, '39. t S 'BALED proposals will be recelTed as lliiu offlco, uu- t:i Wfldoij.iay, Ju y Olh, at- W o'clock i. M., for tepairlns Jth strett, from > oplar to Tamarac't street, »!jn 6t iircrt from Tamnrac"{ -o Cedar "rein, iu :hf 2nd 'Aard.oJtheClt. of Ml ».iokee. jvl~:4t s; L'H. G ,K1)1N2S, Compiroller. Cm Coa?raouEa'» O«F ct, I Contract Department, Mil, July 1,1.-49. f T HB following Is a schedule, of lots frontlni? on jjr h street f om Waintt street to Hermann xtreet, in the6thWwd oftheC'ty of Mllwiaiiee, showl -» the amount »Sich each lot on laid stretrtwlllbe DMieute'i by grading said Itree 1 a d the ildewalo, uraTellng the street, pUnklngand curbing 'he waks and paying the gulteia u per plan of City Engineer, t > wit: • i • EnN3i MERZ" 1 !!, . : . OA3U BDSAtK, : . ' '' Streo; Commissioners. Block. Lot. Ben'titx. Block. Lot. Benefits. T S .122,82 - ' ' T 4 J.13,43 1 & 177,02! 38 1 223,53 Baskln's SubdiTlslan.' N N N N M U M M M M U : s 9 10 9 10: 11 12 18 37,02: - S0.tfi! T9,n2 v ; ll\C9- 12769' 82,0* T3,S(t • 73;69i • S9,02: « 9T.69! M ,.\J r. r, L : L L I. ^ 15 I,; -9" 10 n 12 13 14 S2.S8 148,03 15430 136.69 160.8'J 133,38 Perkhi's Addition. — 25- W 293 M- IStt 11 13938 504 IS 292,08 186 I" 804 » M8.69V- 1ST ' 12 204 .20 Its 02 131 . 13 204 31 IMSd W • 14 IS*' !? W8«* 1ST 15 20* M sarai- 186 .9 S64.041 «6 10 - 1S7 . 0*aDINEB; Comptroller. KOTICT5. C'IXT Con»nmuj2t'9 OTTICU, i Contrac! Department, Juoe ,3, ISM. f BS fQllowlnt; ti » jchedole of kits Kontinif t5»» north and aouth tille+ln t> oei S9, In the Sih w»rd, oftheCltyof MUiraaiteev iho» Ing ;tli- acaoutit sralch ach Int Kill be benefited itty frad'.ng laid alleys to th- itatlithrf gr»4e, H follow*: ' CITT I'o-Maf L'.»>i'3 CTrncs, ( Contract D parttnent, Jane 13th, is. J. \ T HS following i j a ml)* Jula of lets froattnir tha alley iuunini< ust and. W e » , througtx block 23, ><> th'o 3.«h Ward of (he City of JiihriAea, 5ho,.vi:ig tho am ua: whio-' each ot will be bcntflted. b.y ailliis sa:d a.leytothe tiiabll.-h a fade K11.NSTHSR7SS, , Stiaet Conin'asloners. , Sioci. Lot, So'ifltj 33 7 2*J,Ott ." 3 1-3.5G " 9 las.iu s, Compt*oll'<r. NOTICJbl. , C;TT roaVrnotiax':) O»FIOB. I Contract Department, Mil., July 1, 1343. j ] T HS following Is % achedula rf lota and rarta of lots fronting on R«il street, betussn L»S~o and Oreson streets In the Fifth Ward,-Cl y of HilwaultM, and the amount set cpposita each lot ami pir^of lot, is fhv beneUt'to saklkt orpart of lot, hy ji suing anil p»vln.>: and curbing said atreef and sldewullia, acconllDjr to Ihii speciHeatlons of tha fl!y Engineer, on !llo in itn- oilloi' of the City Comptroller. JOHN ROS HERMAN N 23 X of T and n 02 ,V '<•' **>' 3 88 of n 03 X. lo' '' *° " 5 of» ai of lot 7, unit n 25 nf , SBorwJi - y S 9*4 of 3 4U of lot 7, and n- Sv; of » 40 of » K N 17 of s 81 V of 017, ami n 17 o >oir., ^ 3 14# of lot 7, auil 3 UK- of » S S-/X of n 71 8S»ofalOO • 840 80 .!0 N JO 3 3(1 ta of, ••ISft: VM r,nt. Block. in in i" < 10 w 10 .10 10 10 10 11 li ii n 11 11 u u u 949 34 p 1 t 4 5 J a 4 Block. S9 87 29, 99 JLot. 1 *. 68 9 IS 13 16 , « 96 , S5,(io " ' EJqrl:. lot 2ea*3><. S9 23 59 S9 - ir,es . 89 e iu it .U •SW 2'.63 43 M ' WfiU ' lS_*d B." L'ffj QABDmiS, "Coffljtrouir, Heneiltj. ' -JOS.Otj 100,00 153..-5 132.20 134,10 1751,10 •J49.ll" W.',25 128 lii 123,41 !>>» M 397 »f; «•,'! K 1-S8.7S 148.73 117.31 130,00 •- ClT» Cou C->ntra?{ D«p»'tm3Ti?, "llnsukw, Ju'7,t, IMS?, f ^ 2 4' Er> proro » a will b? r ga-ieil at VioiEceuai'l • July Btn^aj 11» *.far PUT!' j th»gm er»!o fror-t '-ru 1 ^ c jnngi'rr. on 3U) « , P c Ur 31- ind "» >r liih W»rd ?ob> a ' !jn»r#. -- ^^ tfm^fKaHii-^^S^m^ati^fti^tf^^.y.

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