Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 24, 1948 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1948
Page 10
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bVinch" elety, e So- HEREN MASON CITY wallpaper at Paynes. O'Brien Paints at Shepherds. Exchange club will hear W r luncheon meeting the Green Mill. There will bi election of officers. Fuller Brushes. Ph. 1358-W. Dachshund pvfps. Ph. 5498J. Harlan Gaugrer arrived Thursday from St. Louis, Mo., to spend Christmas with his parents, the Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Gauger, 812 Adams N. W. Mr. GaugeY is a student at the college of mortuary science in St. Louis. Spirella Corsets. Ph. 2887W. Watkins Products. Ph. 5197J. Terry Sampson, 745 15th place N E., has just returned from Iowa City where he was given a 6 months' release from the university hospitals. He underwent ear surgery there in August and has been making periodic trips since for treatment. Franciscan China. Iowa Tea Co. Dr. R. W. Shultz, D. O., Rm. 641, Hanford Hotel. Phone 2960. Rag- rugs woven to order. 724 South Penn. Phone 1950-W. Applications for employment as inspectors of general construction, core drill and timber clearing will be received by the civil service board of examiners, according to announcement received by the local secretary, W. Earle Sheka, who may be contacted at the postoffice for further information. Stoves, gas, electric oil heaters. Boomhqwer Hardware. Major Ambulance Service, auto or air. Phone 511. "Insuraiicewise." Let George, Bob or Jerry do it. Ph. 321. Keith Pattschull, John Brown and Dale McCaulley of Mason City, and Harvey Boelman of Meservey, 4 Cerro Gordo county men who went to Fort Riley. Kans., in the first draft call in November, arrived home Wednesday for a 7 day Christmas furlough. Marvin Piippo of route 4, another draftee in the group, will have his furlough at New Year's. The men have completed 4 weeks of their basic training. The Laundrite will close Friday noon for Christmas holiday. Open Monday, usual time. "Let Lewyt do it" . . . See this remarkable cleaner at Damon's Appliance Center. Will not be responsible for any more aquired debts other than my own. — Laurence Sammons. Miss Janet Baird, executive director of the Cerro Gordo county Red Cross chapter, left . Thursday afternoon on the Rocket for Boulder, Colo., where she will spend the Christmas weekend with her mother, Mrs. W. J. Baird. Don't forget Sweetheart tea biscuits or Parker House rolls for your Christmas dinner. Order them early at your grocer's. All Mason City stores will b« open Thursday night until 9 o'clock for your Christmas shopping convenience. Coal — Indiana Furnace Lump off car Friday, Monday and Tuesday, $13.50 per ton. Wagner Coal Co. Ph. 986. ISSUE PERMIT Garner — Hancock county supervisors issued a class B beer permit to the J and M Lunch at Hutchins. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Schleuger recently purchased the business from Mr. and Mrs. Ben Higdon and will open for business Jan. 1. HAMH.TON-WALTHAM-ELGW-CALVERT To Determine Reorganization Suggestions Farm Families Asked Community Interest Completion of -the Cerro Gordo county survey on which school district reorganization plans will be based was the principal topic of discussion at the meeting of the county board of education Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Hazel V. Chappell, county superintendent of schools and executive officer of the board, was authorized to hire the help needed to complete the work promptly. Members of the board also agreed to help acquaint school patrons with the program by attending meetings when asked. One part of the survey requiring public co-operation already has been started with the assistance of the Farm Bureau, Mrs. Chappell pointed out. Township school chairmen of the Farm Bureau are distributing 2-page questionnaires which will be used to show on a map the areas which have a common community interest. Survey Not Personal The questionnaire lists retail and other trade activities, professional services, religious, educational, recreational and social activities and asks each family to check to which town or city they go for that activity. There is nothing personal about the survey, Mrs. Chappell emphasized, but the family name must be shown on the report in order that it can be included on the spot map being prepared which now shows the location of every farm home in the county. ^Another part of the survey is added, and plans are made only the every-puoil test being given for submission to the voters who 6th, 7th and 8th grade pupils will decide whether to adopt throughout Iowa during January, them. W, I. S. D. Alumni and Team Meet for Party Here Poshusta and Lee in Charge of Project More than 50 alumni and former students of the Iowa School for the Deaf at Council Bluffs gathered at the Soda Grill for a steak dinner and entertainment Wednesday night following the I. S. D.-Mohawk basketball game. Members of the Bobcat team were special guests. "There was a genuine spirit of reunion among the adult deaf, our school and our players," Lloyd E. Berg, school superintendent, com- J. F. Stqtt Services to Be Friday Afternoon at Chapel H. AL .1* -li. ,\f Al_ u mented. Talks were given by Palmer the superintendent said. It is to measure all types of learning — — -•/ r- — — "*• .fc^fM *.***».» i^ nvn jn ^^-V-i. A \J \-X\J J. UW L.UUHLV LI 1C, among the children, she explained, superintendent noted, lies in the , , and in Cerro Gordo county will include grades 3 to 8_in rural town. In 1900 more than half the population of the county was rur- schools and grades 3 to 9 in town and city schools. To Explain Purpose The surveys and reorganization purposes are to be explained in a number of meetings throughout the county in January, Mrs. Chappell said. First of these will be the one at Ventura on the evening of Jan. 5 when the vocational agriculture night school has invited the community to hear John G. Shultz, Des Moines, from the division of administration and finance of the state department of public instruction. Mrs. Chappell and members of the county board of education will attend Farm Bureau and other meetings to help explain the work. Members of the board are Earl M. Dean, Mason City, chairman; Charles Hansen, Rockwell; Herman Hanson, Plymouth; G. E. Raecker, Meservey, and Leo Stork, Clear Lake. Board Has No Choice Plans already have been made for all township Farm Bureau meetings to discuss education and school district reorganization, including taxation, during the January and February meetings. One already scheduled is the Mount Vernon township meeting at Burchinal hall Jan. 17 at 8 p. m. with Mrs. Chappell as the speaker. The survey and reorganization plans are not a project of the board of education from choice, the superintendent pointed out, but were made their duty by the law which created the board. The law requires '{hat the board: "Shall make detailed studies and surveys of the school districts within the county and the adjacent territory for the purpose of promoting such reorganization as will make it possible to operate the schools more economically and will bring about the higher standards of education in the schools." Purpose Better Schools "In other words," said Mrs. Chappell, "the purpose of reorganization is to have better schools at a reasonable cost." The law also provides that the state department shall provide the plans and forms for the surveys which must be made by the county boards. The county board consequently has little discretion in the ma.tter. The board, however, is not opposed to reorganization, Mrs. Chappel pointed out. It is stated in the law itself that it is the policy of the state "to encourage by the granting of state aid the reorganization of school districts into such units as are necessary, economical and efficient and which will insure an equal opportunity to all the children of the state." Voters Make Decision The voters will make the final decision in reorganization, she To all our Patrons and Friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year "Remember. No Peeking Until Christmas" GERARD'S Photo Service BARBARA JOAN — LORRAINE — JERRY Child Photography — Weddinr Photograph? COULDN'T WAIT FOR SANTA-Nurses and staff members at the Merc'y sp couldn't wait for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve, so they had their party Wednesday night at the nurses home. They gathered around a sparkling tree and enjoyed festivities in the seasonal spirit The photographer snapped the picture as A. Anonson, Joice, was substituting for Santa in handing out the presents. Nurses within range of the camera and the tree were H. Lammen, Algona • M Pirkl Mason City; B. Leaman, Mason City; D. Heidenreich, Manly; F. Luther, Clear 'Lake-' B. Lokken, Northwood; P. Richard, Mason City; and M. Rockford, Sumner. The senior class members acted as hostesses and members of the junior class served refreshments. Lee, Manly, and Walter Poshusta, Mason City, who had charge of arrangemeiits. Wayne Christian, a Mason City boy who plays guard on the I. S. D. team, spoke in behalf of the team and Coach Nate Lahn gave a pantomime, "The Story of the Pussycat." Mr. Berg and E. L. Noble, school principal, brought messages from the school. The gathering lasted until well after midnight as members of the team talked with the alumni, some of whom came from as far away as Cedar Rapids. A total of 100 I. S. D. graduates attended the game at Roosevelt fieldhouse. The team ' will also make visits to Ames, Ankeny and Dowling high school in Des Moines this season. Part of the need for reorganization in Cerro Gordo county, the , population shift from farm to St. James to ; Give Pageant Christmas Eve . . - - „ Christmas eve St. James Luth- al which in 1940 was less than a eran church school will present a '' 3 " rth- pageant of the Holy Nativity en- There are now 47 one-teacher -.*.*,-v. «4.v- **v,,, * i vin»-i.^c»^i*^j. titled Ine JYIessase of the Christ rural schools in the county which mas B e ] ls » Therp will h* 9 nrpc" formerly had more than 100, she Rations the first at 6 30 if nointPrl out "Thp Hi«triftc w/Hh- en ^" ons - l . ne . I1 . lsl at O..<JO p. pointed out. -'The districts with- ^thTindatBp 1 m Except f« S S *° 01 L"^± ^^i^ the character parts one-half Sf tt but are contracting for school service with town and consolidated districts, paying tuition and tra nsportation. Where rural boards do this they have nothing to say about the schools their children attend. "One purpose of reorganization is to include all territory in a school district that maintains a school at least through the 12th grade. This would tend to give all children the same educational opportunities." NEWS of RECORD Realty Transfers School Township nf Grimes, tile, to Herman B. Thompson and Hazel M., jt. ten., consideration not shown, (S\VU) 1 A. at S. E. cornctr of Sec. ti-»4-2'i, 12- lli-48. Slruck, Rose, jfdn., of George Struck, to Ralph F. Sclmeidcr, SHOO, (Gdn. D) Lot 18 in Orchard Heights, Clear Lake, 112-48. Mcnter, Clara C. and Frank C., to Frand C. illenler. $1, (U'D) Lots I and 2. Blk. 4, 1st Titus Add. to the Town of Rockwell, la., -l-l'J-47. Births Reported (At Mercy Hospital)—Son to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Long, Clear Lake, >ycd- nc.sday. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Trappe, Hanlontown, Wednesday. (At Park Hospital)—Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown, Rock. Falls, Wednesday. Police Court Intoxication—Elmer Frederick, OH N. Federal, forfeited $10 band. Marriage Licenses Robert L. le^nl. and Florence Berg, legal, hoth of Mason City; Curtis Albert Johnson, 'M, and Phyllis Marie Knowles, ID, both of Minneapolis; William E. Hahn, ~1, Garner, and Maryann Ingham, '41, Swaledale; James Christen, &t. Forest City, and Betty A. Christiansen, 24, Manly: Donald Seidahl, 18, and Bessie Sue Bull, IT, both of Mason City. Divorces Filed Pauline Broome against Donald Broomc, Clear Lake, on grounds of cruelty. She asked custody of a child, J50 monthly child support, title to the household foods and automobile and that he he required to pay the outstanding hills. Married Oct. 26, 11145, at Mason City. Divorces Granted Pauline Rroomp divorced from Donald Hroume and her requests granted hy stipulation as stated In the petition. He also In to pay her attorney fee of S10<>. Viola Moss divorced from Alfred Moss on grounds of cruelty. She is Riven title to *. car and all the household furniture, $';.'. monthly alimony and $100 attorney fees. Granted by New Car Sales Lewis, :<1D 2nd S. W.. Ford; Hunter-Sedars Motor Co., 520 N. Federal, DeSoto; S. J. Shannon, III ind S. W., Ford; Walter Wanner. Clear Lake, Chevrolet; Zenor Motor Co., Mason City, 2 Oldsmohile.i; John Schulte. Rockwell, Kalsrr; Dr. H. D. Fallows, Hotel Hanford, Buick; Lehijrh Portland Cement Co., 700 25th N. W., Ford truck; R. n. Jorjrcnsen, 330 15th S. E., Ford track; R. E. Cham- htrt, 224 Slh ,V. W., Old.smobile; W. F. nildner, S2fl River Heights Place, Buick; T. J. and Charlotte Klesielbxch, 904 4th 8. E., Bnlek. Citrus research chemists say that a simple way to restore the fresh fruit flavor to canned juices is to pour chilled juice back and forth from one container to another. « The ine children will take part in the first program and the other one-half in the 2nd program. Special lighting, a large tree and evergreen garlands and decorations will help to make this a beautiful and effective retelling of the Christmas story. Preceding and during the pageant Mrs. Grace Weber, organist, and Mrs. Fred Stadelman, violinist, will play Christmas music. Character parts will be taken by the following: Jean Rohde, Mary; Roger Bublitz, Joseph; Barbara Wolkenhauer, Joan Keister, Herald Angels; Marion Wolkenhauer, candlelighter; Gordon J a n s s e n, David Bracklein, Eric Biedermann, the kings; Junior Saathoff, Robert Keister, Eldon Molter, Robert Bracklein, the Shepherds; Orlen Kroneman, Glen Evans, Edward Melsh, Orville Weber, the prophets; Arlene Saathoff, Elaine Kroneman, Darlene M c N a r y, Gerda Mikkelson, Jane Bublitz, Shirley Walters, Gretchen Krieger, Ruth Hagen, Marvel Rohde, Sally Weber, the angel chorus; Kathleen Frenz, Betty Patrick, Gwendolyn Mueller, Susan Wolkenhauer, Betty Clark, Katherine Lynch, Darlene Matthews, Joan Molter, Darlene Thompson, Beverly Taylor, Ardis Taylor, Shirley Zirbel, carolers; Gilbert Mueller, William Biedermann, readers; Conrad Bracklein, properties. The pageant has been arranged and will be directed by Mrs. E. A. Biedermann. On Christmas day there will be 2 festival services, the first at 8:30 a. m. and the 2nd at 9:45 a. m. The senior and junior choirs will sing special Christmas numbers. The Rev. E. A. Biedermann will deliver the Christmas message, "Today Is Born Immanuel." Christmas Holy Communion will be celebrated at botii the 8:30 a. m. and the 10:45 a. m. .services Sunday. 600 Farmers Get Dividend of Land Bank More than farmers in Mitchell, Floyd, Worth and Cerro Gordo counties Thursday shared a dividend this week bein CT paid by the North Central National Farm Loan association ol Mason City. W. F. Wahrer, secretary-treasurer, announced that the dividend which was voted recently by the board of directors represents a 7 per cent return to member-stockholders in their investment in National Farm Loan association stock. This makes a total of 12 per cent in dividends paid in 1948. These dividends are possible because of dividends paid to the association by the Federal Land Bank of Omaha, which is owned entirely by the North Central and other National Farm Loan associations in a 4-state district. These earnings paid to the mem- bei--stockholders by this co-oper- iive plan of long term lending, materially reduce the net interest rates. On the newer loans the net cost on this basis will average less than 3i per cent. On the older loans where there has been greater reduction in principal' the net rate runs even lower. Directors of the North Central National Farm Loan association are R. M. Hall, Clear Lake, president; W. L. Jackson, Rudd, vice president; W. A. Alitz, Manly; R. J. Brown, Rockford, and Lloyd , Swann, Osage. Wahrer reports a substantial increase in membership for 1948 and more than a half million in new funds loaned in the 4 county district. * - - *"• Offer Yule Programs Swaledale — Christmas programs will be presented by the Sunday schools in the Methodist, the First Baptist, and the Tabernacle Baptist churches Friday evening. MACKET'S Furniture Shop DISTILLED WATER 417 2nd Street N. W. Phone 782 United Fruit Store 33 East State AGED NEW YORK CHEESE We Deliver Phone 748 ib. 89 MORRELL'S PRIDE BACON 59 CUDAHY'S AMERICAN CHEESE 5 ib. box WE ALL SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS ALLSWEET OLEO . Ib. 39c Cranberries 47c Pound... 25c Large Budded Walnuts Pound RADISHES — HEAD LETTUCE — CELERY Funeral services for J. F. Stott, 83, who died at his home, 16 Connecticut N. E., Wednesday, will be held at 2 p. m. Friday at the Major Memorial chapel, with Doctor Lloyd A. Gustafson, pastor of the First Methodist church, officiating. Mr. Stott was born at Williamsport, Pa., Dec. 13, 1865, the son of William and Emma Stolt. He came to Iowa as a small boy with his parents, and moved to Mason City from Eagle Grove in 1903, He was engaged in the livestock and meat business and conducted one of the best markets in Mason City for many years. In 1926 Mr. Stott was married to Olive Shanks of Nora Springs. They spent 5 years on their ranch at Vian, Nebr., and in 1931 moved to Wood Lake, where Mr. Stott carried on a livestock business in connection with 3 ranches. In 1940 they moved to Ainsworth, where Mr. Stott engaged in the real estate business, and in October, 1944, they returned to Mason City to 16 Connecticut N. E. Surviving are his wife and 3 sons and 3 daughters by a former marriage, Dr. L. N. Stott of Mason City, Earl of Hollywood, Cal., Ray of Melbourne, Fla., Mrs. Avis Gill- fillin of Knoxville, Mrs. Vesta Martin of Los Angeles and Mrs. Lola Wiley of Long Beach, Cal., and a brother, H. C. Stott' of Brainerd, Minn., and a sister, Dr. Lillian Stump of Chenoa, 111. Mr. Stott was a member of the First Methodist church, Benevolence Lodge No. 145, A. F. and A. M. and the Consistory AASR at Clinton, Iowa. ..Interment will be at Elmwood cemetery. The Major funeral home in charge. Christmas Eve Service at Evangelical Church Christmas eve services will be held at the Grace Evangelical church at 7:30 p. m. This service will consist of songs and carols, recitations and exercises by the children's division of the Sunday school. Mrs. Dale Dulap is chairman of the program committee assisted by the teachers of the children's division. Here's what the modern-day miss thinks about a non-kissing boy friend. Dr. James F. Bender, marriage counsellor, reports in The American Magazine that he questioned 100 girls and found that 88 held in contempt any boy friend who did not attempt to kiss them on the first date. The Italian population of New York City is 1,095,000, almost as great as the Italian population of Rome. J. F. STOTT Arab Woman to Speak at Alliance Church Miss Jeanette Elissa, an Arab Christian from Trans-Jordan, will speak on "Hidden Hands in Palestine" at a special service at the Alliance Gospel Tabernacle Sunday evening at 8. Miss Elissa, a native of Palestine, fled with her parents to Trans-Jordan when hostilities broke out in Jerusalem. She is at present a student at Taylor university, Upland, Ind. ARM FRACTURED Goodcll — Mrs. Arley Blickenderfer of Elma fell on the ice and broke her right arm. It was set at the Belmond hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Blickenderfer had come for the funeral of her mother, Mrs, James Christie. Still Time for Christmas Flowers POINSETT1AS — BEGONIAS ' - CYCLAMENS a Bouquets — Corsages — Centerpieces 8 CLOSED ALL DAY CHRISTMAS o | Johnston's Flowers b "Where Your Friends Buy Flowers" The wise men followed a star to Bethlehem. In some coun- tries the appearance of the first star on Christmas Eve is the v signal for lighting the lamps and beginning the Christmas Mass or festivities. ' A cordial invitation is extended everyone to visit Memorial Park during the Holiday Season to view the Christmas Scene. Memorial Park Cemetery Mason City

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