The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 15, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1914
Page 3
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Wednesday Evening, July 15, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page THree ' SIGEL TO HAVE Only Oasis in 19th District Swamped with Trade. July 15.--Thp only wrt »wn In t h n N l n c t c n n t h congressional aiM'lct and nh.irlnn wltli tl o new vll- lanp of B u l p t t t , In ChrtblU.l county, thp H i i - t l i i r t i n n of hplntr the 'n y oasts in Hit- F o r r t p t h Hi-nMorml t! i' I t t t l P Shi ll'y r o u n t v i m p u t a t i o n , finiifi Ito t h r p . t l r r l v In.'UlMiimtc t o I n k custom t h a t romci t o t l ; n n r r o u n i l l n n d r v t o r r l t Trop-rly rinvlili- for t h I h i "nivfiil t h i r s t " t h ; i t \R t n k p n there rfnUy hv pcoroa urn! hill }·!» from r. Shcll'J v l l l c a Ictrlct. Fleel. n m l p t ot 300 ·nloona rn- ·arp nf the TO . f r o m the In order to q u e n c h i n g ot ireds of ppo- Ftinvardson. o t h n r towns said t h a t t h p to open the jnore or IPS." d l s t n n t . it i illlsirp bonrrt has rleftd lnr* for t h r p p morP salo FKW PHY? Ttf RE. s i f t s of six ' i.iti'C? .-inrl t h ' pn-s!ri4 , f l i p m a j o r |... of w h o m »rp IrKllrtrt tnwnrd the · « p | ' fir-rn'-nt In f i r t 4" p n t l r e c»m- ri i n l t ^ l^ fro ovrwhi-llinsly a r r n y p d on ih!« KM*, t l i n t th" |iln"ll q i l C E t i n n TVIPT htM-nmp« an Isnm-H SlKel It fre- n u i - n ? l v h n s hppri u n l i t , id w i t h t r u t h , i l i t t h e l u r , i t optlorKIllPMIon rotilc] n p v i - r h.' pl.irpil "n n .'·allnt In that T n n n s h l p . b'Tnupe f t pitlon f o r t h n t T ,, r p,,«. u n ' . l i ! npvpr pt the ri'ijulred j i ' i m h p r "I K l K n - i t i i r f r t f o i i n t y o p t i o n n l o n o "i"! I h r l P K a h n i ; n ehuilpprl eon- d l l l o n In rorner f the p o u n t y . Th« n n i v n v i r j t l m J horptofore lias lipcn i he n n m b P r of Moon* p p r m l t t p d l.v thf Imnrrt n( t r u s t / K . and up to t h i s t l m o t h e l i m i t has hfn Ihrep. It Is rp- jiortp'l nnw. h o w p ' - p / t h a t a t t h e next rp.« mPPtlnK of f I'OHrri an orilln- *nfp -B-lll he nilopti.«»riivlillns! t h a t thp nuinhor ron IIP ln*aspd ti i-lx This ilnn». thp hnard W' rp'-eup .-ippllp.i- l l n n n for lli-pnsps.sf w h l i h i1rnhtle«s rti»rp w i l l hp mar 1 Tt H ^ni-1 t ' i n t a r . - r t n l n ' v r p w l n e ifmpnnv }!ii« n f f p r p r t to orf't n Inri hMllrtlriK in th- pr.intprl :i II. i-iiANni:s .i '""-"otv h M n l n c p s iff. prnvlricrt It br operate n m i l n o n . O T A K E REST. t o l e K r n p t i n p c r a t n r t h i s p o i n t . IP t - i k i hi" r c e u l a r d u t l p p . ! I » a \ r ol , i l H . ' n ^ i i l u r l n a r t h i t t i m e w i l l m a l l r n i r i e r I n tills of / hil* 1 t l / t a k f th'Mr a n n ' i . i ! ^ ^ t I t . ^ K T n * - v l d r n t l \ . t r t - on t h e i ln" r t I ° n M i TI..K! SI s r l n K from hi*. ' - i l = s t o n i " I I I th'T".c' lv r n ' o v w i i l u - p t i t n n c in f u l l Tlrr \T r.UVrHT rl ' - i p a i i - - p i o f i n e nev R f ^ L ' ^ v r n t to n n . l t r n t i c l ' t h-i -k ^ nf Hi r r i e U . w h o i f ! n r t n l ( ' o v '^ ^ ^ t , . r m ·' t 4 ·' -h ' i h v ( ' f t ' ' n ( \ · t r e u l t r n - i r t . i ' n ' 1 ' * i p i i - ' l e t n i p n t f o r .f.5ault w i t h a IM']1 ^ ' ' ' ' n N K W SI'IT Ff.'.rp. I r c « ' i l t f i ' ^ d for th* N o i n m h e t f p r i n c ' h P e t l ' - U l t i-olirt U a«« fi'llow«= r,rcf A ?i»nt'l. E i n r i l i n n . ptc , \-« Jl a z r ?i!rner. -»t nl . - h n n ' p r v . i l U . I N O r«-if,S AT MODE · T ^ p x t r i m p h r n t ilotihtli'^s Is rp- pp^ll^* 1 ''' ^"" '' 1( " i - o n ^ t f l ' i n "f ft n o n i i,, r ! line." in HIP i l r l n l H nf Moil". t « n " " i i ' i i * " ' i t ) i nf t h i s i IM w h l e h ,,^ f r ' t r h t i ' t i l n i : r ' K l r nu ners a n d o t h - M V \ V I ' l K F . - ' = , ! · · · · - .i"'l n l l u , v n l n n r . t h " l l n " , , . ] . . . · I.i i f r - i l l r o i . l I n I county are complalnlngr of the number of fires that have been started along the right of way by sparks from the locomotives. Several of the fires have gained considerable headway, owing to the dryness of everything, and buildings even a half mile from the track have been endangered and saved only by means of hard work, M'KiNLEY G'IVEN DINNER AT FORSYTH Forsyth, July 15.--Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Bulter entertained at 6:30 supper Saturday evening In honor of W. B. McKinley of Champaign, who gave a lec- t ure here Saturday evening. Those in nttemlance were: W. B. McKlnley, Mr. P u r r i P t t and Mr. Davis of Champaign, Dr. b. N, Undsey, U P. Bowden, Harold Halnes, Elwood McKlnley, E. B. Coll l n ? . r. A. Thrift. Mrs. Elwood M c K l n - Ipy. Mrs, F. Stewart, Misses Alma An- tlorson and Florence McKinley and Mr. and Mrs. G, B. Bulter. Miss Maud Benton and nieces of Argent a, visited relatives here Sunday. Mr. ;incl Mrs. B. Harmon visited relatives in Emery Sunday. Spvfi-al from here attended the ball game in Decatur Sunday. MIPS Viola McCord of Bethany, Is the guest of Miss Alma Anderson for a few days. Kev. A. V. Carlbeig, who ha? been c o n d u c t i n g a revival meeting at Tower Hill t h e past month, has gone for a few days' visit in Marion r o u n t y . Ke will r e t u r n the latter part of t l i e week and take charge of the church serUtes Siimluv. PITHY NEWS ITEMS FROM MOWEAQUA MonfdQua, J u l y IS.-- Professor C W, Yprkfs of the ITnh t*rjity of Illinois', spent Huntla w i t h home folks here O F \ViP.garm of Decani r. spent Sun- dav \ \ i t h 1'ioip^sor C. W. Yorkes f»mi family c h a r I os Kt-n-lslpv ri- turned home Sunday evening a f t e r l i a \ m ^ a p l p d t a n r \isit at the home of his d a u g h t e r In chlt.iuo. Mrs II R. (^repory and yon-- went to Gays last Frldav to A [sit the former's parents, I»r and Mrs drier .f. \V H i l l shiyijiod a car load of hoge to Chl'-acy one da% last «'·'» k Mrs B F Hudson niul sons and Horace Clark 1^-ft Thin --dii for Ohio w h e r n i h e j w i l l v i s i t r e l n t ( \ e s "fni .^winl wr^kn \'lrpinla n n d Hpnifldinc l-'ipi-r nf Decatur. nr* \ l s t t l n g at the h"nip of Dr. and Mrs Jin'kwalJ Corn to Mr. and Mr* B^rt Roff. Weclnes- .1,1'.. .liilv S. a d a u e h i - t .\!i!"-cs Kflna nrl hois ;r* i a\e5 of Neoga, a i . v isitmpr r e l a t i \ e s h*re Mc-urp Earl and L j ^ r - M i f e GreRory. An- irn W i i F n n , Karl M i l C n n l antl dlen Clark w i ' h \flfni] Snyder .IB f h . i p f - r o n , went down n o n K unsey Monday tn ' - i m p d u i i n p this « oek M i ·- Lemuel TSurk n n 1 d n u p h t « r from n . M i . i i ho«. Wanh , .ir- \ i p l l f n g relatives M i s J P A y d e l n t i and dan enter Miss Dot i f - ' . n i Oklnhonirt. .if 1 \ iFltiiiR at the IK-UK ··' T5r (inrt Mr« W H Sparling and rttti*»r '· " ii'lw h e i e ·\lr i''! M t P K ^ - T P ! ' r n n t l n p a n d familv ' t "i I ' l l f li' forni'T'.- P.H' m«. Mr and Mrs f ·* ''.-tit in K nf t h i - i'it\- Sun-iav r v e n l n ? : M r uirl Mrs Kinn-r H l a n f h n r d and son frt -i !M-i*» M o u n d , n r r v i s i t i n g Mr and Mr* T I I if- 1" M r .iii-l Mre J T. Hiiflam. Pr . Mr and Mr- ' T H a s l f i m . -lr. and -on, spent Tu^«- d«i cii ( r T f ^ m l l h ' f i M i l ! S'r nnrl M i * "1arein-p i-npll and d a u g h t e r it i. v M H n c nt t h o hnrnr- of t h e former** p - i r ^ n t Mi nnd Mrs Ellas S n r l l of this r i l \ f ' N T K K T A I N P in t Mr* ,fan i . - i r . M - . i u - d .11 A T T R P A R T Y K r ^ p n a i n n p n F t o f r, o'. ] r , K d i i i n e i Frl- l n » n « - i or Mr «ntl Mrs- Oua W i l i i s e t h of fora t u r . u h o l e f t f o r rn'.iror- nl i 'I'lfifla.v Thnpf present w e i r Mr. and Mr* \Vlhmirh, Mr and Mrs Ned F*orman T-'rf.-innn W t l m r t h from p p r i t u r . Mr and Mrs Turner of Macon, Mr«. Frank Hom- rfghous of Assumption, MiseeB Belle and Mdttfe RIcHenry and James Shepherd of this city. Miss Mollie Klrkman of Decatur, spent Frldav and Saturday with friends here. Mrs. Everett Corrlngton and daughter, Eula. from Deoatur spent Sunday with friends here Mr. and Mrs. Claik Snyder visited the lat- ter'g parents, Mr. and Mrs. Burt, In ElwJn over Sunday. Mrs O L Scrlbner and children, of Decatur/ visited over Sunday with Mr and Mrs Adam Snyder of this city. Mr and Mrs W. P. Corrington of Decatur, spent Sunday with friends here. HEBEKAHS INSTALL. OFFICERS. The order of the Rebekahs at their meeting Monday night Installed the following officers: Noble Grand--Mrs T. J Jarvln. Vice Grand--Mrs. L. F. Rettig. Recording Secretary--Miss Mtttie Snell. Financial Secretary--Mrs Charles W. Rice Deputy--Mrs .Tohn Housam. Captain of Staff--Miss Minnie Snyder. Chaplain--Mrs. Day. substitute--Mrs Housam Warden--Mrs. Carl Jacobs Conductress--Miss Minnie Snyder. OUT OF DEBT. On July 1. the school district No 17T, Moweaqua, paid off all bonded indebtedness lca\ ing it entirely freen from nny incum- brance. Mrs J. W Dobson and two children are spending a few days this week with friends In Cerro Gordo -*- BOODf. J A. Shumate, wife and daughter, Marie of ecatur. spent Sunday here with Dr. Calhoun and family Miss Minnie McDaniel and Decatur. is here P i l i n g w i t h her sister, Mrs. J L, Noll*. Sophia Wise spent several days in Decair last w eek i isitlng friendb Airs. M. Baumgarten, who had her cotiar bone broken last Friday evening by an accident, Is improving 1 Miss Elva TVeatherford JE visiting in Decatur. 'Miss Iva Cross visited in eoria last wPeek. A jollj croud from here attended the social Riven at the Madison church last Saturday evening They -were taken on a hly wagon furnished by Frank Moffitt. Those in the crowd were Flora and Telia Cross. Evla Weather ford. Florence Eaton, Helen Warnick. Jennie C a l h o u n , Mai garet Moffit. Tjinn and Verc Smith. Elmer E;iton. Glenn Xnlle, John Thornell, Frank and Or\ ille Moffit and Ralph Cross W. G. X i e n t k e r had the interior of his tore painted last week. "W. M. Gerbcr and son did the work Mrs. H. H. Hopkins and children of t)e- catur, are here visiting u l t h t h e former's mother Mr?- W i l l i i a m K M r r RESINOL WILL HEAL YOUR SKIN Slope Itching Initantly, and Clear* Away Unsightly Eruption*. No matter how long you hava been tortured and disfigured by itching, burning, raw or scaly skin humora, just put a little of that soothing, antiseptic: Rtsinol Ointment on the sores and the suffering stops right there! Healing begins that very minute, and your skin gets well so quickly you feel ashamed of the money you threw away; on useless, tedious treatments. Kesinol is also an excellent household remedy for pimples, dandruff, sores, burns, bruises, iboils, and for a score of other uses where a soothing, healing application is needed. It contains nothing of a harsh or injurious nature and can be used with confidence on the tenderest or most irritated surface. Practically every druggist sells Eesinol Ointment (50c. and Sl.OO), and Eesinol Soap (25c.). For trial free, write to Dept. KK, Resinol, Baltimore, JId. Ask for Beainol 'by name and thus avoid "substitutes" sometimes offered by uuscrupulous dealers. NEWS OF THE WEEK FROM ELWIN Elwin, July 15--Mr. and Mrs. Lester Smith of Tuscola. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Smith of Atwood, motored to Elwin Sunday and were the guests of their sister, Mrs. Clark Vance. Miss Grace Burt spent Sunday In Macon the guests of Mrs. Golda Lebo. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Snyder of Moweaqua spent Sunday near E l w i n , the guest of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood and son John Finley of Decatur were the gu«sts of W. B. McGuire and familv Monday. Mrs. Hollis Christopher of Decatur was an Elwin visitor Monday eveningr. Miss Edyth Burt is spending a few days of this week n e a r Macon the guest of her sister. Mrs. Tom Wise. Clarke Vance was called to Decatur Sunday evening to be at the bedside of his grandmother, who Is seriously ill. The Ladies' Aid society will meet at the home of Mrs. Charles C u n n i n g h a m Thursday a f t e r n o o n Misses lona and Ester Bell of Cowden and Lucile Connarcl spent Sunday witli Mary Hocker, east of Elwin. Miss lona and Ester Bel! of Cowden are the guests of Mr. Charles Bailey and f a m i l y near Bendy this week. HAMMOND NEWS ITEMS OF INTEREST Hammond, July 15 -- E. N. McAtee was severely bruised about the hip and leg last Thursday eveningr. He wa^ working on the C. H. D. section and was struck by the hand car. Miss Esther Wren of Niantic visited here Monday and Tuesday with relatives. Miss Hazel Brown of Harmel Is visiting here with relatives. O. Greer and wife visited in Decatur Sunday. Misses Opal Bandy and Hazel Brown were badly shaken up Monday evening when the buggy upset that they were riding 1 in. Miss Myrtle Gentry of the Normal university and Miss Genevleve Johnson of Bloomington spent Saturday and Sunday with the former's mother here. Miss Elsie Kustermann of Highland, is the guest of her uncle. D. Bodamer and family. Miss Maurine Lowery is home from Niantic where she was the guest of Rev. and Mrs. E. K. Crews. Miss Mae Lewis has returned from an extended visit in Pontiac and Foose- land. E B. Irfavitt. B. F. Vancuren, T. E. Plahl, Tom Hlfrlch and A. M. Clark autoed to Keokuk, Iowa, Sunday, returning Monday afternoon. H. D. Stahl of Arrowsmlth is visiting here this week. S. T. Walker of Sullivan, editor of the Moultrie County News, was a. Hammond visitor Saturday. The Adelphla society realized $25 at their ice cream social held last Sat* urday night. You Should Worry (f it were difficult to find a safe and reliable remedy for the ailments due to irregular or defective action of the stomach, liver or bowels. These ailments are likely to attack anyone; likely, too, to lead to worse sickness if not relieved. are famous the world over, for their power to correct these troubles certainly and safely. They cleanse the system, purify the blood and act as a general tonic upon body, brain and nerves. Indigestion, biliousness, constipation might, indeed, cause you prolonged suffering and expose you to danger if Beecham'a Pilte Were Not On Hand The Your Eyes Are Obedient Servants Thry m;* 1 - rofrp1,-nn litit w i l l 1ml o in \ o i i r I f l m l f . ' I h c v n i l ! M n n d r?»rr iiltn^r Mian « n \ n r p n n of ( h r hd^ H't uln ti. t U r o n y h n m ^ h i n t Win t n n r l f i n i f i h i i s f i ^ c , t l u ' i r d n l i - ttf ,iititi*-l iticn) hiM OHM"*, ( l i s t i i r h c d . |nn f | n n l 1 l \ t h e sen. ml hri-nnies t h r flslt'i f !"« i i l t r r K In- 1 1 1 Irss v o n ·f w i t h o u t \ o n r t-\ r*.. ( i n r t h e m M r r i t t i t n at utic.- i| t h r \ ,'trc J i l t i n g ft us r t r n n i i i t i (hern f r r r »»( r l m r n c D WILLIAMS v PTDMETRI5| omcuN. I 1(17 N. Water St. Opposite Millikin Rank. »rh, In li, p,: r , ·tall",. Prints 3c All sizes to 4x5. Films Developed, any aize roll lOc tn h * onlv K n u t m n n shop ii*« n-ithlnit hut Kimtman MR. THf prnof of our mi, inn rnrt t h i f ., ir (i-tii!« n i l ov*r ihf 1fnM*fl lfM .fltrltr.| All work ·nrn 0. A. MORROW, IIS NORTH WAT EH AT. Folrath Outing and Tennis Shoes Fnlrath shoes for tennis, and for outings and recrpations as well as sports, meet all re- q u i r e m e n t s of this type of footwear, both in design and construction. Black, tan and white materials, and the general appearance nf each style, are appropriate to the occasion for which it is intended. Careful shaping, practical construction, the special development of features that add to the wearer's comfort and enjoyment, give our outdoor shoes their distinctive character. Tennis shoes for youths and boys. According to size CK/» and material OtJC to 75c * $1.75 Tennis shoes for men and women; according to kind . Outing shoes for men and boys. According {£^ to size tp£) to Trot-Moc for men and women; according to (UQ kind «PO to Trot-Moc golf shoes for men and women Bathing shoes for men and women A A »UU .rue. THIS STORE CLOSES AT NOON ON THURSDAYS DURING JULY AND AUGUST Thursday Until Noon We make special efforts on our Thursday morning sales and you will find Hsted below some of the most attractive items of our July Clearance Sale Remnants of Wash Goods Our Thursday remnant sale has proven so popular, :.nd our enormous selling of hot weather fabrics keeps the remnant tables crowded so that we can lave another of these sales on Thursday morning, i'his time prices will be lower than usual. We will have only two prices on lengths ranging in price from 121/oc to 50c. They will be divided into two lots and marked K p and 1 A/» "06*1* v 12 l-2c Batistes 6 l-2c We have about 2,500 yards of plain and printed batiste in the lOc and 12!/oc qualities, mostly white and cream grounds with pretty floral and Oriental designs. We will close out these at a great sacrifice on Thursday forenoon, beginning promptly at 8:00 and ending at 12 noon; per yard -.-.e Clearance of Summer Waists At There are only about 5 dozen waists in this clean-up sale, but they are the greatest bargains we have offered in waists during our Clearance Sale. Swiss and lawn waists with embroidery and lace fronts, high and low neck styles and about, 32 different models to select from. All sizes, but more of sizes 38 to 44. Values up to $1.75, Thursday morning we clean them up at 50c Thursday Morning Specials In Our First Floor Sections Women's hose, Gordon make, silk lisle, in black, high spliced heel, double sole 2^1P and toe; ode value £«Jt, Women's hose, Gordon make, in black, white and tan, double sole; "I K p 25c value J-tH/ Men's hose, mercerized, 4 pair in box; come in all sizes, in black, white, tan. grey and ^tOf* navy; extra value; 4 pairs' for v *·' Women's handkerchiefs in Linn-Weave, one corner embroidery. 14-inch hem; values up C« to loo, for Thursday only " u Windsor ties in handkerchief and 3-corner tie*, in black, navy, green, scarlet and Kelley; oOc and 75c values at. One-half the Former Prices Enamel belts in black, silk lined, all sizes; 5(V value $10 $15 Wash Dresses $5.95 We have taken all small lots of linen, ratine, crepe and crepon dresses and will offer them Thursday morning at this special price. There are practically all colors represented and the sizes range from 16 misses' to 44 bust measure. The regular prices were $10.00 to $15.00; Thurs- fl*C QK day morning special «P«J««/«J Bathing Suits and Caps We show two very attractive values in women's mohair suits in all sizes from 34 to 44, at $3.75 and $4.50 Bathing caps at 50c and 89c Children's bathing suits $1.19 Bathing suits for girls of 6 to 12 years. Blue mohair and serge trimmed with white braid; $2.00 values; special Thursday morning $1.19 BottledWhere the Best SrapesCiw The Drink That Links Health with Sociability A Modern Declaration of Independence VVIien you can feel that you owe no one you con not pay you certainly feel independent. If you get the money from us to pay bills that ire crowding vou. yonr payments are arranged in small amounts due .it certain intervals and you know you are not expected to pay any ·iiore. However, you have the privilege of paying more and obtaining .Mscount on unexpired time on loan. It costs you nothing to'learn our rates and terms. We are always g l a d t o explain whether you borrow or not. We loan on pianos. furniture, live stock, etc.. without publicity, and security remains in your possession. Write, phone or call. If you owe on your furniture or have a that is not satisfactory, see us. we will help you take it up. and arrange payments that will not be a burden to you. Rooms 7-8 Conklin Bid*.. 144 N. Main St. Bell Phone 2041. ' Loans made in all surrounding (owns. Open Saturday Erenings. Asto 1595. EWSPAPERl

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