The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 5
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John Pldfrer FACTS Sporti Editor BEATEN BY STRAKE JESUIT 82-80 Bulldogs eliminated from tournament Two Ittmillnr local names popped upon the A* MX la led |'re*» Q college All-America team released lam v,tt-v Danny Rhode*, the lJrata*port product now tack INK up the Arkanuu tine, and Charley Davit, Die former Columbia ftfub now runnlni wild tor the Colorado Uuf fi in Ihe Ulg 8. were both en the honorable mention Hit. Both are aopfamore* thti M*K*I and to *ay that they have a*eh made a tpUah In their ftnt t«*ton (J vanity football hai to ft down a* an Underttalement of tremendous proportion!. l^oeal (sin will hsve an opportunity to watdi bo<h prwtntwu* Umn (he rnorr piayt-n on nation*) n-lrvimwi lainous Collon lto»l • later tbl* rnunth a» both Affcattwu ruuirtl Texat. the Colorado and Artamuti an- ('crttunliuwltoti. withltbudf* for ma)<« lw*l »i> l'l-»>i"K " k r > |*»r( in ihe vn ftnbh«J «w liall Krank liruylrii, the WtUhd Te\*» in (Jx 1 Artansa* Iw4d coach, can b? u<ilrfr<«r race tllghUy ln'illahl aljout *r«tl r*ei»dl4 lot l)tf tjl*«l^ alju/xlunl CXJ'M- atxwl net* <tt |tarn<r luok. un aiVlrO tuilrt llwil |ila;r-t st d u^»^inrfc In Saturday itltrft U»r Vol» HliwJct' tair h&nevrr, « t)|i»(rJ I'wUwii lifiwl t»vati<) llf«/jlr» t« tjuifi. lo (xjinl out J'frtH SUIr Khutirt ratti i£rui« few (I* 1 tu» atw) ! llir |x/ti,ilj|l(t> (or lulurr !h«n HporilKdff Alter a decUive 81-53 win over ihe HunKwford Brahma* Friday night thai put the Sweeny HulldoR* In the winner'* bracket ol the Sweeny Jayeee Tournament. lloutton'i Stroke Jesuit ended (lie Bulldogs hope* by Ix-Mintf Sweeny 82-80 Saturday morning, JeMU'1 full court preM (uofc iu loll on the flulldoRi in Ihe begfmiintf o' fir»t fail-paced quarter, but Sweeny Irft It to anyone'* gue*» by tying It 24-M by the end of the period. A ItulldoK rally (Ml them ahead al halftlrne 4<M2 Slrake came out after inlcrrniulmi to He-ore 18 Mraiftfii points to overcome the Hul|d«rt» 17i«- flwcM Sweeny came for the duration of the cnnleit wat m the «id o( lite third frame when Je»uli led 70-Wl, Die lUilld»K* failed to |>ull It out. Sid llnrrit M the way m the low with m poinU, followed by A/ithony Be** «tih ia. Carl AlliKin contributed 17 point* to Ihe i-auw and l-irry William* added 12 "Jouil i> the dark hurw in (hit tournament." Sweeny bun* G. K llauinns kiiij Kr kitty afternoon. "From tlie Itwk* ol thing*, lht*> >r fining to inrak <x\ every t*Kjy " 'Dogs, 'Necks p/ace high on A/f-Disfricf TIIKMIlA/.08f»onT FACTS, Fr<r*port. Texan, SPORTS Sunday, December 5, 1371 Section I. Page 5 KBfiJ'wrtKjfr ll*>rt»*<'i<"5'» r-i rt U, plat in (!•«• S'At Wtlh TtfttsOari^a < ftfi itnctftg lh4f*»J'.!<i^ wf !'*»»! Slate, the i.iUM) U«»i r<r IUrr-.» ,S»ceny and Columbia rrap«j liw f«T«»ttl> ut » MKn-wJul vravun with tr^m and luur pU>rr> namrtl fr^(«-«r!rirh (o !)«• (>t«(rtr! !J t<-jim Viiihartu, Ihr ifK^t-tl) running She fxr+rt bick. Krr. S*nnh jfit) .\4tnn] lo OK- dm! tiling iij'K ffwn .SwrrT;;» »Tfr crfiirf llxi Wtutkrt. eu»(d Jifk .'lotion and iickilr J»mr» S|"Tts-cj Kr<ci ["j«liir. ITullifn Af*i t^clir T^fctft^is (,»<»»iain Sidrie^ H*fT»», ricmati ()»rf) cr«5 Jsj- r«-rrr TrfT) lh«t !i|i-rri» lUctartlwxi, an in irtttjt liftwnan, *r»d lUley Joiimrjti. a Iwci Sid Harrit and t,arry William*. S»p«iy't f"tne end rcmihinaUutt. both landed v,j«jtj or. llx- second learn tjtlem-r with Columbia run- wnj; Uark Dav>d llbwir* and (Cuard Jiiick) Hmtx-ll (UrifT's a»xl iiandcri, ihe k.r-j do U>r Wharfon »uctr*« all M1»K«fI. W«« !)»• OflJ) |WO IO ttiikr ih»c all <U»tnct ttam lx»!h »av8 Sarnkr*. a ill. 1W. pound *rnic» . micic l>w bdrfjt wfuad a» a runtime fjact un o((enw AW! a twti. «n dHrnw llovrrt i (jruiiing 710 [fjunticr, alfco mack- l>«c (cam a» a running back on offrnvc and a Urx-lMtltrr on (JHctiw Wh»r(on »on Ihr tone cfurrijwcrji-h'p «t!h a 111! •iir(or> osrr S»«-rny in S-«nMji and tt<A ihe !>t»!nct IT AAA Ulk »ilh a romp over Hi!rhc«-li tm Kofiprr Ksrid TVir T'jj;rr» »trr rlimjnil/x) (torn UK- j'.a'.f fiiayc<!> l*»! »«••»: In Sil».t«>- a 7 J marl *iu CXIO'C •t >» ro* t C1IARGK tT' M) IVTKW13TT OR (AHRVIVf. «i rwi m The Perfect Gift! Double Knit Slocks Drilgard lur mulnium comlorl, and frrrdom at moicmrnl. Itaublf KnU> are f»kbkin «l Hi brM. Thf oiudllkd flart »t)lkn| loeki prat In Iblt lutury double knit of loe prrccol Dacron l'oJ)r»Ur. Hirrc't nrtrr a urinilr am) Uic)'rr complrul) urrmannil frc»» lTiuu»r from tlriprt, all o>rr patlrrnt or tolUk in Ibr nrmnl »r»vgo color i. $18.00 * / & % S BP out of tournament Hr.iicuport'i tophomorr caRrr* have bivn elimmaied (roin their tournament aflrr luo straight lo*.M-» t>ot>ir dcru, rxxl Ihr younj Shipjx'n. U ?> Friday atlernoon Whrn Galvctton'i vophi heat Hay City Knday. Bay Cil) wound up in Ihr second liraiotporl game in Ihr tournament It was the second ruund o< the Conwlation wmi /nuts when Bay I'lty tx-al Hrniosport 62-U Hraicnwocid'k tenth graders aUo fell Iwice in the tourney in their first game Friday nighl. UM- HIK* wrrr edjjt<d out by Tc*a* City 58 46 Texas City advanced to ihe semifinals erf the winners brarfcrt and Brauuwood Ml to Kl Campo in the semi-finals of UK Consolation play-offs OPENMTE TUVHSUAYiFKIOAV Uck 1 * Plaoutlw renter tt' HUNT HARDWARE WATER HEATER ' Fill OCLIVf RY WC UBVICC WHAT WC U 249 Plantation Drive LAKE JACKSON h»d chatnpMMiiip i(Je;u goinK into the game wub .Sirnk»- JMDJI Saturday morninfj a/lcr Molting out the youtliful llungiTford llraltrnai 81 -53. citmi' al Sw(»tny in »pwrt* ikinnt! Ihr- conlMt, hi' IUil|(V»K. s a flictualinn lead that ranged from 15 to 30 "We didn't play quite like I had hoped •*>: would," M alu-r the game. "We haven't buMcd r/p«.Ti like 1 believe ' capable of (Jfjing "I'm proud of the win, of c«unw." tx- cimtiniHxl "I know it's early In the «cawn, but I think well be exptogfve. Everyone (ihooU real well." Sweeny's ncawmcd cagcrg got off to a cold alart In the first (Barter, but midway through It, they were on the mark with thcfr*ho(*lh,if M loo ft- in lead over Hungprford. The Hrahmas continued to hold their own in Die second period, matching Ihe Hulldoga point for point. A 3»-24 halftlme lead «howe(J evidence that Hungerford had all but fallen by the waygirJc too early to catch up. "They (Hungerford) will be a good club later in the ««a«on " remarked Hastings. "If not then, next year for *ure. They are a young club that comes in spurt*." There is no substitute for experience. With only one senior on the entire wjuad, Hungcrfwd found its youth to be hard pressed inline IBM two quarters of Ihe game. The liulldogs made their move In the third period, outscoring the Brahrna* 20 IZ to lake over a 5»-36 lead going into the final frame It *a» loo late for Hungerford to make a comeback. "The defensive rebounding was real good," commented Hasting*. "It looked better than the offensive rebounding did Kvoryone shot well, but I was real proud of the defense." The Bulldogs had earned a spot in the s«mi-flnais. Their efforts proved fruitless, falling to Jesuit to end any hopes of a trophy Fnqidaire Buy it Now When you need it! OPEN TIL 8 PM MON-FRI. SAT.TIL 6 PMl SAVE! Limited Offer! Hurry! 20.0 cu. ft. Side-by-Side FPO-1TOTS SAVE 50 06 Frigidaire! FPCI- 2oovs Frigidaire! 399 00 SAVE 50°° 519°° MIME L This Frigidilre Bulrt-ln DiUmasher has ea»y-loading racks. • Ucit roA ill tte wrr ewt. • Dii^rt KXM Suptf-&v(< All Irwrt pietlt ttfinltlj. • Ofticill wujntf i»c( ItwiftJ til '219 FrigWaira Skinny Mini. Fits almost anywhere. (Only 2 <e«t wide) littill It «heti tkt wiikU lltctn^ bith, «8(j«n(...i» •txrc >w cm t«t «Jm«1« » <»{, plua£>KV( tnd vcotinr $ 369 This Frigidaire Dishmobile makes your kitchen prettier. 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Vi ^Hr__ ANQilTQN 849.45U t FRg|PORT a33-4$|I t IAKI JACKSON

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