Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 20, 1941 · Page 26
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 26

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1941
Page 26
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5*age Four Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Thursday Morning, February 20, 1941 Telephone Court Upholds Little Stories Of Interest In Phoenix Daily Life Donneil Claim - : JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Feb. 19! :<AP>—The state supreme court! •recognized Forrest C. Donneil, a! •Republican, as governor of Missouri ;1oday in a decision which left Dem- xicratic leaders divided over their Efforts to seat Lawrence McDaniel. : The court upheld Donncll's ; claim to the office by virtue of • his 3,613-vote plurality in last : November's election and dircct: ed the Democrat-controlled Icc- '. Islature to seat Mm immedi: atcly. '• There was no ruling on a second by Donneil asking for a writ POLICE yesterday afternoon ar| rested an 18-year-old youth who, an officer reported, attempted to a screen 103 West . —id he found two passkeys two knives in the youth's poses- sion. BOND of $50 each was forfeited in city court yesterday by Florence Davis, 35 years old, and Janle De Lane, 26, who failed to appear to answer vagrancy charges. Lola Stevens, 22, forfeited $25 on a similar charge. Probation of six months: granted Marie Stewart, and; imposition of sentence was deferred one day for Leo Perry, 26, Delbert Filon, 22, and Charles W. Kemp, pleaded guilty to •FUll DV l^uniu-'il HM\iii£; lur a win, - -— • - • ft prohibition to stop a legislative 22, after all ;committee from beginning an ao va srancy. kwl recount of votes before seating I A BURGLAR who entered the •Jiim. Neither did the ruling go into j Myers-Leiber Company store, 52o :the validity of the committee, com- West Monroe street, by breaking : j>osed of six Democrats and four Republicans, created last month to Jnvestigate Democratic charges of "rejection fraud. : In its ruling today, the court, .composed of seven Democrats, is:sued a peremptory writ of mandamus against Morris E. Osburn, : Democrat, house speaker, ordering 'him to declare the election of Don- •nell "who is admittedly the person :having the highest number of votes ron the face of the returns." the glass in a rear window, late Tuesday night or early yesterday stole a box of tools, two spray guns, several spray compressors and miscellaneous paint equipment, all valued at $250, police reported. Thursday Mornlnr. February JO 5I«t year, No. J78 ARI5 JtIO Published Every Morning and Sunday Arizona Pablishln« Co. 112 North Central Arena* rhoenlx. Arlrona Subscription Rates In Advance One One ThrM Six In Copy Mo. Mo«. Moa, Arliona * .OS $1.00 I2.7S S5.2A One One Three Sta One Out at Copy Mo. Mo«. Mon. Year Ariiona t .10 H.I5 $3.50 $6.75 «3.0» Entered as second class matter at the post office at Pbnenls. Arizona, nnd« the act of i.larch 3. 1871. FIREMEN early yesterday answered two false alarms, the firs] at 12:10 a. m. to 12th and Garfielc streets, the second at 2:44 a, m. to 12th and Jefferson streets. A TALK on bowling will feature the luncheon meeting of the Exchange Club in Hotel Adams at noon today, E. W. Larson, president, said yesterday. Jesse Pike will be program chairman. \FiremanBurned { In Boiler Blast • Arthur T. Lewis, 55-year-old fire- [ .man at the Central Arizona Light: iand Power Company steam plant.! :-was recovering yesterday in Good; • Samaritan Hospital from burns on 1 •'his face suffered in an explosion at •the plant Saturday. : Lewis, who resides at route 4, :box 517, was not seriously burned, ;«aid an official of the company, : vho estimated the explosion dam; age at a maximum of $1,500 to ;J2.000. : Th? official said Lewis was burn- led when a small pocket of gas exploded while he was lighting the • furnace box of a boiler with a long : torch. The explosion loosened bricks •and probably caused cracks in the : boiler. : Lewis discovered : burners he had lit was not burning : after he went to regulate another : boiler, the official said, turned off : bo'th burners and started fans to •purge the box of gas. : ^Presumably he did not eliminate :all the gas from the box, the offi- :-cial said. William van Niekerk i ' .Striking • of Harrismith, South Africa, : bolt of lightning broke his jaw. L E f A C T BARR^OE BALLOON W TO DEFLATE A » "' 'SCIENCE sEWiCE-ncrootAPH COUP. 1-20 RETRIAL of Edward Smith, private Phoenix investigator, on a criminal libel charge, started yes- one of two terday before Superior Judge Arthur T. La Prade and probably will go to the jury today. A jury was unable to agree after his first trial on his guilt or innocense in one case, and it freed him in another. A CHARGE of disturbing the peace was filed against Hugh Puckett yesterday in East Phoenix Precinct Justice Court. He pleaded not guilty and was released a!without bond pending trial Tues- iday. MEMBERS of the Arizona unit of the cotton growers association, recently organized for the irrigated cotton section of the United States, will meet in the County Agricultural building, 1201 West Madison street, at 1:30 p. m. Tuesday to complete a permanent organization, Harry A. Stewart, temporary secretary, said yesterdav. TELEPHONES in service in the Phoenix exchange at the close of last month numbered 23,209, an increase from 22,285 on the same date a year ago, according to the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. REVERSING a previous plea, Ray R. King, a carpenter, pleaded guilty yesterday to reckless driving and Superior Judge M. T. Phelps imposed a $25 fine, then returned $15 of it. King had appealed from a city court conviction 1 and sentence of $25 fine or 10 days in jail. ACCUSED of kidnaping for robbery, Grattus Louis Cloud applied yesterday to Superior Judge Howard C. Speakman for appointment of an attorney to represent him. The court appointed Fred J. Hyder and continued arraignment to 9:30 a. m. today. TRIAL of Elijah Pinkney, charged with nonsupport, was continued yesterday by Superior Judge Howard C. Speakman until today. It was scheduled Tuesday. A PLEA of guilty to a charge of carrying a loaded pistol concealed on his person was entered yesterday by Eli Smith, 53 years old, local hotel resident, in West Phoenix Precinct Justice Court. He will be sentenced at 9:30 a. m. today. A COMPLAINT charging Mrs. William Allee, 58 years old, with disturbing the peace was dismissed in city court yesterday at the request of the complainant. A BUSINESSMEN'S forum led by Jack H. Brahm, president, and centering about the subjects "Bad Money, Bad Checks, Forgeries and Counterfeiting," will feature the program for the weekly luncheon meeting of the Optimist Club at noon today in the Arizona Club. HEARING for Manuel Martinez, 27 years old, and Sara Macias, 18 on a charge of violating the city morals ordinance was continued indefinitely yesterday by the city magistrate when he learned they had procured a marriage license. AFTER pleading guilty in city court yesterday to disturbing the peace, John Craig, 46 years old, paid $7 of a $10 fine, rather than ;o to jail for seven more days. He tiad already spent three days in jail awaiting hearing. TRIAL of Millard Thurman, charged with abandoning his wife, 3essie, in a destitute condition, was set yesterday by Superior Judge Dudley W. Windes for next Wednesday. Thurman pleaded not guilty. A CHARGE against John M. Seavers of assault with a deadly weapon • was dismissed yesterday )y Superior Judge Arthur T. La Prade at request of the county attorney, because of insufficient evidence. THE COUNTY board of supervisors is scheduled to open bids at 10 a. m. Monday, March 3, for furnishing liquid asphalt road oil for the county highway department during the remainder of 1941. A SUMMONS, directing J. H. Du- pron, Phoenix insurance agent, to appear in West Phoenix Precinct Justice Court at 9:30 a. m. Monday and answer a petty theft charge was issued yesterday by Justice Nat. T. McKee. The complaint alleges he misappropriated $15.95 last August 21 previously intrusted to him by George Golfinos, 29 South First avenue. AFTER preliminary hearing yesterday in East Phoenix Precinct Justice Court, Jesse Davis, colored, was held for superior court action on a c' arge of assault with intent 1- commit rape. IMPOSITION of sentence was suspended 30 days yesterday for Erna Cole, previously adjudged guilty in East Phoenix Precinct Justice Court of simple assault. TOWNSEND CLUB meetings scheduled for 7:30 o'clock tonight are No. 16 in the Broadway recreation hall, Central avenue and Broadway, and No. 23 at 128 North Third avenue. o Young Kidnap Victim Beaten SALINAS, Calif., Feb. 19—(INS) William Hawkinson, 13-year-old Castroville schoolboy, was kid- naped today by two men who beat, bound and gagged him, and then threw him into a quarry when they determined he was not of a wealthy family. The boy dragged himself on his elbows to the top of the quarry and shouted for help. Julian Mendoza, a ranch worker, heard his cries and freed him. The youth reported that the two men drove up in a 1935 light sedan and pushed him into the machine. The boy said the same men accosted him yesterday, asking: "Has Mr. Bund (a neifthbor) much money and doe* his daughter, Mary Alice, go to Castroville School?" Hawkinson's father is employed by the county road department. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY AUTO mechanic call after 4. 217 East Indian School Road. Your Income Tax NO. 16 Capital Gains And Losses The term "capital assets" is defined as the property held by the taxpayer (whether or not connected with his trade or business), but does not include stock in trade of the taxpayer or property of a kind which would properly be included in the inventory of the taxpayer if on hand at the close of the taxable year, or property held by the taxpayer primarily for sale to customers in the ordinary course of his trade or business, or property, used in the trade or business, of a character which is subject to the allowance for depreciation. Capital gains and losses are classified as "short-term" (applicable to capital assets held for 18 months or less) and "long-term" (applicable to capital assets held for more than 18 months). Such gains and losses are taken into consideration in the percentages shown on the return, aased upon the period of time during which the assets were held. Short-term capital losses are allowable only to the extent of short- term capital gains. However, any net short-term capital loss (not in excess of the net income for the :axable year) may be carried over to the succeeding year and applied against the short-term capital gains not already cffset by short-term capital losses in such year. The carryover is restricted to one year. In the case of a net long-term capital gain or loss, an alternative :ax is imposed with respect to a gain if such tax is less than the normal tax and surtax on net income, and in the event of a loss, such alternative tax is imposed if greater than the normal tax and surtax on net income. VVrjere a tax- layer derives a net long-term capital gain and computes his tax under section 117(c) (1), relating to alter- native taxes, the base for determining the 15 per cent limitation on the charitable contributions deduction provided by section 23(o) and the earned income credit provided by section 25(a) (3) is "net income". ; Where a taxpayer sustains a net long-term capital loss and computes his tax under section 117(c) (2), the base for determining the charitable contributions deduction is "ordinary net income," that is '-'net income" plus the amount of the net long-term capital loss, and the base for determining the earned income credit is "ordinary net income" as adjusted for the charitable contributions deduction. Fugitive Pair Is Sentenced John L. Hicks, 21 years old, and William T. Morris, 19, Phoenix criminals who escaped from an Arizona prison farm last September 23, have been committed to the Arkansas State Penitentiary for long terms for a series of offenses in that state, J. B. Mackey, chief of the local police identification bureau. was notified yesterday. The Federal Bureau ol Investigation informed the identification head Hicks was sentenced to 12 years, and Morris to 10 years in the penitentiary February 1. The pair was convicted of burglary and grand larceny in Paris, Ark., and also wanted for assault on a Bonneville, Ark., jail guard with intent to kill, and escape irom the same jail. They finally were captured December 9 in Tucumcari, N. M., after assertedly stealing an automobile aptu , N. and forging a check in Santa N. M. The two youths escaped from the' Arizona prison farm near Florencs Police Radi, Work Is The story of the gradual together of what is no w . a £3 police radio network covering? of the state was told membS the Phoenix Hiram Club yestesr by Weyland U. Ewing, chfefiif technician for the Arizona HiJs!: Patrol station KNGG. ^ Mr. Ewing grew up witlriiij in Arizona, beginning as a P«25 High School student in 1913 «S? ins with crystal'sets. a "*>?• He told of aiding in the «ii lishment of the first Doliro^T in Phoenix in 1932, of buM,,™ 1 first two-way set for the citv «, of the organization of the J. wide network, which was S» lished about a year ago i n J7* eration with several counties.- Six Stations In cars m virtually every sectln* J the state, was built around^n! 1.000-watt highway patrol Mr. Ewing said. In the network are "stations'* erated in Tucson, Yuma, Premw Flagstaff, Florence and PhoeS Mr. Ewmg's talk led-to anSi change between George O.^FM Phoenix businessman, and S Holtzendorff, Phoenix police rtw who was program chairman;-o» removal of part of the Gamewj alarm system in the City otS. nix, a forerunner of the radio. Mr. Ford asked why .the Gam,, well system, which he said form d' otood cost $50,000 a few «» ntrn \vrn: tfltprt Aiif '" - \ in a prison truck later found abandoned near Phoenix. At the time. Hicks was serving three to six years for forgery and Morris, one to three years for burglary. -o 'jago, was taken.out; . , , ! "Obsolete", Says Chief - X "The Gamewell system,' Odds against four perfect hands being dealt at a bridge table are 158,000,000 to one. The Roman Catholic archdiocese of New York has more than 1,000,000 members. Holtzendorff said, "was purchased 25 years ago at a cost 'of $m»» instead of $50,000 and had becoro obsolete. All but four phones »m removed because the radio- laj taken its place. By abolishing It the city will save $1,500 a yeatft cost to keep the system'in opm. tion. -:-,"It was just like a car purchssi 25 years ago. A car then nigfc have cost $7,000 and not be wont more than a few dollars now*' >. GAS f V/2' In Si-Gal. *a**<^F ^9 A Y - N... NIGHT SERVICE DAY UJJ I 1920 W. Van Buren Ph. 4-4131 NOW BUYS THIS BK NASH SEDAN The New Kind of Car that Goes 25 to 30 Miles on a Gallon! NEW PICTURE WINDOWS! Offer greater safety vision for driver, a wider view for paMengeri. NASH GIVES YOU MORE IN THE LOWEST-PRICE FIELD MAKE THESE COMPARISONS NOW-THEN DRIVE THIS NEW KIND OF CAR! A. J. DAY LESS AND YOUR HOME TOWH GROCER TOILET SOAP Lux — Lifebuoy — Camay Paknolive or White King Choice Limit 3 Calici with Other Merohandl«» • HEINZ SOUPS All, Popular Varieties Cans CHEESE Kraft American or Pimiento 1-Lb. Pkg. Blue & Orange FOOD STAMPS Redeemed at Your A. J. 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The Convertible Bed for vacations. itis A , Auto Sales Tempe... A] Mann Nash Sales Phoenix Al Mann, 102 E. Mad Globe Globe Nash Sales n «ues Nash is the only car with Two-way Holler Steer- Ing... the only low-price car with soft coil springs on all Jour wheels— and the difference will amaze you. From road to roof it's a completely new kind 0} car. Designed as a unit—its low-slung body is built on airplane principles of welding body and frame into one rattle-proof, twist-proof unit. When you think of the fun of owning this Nash— with such fine optional 'extras' as Conditioned Air for winter driving::; and the Convertible Bed for summertime trips. >.. —When you think of its extra room -. t; its extra comfort;;;and when you consider the $70 to $ J 00 MOTORS, Inc., 542 West Washington S^T;;!/- • I* M- ™ leeler Prescott. . Prescott Motor Co. IE*' S Sei £ IC ?> Station Mesa • • - • ^ny's Car Market SaS'"''i;;C,- R - , B : r?*^ Glendale . . . Smith and Greer &aaord ... 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