The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 15, 1974 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1974
Page 2
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FACTS EDITORIAL City may need louder voice of fiwasport hav« hud en joint opmUcm. But WcnnaUy. Uter« has always b«n an interchange of service* and when there has been an actnUaeed. As examples, in recent weeks mechanical prohtoots In Preepori has meant the use of * dote garbage track and street sweeper. This to reciprocated, and b the practice in all the home rule cities, Most often it's a nutter of supplks. When Freeport, Clute or Lake Jackson need in a hurry something that's in the others' inventories, it's usually available forthwith. There is also a lending of special equipment Out would be costrjr to duplicate in the area. The effect is to economize to a small crisis. Less frequent is the kind of political cooperation that occurred several years ago when all area dties supported Freeport's request for replacement of the Highway 36 bridge over the Brans. Some of the supporting group disagreed with the priority of the bridge, but gave their hacking anyhow. There may be another occasion in the near future when the influence of all of Braxosport's city governments would be useful in seeking a political solution to one city's severe problem. It would be a test of how DON OAKLEY Who's benefiting from contributions? Ataerieam f»v* a *hopf»ng C< J bfllioo la charities la*t yntr U»- ftprtwateiy. oaly pan of tfate bujtr suco aetoally w«ni to tar «**dy I lo "EftQrbedjrV tiasty" a male and ftrnuir rotes «mi ti* |t vaion *nrf Setneel It* ftnd!tne> ,^1v4 Uf^MW^pejl ^.^ ml , • ^fm *ef y«w*^^n^> (maiiaiien and 01 g^nliaitooa go far ft and program co*& rather ttuo benevoieot tenrie**, at the rxpem* ol an wknowiflg ptrMk* For example, a limdraiung argaauaiioa bjred by the Pofke Cltiefs of America to nn« money (or Uie»urvmw» of polk* killed in the toe ol duty produced MOO.cra but mbiracted tm.ooa for expemes. leavieg only CM.030 for the actual fund By comrast. Easter Sead c«0ect«d more U»ao Kit mUtton to 1972, ol »h»rt» flt per cent vetit to program MTVIOR^ Ukew»c.» per cent o< the «H,I million glhreo la the AoMricaa Cancer Society in 1972 went lo research aod public The pobCc'f right to know ttbere it* charily maaey rcaBy go** t» brinj fhampiinnfd by Rep. Uotxt Vaa Overitn (O^atii ) ia a bill DOW before Contrwa The bill. MR )I*U, would. kmcMg other ,lRtags, require cfaaritiea u> dadtwe full (Inanrial iafarmatiaa upon rcqaeal The bdl wowkfa'l be a cure-all. however, itettgwu* organiuiioM would be exempt aad last year, « per end trf »fl charitable doMtJaat w«rt u> «ucb Don't Hunk tfcat chariUr* artn'l w- IcmUd ia your *mail cootnbutMra. More than S9 per cent of Uw abnoM 13 bdlMo giwn last year came from w dividual damnn. TtMtr It or 19 or tin gUU add up Tfaoae workiog lor charity reform bare no desire to dry op Uu» weit "We don't waat la flop people from givtog," ia>* Marilyn Ko«> of the Council of Better BnainfUi Bureau*" PtaianUirafac Ad- viaory OepL "Bui we want to MV UK money go ia Of rigfel pla«* /or U* rigJM maun." Tt'KMHr, TIIJJ BATTUE TUli: Ai the sayiaf ha* it, "You've come * tang way, baby " >urt how far »<*r.«, fcs*r«sse. asd wteerv tttey are ga»g '• •Mggeatad by ike fladaogs <* Uw Wrt Virginia Sums Anericaa Women 4 * OpiawsPoll la UB» year'* poll, conducted by iht AM) careers — But mjirruicr In nlfeer ife* «W or er« *tjW> rmuma Ihc pfcirrrtd *aj a! Wr for mere than raw cut el tm w<«a«n and mm tifimi a ctotcv, tsttfy » tuatHtil at wcxntn t} prr rvni! wotdd purior * tamr rather tton ntarriatv and having cfukJiro Oitorw it t «otetioa lo * bad Otarmf* a tj^vrni by IJw«f out a* (V«r r. 4 maJnrtJjr tfv rrajuirubtr jpirorr,*- N^artj j;J ^ vcmen Ictby thask ttarmg fw < hiktrcn » ideal, ctMtpami la only one tn t«ur »bo IbouftA to in \1Kt and IMi Ma* ntf U» MgJ> coil «t Imag and owrpopuitUMi M the reasem •••-Women are iJtll tryUig to com* (o grip* »tth (hp .»»calM oew mml freedom pnr>4ieni a>mon« mmarrtnit a> loo* ty led*? Atwwl two wrt of fit* M« it M a dungr (<vf ihe vomr aed nmrty »n nptai nuiiitwr npma mixed (tittnf* Vor U* finJ lira*, a dear maJorMy tt Ammcan »o«n«t» - S3 per c«l — »ay ihej «rr >a Uvor oi rtfuru (o Mrenilbnn «om«Q*» poMttoo w tMricty Yet mm canluuM* to ***« (rrater tnttutUim far tht* goal than women thenuchn, ft prr twl of the nt*» tatervirved were far -a<imett'* tutu» win the blu* rlbbonr goodwill fare* wnen meatured against cotnpeOtive Interest U appears that Chile may be (he victim at a change in federal agency regulations in the newr^tightened program of flood insurance. So far. alt food plain map* are tentative. Federal contractors are still gathering data, and there wiQ likely be revisions, However. Freeport and Lake Jackson requtreroenls were prepared early, and are reasonably lenient. Some of the standards were changed before the first Clute map* wtrt produced Unless lhes« are changed, the elevations required tor a huik&ng permit are such as to halt all Oute growth. The inclination might be lo avoid rocking the boat There might be the (ear that a joint appeal, wnphasfcuig the Chile discrimination, might instead nsmlt to Freeport and lake Jackson being smitten with revision* under the iiajidards that wetre applied in Clute Oute officials are going to make every effort to alter the limitatieas that are tentatively tmpowtt on the city's property u«, on their w*« initiative But i! their voice of protest talb short of bewg politically jtro«g enough to get the >o6 done, a sense of fairness should induce other city governments to pitch w and create a toorter voice. aJw I ,«W «MW) agftf II on up were astai Hwir raw* <» marriag*. divorce. rtuW THE BRAZOSPORT 4*w*«*«* ••» >*» **«•«• •«• »»M»«M«» iMutun tint •MM u imui «MM<I v>« TIIK BBAHWTORT FACtB Comment and Opinion MERRV-GO4!OUND The oil crisis forecasts changes tt» ea* r ^ ufttX Kjt t'fSHt WSttflpfWH. 9W Hi«tW¥ at price* nav* tM«m4 Kb* *ft \ttaOnA Statt*, «*4»f r>«jW«1 I* «M&f ffaw w*B tit AM*ri*« *et**( WORD EDGEWISE pimiint to «MM«« Too many 'hats' unglues trade bill SMMt- tttglMft*!*.,. (*<**f «**«**,, SbfW* MftfttrttfUl *>.ft«« <!&•** MAM **Ki"ty tt <*»*» (Maw- tftote «t atw f. mitfiut «v«* taMl to *#*• We **iw *•**«*«$ Cft I'll,* • A*»* IS* *«** {V "Stlrf ft»* BSWtft BwattJk uwj WMhtt.) tfe» It • tad nxfei *tth K-* « 6!fc»* * * { i'«»WHiif ifltl tfifc)*'?** «tMvn* ttM 5ft* «B Jit tmtft* in. Ifwi ftw Jt*>«i« ti •» w rf Ktttii«i{«if , (font ofw f»t tf* i ttvifl Dai fttir j^«fHn>K* of !(« 'At- *>rrtt'*f,iiir. imifutiiettt tfw. S»f "t* us *ftfte 4, rf^fi.^nwi. jrtlt »» t«H« (Hi* t( IfSnV trt-ti >r.«« (lur at th* t'&S K. l*««i»«fctftl I' Rfhtmfe "lUij^ Sttf* SMS* J,*flM<ii4 JulU t«m 19* • <a<»utt. t« rwmr-ij Our ftae ' foe «ypt! Ttw wrirnufto wn !w' ( i uwt:t» rnJ sui tv - MM> <<< Ik* (rrrtfem nf pro qur> {or "mcnii Uvnriral IfcU t«3lra tinea Mr ^ •;n tftc fotapiftrtS.i»t taut* «nr i»i;i;nil •** !.«, <r *•(»«<,•»{ •a* on tfw I M\HW VMI The r*4.«o<» (off tei wai, of c««ine. i&»( Ifcw ? ott Use rvrortt *( M But frrrtsl al »**/ Gmgmwinaai fund i 1*1 a tu»«J (tui-t he tha* fooff tfw map SttMtef J4<l,i».r hj,» fjrrr, ialaraMtl (hat tint (fur-i Brtttt «Ji n»»t I* Whal ! M i fnpi'j of PAUL HARVEY NEWS There never was any equal justice THE WORRY CLINIC Not democracy but a Republic « AAK »4M tttfcft TWcry penMU ttut UKT« » "r Thos* tibo want lo iyncf) liw (ormct J*r»»t4en« and impniciac* ru» MM are proteaUng Ibai tfaefr u, "no u> It* » «*ii AfM i ftui (h» l Of ctauw not; there orvw M«»4 of u> couM beat a rap 9ttb a fiw But 'a prwtcter raugM driving d»w>* put « » tort of "Miitary cor* wrfocwt for the rnt of hi* hfr Th»l'» not ••«•»!." yet pcrhajw it te a* frtafetrtt amM brar *J*J M c» 1'rmufenl t (at* t* **li t*u>(( of cfiotiilcfatiattl 4o ixH to Othft . Or CruM^rika rewwriwd. "1 «»M«d )OU la kO>« Uttt S*<* JlM pMM4 «•»? lit kafcari M y«a a* «M al hte bm* fn«Ml». t» I wnb yw (««i4 b* f««**« M DM manorial am ftc* wt «* taring "Aad I '«l !)»• tor ywi t* cmfHw a Bute ti *u« ie tngnm <M U» back Mite «l Mt MEtHtew. far H Is sew tan. vattttg ter an appreprtat* (r«w»a to !• fAtl. M£> KMUI *»****. pt»iA»»0. bwtMtf and DM •« W tM «Mjw«| tet ft* MMrttM* um aww irt a«i Mtk 4, ^* MM ia «W MMt). HM , t«*. out tMt U; WM pratMl by MM Wr mutt t« carvitd Utal *t do not «i)k/* •^iiwli.e* lo t* tfegMilml Ws * U Pr«*tdc8i Ford rm «cri«w»ly oHaudertd a Uaokvt pardon f«r everybody la«oJ*«4 ia W»i«rgaic. l:n glad b* ba* ctungn) bt» rnJnd »b«wt i Utal might wuftd Ufce tfcacaiea A* tte »«d Irwrdom" hat he«i bctftte to ite pbraw to our The TV f*t*u»tt rait beta the !>> jn t« ih« i^rcvt *bo pretaai*. "II ry *tey ww'l T" did wrf "get «»ay" brava A« «n aMuct cooriKtriKR*! lawyer, «w Aictad to UM UA (tegnaa to Uw a* * Unaoaat he bacaiM aawaatad by Ite «tt attaiMft to p«k U» ttmna» , «o twttdMd to (fa* Kep«*tarM > Party an4 lM«r b**am» a* Mtioaai trwmiw. U* wrote wot* el UM moM I feat* **« mad and I fer | makvwl la Bag** at vro Uaiv«r*lly «M taafe practically tvery co<in» dianMn dur^ »y graduMMi »«ar» nban 1 wa» gaiteg ny Hi D to , U* QHMMiaaw tt ckc by the irala aa4 pvyaw «< £M .J***** 1 **w*gr**i UM Hill* ^^*^** ^P«ai IWWpW*,, 'nf 1 ' H VM •nKmattUMtettoMfAiMaryb El «J maay pnfMt, «* »' »

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