The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 15, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1914
Page 2
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Page Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Wednesday Evening, July 15, District East of Arcola Will Be Improved. Arcnla .'"Iv l;--A lively drainage n a t i o n ' w a s ' h e l d Tuesday a f t e r n o o n bntween the h o u r s of 1 and -I o clod', at the home of A. T. Thompson. Recently a new d r a i n a g e district liaa been formed east of the c i t y Known as ti:s- tn.-t No. in. H is designs! to Inwrrr. e the" drainage f a m i l i e s of that section of the c o u n t r y and a !nrtlo«f of It em- school,. Sunday morning, »?.«· 'Jf 1 *' vdte, expressed their appreciation ot The Decatur Review in reproducing the photo of its school arid accompany- ...i» - -land Myers was cane* ""Lincoln* Monday by the sudden death of Mrs. Myers' cousin, Julius Jacobs. MAT SINK MORE WELLS. The city council is figuring on put- tine down some more wells at the water works. The business has been increasing every year and more consumers are being taken on every year a n TM t h « present wells a« pumped to the l i m i t to supply the demand, es- Pecia iv during a dry spell like we arc nTvins now. If it does not rain pretty soon fhe superintendent will have wa- tor en the brain from thinking about i, and the worry of trying to keep enough water o» hand to supply the demands and meet all emergencies Mrs John Leavel! was a visitor In D f c a t u r the first ot the week. MATRON'S JEWEL IS PRESENT Given to Mr«. R. I. Tatman by Monticello Gaatern Star. i Montlcello. July 15 -- Last Friday ; n'sht at the regular meeting of the i Eastern Star. Mrs. B. I. Tatnmn was '· -iresented with a. past matron's jewel. · Born Monday to A. TV. Gross and wife | a son Mr. Gross la superintendent of ! the city schools and this is their first Ti!^ f i n u l le-ai proceedings In t n ^ child. ,,,,, '- or the r m n g improvements Mrg . J6 hn R. Andrew Is entertaining u ow .inner way in this r l t y were com- | hgr mother . Mrs. Goldlns of Council ,acted in the - o u n t y court Monday, { I o w a _ morning when Juds* Dolson appw tci Mlss Etta Sackriter had-as her guests I fi t h e i - o m m i s f l o Thi-v »·«!·*· rtefeated Sy a larec m a - | l o r i t y In all s i x t y - s i x votrs v/ere cast . w i t h t h p ' f o l l o w i n g r e s u l t " . ,, _ i XV \V I l o i i r h i n . ." year ttrm ........ ^ . l i a n P U!rh. : year term .......... ·__. 11 I . \ V n t e i f . 1 y e a r term . . . . . . . . . . . . · ; V T Thompson. r. year term ........ -·· . · · h a v l e s E h r h a r t . J y r a r t e r m ........ - i . T..m L- .-,ns. 1 war t o r m ............ , ' The t h n - f n.iini-." f i r s t p r i n t e d a r e .ne · ones elorte.l anil t h e i r e l e c t i o n m e - - ' t » » i m p r o v e m e n t of t h e district. PAVINT, TO the s u p p l e m e n t a l assessment of · P er .-.·nt. M a y o r Schneider and A t t o r n e y t-'mory Andrew.*;, of M a t t o o n . represent- ivirRar aim w. ,-fl t h e " c i t y and a p p e a r e d before the pal j, n . n u r t for the purpose of h a v i n g the us- M Lewie M ,**»monr approved nr. f,. H. namron d .Preared before the court for the pur- "" scent \,r,if of n a M n s the assessment approved Dr G U. Damron appeared to pre- ·.rnt ohl-cllons l - i i t tho court ruled that f-o o h i e o n o n p should have been in w r i t i n g n n d t i l e d w i t h the clerk ^ Dr. iHS? S'«3?S pal^n? Sun^ wTSTS father. A. \ f t c r a »hort time h« w i t h d r e w his op- : H. Wildman. ·M.nluon r l a l m i n s r t h a t he did not h n v o Mesdames Amy Thorpe and Robert t i m e to'rtraw up jr.d Cll* the objections. I ' - - - · - .----'-.. w. H.-SIPES BURIED. Sunday, Miss Mayme Dawson and H. Kirker and G. Boedener all ot Cham- ,,,,,. _ ..... artin and daughter Helen spent Sunday with Decatur relatives. \ son was born Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brags near Monticello. He has been named after the two grandfathers, Robert Peters. Mr.,and Mrs. Bert Henness of C h a m - reached the vicinity of Arc«la late bat- urday evening and camped at the roadside one mile south of town. . COUCH ON GROUND. Dr. E. S. Allen was summoned to attend the mother about midnight Saturday At 4 o'clock In the morning a baby- boy was born. The Httls one was brought into the world on a couch made of a couple of blankets which were spread upon the bare ground Deside one of the wagons. The parents are in poor circumstances and Supervisor Howard was called upon to provide a coffin for the child which was burled in the Arcola cemetery late Monday afternoon. Tuesday m o r n i n g the p a r t y - h i t c h e d their horses to the wagons "and continued t h e i r j o u r n e y toward Decatur. ASSUMPTION^GfRL DIES IN FAR WEST Mrs. Ivan E. Robert* Worked Srvernl Year* In Decalur. A s s u m p t i o n . July IS.--Mrs. I v a n E. Roberts, aged twenty-three, died at Santiago, Cal., Saturday, from the effects of tuberculosis. Last September che went to Colorado but. received n» p e r m a n e n t relief and went 'o California, ^he was a niece of Mrs. I^lle Webb, of this city. Her m a i d e n name was .losephine Leach and for several ea'rs pile was employed ns steno- jiaphc-r at the Van Lunen G r a i n o f f l i c in Decatur. She was m a r r i e d about one year anil her h u s h a n d surviy^s her. The body Is on the way to Illinois and will be t a k e n either to Decatur or Taylorvllle for burial. BRIEFS. Mrs. H. L. Cushlris ot Deeatur spent Sunday with relatives hers. Miss Evelyn Smith is visiting friends in Maroa. this week. Mrs. E. C. Foster was a Decatur vis- i t o r Monday. sni ir Ralph Lord's WoodiHed Added to List. hta Taylorville, July 15.--Ralph Lord, a prominent young farmer living between Edlnburg and Rochester, Is still har- rassed by a mysterious enemy, whose object seems to be to separate Lord and his wife, but for what reason is r.Cjt. known. The last dastardly act against young Lord is the burning of lis wood shed a few nights ago. Previously his barn was burned, a valuable horse and cov,- were shot and killed and he was shot through the boot with a. r i f l e . Not once has he seen his mysterious enemy and he has never f o u n d a clue to his identity. Several threaten- r , letters received by him with signature, were t u r n e d over to the authorities but t h e y failed to learn the I d e n t i t y of thd writer. The last letter rpr.eivert by him advised him to send his w i f e back to her home in E d i n h u r g and If it was necessary for him to have a housekeeper to get his wife's sister. The shed, which is near Lord's house, was burned a b o u t midnight and the f i r e was a p p a r e n t l y of I n c e n d i a r y origin. It was not insured. First it was his barn, then his wood shed and Lord fears it will be his house next. N ON' VACATION. Henry A. Beck, teller at the First National bank, will leave on a vacation trip the first part of August and will pass the time at his home in Oregon, 111. While there he will attsnd the golden -wedding anniversary of parents. FORMER BELL CHIEF OPERATOR DIES. Mrs. Walter Putnam, formerly Miss Goldle Gabbert of this city, died Mori.- day night at her home in St. Louis, after an illness of three days following a surgical operation. She was for a number of years chief .operator at the Bell Telephone company in this city. She was born twenty-eight years ago near Willeys Station and has always lived in Christian county until three years ago when she. moved with her husband to St. Louis. . The body was brought from St. Louis Tuesday night and taken to the home of her mother, on West Main cross street. The funeral was held there Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Willie Vidmlr and a Moffet boy are two other young boys sought by the police on a burglary and larceny charge. The boys are said to have broken Into Charles Hawkln's barber shop on East Main street and stolen some bicycle tires, which they cat up and sold to Junk Wright for 8 cents. Wayne Stevens left Tuesday morning for Decatur where he has accepted a position as representative with the International Correspondence School. DEATH OF MRS. M. F. -ROBERTS At MT. ZION Mt. Zlon, July 15.--Mrs. M. F. Rob-, erts^iassed away at her 'home here about 5 o'clock Monday afternoon after an illness of three months. PERSONALS. G. K. Llttl* left Tuesday and.will not So forward showing nig motion plc- ture« on account of his machine need- Ing repairs. Miss Leila. Armstrong returned home (rom Oreana Sunday night after a two weeks' visit. Miss Elsie Reining and Ida Karl were visitors at Warrensburg Sunday. Mrs. M. L. Outten has returned home from Mt. Auburn. Clarence Coombe Is on the sick list. Miss' Mildred Travis left Tuesday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Harry House at Atlanta. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ben Readhead are expecting to camp part of tha week. /· Carrie Edna Peters has been elck but Is improving. Wilbur Scott, who was seriously Injured with a toy 'cannon, is getting along nicely. Jim Howard, of Toledo, came Monday to see his sister, Mrs. Roberts. Mrs. Gladys Hancock and husband, H p i p « » . an old resident of this .", nv.ioclc Monday a f t u r ess. a l t h o u g h he had 1th for several months. » !ty, died :it 1 two weeks II r.een in poor h day a f t e r n o o n at S · ' n r l s M a n c h u r r h . R the- piistor ,M'in 1.1' tn was in the Arrol.i cemetery. W. H. Sipes was a r e a l - l e n t of Ar.'dli Hubbard entertained friends Sunday at Clark's cabin. The out ot town a . guests were Mrs. Marshall. Whining, Kan : Mr and Mrs. Charles Bradley, j Mr. and Mrs. Roy Marshall and Fay -or n great m n n v c a r f . b r i n g engaged in the i*iMrrin.r trade. He was born ,n York c o u n t y . Pa.. Nov. U. IMS June !R lf.fl. he WHS m a r r i e d to Miss Mar- ta'ret A. · Saylor and t w e l v e c h i l d r e n were b o r n t o t h e m . F o u r died in in- f a n c y an-1 n dn.ucht,T. Mrs Clar.i Ha^el w a ' e r s dieii nt'ont two y e a r s aso The I ' i r v i v ' . n s c h i l d r e n a r c : Loul.5. C h i c a g o , r r a n k .uirt Iri. W i t t . Fred. H i m t l n g t o n . In] H a r r y . A r c n l a . Mrs. Hn Jones. 1-enve.-, Colo.: .Mrs. A n n a L o u t h o n . Ar- · ola. Hi 1 ha-1 h r c M ··! member of i h e Arirola · · l i r l n t u n c h u r c h since ],:.'. He was a · tho civil w»r anrl n member A. R.. Ar- Mcnroe. all of Champaign. held 'Wodnes- r M. Burgess and family of Bement., o'clock at. the | ffent s, m aay with Mrs. Jane Heath , w. S Rounds. ^ fid d a u g n t e r s Miss Edna Burgess w i l l , The i n t e r m e n t ^^^ S( _ pt i as a missionary to Persia. I She recently graduated as a nurse and ; 1 eter.'-n - - '·' ^. N iv'rM"!'*' t,-. Arcola in I f T f t and of tl'.e c i t y ever ·-,!» l ! - l ( t . ince. 19-YEAR-OLD BOY DIES AT CHESTNUT ··« Pula»kl r u r Connrll May Sink M«rc Well", Mt FuUtkl. J u l y is.--William Emm i t .McCann, son of William and Kora M c C a n n of Chosanut. died at the home ··' his p a r e n t s in Chi-stnut at T:3" .1. m. .-undnv. accd n i n e t e e n y e a r s and thre.D m o n t h s . F u n e r a l services were held i t the Me!hodi.= t c h u r c h In Chestnut TuMrtny a f t e r n o o n at 1 o'clock. Rev. \\'alter M i t c h e l l o f f i c l a t l n r . BRIEFS. Mrs M a r y Allen, nn old se.ttler of Mt. f u l a n k l . is dangerously 111 at h«r 1MB on N o r t h L a f a y e t t e strwt. CTarence Mavcr and w i f e , of Bloom- inVton. a r r i v e d here - M o n d a y to visit the former's rurents. Mayor and Mrs. .Tohn VT. Mayer. Tho Mt. Pulflskl C h r i s t i a n Bible took this training to fit her for her I missionary work. I Mrs F. I. Tatman has gone to Alvin ] to" visit her sister and other relatives. I Circuit Clerk B. G. Duncan and tarn- ] ilv spent Sunday in Rantoul as the. guests of Rev. W. E. Bell, formerly ot this city. Miss Catherine Doyle left Monday to re-ume her work as librarian at Mt. I Vernon a f t e r spending her vacation at home. Miss Eva Montgomery departed Monday for Anna where she. has accepted a position as librarian. She has been In a similar position at Wheaton. but accepted this at an Increase of salary. She spent a few days with home folks before making her change. BABY BORN ON PALLET ON GROUND PKIful Story of DeMItote YounB »ec.-i- : tur Couple. ' ircola July 15--A baby was born to Mr" and Mrs. Charles Jackson, of Decatur early Sunday morning while th,^ parents were camped with a party 01 i tout a dozen persons traveling in covered wagons, une mile south of Arcola The I n f a n t ' s heart action was i m p e l - f r e t f r o m Its b i r t h a r d d e a t h occurred ten hours later. MOTHER IS ONLY EIGHTEEN. The mother is a young girl or e i g h t e e n years. Her husband is t w e n - t y - t h r e e years of age. They left Dcca- tur several weeks ago and traveled to Danville, t a k i n g a northern route. J»ow they are returning to Decatur. They , ALCOHOL 3 PER CEKl'. ij A\^gefab[ePrepar«(ionforAs- j similalingiteFooiamlRcgula- ProraofesDi^stionJCkafii- ness and telContains neitftcr OpiunuMorpiiine norMnaal NOT NARCOTIC. * ; Aperftct Remedy forCansflpt tlon , Sour Storadx.Dlarrtoa Worms .CoitvulsionsJEtwristi- THE CENTAUR COMPASS; NEWYOKK. 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One ton of coke will go as far as a ton of hard coal. Only $4.50 per ton delivered. Try a load and be convinced. .*- Telephone your order. Bell No. 1; Auto 1167. Decatur Railway Light Co. of Oakland, were visitors In Mt. 2io Saturday and Sunday. George Brltton Has moved to H«rv«t City. _ ' i (UallfleA. . Detroit, Free Pre*a.--"I'm iur« v »J1 daughter It going to make a graae singer some day." "Is that so " "Test she's always quarreling wittt her mother, who, tells me H is absolute* ly impossible to manage her." There IB More to Glasses Than Just the Lenses Fits-U Eyeglasses Lenses may fit your eyes but if the mounting or bridge.does not fit your nose you cannot have the greatest efficiency. We specialize in fitting, which is a real art. If your glasses are not comfortable let us tell you where the trouble is. 106 But William St. DECATCB, U.L Give Your Feet a Chance Instmnt Relief WHft TONGO It actually makes bl« l«et f«el small n makes tight «hoe« COInf ? r S, w ? 11 -^j them feel loose and easy-takes «··* out ot the corns and bnnlon6-*Wr« the odors of bad-smelling feet, gives them " " . circulation. Nothing you forget your feet. All TOSGO, S5 cents, or mailed . Dennlson Pharmacal Co.. CMcwra. Trait-- get it today and get rid of your foot troubles. · - "'»-,.. Xou will always find Tonga »t Th« Decatur Drue Co-, Decatur, IU. Itching a Severe Form of Eczema How to Stop Tfcb Awfal rf «#fa* Disorder If Ton reel Lifco ·, MB CuU«m If you will get it firmly fixed la youn mind that all form*, of akin dta««i» are at combination of nerve disorder and faulty; nutrition you will then understand wh/ S. S. S. the famous blood purifier overcomes such troubles. Just as soon aa S. 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