Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 14
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 14

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1959
Page 14
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f I ttffi PAMPA DAILY NEWS 61st i !„. I****. I ..,.*« LL ...^-—J^kAY, MARctI ^ 195fl .Ye**. mfS, JflfflSS LGWIS Cafeteria Luncheon, Chemistry Tour p l s f a j;, r „.„. ••/%"' i' f* p* Fl f% Wflrd PTA hel(1 |IS ** ound *' <s ' ^ eft Comprise Program For El Progresso *•••** *>* played piano selections ft* guests ff) Progress^ Club met for; This has led to a more well-round-; to more advanced courses." arrived. luncheon on fuesday In the Pam-'ed program and significant redtic- ; Mrs. Ledbetter explained thatj PTA colors of blue and gold were fift. Senior High School cafeteria tion in the number of failures she grades these students accord- carried out in table appointments Srtd for a program-lour of the ad- from a previous 25 to 30 percent ing to the amount of work satis- with the ted table arranged with vanced chemistry classes. to a low 10 percent at the end of factoriiy performed by each and,'blue Dutch Iris and gold ribbon Following luncheon, Mrs. Bob tne f' 1 *' semester." Uhe individual student is allowed:flanked with blue, tapers. Mrs. Banks, president-elect, during a! Mrs. Ledbetter continued, "The lo choose the amount he will at-1 Raymond Zelgler, school principal brief business meeting, appointed 'regular group of students follows; tempt to complete. "For a grade j and PTA district vice president, the following committees to serve'ft prescribed course as taught ln' in tne 7 °' s . lns V m " st complete a |pt -esided at the tea service, next year, Mmes. Jess Clay, Rex 1 most, high schools throughout the minimum number of experimentSj past PTA presidents, Mmes. McAnelly, Elmer Fisher, and Knox.state, a survey of general chemia- in lan and answer the factual por-: Wftllace fields, E. c. Hofmann, Kinard, yearbook: Mmes, Harold,try. The advanced group has quite: 110 " o f tlle examinations. For «•'Ernest 1 , , Wright, Tom Perkins, J. (3. Ly-!ft lot more individual freedom nnd;ff ra de in the 80's, an additional :fus t> 0 da e n, F.d Pakan flnd Ches al; Mmes. 'responsibility in conducting both ''group of experiments must be con- ler fjndall, were recognize Slake, .tames Brothers, Run and Ches- ognized and ons, Bob McCoy, social , .......... ,.„, „ _.., 0 _ V. J. Drew, Glenn Radcllff, tele- discussion and laboratory. The ad- dueled phis the discussion portion presented with a corsage center- phone. „ i vanced group approaches t h e "' the examination completed as gd with a miniature gavel. Stipt. Members adjourned to the nd-icotJMe through units of study de- \vrll. rot a grade of 90 or flhov *'; a nd Mrs. Kenneth Laycock were vanced chemistry classes conduct- voted to discussion and reading original experiments must be ftnd-j speclal gu eslg j *d by Mrs. William Ledbetter.'for several days: then a series of <"d in laboratory work, and more, Jftmes Lew(g &f Pann p a Mrs. Ledbetter explained that this 1 Individual experiments tinder the involving thought que? ions an- pTA V,,^,.,^' president was the Informative Panel Discussion 6 fuesday For Civic Cu lure Mem ven bers Civic Culture Club members head a, program on "Need For More Nurses" and "Survival Under Atomic Attack" fit Its Tuesday (Afternoon meeting In the home of Mrs; Willis While, 1008 Twiford. Mrs. Carl Axelson, Mrs. S. W. discussion, Mrtv Axelson quoted impressive statistics relating to the need for more nurses: "There will be a. growing demand for 000 new student nurse* a.«mm1ly, the ratio of nurses to pttpulatiott will drop considerably by 1970. There must be A sharp upthnist Brandt, and Mrs. Ophelia Morris .unprecedented measure. More conducted a panel discussion relating to the program subject. In a series of- questions and answers, Mrs. Brandt brought out nursing services over the n e x t in Admissions and especially in few decades, In the years ahead, j graduations to attain either goal " Mrs. Morris discussed, "Surv™ &) Under Atomic Attack" Under the following sub-topics; Fam- the population will increase by an people will live to an older with diseases accompanying degenerative j| y preparedness, how to prepare es of old age. Medical prac-1 t j, e family for an atomic, attack; _tlce will broaden in scope, public ( Warning signals, how you will be, the facts that nurses aides areihealth and community service will | alerted to an enemy attack and needed in all Veterans Hospitals, I expand. More people, will go to wna t to do when you hear a warn' """ ' hospitals all hsopitals because of hospital in- infr signal: CONBLRAD instruc- was the first year of a new .p.m.pervMon and approval of the ; , eaker Talks on th. third portion of the proach toward the teaching of;'^' 1 '' 11 '^^ Students may take daily .examinations. . I were riven by Mrs Harold Wll- chemistrv. i progress tests on request. These ! Members attending: this informa- . e ™£ %" u S er Ttoy fcvaKia. "The students." she said, "have advanced students take my much "ve and unusual meeting; were; *™ Q ™™ fl v »$ ™™*' been divided into two groups; those more technical problems and the- J • •-••--"• -' " "'" !Mrs Man' Bledsoe "Youth Bill Inte.ested in following a scientific jOries than those normally included ^^J, ^dUckT' KTo'x W*-" Mrs. Boyd Williams, so'. / 0. Lyons, Rex' McAnet-1 1 ^* presented two songs accorrt- program through college; and^'n high school chemistry." those needing chemistry to satisfy) "Upon completion of this course. laboratory science credit for students making- B or above ' -' ichool graduations. The material'are eligible for a chemistry ex- presented to each of these groups'animation given by some colleges, can thereby be geared to their:for placement in college classes.;. Individual needs rather than anjThose making at least a B nn 'his 1 " 1 attempt made to satisfy all these examination are allowed to skip; _ .. l requirements in a single course, first year chemistry and proceed; C. E. RHODES C.E, Rhodes, Goest' Lecturer, Pianist To Appear Here ,i f Pampa Music Teachers Association's project for th« month of """ring a* their career after this March will include ft two - day soul-satisfying experience. If ever ,,..„,_ Mothers of third grade students j piano fillnlc for music teachers ft women feels any kinship with The next meeting will be the were hostess to the approximately'to b« directed by C. E. Rhodes, I F ' orence Nichtingale, now Is the Bob Bank,, D. V Burton *->eorge ipanied by Mrs. Brannon. health clinics and over the nations. "Today as never before in this nurse-shortage area, aides are needed as helpmates for its professional, registered nurses, If patients are lo recieve the maximum in comfort and care." "Hers is the hand that adjusts the pillow, waters flowers, and fixes pressure, pads. She will learn to give baths and back-rubs, to surance. lions, how to use the military "How many nurses will be need- civilian system of ed to reach these goaJs by 1970? To reach the first goal there must be an increase of 40 per cent in nurse supply and an increase of 60 percent to reach the second goal. That is the overall picture for the U.S. It means that by 1970 broadcasting by dialing 040 or 1240 on the radio; Fall-Out Protection, how to protect against the, Silent but dangerous radio-active byproduct of ft nuclear explosion; Community Plans, the responsibility of local government to deve* .. . ._ there must be 75,000 new nursing op community plans for emergen- shampoo heads and do other du-. . , „„ „„ ties to relieve the registered nurse j es ' M com P arctl to 29i00 ° for more urgent duties," she said. "A number of girls have chosen Harold Wright. ?"? T " "vr Mrs. J. G. Morrison, 75 guests present. Read The N'ews Classified Ads. this the final cleanup of our fall merchandise .. . come down dollar day and save . . . use our career charge accounts with up to 6 months (o pay. suits j Texan Tech student Imminent pianist, master leacher and leclur- er. On Mar. 19, a noon luncheon will be held in the Pampa Hotel dining room for teachers and guests at which time Mr. Rhodes will discuss "How To Memorize." On Thursday at 8 p.m. in St. Paul Methodist church, M r s. Rhodes will discuss "Why Your Child Should Study Music." This time to light a modern lamp." This also means that not o n 1 y musl nursing make certain of at- Iracting its growing student potential, but it must be able to ac- comodate such a large student body." "tf, however, nursing schools As her contribution to the panel I maintain the present level of 46, enemy During the social hour, M f 1. White served refreshments to Mmes. .T. B. Townsend, Stanley Brandt, W. C. Scott, Emm«tt Gee, Vera Lard. Carl Axelson, A. C. Houchin, Opehlla, Morris, Bmmett | Osbome, R. E. Dauer, A. D. Hills, Irwln Cole. C. F. Pennington and Louise Sewell. L, 1 Edmondson, Senior HS Principal Guest Speaker For Twentieth Century "Nothing is of so much worth!needs of schools and education. as a mind well instructed" was; Mrs. Kirk Duncan, president,j w uY~be open To ~the"public with the opening Thought for the Day ; welcomed as a guest, Mrs. Ross parenls ftnd teachers Urged to at- at the Tuesday afternoon meeting- Bair of Mineola, Kan. sister of tend ( of the Twentieth Century Club [ Mrs. Frank Culberson. j To close the event, Mr. Rhodes •held in the home of Mrs. H. R. | Mrs. McKernan lead the mem- w (n g| ve a pi ano concert in the i Thompson 2235 Charles. : bers in reading the Club Litany. jr irst Methodist Church on Friday "Education Today" was the pro-' Members present were Mmes. n)gnt at 8 p m with no a( j m | S sion gram topic discuse'd by L. J. Ed- E - L - Campbell, F. M. Culberson, (charge. Mr. Rhodes is a brother mondson Pampa Senior High J - w - Gordon, Raymond Harrah,j and f ormer teacher of Mrs.; Lois School principal. Mrs. Roy Me-' LIo >' d Hi(;ks . Ronald Hubbard, V.;Fag;an, ]oca i piano instructor. Kernan introduced the speaker, J - -lamleson, Lorene Locke, Roy! „_.. who has been associated with, McKernan, Kirk Duncan, Walter Pampa schools for more than ].v plln £' Robert Sanford, R. W. years, the last eight as principal Stowers. Tom Rose, G. F. Bran- of the' senior high school. Mr. Kd- """• and the hostess. Mrs. Thomp- GIRL'S DRESSES mondson has recently attended a school conference in Philadelphia Pa. in the interest of the newest methods in education. By question and answer discussion, Mr. Edmonclwm shared his experiences as school administrator. He stated that education was primarily the responsibility of B&PW Club Has PA Banquet Topic For Circle mostly year' round styles and fabrics ... only a few pior^.s left —values to 69.95 $ 25 "jack winter" long purchased val. to 14.9* pants $^99 6 helcnca stretch tights ail and colors 1 entire stock of 69.95 m o u t o n $ 39 peter pan bra special sale regularly 3.50 $1.99 famous forlina girdle 2 for $7 laster fashion memo the Circle Two of the WSCS of Har-; rah Methodist Church presented a ! program on the World Federa-] tion of Methodist Women recently.! To introduce the program, Mrs. j G. 0. Hall and Mrs. P. D. Gross! presented a skit about two worn- i Pampa Business and Profession-! en planning a program on World, parents and ihe home; that school a , W omen's Club held Its Public' Federation, to give at their circle! s the supplement. Affairs banquet on Tuesday cve-i meeting. The two women talked] The jjr.'jup was interested in the ning , in the city Cluh Roo| ^ w lth!of the work done by the World) den of foreign languages as a Mrs Fay Kalo ' ni president, giv- 1 Federation of Methodist Women 1 study subject in the grade level; ing the opening welcome to mem- of foreign countries. They made! also the value of adequate conn- be ,.., anci g ue! ,ts. arrangements with Mrs. Florence seling in junior and senior high Banquet hostesses were Mmes.'Lee. who was in Pampa at the! school griidea. Ruby Harvey and Flossie Ander- time, to speak at the circle meet-| The importance of "h/nv to son/Mrs. Vcra Lard gave the in- ing, as a represenlive of a unit j study" was discussed; also, the vocation. Dining tables were dec- of the World Federation In Korea, ambitious student, who should be ora ted with the George Washing- After the skit, coffee and cookies given every opportunity for ad- ton motif were scr ved by Mrs. Hall and the vancement. Mr*. Anderson introduced Mrs. group reconvened In the sanctuary Mr. Edmondson mentioned the Floyd Hatcher who sang "It Took: to continue the piogram. differences in the European and A Miracle" and "If With All Of Mrs. J. A. Mills brought the American systems of education. Your Heart", accompanied by devotion. Mrs. Mills explained the "The Kuropeans are confuted by Mrs. Gene Alleman at the piano. "Tree of Life" as being the Symour many different types of or- Mrs. Ruby Harvey introduced bol of the World Federation, ganizations, hut our way is the the speaker,' Rev. William E., Mrs. D. S. Buckner led in pray- democratic system of equality of West, of St. Matthews Episcopal er followed by singing "In Christ opportunity.' 1 He quoted from Dr. Church, whose topic was taken There Is No East or West". James B. Conanfs hook, "The fm m "Jonah." Mrs. Hall then introduced the American High School Today" and Mrs. Anna B. Odell, Lubbock., "Guest speaker". Mrs. Lee, por- rpcomnn-ndPd it for reading on District Nine director, reported on'trayed by Mrs. Burl Brown dress- the recent state board meeting, ed in native Korean style, which she attended in Fort Worth. "Mrs. Lee" spoke on ways in Mrs. Odell discussed new ideals which they, in Korea, interpert for each club. In her brief speech, Christ's Way in every day life •— she pointed out "we must all work i using illustrations of some of the at whatever we set out to do and' activities of the Women's Society. we all must have fellowship." Mrs. Hall concluded the pro- Twenty-nine members attended gram with remarks regarding the the banquet with Mrs. Joe Austin Federation's motto - "To Know as the guest registrar. Guests Christ and Make Him Known", were Mmes. Iva Lee Upham, Kitty The group joined hands and Jaynea, Ivan Howard, Troy Teel, sang "Blest Be the Tie That Dick Harvey, Wesley Lewis, and'Binds." Mrs. O. M. Butler gave Rufe Jordan, all of Pampa; Mmes the Benediction. Ila Mae Byars, Priscilla Glover. Marcllle P.-iyne, Monnie Gill, Nell BOLOGNA? Adams of Shamrock; Miss Nina! It's a fact that about 17 p e r Cat-hart, Mmes. A. W. Gills, Jan-, cent of all the cold meats we eat ie Fletcher, Amye Light of Pan- ii bologna. It is made in a similar 'handle; Mmes. Audrey Fowler, [ manner to the frankfurter and con- Velma Arendall of Borger. i lalnfl both beef and pork. Often, In closing, the club collect was i bologna is considered one of the given by Mrs. Hattie Harmon most popular luncheon meats. Values to $12.95 Values to $14.95 Reg. $6.98 Reg. $7.50 Reg. $9.98 $3.98 $5.98 $6.98 GIRL'S SKIRTS Reg, $3.98 $2.98 Reg. $5.98 $3.98 Reg. $7.98 $598. Girls' Coats $14.98 MARRIED Mrs. W. H. Jameson, 837 Denver, announces the marriage of her granddaughter, Miss Wanda June Garrison to Jim Winston Ellis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mose Ellis of Reed, Okla. Wedding vows were exchanged on Feb. 21 at 5 o'clock in the office of the Justice of the Peace, Bill Graham. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis will make their home at 816 Malone. Reg. $29.50 Reg. $36.98 $22.98 Close Out Girls' Pedal Pushers $1.98 Bermuda Sox Reg. 90c 25c Infants' Cotton Sweaters Reg. $1.75 98c BOYS' SLACKS SI 98 Wool, Cordoroy, or Gaberdeen Reguardless of formar Price 1 Maternity Tops Block Patent Ueothtr $17,95 Special for $$ Day FALL SHOES H PRICE (JKOI'I* 2 FALL CASUALS $5.00 TO $3. KEOULAR $6.SO REGULAR $7.08. REGULAR $11.50 $3.98 $4.98 $6.98 BOYS' SUITS Toddler, 3, 3X Reg $8.95 $198 1 Reg. $17. Maternity Suits $10.98 $2l'.98 FORD'S YOUTH STORE 106 S. Cuyler MO 4.4021 New Shipment Upholstery 54" Wide Rubberized Back Rose Beige Turquoise Green Beige Terra Cotta Upholstery $ Fir>t WAVERLY Bonded Glosheen DRAPERY 25 and l-'luraU f $1.98 Value Yd. DOLLAR DAY BARGAINS COTTON PRINTS Selection from Full Bolts Guaranteed Not Gold Thread Lurex Domestic f 79c Value • -10" Wide 2 yds, $1 TU • Plisse0 Pinwqle Pique • Batiste •Waffle Pique 2 yds. $1 Barkcloth DRAPERY FABRICS Solids, Florals, Provincials f 15" Wide •SI. I!) Value ^ lyjl la Is 1 Drapery and Upholstery Sanies EACH *)U • Up to 3 Yordi lengths • Voluef to 4.95 Yard The Fabric Center Pa ° mfpo 100 S- Cuyler MO 5-3131 • Silk Organza • Chiffon • Egyptian Cotton Organdy —AIX 45" HIPP -$1.98 Valut

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