The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 2, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1859
Page 4
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MEDICINES BUSINESS OAKD6 MEDICAL LA WYBKS «ar»l>al Johnwn, fot»J,000,to HANDLER & HICKCOX, Attorneys &Ounseilbrs at Law KlfEELANlt MILWAUKEE. , ...... [kprlS] ..... ew TTork; from-*i«tetreri>Jii«» others. ODD. Loin §45,000; innind for atxratfatt,. -Nxv OsuAira, Jobr 11 Moa».,BeUyhM«»riTed*t Aqdmnll, Mnod 7hfi«t«Untbip AtlanUo, ,hlmoe bound for Key West, put bwk yesterdty, htviog broken her cylinder. i Convention. BANOOR, Me., Joly 1. The demoeratlo state convention, vhioh met h»re Testerday, nominated Muuaah Smith, (admuiiatntion) for Governor. The delegate* to the Charleston convention were Oeo. Shipley and E. W. Farley, administration, A. M. Boberti and Blon Bimahnry, anti-administration. They are ^peetedj^^reabhwime point jon seaboard Mween^On* «&d twelve to-morrow. Mr. BrOok*,manag« of the St. Louis Hosenm, " the main party, ten m n- :oon Come, designing. to aooom> paay the Atlantio a-short distance and return in the tnoroing: • The balloon U*>k •Hdireotipa4owards Lake Erie, bat. when last seen was pursuing a course almost due east OOMMBR01A1.. o»o, oonmcY, BDITOB, Farfisttni tOm Ball and JLeA. MOHTOOKTET,^ July 1. Five bills of indictment have been found by the grand Jury against N. Maroney, formerly an express agent, tor the embexzlement of $50 ,000. Maroney failed to appear in court to answer, and his bail bond was forfeited. '• • i • • Washington Matter*. \^A.8A.II)OTOB, July 1. A special despatch from New Orleans to the Charleston Courier, dated 28th June,says that on the llth ult. Minister MoLane presented a remonstrance to Miramon's UDnister of Foreign Aflalrs, in the name of President Buchanan, expressing hu great indignation at the withdrawal of the Brequatora from the American consuls, and the murder of peaceful Amerloac citizens at Taoubaya. The massacre is characterized as a violation of national rights and treaty stipulations, and Miramon is warned that it will be remembered, and redress be demanded and ultimately obtained, whatever may be the result of this remonstrance. The sloop-of-war Saratoga has returned from Vera Crux to Tampioo LAST EVKNINQ'S KEPORT. From Mexico. St. Louis, July 1. Mexican mail. 18th ult., from Independence arrived to-night. Ac expedition is fining out at Albuquerque to chastise the Nn A democrat elected to Congress. - Indians. Railroad Meeting at EtiDINQ, Pa-, Julj 1. A meeting was held yesterday at Ephrata, for the purpose of organizing the Beading & Columbia Railroad, being the last link to complete the connection .between New Tork & Baltimore & Washington, via the East Pennsylvania Railroad. The oounty of Lancaster, the city of New Tork, Beading and Colombia, and the village: along the route, were largely represented. The meeting, by a unanimous vote, directed the Commissioner to open the books for subscriptions of Block. The Fount*, at Latayotte. LA.FATETTE, July 1. Hon. Tbo- Corn-in and W. W. Fosdick arrived at 8 o'clock tliis evening to fulfil appointment as orator aud post at the State eele bration on the 4th Jaly. The Lafayette Guards marched to encampment this p. m Military companies from various placet thi an d adjoining States, ar<> arriving by evening train. The encampment ground already preg sents a brilliant and Imposing appearance. NEW YORK., July 1. E. C. Smith of Wall street, whose name ap pean among victims of the disaster on the Mich. South. R. R., was porter of the Marine Bank. He was about 87 years old; was a widower, and has left a number of children. T he American Express Company have very promptly made an arrangement with the agents of the steamship Glasgow, which leaves this port at noon to-morrow, to call at. St. John*, New Foundland, and take the passengers of the Argo, who w.ll be forwarded to their destination. Washington Matter*. Washington, July 1. Capt. Van Tliet, U. 8. Assistant Quarter Master, has submitted to the War Department a reply to the charges recently preferred against him for alleged misconduct in conne% tion with the purchase of mules for the army, and the Secretary of WaTafUn- mature deliber ation of the same, has decided that the explanations and testimony render any fnrtLui notice of thecharges uncalled for. The Postmaster General has ordered of Mr. Nesbitt, of N. T., contractor, one minion of stamped envelopes, with th; new self-sealing improvement. They will be furnished to the public at five cents per hundred more than are charged for the present patterns, ft,The statement contained in a letter from Floyd, and extensively published, charging the Secretary of War with being personally interacted in the contracts with Holliday and others, for supplying flour to the troops in Utah, is wholly destitute of truth The arrangement for these services was made in the regular course of business, after advertisement with proper officers, and by which contract with the former, made at least $100,000 saving ,o tbe government. Or THI DAILT BRW8, 1 Milwaukee, laij l.UW. I ItEimuL.— Hoatrmatten continue atttl douand quiet, wlthont any change In tbe ratd 6T exchange.— Owing to tbe («ct (baton Hoaday next the banki m«k« their annual report! and declare dividend!, currency U a little more rtrlngenk Joit now. On the 7th, a meet- Ing U to be held to perfect tbe plan of redemption by tach country banki u hare not yet acceded to thle arrangement. The reduction ot the rate* «f ekehatge will alio be comldered. Th« Hew Tork Journal of Comment, report! an increased demand for money, owing to tbe large importations; th* demand was met freely by the capltaltrti without any Increase in the.rata of Interact, foreign exchange wu firm, and t large ihlpmenl of gold va» expected to go out on Wednesday. Tbe iteamer Saxonla which tailed to-day for Hamburg took out 1100,000 In specie. t onra« OanTai. Smno Ivnmmr n Anuci.— One of tbe effecti of the protect war will be to Induce the Investment of a targe amoat of foreign capital In thli country. The Dew T*rk £«n ny i there has sprung np an increawd demand for C. 8. nocki apd that the agents ef European partla have been Inverting liberally of late In real estate •ecnrttlei In that dty and tti vicinity. Breadstuff! mod Prodo**. Tbe tone of the market wu much Improved to-day by the advance at the eatt. Bolder* were more firm at better price*, bni (he-trmauetloni In wbea*^ were vecy light, moetly to fill no abort loti. Flour wa> whoUy Inactlr* but better flxures were aaked. OaU were firmer, with a slight npwam tcndeocy, while corn wai quite firm ai an advance. Potatoei are very dull, at lower ftfuree; no ehaage in other arOclea. Wool comes In at very tlov rate?, tbe price* hare been pretty rteady, with 40c paring for some Tery choice luu. In Michigan a allgbt decline his taken place and *5c li the maximum price (or good lot*. •VelgbU continue Meady at former ratca, Tbe propel ler Potomac lo k out for Bnflalo 850 buU of Boor, and 1 00 > ag> 01 •:.•»•. The propeller Hunter cleared with Dtxi i IF for Oolunr* uj . * nl) lte acbooner 0. D. Nor. DU 1^.1 «.f. IZJMO bus wheat and 1,400 bni oau JOT Otwt^o. Tbe following statement sbowi the amount of flour and grain on band at the tnllli and varloiu placet of deposite u>-day. We hare taken tome palm to bar* It right, and think II mar be relied upon ai a pretty dote approximation to tbe truth, If DOI « txolutely correct. We . )TC In connection tbe Ugarei for the nnt ol Jane that they may be comptred at a glance : July l<t. Flour, bbU ................ 11,6T» Wheat but ................. 1*0,627 Oat«, boi Corn, bin Eye, bo» Barie/.bu niltr&nKee Ul«ole»a»e market. FKiDjr Erniia, July 1. FREIGHTS— >teady at former raw- ; no new cbanen FLOUE — bolden aik higher placet, bat BO sale*. &e celpti 104 bfeU, >blpment> 1,WC bbli. WHEAT— better but (aid Ughl Receipt! 2.696 bui ; fhlpment! 13,500 but, 100 bags. Sale! 200 bu> extra a> 1,10, 800 DM eitra at 1 ,12, 600 bui No . 1 at V3, MO bn, Ohlcago (twcptall at 6!, 200 boi No. ! at 75. KTE— «te»dj. Salei 100 bui u '.,09. OATS— quiet t>ut iteady. Eecelpti 150 bui. thip- mcotl 1 ,2 0 bar • a:» 850 boi at S». OORN — *>etter, tranfactioo! llgbt. Receipt! 760 bu>- Bale* 21(1 bui aheUtd at T6, ear M®73. POTATOES- lennr and dull Receipt! ttt bui, • hlpmentl 310 bus. Common lo auoated 7&^8i, Ne- hanocki »S®1,00. BUTTER— fair market at 11312 for Brkln, and 18Q 14 for r^L EGGS— In good reqnett at IBc by Uw bbl . H1GHWINES — steady at 26. HIDES— ancbangtd. WOOI/— trade light. Balei 300 Ibi * blood at 89; 160 It* common to X blood at 30; 100 do full blood at 40 172 do )( Mood ettra cltao at 87; 220 do X D| o<>d at 87; 284 do common at 28; K do,* blood at »1; 16S do common at 87. Rallrosad IIIa.ttera. RaOBrrs »r Mn-witnn A Mi»mpM»»i AAOMOUI.— 2 bb!i fioor; 2, 161 bui wheat; 750 do corn; 160 do ryr . M do do potatoo; 3 bbli eggi; WO Ibi btdei; 800 do butter; »,1<0 do wool , &JK^ do lundrlei; 1^>9 J do ragi 68 bbU blghwlnea. Racnrre «r Li Oaoesi A Un.wi.ciKn SUiuoio.— SIS bni wheat; 116 do oau, 10! bbta floe-; 195 bui po- tatoe>; 183 dot paila; 60 eaeki glnMUf , 2 do wooi, 8^40 lot bides; 16,221 do luadrle*; 6 cir load itone. Trade and AirrtciUtnral. : TBI Oaon II Eo»or«— The Kew York TrOrunt uyi "We hare trustworthy adrlca to the effect that there li a promise of excellent crop* In Europe; and that in spite of toe war, there will be no unusual demand for American breadstuff! in that part of the world ." 800 "6 June 1st. 2*8,809 3.MO JUVftla* AMoma,—the Drtrott JrM PfeM, 80th, says the pro. , wiilchcame .to jeslerday, reports th* schooner Bhook ashore at. the Msbisb, this sldeof th* Bant «h«waslKbtlD(bcr carteonthitnglTes, and would undoubtedly b« able to «tt off without dlfflcnlty. ASJBVBJ* At BOTAUJ, a»ia.—Prop«U«r Pittsburgh, Beckwitt, Mllwankae, lOjOOObM wheat, 400 bbls flour, TSB OoLtnio*o« IajElTaiav<-nit Buffalo Beprtu says thatsphooner ronstpr waa entirely at fault In the collision with the Acadla, as-ahehad no lights out, and bnttwo men on deck—one,at the pumps and on* at thehjlm. The man who was lost was aileep In the forecastle, and was curled down oy ttwvewel. She sank IB fire minutes after being run Into. s^-ThefoDowlnglsallit of vessels which passed Detroit on Wednesday: Bound Dp—D. S. steamer Search; propeller Ontario; bark Grace Greenwood; safcooners Dial, Orerola,QoT. Hunt, D. Parsons, Belle, Arctic, Acontlas, OoL A. B. Williams, Dane, two schooner* unknown". • Bound Down—Propeller* Iron City, free State; sehra. Planet, H.U Whitman, Oriole, Reindeer, Torrent, Dauntless, one schooner unknown. LOST Baa MIST.—The ichnoner 0. L. Whitman, which passed down yesterday, loit one of her masts a few day* since In a squall on Lake Huron.—X>«tro<l fret freu, atOu TBS ReTscca Curnr—The D. 8. steamer.Revenue Cutter A. T. Brown, Oapt. Mitchell,,returned from her Northern cruise Wednesday nlilit, and He* at her old anchorage la the rlrer. Just below the Straight Out. BY TELEGRAPH. New Von .iwket. Kiw Ton, July 1 FLOUR—Opened steady; at sn advaace of MJl sale< 4,800 b>\i at 6,40Q>o,90 for luperfine state; «,0>$ l#> for extra itate; 6^4^0,00 for superfln- western; 6,60®6^0for common to good extra western; 0,00(36,16 or do rou&d hoop Ohio—tloslag quiet. BTB FLOtlB—4,OOa*,TB. WHEAT—market dull and heiry; sslci 18.000 bni at 1,00 Mil. club; 81 for naiounJ do; 1,60^1,65 for new Georgia; 1,60461,90 for new white do; 1S6 for red loutk era; 170 far white do. BTl-diinat8TfflOT, BAKLET—dull; sale* 1,400 bus Canadian peal 1.02Q 104. CORK—quiet; sales 1»,000 bui at 80 for red; 86 to now western yellow, W fo: trew lonnd yellow; 89 for white. OAT3—duU at %9®46 for state; 463*! for Osnadl an. WHI8KET—dull; lalea 169 bbU. BUTfALO MARKR. Bcmu>, Joly 1. FLOUR—actire and iteady; ulei 1,400 bbli ai 4,60; S®A,60 for itate from Obi. wheat; 6,7B®6 for "prtng, 6,7Btt8,14>i for Win., 6,76<a7 for Michigan, Indiana and Ohio; 7,85^7^0 for double ertrai. WHKAT—quiet and demand eotnned to imall lot*. OORN—iteady; *alei 1,600 ' ni ordinary lit at 76. OATS—boiler, lalei tjOU" bui upper lake to anrlre at 44 BARLCT—dull at 60. RTE-«alei 800 bo* at 1.00. OANAL FREI3HT8—«e»dj. OSWE&O MARKET. Oswioo, July I. FLOUK—unchanged aod dull. WHEAT—lo mo«I<rate demand, iila 8.000 borfi, In eluding 8,000 Mli club at 1,00®MO; Oaaadlau club a< 190. OORN—in good demand and mirket brtter, *a'ei SI 000 btuh at 76 Q76K CANAL FREIOHTS—d tnd i ichanged, BcrriL , Julj 1. Veaieli pa*»ed the Port Colboum Lock from 4 p. m on the 80th till 4 o'clock j m. 00 the £*t, July, 1SA9. Bound We*t—On the 80th—Br^i Ocean of Mootrt-ai. E C Wlnilow; icbooneri (_-«, M U Grain. On the 1st July—Plopeller Ofrdenvbur^ ; <jhooneri Oliver, Per llan. Bound Halt—On tb« 80t'.—N» ne- On tie .it Jalj— Propeller A • ron, icow Hi c»r»l •. a&B. '• < : CROSS it. PAttBlSH, ATTOKflEYS & OODNSBLLOBS AT LAW. Wo. 1O, Albany Butia Inn, MILWAUKEE, .apl ..W1800N8IK. PECK.lI.Aia A. BLOODOOOD, ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLORS AT LAW, Arcade, Balding, m Xatt Witf«r ir, Afil«a«t« Q. W. PMKHAM, formerly | PUKHAMB* OOLT,Albany, V Fai»OIS BUMDOOOP. New York. I P. BLOODOOOD to D. 8. Oonrt Commissioner and Ce«- mlMloner ?or seren 1 states. 0. U T&m _. JOSBTJi 8TA*(. PA1 MKU <B STARK, attorneys & Counsellors at Law. &f~ Qfflce, No. 9, Mitchell'l New Bank Building, oor- oer of Michigan and But Water street!, Milwankee. - JanKI • eiusn L.rAU PARK & VAN 1WYERS, Attorneys and Counsellor* at Law. STXTRSS POINT, • •. WISCONSIN, WO! pracflee In the Tsrtoo» Courts of the Seventh Jadl- ; rial CTreuil of Wisconsin, and will faKhfatly atwn.l to i tH business Intrusted to n», remittance! promptly made, .land Warrant* located In lelected Ia«<1i for tboie at a distance. nraman: Htmaxs A Sonxma, Bankers, gtereni Point J. R. SSiarenii, Esq., Milwaukee. LrrriLL;* Dim, Milwaukee. fUmus- * BOOTH, " UATTOOtB 4 BiEsom, Ohkmgo. Hon. J li, OiTOH, Ottawa, 111. I' 18 JNO. A. SAVAGrK, JK., Attorney and Coaniellor at Law NO8. » * 10, PH6KSIX BCILniN ,, HaWAPKEK, WlgCOSSIN Is Oommls'lioner for !f. ¥., Penn., Ohio, Indian*, II) and Iowa. Onited States and Otrouil Court d- J. V. Attorney IV Office lo Mllchell'i Bank nokee, Wlicouiln. ' V. PLATTO, Counsellor at Law. Building, No 6, Mil- JanU HOOKKK & H Utonuys & Counsellors at Law tJT" UjJtC£,Nvi. 8 {• 4, Aitany Baiidin'j '.trw J/K * iy<i|l <t J/oin .Strwl'. Opposite the Newhall Home Milwaukee Wit. o. o. HOO«». ................ s. »rii<.ra«i«ao. DR. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, A!TD DR. HOOFLAJBO'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL., The grtat tiandard medicina of the prttent age, have acquired their great pnpularity only through years of trial. Unbounded lalufac- tion u rendered by thtm in ,ill catei ; and M' people have pronounced them vorthy. Liter Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the Xenons System, Diseases of the kidneys, and all di»rO3rt ariimy from j duiT.lrr'd liver or weaknrs* of the alo-mnc^ and iii,jtjhi • organs, are speedily and ptrma rent! y curni >,y the GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial ><::.< a'--/>,>r,-l i reputation iurpa*rtnj jh<:i ••' i .>i '<"> ..' i paration actanl I: vi/l n/r... WITHIU r t UL thi most sn-ere and ln,,y-ii,ir,,l.<ij Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness. Bronchitis. In- fluenia, Croop, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and has performed thr m<**\ /•' ""'•'• : ••'• • ever known oj Confirmed Consumption. A few dotei v\ll ih-i <:• •• ' •••/ cure the most srrtrf Diarrhoea <•"•' •'•'• from COLD IN TBE Bo«tLi Then medicines au p"r-f"l '"/ I lr ' v JACKSO.N ii Co., -Vo. 41- A- "i .-•'••'. ' / dtlplua, fa., :'^ ir' i, U .<! i< •.,,••• dealers in mffhftrnti fifi[,i^.r :' per bolll'. T 'it n-jn-tlur- • i M I > • - • u-ii/ it on iHt c_'S.i\dr u'. •/•!/"- ' •••••'• In tht A!"i<Tinr p,, '',••••. I proprietors, r.illsj K^F.RVD'U'l - \ •! • you v:\ll ?;nd '""!••, node's tr-jm '.' " I . " • 9 DR. M'LANF.'S CKf.l i'.R \ I 1 I) VERMIFUGE t« out the oa« of mercury. fnrtanaU) s •electing his phy*lri»n, [lamentable, jr«t inconirn-^ fact, that many jyph.tiijc i-^t<- __ made miserable with rui eonatltQtiona by mal-treaUneol from in«Tp f n«n- phyticHni In yeMral prvcttc*; for >t in a ^ general.? conceded by th« twst *irphUo(jr-u»tx.-n», the nody and management of three compUmtt «h • engrou the whole time of ihote »n« *«i,ii.i r>. -,,11- t«tU and tucci^sful In the-r tr-airn^-.i %n ' ".r • ln«Tp«rlence<l (r^n-raJ pr* (-tT'-i, - <fi-r portunfty nor (3ine to tn«k- nuni"-ii mil i.-rn.v « ••juv ed with th«»tr path.olony. -ommr>f>l -,' i.ur..i.-< - -v-' of treatmeit u, :o i3'i*i CIH.-S rti..* ;itf ' . '. • > > me of th* tntiqQ*trtd in t Jan ir-< <n *-'* More caution, how-'er^ihoai'l fi « us*"] i>\/ n>- f/r 1 ' tic patient lo consulting nonnnm who asiume French »n-l otb*- any claims to me«lica) tn^wi cals infest Ol lar^* cUiea. va- advertisefti'Tii.s iml ponur^ teenier th^ir IVt»-r Funk ih'. and poi»on ihf tn * '•% TIT -ur Perions li»iD(T tt t iisl-tr. • apt In he -*ape<l r>y tr*- / n citiiena. Or J Tuonan n»» '*e»- *hit father, t'r Win rhnfnx.>n hu practice^ over "*» y -ar^. failur-s .»f the h.'di Phvs«'.»r. respectfully a«|v s»? th- ^-i*- LIVER PILLS. VV ~\\- Dr. r \\nui •ir i u: ci»n who can in *t nurh fully gp*>rmatirr!uv.a Without Ihn All I ».-» The ;,fv ronjt.inti y -an h.- *n. I r u' n''"»1-' il : THE GREATEST •MEDICAL WSCOVHIY OF THE AGE. D A. J. nrKiM w.oaiHAtl I PIIA.T1 A G UAH A!*!, AlUr-neyi at Law and Solicitor! in Chancery, No. 1 Wisconsin itreet, Milwaukee. JIL>- U I Ge UAR.RlNl.Ti WORTH * .-< o B ti^r-, M ' M ISO KI.,1.AN KOl-'H. THI- 1 JVF H IN VIU OK A TOR Bradley, 1 J AFKH AND KAO UKA1.KKM 81)8 WEST \» A I Kit STHKE I . MTLWAUKEE, .l^rtC) WISCO->l«IN. PRKPAKKP f.V OK ! l/ompouiirt Kniirrh <AN IF »KD. . .MS, WH BJ">PW»T I S ON? nnw b-f-r. i* These r;.'-.' &il tnorrt! v •' '<•*•'• 'r .ra tv- ,y«t<-tr,, nfi in I W .^T i > -tlthy fV.» I A: Rodwa>, Auction and Commiision Merchants, 1-. I !J I • I W lar«, I AOKNTS ANP MONET DROKEiL.". ,.»rt irular atteotli.n lo l .•!( and c'ery del BY A T O K I '!' V or County. kJ3sT" Liberal a"Tanrel on c* returni made. N. B.—Band!, Notes an] M. JkDlS • ttfmment.*, *:. Of From the ST. JOHM, N. F., Jnly L All of the passengers who were on board tbe steamship Argo which was wrecked in Trepassey Bay a few days since, hat arrired here safely. The steam tags left again to-day to bring up the orew and what was saved from the wreck. The following are the particulars of the disaster: Between three and four o'clock on Tuesday morning the Argo made Cape Pine, bearing twelve Biles distance from the coast The Pilot, Captain, crew and all the officer* were called on deck at the sight of land. The oonrae was changed and made aoath-easl by east. About quarter past fonr o'clock, a very dense fog cam« up •, at half past five the captain spoke a fishing schooner. He stopped the engines and reversed them; hailing the Mhooner, he asked whare are iron fishing 7— Answer, on the eastern ride of Trepassey Bay. « mile and a half or two mile* off, The Capt. ordered the helm to be put hard a-pori, the engine to go on In fall speed, sad the vessel to be kept 8. 8. E. by the standard compass. This should, bare Jaken her clear off the land. The Captain and all oOoers were on deck.— «w«aglneer in charge at the wheel saye tbe order "steady as tbe ship waaT>ronght np to her & 8. E. ooorse. • - At that moment breakers were se*n, and the «gintt Stopped and reversed at fall speed- Before tbe ship got steamway upon her, sbe litrbowon the rooks, 8 miles from Tbe boats were lowered a»dgo.. tb^puaengen embarked with bnt iiale«oalVviion,tne wometaaodoh idran being cared •forttot. ^ Anchon wen then passed out, .. _•. , in( 9 to get her ofl; bat witbout MARINE RECORD. Port of mH«ra.tikee. ARRIVED. Jen Sen. Btmr CltT of Olereland, Bquier, Grand Haven, 26 tons mda, 4 sundries. Btmr Gaxelle, BntUn, Two Rlrera, 4 toni mda, 80 rolli leather, 64 sacks glue, il saoki hair, 6 pkga sundries. Bchr Farmer, Thompson, Hoskegon, 60 m lumber, 54 shingles. JCLT 1st. 8tmr OlerelanA, Bonjal, Grand Haren. Prop Hunter, Diekson, Chicago. Prop Potomac, Gibhard, Obieago. Sear Ross Doutman, Richardson, White Lake, 80 m Inn, 49 n shingles, U m lumber. Bohr Trinmph, i^*jfr, Rand Bay, 8ft m lorn. Behr experiment, Ames, 8t Joseph, 82 m lumber,,20 nl ahm(lea,< P**s- «tmr City of OUreJand, Sqnler, O and Harea, IS tods mds, E oaaks liquor, 80S pkg* sundries. Prop Fountain City, Peek, OoUlngwood, 4 case* «ho*«, a casks crockery, 1 box looking gUnes, 83 chests 1 hbd sugar- Btmr trareler, Bweeoy, Chicago, 87 too lemons, 140 kefi naUs, 81 hbdi eagar, 46 pksjs suniine*, 98 sw.ll. ' 'ttu C»pt. now <ent off the pilot to TnpM- the tteamen p»tohad W«re»ent«.hore DEPARTIJBE8. Jr»s 80TB. Btmr Oitjr ot01»T«l»nd,8qnier, Grand Haven. Btmr Traveler, Sweeny, Oh cago, S tons mds. 81 cases wine, 8 cows, Ui bags potatoes, 20 qr bbls beer, 20 K bbls beer, S bbls sundries, 16 pkgs doj Jto-l 1ST. flBnrOaaeUe,BatUn,Two Blrers, S-tons mds, W green hides, U> bbM sundries, H pkgs do. • Btmr OJereland, Dongal, firand .Haren. Prop Puteuima, ttabhard,, BnHala, WO bbls floor, TOO • bus wheat, 100 bbls salt. Btmr Hose Dousman, JUcbardton, White Lake. Bete Experiment Ames, ftt, Joseph, 10 tbl*water lime, Prop Bmiter, wooL chatam, 1 dox bedstead* « b» soap. d, 900 but flour, tt AVikm, OoDln •Bchr O. D Harris, flam!, Omrego, 1B£00 bos wheat, V ' WO bus oats. BUarOltrorasreland, Sqnler, Grand Bavsn. • Stmr Traveler. Sweeny, Chicago- Ham* BoairjrTS o» tltt BuWaho*.— Mr. tanud with * force of twenty men, 'it at ; ^f«senl efiga(ed li Hie prosecntlon of u important surrey ' of ^h's Ssrbpi 8T AT I. Til .XT 1* Condition of the'jIv'iwJ Insurance Company, o Rnffalo, onto* 84 of rVbruary, IBM. Made to the 8r. . tary of Bute, Wl»;onnr, pnrraaat to tht Btai- Qie» ,,' that State. BAJCB AFT> LOCAT101. 1. The naoaf of the Companj U TTu Jfut-uiil /n*ur- me* ' wi/xrny of Uutlalo. Located In Buffalo, hlale ol >f m York. t. rbe aoKjut of author. .1 capital . S. The amount paid np 29V,29\i 4. LI. ASM Vat. Oaah on hand. 2d. In the hand! of and due from affvnts A otben 3d. No real estate. 4lh. Bond! held by the Oo. Tl. 1. M. 8. B,R. bonds, 12,000 2. Toledo, Nonralk A Clrre. bond! 4,000 8, H. L B- R. bondi, 8,000 LANDS AND WATER POWERS. 490,000 ACRIS* UF Choice Farming and Pine Laud-, en \:\[ i lEl-KCTtl) j^ ... •«•• ftc, 7 Land< IL ih«i .-tau-, arr U X \» \ -. 1 13T.S61 8T ff! Stock! : U. B. 61 worth D. B. 6s worth 10,000 1 5.000 . N. fork 5* 6,lOO do 61 13,600 10,487 80 9,165*6 26,808 TB 46^47 M C. Debt* due to tbe Oo. *e- cnred by mortgage on unencumbered real evtate, worth double tbe amount of mortgage "per schedule" bearing 7 per cent. Intereat ................ 116687 1» 6. Debts otherwise lecured br itocki, mortfragei and Insnrance scrip of thti and other companlei, and* tnterprt on lame ......... 7. l>ebti for premium*, con- luting of bltli recdrable, 8 All other if-curtttei and clalml due the Co., lalra- ^e*, resieti, Ac ........ t . Penoonl property owned br »he • • , 8team Tug, Pumpl, ic ..... ......... F O K S A ^ I:, BY THg Fox an'd Wisconsin Improvemcat Co At Low PrV«, on Liberal 1>rro, of Cr»..1 i, an I :. larfff or imall quatiue* i^ § Uit pa'"ha»^r* T1IK KAK.MINO 1.ANHS, I Trairif and Hard W I fl v .ringi «Q'I neTrr-fa j tr cf goo<l marnrti. •nit-: ri>i: i,A>D«I Art eitretnely^ni lo--*i<..l ,D t of the Pine BVpun of W ciioaeu wlUi partlcalar rrf and the riclDltr nf I ivlng itreamn \\ A i I-:K HOW KKH. The atteouor. of Eait^rn Capltall*U t. n w lnt::.-l lo the Water Powrn owned by thu Company Tr,r»< Oanal which anil** the Miivlmppi wul. th* Great Lakei, »o that goodi may be ihipped by tiearnb.'at i:. rectly to ao i from the Ullli. S^S^ TDeie Powfri wui be levied for a term »f ypari ai may bedealred. C^V"* For further information, fnqui-f "f RoBK.Rt SMITH, A-fent of Tru»tr*», or liA.NifcL ,C Ja.VNE, general A^ent, at the office r.f the Land Department, tt AppletoQi Wil., or of W. H RODWxV. Co rai >»nj'« »»er.t. marl* 19 Wiiconna rt.. MH , W:< I »lll 74 85,884 78 87 Total A* .......... 4M.&U69 UI. uiBrurrar. &. The amount of llabllltle* dtte t-> banki and other creditor!. No-e,«c«pt- ing what ii . "• talced In Bo. 10. 6. Lone* adjusted and due. 7. do do and not due. S. Loase* onadjusted. Supposed to be u the extent about... 9. Losses In suspense. 8am* as So. 8. 10. All other claims against the company, indiridnal balance*, unclaimed dlrl- dends, an1 redemption of Scrip uncalled tor None. None. 4.000 6,SS7 Ti H. ompa- Total Ltabm.le* IV. mseaxunooa. The greatest amount msurad in one riik. (6,000, of fire risks il the usual limit; but In some case* of abort rlski 110,000. On Teasels and cargoet $15,000 Is the usual limit. Including both. U. Sros* amount ot premiums received In Stat* of Wisconsin for the current year, ending February 8, 1808, «7S8£8. 18. The market value of <ts stock. The Company has. no stockholders, tbe scrip issued on the afntnal plan by Its charter const/tates Its capital and tfce vala* ef scrip raries according to its priority ol issue. 14. Dividend, T per cent on II i outstanding scrip. 15. The charter or act of lnc< rportion of said Co ny. Sent herewith. W JAM tjO. IV ASS, President. A. A. atoSTAFBiorK, Secret* -y. STATE or trnooitsin. 81 ORITAET'a OrQOK, I MiBIBOT, Hay n ,UB9. f BaUsfactory ertdeace harlag been famished 10 me that tbs mutual Insurance Company of Buffalo, being •D InsuriDce incorporated l.y ths Stats of «ew Tork, baring complied with tbe ngulrement of section one of An Act entitled. '• An act U rtgnUte Im uranoe Companies not iBOorpoited by ih* H»te of WUconaln," ap- prored March IT. 109, and hai Of also paid Into the State Treasury tbe ram of three pet cent, on the grosi amonnt of premiums receired in the Btsle ef WUcon- sln for the year 1858, us per report ot *ild Company.— Now, therefore. In pursuance pf the act aforesaid, 1, Us-rld W. Jonea, Secretary ot Bute ot the State ot Wisconsin, do hereby certify that W. t. Hard, of MUwan i ee.lf be be duly aothotisMl by laid Company, may take ricks, receire premlumi and transaot toe bo»lBeti of an Insurance Agent for said Oomp«iy ID thlr State, from thb date, nnttl (he nnt day of January, 18(0. In wltaess whereof, I hare hereunto set my hand „ .. and affllxedth-: great seal K>f to* State',*! l u *"> thetjapltol in Madison, thii 81st day of May, 1869 -• -}el*-dlm! . Assistant Becretary of State. SALE. tb* -ii • • ' forth* Dgbth'Ward; on the thirteenth day of July BfeOCiw ''"!/' * ' Vpr tttsiklntb Ward, on the lanrtsjenfli dajr of July ' ' neJrt?, ' And the. City and Ward Assessors will make inch n«*«7 adnitjon to snob lists and correct Ihe same, by UBS tofataatlon or deicrtptloD. _. • .uS:' J; . I •• •• -» - : i . elo oOQBWfLL, City Assessor, City of Milwaukee. Hie surrey extends sjj/si 'north ai Pre*qne Isle, and •osUi. to • Include ..the. Important uv proTements on the Chocolate, and Wntosce#ft6e;ap. proachestoMarqiiette. th**arbor John O. Townseod, WBllamBuTiock, " Wafte* t;Beanaad *oltledcanie,Itaa nltadfitata Harshal^ OffibeK 'troia 'out 'to lor Balis, Partle., Parades, *- reasonabS GOOD one Imnudlatelj, it SM ain street. il«W ulw od Linds *ft »- . w hoir Bri-"-'li, «.f.d %re 1:1 .vaJ hi v the yu»'' Tc,-,. a-ti. j .:IN Rici, i-11 ^ s. N i \\" I H K AT M-K Medical A<l\ke .. l-.ulTa P- »»•' U «p'i.. —r. A car' ' ' .•'jp'" Infir-m i fit •' \ -r. SON. llu'».». N T An to«trum«nt f^r STATE OF W18CHXSI1. ( Circuit Court, Milwaukee On ) Haos Ueory Jurgeo>, I a^aiaft > Ju'lpne^t of K'Te^iviurc aod Daniel K. Cotton. \ Sale I N rlrtue of and puriuanl to a judfrmrDt ,n la 1 *! Court, in the abore eiitltlrd action, itatfl NoTrmr-rt 10,1S67, I iball erpO'e for tale and veil at PuM<c Auction, at the Court Houir, in the Cltj pf Mllwankae, oa satardny, the 2d day "' JU'TI 'I'"" 9 - " the bour Of ! r. M., of that da;, the following described mortgaged premlie*. to wit M All that certain pi ce or parcel of l,in.1, •ituatfl Irlng and being In the Counlj of M.l^aukee and fliate of Wliconiln, aud being a purl of the north we*t quarter of lection 17, lu towmhlp 7. ncrthBf range liean, and being the K. S "' thole tertaln 25 acres, conrtyed wi John Adam Mueller and Marta,hliwire,aod Frederick Uncl ler and Charlotte Wllbelmloe, h'« wife, by Jame« H. R igen and wife, by warranty de d, dated Marca 11,1846, ami recorded In th* Office of Register of , eedi of Milwaukee County. In Vol. IL of Deedi, page* 76 and 77; bounded oa the noHb and lontb by the reipectire north and southllnei of laid north west quarter of latd •ectioi U, on the eait by the welt line of S3 aerea, belnir alio part of i%ld north wemi quar- Ur, let off in a regular form, from i he eart part ot laid quarter lectlnn, and on the we«t by certain north and aoath line to be drawn through the centre of tald 25 acre*, being by eftlaiate 19 50-100 acrea, be the tame more or Dated Sheriff '' Office, Milwaukee, April S4.1M.9 BODS * PXJ»«, I A. J. LANUWORTHT, Pl-ffl Attyi. f Bh'ff. Mil. Co., flTls. may84-Iaw6w TOCMJ MEN TAKf. PARTIOri •. R S -Ti Dr AMO8 * .*<»N l»k- pleasure t.. *i ' jr..- norti: TO it i KICH1>T Ktcr MODI IM Di \IMIIIii U \D1.M Kiii|>rfi»r*. \X\+ - 4.<tbma •" l, Phu» .Ul(ihi» onlr u»rfcl tr.f «m:Davl W ••fckr. anil N'cw run;-— .t doll&ri Hy mft i >r ciprr«. A eras \VARRASTFD Dr. AMU? A SON h»i»- ItrT-ted U~e;r fta clu» vfir I--* '* • p^-.Mi »r • \M+ r rr.»'a !'• relief thrj^ cun-^«,^''"t'T rr-alur***, :i TU-I T tl by r -nv%l»in-r" jr ^n town fr.tra *.l rprt«« 'inly "f r' hern r-rown^.1 I'Kf ^ r I'Kr-r- • .•Kr-.-k-" ihelr 'l*t'T .vrnTinj th* fTpreM i!fti**t »" I "f th* r ,«ntUti ry 'o thei <i.m*l «M , jet ( tnln "f th« m. ways ent f .l nffn.'an NOTICE. Oeo. B. Purington and! Abner E. fleranton, j In the District Court nf the >Ti. \ Onited State!, tor tbe D'ltrict Behr. Charier Hlbbard, [ of Wlicooala. her boats, iackle,appar- | In Admiralty, el and fofnltore. j Smith A Balomor, Proctors. B Y Tlrtne of a Monition Issued ont of the said Ooart at thd Instance •( the said Ubellanti, for the sum of three hundred and twenty-three tlol-ari and f >rtjr- three cents, claimed by theui for supplies, I hare attached the laid schooner, her boats, Ac , at Milwaukee. Notice Is therefore hereby glres to all persons claiming the talc) Bcrr. Charier Hlbbard, her boat*, tackle, apparel anfl tnrnltore, or knowing or naYing any thing to saj,wh}) Ihe same should not be condemned and told ponraant W Ihe prayer of laid Libel, thai they be and appear before Ihe said Oonrt to be held In and tor (he Said District of Wisconsin, at Milwaukee, on (he tirenty-el^nt day of Jane, 183*, at Kleren o'clock in Ihe fofeooob of the said day, if the same shall be .a da7 of jBHsdictiont otherwise on tbe next day of jurisdiction thereafter, then and there to Inlerpese a claim, and to make their allegations ID that behalf. Marshal's OfBce, Milwaukee, June H, IBM. M. 1. THOHAS, Marshal. DaUftsnor i toftorL for the 1 For tbe I Vorthel __ . •tirtheKtoorth tot the Itfth Wi ~' neat tl»t for the *erer.vl Wards, of the r of attllVsUikee, wUI b« open for the ex&ml- e Uxftble Inh-blUots thereof, at the Com- I Room, at 9 o'clock A. «., on tbe foltowlog •ereral Wardi, rttpectlvelj to wit: ' * Ward, on the fifth day of July next. id Ward, on the lUth dar of July next. "^ard» on thaierenth day of July uext. *:. OD the elgbtb day of Julj next. fifth Ward, on the nlnta day of Joly next. Kxth Ward, o« the elerenth day of Jnly next. siSerenth Ward, on the twelfth day of July (/from Ihetr mo«t iimple cona»ti->n 10 th** danfrcmut »txd (nw e ter»t«,) they hi»»- »l t*lned the possibility of thctr pr^TentiOD *i »od likf?w.»e inT»riavbly found thjit the in.v^t h-.ri:Mr? •ad msUi(fntiDt form* "f <iisea*e coul.i «,m<^t ,av*t i*t'iy b* ir»ceJ w i>ne of ihs followinj: <jau»e« . nriior».T-e, neglecl, or lh« .11 *fft-cl* of an*kiU(al an-l irai>r-vj ^r tre.vtro*Dt . there/ure. Da. A.HOA A Son h*ve succr<r*l^i tn <Ji»coYortD(T, in the »eltMrU'>a of their remedif*, -v btn&ttoD of r«me*Jie» which be»r »n equlv-u-avj .-hn't.'- ter, u wrll M those whrt»>e prt-mAtare'lir :nju )in< a.-* *.;•- plication might b« productjTe '»f b»d c. nn^u^r.---* in thai hands nf prlVaMr IndirtdaiU. IQ *h("r*, tfif i ;•!%- ble end of thetr rem««lle« is th« leoentng '»i * <re.vt in&a of hamJaO muery by the nJirwiation, rr>i«>( ind prerentlon of those grleTcuj &tSicd'>o.-t Uin &r? tn reality the iecret foe. of nfe, »nd »Htch, while o cy 10 exteruively tmrroond an, •*»;! avl^ad for our ik .1 »,nd Interference m their extermination. UOCMT&T INVALIDS, Pen us in »nj purt of the world may be successfully Lreated by forwinlinjt a correct il-Jail of ihe.r c*J--. with tremitt»ncf for flfdicines, Ac. • Aridret* Or. AMO8 A 8ON, corner Ma n »n 1 Quay ftreet, Huffitlo, N V .auT-^w^T ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Comiuissiuu M h li( - H -\ N r l^sS Proprietort of the LAKf.t; E.LKVATOK \V AII KHOl SK, At the terminal of the Milw»akee A Misilnippl &nd the Mllwaakee t Watertown A Barmbom Valley RAilroiuls. P^" Liberal tdTanc** m»de OD property in store, or for ihtpment to R%«t«rn M*rket* nctSS-dtf M I i. W A U K K K H A /* A A K. C, DELORME& OUENTIN 169 Eati Water Str*et^ "• NEXT OOOB TO MCaSRS. BRADFORD BROT. ncroaraBS AWL, oaaLBKij m fancy Goods, Toys, Willow Ware and Yankee Notion i Also, Embroidery Goods and Zephyr Worsted. BiyW WH.OLKSAL.K PAPER WAREHOUSE Hanfnrd, Blackinarr &. Co., (LATE BARaiaoN, BAHTORD & oo.) Connected with , HAHRISON. HANFOHJJ & CO., T.' 'T.I in TU ir ir IT i r I ,,r rii- on «um ptloD. Ui Ihlfl 4oBl« KK-T. PR.KVK.N1:* . K.- ' . '. ^ , UK.- i, HA V !•) I'll T' . '» V : f*T.I.IN« ^ K.NTS I r- K 11 1 IN", ITRKK* THK j' M.f fR.'M KKCW Tltr Si' <l F KK. M KIIKM THE !"CAUT KRi"M Tilt ^CALf I'KuM SUI.H BY Al.l. UK 1 *iil.l) BY AI I. mil . J i'i.[) II Y ALL OKI V r. K.- ^ kil.- »U.- Ii \1 I .. A I L I \l I. l> »[>•( IM 'l.ln* Iti i'ir*1*'t«.t ,' +,tj-~r Ayer's T'!r,.7^r Cathartic Pills. .-KJLD UY .••r I 14 M «RK(T .'T . 114 \1ARRRT Sill 4 MARK tt S r , ; L imt i.i A.NU BY AN D H> A N [> BY AMI HI .nl I.-*. ."' I- 1 h« >r>sttr'iraousi A.NH AND A N [1 < N 11 The I.. H^" .1:. H KM l;- HKo UJ BRi >Y IV » V OUYASOOA FALLS, , OB10. H AVS opened atS Albany Block, Michigan street, op; poslte Newhall Hoose, a large ttofck o( Boot, Jftva, Cover, Colored aud Alto, Ltdgtr fapert, flat , Pott, LtUer and JfoU Wfeieh wUl b« sold ««TJ low. OoniUiot additions wii , be node to tbe itock to ne«t the wants of the trade. II III A U imDUCT OAUnt' Br"Wnt«rsandoUiersaretoTlt»dlto oallandex- H IVAN tf URNCT BAND I! -aaUnwouTstockMul prices. t aprl* ™ltttfiV.^<*Ll*-"_l_'_"_^__ IL-LI^^.I.-L—i - i«-. , • V 1 '" ~' ^ ' J ' — BOAHOINO; Floor Parlor and Bei roem adjoining for a )reoUeman aqd wife, and tereral B gentlemen, can be hi d, together with, applying at 840 Jtffejsoi it. A few day larjre, medium, anti tpiall. th^ «mAit ri« ret&ila for one -lollar [^r hf.ui^- tl,^ leajt twenty per cent. roorr n pr'U"»f ,, r.t-tll. for lw« I'MI-r, per K. u.e. '»> < 411 jwr cent, mure in prop.,rtn)O, in.I bottle. 0. J WOOD * CO , Pr»pnet..r,, il Y«.r», on Uie great N Y Wire IUi' n and 114 Market it., St. Loan, M , gnid by c. HARRINRTON » n i * and Fancy Qoadi Dt^aler^ l t u'aaATg . . . , , WALL I J AP1.K J. J. .HctjiltATll A < 'il \VIXJO.\M\ SI HI I I utroarns, wBout&Aij UD «rr»ii. uiii.>«'. » Paper H4n§fing8, Window Shades, Competent vorhmen sent to ill \,*rls -tt uie C 11 Ooantry for Decorating and P» t .«r !l.m< ,i< ,, , branches.all work warrant*.!. <,. OAKY & PKATT, Atlorncyti and C'onnsellorw ut IAX* Office tn Young'i Blocst, Corner M»m *oU Wi.* cooBto itreet, MILWAUKEE, febUO-<l3m WISCONSIN -f 017 <-«iji*«U»w». . ntffwxrin.; Ttlt* 4t-*t\m t ., . ...rtlfloc.* ..t* thrir -ur-. -r Ui- IWl.'-«n« in.tul.«T. U- nJ l'll«»n«001 !>!•«••«• '*T..<hl» -r «' M"—l » n '' •tlii <• «">. UUB< Oi .f ipp-tlt^ all , r»!alr. Ml in ^h-T «'"- ^ ? <T-I»DI. .'ur. The best assortment ot the flnedt Watcbca. Stlwer Ware, Jewelry FANCY OOOUS Srer brought lo Milwankee. Jost the thing for da, present deals UI Bat Water stnet. Hnwankee, |Jw tCttta -^ *.h« txnly yr *>r.«tmrtlon -t ita fnofftlona. Do b« put .tf 6r 'mprlnclpl—l leators with «im- o«b«r pill tboy m»k» n">r« pr'flt in. tit Inr A run PILLS, and tuBa nuthlTiij •!•*. ^*" ^th«r thwy <&n fl*^ yon rampart with thu in lu Intrlniiln rmln« tf enimlH» aoil thi»j «boald ti» Tn It Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATSR, Prwtieml and Ansjytloal Chemist, Lowall, Haas. Para 9(1 CTS. m Box. fm Bom ma | 1. SOLD BY JOHN RICE, Ullwaulee. toJ. H. MID A CO., Cnloago, and Agsnts In tmrj wn In the Onited Mate*.

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