The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 3
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oen and Heard SYMPHONY DEP/CTS A NEW WORLD, USA TIIE BHA^OfiPORT PACTS, Prceport, Te*as, Stfixtoy, frfieembef 5,1971, Section I, Page 3 ByOOTNANCB Dtc, 7, IMI wiu (Jrt fln« dwe that Icon- teuijy wax «w»n» th«J I and everyone f knew w*r$ to become s jwrt of world hUtory Nodoufoj Ihere «re lew living hum«n Wn*i o< my gmernttan «t» camel id) today wadly "tori? Urny wm a«d wtwi they were d>uijf~» years 9|o~»hcn ihey heard that the Japanese had aiiaflwd Pearl Hartwr. In Wm»ion-8«l«rn, N.C., I ui( w»h wv«-tl ihouAswJ pwpJe | n Ontawy Methodist ttiurch. lisi roing u> our choir with tu ^Adlat. our ptp« omsnin. «mt Ihe cJiyi community a, performing f»r mother yw the ' Handel »rabb«l a pen and «Urt«l writing. Next mornln», a Mirvartf brought breakfaM on a tray. M noon, *hen he relumed, the tray had m* been touched IUn4d Ubor«J~VTiilng, running to the narpilHwd, ilnnlng at the top of Wi voice. "lUIUIuJn))! Halleluiah!" He look little rett almo* ho food. HU wvani (old Irlendi he WM ma<t.. * After X day i (he Kor« for the "Mt »iah" «a« 'mam.' Thla U what I need In find- a man who'll call me 'mam* the retl of my life," They talked When they reached her home town bus nation, they talked 30 more minute* over coffee, He returned to hli (MM at Norfolk, Va. They wrote, Klght month* later he telephoned from Itano, Nev., and atked her to come there. "Whnl for?" the a»ke<J. "I>et'i get married, mam," he »afd, Ttiafa all It look. 7>ie Tiptoni are parenU of HHHU.KV, a yrM«if{ mother recenlly returned from Chile, nuw In Maryland where her htMbarxl It tracking Miellile* for NASA; and nine-year- old adopted .M U WM tt*l ouufcV »rxl hot in the crowded iMKiktary. I <towaj (trough pan* of the tok* JOH.VMAOKKof UraUMttttMl l|)«h School »»» will tumiuci thai itchou)'* chwr» and ««iiie» ofctifwra in tiw "Mwnjab" *i J » p m tttUjr, takti IhU *-<** Ihw U U Die tola* (hM make ij* oratorio t««i Hansel iJrjx at through l/i a «tma for 17 hour».' Hit »erv»/x. ihinking he wa» dy1/q{ •«*>» for the doctor But »U«W wa« up and call»nf for food. He reportedly ««r h»)f a tuttn wathfd down with ewJJ«»i tankard* of lh«n tit hU *««*. «wi that «h* muttc will »** Us as Ml at ongiftallx »r*U«» W»x«) fclto he CMUMX th*? p to «** |h* 4i»ft« London had t{xtrtie4 hlnj, he t "MeiiUah" to Irtianil l*roft*d* Ironi u* j*ffartn»hc* rnuu go to chwuy, he uud It «ai a miralc that had lifted him from 4**p«»* <l«(>«Mi««c>-, to* he wiAitd tnkkf it the l»f* of the CKOHUK KHKOKKICK lUNDKl. (It» The flr« **»<»«** to lre)««J wtoel/ned When Ixxidoner* heard the Hallelujah Ctena l<* the firw time. ( e. Otey tvdiih Tipton ha* another tale atxAil her hutband. £})c BJVIS Ix- had a Navy buddy a! I'eart llwU»r. He wai Al. l^OINKH of llayou Kahatre, Ala . and they tpent M!vtral yearf of WV,'II together Atitis lit-.'ird alter tlw war that U-idmcr had been killed tn the South Pacific He thought ulxiul him. Ivdith tayi, and referred i«jM a locally to him, for 24 year* year* ago the TSpU«» »'ere in Hiloxl AutU Mid, "It'* no< far to Bayou drop by and ««* AJ'i suslw " «mve<J al (he wnall Uiv.ii uitii Ufjan ««fuiri«i No one s«t»ned lo have beard the ftntiif Someone vu({|{«»ted !>iey K'J I" the h-jfnf <>< CI.KO MDI.SKH. He might l'» WWer }jvn5 •aid the man In the picture might have told hi* war huddles hi* name wan Al, but ihrt hi* true name I* dm, and furthermore, "he 1 * my husband and very much alive—we have five children." She took them lo Cleo-or Al-at hl» place of butineu. He own* an oyntcr cannery and a shrimp fleet. Kdith My* the two men hugged and klucd and cried. The Ladfner* upenl the following lhankagivfng In Brazosport with the Tipton*. Ihey, too, might b« interested in the I'earl Hartor Survivor*, On Dec 7,1971, a munical architecture 'A Mature will he presented in Brazoaport. ANTON UVUKAK'* "from the New World" (Symphony No. 5in e minor, op95) will for; the major work programmed by the Houston Symphony Orchettra, Urazotporl Fine ArU Council, with Bit VAN COONRY heading arrangement*, is sprxwjring the orchestra'* concert at 8:15 p m at Brazonport High School Auditorium. What I like about "Krorn tlw New World" in thai it mean* M live USA The Bohemian Dvorak MSIMWji/ prwwum* his name Dvoreshock a* Jl i! had an "*b" in the middle of it-fame to New VorV in )!»2 lo leach a! the Natxxial i.'ori &cr%'alory of Music awl Ihed in our country IKtt --MJ pajmrol th* Orman r'M fear Con. hu ; h»> f*r»iia«J to Iht» day ,S». (« the )(*w JWI, in *a»d fw the IUHelu)»h «;** diurtii U> be tivetea l») "Knira" Hu«»' t'.njdiU ab *•«« ex« »II over thr t«t«Jri»Ut irftflh o< time Irii ihr IV.ey knocked on Ihe d/»r o< Clru l,adir;i-r'k )r,;ii>- A v»o«n4n am»CT«J AuUt sli'.cd hit Uiunt-1,1 lt>r woman ankrd tiicin iu sU-p >r«4clr mid Iwk at a picture on ihc •» ill "TJiat't Al'" Tipton nciatmed The noman In N't-* York he rarely accepted dinner invitations ar>d attended the Metrop>ilitan Ojx-ra only twice m three year* He s{»-m ;i Rrfa! deal ol time in Central I'ark X/KJ liMi-nir.f! lo tin- vjngbiriis. «hwii he term«.tJ lh'- naiural rnuticiaiif On 8 vi*ii u> Niagara Kails hi- s^iti "W)>at ;> (w At ft* -«4 AfTtt t\ TlltON llutx* «j t>« J. IM !\t\ i iinsaril aa »urt»af«} »» nw hi» tf«p WT** fctr »!rt»«l - ( tir (of J>«Jt>r<d fwif tiftjcl in (hit Oute wkt at HP »»» »s(h I t'.S j ,N«U*-f be ugh it •«•*» to at } «»»•» !h*'. the lo «u*J Jicur.toft. . »» » (h»» lime Auli» r f*d (c T>5<- J ttUUVA o< l>j> } Ibt »«r,k,rr, L'iiS Teacher grant awarded toUH The Nattoml Science KcMrxUUun hat j»jnW the UnHcrnily o( Hoa»ton a 129.810 grant Ice a ihort ««rw «j the tutr.niw, JVTZ. to upgrade Kicricr rducation i/i»t/ur!ian mf(ht»d» for i r»srx»r:!) eilaat nymphony in B minor that will bd!" Much of the work on (he New World symphony wa« Aim at Sptllvfllc, Iowa, where there wa* a cofony of Bohemalns with whom he felt more at home lhan he did Iri NevfVmk, Tfic ftymphony ha» tnuchoi of rag time, a melody closely rel.itcrl in "Swing tjtw. Swc«t CTiarlot," a *low movement which WILMAM KISllKK has made familiar with his words, "(Join' Home," the Bohemian spirit of dancing peasant*, nome passages that sound like "Three Blind Mia;." and the rhythmic pat- twn suggesting "Yankee Dnodle." In America, Dvorak semed the vaslncss and generosity of the new world. He exulted in (he freedom he found here. He told his pupils that they dad overlooked the riches in their rwn tackyard. (Thrry were still trying to (iiin^Hiai- m ihe classic Kuropean iityle.) He !old (hern. Irxj, that in Ihe folk song* of AtiiHTica hp h/i'J dj.u.'over<!d "all that is ;K'(t)c<i for a great ami noWe school of " /\nd the Imalr- of fm American New World symptiwy hniVh tn wind* like this: "From ihe IV--A v.orld at lam grwl wjngs will be frf';ufl result from a glnrtou.i past toward future achi»", «'rr^ p ^;t ^j*irr d ' It v,as the Ho-J.strm Symphony Orcht^tra (hat v« thr? ««t of tickets for their ap- I/rarano- here "[ uesday : 12 SO for adults and a realistic I! for students l^orok would probably have liked that. As a bo> . he is wnd to have been forced !o work !i;ird '(us father wfts an innkeeper and a Ixitchc-n f>vorax iaid rjf that period of his life-- "a!! the ralamioro of my young lift' were s-A-'-Hrriw! with rnusic. my angel." A trttflr JHafhr«} •»«.:< I A'. er»ct crt )fee ght hit rj,«r " viirJc*r-*r. i Tf-n-a d *JiS !•«< w a . f !1T >WJ tTHf, him "Wisrxio^ la nun hM IS Hitii lie Mtit hid WU&t ' "t kjlsiyi* •ftp****. » »:ff KOITIt. h*t U«n »Jtv,h!T»; {wi » year rra», Ujttig !c tiofi!*ct the- Teats )twt«X S«-nic<f» AM/I She »4r,U ^Ifr aJ!cT)d a ttwroon K>rt> U'.trr ihr »o<J n'«ry pf«*«f oli h*> tir»ri » so t<« Seminar set • for JPs < ul.t V.fiK (•TATIU.S-- Tr<>» \4U I >JIT»IJ(> i»i t«Mi m>«T (Sun HO jiutikvt < Ihc jworiF Ifcwtj s* <»wK C*»»i r«ri1 »•«•* t«r a Ih»w<i4 Mjurjtacral (««%.?vim Tlvr Wr<Jar»4jij throve al Ihc tx-o (', 1'rx.Jfic! litir u "iVT: Siwrt ttorTw t<3 tmprwetrmit of c-jrtr-f f>4oriUoc f« HUci i tripe <cn r hr HUti. »rd ta trntiun » I'oiicc fuit (rorr, she (or KKS. iK>tni ("Kfd |n>lurt<ar Ira K Sox* ,Vrninat» jrr KhniuWxi m V t.ubbork. t,ongi ic« , Arlinjtofi. Cotiqgr Suiion and San Anlomo Sc<o4l Mtd Uw (ir>< iohcur wmiiur rrn phaiiir* Jl' dutirt and r<ii{x>niitiilitic» in the ado< irimuul Uw rarl) l?rj at Ihr VADOUI ntln The Mtmnar »ill I* rtrtd in the Rartutti Inn BUY Of THE SEASON »=OR VOUH FAVORITE GUY,/ /'* «* <? Only HO 95 mil ••*-- i «tli> 'it t<i»t. t>i(>t> ,<•! II >4ll*4« »* BULOVA 0 \^ \v V, \ **)*».% l ,j ^ Manufacturer's Close out! Nylon Bra-Slips 1 22 orig You »<H»'t believe tl until you trt them! WO KM per cenl n)loo bra ilipt go on kale Monday. The bra cup* are lightly lined wllh (IbcrfUJ. Lycra tkkt luid back Sim H-J6 A. B. C. Ooly a lucky ctweODi roakr» Ihlt price pottibie. Great for Cttrtonuat CUU. JCPenney The Christmas Place fa' "^ \ '<?* :4 !*!.>. .' .-^ 3«5 ft -^ /• T-1 --\_/>k' V Polyester knits. The pickings couldn't be better at any price. Special 12 88 andl4 88 How can you miss? Holiday bright colors. Plain and fancy textures. Easy- fit styling in misses' sizes. And every one is polyester knit so upkeep is practically nil. We've saved the best news (or last — the special buy prices. Do get here early lor best selection. And splurge. You can allord to. JCPenney The Christmas Place 1721 W. SICONO, FREiPQRT

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