Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 26, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 4
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Thursday, March 26 ' the hostess. The next meeting will be with Mrs. biivef turner on April 8. '" f Meeting of U. P. Social Union 1 The Social Union of the Unit- The Thursday Girls are" meet- «d; Presbyterian church met at Ing today at Hotel Lenok.' Hos- the church ****. afternoon, tesses are Mrs. Hfrm -Beentttf- Th « following officers were elected to serve for .the coming year: President, Mrs. K. R. Huff; and Mrs. Lester Johnson;.' The Woman's Relief Corps is meeting this afternoon at the home of Mrs. William Barrans. A sack lunch will be served. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet this evening at the home of Mrs. Carrie Dahlberg. The Priscilla Circle will meet at the church this afternoon, with Mrs. Fern Hale, Mrs. Gertruce Bruington and Mrs. Pauline Riley as hostesses. Friday, March 27 vice president, Mrs. E. A. Douglas; secretary-treasurer, Miss Mable Anderson,; Mrs. Arlo Richard was elected chairman of the program committee. The remainder of the afternoon was spent in quilting. Refreshments were" served by the THE LENOX TIMEJEAttUB, J<BM03L IQWA . ., ' &^W''>Vv'*HiHJT '• ' {~~:^.';''Wffl iF ri.5.'J.~; M. B. CfltJRCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor Sunday School, 10:00 ajn. Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m Spworth League, 6:30 p.m. Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. At the morning worship service the pastor will preach on, 'The Calling Christ." The sub- ect for the sermon in the even- ng will be, "Overcoming." We extend unto you a cordial invitation to attend our services. Many a man is the head of his amily in everything but relig- ous matters.—T. K. PRISCTT.LA. The Prlscilla Cirle will meet in the church on Thursday afternoon, March 26. Hostesses will be Mrs. Fern Hale, following hostesses: Mrs. Bertha Mrs. Gertrude Bruington and McFee, Mrs. J. A. Jones, Mrs. David Wilson, Mrs. Blanche Bruington, Mrs. K. R. Huff and Mrs. Hester Wilson. Meeting of |M. F. C. Ladies I Mrs. F. E. Holben was hostess The Social Union of the M. ] at the meeting of the M. F. C. E. church will meet this after- ! ladies, Wednesday afternoon. noon at the home of Mrs. B. H. Clayton. Assisting hostesses will be Mrs. Alice Dunbar, Mrs. Orth and Mrs. Myron King. Eleven members were present. The program consisted of a paper 011 the life of Thomas | Jefferson, by Mrs. Mary Leck! liter. The news outline was giv- Saturday, March 28 | e n by Mrs. S. F. Hufn'agel. The Dorcas society of the j Mrs. B. E. Poindexter gave as Presbyterian church will meet: the selected number the three today at the home of Mrs. B. j following poems: "If," by Rud- F. Wurster, with Mrs. W. C. Lewis as assisting hostess. There will be election of officers. Mrs. Key Hostess to G. V. Club Mrs. Roy Key was hostess to the G. V. Club Tuesday afternoon. March 24 There were 15 members present and roll call was answered by giving a sketch of a new book and its author. The program consisted of a talk by Mrs. O. E. Bricker on "A Little Bit o' Heaven at Davenport, and two humorous poems by Mrs. Harry Stpner. Guests were Mesdames Ben yard Kipling; "Just Folks," by Edgar Guest, and "Home," by Barton Reese Pogue. A few games of rook were played during the social hour. The hostess served a two course lunch and was assisted in the serving by Mrs. Mary Leckliter. The next meeting, April 8, will be with Mrs. T. J. Killion. Rosary Society Met With Mrs. Sealy St. Patrick's Rosary society met at the home of Mrs. Lou Sealy Thursday afternoon, Mar. 19, with 33 members present. The following guests also were Walter, H. A. Stephenson, Mark' present: Mrs. Mary E. Sweeley, Sluss, O. L. Drain. Copejafrid,. John Herman Holben received the high club score and Mrs. Ben Walter received the guest Mrs. Anna Wainwright, Mrs. John Keith, Mrs. R. E. Poindexter, Kathleen Poindexter, Mrs. Warren Gaer, Mrs. Raymond Miller, Mrs. Mary Ann. Page (Miss Murl Reimer The next meeting will be at' After the business meeting the home of Mrs. Roy Long. I Father McStay gave an interest_ . . ing talk on the saints. Presbyterian Missionary j Cards were the dlversion ^L y r, l? ff - tne afternoon. Luncheon was The Presbyterian Missionary served ^ y tne "*"•" Society met with Mrs. Lloyd ^y Davis last Friday. A good attendance and a good program made a profitable meeting. The devotions were conducted by Miss Linnie Heath, the Special was a letter read by Mrs. Gor- of don"fro"m a missionary in Brazil, ^Rev. Graham, husband of Mrs>Gordon's niee'ej-'Ruth 1 Wy r ant. It was.a description of a trip by auto truck to outlying stations with fifteen membeirs . Elizabeth Nqlan, Mrs. W O'Dell,' and Miss'^izzie Finn U. P. Missionary' /. Society Meeting -'VAJ Mrs. Archie Turner, was hostess Thursday afternoon at the meeting of the Missionary Society of the United Presbyterian church. Devotionals were conducted by Mrs. David Wilson. During the business meeting th& following of their church giving a. play officers were elected':" President entitled "Moses". First the Mrs. O. D. Tyler; vice president gasoline had to be brought, in Mrs. David Wilson; secretary by mule back, also a tire and Mrs. Addie Wright; -treasurer batjtenfcsi then the terrible Mrs. Donna Runyon. roads they travelled, and the The program was a review of makeshift stages that most of the missionary book, ."Under the the time, they had to use, some-I southern Cross," given by Mrs times none at all. the wonder- |O . D. Tyler. Mrs. Maxwell and ful reception their message re-;Mrs. Clute were guests. ceived, all making the efforts of the home people seem rather tame and not up to the standard of real Christianity, and j II. S. Club ' Party sionary has to overcome. The Light refreshments were served by the hostess. Foreign topic was Japan and Mrs. Maud Wood was leader. Mrs. Wainwright led the national topic, "The Foreigner in America." The presbyterial will be the latter part of April, the 22nd, at Bedford, and it is expected that Mias Leno Daugherty will be home then on furlough. She is a missionary in Japan, for 20 years, and will be on the program. Meeting of Lenox Fortnightly Club Mrs. J. J. Walter was hostess to the meeting of the Lenox Fortnightly Club at her home Wednesday afternoon with ten members and one guest, Mrs. A. L. Barker, present. A short talk by the contact woman, Mrs. Anna Wainwright, was given. The program was a poem, " A Wish for My Friends" by Mrs. Lloyd Davis, and an article by Mrs. J. J Walter, "War is a Racket". Bridge was played during the social hour, Mrs Barker holding the high score for the afterp'p'cfo! and Mrs. W. H. Madden holding! ''he high club score. rT Refreshments were served by The H. S. Club held its club party at Hotel Lenox last Friday evening. A pot luck dinner was served at seven o'clock and the evening was spent playing bridge. Francis Folcey received the high score prize and J. B. Wood received the traveling prize. Guests of the club members were Francis Folcey, J. B. Wood, Harry Walter, Dr. Mark Sluss, Paul Davis, Cecil Wilson, Orval Walter, George . Trost, Clark Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Harey Allen Porter and Miss Bernice Wilcke. A business meeting of the club was held at the home of Mrs. Francis Folcey Wednesday evening. Chapter F W P. E. O. Mrs. Donald Tyler was hostess at the regular meeting of Chapter FW, P. E. O., at.,her home Thursday evening, March 19. Members present, fourteen. Fashion notes were" f$yen in response to roll call. Exemplification of'the Ritual was the program of the-evening. Mrs. Vern Roll sang two numbers. ;-,-.-; The next meeting will be at Mrs. Pauline Riley. SOCIAL UNION. The Social Union will meet with Mrs. Berry Clayton on Friday afternoon, March 27. BIBLE READING. Join us in reading the Bible. Report your readings to your Sunday School teacher or to the pastor. WORLD SERVICE OFFERING. Envelopes have been passed out for the offering to be taken for missions on Easter Sunday. Place in them whatever you can give to the world wide cause. Looking Forward April 5th. We will observe de- csiion day in our Sunday School. If you have not decided publicly for Christ this would be the day to do so. April 12th. At the morning service the pastor will administer the baptism of the church to any who desire it, or to children whose parents so desire. Get in touch with the pastor about it. On Easter Sunday evening our church will present a religious dramai "The Dawnf Th4s drama was written, by the pastor and portrays the story of the resurrection. UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH'NOTES Rev. W. A. Thompson 'Bible School, 10 a.m. Preachin, 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m. Y.P.C.U., 6:30 p.m. March :29, Young Peoples' Night." ; .,..;, Tonight the Young People of the church are taking charge of the entire service. A young peoples choir will sing.. Different young people will sing group numbers. Four of Ithe young people are going to speak on great subjects. There- will be appropriate poetical readings The young people are taking this great service seriously. The fine spirit and "interest of the young people in this coming service leaves no room for the pessimistic attitude so often taken toward young people by those who do not understand the heart of youth. That heart is pure" ; and sincere and idealistic Remember YOUNG PEOPLE'S NIGHT and be there 7:30. March 26, Thursday Night. All the young people of the church are to meet in choir rehearsal at the church tonight promptly at 7:30. April 6-12 Pre Easter Meetings We are looking forward to a week of deep spiritual blessing and emphasis. Preaching each night at 8 o'clock. Pray for the men who are to preach. Keep these evenings open for Christ and His church. A detailed program will appear later. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be observed Easter Day with Dr. E. F. Kimmelshue officiating. THE PREACHER SAYS: there are 286,000 young people in our jails and penitentiaries and 250,000 in our colleges and universities. Does this fact have any connection with this other contemporary fact that we have 34 million boys and girls enrolled in our public school system intf- tr-l5fcreenT or approximate; U?vJ7 mfllion;of these .are .utt- reached Vy any religious instruction whatever. ,• CHURCH OF CHRIST , I. O.iRandels, pastor 10:15 Church School 11:00 Morning Worship 6:30 Christian Endeavor 7:30, Feature Sun. Service. We are beginning our Three Months Soul-Winning Campaign. Our slogan, "Evelryone One." We are "Found to find, won to win, saved to save," Up, Christian Soldier! A series of sermons for the morning senttce on the Cross next Sunday morning, "The Cross—a way of Life." Evening service with the sermon entitled, "If Jesus Came to Lenox Would He'Be Crucified?" Did you say no? You could be mistaken. There will be a 15 minute prayer service preceding even- ng service. Thursday night, (this week) we have a teacher and officer meeting at the church. 7:30. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. L. T. Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m. 11:00 A. M., Annual Missionary Praise Service. 6:30 p. m., Young People's Society. A meeting of special interest is planned for this week. The Missionary Society will meet with Mrs. Knotter Friday afternoon. The meeting is to :onsist of a review of the study books and will begin at 1 o'- cloci; v It iSflPildse wlttTa sack lunch. All thfc Iffdtes oi ' the church are invited to attend. The Dorcas group will meet Saturday, March 28, at the home of Mrs. Ben Wurster. there will be an election of of fleers. The following were received |nto the membership of the church Sunday morning: Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hewitt, by transfer of letter^ from the Presbyterian church of Washington, Iowa; Ruby and Dorothy Gray, Grace Verlee Saunders and Marion Wurster. all by confession of faith. Salem Affairs, Velda Wray and Marjorie Roe of Lenox attended the musical contest held at Bedford, Saturday, and were the guests of Mrs. Bessie Henderson. Mrs. Frank Riley, Sr., and daughter, Mrs. Gerald Rogers of Mercer Center, viisited Mrs. Wray Walter last Friday afternoon. Tractors are humming, birds are singing; also the frogs are in tune and lovely weather greets us most every day. Certainly an epidemic of spring fever is spreading. Roy Dotsor^ helped Clyde Kempton with some farm work Friday and Saturday. We are glad to note Chas. Schaffer has improved the past week, enough so that he could be brought home from the hospital Thursday. He is under the Lowell Thursday ':£t' thfe.' ^Mtojtfabfc home?; j '''•*'."..'...."' • '• ••-• i,•£* Led--'*wjray f yand c^as} Maser helped dtia$, ,Wr.fty biitcher iosl Wednesday. " rChas. Colyn received a message fTiday stating;! er was seriously, ill, he . suffered a.stroke of"; Mr. and Mrs. Colyn iefiLfpr'Lepn Friday afternoon, , "' '"'.'.>... Chas. Colyn and. son ..Juniqp have anew, tractor^, Chas. Wray and several.kind neighbors began work on a"..new. basement- where the house burned last fall, .on - the place where Rev. Colyn-i and family lived. •,:.' , . Mr. and Mrs. Christie Sterling and family visited Mr. and Mrs. James Sterling in Prescott, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Walter of west Lenox vicinity called ojn Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wray Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Leo Wray and Roland Dale and Mrs. Chas. Moser vis- ted Mrs. Chas. Wray Wednesday. When a manuscript supposed -o have been submitted by an applicant for membership in a San Jose College literary society was read to the members it was ananimously rejected as being without merit. Their president, in a jocular mood, had read a part of the "Songs of Solomon" from the Bible. <**fcBS' ^$**nM&& •MHUttSDAY, "• '.rr'i • From his cell window a i oner in the county jail at p hontas, Iowa, saw a fire broke out, spread the He | alarm, then returned to the jail and '« now a hero. Di}. Charles F. Pabst, ' C hi ef dermatogist of the Greenpoin Hospital, Brooklyn, says t women should shave to retain ieir schoolgirl complexions. • Ad The Lenox Time-Table ^''.'-**fcV '.Nil • • '' r'' ''** •'• \*'J'i , : '' . !»*» high- Chevrolet compression economy The Chevrolet engine is the most economical automobile engine produced today, because (1) it is a six-cylinder engine, and (2) it ia a valve-in-head BIX- cylinder engine. the home of Mrs. Ben Walter, Thursday, April 2. Family Gathering Mr. and Mrs. John Einfeldt tiad as their guests for dinner, Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Einfeldt of Havanna, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rose and daughter Lou, and Mrs. Rose's mother, Mrs Grace Chute, of Omaha, tfebr., Mr. and Msr. George Einfeldt. Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Sellers and daughter Helen, Mr. and Mrs. Lon Bubb, all of Lenox. One daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hicks, of „ „ Beatrice, Nebr., were unable to LENOX get fiere for the family reunion.' ' • its six cylinders use less gas and oil—in fact, use the least gas and oil — for six cylinders are the most economical com- biiialiou used in modern automobile. Every test proves it's more economical . . . Ef.ery Chev- I rolet owner knows] it's more economical . . . And every person will readily understand these simple A-B-C reasons why it is more economical CHEVROLET Ita vatve-in^iead design cuts gasoline consumption still lower because there is l** loss of heat through the walls of the combuitwn chamber in valve-m-head C r e | ne ^ and lhe Advanced construction f th ° Ch evrolet engine gives maximum neat (or power) saving. . A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES . . . IMPROVED GLIDING KNEE-ACTION iMnr» SIIOCKPROOF STEERING* . . . GENUINE FISHER NO DRAFT VENTILATION sni in ' ' ' one-piece TURRET TOP BODIES . . . HIGH-COMPRES- ' '' STEEL SIGN VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE ... 6% NEW MONEY- $ Jt A EP AND W. SAVING G.M.A.C. TIME PAYMENT PLAN. Compare Chevrolet's low delivered prices and low monthly pay- "f all, Chevrolet's i pressure stream , » */£££ ... c? ".7°ti-iii, pccoauru bticuiu oiling and the greater accessibility of all ^»r^ g ParlB result "* more dependable oyep a j on g ej . pg^^j O f t ^i ei lowest maintenance costs. __ . range— pyes economy without equaL MILLER CHEVROLET CO i i .1, ' ' '• i .,••••'• . ^^Ir ^tfif,- •

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