Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on June 18, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, June 18, 1898
Page 2
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MELVIN, STEELE JOHNSON E D I T O R S A N D PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE! 18, 1898 EDITORIAL NOTES. Major-General Merritt, who is t be Governor-General of the P h i l i p pine Islands, in au after-diune speech at San Francisco, some day ago, a n n o u n c e d that the governmen lias already defined its policy iu ref erence to territory captuied d u r i n the piosent w a r n i t h Spain, and tha the new n a t i o n a l policy was to es tnblish colonial g o v e r n m e n t of ul ot it. In so m a n y words, the pleii of humanity was but a pretext for war of conquest. General Merrit did not speak with any authority on the subject, and h i s lem.irks wer i l l - t i m e d .and in bad tnstc. Tho mill t.iry officials would be s-liou-Mffh indeed if they did not ditect the holding, d u r i n g hostilities, of everj point of vantage gained, to the end that the object of the war may b more quickly accomplished; but thi exigencies of -nar and a policy in time of peace are altogether differ ent matters. The government hac Letter muzzle its mouth-fighting major-generals, and issue its policy whether of war, peace, invasion, oc cupation, or whatsoever it is, thro proper channels, and in season. The war will impose a tremendous re spousibility upon the people, who alone make our policies, and they will mei't the questions arising ou of the Spanish-American war in the spirit' of fairness and broadness characteristic of them. In t he meantime, they are in fav^r of fighting the war to a quick conclusion, am taking care of all questions when they come up, not before. Rev. Madibon C. Pctors, a Presbyterian minister, was cue of the speakers at the dedication of tho picturesque Druid Ridg-e cemetery Sy'kesville, on Saturday. Some truths in relation to funerals ho expressed with boldness quite u n usual: He said: "Todo away with the excess of flowers, and, above All - vritli cvepe veils," he said, "is what ·we want. Fashionable mourning is the greatest possible satire ou grief. It expresses hopelessness instead of --faith. "In New York I have seen mourning- put on dojs and tho coachman is also dressed udiculous- ly. If you have flowers give them to your friends while they are alive. Avoid all unnecessary display and expense. Deliver me from f u n e r a l addresses. The- worse a man is the more pood you have to say about him. It brings ridicule upon the church." Young Leiter, of Chicago, has thrown up his job of corneiing the wheat supply of this country; and in summing up results to himself finds that he has much more experience and much less cash t h a n he bad a year ago. He has paid dearly for the notoriety he enjoys, and the bread-eaters have paid pretty dearly for it also. Where are the counterbalancing good results to the people? They do not appear. On tho contrary, they furnished the money (a cent for each pound of flour consumed) for the big gambling game out of which Leiter came far troui first best. In years to come Leiter .trill be k n o w n as the fellow who "went up like a rocket and come down like a stick," or "on eagle's wings he soared aloft, and lit ou daddy's wood-pile." A handsome monument', to the memory of Frauds Seott Key, will soon be completed at Frederick, -Maryland. In the historic cemetery in that city the corner-stone of the monument was laid, with impressive patriotic ceremonies on Tuesday last, and vast throngs of people, from various parts of the State a.nd -l-country were present. jOf more en- · ; ,during qualities that the great mar- ^,ble shaft, however, is the beautiful song, "The Star Spangled Banner," .whose inspiring notes have so often stirred our hearts. At the dedication of the Nebraska building of tbe Trans-Mississippi Exposition ou Tuesday last Hon. Wm. J. Bryan spoke and declared the war is not one of conquest. He said the war is for h u m a n i t y and not for the extension of United States territory. In concluding, he said the manifest destiny of this nation is not to acquire new realms to govern, but to carry out the fundamental principles of Democracy to the end that equality among all citizens may be secured. - It is stated that the recent heavy orders from the Government have "cleaned up" the market for canned tomatoes, and it is predicted t h a t , prices will be higher than usual. Tbeproprietorsofthe packing-houses are getting ready for a heavy o u t p u t . The mercantile business is brisk in many of tbe towns and villages on the Peninsula just now. Thu small fruits have already brought much money 'into circulation, aud everybody feels the benefit. Tuesday was.the 122d anniversary of the adoption of the stars and stripes as the country's flag. Ihe event was fittingly recognized in many parts of the country. MissEvangolineCisneros was mar- liod at Baltimore Thursday to Carlos F. Carbonell, who aided her escape from a Spanish prison. The promised millions in the great wheat deal were not made -- by Joe. THE NEW STAMP ACT. Tlie effect on i n d i v i d u a l s of the n e w w a r i c v c u n o b i l l , which will go i n t o effect about the (iist of July, is something that a very small proportion of the general public has given any thought to. In fact, thoie has been little opportunity to study the provisions of the bill, and it is doubt- f u l if one-fourth of the people will have the chance to inform themselves m i e g a r d t o the stamp act, which it will be necessary for all busines men to know, before the time set fo the law to go into effect as abov mentioned, as stamps will be re quiveil on bank cheeks, deeds, mov gages and all conveyances, notes leases,'etc-, to be put on at the tim of making. Stamps may be obtain ed of the collector of intemal reve iiue, iu q u a n t i t y , or from the bank and postoffict-s of the county, whe required, and it is probable that th ilmg stores will keep them on sulo tor public convenience. Merchant \\ill take care to protect themserve against loss of the cost of the stain requited on articles they sell and th consumer need not inform them selves too thoroughly on this poinl if they want to be comfortable. Tho; will find that the tax is there all righ on proprietary medicines, tea, to bacco, cigarettes, etc. The tax o oue cent on each telephone message costing 15 cents and over, and on cent each for telegraphic messages t lie tax on insurance policies, an the inheritance tax are of genera importance aud local interest. Th stamp on bank checks is two cent each, w i t h o u t regard to amount During the civil war, when ther was a tax on bank checks, the bank expedited the stamping by agree ment with the government whereb; they were allowed to stamp them selves whole books of checks, which \\ere sold to customers for about th value of the stamps. This methoi will not, in all probability, be adopt ed by the banks at the outset, and users of checks will have to provide themselves with stamps and do tbeii own licking and sticking. Some o! t h e other stamps required are asfol lows: Bill of exchange or draft, L. c e n t s when over $100, and 2 cents tor each additional $100. Protest of note, bill or cheeky '25 cents. Lifo insurance policies, 10 cents for each $100 or fractional part thereof, anc fire insurance policies, one-half con on each dollar of premium. Leases for lauds or tenements 25 cents for one year, 50 cents up to ^hree years and $1 when over three years. Mort ages, over $1000 and not over $1500 25 cents, and 25 cents for each addi uonal $500. Proxies for voting for officers of a company, 10 cents Powers of attorney for real estate 25 cents. Deeds, 50 cents for over $100 and up to $500, and 50 for eacl $500 or fraction thereof. Receipts for money over $5, 1 cent. Proprie tary medicines, perfumery, costnet ics, if not sold under patent right or trade mark, on every box or phia sold for 10 to 25 cents, Icent; 25 anc 50, 2 cents; 50and 75,3 cents; 75 anc !'!., 4 cents, and 2 cents for each 5( cents above $1. Articles on li;im tain ped when sold at retail. The government will be taxed to the utmost o provide the millions of stamps, nl the hundreds of different kinds, that \v ill be required during the first week of the law's operation. The full text of the stamp act will be distributed, t is supposed, daring the coming week. Summer Outings. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company announces the following Per- :nally-Conducted Tours for the Summer and early Antumriof 1898:-To the North (including Watkins len, Niagara Falls, Thousand Is- iind, Montreal, Quebec,-Au Sable ) has in, LakesChamplainand George Saratoga, and a daylight ride hrough the Highlands of the Hudson), July 26 and August 16. Rate, 100 for the round trip from New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, covering all expenses oE a two-weeks' trip. Proportionate rates from other points. To Yellowstone Park and the Trans-Mississippi Ezposition on a special train of Pullman sleeping compartment, observation, and din- ng cars, allowing eight days in 'Wonderland" and two days al Omaha, September 1. Bate, $235 from Now York, Philadelphia, Balti- nore, aud Washington; $230 from Pittsburff. To Niagara Falls, excursion tick- ts good to return within ten days will 'be sold on July 21, August 4 and 18, September 1, 15, and 29, at rate of $10 from Philadelphia, Baltimore tnd Washington. These tickets in- ilude transportation only, and will sennit of stop over within limit at Buffalo, Rochester, and Watkins on the return trip. Two ten-day'tours to Gettysburg, uray Caverns, Natural Bridge, 'irginia Hot Springs, Richmond, tad Washington, September 28 aud October 19. Rate, $65 from New York, $G3 from Philadelphia. Pro- ortiouate rates from other points. For itineraries and further infor- nation apply to ticket agents, or address Geo. W. Boyd, Assistant foneral Passenger Agent, Phila- elphia. This News In Half Spanish. ·Vow the Boston Ledger. Oh, for one of Uncle Sam's mos- uito fleets about now! Those esky flying squadrons from Carone and Dorset are with us again. I have a small lot of dry goods notions, hosiery, c., in order to make room for other goods--which will be sold at leas than cost. J. F. LEDNUK, Preston, Md. He Clmiigeil IliH Mind. Dr. R. M. Pi ice, of Queen A u tie's c o u n t y , was in tho city .Monday I n i g h t . He is h.uiguiuo at iccoivi j the Democratic n o m i n a t i o n for Cou gress in the First district uext fall --Baltimore American. "We ave requested by Dr. Kobei McPeelj' Price, to a n n o u n c e that h is not ji candidate for the Demo era tic Congressional nomination While the Doctor has received man flattering assurances of snppoi from friends all over the Distric and would have had the u n a u i m o u and earnest support of the Quee Anne's delegation iu the nominating convention, he feHs constrained, fo personal reasons, to decline to ente the contest. We, with tho man friends of Dr. Price, greatly regre that he has reached this conclusion as we believe that he would in a! probability have received the nomi nation at tho bauds of the First Dis trict Democracy.-- CentreeiUe Obsei'vei Kollngly-- Qiieei8to\vii. On and after June 1st--the beau t i f u l summer resort, Bolingly on Chester, located at Queenstown, wil be opened for the season of 1SOE Special rates, over tbe Queen Anne' Railroad will be given to Sundaj Schools, etc., desiriug to use t h i delightful spot for a day's outing Grounds are being laid out for Lawn Tennis, Croquet and Base Ball, fo the exclusive use of the patrons Those not taking lunches with them can be accommodated at the Hotel with meals at popular prices. Fish ing, boating, bathing, crabbing, ant all other poplar amusements. Fo railroad rates, apply to C. C. Waller General Passenger Agent, Pier No 9i Light street, Baltimore Md. M J. Marx, is manager ot the hotel. Lines on tlie Death of Mr. John WllIhtiiiH Our old friend is sleeping, Calmly sleeping 'ncath tlie sod, \Vc hope Ins spirit's resting, Sweetly rebtmg uith his God. His pilgrimage is ended, His work is finished now; We trust a crown of glory Will rest upon his brow. He has passed through the xalle And through the shadow too, He Tound the staff to comfort, And the rod to lend him through. His head was silvered over With the frost of many years, He had his share of sorrows, For life lias many cares. But yet, his Maker ga\e him Much to be thankful for; He gave him peace and plenty Aud years fourscore and more. And when Ills Master called him, lie could say "Thy will be done," The battle's fought and o\ er, The victory has been won. A VKIBND. WANAMAKER'S PHILADELPHIA, Monday, June 13, 1893. Pretty Foulard Silks Are Cheap Just Now We own eleven thousand three hundred and"ninety-seven (11,397) yards at prices not far above hal current values. And they are in the prettiest printings, and embrace the bes shades of the season's favored colors. There are very libera choosings in black-and-white and blue-and-white. The sillc itself is of fine sturdy quality, in the wanted twills. At 35c a yard--80 pcs.-- twenty-tliree navy and wlilte twenty-five black with color fourteen black and white At 30c a yaid--43 pcs.-- three red and black nine black and white ten navy and white five brown and white six black witli color ten color on color At 50c a yard--22 pcs.-- v ,:/ ten black and white six navy and white four black and color two color and white At 35c a yard--80 pcs.-- four brown and white three red and black six myrtle and white five color with white At 40c a yard--44 pcs.-- * eighteen black with color fourteen color with black and white seven navy and white five black and white At 45c a yard--26 pcs.-- eight black with color five navy and white ' six black, and white six color and white one color with color At 55c a yard--10 pcs.-- C' navy and white black and white black with color color with white Cotton NO previous showing in Dress ^' s store's proud history Goods ' 1as k een *' ie e 1 ua ' this season's gathering of dainty cotton stuffs-- I V ® 4000 styles are shown Woven and printed-- American and imported. The lover of dainty garments will choose the fabrics for summer waists and dresses where the picking is so choice. Perhaps you would never guess that cotton stuffs were made so Beautiful until you take a look over these laden counters. This hint of the prices by waist lengths-WOVEN, COTTONS-American Cheviols, 3 yards for 38c, 45c, 54c, 75c. Scotch Cheviots, 3 yards for 90c. American Ginghams, 3 yards for 19e, 27c, 30c, 38c. American Madras, 3 yards for 45c, Sic, 75c. Scotch Ginghams, 3 yards for BOc, 75c. $1.05. Scotch Madras, 3 yards for SI. OS. Scotch Linens, 3 yards for Sic, $1.35. 'RINTED COTTONS-Standard Calicoes, 3K yards for lie, ISc, Printed Madras, 3 yards for 38c. 38 in. Best Percales, 3 yards for 38c. Fine Sateens, 3 yards for 30c, 45c. Printed Cheviots, 3 yards for 75c. LAWNS AND DIMITIES-Fine Dimity, 3 yards for 15c. Fine Lawn, 3 yards for 21c. Batiste Lawn, 3 yards for 30c, 33c, Swiss Lawn, 3 yards for 38c. Plaid Organdie, 3 yards for 38c. Swiss Mull, 3 yards for 45c. Striped Lawns, 3 yards for tic. Organdie Lawns, 3 yard* for Me. DRUSS PA i ri£HNS-- Counting uvelve yards for a good dress pattern, you need only to multiply the waist cost of any of the above by four to find the cost of the full tli ess pattern. COTTON COVERT-An almost perfect imitation of the best wool coverts, much liked for sturdy outing dresses and bicycle skirts and jackets. No fear of mud or rain, as they launder to look like new. A dozen mixtures. Price-- I2y s c a yd. German MANY years ago Table Linens- d '-" ve ;-linen-maker whose entire outfit could have been run comfortably in a modern dining-ioom. His output was small; but the linen he made w?s of rare goodness. For many years we took all he made. Today his mills cover several acres and the choicest half of his linens still come to Wanamaker's. Fourteen huge cases have just come from the Custom House--they contain linens of the same old-fashioned goodness. Thrifty housekeepers will w a n t a share of them in their linen closets. They're leady today. BLEACHED TABLE LINENS-Extra heavy drill or dice pattern table linen-62 in. wide, 5@c a yd. G5 in. wide, 6jC a yd. PART-BLEACHED TABLE LINENS-Loom dice table linen in neat, quaint patterns-63 in. wide, 650 a yd. Fine damask linen, In floral pattern-- 70 in wide, 750 a yd. Fine damask linen, in neat and pretty patterns -2 yards wide, 8oc a yd. Finest loom dice table linen---the equal, for wear, of bleached damask at double its price. Three widths-Go in. wide, 850 a yd. 66 in. wide, $r«a yd. 72 in. wide, $1.10 a yd. John Wanamaker. ADMINISTRATORS' SALE --OF VALUAALK-- HOUSEHOLD 60008 AND LAW LIBRARY, o By virtue of fin order of the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, the undersigned, administrators of James N. Todd, Into of Caroline county, deceased, will sell ftt public miction, on THURSDAY, JUNE30, 1898, beginning at 10 o'clock n. m., nt tlie late residence of the -=jud James N Todd, in tho town of Denton, Md., nil of tho per- soniil property cf snid dcconsed, n, piirt ot which is n lot of KITCHEN FURNITURE, consisting of nn Othello Rnnge nnd Fixtures, Ice Cream Freezer. Clothes "Wringer, Tinware, Agateware, Tubs, Sail Irons. Porcelain Kettle, Kitchen Tnble, Cupboard, lot of Glass Cans, and numerous smixll articles found in » well-equippc:! kitchen. Dining ROOIY) Furniture. One vciy fine Refrigerator, Ex-tension Table, China Closet, Lcnflier-bottom Chairs Chandelier, Pictuies, c. Also n large Mirror, Kcelining Rocker, large Easy Chair, Rockers, Lampa, ' 2 Suits of Parlor Furniture, almost now, 4 large valuable Oil Paintings, Venetian Ornament*, 3 Bed-Boom Suits, Mattresses, Springs, Pillows nnd Holsters, Cham nor Sets, Iron Bedstcnd with mattress and springs, Baby Conch, Swinging Crib, a large bt of valuable Car- pots, sovcrnl Rugs, Portiere Curtains, Mat- tings, c All of this furniture is of a high grade nnd in good condition. LAW LIBRARY. 25 volumes Maryland Reports (Perkins); 40 books U. S. Supreme Court Ue- ports, (vols. 1 lolG2.) and 3 Digests; Mnry- Innd Code; Brnntley's Digest, 2 volumes; Millur's Equity; 12 volumes Central Reporter, nnd other valuable text books. Itemized list furnished · on application. Also office furniture consisting of Carpet, Matting, Chairs, Stove, Desk, Typewriter, Inkstnnds, Rulers, c. One Good Cow will also be sold; also lot of Straw nnd Fodder, one Slcigli, several Halters, Fly Nets, nnd other small articles. TERMS OF SALE. All sums of $10 find under cush; on nil sums over Hint amount n credit of six months will be given, purchaser giving note with approved security, payable at the Denton National Bank and bearing interest from day ol'snlc. No property to bo removed untfl terms of sale arc complied with. CLAKA N. TODD, T. PLINY FISHEll, Administrators of Jas. N. Todd, dee'd. Serge Prices as thin as the suits: $7.50 af| to $15 for Serge Suits in blacks and blues. $10, SllitS f° r skeleton lined satinfinished suits fast colors and best makers. Double-breasted Coat Suits at $8, $10, $12.50 and $15, the $15 kind have the coat silk lined and silk faced, very nob- by ior swell dressers. Full stock thin clothing all kinds, Crash Suits, Serge Coats and Vests, Alpaca, Mohair, and Pongee Coats, Crash and White Duck Trousers. Fancy and White Duck Vests. Nobby new Crash Knee Pant Suits for boys, sizes 3 to 12 years, 50 cents to $3. oo. Boys Thin Coats and Odd Trousers, .Straw Hats, Russett Tennis ' and Bicycle Shoes, 'Summer Furnishings, Underwear, Negligee and Madras Shirts, bright new -stock little and low prices. JAS, T, MULLIN SONS, Clothing, Hats, ·Shoes, Sixth and Market, Wilmington Oclim's Acnio Hall. - Jjlerde There's often a great difference in Boys' suits tbat look exactly alike, but boyish wear and tear soon discloses good from bud, but tben it's too laie. When you buy Oehm-made clothing you're sure t h a t the fabrics will wear well, won't scuB up or shred out, colors are positively fast, sewing as good as the best, for these are distinguishing features of our Boys' Clothing. is a larere line of Bine Sjerge and Worsted C h e v i o t Sail01 ' Blouse r, . , , . . 1 1 1 , Suits, strictly all-wool, absolutely fast color, daintily trimmed in black and white silk, sou- tache binding. A suit whoso fair price would be $i.30, sells for $3.46. A strong l i n e of them here, showing all the best ifeoniSr s 'y' es * n f a n c y 14 °d mixed Cheviots and S u m m e r Suitings, wide, full-back coats, very swell, manisli Suits, sizes 14 to 10. Prices range $5, $6-50 and up to $10. Boys' Spring Shoes, $1,35, Spring Heel, very fine Calf, shaped like a man's--not girlish, but boyish Shocb, $1.35. Another grade, $1.75. Boys' Bikes, exact models of our Meu's, only smaller, $20. 9 · Our Pretty Broad-Brim Sailors at 25e. and 35c. vie w i t h the more naval Tarn 0 Shauters of White Duck, even though the latter are o n l y 14c. Golf Caps are same price, too--14c. The liuest Milan Sailors, for Boys, in pl.-iin, fuucy and mixed combina tiotis are $1.25 and $1.50. Regulation Soldier Caps, S5c Hoys' SciiLt and Smooth Jlr.ucl Straw Hats, COc., OBc. and 7J5c. Wo have everything in Clothing and other apparel tor'ineu, best, cheapest. "Whori you come to Bill ti more on an Excursion, Cut Tbis Out. Upon presentation of this Coupon trom the DENTON JOURNAL you will be entitled to a discount of 1O per cent, on nil purchases ot S1O.OO or over. OEHM'S ACME HALL. "When you're in Baltimore make Oehm's Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' Waiting-, Retiring and "Writing Rooms; Men's Smoking and Waiting Rooms Free, no matter whether you're a customer or not; meet your friends at Oehm's. Parcels checked free, and every accommodation and comfort is cordially extended to you. Oehm's Acme Hall Baltimore Charles Sts,, BALTIMORE, MD, All Car Lines Pflss Our Door. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLH REALJSSTATR De=iring to remove from tlio countv ] will offer at public sale to tho highest bid dor, on Saturday, tlie 2d day of July, 1898 between the hours of 1 and C o'clock p in., nil that lot. tractor pniccl of land situate in the 3d election dis rict of Caroline county, Md , nn tliu norLli side of the conn ty road lending Irom Doiitnn to Unioi Corner, containing 17 AO11ES, more or loss, being th propi-rty whreon I now re side. The improvements consist of a verj comfortable two-story DWELLING Housu, stable nnd other necessary outbuildings all in yooil repnir. There are orchards o nppli 1 . peach, piar and cherry trees anc qujntitius ot's rawborrics nnd other smal fruits. Tins lot is most conveniently lo ented, boing w i i l i i n onsyncress of churches, schoo's, mills, railroad, nnd stcambnal landings. Tun TKHM or SALE are: $100 to be paid in cash on dny of sale, tin- I m l n n c c ii tquiii installment* of 1, 2 nn.i · years; ihe deferred payments to bear ink-rust from the day of sale mid to be seemed to the satisfaction of the undersigned. 1'itlc papers at expense of purchaser WILHELMINA BLOCKLINGEfi. NOTICK.--I nm willing to take n mortgage on the above described pioperty to secure the deferred payments. WILIIKI.MINA BLOCKLINOKH. Notice of Election Supervisors. Tho Supervisors of Election for Caroline County, Md., met at their office in Denton, June 14, 1898, and Appointed tbo following Officers of Registration 1 for the ensuing jenr, who shall also act as Judges of Election for their respective Election Districts. First district--Geo. T. Musselman Rop , William H. Godwin, Dom. Second--Joseph T. Cooper, Rep , "William L. Cooper, Dom. Third--Edgar Todd, Hep., Correll D. Stewart, Dem. Fourth--William Chcozuni Hep., Joseph H. Trice, Dom. Fifth--John Kent, Kep., A. Pierce Rod- bend, Dem. Sixth-- Edwnrd L. Melvin, Rep., Isaac L. Dukes, Dem. Seventh--Alfred W. Thompson, Rep., Thomas G. Cline, Dem. Eighth--"Willinni H. Benuchamp, Rop., John S. Willis, Dem. Tho Board of Supervisors hereby give notice thrit they will meet at their oliico, in Denton, June 28, 1898, at, 10 o'clock, a. in., for the purpose of examining tho above appointed Officers of Registration. Such officers will appear without further notice. -j By order Board of Supervisors for Caroline County, Md. W. I. NORRIS, Clerk. Order Nisi, Wm. F. Leonard, Mortgagee, ·vs. Adam JH. Washington, nnd wife, In tlie Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this 24th day of May, 1898, that the salo of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made nnd reported by Win. F. Leonard, Mortgagee, be rnti- licd ttnd conllrmrd, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 30th dny of July next,--Provided n copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline :onnty, once in ettch of three successive weeks, before the 20th day of Juno next, The Report states the amount of sales to be §130.00. CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. True Copy--Test: CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. PUBLIC SALE --OK 'HIE-REAL ESTATE --ov-- JOHN COLLINS, DECEASED. By virtue of tho authority in mo vested I will sell nt public; auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the Davis Block in the town of Fedcrnlsburg, Maryland, on Saturday, 25th of June, 1898 biginning at 2 o'clock, p. m., tho following real estnte, to wit: NO. 1. All [hut lot situate on the east side ol Mnin street, in the town of Fedcralsburg. improved by n Single-Story Dwelling, and is ;hc pioperty conveyed to snid John Collins by Jfimes B. Wright by dcctl dated A p r i l Oth, 1888, and recorded in Libci I.. II. U Nn. 02, folios 517, c., one of the land records for Caroline county. NO -1. All Unit lot Mtuntod on tlio \\c=t side of Mnin sticet in uid t u u n of L\ conveyed tos.iid John Collins by liufusc". Harris aud wito, by deed dated October 10th, 1887, iind rccoided in Lihet L. II G., No. 01, folio jfij, tec., and i by u one and a-iinlf stury now tenanted by Frank Jones. NO. 3. All that lot situate on tlio west side ol suul Main street, in Fedtralsburg, near the M. E. Chinch. The improvements arc n TWO-STORY DWELLING, now occupied ly Jnmes T. Frnmpton NO. 4. All that lot sitimtc in said town of Fod- crnlsburg, near the M. E. Church Parsonage, conveyed to the snid John Collins anc wife by Jnmes II. Towers and wife deed dated June 12th, 1874, and recordcc in Liber F. J. II.. No 0, folio430, Ac . one of tho land records for Doicheter county and containsono-third of nn ncre of land, more or lcs=. This property is improvec by n two-story DWELLING, and n small building suitable for nn office or shop, nnd is tenanted by Mr. Pcrlite. NO. 5. All that lot situate in snid town of Fcd- ornlsbnrs conveyed to snid John Collins by John H Williams and wife by dect dated February 3rd. 188), and recorded in Liber L. H. G., No. 46, folios 30, c , a land record for Caroline county, nnd con ta i us 4 Acres of Land, more or less Tho improvements are a one and n-half story dwelling, and ten anted by Mr. Eddington. NO..O. A timber tract on the south side of pub lie road lending from Faulkner's Hill tc Thomas W. White's, adjoining Jamc Gambrill's land, nnd others, nnd contain ing about 11 Acres, more or less. NO 7. Also a small tract of land on the oppo site side of the county road from No. G containing about 1O Acres., more or less. No improvements on N«s C nnd 7. TERMS OF SALE One-third cash on day of sale, bnl.uu 1 in 6 and 12 months; dcferied payments to bear interest and to be satisfactorily se cured. Title papers at expense of purchaser JAMES C. COLLINS. F. P. COVKY, Auct. T. PLINY FISHER, Attorney. J. H. C. LEGS, ATTORNEY- AT-L AW, CENTREVILLE, MD ASSIGNEE'S SAkE --OF-THE VALUABLE FARM OF THE LATE WILUAn ^V DAY, IN THE SECOND ELECTION DISTRICT OP CAROLINE COUNTY, MARYLAND. By virtue of a power of salo contained in n mortgage from William M. Dny nnc Rebecca A. Day, his wife, to Jnmes T Wood, bearing dnte the 28th day of May 5878, and recorded in Liber J. W*. T., No 40, folios 132, 183, etc., n land record bjoV for Caroline county, Maryland, and b inense assignments assigned to John H. C Legg on the 3rd day of March, 1898 winch assignment nro duly recorded nt the foot of the said mortgage, in Liber J W. T., No. 40, folio 185, one of tho land record books for Caroline county, Mary land, tho snid John H. C. Legs, ns assignee of the mortgage aforesaid, will sell at public auction to tho highest bidder, in iron I of the court house door, iu Dcnton, Cnro line county, Maryland, on TUESDAY, JUNE 28th, 1898, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. in., All those tracts, parts of tracts, or pnrcels of land, sitimtc, lying and being in the Second Election District of Caroline county, Maryland, called "Mason's HazzaFd," "flier's Park," "Dobson's Westmoreland," or by whatsoever name or nnmes the same may bo known or called, containing 300 ACRES OF LAND, moro or less, and is also better k n o w n ns the farm of the Into William M. Day, of Caroline county, Maryland, and is improved by a good comfortnblo BRICK'DWELLINGHOUSE good Bnrn, Carriage IIouso and Corn House, nnd other Outbuildings, and has a young Pencil Orchard on it, in good condition, of 1,000 trees, nnd is only about 2 miles from Uridgetown, 4 miles from the town of Goldsboro, nbout miles from Brceiisborough, and nbout 7 miles from Ridgely, so that it is convcnint to mil- roads, stores and churches, nnd thcro is n school within hnlf a milo of tho f.iun, and the hiud is of good soil, fencing is in fair condition, nnd there is n growing whent crop on suul f:mn. Terras of Sale. One-hnlf of the purchase money in cash on tho day of sale, and the balance in twelve months from the dny of sale; or all cnsh, at tho option ,of the purchaser or purchasers; tho credit payments, is any, to be secured by notes or bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, bearing interest from, the lay of sale, pnyablo in bank, and secured ,o tho satisfaction of the undersigned assignee. Title papers nt the expense of the purchaser. J O H N H . C. LEGG, T. FRANK SKWAKD, ABSIONKK, Auctioneer. N. B.--Arrangements can bo rmidc with ,ho undersigned by which the stun of 51,000.00 of tho purchase money cnn^ remain onnortgage, if the purchaser so dc- siiet, J. H. C. LEGG, Attoraey-at-law, Controvillo, Md. R. B.BON D. LAWNS, JACONET, FAUSTINE. HOMESPUN, PERCALINE, YACHTING CAPS, GOLF CAPS, LINEN AND STRAW HATS. 1 DOZ. PAPERS OFTACKS.1CTS, FRUIT JARS. NOVELTIES FOR HOUSEKEEPERS. BICYCLES. PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN. ;; GASH PAID FOR THE B, C, BIBB STOVE CO,, IO7 IO9 Light Street, BALTIMORE, MD. HEATING STOVES, Cook Stove=, Gas Oil and Gasoline Stoves, Hollow-ware, c. FIRE-PLACE HEATERS. FURNACES, RANGES. ^Manufacturers of the celebrated E.MEKAU), STONEWALL AND VIRGINIA COOK STOVES. ALSO Of the popular Sheet-Iron A i r Tight StoVCb TRILBY A N D W I L D F I R E . FOR SALE BY Stewart Bros, DKNTON, J1D., FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEflRS HA VE BEEN MANUFA CTURED. Year "by Year they have teen Improved. They are better now than ever before, Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be made. - Hence the great demand. Call on the agant, Jonathan Evitts, DZXTTOXT, WE Ii® Have the best Carnages, Spindle Buggies, Dftytons, and a lull line of Machinery and Farm Implements. Lowest Price.* nil Everything I Good Second-Hand Carriiigcs and Buggies from S10.00 up. SINCE WAS. BEGJL2T OSBORNE COLUMBIA BINDERS AND MOWERS arc at the front, and liavo outbntlled all competitors, having proved to be the lightest draft, the best work, simplest in construction, the strongest and best-braced binder ever made. Hence tho victory! Columbia All-Steel Hay Rakes and Tedders are constructed in a way that you have two new rakes for the price of one. Osborno Columbia Spring-Tooth and Disc Harrows are the only ones mnde w i t h double levers. Don't forget that I am headquarters for alt lines of Machinery, Cnrrwges, etc., nt lowest prices. TONS OF BINDER TWINE. Also have three second-hand Deering Binders for snle cheap. Will guarantee them in every way to do flrt-class work or no sale. Give me n call. H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO, MD. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE --OF-Personal Fropt'y. By virtue of authority from the Orphans' Court of Caroline county, tlie un- dorsigncd, administrator of John Collins, deceased, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the Davis Block, in tlip town of Fcderalsburg, Md., on Saturday, 25th of June, 1898, commencing nt 2 o'clock, p. m., the following property. One Sofa, Rocking Chairs, Clock, Bureau, Marble Top Stand, lot of Carpet, Stoves^ Bedstead, Feather Bed, Pil-* lows, lot of - Bed Clothing, and other small household articles. TERMS OF SALE. All sums of nnd under S10 cash; over that Amount ft credit of six months will be jiven, purchasers giving notes bearing in- ferest from dny of sule, secured to tho satisfaction of the undersigned and payable Jt Dcnton National Bank. JAMES C. COLLINS, Adm'r of John Collins, deceased. F. P. COVKY, Auct. Douglass House REHOBOTH CITY, DEL. OPEN JUNE I Oth. This Hotel is situated 100 feet 'rom ocean front, and one-fourth of i mile from Rehobotu Bay, in the ear. Good Bathing, Sunning, Fishing Boating. Special rates for June and Sep- etuber. Free Hack. Bar attached. WM. M. JEFFERSON, PROPRIETOR. Notice to House Painters, OVFICE o- THE SCHOOL BOARD, i DEXTOX, MAY 31, 1898. / Scaled proposals, marked on outside of envelope "1'roposals for painting school house," are invited until June 28th for furnishing materials and painting in first- class manner the outside of the school house in Fudcralsburg, including steps, steeple, shutters anri outside doors, with two good coats Lewis' pure white lead in wooden hoop kegs; second coat half zinc and pure boiled linseed oil for the body of the building, and Imperial French greon. upon lead priming tor the shutters; doors in colors and colored steps. Bidders are requested to make a separate offer for an additional coat throughout, provided the third coat may be deemed necessary. The work must be completed by tbe middle of August, for which payment will bo made in September. The right^of rejection of any and all bids is reserved. Uy order, 31. B. STEPHENS, · Secretary. M. NOBLB, LAND SURVEYOR, Dcnton, "Work done in any part of the county at liort notice. Charges very reasonable. Second Hand Mowers, n good condition for sole. Apply to JONATHAN EVITTS. Cou nty Com missioners Notice. Notice is hereby given to all persons having claims of nny kind or character against the Board of School Commissioners for Caroline County, the Trustees of the Poor of Caroline County, nnd tho County Commissioners of Caroline Coun-.' ty, which are properly payable out of tho public funds subject to the control of any of said boards, except such as may bo pending in any of the Courts of thii State, to file Isaid accounts nnd claims with tho piopcr Hoards so that the same may bo examined nnd passed upon by tho said respective boards before the Second Men-day in July next, aud any person failing to file their accounts or claims as aforesaid shall "not thereafter be permitted to do so nnd shall forfeit nil rights to collect tho same by legal process or otherwise, unless good nnd sufficient excuse for said failure is given to nnrt approved by tho board with which the snid accounts or claim? lira offered to be tiled. By order of County Commissioners. THOMAS K. GREEN, Clerk. School House_Lot for Sale, OFFICE OF THE SCHOOL ]!OAKB. \ DKSTOX, MAY 31, 1898. [ The School Board invites scaled proposals until June 28th (mnrked on outside of envelope "Proposal for purchase of school lot) making otter for sale and purchase of vacant school lot near Thomas Todd's- rcsidence. The lot contains a half aero of land, moro or less, from which was removed the IIOUEO for colored school. The right of rejecting any nnd all bids is reserved. Conveyance papers nt the expense of purchaser. Terms cash. By order, M. B. STEPHENS,' Secretary. v

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