Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 1, 1959 · Page 13
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 13

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, March 1, 1959
Page 13
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p. 9 ampa Princess'Life Is Topic For Cotillion APRIL WEDDING Mrs. James Gaiiemnre, Mary Ellen, was hostess to Twentieth Century Cotillion Study dub on Tuesday afternoon. Roil call 1 >.„,,„„.,„,„„„„„„„,,„-,,„.,.„>,»„,,. , wa< answol . ed w)th .. Somf(hin|? ! , , '.I've Enjoyed Reartlng." HERE WE GO AGAIN. . with high hopes thot you will find; Mrs. Robert Boyd reviewed the this column readable this week we notice some signs of book. "Margaret," written by; the times in the fact that a bird or two have been singing Marion Crawford, Princess Mar-j Otop the television aerial lately ond that is o harbinger Bret's governess for M years.; of Spring ond a tour of the oil-fields this time of year will M '*- Bo >' d outlined the personal; •Ji ' Spjiq jo J9qumu 6uipuno|SD uo 10 juBiS o noA 6uiK characteristics of Princess Mar-j ti- LI r_^ i »i .1 i i L '-i • i-..- ' L ffare , stating that she was fl lov-^ flight back north ..there hove been reported sighting of £,. of Viothes and must"", ! many hundreds of ducks. .and red-winged blackbirds ! ..p rim . eas Mar gflret," she said/ and other unidentified species .in fact, a friend reported "regards dressing beautifully us seeing o acre or two literally black with birds, thousands of part of her job. She likes and wears them, .we looked into the matter and wish to report we ore sensible shoes and small hats. She living in whot ornithologists coll the "Central Flyway" of bird likes full-dress occasions. Her hair migration .many water birds use it OS well as land '* never disarranged and her nose birds of the Great Plains and this Flywoy, the area be- never ftlli "y- All her jewelry is tween the Rockies ond the Mississippi Valley, is a direct path- rea1 -. «"d she wears no caning* way from ortic regions in the Far North straight south to Mex- ™™£' f *J«. * M « '" .CO and Central and South America there are three other: ,, Noc , C(ward)1 , MrB§ Boyd con . Flyways the Atlantic Flyway, which goes across the, timed. "onr« wid that if Prlnww Gulf of Mexico, dHd the Pacific Flywoy from Alaska down Margaret had applied as a un- the West Coast of the U.S. and Mexico into South America . 'known girl for work on the sin<>e the Mississippi Flyway. is used by more birds than any of the sne child have gotten H job. She Flywoys .and the paths of the birds go all the way to the,-"tuclicd dancing at the age of four, tip of South America trips into the country in the day- hei "K onp "f the first Royal Pr-in- light hours ore rewarding to you, because most of the birds '' csses in hifllnr - v lo leain (a P" lai1 " do their flying ot night leaving the days to hunt for food I"*' n . h "" heo " sai(1 **' • cm ' ld , i .1 ' » 3 L • i /i i cnn -I have been or done anylh ng she when they con see some birds fly as much as 500 miles set hei . mlml fV) AflerJ Mar \ nrel at o stretch on their thousand-mile |ourneys but the bird WBS Krown up ,, omeonp Mhed that.takes the prize for record length of round-trip journey her w ho, if she were not herself, is the Artie Tern which flies a matter of 24,000 miles gol- ; would she like to be. She replied, ly, we didn't mean to go on and on for so long about this; just/'I cannot imagine anything more think what an innocent comment at the first of the paragraph j wonderful than being who I am.": led to 1 Member's present were Mmes*.' Wpldnn Ariair, Alvin Agan, Gene — :5r — Barber, Thelma Bray, James ) Brown, Bill. Caffey, .Jim Camp- jbell, Cleo Coffey Jr., Harbord iCox, Malcolm Douglas. Jim Hess, ; Don Morrison. Arnold Petitfils, W. D. Price Jr. and Dale Thut. There is work that is work and there is ploy that is play, And in only one of these lies happiness. — Gelett Burgess. i! KKI Entertains OF COURSE THE main thing on everyone's mind now-o-days the prospect of the State basketball tournament of course this column is long written before the play-off Saturday • M I J r t but if we go to state, Pampa will be on empty spot next week- llllSDQnClS/ UU6StS en. ,. .if you do stay in town, don't forget to go to the Community concert next Friday . the membership campaign is A f \U/ppfnP^rt in full swing as of tomorrow .. don't forget to renew your "' J YYGC I IICQI I membership before you leave we think that the Pampa Kappa Kappa Iota Sorority en- Chapter of the American Red Cross Gray Ladies did o fine job iterlainefl wilh «• Sweetheart' Din- the other week when they went to the Amarillo Air Base and ner '" Johns °n'' r -'af> on Monday put on a party for the men quite a job . .and just one pvenln ^ Wlth husbands and friend* of the mony things this group does in service to others if Ed Myott seems even more talkative than usual, it could be A ',', s \"' his campaign for mayor, don't you think? is anyone going \viison. to give him some competition so he can argue ? htat was a TaWes. arranged in a u-shape, nice anniversary tea given recently for Mr. and Mrs. John were covered with white cloth." Evans. . . .their twenty-fifth anniversary came up hostes- trimmed with red ribbon with al- ses were Mary Craig . Bonnie Dial, Helen Mackie Frie- (prnately-piared white candles tied da Ross, Kay Veal . and Mary McKamy . .twenty-five with Ief1 iihl *>n hows. The center! years seems both long and short but just wait until it 1able was decorated with a lace- 1 ' ' I .,„„* U«.,;^ „ ,-,.,-. ~( " (1 R e 'l heart inscribed with "Love" 5i« THE PAMPA CAM NEWS Veaf SUNDAY, MARCH 1, 1S59 "Deguello" Sets Mood For Book Review Given By Mrs. H, Johnson For Forum Twentieth Century Forum Study j garrison would hav« to hold s*isl*f?9 . . . the first ftet Wa* f.h« M* Club met Tuesday in the home of iMrs. John B. McCrery. 1311 Ohris- itine, with Mrs. W. Calvin Jones, long: &s they could with no outside tempt to hold the wall.* Against aid." the Mexican assaults; the second 'The explosive tempers of Tr a v-1 act occurred In the courtyard .president, in charge of the short , fl an<1 SftnU Annfl had providef , ]urea.; the third act and tin? most ! business session during which r«-: mOBl of tjie drama lha first da.y of j bitterly fought, was the retreat inlft | ports were given by club mem-| thfi sie g e -, j the walled redoubt of the convent ! be,,. Mrs Joe M Daniels Jr.. Mp Jf>hnson Mntl (he | barracks. The very last act ft ;waa elected as delegate to Dis- ' de^rintion of Rmv1 « ! the Alamo took place In the only ilrirt Federated Club Women's ; , ^ ^ ^^ ' i "ss «n? n • building that stands today, th« ;co,rvent l on to be held in Borger in ; ^ re|lnqu)8hinjf hifl cnmm ^ d , 0 ;Alamo —- *-- "- " - jTravis; the dav after dav of: now withdrew the remnants of th* For the afternoon's program, j • b ftf) f ; on fj j Texas army; the Six or »•« t4r.t-.-nM- r\ Trthnenn r*MMi»u.-- - * vn.i.yii 111,3 ,rr. ,., rtw , ~-, . ,»„,! : H / HH t ~~j n*.. Mrs. Homer D. Johnson reviewed "13 Days To Glory.' 1 (The seige of the Alamni written by, Ix>n Tinkle, book editor of the Dal-i las Moi-ning News, whose ancestor tween the small band of Texans and the Mexican army, which had , o .» er da.y expectations of the in t s- sion's defenders looking vainly for women; and infant and twr> negrfl I servants of Travis and Bowie. By 'most reports Bowie was in t. h 4 j baptistry when he was bayonetted on his sickbed defending himself to the las!: with a brace of pistols. Mrs. Johnson concluded the r«» ;'" K ' J' nk l e ;: a ™ e Vl? 9 ^ th i reinforcements to arrive In an- Davey Crockett. Mr. T,nk e bom ; swc? . ^ ^^ ^ ^ finflj in Dallas, attended S n u t h e r n ; rcaliMtJon of the hopelcMnell , of view with "There remained nw ort .Ntethod.M t,mver S ,ty where he r<" i tneir canse . >ffm . h e at {hc A , amo nn|y ,„, ceived AB and MA decrees arid ! ., » u • iu ', j did graduate work at Columbia j "On March 6. earlv in Sun ,, av ^tt P r obuming the enemy dead. University and at the Sorbonne in morning hours, the Texan* were ^ '««'"«" °< Burning the en,-i, " roused by the sound of Mexican' enl >' ^'^ was nn ol<1 mt? - Tnfl He has long taken an active ""Rlos blaring the "deg w !lo" ,, ln !-xample was made but not in t.h« part in the -ultural activities of : q»»rter. and out of the darkm^ - WA >' Rantn All » a hafl P la "» pf 1 ll the southwest nnd served the Tex- Santa Anna's troops rushed the as Institute of Letters as president j wa " s on a1 ^ side-" w'th their scaling for four terms." Mrs. J o h n s o n i ladders. Texan's resistance was a stated in introduction of the au- drama in four acts that, morning, F'n i is. Hostesses were! Miss Betty Jane Boynton Mr. and Mrs. H. H Boynton, 1035 S Hobart, announce the approaching nuptials of their daughter, Betty Jane Boynton of Denver, Colo, to Frank H. Frandsen, also of Denver, son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Frandsen of Chicago, III. The wedding is planned for April 4 in Trinity Methodist Church, Denver Effect, Not Final Product Important In Children's Art: Mrs. Olds in thor's book. "The book. "13 Days To Glory." Mrs. Johnson stated, "is the story of the J3 flays preceding the fall of the Alamo." Taking excerpts from the book. Mrs. Johnson reviewed. "On February 23, 1X36. a sentry mimed Daniel VV i 1 I i a m I n iud was standing in the b"ll tower of SHU Fernando Chun-h in Ran Antonio watching for Santa Anni s army that wn.s encamped on * ! the Medina River. The small Tex- 111 force was gariisoiifd under the joint command of !.,(. Colonel William Barret Travis, a 28-year-old lawyer from South Carolina nnd Colonel James Bowie, in his forties, famed for his exploits wilh the "Bowie Knife." The Texas- forces were stationed In the easi part of the town in the mission named San Antonio de Valero, but was known as the Alamo, They numbered over 150 men. aiv,on>: them the celebrated Davy Crockett, frontier-man, bear hunter, and ex-I'S congressman from Tennessee.. Earthworks and gun plat- ; which lasted not much longer than tho Alamo that began in dc» feat ended in resurrection. Th« name "Alamo" became a baltl<4 cry ... it brought to defeat tha (men who thought they had defeat* ;ed it." Refreshments were served tfl Mmes. Roy Bourland. Bob Curry, .Joe M. Daniel Jr.. K. J. Dunigan Jr.. W. L. Euis. J. R. Holloway, Homer D. Johnson. \V, Calvin Jones, Frank Kelley. D. M, Lawrence, M. Me Daniel. Henry J. Ross. Aubrey Steele, Aithur Teed, Felix J. Vendrell and C. V. Wilkinson. VOWS TOLD Miss Judith Ford has been fifty years! say Gordon Lyons having a cup of Martha Ha- ; forms had been thrown up Inside Twentieth Century Culture Club more creative. Unhampered, the' tlle walls of the old mission | l llr J:4-L. //" C-r\rA grounds. By all rights the mission JUUILll l\. rUfU, met in the home of Mrs. \V. L. child develops through expenmen- in the center- of the h»art which Hasse with Mrs. Rufe Jordan as tation. Sensititvity to color- was placed on a white base cov- co-hostess. coffee with some of his friends the other day rolson was shopping for groceries last week she has two ,, rect " wit!l n ., d n ,, t nn(1 ( , 0 t t e () nod. preceding the meeting, coffee tat ion than through In active sons in High School . . they are both busy, but she w -j tn oiipids and flowers anfl *'''eam puffs were seived. terpretalion is more than the liter- "P " SOyS they show UD for meals' this time Of year it IS track Members and guests attending Mrs. R. E. Dohhm and M r s. "1 translation of visual expei and baseball thot keeps the boys awav saw the first base- were Messrs, and Mmes boll practice the other afternoon brings thoughts of the Walls, summer heat 1 should not have been standing Duriiif; the social pe.- more readily through expenmen- •"''"'" three people during the pas! year had bad orders to blow it Suddenly Cloud pulled the rope ere Messrs and Mmes C .\f Ronald Men-ill introdined the pro- M"'-". <>Ws quoted these statements v lth fll1 hl!i mifiitt for Me had alls. D L. Mackie Austin Rud- gram topic, "ChildH-ns Alt t-v from the IKM,;< by Victor !/;wen- *W'-*« Santa Annas army ap- ck. Don Johnson' Houston exhibiting specimens of art work field. "Your Child and His Art ... l>'™r"in«V. Hollmvm K nn ex.-hnn B e rice. Otto Mangold Fred Brook done bv members' children. * «"i'«e for Parents." " f l ' a """n f»'« ^',th the Ntexican d it- Price, Homer Bowers W. E. (Bill) Hogan ^ Betrothal Told The engagement and approach iriR marriage of Mixs Judith Kath r-yn Ford to \Villiam F.dward (Bill C. \V. Stowell. .1. ' The vision of beauty is the greatest thing in the world, ond those who can catch what the ordinary eye cannot see are among the greatest people of the world. — General Jan Smuts. Hoiran. son of Mr. a nd Mrs. U'il liam CjirroII H.o<;an. 5D8 Dou<-et!e is being announced bv the bride Mrs. Gary Heiskell army a parley was held with the P T.n,m r n n • L n v o, ' T " di - i "' USS the 8llbjecL " Chi| - To iluis "' ate >»"• comments. Mrs. Mt , vl ,.., n jn ,: hB ,. B ,,. H is demand K. latum. L. B. Pemck. D. V. Big- dren's Art Around the World." Olds, assisted by Mrs. Phillip for ,,„, onditionil siir-r-pnrtpr of th» " • ' »- j LA i»/-n _i r. t • gers, W. A. Rankin, Fred Amme- Mr!l . Dohhln presented the guest' Gates shoued 'slides depicting Alamo „..""", «n"«-M -ed hv elert '* ^ rpn!s - Mr - Htl ^ Mrs - \ vl1 ' Mr - Qnd Mrs - Willard Robins, ter, Roy Sparknmn. B. R. Muck-linker, Mrs. Kugene Olds, jun- growth through art She ,-oncIud- a r , lrnnn ' sho . a,,d"the sieco wis^' 8 " 1 T K '"' fl °' F °'' 1 Worth ' '036 Vornon Drive, announc* ols.John Evans. Speck Riley, B. i or high art instructor. ed hy exhibiting ob]«>-ts made bv nn '' The bloo'ired banner of \o Th « "'"dding is planned for June the morrioge of their daughter, ' ? at eight o'clock in Rid-lea 5 erry Ann to Gary Heiskell, Method,st Church in Fort \V.,rth. son o f Mr ond Mrs. Claud MISS judv s.o, le of Wes.eriy. H e,skell, south of the city,on R I. will serve as maid of hono,. Feb ]4 o 3Q . ^ Rona.d Moods of Pampa will be ,-, , x- /-M i . / best mar, other niemhU of the Chapel, Guymon, Okla with f». Gordon, J. A. DiCosimo, War- In ren B. Cochran. Floyd Smith: . st . )tM , ln , lt Mmrs^ Herbert Coker. Lee Hea- ^ „„ , p p OSS( , s . 0 -.\ Vhv is .s,u; P tur,-s mad, . .' nn ' T ,7.' r;ia Hi.mphreys. Sue Sny- u .. siu> Bskrd .. ()mt somp ' taliP!1 (l . om the garden club activities are in oer; Misses stelU Riser, Eloise . - No opening remarks, Mrs. Olds members of her art classes Qua,-,,,-' u - aa hoisted " reativitv is an instinct Among the most interesting "Two disastrous dec i«k>ns. made from alabaster bv hvf> ? , p .,. TpXMn <, heM , hp Can.-idian River n>Hl mMnm;: , )f , hp A l,irno. One [i!e can create and others cannot" and those made from a mixture of decision was mnde hv Col \\' i i- If all aro born with it. what hap- 'fin* sawdust and wiieat paste. TO li; , m B T , ,, v , s tn ni(> fl> ,. hjs pens to it along the way'" In an- com hide the meetinc. Mrs Jeff ,--„;.,(. -0,1 anr | Texas'. "V i c- swer to the question, she susgest- Bearden gave a humorous thought. !orv 0| . peath " The other was ed that at some time. usuaHv in f f >r ' h » 'lay: •'" ••xplanation of the m:t(]( , t)V SHm Houston at \ hcmemokei's "rever have WHAT'S NEXT . oh, yes full swing. . . we hear that African Violet fanciers are organ- ^«ne and Elizabeth Enns. ized now Mrs. V. N Osborne is the new club president . i ij s~- t_j ~ \ . .they will meet on the second Tuesdays of the month . , ' v ' rs - ^GOrge Nand that makes four or five different organizations bent on growing Hostess To Club things . . seems to us maybe we ought to get in the CANADIAN (Sph The Hobby childhood the instinct (ins been reason jwing of things ond throw out a few Zinnia seeds . they'll f 'l"b met in the home of Mrs. stifled by the ;inp«si!-..m of mid tune" for creative activity. grow when we forget to water them! High School seniors George Hand recently. .formulas. "The importance of chi'.- Members present included. are having work to do rehearshmg for their annual play "The' Tlle P''°R™m on "Copper Tool- dten's art is tho effe, t it h.«« on a(l ,| ltlon ,,-, tnrisi , j,,ovioi:s,v men- Skin of OurTeeth " Richard Newberry and Barbara Luns- inR ' «'"" «-"ntlniicd and members the child, not on the final product. non( , d Mmps R(WS R ,. /M ,. d , j ii ,iii iiir, ir-vii-,1 i worked on Individual nroiects i rhe siunuu-ant l unu is \\nat Me ford are the leads . with Judy Boer and Douglas Redmon and , tt ^ b ^/ B 7™ were Mmes. learns "about .he materials as ho '-. Chase. C, L Cradduc,. H H Becky Gray supporting it is always a thrill and a landmark Pasi . al Gwa itnev Boh F,-V Bill works with u." Hahn. l- H. Hart. K I. .Mender- one's life to be chosen to be in the Senior Play weddinc juirty \\-il) he Nfisses Y we remenv. Boh Fry, Bill works with U " .Popham, Paul Powell, Jim Res-, "The aim of art ation." she son. V. 1. Hobh*. Dovle Oslw.rne. ber when it happened to US ond that we had to get up ear-i,j n(> \y j Adams, Morris Wilson, continued, "is to use the creative X. D. Steele, Michael Wilson. L. and J. W. Kdminster. Rev. Arery Timrnons perform- ianda .iord*-n of Fort Worrh. Ter- in Q '^ e double-ring service. For r-y Melt'in of D«lla<. Ceorgann Al- ner wedding, the bride wore a i.son, HI.-O of port worth; Ronny pink street-length dress with Ford of Fort Worth, i>in B.ibcock black accessories. Mr. ond in would b, made to rose,,, Trsv( , "'.^""P*. »n«l Do,, Jones of Ama-'Mrs. Don Blaylock were the ... """• couple's attendants The bride Miss F,,rd was -rad.jaiivi from atfende d Pampa High School, ArimBi..,, H.MSIUS H, c h s, .,ooi m where he member of th« Fort north and ,s a snpn,,,,,nre a, , ntin c , • rf y „ g „ Rr-a^os Gene r a ! Houston decided that no attempt •process to help people become .1. Xachry, lier to make an eight o'clock class so we could attend rehear- Hn( \ j >en p-jeid. lals early in the afternoon but is was a sweet sacrifice Ronald Waters was in town for a day or two last week he is editor of a paper in Ranger, Texas and reports liking the |ob the paper comes out three times a week you will be i reading about the engagement of Betty Jane Boynton in this; issue of the paper. the wedding is set for April in Colorado sounds like April in Paris when you put it that way we're happy to hear the news Eileen Moore has a new Cadillac we notice did you see the notice about a fonegn; film series to be started in Amarillo we'd like to see some-! body with enterprise start such a thing in Pampa sort of like Cinema 16 in New York the most fun Pampa people p a ' u ' n 'cme Magee as the g u e s t .state in which you reside, should hove had in a long time, if comments we overheard are true, speaker for the Monday evening be consulted with reference to your was looking at last week's paper when all the stores published Altrusa Club meeting in the Pine particular will." pictures of their employees it was fun to go over them and Room of the Pampa Hotel. i ^i s! , Magee outlined kinds find out the names of the people you are used to seeing be' in introductory remarks. Mrs wills, "There are manv kinds of hind the counters and we were happy with the top winners Vandeberg said, "At some time in W ills. There i.s the forma! tvpe »f'ge.sf.on that he take some other . . . Orville Terry ond Hottie Hindmon did you go to the ollr lives - wa bus - v executives ele- i asl w ,il and iestanu-nt. which book review Helen Poe gave in the Robert E Lee auditorium l ' ule thal we sllolll<1 makti our !nuwt be in writing, .signed bv t).< Thursday "Where There's A Will".... Discussed By Miss Fauncine Magee For Altrusa Club Mrs. CIvdff Vanderbprg. Piiblic i thp outlet. ;in attorney, well vers- the fur coat hf wnr-c l.-ist \\inter Affairs chairman, mtiodtusd in the law of the parti< ulnr while I u,-is m Palm Beach. Fidelis Class Has Monthly Social Fidelis Class of Han ah Methodist Chinch neld I'.s i lass party in '.he home of Mr and Mrs P, E Most-ley on Kr:da\ evening Devotional* were given by Mrs. teriuty. P D Oro.xs. prayer by Rev. O M. Butler. A brief business meeting; was !'iv«-~-= " • l ; 'Mi coni.iuc'ed hv the c!a>s president, p'' (ieorse Clark, after whuli the eve- lji|! nine was spent playing " (2 " • Refreshments WPIP .served I . ,' Those present were Messrs and ' i i' Mines Auhrev T.llerv A Nee! P : ; ! I.i iJioss. K. C. Heaton Jr , George L; Latin Texas Technological College. Kuh- -.-. , . , , bock, wr-ero S he is a member of te^The bridegroom was also Delta c;amma Soroim. a student in PHS where he was Mr H'isan was praduated from active in sports. Mr. Heiskell Pampa HiKh School and i.s a iun- 'S employed by the Heiskell inr at Texas Tccb where he is af- Machine Co. and thev will fiiiati-d with P: icappn Alpha fra- nake their home at 332 N. Christy. "To mv i hauffeur. I leave my I.) ar-s. He almost mined them and (.'lark, Raymond .Shannon. Cluvis I want him to ha\e the satisfac- Shelton, George McConnell. Mrs of lion of finishing the. job. Henry Pigs. Hev. O M Biiiler, "To mv partner. I leave the sug- Mr - and - NIla R it was very interesting enjoyed it that Matt and Ivey Duncan are going to fly to Hawaii soon Matt is getting her clothes ready for the jaunt hope they have a fine time we'd like to comment on the hats the women are wearing now we have seen so many white ones heard W '"' ' Ult W ° I ' ol1t ' nue l >ullm £ il " ff testator and acknowledged by v-it- until tomorrow. If you have not ; nesseH . Texas law* require a mm- made your will, stop and consul-' imum of two There are er, who will receive your prop- -nuncupative wills, holo^raphi* erty'.'" wills, mystic wills, joint and mu- Miss Magee. who received her | U al wills; there Hie ills.- mere i lever- man in with him a! om e if tie expects to do :-tny busme.-is." Magee continued with illustrations of formal wills and then- cftVcts and injected humor uit.h MII illustration of a witty '.v,! ' (/ne mi-r.-nar! i ecoxnixmj; 'lu- uncertainties <>f life, gave the fiil!n« u-.j; dire. -I.ins t» Ins'.i-r "M.'iUe n':\ v.,!! so ni\ overdraft .t! li.i- tiani. L.O.-« r.i rr. \ wife sr.e • :in explain i! Mv equity it', rnv • ;i I" lo inv son he W!:l ha^'e 'o );o to wor-k to keep up the paynu'ru.s <ii\e inv gfx->..l will to the sup|>!\ Mouse thev t.v-k sornu a w ( u I e« on me an-i ate enlitcd to somotlurif; Mv pq-,iipmerH. y o u can 2i\i» to the junk riian. h- 1 has h:td Ins f\e un r. for- Several ye.irs tt.-slators tK-nt on revenue )ia\ e [ , Vitn , SIV ol - ,,,,, ,),.,):!,,!,; . ,, , their eMates to ...jj! i, l ..,,^ !Si !.•;,-\>..-,\ e .allied rc.r- pass counsel, g-iudance and judgment to p<is!ent\, smr.» endeavore<l to hurl definme HI real or iniHgurarv enemn-s Som»- onj; iiiij;hl a.s »••!, fin- lately and also everyone seems to be rearing white dres- law degree m June last year in \ v ilis. more wills, unnatural wills. ses and accessories it is surprising how many are doing so Snn l-Yan.-i.sco l,aw s<-hi«»i. is no nonintervention <>i mdci.en.ieni and there is no color (or perhaps "lack of color") which seems stranger to Texas. She was born WI n s inofficious or uridutu'ui wjii.-, as fresh ond cleon as white but just look the next time and Ipflie 'i Ir > Texas and spent ,,ffi. wills and } ...i iuinu-ntai \ you ore in o group and see if white predominates, as we saw m0;!t nf hei life '"'•" VtMnon She willil " that ,t did if you didn't manage to get to the Science !» em P"»>' ed ^ Highland Homes ,. whjle 10 !he ,, edi , of m .,, kH1 3 Fair you missed a fine show top winners were Bob Jernigan, "'' ' " ».""^"T'l/l^n*!. m<18t m( " 1 '" WIItin? lhe:r UM _. '— , ( ri»i, *- i i - i trtKencrDni r>x*i ilia, as s*«>n *ia . ,. 11 ., .j . _,.. ^... , Jr *» ^ »»/•*,a -^ i -,-\r f n Gary Schultz and Malcolm Carter but that is no real news , he Texas Stale Bar Wlil _ ermit Wlli »"'' t?! ' ( ' J " 1 "" f"'i"'\<->r " '.,- it, u • »i j ie\as aiaie oar VMII permu. .-, ass O oiinsel cuidan. a and good .... if you read the paper wherein the winners were announced at the Sunreme Court m AuMm " , ... T ' ... ^T, . . . . . ,ij oiij'it me v.-i>uii in AUMIII ludement to tvistent\-. smr.» ha\ - e . . . Bob and Mary Norton nave added tourtn child "Whether To Will is the Ones- named the newcomer David have heard comments on how tmn" was the topic discuss beautiful Faye and Ralph Sidwells home on Aspen is <*,t bv MISS Maget- \um biousht with lovely neutral tones throughout platinum carpeting ""' '" opening remarks^ the his- that is just gorgeous and belached mahogany woodwork t( "'V of will nuking "From « and other colors of champaigne and so forth the Sid- J'J"^ 1 *^',, ^''"'.e^ "TwUM* wells have been having a series of buffet suppers for their ' " ' • -V . many friends they have a lovely Persian carpet on the ™ M ^.^"'n't'ead "., °« privS t , . , v den floor and everyone agrees that the whole house g, anl ed by the state This pnvi- lhat ' was " l the fl>o1 she lh " u sbt i$ perfectly beautiful to bring a radical change of subject | eg9 is entirely statutory with ' u ' 1 "' . . we think "Chuck" Bruce has the cutest moustache ever each state imposing; its own in- he reminds us of some movie star we have seen, but dividual anil varied require- con't think just now who it is if you ever drive by Charles ments " ond Amy Russells home on Linda Drive notice how cheery the ' '>" '"• <"her hand the social P^n-sure was mine He was red geraniums look in the window thei' 'home is lovely "'8" to f»w»» »"'1 control p.-.-.p- «ai,en tariy Amencan m S idf . well we're about to run out of space, eilv '» » s nh \ »«•«•'«">•• Tn* ,«*•• "To my daush.e.. 1 i.-,v, ' i M u .u i er in the individual to make a ftoO .Mie will i.ecd :t The on i v wt see hope you will be w,th us ago.n next week as we !MljimMla ,. v , 1l ,, v>s , hnn of hl , in ,« ,, e , f ,. f bu$meM her h u ,. chatter we II see what our little pink ear picks up next . p^^,,,,,, has ahvavi h?en , parl ^^ fvtr M WBt , 0 m-n . y her |Q V J I of our «<x'iety but strictly ipe«.k- "To my valet. I )eav<j th<? for th* coopoi af.on and »t>:>ns-'>i- inj it it » »t»t« granted priMleg* " cloUie* h« ha» been stealing f>-om ship of the recentU .itKxe«st\i!!y "For ttu* rtMOR. l »1U t»y *-t.m» i«^uu.riy tor tea y«**v; »i«o oompl«'e<i even subjected suits for libel " Sl , "For eiiampld. one very v,e;il'.hv ish '•' gentleman wrote "To rnv u ife I .\|, M !e.-)ve her- lover, and the I was "To m\ son, 1 leave the pleasure of earn ng a F o r lwentv-fi\> -.ears. r:e thought the e- thev >>!> " V. I, IKihtui Aitius.1 j>le»- uleril, pre.Hidi-d iliin.ig- th^ business meeting as Miss K.iy i«ayrn> TO WED d.illgll L.t.\ne as A ! I Kebm Send 1 chile-- M i s 1 i-Ul! \ Kv<=;> ler iif Mr and , 1610 Coffee -.v • :nis* Cii \ •:< r'-r- ai \ Atiss I.;ivn r :'.!.' M in ::ie r«'! lural en^iiie..-: ::ij . l,-l Smitn. re. lertd « |e!t.-l n Milan IM.npa Mrs K I, is mtr ixlih-ed Month f n r plans to HI- I'J St'ld-, fll- ordiiis si-.from Mi-ss H'.jth S' 'i'-»-il Miss Mary Kathrvn ( Mr. and Mis. Marvin A. Gibson 5 16 Magnolia announce the engogenient and approaching marriage ot of then daughter. Ma>v Kjtr.i-, n t. Nelson H''vsariJ Smith son ,'t M. r . ana Mi', !. VV Eggeit ot Amaf >ii".' The -ACOil-ng ce'crii..n> vsi'i be performed on March 14 i'-, Mar-, Eilen one Harvester Churcn of Chnst. Miss Mary Inez Holland Mis Eunice Holland i.t Miami announces the engagement and approaching mar- Mage ot her daughter and the late Lewis C. Holland Mary Inez, to M Sgt, Robert L. McCuilough son of Mr. and Mrs E C. McCullough of Quannah Miss Holland is Hardmcn C.'..'unt, Home Demonstration agent Sqt M..C'..j;!ough is stationed at the A'tus (,!k ' .jhnn-.o Air Force Base The v.edd n,iarned for June. I

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