Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 18, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 9
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UECATUR HERALD SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1930. DECATUR HERALD JANE ARDEN LuckyI By Molt* Bftrrtilt ·nil Fmnk EIU» you must can ("«·«« afcflut the ^J? «"««t In work ' \VmnK - nlsehrn. H« W ,.,,, I"'" Von have «, ' n W !,*n Vnl . you hr,« w , ' you hnvf, th . T, fefeM h *£*. * J.fnlrifi ld,r! pai,,,!,,'. .ii'.vi «-tmt ]« thVCr o-inlni,- tty Job. T«kr, 7,"L i M C " r " t(i1 - !"· irrtoii. Novor nti^ '" «"'' try ftjmlo a n{ j n u n t i l lhc phvr h jfit'iiit t h h bt-entiii. j Jt*i mr* iiuirw tinier t ·way iftle iiway, who]* M-iiK- hut I've luncn. |y to tepln h in rfm ; » · ' n rr.iltliij; motlrjM K'.MI-,' tci )o (lie rMl e i ( - t nnil I I wj)i C( ,.. ll, lij Tim Hell %iMil- [it*-. Inc.) nf drill pnntf foceorl {;. narrow tnhn tiioas- |)l i tic f n i e o ix horso or r - v f r t tn pull n plcmjth ··Jimmied. o l d s ICKLY Minutes COT TO HAND fTTOYOU/l/TMe" -WK'PE ON 8OAWO THjU STILL WC HAV£NT_J7 WAS VACAr/r- ANY TICKET?, NOW ANV STATEROOM " T I K E T CLE SAID STATEROOM SO YOU DROVE 'EM TO TW~6" P'ER, EH ? YOU KNOW WHAT » DO TO DOUBLE DQN^^YOLLg UTTWEY AIDITWAS YOUR ARC STILL FREE, SETT ALL THE Bobby Thatcher YOI/LL ere LUCKY IF i oscioe TO LGT YOU LIVE-AND YOtJ / MOUS'S y TeL,Lf?eDTO BUY ME A TICKET AND YOU IgffTME ANAlRPLANE^QUICK/^MGOINgTO CATCH 9OAT , rvm't put up wtlli nincry rum hciitl rcldi, Sniifl ACK FBOST. Ni-wili*. ovcry clt.irs h,»| Ithi n^Kic. Kyi's (i't lictltc, i and you frcl comlotl- ;ih]f or rlruKKMl rcfurwl* ^j Hinr (" ','~~ K FROST^ji · little in a lure. The ) childrctt ince tcl** cping in ie young when tone calls [clcphone ra . . . to 1, if you for across l / I V C L E ( T / G G / L K H H n T l M H STUUV _ I J v U(WM11 It, ( i , \ K l S _, W H H J I I A ' S RlHJBBIt 110(11' I'ndc Wixnlh- wn» liopplnp alon't Ihtmijrh t h « wmdn ono day nwir n ihiil on which mfwy niitoinoblU- ihliwil ptml whim, nil o[ (i KU'ld«r., Hif nWili tfpntli'mim hwml ft shout mil jmmrtlilrij; *unn crtiahlnB Ihrnuicl) it'' tiUHhi'M li\iMp hint. "My KI«»S !!··*! "' rr1«it Mr, LnnK- ini«, hi|iiin)' ilown ilii-lth' « hclldtt slump l, hlilc. "I IHIJII thdt Isn't llttl Kox (ryldi* l« rtilch inn u f l o r I fulfil him by f H B t c u l n f t NuCrfti JMf'jt fat ( lir r iMwli-r mi my (till i" 1 lit woulrln't "ff «'I1 1 ' ft »'K"'t one 1 Had Y t l It mlKlit 1"' t-i'tl P II X- Hut It w-nn't. N-i ) nl fillip TMu ( ' lllnklnf; Klo»K. « f t c r ( h f i l ('With l» th» bustw, in K^t ih« Hii'hlt urn 1 li-. And M ho pcci'rd from hlti h l d l n p JI!M« in H«i hollrw "tump ho stiw *hnl it wiii ilmt hurl m«fl« thf nriHf. It wim .in nlil tiiittitiinhlln tlr" »Mrh Mini* one. In it ·«(· wtilJwdnK «)«n(t ihr rnml ihri'iitfli "" wood*. hid thmwn iiwtiy, "Ot mnvlifi It d i u j i p c i t off winwi or" thritiKiii irnclt- WlKrflly. '"!'h ( gun rnnv cuiiic itb'iiK !·' l M '1t '" r ll «(iil 1 diin'l wnnt him 1" »"' I" 11 - * hful tifilli-i hii|i tilddi-n f i r ii whlli'.' Ro I'ncio WlKKlty ctoufln-il d n w n In thn lioltow ntiin|i ki-cplntf wflt'-n (n Hw null, lliv wltti'ti tintl conn) t» tctt In n clnmv «f MIH. Attn 1 u »hlh, uMiiK I t u i l no one rttni« l n t » thl wiiniln, 1'itcli- WlKKlljr Implied wit o( hH hlrtlnc jdiH'c mid went ow In tdii t l f p l!c NUW, Ihini. tli x 1 II wan nn !it mt-ln-r t i n - . nt rtucti Joo^ fr^r ua i n i t t t n n v tiidu-. "I (um 'mini- tuit' I h r r w II nwn v tirt It rMH hci'i- i n l d (hi- wnntK" niA the nililiU K' 1 !* 1 ' 1 '' 11 * 1 ' 1 " t ( n " *r* wnntii It T mlchl i* 11 well l u k n t( ·"""f l.ct m* 1 wf wluit woutrt 11 tic fiM (tip (Mi. I know, It will inn Id 1 « (Inf ti^oi) (or nim" "f HIP Iwriff Tilninl hn%4 t n roll. Curly or Fl"l v W T w h l y ' H l l ow · t h e ("I P'B 11 will) cn»tlv fill this lil« rulihi'f Wfi," S*w Dint lif hud funix 1 u tiff f" 1 ' 'lw "!i| (into t h e . which llho 11 nil **' Iwtip hml ivintc i-'illlnt: tn him I* tilt luwU t'ni-l" Wlitillli 1 Mi nl- Tc«t :i« if hr h-iil liinl 1111 t n l v c n l n t o ^lil tin n- i« iili.. ill to lion nlutlK ""^ "' Itu- Tr.ri ii i» hi'- h'tll'iw stint't' '"iMiiliW u)i' · In- hwn-fl -mni" wim n|l,tn- nn l l i c (iiilh which *'l« (tintl tllll hilt hl'ff " M I U I I K O you dltin't catch him. An) jcin mtrc you met no rabbit?" "Well," barked Hod Fox, "I tlld JIl'C II llttll) tllllltllll Wltll (I lot Of (n, lofij,' (ini'it and a p!nk, ttvlnkli mute, i to h.n1 on a tiUt hn.t, too, a n-d rout fimi b lac It puntfl." "Why, thni wiia Unold Wl^glly!" erii'tl h'lDizy fox nnd Bob Cat. "No, that couldn't hav« been fncld Wlsslly," Mild Red Fox. "I Wt iiiro it was nnd I made thl* jinlmal get up BO 1 could see his tail. By George Storm THE NF.BBS The Pl\i!o8ophftr GAS BUGGIES Perkins Front and Center in u Wlrallv looked down thr »,u' fit* Prth r/if n n d FIIT;- stitnrtlne tn front nf Red "'·niv no. | dliln'l eittoi; Uncle J'inrllv, 1 ' nniwfrctt tlf\ pn x, sdiwly. »»11(t hh MR, tni!.hv 1'iU In mwl TM "1 rtltln't tvtn nee n r«Wl(. ITM' 1 *" I m Miff l wnultl know Olio ' i Witr one for you loltl mo whnl ·,,t y '""* t l l t l ' No, K y un't m'-ound it. 1 TM w««t he niininUon!" mowed it! TM b f'flf- "ftffer wo thron nidt In 1. iSl' n nf1 tl( '- lW ' ltl '* hlmt '* W 'KB'ly T «w. from n far «f( Powrt iKe ivill W ro tntii'inl oC 11 IHtlo stubby ono. Ulte j u u r , IJob Cut, he h«d n. big, (oath- iuy, (uKKy tall, fin It couldn't havi het.n t/nclo WlKKtly." "That vriiH Uncle Wlgftlly, all rlKhl!" hnwli'd Hob Cnt, "Sure U wuM 1 " ytip|ji Fuzay Fox, "Mo inii^t Mim a t n o k a fucvthor tliHtt'i' in lil.H lull to (j»l you! Oh, w l m t a l i l c h ! Uncle Wlgglly was too !,mnrl for you. Cnunlni" "Well, ni'tybe ho wns!" bnrkeil Hf'd Kox, lushing hi* tall. "Oh, but t u t mail! I'm bad! I'm ead!" ho howlinl. "To think of being fooled liy n. fftillifr dust or tail! Oh, T could liiin my tnnt;ii«!" find Red Fox jTininhr-d his tfelh, "tl'jt Ion burl ho dlilu't know more iitiiml wibhlts," mcvved Bob Cat. "Wlint iiro wo going to do now? iHlifrt FnKny Fox. Juwt then Undo Wlggily, at the io|) of the hill with his rubber hoop, linpppnrd to move. Ited Fox saw him and yftpncd: "There he Is row! I'll Rft him! 'mne on!" The Hirec Bntl Chnpf. catchlni; *li!hl of H)n rnbhll, sjininB «P Uc h i l l to «et liltii, trncle WlfrKlly had lull 11 ninment to think. Rut h« lilii'tt- wlmt to rlo. 1(0 curled hlm- f e l f u p lii'ildu thp bt(i. old nuto Hre JUKI i t t i i t e i l to roll down hill. Ovor n n d nver fnntrr nnrl f n i t e r down KIP hilt lie rolled, ciirti'tt Infitdo Ms r u h h f r hoop, until ho rolled flghl pnst (ho three Bnd Chaps", He scftttoi-crl stones that bungftrl then on their nosw and dim flow In tl-.clr oycsr, And before they knew I' Hi* btmny hdrl rolled lafely to Ihc hnttnni W the hill anrl to hi! "F'ooie'l nsntn!" growled Bob Ca AC the three plunk awny, And It the lr e-creain noiln doesn't foarn all ove like ft writhtnb of Bitds Monttn; mornlnp I'll tfll you next il'OU [Iituln Wlk'Kily aart the little boy. (Cipyt iRhl. 1S30, by Howard R, Garls) vour path. " ncln W! S) rlly In the thfl woodn where you ' to R«l Fox. "« la PtKA An twKiRhl softly pi-esses rlown, And quint covers all the town: I pyo my portly neat rett roof-My cony little nest-aloof! Thn trtlUied rose* rambling there, The lawn, the drive, the pcrte ooohero-- Render, denr. on your vacation Won't you stoj) at my gft* station? --D. M. TOOTS and CASPER The Colonel Is Doubly Lucky By Jimmy Murphy BRINGING UP FATHER The Prescription By MaManut TRAINS A EK PAN OVEtt THH BRA.MCM RA»U-- WAY THAT REACHED CARIBOO THROUGH THB WtLOBRVteSS**** BOBBY WAS OBLIGED TO WAIT OWE DAY* BE? PORK BEOUMIKIG HIS HOMEWARD JOURMEY-... TO SPEr4O "THE OAV ROVING ' NETAR. THE LlTTt-E SETTLEMENT V/tSH \ COULD SB HBRB A W«SK OR. TWO --- mSTEAO OP JUST A OAX OH-Orti IF I HAD A HOOK ANO LINE '«' A MtHNOV/ \'O SHOW HU"' MUftTA WALKKO MlL«S-TH»6 OUO LAK« IS BtOCBR, TJAM; IT LOOKS- BV THB TtMK ( C*T BACK SB SUPPER- TIM HO USB come CLSAR ROUMD TO THAT TRAIU- I'UU SMART AMD TAK A SHORT C THROUGH TH WOOOS is our roc IF ME G.ET5 IT . ME ^13« FOR OO *^eAR A 6OlkJ TO INCORPORATE A AKJO CAUL IT Nieeev/iLce AWO CUIL.D A SWELL MEVU DC^OT- ru. SHOVJ TMese MOSS-BACKS CAM'T r^oKjtce^ vurrv* a LETree THE RAILROAD ME TMC F«iviLeee OF DEPOT TO poor's ·«e. RiAMT '. A PiCH MAW 8HDULO ee, A»LC TO eix^o-K TWE LAW OeMALTV-- WMV WOT CALL TMe . . TVWK) *J?EVEWIC'. CRCCT A STATUS. OF VOUPseLP rw MG« HAWO IN VOUR F HO-HUM... SUPPO.S6 AMYS BEEN UP HOURS ^, AGO, AND ^11 PREFER A BIT MORE FLARE TO IT, PERKINS. YOU M AY REMOVE THE BREAKFAST PERKINS THEN MY BATH AND OPEN THE PACKAGE. NOT QUITE SO VIGOROUSLY PERKINS, I'M REAOIM6 THE PAPER. PACKAGE 1^ FROM THE TAILOR,\=S MR, l u MALACCA^ ] ^ S TO SPEAK AT A* .A~-f THE OEOtCATIOM 1 OP THE ART ms MUSEUM voy fr so QT LAST HEM 15 OFF TO TMt GRIND . OP HIS NEW JOB...OOU0LtNa FOR 1 * H, HORN , THE MILLIONAIRE t VHO · HATES SOCIAL DUTIESw WATCH HIM, unaaia f-'-.wfrC'},. ...y.*^' '* w *TC^ftte*«Mfe, PAY MB, SHRIMP ! HAD BET YOU TWICE THATMUCR ' vs , COLONEL HOOPER ·» POHT MIMP LoeHNia FIFTY MORE THAN I "WOUL , ·TOO VTOWHL; i Tbo MADE, A BET WITH CAMPER OM ~W*T roOTTBAU. i-rANE'. HOW MAwf TIN ; HAVE 1 TOLP ^OO NCVCft. TO BET? ANSWER NEf I'VE A 40OD NOTION "TO 9LAP VOUO 1WKL, tLI. FORGIVE fflU THI* TIM«, 1 PEAR?BUT. pue«c PONT PVBR irr i COWLD I HAVE. HALF OF TH* HAT I OU9TCANT . GO RlQMT IW AMD 6EC V/E TO TAA-K TO BEEN MR 0«iC6' I'D LIKE TO HAVE A FEW \WOROS V/ITH'VOO 1M -«E FEWER WORO ·YOO HAVE WITH ME THE aETref^, SOVOOHAO SETTER. STOP A oonr OP A ROOM? YOU A DOCTOR. MEEDS A UQM HIGH LIGHTS 3 HISTORV No. 24 A Dangerous Situation By X Carroll Mamfield '-. B.1H6R OieAUIT, HASTEMefc-Te RSMdOMCfr MdK FROM HtSBAfe. Me W4SStifiRouwter ey p* w§ INMAU TotBK nt-iHsmof TMT sa-- TlSH, UUMSERIHe 7H0UJANPS OP WAROtORS, 1HAT,U0TIM6 MIS WtAWMCiS, Ml^MT POUMCC OMHIMA7AMVM6MEMT. - -.. - . « laiLAQK W5H.V D^MOT PIACe TOO MUCH COMRMMCB IMlHCLOyAUTV OP THE PRCMCM TO TUB* HtW AUASlAMiC-.Tb tHWOORAae *wv ipti ornevciT ME t£DiHeMi eeueve 1M*T HIS SMAU. KRCE WkS BUTTH£ ADVANCE fiuAftfr OP A SflWMO AMMUCAU ARMY oPeCA' TUMI HI 1HB W«ST. -- i i -- ' '- * ATUCK HIM *M 6VERMHHMJM4 HlOWfUJJII

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