The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 15, 1966 · Page 19
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 19

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 19
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Tuesday, March 15, 1966 Vxgtonra 9m If 'Selling Seeds' In A Want Ad For Results 31. Articles For Sole JACK'S PARTS AMD SUPPLY — Auto pom. SU&&HCS toots. jock Russell, Owner. 201 Eos! Texts, LUCC AGE TRAILER — One wlM«t, gsod c o n C i I I o n. complete with lights end bitch«. SS> or will trooe for electric oirt- aogrd motor In pood condition. 303 Bowie. NEW FURNITURE FOR OLD is what o Ocy's Upfcosstery io& gives you: taoric or plestic. Auto and boct upholstering a specialty. DAY'S UPHOLSTERY. 504 N. Mam. 5SJ-3030. NEW YAZOO LAWNMOWERS — Also, choice of several good used ones. S« al SMALL ENGINE SERVICE Cros&y-Huttmen Rd-, Crosby. 31. Articles For Sale 33. Sporting Goods TOWN HOUSE THRIFT SHOP Maple Boofccos* Bed Complete wim Mattress aid Sox Strings Walnut Bookcase Bed Comolele { . .. Wlm Mattress and Sox Sprinss &S9.94| MERCURY, mi — 4 door hardtop, load- Three Peice Sectionci K9.9Sjea. extra clean. sell for $730 or trade Jor ooating rig of £Qua! value. ICO Wilorose, GOLF CLUBS — Dub Ford Signature. 5 irons. 2 woods. Will Tro<ie for gun or ritle oi eouol value. SS2-7210. (HOLZAEPFEL GUN SHOP ! Scope and i:gM mounting; rebiueing, I -efinishi^o. Military Sporlerlzing. ilOS W. Clevetend, 5SZ-5983. SSS7U2. 791 N. Higftwoy 1*5 Formerly Kollaway's Grocery SC-S2M NELL'S FRAME SHOP CUSTOM FRAMING - ART GALLERY Pointiios by Artists II 909 N. Commerce $82-&53 MOTORS — On* 4C-hp. 3-phase, 229-veit. slip fins motor; one S-rip. 3*-phcse, ^20! volt, slip ring motor; one 1-rtp. 3-pnase, i MO-vol! induction motor. Phooe Bill Hcrl-1 men at 532-8302 or wrue Box SO, Bey- JS-*f R *1 t-wi */».» 7U . _ . t0 *"' ' Sew (No. SSJ) Inventory Clearance Sale SK1L POWER TOOLS NOTICE CAMPSTERS — New Thermo-,' Electric refrlawolors tor your camper, i 12V - 110 V. STANER TRAILER SALES.: W. Main. 5S2-453I. PICK UP CAMPER — Fits narrow or star.oard Ded. slidino windows. S45. SELL OR deer riffes. Phone 5S2-72W. TRADE — One pistol and four j , HOW Sonoer JNO. s»l) ......... sw.^j - Router (No. »S» ..... S44.?s! 15».«1 OXWELD CUTTING TORCH — With! 569.95 6Vi" Heavy Duty Industrial hose end gauges. VTJ.9S; SKI! saw. S21.9S.J Sew (No. SSZ) SSS.9S: MALLIN'S PAWN SHOP, N. Main, 583-1 S29-9S Scare Sow (No. S14) S21,»ii <S4!3. JS49.9S vi'' Deluxe Drill (No. 54» ..S36.95! PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE , 17-ln. Silvertone Portoble TV S3S.OO; Dixie Apartment Range 520.00 Unfinished Bookcases. 3Sx40-ln S11.95 Mahogany Bed. Curved Foot 517,50 10-Ft. Westlnsnovse Late Model Refrigerator Wiitl Across Top Freezer S79.00 H'de-A-Bed. wi:h Sealy Mattress. 1965 Mobile Scout This, immaculate camper was «s«l only 4 times. Sleeps six, hos ail the extras. See it now il won't 6e here idng. Only $895 :".SSI Dan Hutchins Motor Co. Pilipws, Worn but . S2S.OO Home Lumber Co. ! Hiway 1*4 at Texas 582-7158 380 E, Texas Ave. , . 3 Odd c.iesr of Drawers, ..... 510 am; Up 424 VI. Main OLD PELLY STJ-5»49 j 31-B Building Material PORTABLE DISHWASHER, Live n»v«. SBS.OO. Pftone S32-W-22. PORTABLE WELDING MACHINE — 203 -afr>p Lincoln weK3w on troiier. A-J condilion. 42S-IJAJ. Crosl?y, ccy or I ALL BUILDING MATERIAL NEEDS j See us tor OH your remoce'ina end bund- ing. Estimates Free. NOTHING DOWN, us to S veers ta pcv. BAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY New Location. 3:5 ".V Ncjrc Old Gro LSr. Co. Yard, S82-762S. 35. Good Eating BAYTOWN SUN CLASSIFIED HATES - Phone 582-8323 I Minimum Ad 3 Lines -S1.00 Words Lines ! Days 1 1 1 2 i Rate i .33/3i .32 To 15 3 i 1-00 ! 1.92 15-20 4 1 1-33 | 2.56 20-25 5 1 1-67 | 3.20 25-30 6 1 2.00 | 334 30-35 7 1 2.33 1 4.48 35-40 8 1 2.67 i 5.12 40-45 9 1 3.00 | 5.76 45-50 10 1 3.33 | 6.40 50-55 11 i 3.67 | 7.04 55-60 12 1 4.00 ! 7.68 CONTRACT RATE -13 per line, 4 line, minimum CARD OF THANKS .20 per line, minimum $2.00, LODGE NOTICES 1.25 per insertion 3 .30 2.70 3.60 430 5.40 6.30 7.20 8.10 9.00 9.90 10.80 4| 51 6| J25 I 22. ! .21 ! 3.00 i 3.30 i 3.78 i 4.00 | 4.40 | 5.04 1 5.00 I 5.50 I 630 | 6.00 I 6.60 i 7.56 i 7.00 ! 7.70 I 8.82 j 8.00 | 8.80 1 10.08 I 9.00 ! 9.90 i 11.34 I 10.00 i 11.00 I 12.60 i 11.00 ! 12.10 ! 13.86 1 12.00 | 13.20 1 15.12 ! per day. G-months .20 pear line over 10 lliu» 47. Houses For Sole 47. Houses For Sole 54. Automobile* WOCSTER TERRAce — Two l-bedrooea WOI KC PI ANK brick homes tor sole, SIOO etown, «S rlWUit rLAlN-J moomlv. inclydina Kixes ond inioronce. ! DRAWN TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS Also frame house, HOC down. S7S monm- i \ ly poyments. Ca» Houston 7!3-MO CHEVROLET, 1»» — Station W»»M. rt- heoJer, oicomoiic. 4 cyUnder. KK. j p scam, p« 3x3-1293. WTO, F- •- .*«-.**»j. For Ocondoitie Moving service | L*cal or 1009 Distance — Coll stt-iftstj Hasty Transfer and Storage N*rtn American Von Lines Agency SPARKY SEZ . . . -LHT'S 00 TO CHURCH" It's KXY wMa you Uve at this roe BR1TTON-CUAVENS LOCATION At ZN4 FLORIDA ST., This home bos Vbedrooms, 2 oetiis, tots Thinking Of Building? Coil T. F. O<S«R! Builder Of Beautiful Homes CHEVROLET, IMS — 2-Door sedan, nt- "^ ^"^ «* Highway SS2-SWS A-A-A Buys! CHEVROLET. 1M3 — tmpofe Sports. VS. cvtomctic transmission, c*r conditioned w.-tn a new ear warranty. 583-4075. CHEVROLET. l»il — 4-Coer, _ttW ttni. lottery, careen. Reef clean oar. One owner. STRIPL1KG OUTBOARD MOTORS. 718 E. HumBie. 5P-2C53 or 5SMM5; CORVAIR. 1S« — Monxa Cwivcrtiki*. 4- soeed. one - owner* extra clean. 5664029. S« to appreciate. o( duets a&d a wnote lot of solid cam-! !(M Lin wood. 3-eedroom, t both, double lort. Priced right on FHA Of conventional j 9°ro9*. cer-,troi air ond beet, oil STICK, i ZZPewif-i loo loon. I large 1st. use down, jo-year loon. j So hea-e- °Ii SPARKY BOND, Realtor j CD " c "CA^R^^LLE* 9O S, Meia Die! S2434]' AND ASSOCIATES, REALTORS Night end Sundays, SZ3-S878 or 564-77511 iS3-71t) P.m., 5§2-?»sa. or alter SPARKY SEZ ... - ST1LL GOT YOUR APPENDIX I Well, me doctor who owns this property can't rwnov-s it because b* moved awoy. i 42. Acreage For Sale j 43-A. Waterfront Prop, 6>,i ACRES — Nice tract overlooking Cedar Bayou. Has old home owner will demolish if desired. GRIFFITH REALTY. 582-2947 or 5S3-1933. EAST TEXAS YAMS — Wetryil free, oov- 8.7771 ACRES IN HIGHLANDS erp.molt insoeclec. S2.00 Oirshef, S1JS On 8or&ers Mil! na!f-&usfiel, 583-8752. il S. Ashoel. Call Jay Hendrick. «>i-a010 or 424-2S49. ROBERTS BROASTED CHICKEN HOUSE nas food for any occasion, picnics, fishing Trips, banqve's. For fas! service, call 36. Insurance ALUMINUM SHEETS — 25-ln. by 34.1,, , ™ 11 ™ 11 ^^^™'^™™ - ™™™^^™™^^™ - "" 1 " "DONE QUICKLY when oro- !" 1B>1 . ? race - - 00 ' !n - thickness. l Oe ol (or; HAVING DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING DONfe QUI^KLT, wnen pro- ( insulation, rocfing, sidr-.g, S.2S each.; - rrrtsed, arid done rJchf! Ceil MA THERNE'S. 533-171S. a;l your needs, large cr sTiall, for auaiity work. :an be seen c- Tfte Baytawn Sun, 130! i Me*norisl Drive. f A.UTO.V.O8-1LE i Call GLENU WHITE INS. AGSNCY RANGE - 30-in. Frigidaire In pertee»}P'«» u "T "UILDINS MATERIALS ndition, time-bcke oven. soe«J-heoT _°f s .' PR1 i- E > 1N TO AN . condition, time-bcke ttumer. 53-3327. SHOULD SELL I SPORTING GOODS OUR PRICE j !6'23 Market GL 2-7533 39. Business Opportunity Golf Ca.'t -. * 4.951 HOME REMODELING Mew Crock Jars. Us From . S 1.00|F re< , Estimates New Rural Mail Box s 2.95 Mew Ideas: reliable contractors. New Wood Ironing Boards .. S 3.95 One - Gross Bottle Coos I -SS New Tarpaulins, Up From ...S 2.95 S3S.OQ Old Fcr-r, Ben S27.O5 5 ?.5D New Pitcher Pumas s 3.95 New Post Hole Diaoers s 4.95 New Boat Winch S3i.?5 New 57.50 Bird Bath s 5-95 New Poo Ccrn Poppers S 1.25 New Double Omelet Perns -... S 2.95 New Gun Rocks for TrucK ...S 3.95 New Boat Oars, Each I 2.65 Go«J Used Pool Tonlfr S 9.95 Net Dip. Gallon s 1.45 New 4Vj Ft. Boat Poddlw .. J. 1.45 SIX.JO Heavy Gf Fbof Locfcer .......s 7.95 Porcn Swlncs ond Crrair S 9.95 JACK HEARD FURNITURE CO. 12 W. Oelee, Bcvtown, ASHWORTH-S CORNER GROCERY —• j Owner retirLng. Building, land and fix! U<res. £14 W. .Moin. Price 16,950 - . - rr>af s ct! , , . hurry !t won't last long. EDDIE COX. Realtor, 566-7221 or 566-5040. CURBY LUMBER. 5S2-825!. SPORTSMAN CAMP1NG TRA1L . rownmo a-Jto<netic shoiauns and NICE BUSINESS SALS rer tools. See us for quairTy. TTOW CRAVENS LUMBER CO., KO3 •ngt. 5a2-«65. Aluminum Screens Made to order. Ols! screens rewired. GULF COAST BLIND 6 SCREEN CO. 6606 Baywav Dr., Baytown. 54 ! SPARE TIME income, male or iemale for !?.-Mn3ir. 5 DO-IT-YOURSELF industry. „ „ „.. .._ ._ Can be full time for person who qualifies, | Di ( a | t rom ttiis strategic 1!2 ACRES — North of Crosby near Lake Houston, good sandy loam soil, pecan trees outbuildings and Ceep water well. RAYBORN JOHNSON. INC., 2201 Market, SS3-1734. ACRES — ACRES — ACRES Garth Rd., 22 acres, iust minutes from Baytown. HIGHWAY 90 — » acrss wits hishway frontage at Crosby. McDonald & Herbert Days Nights 583-17M 5S3H877 STOP The Presses! Here's a tract of land mat deserves an EXTRA! SO Acres frorJing on 2 roads, close to U.S Steel. You'll never find a better investment. Call today for more information. Dean King and Son Realty 5&5-5061 or SPARKY SEZ . . . . . BR&AK A LEG and you can hop to th* Gulf Coast Hos- ! servicing d'spiavs In retail stares. Car, reference crd S7QO to a .T!ys?. Air . . investment phone number Grid pcr- lo SeiGtn Enterprises. 2626 W, tV-ockir!Qb!rd, Dallas, Texas 7S235. YOU CAN DO IT! — Make a million del- 2": ACRES ON GARTH ROAD Ideal for almost any business use- Reol- ;stically priced and off terms, SPARKY BOND, Realtor 907 S. Main 582-824S Nights and weekends, S33-W78 or 566-7751 SIX DRINK Coke machine, like new. witn warer fojxitoin. S300; 2 secretarial cessts w:«h chairs. SSO set; 1 executive desk with cnair, jlOO; S6A-7111 or 566-7080. TRAILER — Utility custom made. S!ee! j *' suopor:etf panel sides, steel ever frame j^i Will trade for air compressor. 532-7210. TVS — ! Phiico, GO; portables from 527.45; o:hers. S-S.95 and up. Shoo repairs. WORLD TV 583-1-OS. 604 N. .MAIN. Build On TOUT Lot I !a rs" In" "tnls'nne "business "~k -own" as"sim"-s ! Custom built homes to your specifications i Repcer Shop, 1205 N. Firm St., In me! or select from our plans. Consult us for j heart of Bayrcwn. Sells. ,-?>any types of assistance in planning and estimating cost.! ic^nous branQs of motors. Icrwr,mowers. 8AYOU LUMBER CO- i Complete stock of pans, new end used. Hwy. 1M and CeJcr Bayou Rd.. 5S2-S321 j Plenty of fools tc repair. Oversiied workshop. Nice 3-&edroom home included- BURLESON COUNTY, SNOOK, TEXA! Owner retiring ro his farm. Drive by to-! ] 7 2 acres ,iear Colleoe Station. Frontage- !oolc - Tal * *? Mr ' ^"^ """'two roads: 2 lakes; two barns; barbecue 42-A. Out of Town Prop. CURBY LUMBER calf Eddie for other Information, This AT COMMERCE TIRES — Four new Goodyear custom nylon t-jb*!ess whitewal! tires. Two 650 X 13. two 700 X 13. S2S Men. 583-1673. TELEVISION — 23 In. G.E. Console. Like new. $93.50. ler-r^s. 581-7777 aiter 6 p.m. Joe Cctes. Up to 50<5 OFF on MUFFLERS Up to 7Q% OFF on Shock abwrbers So«n . en filters, all cars. sl.?£ WATSON'S, 32D7 Minnesota. 51.39' dea! won'r iasr l 552-S2S! i tor. 566-7K1 or g EDDIE COX Real- Do-It-Yourself Deluxe Picture Framing, SX10 Cork Bulletin Boards S2.15 12X12 Ceiling Tile, Ea lo'-i ce'.is SHELEY LUMBER CO. 2209 Morlcet St. 5S3-1745 31-C. Musical Instruments I Ho INSURANCE CAREER Farmers Insurance Group A large multiple line insurance company j has a limited number of openings for qualified ooenis. Age 25-47. High School ! graduate. Excellent career opportunity for qualified appliccnts. For information • I coil or write: HOMER JOBE, 1433 Texas ~ xas City. Wl S-74SI or HU S-3317, i ! ACCORDIONS — New and Used. As low! as S35 for used instruments. Guitars, i 516.95 uo. BAYTOWN ACCORDION CEN-i TER, r?07 Alva, Pnone 523-7! 17. 40. Real Estate Wanted USED WOODEN WINDOWS — 10 In all tnree different sizes, will sell sepa.-atery At - TO . HORN — ISO. Sacrifice price. r. 587-2517. •V BELTS ANO PULLEYS for refrlgw- Our loss vour gain. S«-73!!, cfter 4. 566-S47J. j JOHN M, SHEARER AND ASSOCIATES ! Real Estate. Sales, i Rentals. Loans _ 11406 V.arVet. Baytown. 592-6517. - ____ _ , air condiMoners. surnps, co-r^>.'^s- GRAND PIANO — Kohter and Campbell, SPARKY SEZ. fens, valued at Sl.OCO New feirs ona strings, LIST 3,oc£ belts' in S stoci'' C V.ASSEY"ELECTRic.! "<rw '^'^ ''™ se.'t for S50rT Coll" SBJ-ViT?." I 823 S. Prufrt. SS3-T!4. WANT TO BUY — Used sheet rneta! (tin), ' ' 426-2603. ber (2x4's and 2x6's). JUST 510 MONTH RENTAL — On o nev. I-_, Lowerv Piano. re-;=! coaiies to pu'chase I ';!.'•i - N' LIST WITH US GET SUPER SERVICE SPARKY BOND, Realtor house. Cross-fenced for oats. S240 acre. Coll Clem Kovor, 582-7433 or 582-6746. HOUSE ON DAY LAKE Call Mrs. W. w. Oates in Dayton CL S-2S18. NEAR JACKSONVILLE — 4 miles east o! Neches River in Cherokee County, 25 acres. SIOO acre. 532-4729. Retirement? Nice cote neor Lake Murvall in East Texas. Three acres of land, nice 4-room house for only $3,000. CoJl OX 3-S511, Carthoge, Tex. 43. Business Property GRAVES DISCOUNT FDRNITURB—219 N. Main, 50X125 ft. lot. Building with living Quarters, good business location tor most anything. Price reduced for aulclc sale. Bcnk financing available. SPARKY SEZ LIQUOR IS GOOD «*8 If - - - " — -rice. CHET'S PIANO CO.. 20 3O7339. you like It. This 50 X 150 ft. busl- WEEKEND RETREATl One-holt acre et partially wooded, sandy loam land. Near and with access to Lake nice size (4 room) Houston with weekend cabin. Cabin and land total price sl.WS. Terms. Call Mrs. McLean 546-E7M. SPARKY SEZ . . SEE THEM PRETTY COWS Tney used la graze across from ttus fine 2 acres oi waterfront, 12 miles out ON TRI CITY BEACH ROAD but fee steei mill bough? fhetr pasture end the owner wants more for bis pro- 47. Houses For Sale j But this fine waterront property at ±50* and 2315 MISSOURI ST. will make a great combination home and t business for some physician or ottoer professional -nan. Can be sold separately. Get all details frem us. Creative Homes CA 7-W4. Boyrowa S46-7J1S DODGE. t?t! Dart, «-dow sidoa, 3as - making slant six engine, 3-£peed prsnsmission. Seautifut Wedgewooci blue. I One - owner, new car trace-in than !is fecxenent condsSion. LOMUS BAYTOWM JDODGH. 2SOO Market. 5S3-747-4. CREBKWOOD — Home lust completed,• SPARKY BOND. Realtor 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, built-lns. detached «-7 * MOSB mjn* -. — _.. . _uiit-lns. detached ]aroge. 516,700. wooded home sites. AfALKER HOMES. INC, 581-3280. . \ OATSUN 1?44 i Rest njce. FULLERS, JJJ3 S. woin sedan. 'MUSTANG. H65 — Hcnjtop. whir*, bl«* j :n?ef:ior, 239 cu. in., 4-5peed, oood concD- »ion. SS2-5JH efter 5:30. EXTRA NICE two^eareom home in Brit. ton Cravens. Den, bio bock yartl fenced, SI 1.000. Cell S32-S603, FOR SALE BY OWNER LEAVING STATE — !421 Edison. Near Robert 6. Lee Histl School, on school bus route. 6- room house on 75 X 12D lot, larse living room, den. dining room, kitchen. 2 targe bedrooms, m baths. 2 1-ton air units. SS.7SO. S33-2S73. GULF, 700 E, — 3-Bedroom. den, central neat ana air. 2-car garage, fenced bock perty. but he can't raise It, 4 couse we've I yard, corner lor, 5S2-9727 get o contract. Still only 58,000. Let's SPARKY BOND, Realtor 9CT S. Main sent* Nigh!* a'.d SunCays. 5B3-4£?a «• 54A-7751 45. Lots For Sole ESTATE SIZE HEAVILY WOOOEO HOMESITES — Cedar Bayou Park on Slotander Road. °av«! streets, utilities, .viodel homes. (Office nf site). JEFF E. FLEMING, REALTOR, 582-7222 and 583^323. IDEAL FOR MOBILE HOME — 60 X 280 lot (oporox.). wooded, all utilities. See weekends. Easy term=, McCANOLESS, SB3-1219. LA PORTE in Boyfront Addition. HUGHES REALTY, K3-2739 or 582-5250. 12S X 125 Ft. lot located SJOLANDER ROAD—Cedar Bayou Part. Over to-acre wooded corner lot. Equity buy, owner. 42&-Z74&. LAKEWOOD—Corner lot, heavily wooded. Reasonable Pbone 5S3-507B 47. Houses For Sole A GOOD DEAL Two-story ho-ne with 2 bis bedrooms upstairs, 1'A baths. On large lot with pecan and shade trees. Built to last IOC years. Owner has bought a new home and can't afford two. See 5920 Bayway Dr. then caM SDOlE COX, Realtor, 564-7221 or 5S4-5040. BEAUTIFUL CSOAR 8AYOU — 209 South St., line neighborhood for the youngsters. Just like new Inside, oversized 2-bfrdroom home. You will like it. Walkino distance to school. 100 x 145 R. tot. Two bearing oecan trees. Price S7.5QO with good loan available. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 544-7221 -r 566-5060. acre. This large 3-bedroom, 2 tie is complete:/ equipped foi- BEVERLY REALTY, 7 S. ASHB6L HOLLOWAY ADDN. — City conveniences with oil the privacy of country livlnj on over =& c ixjth hom,_ _ _. , ... , ->odern gracious living. SIX MILES FROM BAYTOWN — 20 minutes from Houston. Lovely large home carpeted, draped, centrally heated and air conditioned. Two large out-buildings make this a perfect setup for a home business. WANTED — Someone in this area w'.th] oosc; cr«J:' !o take ever ocymcnrs on | (cte moclci SifQsr. Does evrr»tn-:ns. SI.251 week or So'95 casn. Fre* home trcil. ij Hoystoi UN 9-3376. Singer Auto Zig-Zag |f UMd only 4 months. Makes buttonnoles- \ ~. sews on buttons, many fancy pctter-:s •" without attachments. 5 year guarantee, i 157.00 cosh or $5.90 per monm. Free home trial. 533-JlM. 32. Articles For Rent TRUCKS FOR RENT Corker. 5£.'-b515. BAYTO'.'JN RENTALS (Next ID Ki'tjcre's ReaGV-Mixl .ndavs. 533^173 or x£ffS" ness'^.t''^ SttrtS" sT7 b.^St ^"|^^SS«.S ^^aVlar^Tn 5 In the heart of Bcytown within walking distance of everything. BEVERLY REALTY CO. 5S3-17S1 566-5972 nights. LISTINGS WANTED! I OTIS GRAHAM REALTY "•SUITS 153 — GSAVSTONS BUILDING ! PHONE 533-50J3 FOR RENT NEW Singer ZIG-ZAG ONLY $99.95 j Reducing Equipment (Power Toots, Power Post Ho*e Diggers Floor SaitJers. and Polishers Sewer Cleaning Equipment Mowers, Tillers, Edgers, Hedge Trimmers Tow Bars ond Car Tops Fans, deciders. Chain Sow* Rug Shampoo ! WE WANT YOUR LISTINGS ; List vv ; fh us. Prospects are waffina. I HUGHES REALTY. 5S3-2739 or S52-S250. i WE WANT YOUR LISTING i CcfE "Jake ' RuTter Reciry js N. Ashbet, Bavtown, Ttxas ~-S3-4i>S2 or nignts 5S2-5O57. CHATEAU REALTY Mrs. Malone. Realtor. 1401 Narcille 553-3252 or 546-5604 after 6 p.m. „ liquor store and rear the new civic center. Owner has reduced price. Look ror big sign. SPARKY BOND : Realtor 907 S. Mnin 532-S248 and Sundays, 533-4S7S or 546-7751 43-A. Waterfront Prop. Televisions Camp Trailers Travel Trailers i Ulility Trailers! Acme Realty . T. W. WILKS, REALTOR jp?osp5ts Wolfing To Buy i MAKE IT CHRISTMAS ALL YEAR! — Yau would think it's Christmas time »,-hen you see tnis 12-acre estate on beautiful San Jocinto River. Boating, skiing, lishing the year 'rounrf. Oversized ?s + ^r-^, i-beciroom hone with rea' fire- p'ace, mammoth living room, nice play room, three baths, alf-electric kitchen. Scoarate nice servant quarters. Barn an<J We Need Your Lisfing st ? ble ~"> r . BARNES, 319 — Wooster. Forced to sell due to military service. No Equity, assume payments of S65 month. 3-Bedrooms, bath, living room, larce kitchen, screened ocrch, attached garage, large storage room. 532-9669 after 3:30 p.m. BRQWNWOOO ADDITION — Unwood Drive, SIOO down, small closing. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, double garage, 533-2293. BEYOND YOUR DREAMS BUT WITHIN YOUR GRASP MAPLEVVOOD, in beautiful Grayd. Incorporated Into these lovely es are the wonderful features found in exclusive custom built Save!! homes. Trocits We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to Kilgare Ready Mix HOI Market — SS2-5S15 LIST WiTH STEWART REALTY i 13 N. Ashbel e lor your horse. Olympic sized Everyt modern device Jo make your life pool. 35 uapershell oecan trees. mor enioyable plus the spaciousness fer frontase with nice boat sl.p. lookino for. Liv«3 rooVnT separate 572 ft, wa S85.COO. 400 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, HIGHLANDS Coll Eddie (or other information cay or night, EDDIE COX, Realtor, 566-7221 or j 566-50.0. MAPLETON, 120 — Priced reduced for 42, AcreQCfe For Stile quick sate. Beautiful all bricX home- Over i m ni W6 DO NOT SELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS IN THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWN AREA. FREE HOME DHMONSTHATJON The Singer Co. 318 W. Texas 583-2400 CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom Used Roil-Awsy Bed end Mattress ..127.95 Used 3-Piece Bedroom Suite S69.95 Used Full Si:e Mattress 119.95 Used Platform Rocker, New Upholstery £W.°5! Used Recliolns Chair, New Upholstery S89.95 Used Blond DeSK S16.SO Used Frjgidaire Automatic Washer..$79.95 24 fO Market NEW-USED FURNITURE Singer Automatic Zig Zag Desk, makes buttonholes, sews on buttons, dots ail fancy desio^s. Would like reliable party to takt up payments of' $4.30 month, or pay off low balance of Ml JO. Phone 587-8735. NEED IT?? — RENT IT!! Chemical Sprayers UNITED RENT-ALLS Pr-*tt and Pearce, 5K-8S19 ~.ACREAGE 8 miles south of Cleveland, dining room, 3 lovely bedrooms, 2 bcths ^nd breakfast areas. Plus double garage on lores lots. YOU CAN BUY ONE OF THESE HOMES TODAY. QUALITY DOES NOT COST, IT PAYS, DAN SAVELL, BUILDER, S8J-7J49. BEAUTIFUL IMMACULATE HOME — Two years old, SI 9.500. 532-2103. 321. 5 to 15 acre tracts. Coil Cleve| i=r,!j. LY 2-2330. __ . ___ ___ ._ _ . i ARCHER RD. — Near N. Main, edge qflSeS-SWO. j BavTowri, 2 or more acres, paved rocd, W '««• s '°° aown - KS > jter^s. 33. Sporting Goods j APPROXIMATELY 3 acres in city limits, f 1 ' , air - Haif m!ie off Hiway 1J4 on JVUJbry St., L.^?; 0 ^' ! S9.00Q. Coll Jim Bailey, 583-3111 ' i 553-3513. sized living room, 3 bedrooms, ^iice den. ; T i baths. Centrally heated and oir con- I d'fioned. Electric kitchen. 2-car garage. " Bu-it ta lost ICO years! Plenty shade end cecon trees. Call Eddie for oiher infor-1 COUNTRY CLUB OAKS III — Surning - ... 'Tree Drive. Five new twines under construction. Brick, three and four bedrooms, gas built-in kitchens, fireplaces. AiJiacent to Goose Creek Country Club property. 35 HomeSite* to choose from. DAN SAVELL, BUILDER, 532-7249. n-c!lion. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 546-7221 or awr BAY AREA — TV* County. TrT- 1 Rd. 2-bedroon,, cit brick, central heat 1 — : * - : - carpets, terrazo, den with real _. Bayfront lot. Shown by appointment. Housron FA 3-&J27. JA 2-4243, on weekends 582-4795. BOAT RIG — ms, IS fl. Storcraft with | JONESSORO, TEXAS — Near Hiway 36. j • 4», 60 hp Evinrijde motor. b'S whe«! :rai!-i 1^0 ceres level land. Fenced, water, half! er, 2-way rc<iio. comoass. tachometer.j Beared lor pasture. 17 acres Coastal Ber-i s.ige pu-nc, speedometer, is ft. shrimp j n-joa, S16S per acre. 5S2-5735 Baytown. • :rov(l, sleeps J. 41,795. 426-3052 cfler 6 30! — p.m. and weekends. j LIBERTY COUNTY — 132 Acres on high! GUN REPAIRS —-1. Custom Barreled Actions. Douglas of. Apex Imperial Barrets, precision chambered. HUNTERS DEN o<W E. Jpck Bavfown, Texas Classified Display COLBY, 1703 — 3-oearoom brick, good FHA loan available. Telephone 553-1S59. Classified Display HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. U2 f=T. FRONTAGE TRACT — S5O down payment. 100X129,47 ft. wooded lot, owner finoncea. A. W HAMJW. Realror. 115 S- Main 424-2411 or 426-iSM HUMBLE, 411 E. — This home has many features that you are looking for. It hcs a large living room, with c realistic fireplace as The main focal point, separate dining room, 2 large bedrooms and a large room with private both that could be usefl as either den or bedroom. Fenced Sack yard with beautiful trees. DAN SAVELL, BUILDER. 532-7249. HIGHLANDS — 102 inwood. 3 bedrooms. 5350 equity. S77 monthly. Call for appointment. 424-2817. HIGHLANDS — BatHebell Rd., 3 - bedrooms, IV% baths, remodeled, corpets, heat. Situated on Th acres. SEE WHAT W.OOO wiB buy. One - bed room furnished, just redecorated and cm half - acre lot. GRIFFITH REALTY, 582-2049 or 5S3-1933 LEISURE COTTAGE — 1-Bearoom with screened uorch, SI.99S. I6I08 Highway 73 Call GL 2-1072, LARGE ENOUGH TO ENTERTAIN — Small enough to maintain, 3-bedraoms. 2 baths, electric kitchen bullt-ins. formal dining room. HUGHES REALTY, 583-2739 or 5B3-S598. MONT BHLV1EU — 7-Room house with bath. Must sell. See to appreciate. Phone 495-32S4. Mont Belvieu. NICE 4-BEDROOM HOME. FHA APPROVED. S37S Down. Call Jay Hendricfc. -06-4010 or 425-2349. PONDEROSA SOLD OUT!! v.'atch for new homes under construction. JOE AYLOR, Builder and Developer, PLUMWOOD SECTION III NEW BRICK HOMES — In most convenient location in Baytown. Near schools, churches, playground, shopping. Neighborhood is quiet, no through streets. Unique designs, 3-tKKJroo-ns, 2 boths, 2-car garage. Call KENNETH KRASOFF, Builder. 1601 Narcille, S82-4417. PAMELA, 515 — 3-bearoom brick home, 2 full baths, family room, central hect, one-car garage. Located on large corner loi near everythlna. RAYBORN JOHNSON, INC., 2201 Market. 5B3-1784. REAL BARGAIN FOR YOU Two-bedrooms, carpeting, new 2-ton air conditioning. Cyclone fenced. See 30/ Schilling, shown fay appointment. Coll 533-1338. SOUTH BURNET, 511 — Lots of trees. 3 oeaTooms, 2 full baths, den, central ond air. 2-ccr oarage. Good FHA loon available. RAYBORN INC., 2201 Market. 583-1784. JOHNSON, SPECIAL — SPECIAL — SPECIAL 1517 Lindberg Walking distance to Robert E. Lee High School. C!ecn as a whistle ^-bedroom home. Nice wooded lot. HARD TO BELIEVE — S4.7SO. $300 down, S50 month, NO closing cost. Call Eddie day or night. 544-7221 or 566-5060. WARNING TO HUSBANDS!! — Don't show your wife this ho-ne unless you are prepared fo buy! 1907 Richardson Lane, Eva Mouc. Three bedrooms, central air end heat, iust like new. Total price S15.500. Owner transferred, buy •quity. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 564-7221 or S4A-50oO. m S. Main Nights <md Sundays, 5S3-487S or 566-7751 WAS $9.950 REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE NOW $5.750 3034 Ferry Rd. Two-story, «-bedroom home. Needs some minor repairs inside, oil new aluminum siding outside. One-cere wooded lot. Musr be sold Hits week. Orive by and take a took. "This Ole Hoose'II Last 100 Years" I CASH FOR YOUR CAR EDDIE COX, Realtor, S64-7221 or Sii-SOiO. I THAO FELTON FORD — JA-) USED CAR LOT NO. J SOLD OUT We have buyers, for executive homes. LiST WITH US LOANS: FHA — Gl — Conventional McDonald & Herbert , OA YS NIGHT* p O RD - "*3 — F*tr - «»r sedoo, oir Si,™ s^^r eondirionea. power Brakes, radio, heater, """•'• outometle. One owner, J995. 566-5H4. FORD. 19S7 — 2-CkKM-j V-«, stick Shift, alrrost new 'ires, no rvst, extra ctecn. Phone 566-S523. FORD GALAXIE Me, IT*! — Air CM- diJioned, power steerino, automatic transmission. Good conaltion. S32-S3I7, after 5 p.m.. S64-7S7I. 51. Cars Wanted STARETT LUMBER CO. BUILDERS Of Better Homes For Less Your Choice Oi Large Wooded Lots TRADES CONSIDERED Hwv _Pn. 532^06 J F ^^7 FORD. 1757 — Sem! - hardtsp, 4-door. oadcd. no rust, extra clean. See at All N. PrisrtT or col! 5S2-771!. Call £32-5611 New Spanish Home 2204 EAVES — EVA MAUD Wrought iron gote opens Into private courtyard. 2200 sa. it. of Itanjry liv- mg area. Lor^e paneled den, nylon carpeting throughout. Be sure to vis- It this home today. Starett Lumber Co. 31-5418 5B2-78S CASH FOR YOUR CAR SEE -HONEST JIM" Jim Carter Motor Co. 5S1-«3S *K Wl T«as excellent con- d;lion. air comjlitoned, 54XWO miles. S400. S32-S570. FORD, 1957 — i - Cylinder. sJidc SIfiS. sood condition. 595 cash. See at SK.SL- LSY'S GARAGE. 509 Slello St. S S S WE NEED CARS TOP DOLLARS PAID FOR CLEAN USED CARS Quality Motors Lan Williorr-s 700 E. Texas f 3rvai Dunham i 33-3917 7714 THOMPSON ROAD An Acre and Half For A Cow and Calf 52. Trucks FOR2, 1?64 — Golcxle 500 *-c!t>o.-, gate, matic. power, air, and other extras. Low mileage. ezcelJerit condition. Dr. A. P. Shaddix. S82-6393 bcrore 5 p.-n», 583- 2J39 afrer 5 p.i^i. GRIFFIN ENTERPRISES — •SB ForA standcrd shift, radio, neater 6-cylinder. S29S. '55 Ford 2-daor hardtop, S295. 22!0 .N. A'.nln. across from O'Brien's Grocery, IMPALA SPORTS COUPE, 19SS — ^-on-fh5-floor. assume payments. 533-2813 or see at 1103 Wright Blvd. IMPALA, 154* — 2-door hardtop, V-t, cnt- Icmatic. lisht olue. New tires, make offer. CHEVROLET PICKUP. 1950 — '59 283 V-8. {•*»-2" 4 , Crosby. radio, neater, goofl tires. $300. OLDSMOSILE '98-, 19S» — +4oor. DMr- Phone ^26-37?3. «r brakes, steering, windows o^d seats, 4, i factory _cir. good tires, recent tune Complete with 3 bedroom, 2 bath *£?2j5' les ' S1 - 600 - Ca " J!m Mo!e home. Central heat, window air units, (SS2-83Q2. separate living room, separate din- Ing roam, built-in electric kitchen, chain link fence. See this one today! "Buy your castle from a King" 666-5041 or 5&S-7384 CHEVROLET, i»63 — One-ton, V-3, speed, ccb and chassis, extra good tires, duals. 5950. 533-338!. ] PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE HARDTOP, DODGE PICKUP, 17SS — Extra clean,P 94 ? — _2;docr. white «ini red vinyl in- IFORD PICKUP, i?a — Half-ton, s Ft. Styleside bed. 4 cylinder, 4-ply tires, -blinkers and fieoJer, 23,050 miles. A-l i AUTO SALES, 915 i HiohlanCs. N. .V.ain, «5-3725, [FORD PICKUP, — Radio, neuter, terior, 313 2-borreI engine, automatic transmission. Air conditioned, power steering, padded dash, delude wheel covers,. tinted atass, undercooling, whitewc!! tires. SHIELDS MOTOR CO.. INC., 2912 Market, S32-S190. BUILD ON YOUR LOT IS, r !2S& r : aood rr '°' sr ma lires - PLMOUTH, 1?33 — <-eoor. radio, heater, good mechanical condition. Pr.oie 5S3-3416. Built on your lot or ours, from your plan or ours, homes built by master craftsmen and desigced with you In mind. Cost kept to a mi.limum by cre-planned construction analysis. Stop by and see how easy it Is to own the very best at the lowest budget price available. Baytawn Realty, 2317 N. Ma:n, 582-2139. j WE MAKE MISTAKES'! I Everybody Does — BUT — Eva Maud SEE THESE FIRST!! OPEN' FOR INSPECTION 1203, 2207 and 2209 TUSCAN LANE Others Under Construction On Mockingbird Lane E. F. LUQUIRE CONTRACTOR TWO ',4-TON PICKUPS — 19<i3 Fort, wide ; ,S'OT ON OUR DEALS. bed; 1561 Cnevroiet, standard; bath very | See a '66^ BU_1CK or Used Car c!«-an aid new paint. 21GS " " 532-2593. W. Mam.jeUSBY 3U1CX •where Customers Semi Their Friends" 518 w. Texas 583-7371 '63 FORD PICKUP Half-ton, *crwn ^eiae finish. ExceHent tires, 6 cylintSer, standard shift, deluxe heater. Drives exceptionally well, (deal for ttie sportsman. $1095 DON DITTMAN Ernie Dittman Motors S2-2470 707 E. Texas i -60 PONTIAC — Nine passenger station- wagon, air, power. 4 new tires. One-owner 'car. CREEL'S AUTO PARTS, 504 S. Main. Highlands. 426-2311. '64 Chrysler Four-door sedan, forest green, neat foctory interior, fully loaded, p«wer end air. 3«rgain. Drive it today. $ 1 795 i, , ,—. ,/^ -i- f it- i -ror (Or" 0 ' Dunftam 66 GMC Truck 51,795 ;553-3917 Motors c—7 TIWI • Marty of last year's options are standard 5S2-7W3 . .,, Lan Williams 700 E- Texas Reading This Ad Won't Improve Your Mind -JUST YOUR HOME Three bedrooms. 2 full baths, double garage, all brick central air and heat. Priced 'way below owner's cost. See it today. 140 L1NWOOD OR. Dean King and Son Realty 566-5060 or 565-7384 BAYTOWN MOTORS Texas 5SJ-SU1 "Baytown's Best used Cars" Buck Turner Chevrolet 10 E. Texas 53. Work Cars LOTS OF WORK CARS j WE CARRY OUR OWN NOTES i Pelly Motor Company I 507 W. Main 5S2-42S PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE APPRAISING Residential, Commercial, Condemnation Clifford M. "SporKy" Bond 907 S. Mai.i 532-B243 WANTED NEW OWNER To fill this cute little home with love and care. 2-bedrooms, separate dining room, sversfied family room, beautifully land- seeped yord. Plenty paper shell pecan trees. Walking distance to schools, and churches, shopping. Good loon available, price S7,fc50. 220 E. Sterling, heart of Boy- town. P.S. All aluminum siding, no painf- EDD1S COX. Realtor 566-7221 or 566-5060 WE HAVE HOMES THAT CAN BE BOUGHT WITH A SMALL OR NO DOWN PAYMENT. Priced from 17,000 to S16,- 000. SHORTY THARP REALTY. 566-7010. 5 Baywcy Drive. WEST LOBIT, Z0» — Oily 117.500 maves vou into tills big 4-bedroom, 2-batti home. Huge Uving room, den, separate dining room, screened back porch, fenced backyard, 2-car garage. Call S82-S603. 2200 SQUARE FEET LIVING AREA — 1700 Olive. Price reduced for immediate sale. CHATEAU REALTY, 583-3252. or 532-9757. nights 566-5604. Classified Display 3 Acres Of SUNSHINE with 7-st-ory home! See SoOi Thompson Rood today! "Buy your castle from a King" 5£4-50&l OT S&6-73&4 I '64 Oldsmobile * '• Beautiful Dynamic SS, black Kid white i four-door '>eddn with power steering \ ond brck&s, fcctory air conditioning j end automatic transmission, white ! wail Tires, tinted glcss. *i Neai Dickens Motor Co. ! "Where Quality Is Always Consistent" j Hiwcy 146 Ucder The Big Shed 583-416S "" " i '63 impala Chevrolet CU1CK — 1959 Electro 4-door, all power,! fires. One owner. J600. Crosby | A beaatifuf turquoise with mafcfiins !n'-, tertor. 2 - poor hardtop, V - S sta-i- CHEVROLET STATIONWAGON, 1957 — J dord transmission, radio, neater, tinted Parkwocd, J a=or, v-s, outo^=:ic, rod.o, i glass, white wall tires. 33,000 actual miles. neoier. S17S. S6O.7153. ! CADILLAC, 1955 — Sedan, all power one i Page Dittman Motors a.r co"rfition:nc. one owner. | Hoyt Page Fred Dittman Jr. -•-•--• SB2-971J 54. , AUTOmoblleS PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE APPRAISING 566-7014 or 566-7 I CHEVROLET, l?57 — 4-door Sel Air, rn- dio. neofer, good tires, clean. 3275. Ph. : Hwy. 146 at Fayle _.. . _ • "It Makes A Difference Where You Buy. i Let Us Prove It." Residential, Commercial, Condemnation J n A,, ai L,:_4 :>r ' c! ' t::!n!n3 - I COMET — 1962 5-22 2-door with good tires ' -— . 532-5S54. i Classified Display Clifford M. -Sparky" Bond 907 S. Main Walker Realty LAZY LANE, 137 — Spacious 3-bedroom home on beautiful wooded lot. Carpets, built-in appliances, 2 baths, central air/heat and roomy double garage. Owner transferred. &S-5297 4417 Baywoy Dr. 5M-S47 r.ights 582-6S33. Classified Display { bonk of T'lr.ttv Siver. S225 per acre. [ acreage. BOB GREENS. Agent.! TWO , ground. BEDROOM house, one acre!) All utilities avcjiioDIe. Mrs. Mc-!| " " Classified Display Classified Display Air - Conditioner Service BIG HOUSE For BIG FAMILY At BIG BARGAIN MOUNTAIN VALLETY WATER JOHN R. MARTIN. H2 E. Jack, 582-6814 We Rent Televisions Trucks For Rent Equipped with ^draulic lift got** We Sell Custom Hitches BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, (Next to Kilswe Rea<ty-Mbc> Classified Display 209 West Lobit $11.500 Let's Talk Terms 582-8603 (Preferably After 5 P.M.) PLAN 1 Oil fan motor, check unit, clean filter. Make Your Appointment Today PLAN 3 Oiled, cleaned, painted, picked up, delivered and reinstalled. 5O Spring Savings! PLAN 2 Oiled, cleaned and painted if brought to shop by customer. 50 Be Ready For Summer Weather! "We Service What We Sell" Serving The Baytown Area 19 Years KOYAR'S AIR-CONDITIONING CENTER 221 E. Texas Ave. 582-5004 KOVAR'S USED TV SALE BENDIX 77 Inch $25.00 CAPEHART 27 Inch $35.00 GENERAL ELECTRIC 27 Inch $45.00 ZENITH CONSOLETTE 23 Inch $75.00 New Picture Tube With 1-year Warranty "We Service What We Sell." Serving The Baytown Area 19 Years Kovar's Color TV Center 221 E. Texas Ave. 582-5004 CHEVROLET, 195? — Automatic, good i 3^S enqine, new tires. wi!i traoe. 4<?3-3i?2, i f.'.ont Bervieu. ! CORVAIR, 1985 — Fully equipped, air conditioned, ft:ke up payments of SS3.i-: -nonthiy. MUST sell, leaving for pecce Corp. S82J2SS. Classified Display '62 CHEVROLET RclAir four-door sedan, V-8, automatic, power and air. one owner, Xice! $1195 J-8 Motor Co. Shop Under The Shed 2012 Alexander Dr. Your MERCURY MAN invites you to move ahead during COMET'S 2ND MILLION EQUIPPED WTTH: COME T CAUENTE ing on strfl^R Choost f fwm 13 re d hct Com«t mcxVk a'e o' the y**'\ Come in Today? BAYSHORE MOTORS, INC. 2113 MARKET 582-8261

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