The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 6, 1971 · Page 12
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 12

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1971
Page 12
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Rock Cafe is a copy of a typical southern, IIS. roadside"diner, right down to wise-cracking waitresses, a pinball machine, and genuine American hamburgers. - • . •••"•'•. .When it ^opened in a former automobile' showroom one Loridon newspaper critic termed it a cross 'between" a : warehouse -—--r-- -vrr--,.- Tf ,„,,and,- an Edwardian working don't Lke^this-place. It looks class -daring room! And if Peter Morton were not involved in it, 'he London restaurant trade would probably dismiss the noisy, cavernous eatery in the swank Mayfair district as a ioke. ' . • But no one in the industry is .aughing these days. Most likely ihey wish they had a piece of musician born in Chicago but raised in Jackson, Tenn. MOMENT OF'TRUTH for his government's representation in the United Nations approaching President Chiang Kai-shek on a recent public appearance on Taiwan to honor Chinese war dead showed no lessening of the vigor with which he has dominated Nationalist China for four decades. BETTER TO BE FAT Lose Weight With Surgery? Go Slow, Liver Experts Urge By DELOS SMITH UPI Science Editor NEW YORK (UPI)—Two scientific liver experts, Drs. Hans Popper and Fenton Schaffner, believe that as of now it may be healthier to be fat than have recourse to the Fatty infiltration of the liver increased in three patients but it decreased in two and remained "entirely normal" in the others, they reported to the !N 7 ew England Journal of Medicine. Biochemical tests surgery which slenderizes byi f Uver function showed deactivating a considerable section of the intestinal tract. They were impressed but with reservations by Danish surgical-medical scientists who demonstrated in eight patients that a surgical by-pass around some eight feet of small intestine had dramatically reduced their weight without a lasting rebound on their livers, and three prestigous "A transient deterioration after surgery but later improved." Other liver functions "remained within normal limits." The journal obtained editorial comment Schaffner. from They Popper agreed and with Dr. Erik Juhl colleagues of a. Copenhagen hospital were urging doctors not to abandon the operation which is the last resort of the grotesquely obese after dieting and efforts to control their appetites with drugs have failed. UNDER ATTACK It was first performed in 1963 for weight quickly came reduction and into worldwide it came the Danes that the really long bypass, from the second sectio'n of the small intestine, the jejunum, to the colon, shoulc never be used. The side effects are too frequent and too severe Th bypass the Danes defended is from the jejunum to the final section of the' small intestine, the ileum. The American experts accepted i1 but only '^because excessive obesity remains an almost use. But last year under widespread scientific attack on the basis of limited! evidence that it resulted in a! malnutrition which could result I in life-threatening liver da-| mage. j The Danish scientists object- led to this evidence on the grounds of insufficiency. Their studies of their eight patients were thorough, including liver biopsies during and 10 and 27 months after the surgery, and periodic biochemical tests over impossible lenge and therapeutic chal- bypass procedures probably here to stay.' 12A Ogden Standard-Examiner, Wednesday, October b, .ism Yanks Take Southern Diner to London By GORDON JOSECOFF • •.-_. "Isaac 'and I /were .walking LONDON (UPI) —The Hard down the street,cr.e day and we said-lefs\do.-a-hard;;rock cafe," •Morton" explained', in an interview. -.; ;"We 'were;." just very aware 1 ' of the; fact -that; this '-was unavailable' anywSere : else. "We conveyed'"dur ideas to a designer and--,Jbis is ; th,e' result. The first day we were open; an American- walked: in : and'said "I .The Hard Rock Cafe -venture is strictly something on the side in which he and •Tigrett have equal shares. Open seven days a week- from noon' until 2' a.m., the : cafe -offers a variety • of dishes : from real' American hamburgers, spare' ribs, and steak 'to genuine; home-made American ice cream. : Morton 'and Rignett tried- to make .the cafe' as authentically Added Tigrett with-a.grin: guess- 'you .could say Peter supplied 'his vast catering knowledge and I supplied a southern treeze." - 'Morton from a restaurant family, made his name almost overnight in-the.London restaurant field with his Great American as- possible..- There is a U.S:-made pinball machine in the comer ("that.really takes in the, money," Tigrett says), a jukebox with'oldies but ;goodies, and-an American soda/fountain, only "the -second, in Ixmdon. .There is also a bar which, un- American-like, must conform to British "pub'hours. The waitresses are not American, but the two owners PAYS TO ADVERTISE? the action. For the Hard Rock American Disaster restaurant Cafe, the newest and biggest of i on Fulham Road, on thejrfge the American-style restaurants °f *e trendy. Chelsea disbMt Ever since the 50-seat restaurant opened in April, 1970, those wanting to taste .what Morton to open in London, is packing them in. JOINT VENTURE It is a joint venture • of Morton, a 23-year-old University of .Denver business adminis- and Isaac sometime Tation graduate, Tigerett, 22, a describes American, as the authentic hamburger have , formed nightly, lines- outside the place. Morton plans another "disaser". in London as well: as ones in Amsterdam, Paris, Munich and other European cities. 'Mere Ten Clams' Gets Ring for Florida Wife ST. PETERSBURG, Fla! (AP) — The ad read "A mere ten clams is' all it takes" to get a cultured pearl ring set in 10-Karat gold. ' . .So in .walked Mrs. Jessie Lennox with the newspaper advertisement in one hand and a- soggy bag in the • other. She. plopped 13 dripping clams . on the counter and demanded her-ring. '"I couldn't help . but laugh," je.w elr-y s t ore manager Ray Meri said of the incident, "but she was serious. She said somebody had given her a can of frozen clams she had had in the freezer about year. I told her if she took the trouble to defrost them and bring them down, she deserved her ring." But why 13 clams when the ad said just ten? "She said the extra three clams took care of the tax," he said. . Mrs. Lennox got-her ring. are trying their best to teach pounds ($120) a we*ta tips the gSsl emulate what they aloneor a^hourjeeL say are the typically sassy servers in U.S. diners. "We put an ad in the paper seeking 30-to-47-year-old women with great, personality" Tigrett said, "We said 'If you ain't got it, don't show.' We had waitresses are alerted over a loudspeaker call system which booms over the ear splitting music. "The British never heard anything like the call system before," Tigrett said. "We have , . U ^» L ^, *, 0 — ----- - -- 200 applicants for the job andl £ couple of characters on at took 16. night and they really lay it^on " 'A gal named Eve came in and said, 'You want an old bag? You got one. Take it or leave it.' We hired her on the spot. These gals are really tough. They've been around a long time. They're able to take the strain. "The day we screened the applicants was the most fun heavy, saying things like. 'Betty, baby, pick it up, right now, we got it for you, honey.'" Morton and Rigrett say they expect to make back their investment within six to eight day I've ever had in my life. We asked them what they were doing, looked in their shopping! bags, if they had any, .to see what they bought, and generally tried to draw them out a bit. "Younger girls would not do. You never walk into a southern diner and find some beautiful girl standing there. You'd find some peroxide blonde chewing bubble gum. We're trying to get these girls to chew gum, but some say it's bad for their teeth. "They take home up to 50 months. The cafe already is capacity business at and the partners are other ideas. doing night, -M- :_!_:. thinking about BOOK OF FUN Ogden's best entertainment $2.0O and $1.OO Features entertainment* buy one/ get <>ne fr*e Weber State Football General Admission, 6 focal movie houses, pizzas. hamburgers/ «tc* HARRY HALL •25-5049 5834 S. 2600 W., Roy that period of time. -ADVERTISEMENT- DO Your FALSE TEETH Drop, Slip or Fall? Dont Seep wortylng whether your false te^tii will come loose at the wrong time. For more security and. comlort, sprinkle FASTEETH* Denture Aaueslw Powder on your dentures. PASTEETH Holds false teeth nrmer longer. Makes eating easier— more natural. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste. Dentures that nt aro essential to nealth. So see your dentist reEularly. Get easy-to-us« i PASTEETH at all druc counters. RECALL NOTICE If you have purchased a men's Remington 25 cord shaver since January 1, 1971 and the shaver does not contain letters in the circle embossed on its bottom-side (see picture at left below), please bring the shaver to your local Remington service station or Remington authorized service dealer or mail it to us at the address noted below. It is believed that a very small percentage of these shavers may have been improperly assembled making them potentially unsafe. Remington will either service your shaver and return it to you or provid* you with a new one. Look for the model designation. Recall applies only to Remington 26. look for this circle. If in letters appear .withinlhe circle, please discontinue us§ and return shaver to us immediately. If you send your Remington 25 to us by mail, plainly print your name and return address on a sheet of paperand enclose it in the package with your shaver and mail to:. REMINGTON ELECTRIC SHAVER Department RT 35 Senham Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut 06605 Your shaver will be returned to you promptly or a new shaver will be sent to you. Remington has made and sold over 65 million quality shavers .during the last 30 years. Our strict adherence to high quality standards has helped us to become the leading manufacturer of electric shavers. Your cooperation will assist us in making sure-that your Remington 26 shaver meets these standards. THIS RECALL NOTICE CONCERNS CERTAIN REMINGTON 26 CORD SHAVERS ONLY. NO OTHER REMINGTON SHAVERS ARE INVOLVED Consult Your Telephone Directory for the Local Addresses of Remington Service Stations and Authorized Service Dealers.; • R, HE'D GET MAD ENOUGH TO SEE GB WIT Life is like a baseball star. Much better when it's colorful. Television's the same way. Sure, for years color television was good as a novelty. And not much more. On early color TV sets, purple cowboys fought green Indians for the love of a yellow rancher's daughter. .. But, unlike most other things,^ color TV set costs less than it did 10 years ago. Life is in color. Why watch it in black and white? Where else can you get 2 1 /2 hours of entertainment for less than 2<t worth of electricity? SEE IT LIKE IT REALLY IS, ON COLOR TV! Electricity — Light on Your Budget Utah Power & Light Co.

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