Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 12, 1964 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1964
Page 4
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Your Problems — bv Ann Landers Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1964 Fortnightly Club Accepts 3 Members DEAR ANN LANDERS: Your ! Rrfore long you will surely Fiftren members of Fortnight- advice to Sim.VG DUCK, meet women_ with whom you are ly Club met last Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Cliford — that standing passengers on a compatible. You can then invite tins should not nsk seated pa.sse.ti gors to held parcels — did not measure up to your usual standards of compassion. I used to be a stenographer in a law firm where it was customary for the office staff to celeh- tliem to your home for an evening — with their husbands. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I am a 17-year-old girl and a devoted fate \vith the birthday girl. The Landers reader. I've wanted to treat they all liked best was po- write to you many times and can chips and a cheese dip. The. day it was my turn to put it off no longer. I must tell you what you have done for me. bring the cheese dip I prepared Tlie letter from the tall girl the treat in a large glass bowl: who had fallen for the short guy which weighed about 10 pounds. I got on the bus carrying the | did it. I had been fighting a Hope Jr.. 1112 Gtllespie. Her assistant hostess was Mrs. Wayne Dickerson. Miss Jennesse Hope was a special guest. Three new members present were Mrs. Jack Hamilton. Mrs. Joe Nelson and Mrs. Owen Frit*. Mrs. Andrew Larson told of touring the ship, the U.S.S. Texas, in the Houston Bay on her recent trip to Texas. She said a man who served in the heavy crush for months because 1 £avy for 23 years lives in the bow! of cheese dip wrapped in a j the young man (I'll call him Rob) tablecloth. ! is four inches shorter than 1 am. The bus was crowded and I j When I saw your sincere and didn't get a seat. I will never for- Ret the agony of trying to hold the bowl of cheese dip with one hand and ban? on to the bus pole with the other. After 15 minutes I my arms felt as if they were about to fall off. I was tempted to drop the bowl on the head of the man who was seated Under my nose. Since that day whenever 1 get a seat on the bus and I see a standing passenger struggling with a parcel I offer to hold it. No doubt SITTING DUCK will tio the same of the slioe gets on the other foot. - STANDING DUCK witty advice to the tall girl 1 knew it was meant for me, too. Since 1 read that column my embarrassment about Rob's height has disappeared into thin Captain's quarters on the ship. During the business session conducted by President Mrs. Dale Saffels a $5 donation was given to the Belles of St. Catherine. At a recent meeting 16 mem- air. You said all the things 1 was i bcrs cut and sewed hand puppets feeling, but couldn't get through • as toys for children in the pedi m- thick skull. atrics ward at St. Catherine Hos- Thank you, Ann Landers. From pital. Hostess for this meeting now on I'll hold my head high and be proud to be seen with my wonderful guy. — 5'10" IN STOCKING FEET Dear Stocking Feet: The many warm letters from all tall gals AND short fellas have made ME fc*l 9 feet tall. Thanks. was Mrs. Tom Mes.chke, 914 Lylc who entertained in her home with the assistance of Mrs. Tom Saffel. The Feb. 18 meeting will be with Mrs. Richard Henkle at her home. 1013 N. 6th. —Mode O'Day's Valentine gift MR. AND MRS. JAMES S. CRAIG Suzanne Farmer Oakley Bride Is Wed in Methodist Church Rites $3.99. Capri ative new book, "Teen-Agers and i Pants $5.99. Spring Handbags Sex" is now available at your j$2.99. Costume Jewelry .88. — ADV ' _ , _, , . ,,„! suggestions. Dresses Dear Duckey: The adv.ce still; A L d , f k , , f Bkm $t 99 S(j . ctch holds. A standing passenger should NOT ask a seated passenger to hold a parcel, lunch, purse, j j*™. '?'""' child or a bowl of cheese dip. Any ! I)OOK ' 01 ' seated passenger who would not offer to help without being asked is sucli a clod he would undoubtedly say no anyway. , , „„,„* , Qrnef DILLY BREAD 2 tiblespoons dill seed 1 cw? creamy style cottage cheese \ tablespoon dehydrated minced onion 3 tablespoons liquid shortening V* cup warm water Set to beat in mixer for 3 or 4 minutes In the First Methodist Church of Oakley Miss Suzanne Farmer was united in marriage -with James S. Craig, The Rev Leonard Fishel, pastor, officiated for the solmcniza- ion of the double ring vows in a setting of white lighted candles, drsses of white embroidered organza. Each carried a nosegay of mums in a white lace bell Danny and Mike Kcster, Canon City, placed the bridal carpet. All were cousins of the bride. The bride's choice for her wed- chrysanthemums and laee bells, j ding was a regal gown of white DEAR ANN LANDERS: Recently my husband and I moved to a new city. We do not know a soul, in this town. After having had a large number of friends in the city we used to live in, we feel very much alone. My husband works in an organization which employs about ln cup pu * : SO people. He says the men at ' l* tek< work are all pleasant but not one of them has expressed any inter package dry yeast Vi cup warm water 1 tentpoon sugar «t in getting together socially. | Stir a11 t»S cther and let set Mr. and Mrs. Richard Farmer, Oakley, ana parents qf the bride and Mr and Mrs. Reginald Craig, Kansas City, Mo, are the Bridegroom's parents. Her parents were residents of Garden City from 1930 - 1942. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Kester, 611 Center, who are aunt and uncle of | the bride, and Rose Morrell, 527 N 8th, attended (he wedding. I Pews were marked with white satin bows and glittered noble fir. A white wedding carpet extended from the altar to the vestibule. Multiple branched candelabra lighted the church for the exchange of vows. Pre-nuptial mus* velvet styled with elegant simplicity. The basque bodice featured traditional- long pointed sleeves- and a bateau neckline. Her full skirt, accented with a velvet bustle rose, swept into an aisle-wide cathedral train. Her bouffant silk illusion veil rippled from a dainty crown of seed pearls She carried her white Bible crested with a 'bridal arrangement of white Frenched ' carnations and sweetheart* roses each centered with a miniature frosted bell She wore a strand of pearls, a gift from her bridegroom. Men of the wedding party wore „ I am a congenial person and would not be uncomfortable about phoning some of the wives and inviting them over. Is this proper? Ir should we wait for one of them to make the first move? —• L. O. OF L. A. „ Deer L, O. : It is not proper . for the wife of a new man to phone the wife of an "old timer," in an attempt to get acquainted. Join a church auxiliary, Lea- Sift together: 4 cups flour 1 teaepoon salt Vi teaspoon soda To dill .mixture add: 1 egg, beat a few second* Beat in half of the flour mixture. Add the yeast mixture, then the; p rayer >• remaining flour. Next stir in with a spoon enough flour until it can' be kneaded. Turn on a floured board and knead until not sticky. Grease a large bowl and put in the greased dough. In cold weath ic was played by Miss Carolyn I dark suits with white carnation Behan who also accompanied Miss Ora Ann Hiatt, Kansas Ci'.y, as she sang "Wedding Prayer," "God Gave Me You," "Whither Thou Goest," "With This Ring I Wed," and "The Lord's er the bread may be put to rise in the oven which was turned on for a minute to take the chill off.then turn off and put in a bowl of Sue of Women voters, or a ser-| boiling water. Let covered bread rise till doubled. Makes two loav- shaped skin. te,»rd bv a Candle lighten • -ere Linda Weat,herman and Pat Peterson who wore ntti'-"d in winter rose satin dresses styled with bell- boutonnieres. Mother of the bride chose to wear a blue braid embroidered peau de sole with matching accessories. The bridcgrcom'b motliei 1 wore a gold crepe with matching accessories. Two grandmothers present were Mrs. W. S. Farmer, Liberal, and Mrs. G. E Kester, Canon City. They each wore a corsage of white mums and sweetheart World Prayer Service Set For Children ; Children's program for the World Day of Prayer Service at the First Baptist Church, llth and Jones, will be at 4:15 p.m. Friday. Six children in costumes of foreign Countries will participate in the program. From the First Baptist is Connie Chaff in; Methodist, Bruce Stallsworth; Community, Brooke Ann Corley; Ep- sicopal, Kathy Carl; Christian Church, Steve Parrish and Presbyterian Lois DePew. The story will be told by Mrs. Ralph Burkett, on "Who is My Neighbor?" The children will sing "Into My Heart," and "I Will Make You Fishers of Men." Mrs. Knox Shows Health Exercises Mrs. Geraldine Knox gave an exercise demonstration Friday afternoon for 24 members of Chapter X of PEO at the home of Mrs. Maurice Wisler, 611 N. 5th, at the close of the meeting. With the help of several from her exercise class and most of the chapter members she gave a demonstration of exercises conducive to better health. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Howard Smith and Mrs. George Knox. Mrs. Blanchard Tells of Musicals At Salmagundi Mrs. Bill Foster, 702 Pat's Drive, was hostess Wednesday afternoon to 19 members of Salmagundi Club. Highlight of the afternoon was a program given by Mrs. Howard Blanchard which pertained to musical shows given recently on Broadway. She said there are 11 theaters near the corner of Broadway and 45th. Mrs. Lowell Craig will be hostess to the Feb. 12 meeting at her home, 1004 N. 3rd. Progressive Readers Hear Mrs. Edelblute If you are using salted peanuts in making peanut brittle, you may wish to rid the nuts of excess salt by rubbing them gently between paper toweling. Get the peanuts ready before you start preparing the candy 1 "Lillies of the Field",.written by William Barrett, about a Korean War vetran, was the book reviewed by -Mrs. Dale Edelblute Wednesday night for 11 members of the Progressive Readers Club. "The veteran was making a leisurely trip across the United States when Be stopped to help a group of nuns build a church, commented Mrs. Edelblute. "He did not want public recognition so he left during the night before the church was to be dedicated." Mrs. A. E. Cook wa^s hostess for the book review club in her home H 624 N. llth. Her co-host- esS was Mrs. Lucille Grave*. "the *lr»t Ladies", an editorial pertaining to Mrs. Jacqftelyn , Kennedy, Mrs. L. B. Johnson and i Judge Sara T. Hughes, was read ' by President Mrs. John Riggs. A group of poems was read by Mrs. 0. D. Calhoon. New officers were elected with Mrs. Calhoon, president; Mrs. Flossie Guseman, vice president; Mrs. Graves, treasurer and Mrs. Plumb D. Carl, secretary. Next meeting will be with Mrs. Edelblute, 1706 N. 3rd, Feb. 17 at 7:30 p.m. Calendar of Social Events WKD.NKSDAt RAINBOW GIRLS — 7 p.m. Masonic Temple. Balloting. TODATS MOTHERS CMJB — 7:30 p.m. Sweetheart party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Pierce, 303 E. Campbell. GIRL SCOUT Neighborhood V — 8 p.m. Oirl Scout Little House, 108 W. Hackbcrry. BUSINESS AND Professional Women _ 6:30 p.m. Imau Inn. Call Mrs. Puckeft Demonsfrofes New Spring Styles "Styles which fit you and your personality best are those which you should choose among the new fashion trends," stated Mrs. Lee Puckett Friday afternoon as she demonstrated some current fashions fftr members of the Aurora Study Club. 'Pink and white are prominent among the new - colors for spring," she advised as she showed various styles of dresses, hats and materials. She decribed designs', styles and colors for people of differing body build and natural coloring. Mrs. Max Parrlth was hostess to the group in her home at 1201 N. 10th. Special guests were Mrs. John Wolfe and Miss Mary-' ilyn Parrish. New accessory ideas were explained by members. Mrs. Deryle Mosely led a word game for recreation which was won by Mrs. L. 0. Wasson. Hostess gift went to Mrs. Franic McKedy. Next meting will be with Mrs. Puckett, Feb. 21 at 2:30 p.m. in her home at 2306 N. Main. Wanda Gercken, BR 8-3075. THURSDAY MARY-MARTHA CLASS of First Christian Church — 2 p.m. Mrs. Claikle Owens. 309 8. 7th. hostess. COMMUNITY CHURCH CIRCLE MEETINGS — Circle One, 9:30 a.m. Mrs. Maynard Knlef, 1018 N. 7th. Circle Three, 2 p.m. Mrs. Bob Lnnge. N. Center. Circle Four, 2 p.m. Mrs. L. b. Jones. 807 N. 5th. COIN CLUB — 8 p.m. Civic Center. BRETHREN WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP — 9:30 a.m. Church of the Brethren, all day meeting. Covnrsd dish luncheon. Bring sheets for baa"NEWMAN CLUB — 2 p.m. Mr*. Al Gottschalk. 807 N. Main. UNITED PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN'S CIRCLE MEETINGS: Circle One — 2 p.m. Mm. Geor>r« Anderson, 310 E. Kansas. Circle Two — 2 p.m. Mrg. Gent Austin, 1027 N. 2nd. Circle Three — 9:18 ».m, Stella, Stewart Room at, church. Circle Four — 7 p.m. Covered dish supper. Marge Murray, 705 Hardiaf. HEGINA COELI — 8 p.m. Mm. Larry Pnlen. 209 Conkling. CENTENNIAL GALS HOT! - * p.m. Mrs. Norman Staato, 1718 Plne- Cr METHODIST WOMAN'S SOCIETY OF Christian Serivce — 2 p.m. Fellowship Hall. Louise Dutcher, »pe»k- 6r i>ATIN AMERICAN CLUB - 7:39 pm. Latin American Clubhouse. WanJa Walker to talk on «ummer in Mexico. FB , DAT ROYAL NEIGHBOR LODGE — 6'30 p m. covered dish nupper In Od« Fellow Hall. 7:30 p.m. meeting. COUNTRY FRIEND3 — 2 p.m. Mrs. Maude Hands. 60S N. 1st. WORLD , DAY OF PRAYER Service _ 2 p.m. First Baptist Church. Sponsored by Garden City United Church Women. Chlldre-i's Service • 'TYRIAN LODGE.NO. i'4's — 7 p.m. Masonic Temple. Special meeting. Work in 3rd degree. VOGUE CLUB — 2:30 p.m. Chinese Room of Elite Cafe. Hos'esu** Mre, William Fant and Mrs. Harry Brown. PROGRESSIVE HDU — 6:30 p.m. Holcomb School lunchroom. Family night. Bring covered dish and own WOMEN'S 'CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION — 9:30 a.m. Wealejr Hall of First Methodist Church. SATUBDAt ELKS CLUB DANCE — 9-12:30 p.m. Elks Hall. vice group. Check to see if your city has a Newcomer's Club. (They are great!) es 8 x 4Va x 3 or four of the smallest size pans. Let raise again un- j bodice with three-quarter sleeves ', Alter the ceremony the parents DO YOU WANT SOFT WATER? Sofa—Rental!--Salf JOHN TATRO •R 4-4414 til doubled. Bake in preheated oven about 30 minutes at 375 for the small loaves or 50 minutes for the larger ones or until it has a golden brown crust, MRS. JAMES G. SPOR 1709 N. Main (Send your favorite recto to M* Cooft'i Corner, loch reel** which It pu'-'Uhed will oern • $1 priio for the contributor. Recipe* will bo judged on the bitit ot reader Interest cr originality. They may be taken from a cook boob or magaiine, but the teurce be given and tr -»M net be a current tome.) APPARBL 423 N. Main 'amamJ February Bonanza Days SKIRTS Values to 14.98 Siitt I re U $ 5 SWEATERS to 14.91 5 All Weather COATS $ 9 BETTER DRESSES Wools, Crept* and Novelty Fabrics. Siios % thru IS, * thru 20. 25.00 10 Rtejyley ftt.fl $ 13 RtftfetT 32 50 $ 15 CAR COATS 19.91 10 DRESSES Dart Wtattf CfltWf MtJ Ccrdwtys. Valutf ft t|.|0 9 COATS 3 Only »••'» «4 UM Choice 25 and scoop neckline. A straight of tlvj bride were host to a recep- front panel was accented with a tion in the church parlor. flat satin bow. Their matching pillbox hats had short tulle veils. Attendants of the bride were Suzanne Stosfcoph, maid of honor, and bricsmaids were the Misses Janice Colblazier, Colby; As tli. bride and bridegroom cut the redding cake, H. N, Jarvis, acconina^ied b" Carolvn Be-! han sang "Tih the End of Time" j Servinq cake, were Mrs Orville [ Marsha Ramsey, Anita Schroeder i Smith, Vanclahs Mo., aunt o f th» bridegroom and Mrs. Frank Kester, Oakley, aunt ot the bride. Pouring punch and coffee were; and Kathie Boatright, Oakley. They wore identical sheath dresses of winter rose velvet designed with cap sleeees, a deep j Mrs. Jack German and Mrs. portrait neckline and an over- j Kenneth Kcster. Canon City, skirt of matching satin fasten- i aunts of the bride. They were at- ed at either side with a tai'orcd | tirpd in pink frocks and wore bow. Each attendant carried a ! white corsages. Hostesses fnr the recention 'were Mrs. Cleal Harrison, Mrs. Frank Weiland and Mrs. Wil- . lifl.m Chapman. j For th;nr wedding trip to Colo- j rado the bride chose an aqua knit j white ve'vet muff crested with roses and white velvet ribbons. Pillbox hats with veils matched their gowns Serving as best man was Tim Dorr, .Kansas Citv. Proems men were Bill Sedgewick, Bob Lehman Ken Snow ami Ging NWng of Warawak, Borneo. Seating guests were Frank Kester. Oakley; Kent Purcell, Kansas City and Bob Pluiner, Johnson. Greg German, Canon City, 'Colo., carried the rings on a white mum placed in an inverted lace bell. The Misses Debbie and Tammy Kester, Oakley, were flower girls They wore identical traveling suit with black accessories. Upon their return they will continue their studies at Baker University in Baldwin. In | June she will receive an AB degree in elementary education and ' he will earn a BS degre in biology. Choke Rib Steaks -69 Minute STEAKS ott79c Fresli LARD 5 & 59c Choice loiteless CHUCK ROAST Ark Volley BACON «£35c BOLOGNA 0^250 Per Yeur Freeier — Pottlei GROUND BEEF "£'3.90 59C Only Loeohom CHEESE Only Save those six-ounce cans from ; frozen fruit-juice concentrate and use tlvm as "packing utpnsils" for refrigerator cookie dough. State President Install* New Buffalo Range Officers Gold Medal FLOUR 10 £ 98c Foc-i Kino OUEO 4'cX > «:59e Koiwry Kitt Whole Kernel CORN 10 Sfr Me Del Mont. PRUNE JUICE 40e :.49c Angel Feed CAKES;;? 29c Zest«e Salad DRESSING £29c VELYEETA ...... 2 t;69c •Mienry BISCUITS ..... ......... o e .:7c Wildemeu Cherry PIE MIX Shurflee COFFEE ............... cit59c left Pek Prone, STRAWBERRIES '£ 39c Orode "A" Swell EGGS Dei. OeJy 43c Mrs. Dora Perkins of Emporia was the honored guest at the recent organizational meeting of the Buffalo Range chapter of . Licensed Practical Nurses. Mrs. Perkins, state president of Licensed Practical Nurses, was here to install the new of- i ficers of the Buffalo Range. A candlelighting ceremony was used for officers — Mrs. Delores Teetzen, president; Miss Ellen If you wmt to b* SURE—w*«r KUintrti Sl«yrit» or Under-ill. Tht <k!*ldl built into «n undsr- blous* or dainty comfortabU «i«y - in - pltc«bl* dr«is »hi«lds. Mirl*m G«t«i br«t—to wt«r \f you w«nt »p look nttural. With th« imeoth round«d bust line— r»mov«bU cadi. Irvei-Accejsories Ixmchs, vice-president; Mrs. Stella Downtain, secretary; and Miss Regina Bayer, reporter. "Not what you own, but what j you give; not what you learn, but! how you live; not how you talk, ; but what you do make up the ; person known as you," advised i the speaker. Hostesses for the group meeting at St. Catherine Hospital were Sister Mary Clara, O.P., L.P.N., and Sister Mary Pia, O.P. both of St. Catherine Hospital. State convention will be in Emporia, March 25-26, at the Broadview Hotel. A symposium on the nurse's role in heart disease is scheduled to be at.the American Legion* Hall in Dodge City, Feb. 7. Next meeting will be March 2nd in St. Catherine Hospital at 7 p.m. Hostess will be Mrs. Teetzen. DAIRY FAIR •-• £9 ( Fairmont Solid BUTTER Lb. Only Golden Rip* BANANAS Red POTATOES 25 £ 69c Pretb AVOCADOS Oily lUC 2 a**'. 1$C local or ItM Oi«ta*Ct MOVING Cell H »•>«" PAVIS Va* ft {tara^t Cenpaiy lomivet From Cutter* 1 or COCONUT CREAM PIES 3 £, '1 large treaded Perch SHRIMP '&59c FILLETS Calide Proieo FRENCH FRIED POTATOES W* Rtttnw tfct rifht tt limit ojtMtHtin SPENCERS FOOD STORE ( OU>Nt k'

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