Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 26, 1936 · Page 3
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 3

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 3
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MARCH 26, 1936 j»j»*~—~~~——-~ Council roceedings ${J«»»«JKJSSSW«SW»«S: fox, Iowa, March 3, 1936. a regular meting of the _ Council of the Incorpor- ITown of Lenox, Iowa, held c above,date, Mayor Cas- nd the foUowing Council„ present: Eberle, Mad Kelson, Preston and Tylei hutes for the'last regula Intervening meetings were and approved. Finance Committee aud Ihe following billa: Isolidated-General Fund ICassill, mayors jy $.12.50 Lt Plant, city Its 7.44 Estel, car rpr .... 1.20 learson, salary, exp 63.88 tiackelton, cigarette nd 12.50 Reynolds, shoveling 7.50 [Bartrum, shoveling la D M Ntl Bk if Tr Co, interest • 30.00 Commercial State Bk, interest 7^50 First Natl Bk, drft- sales tax 56.19 Fidelity Svgs Bk, interest 60.00 R L Stoaks, salary 50.00 P E Strunce, salary 100.00 Lenox Plbg Co, labor, .THE LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX IOWA the Council ad 15.45 | Wm "Severn, salary ...... 90.00 Munic Light Plant, office exp Dixon Motor Co, storage, 3.81 second and third reading, an was adopted with no dissentin vote.. On motion journed. C. B CASSILL Mayor. W. C. LEWIS Clerk. Sharpsburjr Mr. and Mrs. Thornton and children of near Clarlnda, spent hackelton, shoveling edom, shoveling Bradley, shoveling . Johnson, shoveling toland, shoveling p belch, shoveling IDahlberg, shoveling ard Oil Co, keroseen {Motor Cp, labor Orr, care rest • Oil Co., gas olimer, labor — anroe, labor — obasco, salary .... ipood Serv Sta, gas fTime Table, Publ unbar, Agt, cotnp obasco, supplies .. Water Fund llatl Bank, drft, tax iohmer, labor od Serv Sta, gas, 6.00 11.75 15.75 4.50 10.00 2.25 16.25 5.00 3.9! 30.99 2.50 12.76 17.00 16.50 55.00 9.50 5.16 4j.67 5.10 — — «•—•— V W) M W&1*^^| — _ _ — -»• -rfJt*X**« W repair n.4 8 Monday night of lasb week here fi er sister, Mrs. Clyde Mc- 5.29 Munic Water Wks, water E O Dunbar, Agt, bond prems 30.00 Western Tel Corp, phone, tolls Frigldaire Corp, supplies Amer Electric Co, suppl . 5.41 Graybar, Klec Co, lamps 20.80 Creston Auto Co, rags .. 14 28 Diesel Service Co, oil 22 22 Diesel Service Co, labor E C Dunbar, Agt, comp Arthur. Mrs. Anna McArthu- and son Russell spent Tuesday after- her Dunbar 4.95 noon of last week with 2.96 daughter, Mrs. Hazel family at Cresfc on. W1U Bram »or of Shenandoah Tuesday, was here last UNLESS CARCASS IS PROPERLY COT, STEAKS WILL BE TOUGH Steaks from home butchered beeves will be more than <'just plain steak" if the owner knows the location of T-bone, club porterhouse, sirloin and rounc steak, and cuts the carcass accordingly. C. W. McDonald, extension . , 16.25 lookin S after his farm interests, rk«*J__l.J-.f__ f 14.92 19.38 ins Joe Probasco, supplies Joe Probasco, supplies It was moved, seconded and two weeks passed that bills be allowed as Mrs OR rpaH anrt' nro^t.„*,<•„ dTaWtt fOr and getting some his corn. Mrs. Georgia Dowlin one to pick of St. "«5 if "^ Mo " * here enjoying a '" with her mother, read and' warrants same. Moved by Preston and sec- Mrs. Carrie Pinney, who has City visiting her een -------- , .._ auu oeu . onded by Eberle that appropria- dau s nter . Mrs. Wilma Nissen Jons for the year 1936-37 be as family this winter return- I ed last week and spent the past General (week with her daughter, Mrs. ! ollows:j Consolidated Fu nd $3050.00 Helen Tfcost and family, near mprovement 50.00 ^nox- She returned to her >rade 25.00 home here Sunday. Russell Smith of Diagonal neat specialist at Iowa State College, suggests that the long- cut wholesale round be removed from the rump by cutting be- ow and parallel to the pelvic irch, thereby eliminating lengthwise muscles. The entire round s cut into "round steaks." Mr. McDonald recommends that the •ound be boned, taking out the tiree main muscles and making it unnecessary for the housewife to saw through a bone every time she cuts a steak. The loin is cut into steaks beginning at the heavy end and where it was removed from the rump, steaks cut from the loin up to the hip bone are sirloin. The first T-bone is called a pin- bone steak because it contains the end of the hip bone. From QUALITY LAMB SUGGESTIONS ARE AVAILABLE C. w. McDonald, Iowa State College extension animal hus-1 ««.-.,-,.-._. bandryman, and Dr. K. w J ^^^^^ mjasasasBSESH5asa ^^ Candidates Announce FOR RECORDER Stouder, extension veterinarian, have prepared a series of sug- * ner eky announce my candi- gestions on producing quality dacy for tne Republican notriin- lambs. ation for the office of Recorder Sheepmen in Taylor county of Taylor cou nty, subject to the may obtain the series of letters declslon of tn e Republican vot- from the office of County Agent \ ets ftt the Prlmary election June Robt. M. Davie or by writing to H 1W6> the Extension Service at Ames. FLORENCE R. CONNOR, The series entitled "The Qual- Bedford ty Lamb Producer" includes Po » RErrmnrR uch topics as, "Lambing Time I hereby arSSce my candi- s a Busy Time," "Care of Ewes da °y for the office of Recorder During the Lambing Period," ^T^^^™^*J*». .*&« sp ? nt a few 11.49 2.00 14.50 [ Bunn, labor 9.88 anroe, labor 3.00 obasco, salary 15.00 I Time Table, notices, s 17.85 obar, Agt, comp 4.10 obasco, supplies .. 9.99 [Plbg Co, supplies . 14.28 a-Churchill, Ine 8.50 [Mfg Co. supplies 1.61 noo, labor 2.00i |8humm, labor ... Serv Sta, suppl ruthers, salary, Sewer 50.00 Light 1525.00 Total $4700.00 Upon roll call on the above Arthur motion the following vote was recorded: YEAS: Eberle, Madden, Nelson, Preston, Tyler. NAYS: None. It was moved by Tyler and here last week with his sister, Mrs. Clyde Mc- went to Mrs. Joe Cochran Clearfleld Friday, to visit her sister. Mrs. Bessie Underwood at- seconded by Preston that Bonds tended the educational board of J. H. Barber, Jay E. Hughes meeting at Bedford Friday. and H. J. Ethington as mem- 1 Mrs. Lyle Eno and daughter ° f '° f Lincoln spent the past week ap- here visiting her mother, Mrs. Municipal Light Plant be proved. Motion carried. Lenox Chamber of Commerce urging the appointment of V. H. Tyler as member of Board of Mrs. Mason Philpott and son ___ w ____ ^ wi ^^c^vx ,«. of Mijssouri . spent Saturday Trustees of"the Municipal Water here with ner mother, Mrs. Jesse Works to fill vacancy caused by Dres her. the transfer of Jay E. Hughes ' Ml - and Mrs. G. W. Campain to the Municipal IJ|ght Plaint spent Saturday night with their board was read by the Clerk and son, Frank and family, at Bed- Mayor Cassill forthwith appointed Mr. Tyler for that position It was moved by Preston and seconded by Eberle that the appointment of V. H Tyler to the Water Works Board of Trustees be approved. The roll was called ford, Saturday the educational board helped stake off the site for the new gymnasium here. Vfrs. D. R. Moser and and Mr. and Mrs| G. W. Campain spent Sunday at this point on the cuts are porterhouse or T-bone. The only difference in these two steaks lies in the fact that the tenderloin muscle decreases in size and is largest in porterhouse. Round steaks are just what they're cooked up to be, says McDonald. It has been found advisable to cook round steak with "moist" heat, cooking in a covered skillet and adding water, tomato juice or other liquids. The top of the round is the most tender, the sirloin tip next, and the bottom of the round is the least tender. • The tenderness of any steak will naturally vary with the quality of the animal from which it is obtained. The idea "Care of the New Bom Lamb," ''Scours or Dysentary of Lambs," and "Feeding and Suckling! Ewe." ' Names of those requesting the a s ° pport be list. The letters are sent out at the time the sheepmen need the information about each topic. 4-H Record Club Open To Members Older 4-H club boy* or girls in Taylor county are eligible to enroll in the farm business record club, announces County Agent Robt. M. Davie. A $10 International Harvester Jompany merchandise certificate is awarded in each county where 5 or more contestants complete the project. The record may be kept on either a January 1, or March 1, inventory basis, but it must represent 12 consecutive months of record keeping. Records may be kept on the member's own farm or that of his neighbor. Objectives of the club are to promote the keeping of farm business records, to encourage the summarization of the rec- • —————— w^~~nwv*VA_h v/ 1 *. VA«W AC!.' that steak from a young beef ords so both net income and net is more tender than that from'worth may be determined, and an older animal is not entirely: to analyze the farm business so PERRY O. CROUCH, Bedford, Iowa FOR SHERIFF a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, la., subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. I will appreciate- your support BEN LONG. Bedford, Iowa FOR STATE SENATOR To the Republican voters of Adams and Taylor Counties: I am a candidate for the Republican Nomination for the office of State Senator from the Sixth Senatorial District of Iowa which is composed of Adams and Taylor Counties, subject to your approval at the Primary Election on Junfr 1st, 1936. O. J. KIRKETEG Bedford. FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor count' decision of fe subject le voters to at the the correct, says McDonald. profitable enterprizes may be The tenderness and quality improved and unprofitable un- on the tnt home of Mrs. Alice Riley at above motion and the following Mercer Center. vote was recorded. i Mr. and Mrs. William Coch- Eberle, Nelson, Fires- ran were Des Moines one day last week. YEAS: ton. NAYS: Madden. Motion carried. It was moved, seconded visitors and Walter Bull and family moved the first of the week into the Ed Rutledge residence, recently of beef will greatly improve if allowed to cure for 3 to 5 days after slaughter. This allows ''rigor mortis" or stiffening of the muscles to pasa off. Good quality cattle having fat over the entire carcass are often hung inside for several weeks to improve the flavor through "ripening". as Judges and Clerks for the Town Election on March-30th: Judges, C. B. Cassill, Roy Nelson, C. G. Preston. 127 JQO Clerks, H. Roy Long, H. T. Cheese 3.72 The resignation of L. F. Davis coal 14.27 as member of Board of Trustees Lt Pit, pumping . 24.60 for the Municipal Water Works olidated Light Fund was read by the Clerk. Lt Pit, st Its Ordinance Nq. 60, being an i Tel Corp, phone vacated by Mr. :Tatj?lor.. I Sharpsburg School News | Several of the high school students and faculty members and one grade speaker will represent each school of the conference. Two eighth grade students, Alice Fickess and Mildred Pen- attended the final round of the Waubonsie conference basketball tournament held at Gravity last week. Two new students enrolled in and Mrs. John nebaker, entered the county spelling-contest -at .Bedford .last Saturdayi They were accompanied by Miss Gladys Howes, their teacher. Both girls show- 137.72 ordinance to change the pay of tne nlnih B rade la st Monday nps Fire Fund the Clerk from $50 per year to [Fire Dept, $120 per year, was introduced I flres 144.00 by Preston. By prpoer vote the glectric Light Fund ordinance was passed to its 1TTING A LAKE IPU THE DARK coaclMlr . briefly W States News we news of aa- »ates la depext- gONQUSS WKKK- 1 Rouse and Sen. . Jn>KNT«B „ [rUton he MW , •"*••* he Mid Mia i Or THK UNION— ~iutt Bwinc Around L «ry wiu, n. «. OUTICAL WEBK- tauU reports the political doing >ntl To Help You Keep t Abreast of the Times So much U happening every day in the world of government that affects your living, income »nd buying power. What is Congress doing? For what is money to be spent? How will they raise it? Who is to administer the spending? What does this business improvement mean? Will it continue? Why u there another side te so many questions? All this make* you ask yourself— "How can I or .,.-.--- THINKS— l» julck. Interesting JS'ssun IL^KUg ^AN BUSINESS Site ffltitte crttt- govern- Every w«ek you find in The United States News a complete, accurate report of national affairs from Washington. News is grouped together in departments for your convenience. Simplified for quick reading, Connected for clearness and perspective. Authoritative, concise, useable. Here you find why it happened, what it mea-oa. and what lil&ely to happen next. The United States NawTls truly the newsmagazine of national dential campa are to be tn om» . Congreu 1* In session. A preol- li warming up. Party platform* j. More vital question* of n»> be discussed this Tea* than «yer bsfore * Be'posted. Know the Hoto. «W»««5^ own decision*., $ack them up wltn a clear-out understanding of whet I* going on. - - -. MUIt THIS COUPON TODAY - — THE UNITED STATES NEWS, Washington, D. C. • 4h* DM* CIUKV •^ subsorjbeii*, .OTTT morning, Owen Lee, who attended the Bedford high school, and Kenneth Carlisle,, who attended Red Oak high school. We are glad to welcome these new students to our high school. The grade declamatory contest will be held in the high school assembly room Thursday, March 26. Winner of this contest will compete in the grade division at the Waubonsie conference declamatory contest. The Waubonsie conference declamatory contest will be held at Conway, Friday evening, April 3. One high school speaker -.•Professional Cards:- »u»i»»t:»nummntn» GEO.L.GOODALE OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Glasses Fltteo GOODALE JEWELRY STORE Lenox, Iowa 0. P. ARNOLD Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa J. H, BARBER Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa JAMES R. LOCKE Attorney and Counsellor at Lav Farmers & Merchants Bank Bid? Bedford, Iowa General Practice in All Courts- State and Federal Special Attention Giv«n to Settlement of Estates Frank Wisdom Q. J. Kirkete? Wisdom & Kirketeg LAWYERS Special attention given ta settlement or estates Petiort, Ion ed some very fine work. Alice Fickess placed second in the oral contest. The senior class carnival was well attended last Friday evening and everyone seemed to have a fine time. The class and their sponsor wish to thank everyone for thejr donations and their help in making this carnival a success. The proceeds will go to pay the rental on the senior caps and gowns. The basketball teams will go to Conway Tuesday evening, March 24, for the final game of the season. Pupils making 100 percent in spelling last week were: ; Grade 8, Alice Fickess, Dora Marie Grimm, Walter McMahill. Grade 7, Bernice Blair, Ellen Knott. Grade 8, Helen Grazier 1 . Grade 4, Mary Louise Cundy, Ruby Fickess, Norma Jean Grazier, Howard John. Grade 3, Phyllis Grimm Grade 2, Dorothy Mae Selders. tmmmn Dependable Service AT Moore's ALWAYS Send your laundry to us and see how dependable the service really is! Every bundle washed individually—fine linens given expert handling. Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. BUI Dey Ermanfl, Agent Telephone 99 dertakings may be eliminated. The Iowa State College Extension Service "Farm Business Record" book or the "Loose Leaf Record" may be used. Primary election to be held June 1, 1936. Your support will be appreciated. CURTIS O. MELVIN, Benton Township FOR COUNTY RECORDER reby announce my candi- for the Republican nomination for the office of Record- er of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the Republican voters in the Primary ElecMon to be held June 1, 1936. CHLOE H. WISDOM, Bedford. FOR SUPERVISOR First District I hereby announce that I wilt 3e a candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of member of the board of supervisors of Taylor county, from District No. 1, subject to the decision of the voters in the Primary election, June 1, 1936. C. E. GAINKS, Lenox FOR COUNTY TREASURER I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Treasurer of Taylor County, subject to the decision of the Republican voters in the Primary election to be held June 1, 1936. J. R. HENDERSON, Bedford FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY I am a candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of County Attorney o* Taylor county, subject to the approval of the Republican voters at the Primary Election on June 1, 1936. GEORGE A. SCHOENMANN; Blockton FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the voters in the Primary Election to be held June 1, 1936. E. P. SIMPSOSr, Bedford FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce my candl- didacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the Primary Election to be held June 1, 1936. JOHN F. WALTER. Grove Township Trousers and overcoats must be getting scarce, according to Dr. G. W. Allison of the Edison ; Electric Institute, who declared in a recent address oa "Under- production" that only one pdl of trousers for every three me* and only one overcoat for evw] 11 men, were manufactured ta the United States last Tear. Sample Ballot O Independent Q Citizens D a FOR MAYOR (Vote for one) W. H. MADDEN D FOR COUNCILMEN (Vote for five) 0. P. ARNOLD LLOYD F. DAVIS CLAUDE E. DIXON E. J. KLARNER B. F. WURSTER D n D FOR MAYOR (Vote for one) C. B. CASSILL n FOR COUNCILMEN (Vote for five) W. H. CASH CHAS. PRESTON J. G. LECKLITER L. B. ANDERSON 0. L. DAVIS n n n n FOR TREASURER (Vote for one) W. C. LEWIS FOR ASSESSOR (Vote- for one) n n n n n FOR TREASURER (Vote for one) CLARK BARTEAU FOR ASSESSOR (Vote for one) D. L, CARTER

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