Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 18, 1975 · Page 12
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 12

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1975
Page 12
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Page 12 Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Friday, July 18, 1975 Crossword By Eugene Sheffcr ACROSS 1 Knight of the Round Table 4 Move swiftly 8 Base or treble 12 Potato bud 13 Type of premium 39 Thus (L.) 41 Seine 42 Offer 44 He wrote "In Cold Blood" 46 Ripen 50 Rodent 51 Actor Sharif 52 Lasting 365 days 14 Molten rock 56 A tightwad 15 Senior class 57 Therefore tome 17 Allied by nature 18 Polish vigorously 19 Cushion ornaments 21 —milk 24 WWII battleground 25 Cuckoo 26 "I - thee knight" 28 Swiss lake (Fr.) 32 —Lisa 34 Obtain 36 Spanish lady 37 English: comb, form 58 American humorist 59 — market 60 Mod word 61 Devon river DOWN 1 Low island 2 Yes 3 West Point sophomore 4 Patted 5 Past 6 Campus breakout 7 Heavy wine 8 Grasped 9 Huron, for one 10 The — eye 11 Props for Sally Rand 16 Furrow Avg. solution time: 25 mln.. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 20 Baseball's Bando 21 "That's My-" 22 Presently 23 Enjoyed (mod) 27 Egyptian god 29 Sameness of color 30 Dill 31 Baseball's Colbert 33 Its capital is Edmonton 35 Facial spasm 38 - City, Pa. 40 Vegetable 43 Senior member 45 Police org. 46 Put off, as dress 47 Actor Jannings 48 Flower receptacle 49 French priest 53 - Khan 54 Goddess of night 55 Command to a horse 22 25 32 S\ St> 59 26 38 27 34 43 SZ 24 49 7 35" 20 28 40 29 41 58 61 30 54 55 CRYPTOQUIP BUJPFFBDPUJ RXRBPK SKSXFFV RXRRFP SUBUJPFFBDBRFV Yesterday's Cryptoqulp — TIRED PARADE OFFICIAL LAGGED; LEANED AGAINST FENCE POST. <© 1975 King Feature* Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoqulp clue: D equals G New York City Fires 1,400 Recently Rehired Sanitationmen NEW YORK (UPI) - New York City's financial problems erupted again with the firing today of 1,400 recently rehired sanitationmen. Another 750 workers will be let go at the end of the month. Mayor Abe Beame, trying to head off bankruptcy, met Thursday with directors of the state-created Municipal Assistance Corp., which markets bonds for the city, reportedly over the agency's demand for more stringent city economies, including a citywide wage freeze. "Things look grave unless actions are taken," the mayor told the meeting. "We all understand the gravity of the situation." A cutback of 2,934 garbagemen earlier this month sparked a three-day wildcat walkout that left 50,000 tons of uncollected garbage on city streets. The men went back to work after their union put up $1.6 million to cover wages temporarily while the layoffs were being litigated. With the union money being used up, the city was forced to once again fire most of the sanitationmen. The layoffs were ordered under Beame's $12.087 billion expense budget. Increased taxing authority wrested from the state legislature has allowed Beame to rehire only 750 permanently. Union head John J. DeLury, however, urged there be no new strike. "The union, its officers ancT leadership asks all men to report to work Ihe CONVERYIBUE GIRL COMEDY STARRING SUSAN C. LLOYD with our Professional New York Company 3 MILES W. OF MARENGO ON U.S. 20 PHONE: 815-568-7218 PRICES: Sat. $4.50. Matinees $3.50 Wed. thru Fri. & Sun. $4.00 CURTAIN TIMES: Sat. 7 & 10 Wed. thru Fri. 8:45 & Sun. 4:30 Tue.. Wed., & Thur. Matinees 2:00 P.M. Restaurant OpeniatllrSO.Shopi at 12:30 Starting Auguit 12 •ROOM SERVICE' Tickets available at Weise's, Freeport i 1 1 1 1 1 1 I Highland College Presents ANDROCLES AND THE LION July 16, 17, 18, 19, 7:15 P.M. Highland Theatre Adults, $2.50 Children 50* Produced by SUMMERSET THEATRE II Community College Pearl City Road t* Freeport, III. 1 Ph. 232-3556 on their regular shifts and let the issue be settled in court," DeLury said. The renewed layoffs came as the Uniformed Sanitationmen's Association went to trial claiming its contract with the city bars any layoffs. In an unexpected move aimed at restoring investor confidence, Beame said Thursday he would fire "30 or more" officials making between $18,000 and $33,000 a year. The mayor .estimated this would save "at least three quarters of a million." Meanwhile, a confidential projection by the comptroller's office estimated the city could finish 1975 some $4.47 billion in the red without payments from the corporation or independent borrowings the city might undertake. Officials say banks and investment houses have warned they will not purchase even new bonds sold by the new corporation unless the city proves it is on the road to fiscal responsibility. The corporation was created to market bonds on behalf of the city when financial institutions decided New York was in such bad fiscal shape they would no longer buy securities marketed by the city itself. SKY-VU DRIVE-IN Tonight Only Return To PG "MACON COUNTY" Plus "TERRORIST" Friday Thru Tuesday — July 18-22 "DEATH "HELL'S "»CE W«dn»«doy Thru Tu«»doy - July 23- 29 Hurt R«noldi "W. W. AND THE DIXIE DANCE KINGS" Plu« Second Exciting Faoture • GOETZ THEATER • Now Showing 'The Greet WALDO PEPPER" P<~, I NOW SHOWING J E FREEPORT x RUSS MEYER'S SUPER VIXENS Starring Shari Eubank COLOR BY DELUXE Tonight Open 6:30 Start ... 7 P.M. Super Vixen* 7:20 A 9:20 Sun., Eve. Open 6:10 Start 7 P.M. Super Vixens 7:20 Box Office Open Until 8:30 - feature Repeated In Part OPEN 8 P.M. SHOW STARTS AT DUSK DAVID CARRADINE'in DCOTII RflCC 2OO< A CROSS COUNTRY ROAD WRECK! FIRST RUN THRILL COMBO Timothy Bottoms g-'^^R^pTS- COLOP, DV DE LUXE 1 TONIGHT SUN. & TUE. DEATH RAGE 2000 1st PAPER CHASE 2nd SAT. & MON. PAPER CHASE 1st DEATH RACE 2000 2nd FRI. & MON.-THUR.: 7:00 & 9:00 P.M. SAT. & SUN.: 1:00.3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 a PUTT THEATRE DOWNTOWN . FREEPORT A GENERAL FILM CORPORATION RELEASE !********************•* ******** »a Astrological Forecast By SMn«y OMorr Friday, July 18,1975 ARIES (March 21-April 19): Accent on writing, traveling, special studies, including literature, customs and language. Your popularity increases. People want to entertain you — and entertained by you. Gemini, Sagittarius individuals fig' ure prominently. TAURUS (April 20-.Nfay 20): You must do some remodeling, changing, checking, reinforcing, rebuilding. Status quo now docs not suffice. Dig deep, beneath the superficial. If persistent, you could strike pay dirt. Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio are in picture. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Accent is on partnership, public relations, ability to get along with those who hold opposing views. If single, marriage is high on topic of conversation. If mar-, ried, a legal document concerns your mate. Married or single, you will be "on the move." CANCER (June 21-July 22): Make gesture of conciliation to family member. Gift purchase could help clear the air. Be diplomatic without abandoning principles. Diet resolutions should be maintained. Avoid extremes. Domestic adjustment is featured. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Accent on creative endeavors, romance and exciting changes. You get involved in behind-sccncs situation. A clandestine meeting may be on agenda. Key is discretion. Don't reveal all you know. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Get down to business—insist on facts, not fantasies. Build on solid base. Older individual wants you to fulfill specific commitments. Key is steady pace. Many do have your best interests at heart. Know it and stop tilting windmills. You'll understand! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Short journey is highlighted, along with special message from relative. Ideas abound — key is to be selective. Don't scatter forces; finish' one task at a time. Puzzle pieces will fall into place. Aries could play an important role. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 2l)s 2ain indicated through new en- erprise. Money is involved. Get o heart of matters. Don't waste assets on proposition that is >urely speculative. You have •ight to information, not double- :alk. Refuse to give up some- hing for nothing. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Be a self-starter. Take ini- iative. Have confidence in your ntuition, judgment. New con- acts could lead to added inde- jendence. Your popularity increases as you are at right place, at right time. Aquarian figures prominently. Be direct, forthright. Member of opposite sex responds. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Activity occurs "back stage," behind the scenes. You learn more about yourself. Some of your fears, doubts are defined — and many can vanish. Take bold steps. Deal with creative people. Aquarius, Leo persons may be'in picture. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You are able now to effectively evaluate what is needed as contrasted to mere desire. Your wishes are scrutinized. You understand what is putting you into corner. Escape valve also becomes apparent. Key is to get credit for efforts. You deserve a "promotion!" PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Emphasis on how you relate to goal-oriented persons. Means be ready to answer questions concerning business, career, professional associates. Member of opposite sex is likely to be in picture. Cain is shown through written word. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY people are drawn to you with their problems. You are attracted to theater, law, medicine. Aries, Libra individuals play key roles in your life. New start indicated for you in •August. You are creative, sensitive and somewhat chauvinistic. Yes, you will be able to handle added responsibility. e> 1B7S, Lot Angclct Tlm«i WANT ADS LEGALS Legal Notices TENTATIVE BUDGET AND APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE An ordinance making appropriations for corporation purposes for the Cedarville Fire Protection District for the fiscal year ending May 31, 1976. BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Trustees of the Cedarville Fire Protection District in the County of Stephenson and State of Illinois. Section 1. That the fiscal year of. .this Fire Protection District be, and the same hereby is fixed and declared to be from June 1 1975, to May 31, 1976. Section 2. That the following sums of money, or so much thereof as may be authorized by law, be, and the same are hereby appropriated for corporate purposes for the Cedarville Fire Protection District in the County of Stephenson and State of Illinois for the fiscal year ending May 31, 1976, as hereinafter specified: New Equipment $12,340.00 Repairs to equipment .' 1,500.00 Gas & oil 700.00 Building Maint 1,534.00 Salarea of Three (3) Trustees 450.00 Custodial Serv 240.00 Firemen Comp 2,500.00 Supplies 400.00 Volunteer Firemen Insurance 590X10 Bldg. Ordinance 236.40 Equipment Ins 1,565.00 Legal Expense 400 00 Printing & Publishing 250.00 Telephone 1,050.00 Water & Electric Serv 1 000 00 Heat 2,200.00 Contingent Expenses (Not over 5% of total) 925.00 TOTAL ......$27,930740 Section 3. All unexpended balances of any item or items by this Ordinance appropriated may be expended in making up any deficiency in any of the items aforesaid. Section 4. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, approval and publication, in accordance with the law. Elwyn Snippy-Pres. Robert Leopold-Treasurer Ray E. Davidson-Sec. Trustees of the Cedarville Fire Protection District PASSED: July 15, 1975 PUBLISHED: July 17, 1975 7-18-lt CLAIM NOTICE NOTICE IS GIVEN that LETTERS OF OFFICE were issued on July 16, 1975 in the estate of ALTA THORP, deceased, NO. 75- P-122. CLAIMS may be filed within. SIX (6) MONTHS from said date. Any Claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate inventoried within that period. James M. Thorp, Attorney, 108 N. Bailey Ave.. Freeport, Illinois. Eva Bauch, Administrator, 1130 W. Stover St., Freeport, Illinois. ETHA CHAMPLIN, Circuit Clerk Pro tern 7-18-25-8-1 NOTICE Bids will be received by the West Point Township Road Commissioner, on July 31, 1975 for: 3 miles of blacktop patch work. Specifications may be obtained from Harlan Wybourn, West Point Township Road Commissioner, Lena, IU. The Township Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids and waive technicalities. By order of West Point Township Board. Gary L. Hawkinson 7-18-25-2* Legal Notices NOTICE Bids will be received by the West Point Township Road Commissioner, on July 31, 1975 for: 2 miles of graveling, with an option of 2 additional miles. Specifications may be obtained from Harlan Wybourn, West Point Township Road Commissioner, Lena, 111. The Township Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids and waive technicalities. By order of West Point Township Board. Gary L. Hawkinson Clerk 7-18-25-21 NOTICE In the Circuit Court of the 15th Judicial Circuit, Stephenson County, Illinois, in the matter of the Petition for the Probate of the Last Will of Vernena Bordner, deceased, No. 75-P-123. Notice is given that a petition was filed in this proceeding stating that • Vernena Bordner of Freeport, Stephenson County, Illinois, died on June 7, 1975, leaving surviving her as her only known heirs-at-law, legatees and devisees the following: Ella Aurand, Viola Fenton, Genora Richtemeyer, Waldo Aurand, Bessie Morrow, Florence Woker, Gladys McLain, Harry Kuhlemeier, Mrs. E. B. Ensor, Mrs. Joseph Clouser, Mrs. Robert Klema, Mrs. Clyde Langworthy, Mrs. Charles Stadell, Mrs. Robert Boxley, Russell Krugjohan, Ralph Krugjohan, Wilma McCormack, Ella Eichmeier, LaVearle Aurand, Carson Aurand, Kenneth Aurand, Clark Plager, Ira Plager, Morrell Plager, Lucille Koppein, Ernest Diehl, Rev. Chester Diehl, Walter A. Diehl, Roscoe Diehl, Wilbur Plager, Carroll Plager, Russell Plager, Luella Hillier, George Plager Jr., Lida Mertz, Beulah Robinson, Mildred Kemmerer, A. Eugene Plager, Dr. Vernon Plager, Dorothy M. Winslow, destine M. Persinger, John Miller, Alice Dove Miller, James Klipping, Bonnie Oxley, Robert Klipping, Clarabelle Meier, Donald Klipping, Odell Klipping, Lawrence Edler, Gerald Edler, Mrs. Arthur Maxwell, Ellis Thomas, Earl Thomas, Lloyd Thomas, Melvin Thomas, Mark Aurand, Matthew Aurand, Merna (Myrna) Meier, Vera Fluegel, Marjorie Boyer, Emerson Koch, Warren Koch, Russell Bordner, T. J. Bordner, Jay C. Bordner, Valeria (Valarie) Bordner, Charles L. Bordner, Mildred McLimans, Faith United Methodist Church, Kings Daughters Children's Home, North Central College. Said petition states that other heirs-at-law, if any, are unknown to said petitioner, and said petition further states that the Post Office address of Gladys McLain, Mrs. E. B. Ensor, Mrs. Joseph Clouser, Mrs. Robert Klema, Mrs. Clyde Langworthy, Mrs. Charles Stadell, Mrs. Robert Boxley, Russell Krugjohan, Ralph Krughjohan, Ella Eichmeier, James Klipping, Lawrence Edler, Mrs. Arthur Maxwell, Ellis Thomas, Earl Thomas, Lloyd Thomas, Melvin Thomas, Mark Aurand, Matthew Aurand, and any unknown heirs- at-law are unknown to petitioner; said petition asks that an instrument dated October 18, 1968 be admitted to probate as the Will of the decedent.. Notice is hereby given to the above named persons and all whom it may concern, that said instrument will be offered for probate at a hearing held on said petition before the Circuit Court in the Federal Building at Freeport, Illinois, on August 22, 1975 at 10:00 A.M., at which time and place you may be present if you so desire. ETHA CHAMPLIN, Circuit Clerk Pro Tern Laughlin & Laughlln, 902 State Bank Center, Freeport, Illinois, Attorneys for Petitioner 7-18-25-8-1 PANSKA - My sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who remembered me in any way during my stay in the hospital and since returning home. Ethel Panska In Memoriam In Loving Memory Of JOHN W. JOHNSON who passed away July 18, 1971 Days of sadness still come over us, Tears in silence often flow. For memory keeps you ever near us. Though you died four years ago. BROTHERS & SISTERS NIECES & NEPHEWS Monuments, Cemetery Lots 9 ENGELS MONUMENT WORKS Cor. Demeter Dr. & W. Empire PHONE 232-9119 FLACHTEMEIER Established 1874 807 S. Adams Ave. 232-2312 Personals 10 ACCIDENTS CAN HAPPEN! ARE YOU PREPARED? INSURE WITH US Western States Insurance Co. A Special Wedding Gift HOUSE & .GARDEN 700 W. South St. 232-3298 FOR THE COLLECTOR: China horses, dogs, cats, birds Ringers, on the plaza. 233-2012 GLADIOLUS - By the dozen or bouquets. Wessel's Port Rose Gardens, 712 W. South Street, 232-9134. HAND CRAFTED DRIFTWOOD PLANTERS Garrity Gifts • Lincoln Mall HEADS - For Grandpa and Grandma dolls. See us today. Dorothy's Crafts, Davis, 111. HOME-CANNING? We have pressure cookers, regular canners and cookbooks. C. H. Little & Co., 24 E. Stephenson. New By Catherine Marshall "Adventures In Prayer" CHRISTIAN SUPPLY|CENTER Pregnant & Distressed? Call 232^093 PROTECT YOUR valuables. Rent a Safe Deposit Box at State Bank for just pennies a day. PROTECT your valuables. Rent a Safe Deposit Box at State Bank for just pennies a day. Sager Tours August 4th, 4 days, Mackinac Island & Soo Locks. Aug. 16, Wisconsin State Fair Labor Day Weekend Tours, include Lake of the Ozarks or Mackinac Island or St. Louis & Six Flags. 232-3128 SAVE - Glass and cans. Bring them to the R. R. Recycling Center, E. Stephenson & Commercial. Sat, mornings. SELECT YOUR DRAPERIES In your own home. Call 233-3191 for personal service. Weise's. WANTED - Room & board fqr alert 62-year-old lady with cane. 563-4640 WE HAVE a repair service for most cameras and projectors at EMMERT DRUG CO. ' YOUR RING - is an engaging thing! Call H. J. WARE, 232-5812 for your best pose! Announcements 11 SUMMER SOCIAL - Cedarville United Methodist Church, Sat July 19, 5 to 9 p.m. Serving hot chicken sandwiches, barbecues, hot dogs, pie, cake, ice cream, pop, coffee, iced tea. THIRTEENTH ANNUAL HORSE SHOW Sponsored by American Business Women's Assoc. Proceeds for educational fund. Stephenson County Fairground Saturday, July 19, 1975 .. 1. 7 p.m. Donation $1 per person. Children under 12 free with adults. Food stand on grounds. Garage & Yard Sale 13 GARAGE SALE - July 17, 18 19th, 9-7 p.m., at 658 W. Chestnut. Baked goods; clothing, all sizes; stroller; crib mattress; middle desk & chair; many misc. items. GARAGE SALE - 1006 S. Locust. Colson wheelchair (new); lawn vacuum; clothes; dishes; electrical appliances; 2 large safes; lawn furniture. Starting July 17 to ? 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. GARAGE SALE - 1635 Meadowbrook Lane, Thurs. & Fri., 8:30 - 5. Antiques, primitives, collectibles, 2 Ethan Allen end tables; dolls & doll furniture; toys; pine cupboard; vacuum; VW custom muffler & trailer hitch; back to school clothing; etc. GARAGE SALE - Thursday & Fri., 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., at 1519 W. Harrison. Movie camera & light bar; small dresser; wood spindle bed frame; many toys; misc. household items. GARAGE SALE - Today through Sat., 9-9 p.m., at Cor. W. Stephenson St. Road & Rink Road (6 miles West). New and used items. GARAGE SALE - Thurs. & Friday, 9-?. Antiques. West Stephenson Road (2 doors W. of Lake In The Woods Nursery). 4-FAMILY GARAGE SALE 1537 S, Bidwell, July 17,18 & 19, 9-5 only. Clothes; jewelry; misc. items. GARAGE SALE - Corner of Damascus Blacktop and Empire Road! July 21-23, 9 a.m. till dark. G.E. electric stove; 7-pc. dinette set; 23" RCA color TV; guitar with amp; paperback books; dishes; clothing & misc. articles. GARAGE & YARD SALE - 725 E. Wyandotte, July 18 -19, 9-6. Movie camera, projector & screen; vacuum sweeper; hammock; electric saw; lawn mower; rotisserie oven; draperies; bedding; throw rugs; men's & women's clothing & shoes; & many other misc. LOST - Man's trl-fold wallet containing valuable papers & large sum of money. Generous reward, 232^2280. YARD SALE - 120 North West Ave., July 17 - 18, 9-& Attic to basement. 4 FAMILY GARAGE SALE - 410 W. Roosevelt St., Thurs. & Fri., 8:30-9 & Sat., 8:30-5. Jewelry; ladies', men's and children's clothing; dishes; linens; towels; yard goods;, household 1 items; tools; misc. items. Garage & Yard Sale 13 GARAGE SALE - 915 W. Douglas, Fri., 9-4; Sat. 9-3. Books; toys; furniture; clothing; baby items; swing set; lawn mower; playhouse; misc. 4-FAMILY GARAGE SALE Northwest cor. of Willow Lake, July 17-18, 9-7. Furniture; clothing; misc. •' Strayed, Lost & Found 14 FOUND - '76 FHS class ring Owner identify & pay for ad Call 232-6363. LOST - cane, Wed. p.m. at May's Drug Store or vie. Needed badly; can identify. Reward! 232-5283. LOST - Prescription sunglasses at State Bank July 16. Return to Lost & Found at State Bank. Reward awaiting. Automobiles For Sale 21 A Better Buy... Buick! 73 LE SABRE : Custom 4-door hardtop 19,356 actual miles- Factory Air * AM/FM radio * Power windows Here's a mint condition family car in beautiful porcelain blue with white vinyl top. 4 new belted whitewall tires; spare never down. See it at our used car lot, 1650 S. Galena Ave., 233-1422, nest to Koym Lighting Center. KEN HAROLD BUICK-PONTIAC Open Mon. & Fri. Till 9 Tues., Wed. & Thurs. Till 6 Sat. Till 5 AUTOMOTIVE Body Repair & Repainting PERDUES 55 E. Monterey St. 232-3167 FOR SALE - 1975 Plymouth Duster, includes factory air & power steering & brakes. Averages 17 miles per gallon. Very reasonable. 443-2565. Hoy Ford Sales Monday - Sat., till 5 p.m. Friday till 9 p.m. LENA, ILL. 369-4414 J & J - Auto Wrecking. Used auto parts. Buying cars & trucks. 449-2469. River Road 1 mile N. on Markel Road. LATE MODEL ONE OWNERS '74 COUGAR XR-7 2-door hardtop. Full power & air. ; 74 PONTIAC Grand AM 2-door hardtop. Full power & air, bucket seats, center console. '74 BUICK Luxus 2-door hardtop. Full power & air. '74 PLYMOUTH Gold Duster 2. door hardtop. 318 V-8, automatic, .with power '74 NOVA 2-door custom, 307 V-8 automatic with power. '74 NOVA Hatchback 2-door. 350 V-8 automatic, with power '73 DODGE Dart Swinger 2-door hardtop, 6 cylinder, automatic, with power, 14,000 miles. 73 CHEVROLET Impala Custom coupe. Full power & air 72 GREMLIN, 6 cylinder, automatic. 71 FORD LTD Country Squire wagon. Power & air. 71 MAVERICK 4-door, 6 cylinder, automatic with power. •. J. H. Barkau & Son CEDARVILLE 5634812 MEN'S - 10-speed French bike, ?60; 1973 Charger S.E. Red with white vinyl top, power steering, power brakes, air, AM/FM radio, mag wheels, ^2600. Call 232-3664 after 4 p.m. NO Dockside Darling! 74 Chevrolet CAPRICE 6-Passenger Wagon * Factory air * AM/FM radio * Power door locks * Tilt steering wheel * Cruise control + Super lift shocks * Posi-traction rear axle * Heavy duty battery & radiator * Special front & rear suspension Originally a General Motors corporation car. Elaborate? Yes yet a work horse to suit any need!! On display at our used car lot, 1650 S. Galena Ave., 233-1422, next to Koym Lighting Center. KEN HAROLD BUICK-PONTIAC Open Mon. & Fri. Till 9 Tues., Wed. & Thurs. Till 6 . Sat. Till S Timely Sized Contemporary Styled! '73 OldS Cutlass Supreme SPORT COUPE Factory Air An exceptionally well-cared-for low mileage car in striking brown metallic with rich saddle interior and a custom pattern Landau roof. New belted whitewall tires; spare never down, fee it today at our used car lot, 1650 S. Galena Ave., 233-1422 next to Koym Lighting Center. KEN HAROLD BUICK-PONTIAC Open Mon. & Fri. Till 9 Tues., Wed. & Thurs. Till 6 Sat. Till 5

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