Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 1, 1941 · Page 8
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 1, 1941
Page 8
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IPage Eight STERLING DAILY GAZETmSTERLFNG. ILLINOIS Saturday, November 1. 1941 Sport News Covering Local and National Events Rock Falls Tied for The Conference Championship Score 6 to 6 Against Rochelle on Muddy Field Last Night 'r> pr>.-v* rnrfc fj-> as fi:mh>t!. »rtrl .- . •>.- •. IV---E" 'ct h;5 iram. T h:rh <>- ; > :.r F'T. 3'tT arri\ ins there. (''•'-> ••_ Q .:;r- a.'.kfxi to rxvtporr the c "- " r *.•.' FVvhrijf rf('i v fd. "I r ' <~ IB!!!*" hro'ich; a \'\r fr»r of 'Hie the Rivfc cr. nochelie Martins h R;vrr and \» ;-!-- tnr> Bt Rrx-1-.""." Krir.av f. P.-.;:.C. A;-;:') thr !1"'."' '-> crs'-v. '-\\f i^::.- wrr mud from hrad u> '.••^- «;:rr thr fir^t ffv pl.^yj. ai.d t!"Te w a.^ n Pork Fa;> in tl'e «."af<> ..»'.- F«i'.-- intuic t!'f f::.-t !n';<h- oovin. ul^iih came with onl'. MX .<^rends Ifft in plnv In the fim lia:f. Bp^nrfr ran around left rnd lor four yards for the Roai. but Lanf 1 ? nttempt at the extra point faiird. Rorhrlle mnrif it.s touchdown at the iMfirt of the fourth quarter, whrn K\inde piuiiKed o\rr four ;. arri?; for the goal, and Rock Fai'iS snieared the RorliPile pla\cr to psricni him tnnkiiiR the extra point. The R-ockrts Martrd out nith the break-i ncani-st them, uhrn Rochrlle kicked a eroumirr which .'•truck a Rock FalU player, bounded ba< k. mid Rochrile recovered on t!:cirowii 50-ynrd line. However, thrv wrrr forced to punt, but the baH rolled out on Rock Fslls' one-yard line. Rock Falls recri\ed a pena!:r for backfield in- motion, the penalty being half the distance to the toal. Barnhart followed with a four- yard gain, then on the netx play he made a big sam. oniy to fumble the slippery ball on Rock Falls own 17- yard line. However. Rock Falls easily held them and regained the ball on the 20-yard line. Then the Rockets began a march down the field. making two first downs, only to lose the ball when Spencer was hit and fumbled on the 44-yard line. Rochelle recovering. Again Rochelle punted on the third attempt, and Spencer returned the ball 14 yards, to the 30-yard line. A fumble again almost lost the ball for Roe* Falls, with the result that the Rocket* wen? unable to make up the loss, and Rochelle regained the' ball on Rock Falls' 39- yard line. Another punt by Rochelle put the ball on Rock Falls' 7- yard line to end the quarter. Rock FslLs then punted, the first time this sea-son. and Rochelle returned the ball to the Rockets' 35- yard line. Rochelle again punted. •nd Rock Falls took the bail on the 13-yard line. Then Rock Falls began the march across the field that netted the touchdown. Two laterals, accounted for much of the gains, the first a lateral of Lane to Hunsber- fer, good for 15 yards, then Lane to Spencer for nine yards. With only six seconds to (to. Rochelle called time out with the bell on their four-yard- line. x Rock P»lls used the time to decide the piay. so came out of the huddle quick, and Spencer made a wide left end run that brought the touchdown. The try for point failed. With only a half •econd left. Hock Falls kicked and Card stopped the Rochelle player cold. Rock Falls kicked to start the second half, then Rochelle punted, and •fain Rock Falls began a march down the field, making two first (.":»: \V Bar \5 -.a:' I "I'M 1 MC15, l.F. LT LO C HO R T RF. tjn LH RH FB .oris—Rock Rorhe'lp. Rwhf i!?: StaufTer Allen Varner Sterling Humbled By Hard Hitting De Kalbjjridders SHS Defeated 12 to 6 in a Mud Festival Friday at De Kalb Duxrini? Frit Drain Bmz Harris Falls, Lane S Larson. N. I-ar.-'VT A.-kM?. Druker and Fell. O?fi<-.a;>—Hefarpe, Bloomquist Rrwkford; umpire. DahlquUt Rofktord: and head linesman. McLeod o! SUHman Valley. SHS Freshmen Win Uneventful Game Over De Kalb, 6-0 Coa-h Bud Terhune's Sterling h;eh .-r.'-.nol frosh-50ph team defeated I> Ka'.b 6 to 0 at De Kalb Friday n:t:;t. The two teams played on a \rrv muddy field. A fumble on nn ;ntr:idrd punt set up the lone .scoring chance lor Sterling. Lntr it: the first period. De Kalb fumbled and the ball was recovered by Sirring on the De Kalb 6-yard un* 1 as the first quarter ended. Thiee line plays at the start of the second quarter produced a touch-' down and victory- lor the township eleven. Fullback Engle plunged for the touchdown. The try for extra point »as annihilated. Both teams slipped and skidded for Jo:ir quarters, each playing for the breasts. The De Kalb punting was very bad. presenting several eood scoring opportunltie-s for Ster- luis but the condition of the field made :t impossible to advance against a stubborn De Kalb forward wall. The lack of excitement Is shown in tne fact that Sterling made two first do»-ns and De Kalb none. De K*!b high school football f«»am proved to be better mudders than the PterHnR hish vhool eleven as thr Barte annrxed the ronfrrpnre rrown from the throne of Coach fscheid's 19*0 North Central conference champions, in a mud festival at De Kalb Friday night, winning 13 to 6. Playing conditions wrre beyond the stage of fitness, and both clubs were decidedly handicapped. A fourth quarter drive by Sterling that of'could have tied the score, was stop of! ped on the four >ard line. De Kalb did not wait long Jo taki the lead, sconng after a 75 yard march led by WLsdom and Davis. WLsdom started the drive with a 35 yard run. A 15 yard penalty against Sterling gave De Kalb the ball on the local's 15 yard line. DavLs then circled end for the touchdown. The try for extra point failed. Fine punting by both teams kept play pretty well between the 20- yard lines. Sterling took a short De Kalb punt and returned it to the De Kalb 37. RLser circled end for 15 yards and line smashes by Woodyatt carried thr ball to the De Kalb 2. Woodyatt drove over from there to~ the lone score made by Sterling. The try for extra point, a place kick by Woodyatt. fell short. De Kalb kept Sterling deep In their own territory' during the third downs. Rock Palls made a .series of three-yard gains, but a five yard penalty prevented a first down. Rochelle returned with a punt, but •oon recovered the ball on a fumble br Spencer. Kaib McDermott Lyons Chiiton WaRley > ocum L E LT LG c R G Stniihers Superman Felde Massie Callahan Score by Sterling R E QB I* H RH F B quarters: Sterling Duhm Nelson . Birch Calhoun Griffith Mulcahey Arterburn Mangan Hunsberger Welton Bngle period. Neither team had a chance Vo gain ground or threaten to score. The Barbs, originally clad in orange uniforms that were of a darkened nature by this time, took advantage of the predicament in which they had placed the Sterling team. Cook returning one of Woodyatt's punts from the Sterling 35 to the Sterling 10 yard line. Davis plunged two yards then Leonard broke through anil nailed Davis for a five yard loss. Davis retaliated on a smash to the seven. On a tricky reverse. Cunz sneaked off tackle to lope the remaining seven yards for the game- winning touchdown. Sterling took the following 'kickoff and launched a drive that carried them to the De Kalb 4. Runs by Woodyatt and Riser set up the w**F <ljA •» ^m 9* KP _ MB Jk isift %!? /A/ H3Z. 719 OPVV A »4AGr,5*OTf SHOP. / ' , VHHM, *tHHMVAH,A HAS A/07 «£f A/ OUT Of V THC MIHC Hg OWHSIH t*OR£ •THAU SWH VfAKS* IM THAT/ rime Hf HAS NOT ov<e j SEEN JVM. IGHT. . .} Princeton Tigers )efeat Dixon on Muddy Field 7 to 0 Those Princeton Tigers defeated the Dixon Dukes 7 to 0 at Dlxon Friday night in a mud battle. The game irought to a close one of the poorest seasons in the history of Dixon ligh. Dixon lost five out of seven —. - r ..._ Rames this season, winning from scoring opportunity, but De Kalb. Mendota and Belvidere and losing bore down and held. They took pos- j to Oregon. East Rockford! De Kalb. session of the ball and punted. This'Sterling and Princeton. The Dixon DOW/ ing . time De Kalb not only held Sterling but threw them for losses. With a fourth down and ten yards'still to frosh-sophs did a much better job, Coach Marvin Winger's crew winning the North Central Illinois eon- De Kalb Touchdown, Engle. 0 0 0—« 0-0 Sports T'len Rochelle punted, and after • first down. Lane fumbled and a- gtin Rochelle recovered on Rock Fulls' 31-yard line. A wide end run by Drane. Rood for 12 yards, paved -the way for Rochelle's touchdown The fourth cuarter started, and Rock Palls seemed unable to stop Rochelle. wt.ich followed wnh its •econd first down of the gmme. then Kunde shd over with the baH, and __Jhe_try Jarl extra pouu failed. * Rochelle kicked off. and Card made a fine 12-yard return to the 40-yard line. Spencer, who played one of hii best games, made a fine 14-yard gain around right end. Hunsberger was hurt for the second time of the evening, and U looked like he would go out of tne gmme. On the second play afterwards, the officials caught Rofhelle. and they received a 15-7ard penalty for unnecessary roughness. Lane made a five-yard gain By Hugh Fullerton. Jr NEW YORK — (SPECIAL* — Johnny Colan will make his debut as a heavyweight against Tommy Tucker at the opening of New York i Si. Nick's club Nov. 10 instead of Chicago . . . He's been such a big attraction there that the stadium promoters wanted the fight for the Bob - - *• with card • vu*»«« UWW11 MI1U fcCU ^MrU5 BlUJ Ml "•"• •••*• *'wi vii *^v:uk4«ftl AlliZTOLS CWI- go for a .first down. Sterling punted. I ference title by trimming Princeton Of Kalh ran/-. >».tn t<wvk ««.. «_.!. 10 tO O. Pastor-Booker Beck- Dick Wakefield. the . . . . Tigers' M5.000 tor more) beauty will spend the winter in Arizona in ^ he can overcome hay fever General George C. Marshall the armys chief of staff, gave three' generals the day off to see the Ar- my-Xotre Qame fuss today. They're nis aisisianu . . . Bunny Oakes' Wyoming U. squad has only 27 players this year but 78 turned out for the frcihman team. T«4ayt Giwrt Star B. M Atkinson, jr., Louisville T"ne4.:_-WJlh_aJl_lh<«« bmers Joining up. the navy might be said to have the cauliflower of the Datum's youth."* Billy Conn, who is picking tip Vf^r change anywhere he can find it, is scheduled to appear as a rasslin' referee Tuesday at Montreal .... One of Red Blaik'x Ng^m innovations in Army football was to get De Kalb once again took over and held on for the remainder of the game. '.G«W KkkiBg The punting of Harry Woodyatt helped keep Sterling out of danger. One of his kicks was blocked late in the game. The De Kalb punter did a fine job though one was completely blocked and several partially stopped.' The game truly proved to be a mud festival. Alter a few minutes of play,'both elevens looked the same. The field was a mass of mud with many large puddles of water standing. De Kalb waded through for nine first downs to a total of six for Sterling. The new champions were forced to fight every inch of the way but deserved the honor. Hats off to a great De Kalb team and also to a great Sterling eleven that surprised the entire conference by their top rate showing. De Kalb Mosher Evenson Johnson to Crooke Smoltieh Braffett Lincoln Rich Wisdom Davis UcKain Score by De Kalb Sterling Pos. LE LT LG C RO RT RE QB . LH RH FB quarters: Sterling .Nelson Zigler Reltzel Leonard Dahlgren Miller Kelly Gould Woodyatt Galloway Riser 800 «—12 0 « 0 0-v 6 Touchdowns: Davis, Cunz. Wood- 19 to 0. There was but 2C seconds remaining in the first half and Princeton had the ball on Dixon's 19 yard line. Mercer, Princeton halfback threw a pass to Frantxen, Tiger quarterback. The latter caught the ball on the Dixon 10 yard line and ran over for the score. It completed a 50 yard drive. Hansen, the fullback, plunged for the extra point. Late In the fourth quarter Dixon blocked Princeton punt and recovered the ball on the Princeton 10 yard line but Princeton put up a stone wall defense and took the ball after Dixon had gained but two yards in four dowM. Dlxon Wad a chance to score a touchdown on the kickoff starting the second half when Princeton failed for a time to down the ball in the end aone for a touchback. Several Dlxon boys were close enough to have fallen on the ball. COMMERCIAL LEAGUE STANDINGS W L Pet. Sinclair 16 6 714 Wright's D-X 13 8 619 Eureka Co. . 13 8 619 Walz Lunch 12 9 571 Ridge's Sen-ice 12 9 571 Nile Owls n 10 524 Wilbert Vault Co. 11 10 524 ManfieWs Clothing 10 11 476 Seven-Up 9 12 429 Sullivan's 8 13" 381 Pucketfs Service 7 14 333- Peter Pan 5 16 238 Seven-Up- Black 138 234 180— 572 Norton 137 153 154— 444 Lamb 171 157 192— 520 W. Freeman 152 178 158— 488 P. Freeman 192 164 181— 537 Wright's D-X Station- Wright 116 179 112— 407 Thomson 170 165 151— 486 Hackett 171 171 171— 513 Wa&ienberg 171 164 141— 476 Eberhardt 201 140 189— 530 Totals 829 819 764—2412 P-TOWN MAJOR Frary's Lumbermen— Presnell 189 166 164— 519 155 170 158— 483 168 168 168— 504 Brown B. Frary C. Weburg 211 IfO 200— 581 .Burroughs 190 166 210— 566 Ray Robinson Beats Zivk in 10 Rounder By Gayle Talbot NEW YORK — «AP> — starved for a good scrap, the fans banked Madison Square garden five-deep last night to se*_Bjtf JBobinson, » tall, scared-looking Negro boy, win his 28th straight professional victory at the expense of Fritale Zirtc. Totals 810 *M Ridges Service Station- Lane Crouch Oltmann Lin ton 'Bressler Handicap 170 200 148 - 141 134 140 153 128 166 167 8 8 865—2501 159— 529 154— 443 113— 387 154— 435 206— 539 8— 24 , Handicap Totals Eclipse — Conrad Swanson R. .Adams Swederus Mfller 4— 12 917 844 904—2665 164 164 164— 492 161 168 183— 518 166 147 15S— 468 173 168 134— 475 179 183 170— 532 Totals 779 784 794—2357 Sinclair Service— Mortenson 187 191 192— 570 Arnold 164 160 139— 463 Boyungs 181 226 162— 669 Hammett 161 189 171— 521 McFalls 181 168 161— 510 Totals Peter Pan— Jones McWethy Whitney Komarec De Roo Handicap 874 934 825—2633 141 140 157 114 149 154 117 125 121 147 161 161 135— 416 120— 391 128— 431 125— 367 113— 381 181— 4*3 y«tt- I FrlUie is the former welterweight Substitution*: Sterling. .JPrieder- [champion, only a few months re- ichs. H. Hunsberger. Anning, Kraft, Pluck. O. Hunsberger, Whitver, L. Gould: De permission "for the players u> sleep until place the ball on Rochelle s 15-yard line, then Rock Pal's lost the ball on downs, and Rochelle received the tall on their own 25-yard line. After • first down Kunde made a 34-vard run that brought the ball to Rock VUlft' 31-yard line. The Rockets then threw their opponents for lo&f*& only to be penalised five yarcU for offiuie. but again Rock Falls gained possession of the ball With only 10 seconds to go. Coach 4juir» put" Kyger to u> at-[ *:3O a. m. on game days inert hopping out at the 5:M bugle . . . Ken iLitUe Ziggy) Sears, wholi get a chance to move up from Newark to the Yankees next spring, shouid be familiar with the btttnb- ers when he hits camp. He's working this waiter as timekeeper at a Fan Worth bomber plant. Serrira topi. Chris Cagle. Army's All-American back a few years ago. will referee the Fort. Monmouth-Port game at Asbury park. K. Kaib. Cum, NewquUt. Schultz, Alki*$oi Baits Tiapico Dowapoyr Atkinson defeated Tampico high by a score of 43 to 0. in a six-man football game that was called at the end of the half on account of a continued rain. The game was played at Tampico Friday afternoon. Dean was the leading scorer for the moved, one of the cleverest workmen in the ring today. He wound up last night with a left eye practically closed. Robinson is about the moM prom- Totals 94* Wilbert Vault Co.- Reiske 147 C. Shaw 197 Kophammer 139 Browne. 99 Mangan 174 Ml 782— 2469 141 150 139 135 161 155— 443 128— 475 139—417 126— 350 196— 531 Totals 843 830 812—2485 Sugar Bowl— K. Peterson 170 224 157— 551 Rollo 169 171 114— 454 Clark 137 181 201— 519 L. Peterson 196 186 171— 553 . P. Upton 147 175 181— 503 Totals 819 937 824—2580 Honeymead— Hainllne 154 141 135— 430 W. Newlon 154 141 156— 451 W. Curry 159 159 159— 477 H. Gents 155 167 152— 474 Emmons 178 174 177— 529 Totals 800 782 779—2361 Totals North End— Bogott Shaffer Taber Maynard Flynn Handicap 748 726 744—221* ill M 130— 329 160 167 133— 4*0 103 102 95— 300 95 139 141— 375 137 128 102— 387 99 99 99— 397 UMV«« «mire put ityger in u> at-j- 1 :— ;r~ •" "" "*«>"> p»«». n.tufmn was me leaeung scorer lor tne ttttpt a pass. The pas* from center f • , Thr »« former West Point pub-1 visitors and chalked up four touch- I* • Rock Falls player was good. 1:5 re -* 1 ions officers. Lt. Col. Ernest I downs. Tmmptco made one first ~~-.— m --_,_ .—__ _ Dupuy. Lt. Col. W. H. (Cappy) Wells down and faUed U) make a pan •*"V——. :«_. l_i:_L. *._ mnd P*** Andy March, are work- in two attemou. Atkinson made r illy High to M«ft St. Thomas of lockford on Sunday Andy March, are _ in ihe same army department in Washington . . . Marine corps school at Quantko, Mm. is Community high will t&ckie St. •Thomas of Rockford cur. the Intel's frUiron Suod»y afternoon in a renewal of relations between the two •chock. The Rockford rlufa is re- Ported to be excejsianaliy strong this seaton and with a muddy field in prospect the advantage wiil be in tewar of the home eiak. OQMfa Pete Laff«y has waked ' wt*h hm squiuS 4wtag the past -mto and Utthevs are BJ2 ready mm *t top ifint. ftatn it e««i»id- •"•Jitfc totctctt in thlc (tsee sod ?' mtf* will be a Urge group cf loc*l over the fact that officer* cut play on the football team there . . . H rules out such guys as Frank Reagan, who just left the pro Giants, and Moke E?iich of Iowa. Threw* Fw a !*•» The V O f Washington, which coud u-* a littie help 111 the Pacific coKJerence race, has just found tau u turned flown the guy who is the highest scorer on the <m*t—Marvel Harshmsn of Pacific . . Harshmaa entered in 193S and went put for fro&ii football but nobody notic- -~ ,: *i -~ him in the rush to Me thead high school stars . . . After ured of down and failed to make a . in two attempts. Atkinson made nine first downs and completed one out of six passes. The lineups: Atkimon Tampico Pnce _ LK VaaDeVelde Bu,V«*. C Chapui L.Mlisfeldt Dean Mowers E.Minnaert Cgert Lee Cady Newman t 30-43 C RE QB LU FB .Score by pertods: Atkinson Tampico 0 Touchdown*: Dean four, E. Min- uaert i»o. Mowers. Poiutc alter Mowers. Suhtututec: Taoipico. Pieraoa. Heuei. Hopkins. Atkinson: Hamer. Atweil, 8. Min- naert. Gustalsouu. Offitials, Powell mad Hajre*. — ~—~ w ^r« »*»»a — l&ing youngster u> come along since doe Louis. He spotted Eivic better than six pounds—139' t to 145\— and came on to win the last three rounds of a 10 rounder and beat his veteran opponent. There wasn't a knockdown. Neither fighter was staggered nor seriously hurt. They simply fought for 10 rounds—hard and constantly. At the end there was no complaint from tHe overflow crowd of 20,551. It had seen a battle. Robinson, facing by far the best man he yet has encountered, covered himself with glory. The tall Negro kid. originally from Detroit but now a Harlem resident, took everything Zivic could offer in the middle rounds and then came on to beat him. It might have been called a draw It was close. Yet Zivic—the broken- nose veteran from Pittsburgh- looked entirely rrtst-faUen when he returned to his corner after the last Sullivan's— B.Shaw Hammett Cunry Keenan Pepper Handicap 155 174 125 104 144 144 95 143 155 179 77 77 142- 471 126— 355 144— 432 163— 401 202— 536 17— 231 Totals 751 931 Manfteld's Clothing— Klrkpatrick 131 204 Maske 192 214 Kommer 152 130 Gransow 178 147 Dugan 130 1*9 §54—2426 166— 501 35*— *S4 175— 447 15*—4*1 215— 514 Ml. Carroll Trims Warren Team 18 to 7 Mount Carroll high defeated Warren by a score of 18 to 7, in a U. 8. Grant conference game played in the rain and mud at Mount Carroll Friday night. Mount Carroll meets Stockton at Mount Carrol* Wednesday night hi a game that will decide the conference title. Jelvin Roske scored for Mount Carroll in thfvfirsLguarter when he went off tackle and raced-18 yards for a touchdown. The plunge for the extra point was stopped. Ken Emery went inside his left end and ran 15 yards for the second touchdown In the second quarter. The pass for the point was incomplete. Andrews tossed a 12 yard pass over the goal line to White to score for Warren In the third quarter. The same combination scored the point Emery threw a on a pass7~Emery threw a 10 yard pass to Warfield in the end zone for another Mount Carroll touchdown in the fourth period. A line play for the point failed. WNUSamo. ON ocr.*f,/9/6, HIGH SCHOOL FOOTMU. WAS KKDUftD BV 70 TWO MfN.WHO THf VJTtftf LAST QUARTER ALOMf AND WOU 7HE G WHKH uses CLOTHS HCU> HIS 7CCTH TO MOP UP AFT£R Hf SflLLS ANY LK)U1&. TO Walnut High Again Wins little Eight Conference Title Defeats Tiskilwa 34 to 7 in Game on Friday Afternoon 5oose and Oyerlin Quil Middleweight!' Division For ligh( . Heavy Class NEW YORK — 'APi—Biilv •-*' Farrr'.l, Pn . officially relinquished hs< N f *' York-rproKni7X>d *-or".i rr.:r1d>weiiV,t boxing rhnmplnn.«h!p Fr^.ay. and Informed the New York riv.r RthifMr cr>mmi.v«ion that he Conference •W. 5 3 3 L 0 2 T 0 1 n o o i 0 Pet { 000 .KOO .600 .400 .400 .250 .200 Walnut Tiskilwa Mantlus Sheffield - 3 Wyanet 2 3 Buda i 3 Neponset 1 4 Coach Noel Mother's Walnut high school »R»ln won the Little Eight conference football title by walloping TWcilwa. 34 to 7. Friday afternoon. Conference titles are Retting to be a common thing for Mosher coached teams. Manlius defeated Sheffield 26 to 0. and Neponset took Buda in an upset victory 41 to 6. Just, to make certain that there would be no serious slipup in the mud Walnut scored in the first and second periods to lead 14 to 0 at th half. Each team scored in the third period and th*n Walnut again turn ed on the power, speed and decep tion to annex 13 more point* hi th fourth quarter. Wyatt of Tiskilwa made the long est run of the game, a 30 yard dash for the only touchdown made by hi. team. Most of the gains by both tenms were made by short runs The teams have another game to play to complete the schedule an< these games will be played next Thursday and Friday. Neponset had not broken Into the win column until its game wtlh Buda. Buda had defeated Tiskilwa In somewhat of a surprise and was expected to romp over Neponset. Rocket Reserves Win Victory over Rochelle Friday The Rock Falls high reserves remained unscored on Friday evening when they defeated Rochelle 20 to 0 in a blinding rain. Kyger made the first two touchdowns, and Kunsne the last. The first score came in the first quarter, when Kyger went over the line, and repeated going over the line for the extra point Similiarly, the team marched down the field again in the. third quarter and Kyger went over on a plunge while Wlke ran over for the extra point. Klmmel made the final touchdown in the last quarter on a reverse, bul a pass. Kyger to Boehm for the extra point was no good. This game. like the varsity contest, had plenty of fumbles. The lineups were as follows: Rock Falls: position* . LE ": LT LO C RO RT RE QB LH RH FB Substitution*—Rock Pails, War ner, Miller, and Wlke; Rochelle, Oel- llg, Knight, and Walters. Purdue Drayer France Kimball Bloom L. Koster Powell Robinson Boehm Klmmel Kyger Rochelle: Dailey Jaeger Erbes Hayes Thuestad Montgomery Beard Seiple Mottong Herman Ftnkboner SPORT NOTES bell There conquer U nobody for Robinson to now except Freddie <Red) —™, ._= r _„—_._ to a *dbooi «o on the beada artd there *«fcu"& a cJMacc to •* Cochrane. the welterweight champion, and Freddie is in the navy. Hired os Prep Coach HARR18BURG. ILL. — iAP> — Phil Manders of the Milwaukee Chiefs, a professional football team was named assistant athletic coach of the Hartisburg high school Friday. succeeding Don Prichaid, who resigned to become a physical edu- dlreciar in. the army air Totals Eureka Co.- Keefer ShulU Lukala . Belts Peterson Handicap 783 854 970—J407 159 159 179 1*2 119 170 157 157 l&l 137 19 19 Totals 791 794 Wai* Lunch- White Uathew Pextoa Ocken EKk Totals Kite Owl Cafe Abbott White Scars Van Patter Howard Handicap 151 JOS 165 1*5 13S 131 200 139 179 200 159—477 124- 4M 139— 419 157— 471 1W— 453 19~f 97 757—-042 It*— 524 •1»— 495 133— 402 135—474 54» 133 940 771—2444 fa 176 210 132 129 Its 110 17ft 194 199 17 17 Prep Football Mt. Carroll 18, Warren 7. East Aurora 14, Freeport 0. LaSalle-Peru 9, East Rockford 0. Joliet 0, West Aurora 0 (tie), Eureka 6, Gibson City 0. Chenoa 20, Lexington 7. Paxum vs. Rantoul, postponed indefinitely. E»M St. Louis 19. Decatur 7. Belleville 13, Granite City 0. Mmcomb 13, Parmington «. / Davenport at Moline poUpooed 147- 4* 1«— 441 Jtt-517 lit—HI Tot*]* 87t to November 11. account rain, CenUmlia 26. Benton 0. Salem a. Olney 0. Pant 19, Bhelbyville 0. Lewistown 7, Virginia 0. Rushville 3*1, Cuba 4, Klgin-We«t Rockford rain, canceled. Champaign-Urbana rain, to be played Nov. 14. Lincoln-Springfield rain, to be played Monday night. B*ardiU>m r n-Jacksonville rain, to be played Monday night. Dwight-Clmton rain, to be played next Tuesday or Friday. Danvilte 30. Streator 0. Wheaton 14, Sycamore 0. Wanner City U, Fmirbury a. University high <Normal) -Pontimc rain, to be pUyed Monday night. Wooes 1J, Blue bland. 0. ^^ PniJJUp* 11, Fturagut i. , Ottawa 12, BurliniUffi il*.) C. i The sun rises Sunday at v^tt a. m. and seU at 4:5* p. m. Monday it rises at 6:30 a. m. and seta at 4:57 p. m. The next big event of local interest is Community at St. Thomas of Rockford Sunday afternoon. If the weatherman will change his tactics there will be » good crowd of local fans at this game. Coach Ted Beheld and the large number of local fans m attendance at the mud wallowing contest between Sterling and De Kaib on the latter'* field Friday night, feel that the wont Sterling should have had war a tie. Sterling played a remarkably fine game against the untied and undefeated De Kalb team and it wai tough to k*e out just four yards •hort of a touchdown. There U nothing but praUe for the Sterling crew and aside from the De Kalb Princeton game It wu the only game this Mason that De Kalb was in danger of losing. De Kalb won all of iti other game* by wide margins. rumbles robbed Rock Palls of victory In the important contest at Rochelle. Fans who saw the mud contest say that Rock Falls would have won by a good martin if the game had been played on a dry field. It wa- the first time that Ruck Palls ha» been stopped this season. Ro- chetie is eteted ofer the tin which makes it p'tit'Tlr for a share with Rock Falls tor the Bock River Valley conference title. Oregon comes to Rock Falls next Friday night, and Rochelle plays at Mount Morris. Rock Falls and FxtcheUe should win these contest*. " John Y0f>. 19. son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yoe <if Mount Morrt*. has received an appointment to the United SUtes Naval ac*dtwy at Annapolis. The appointment •** m*t* by Congressman Leo Alien, Yoe Is a sophomore at TUtnott university and studying chemical told Bri? -Gfn J.' , T Phr'ar.. rommi'-Mon rhalrmnr., :'-«: hr ii'/rnded to rhRl'enee !h* '•» inner of the 175-jxv,ind title brr.:t Nr>v 14 itetwefn Gus Lcsnevlch T»mi Ma'.irWllo. Thr rornmsvMon promptly *r r.rv.iTired 1' would rpronni/e nixMlPwriich! Diie bout a 15-rour-d mutch bMwfvr! Tony Znle of Garr. , Ind . thr National Boxing ns5od«- :ion champion, and Crcorela Abrsrr.t of Washington, D. C., who ; beat Soo 1 * in R non-title go. moter Mike Jacobs said he would ; try to make the match. Jacobs also announced* that, la place of thr Soose-Ken Overlln bcrjl which had been booked for NOT. i 21. he would stage a card lined by two ten-rounders—the first between two former 160-pound champ*, Overlin and Al Hostak of Seattle, the second between two lending welterweight title contenders, Mike Kaplan of Boston Young KM McCoy of Detroit. The commission later announced' it also had received word from Kea Overlln that he WHS giving up campaigning among the mlddleweiahrs and henceforth would meet lijrh: heavies. Soose won the title Overlln and was scheduled to me him again next month. Bears and Packers To Tangle Tomorrow In Top Pro Contest By Austin Bealmear NEW YORK — (AP) — All tional pro league football teams ai» scheduled to work their regular Sunday shifts tomorrow, but the bole of the business goes to the Greea Bay Packers, who face the titans task of caging the champion csgo Bears. A crowd of 46,500 fans, the greatest throng ever to see a pro gam in the midwest, has bought all the seats at Wrigley field in Chicago for this 46th renewal of the rivalry in the league. The New York Giants, still oc* in front in the eastern division a spite of last Sunday's upset Brooklyn, take on the invading Chicago Cardinals at the Polo grounds. The Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Eagles tangle in an i eastern fuss at Ebbet's field to Brooklyn. Pittsburgh's lowly steeV ers, the only wlnless team In th* league, move into the nation's capital to battle the Washington Redskins. And the Detroit Lions lide with the Rams at Cleveland. It's no wonder that the Packer* Bear game is a sellout. The Bear* are the only unbeaten outfit in the league. They have piled up an points while holding five opponc to 52 points. The Packers have lost only game out of seven. That defeat came at the hands of the Bean m the first meeting of these two team late In September. But the Packe were ahead at the start of the final! period, and only a' brilliant rally saved the Bears from defeat. The fans figure this is the but chance to stop the high-scoring Bears. If Green Bay can't turn the trick, none of the five remaining foes on Chicago's schedule in 1 rated more than an outside chance of keeping the Bears from another western title and a spot in tto* championship playoff against th* eastern winner. A Green Bay victory would push, he Bears into second place in the western division. At the same time, he eastern half of the league also 'aces the possibility of 'a new leader. Fights Lost Night (By The Associated Prea) Nine/ YORK — R*y Robinson. 39«4, New York, outpointed Fritxie ,ivic, 145^. former welterweight hampion. (10). , AUGUSTA. MAINE—Jackie Fish. r, 1*7, Waterville, outpointed Tiger' Lambett, 1*1. Biddeford, Maine. <9). Thomas. 155, Rock land, stopped ohnny Lawlews. 159. Portland. (4). SAN FRANCISCO — Chalky Wright. 13*4, Los Angeles, outpoint- ed Ray Lunny, 133, San Francisco* 10). Fog Holts Grid Gomt LONG BEACH. CALIF. — (AP)— Fog stopped a Sunset league football game last night. Because of the heavy hase, the game between Pui- lerton and Long Beach Jordan high schools was called at half tine. Jordan led 7-0. thanks to Capt. Whitey Anderson's sneak through the fog. Fullerton still has a ch&oce at victory, though. The teams will play the second half at some later date, when they can have a d*«r Colleyt Sports (By The Associated Preu) Penn State 43, New York U 0. Cleouon IB. George Wa&hingtoot. South Carolina. 13. The Citadel «. Miami •, Tech Tech 0. Case 27. Carnegie Tech 6. Washington 12. Drake 0. Simpson 0. Missouri Central 0 <Ue> Central Iowa 7. Iowa Westoyan f. Bradley Tech 19. North University 1. CM1SMQLM TIUIL CATTLE More than 4.000,0ao catti* WC r« driven ov»r the Chtsholm trail, from Texas to AbUexie. Kan., in the old days. They were loaded on railroad can at UM latter point.

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