Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 5, 1969 · Page 49
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 49

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1969
Page 49
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BULLDOG 30 Th« Arizona Republic Phoenix, Sat., April 5,1969 Flower-pickiri* Ruth Buzzi Austin's clergy leaders plead tor tllm decency By EARL WILSON NEW YORK - "Where are you from?" we asked Ruth Buzzi, the former B' way actress who plays "glum Gladys" Ormphby in "Laugh-In." "Wicketytwock, Connecticut," she said, explaining it's spelled Wequetequock but pronounced to rhyme with tick- ety-tock. "I was a cheerleader there and it was sort of hard to say 'Rah, Rah, Rah, Wick- etytwock.' Wicketytwock is near Pequonoc and Boom Bridge Road." "THAT'S EXACTLY the information we need," we said. "Now about your familiarity with cemeteries?" Wicketytwock, Connecticut," she said. "Now about your familiarity with cemeteries?" "My father sold gravestones and I guess I know more about cemeteries than any girl living. My father often didn't want to go alone to cemeteries and I'd go along and wander around. When I was very little I would take the flowers off fresh graves and take them home to my mother. She'd say 'Isn't that nice?' " "Was this knowledge of cemeteries often useful to you?" "Once when I was making a film in Hollywood, they had a cemetery scene. We rigged up one in the country and shot on Sundays. I had to fall in a grave and get buried. The third week, the police arrived. They thought we were grave robbers." "You were a charwoman while going to Pasadena Playhouse?" "I found out some friends paid women $15 an hour to clean apartments. I said I'd clean for $10 an hour. I used to walk down Sunset with my own spaghetti mop over my 1540 „< 10,000 Watts Clear Channel CHRISTIAN RADIO for the GREAT SOUTHWEST Listen Daily and Sunday For Program Information CALL: 276-4241 shoulder going to my 'appointments. 1 I made $120 a week as a charwoman. And of all the people I worked for, I turned out to be the star — tooting my own horn!" "Was there anything amusing ever happened in those Connecticut cemeteries?" we asked. "Well, once I was going home and I didn't tell them I was coming. I told my girl friend Betty Sidebottom..." "Betty.. .uh.. .uh?" "BETTY SIDEBOTTOM!" she glared, "She met me and I changed into a costume like I wore as a charwoman, with a low-hanging straw hat and heavy stockings. I rang my father's office bell. He yelled out he was busy and go on and look around at the gravestone samples. "My father finally came out, didn't recognize me, and for 10 minutes tried to sell me a tombstone. I finally said, 'Daddy, it's me!' He laughed so hard, he said, 'We have to fool your mother.' He Cox Air Conditioning 3443 W. McDowell FREE ESTIMATES PAYNE GAS AND ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONER SALES - SERVICE BANK FINANCING 3! YEARS SAME LOCATION SERVICING GREATER PHOENIX AREA 272-6846 TV ATTACHMENT FOR THE HARD OF HEARING Reg. 4.95 Vat. ! This attachment is being offered to Z thi Hard of Hearing at below cost. - Hear TV much clearer . . . you will certainly welcome this marvelous attachment lor your Radle and TV. SELECTIVE HEARING Kalor Medical Center Suite 207 PHOENIX 265-1625 NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE I am hard of hearint, pleas* send me your TV Attachment Let Lyon Guard Your Goods Because we care about the people we move and our reputation for pleasing them. Whether your needs call for a local move ... or long distance ... or storage. Let your Lyon Moving Counselor help you save time, money and concern. LYON VAN & STORAGE CO., MOVING-STORAGE LET prOI< GUARD YOUR GOODS® Call 273-7107 2947 E.WASHINGTON ST. called to her 'Rena, you got to come out here and finish this sale.' She looked out the window and saw this strange old hag and she said Til go.' She came out and got down and looked into my face under the straw hat and she said, 'It's Ruthie!' She literally rolled on the grass laughing." • Ruthie, who's married to a writer. Bill Keko, is to be immortalized in a book he'll do explaining the character of her TV character. "Are you going back to Connecticut this trip?" we asked. f AUSTIN, Tex. (AP)-Postcards urging cleaner movies will be mailed to Jack Valenti, head of the Motion Picture Producers Association of America, by persons attending an "upsurge for decency CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY MODEL C-130 Plays both 4 & 8 track tapes Switches all programs electronically and includes FM/Multiplex Stereo Radio. as illustrated ADM! STCAKIM AMIS INSTALLATION 139 LMUNTZ ALL 4 tTORISOPIN MON.,THUHS. t FRIDAY NITEt EAST HM I. THOMAS RD. MMIII-Daily M SCOTTSDALE *4MTI1-0»ilylM WIST NORTH CENTRAL Central I Thomas W-lltl-Daily Ml OpinlQiyiAWitk CAR STEREO C-130—4 * 8 Track Stereo with AM/FM Stereo Multiplex Tuner $12995 TA-KA-RO CUSTOM SOUND 7110 E. Thomai Rd. SCOTTSDALE • 9450 880 HUNTING FOR AN APARTMENT? STUDIOS from $100 1 IEMOOM from $110 2 BEDROOMS .from SI SO 3 BEDROOMS from $190 FURNISHED ft UNFURNISHED We have 30 convenient location! throughout the Valley... Let ui help you. W. R. SCHULZ & ASSOCIATES 956*6550 rally," sponsors said Thursday. The cards plead ''for a mushrooming of wholesome family entertainment for our civilization," the sponsors said in a statement. Petitions with room for 8,SAVE 30% Cultural Marble $ 39 95 Lumber King Open Weekly 8-5:30 w Top Bathroom Vanity Open Weekly Sunday 9>5:30 (Next to Standard Brands) 120 N. 44th Street Phone 275-1582 WELSH'S PLUMBING STORE Htaduarters for Plumbing Repair Parts PRESENTS the "Once in a House-Time" FAUCET by Federal Huber Guaranteed against drip leak for 1000 mo'i. (83</2 Yrs.) For Full Details See Us At 1020 South 16th St, Ph. 253-3131 Open Saturday 'til 4 p.m. 'Tour Mognovox Home Entertainment Center 11 This amaiingly COMPACT SOLID-STATE Stereo . . . brings you a vast improvement in the re-creation of music. ONLY Tasteful contemporary styling in beautiful natural Walnut! Choose from four styles—available with radio f 198.SO CHRIS-TOWN TELEVISION in the Chris-Town Center 1729 W. Bethany Home Rd. • Phone 274-3611 Open Mon., Thurs., Fri. 10-9 and Saturday 10-6 RADIO KOY 3M KTAR—NBC *M KMEO 74P KIFN-Span'lH IM KPHO—MBS »10 KOOL-CBS MC KCAC-SpanUh 1011 KUPD KCKY KRDS—Western . KRIZ-Top 40 . KHEP—Ret'llout KBUZ—ABC KRUX—Top 41 .. 1MO KXIV 14M 11» KDOT 1440 11M KHAT-Weitern 1410 1310 KALF 1510 1UO KASA-RclttiOW 1540 1J10 KTUF 1580 FM STATIONS FM STEREO FM STEREO KFCA-FM — 9I.5MC KUPD-FM — »7.»MC KBUZ-FM — 104.7 MC KHEP-FM — 101.5 MC KMEOFM — 96.9 MC KMND — 93.3 MC KTAR-FM — fB.7 MC KNIX-FM — KOOL-FM — KRFM — 102.5 MC 94.5 MC 95.5 MC 5:00 a.m. KOOL-News, Music KOY-News, Music KTAR-Music KPHO-Farm Hour •tN a.m. KTAR-News, Music KPHO-MusiC KOY-News, Music KOOL-News, Sports, Music <t» a.m. XTAR-World Newt Roundup KOOL-News, Music <:40 a.m. KOY-Farm Service f.a a.m. KOY-Countv Agent 7iM a.m. KOOL-News, Music KTAR: Newt, Monitor KPHO-News, Agriculture KOY:-News, Music Tin a.m. KTAR: News, Monitor KOOL-Mornlna Report, Music KPHO-News, Biz. Newt 1:00 a.m. KTAR-News,i KOY-Ne^Musle KOOL-News, Music KPHO-News, MuSK KPHO-News, Bus. News KOOL-CBS newt liM a.m. KTAR-NtWB, Monitor KOOL-Dimenslon, Music litt a.m. KOOL-Garden Show fiM ajn. KPHO-News, Music KOOL-News, Vietnam Diary, KTAR-N*ws, C KOY-WW, Sports •:JO «.m. KTAR-News, Music KPHO-Soorts, Music KOOL-D«ar Abby, MUSIT ;o:00 a.m. KOOL-News, Sports, Music KPHO-News, Big KOY-New's*, Music. KTAR-News, Music lOi JO a.m. KOOL-Dimenslon, KOY-News, Music KPHO-News, Music 11:00 a.m. KTAR-News, Music KPHO-News. Music KOOL-News, Sports, KOY-News* C Music 11:10 a.m. KPHO-News, Music KOOL-ln Holly.._._ wood, Music KTAR-Music Memories 12:00 noon KOY-News. Music KOOL-News, Music KTAR-Met. Opera: "Peter Grimes" 12:10 P.m. KOY-News, Music KOOL-Stretch a Buck, KPHO-SporVs 0 , Music 1:00 p.m. KPHO-News, Music KOY-News, Music KOOL-News, Music 1:10 P.m. KOOL-Music KOY-News, Music 2:00 P.m. KPHO-Music KOY-News, Mi KOOL-News, .uslc Music KOY-News, P 'Mjsic KPHO-News, Music KOOL-Stretchlng a Buck, Music 1:00 p.m. KOOL-News Music KOY-News, Music KPHO-News, Music 3:10 p.m. KOOL- Trout, Music KPHO-Sports, Labor KOY-News, Music KTAR-News, Monitor 4:00 p.m. KPHO-MusiC KOY-N8WS, Music KTAR-News, Lew KOOL-News! Music 4:M p.m. KOY-News, Music KPHO-News, Music KOOL-Mock ridge SiOO p.m. KOY-News, Music KTAR-News, Monitor KOOL-News, Music KPHO-News, Music 5:10 P.m. KOY-News, Music KPHO-Sports, World KOOL-Dimenslon, „_.._ Music, Sports KTAR-News, Monitor *:N p.m. KOY-News, Music KPHO-School Report, Learning KOOL-World This Week KTAR-News, Monitor i:05 p.m. KPHO-Lifetlme Learning «:30 p.m. KOY-News, Music KOOL-Dimenslon, Wash. Week KTAR-News, Mon (for KPHO-News, Business Roundup «:U p.m. KOOL-Washlngton Week 7:00 P.m. KOOL-News, Music KPHO-Northeastern University KOY-News, Music <TAR-News, Monitor 7:10 P.m. KTAR-World Tomor KOY-News, Music KPHO-News, Lombardo 1:00 p.m. KOOL-News, Music KPHO-Lombirdo KOY-News, Music KTAR-News, Apple Big 0:10 p.m. KPHO-News, Lombards KOY-News, Music V:0o P.m. KOY-News, Music KTAR-News, Big Apple KOOL-News, Music f:3V p.m. KPHO-News, Lombardo KOY-News. Music KOOL-News, Music 10:00 P.m. KOY-News, Music KTAR-News, Big KOOL-News, Music IO:M P.m. <TAR-Big Apple KPHO-News, Lombardo KOY-News, Music 11:00 P.m. KOY-News.Music KOOL-News, Music (TAR-News, Bis Apple 11:10 P.m. KPHO-News, Lomcardo MIDNIGHT KOOL-lnsomnla Club KPHO-SIgn Off KOY-News, All nlont Music CTAR-Music Until 6 a.m. [Don't miss this once-a-year opportunity for big values^ at your Motorola dealer * like this buy on Col or TV Quasar Color TV I with the "works in a drawer' Spring Value Price $1*0095 tSMVttt • •MU turn *tf The work* art 10 tubeleis plug-in mini-circuits for solid-*tate reliability and fait, at-home service • This li the vein-ahead ColorTV you've been hearing about. It'i all solid state except for rectifier and picture tube * Automatic fine tuning with AFC electronic picture lock provides the best possible picture, keeps It that way even when you change channels • Lighted channel indicators on VHP and UHF • Biggest screen Color TV you can buy, 23" picture (measured diagonally). NO DOWN PAYMENTl iSpecialSpring Sale Values on oth&r Motorola Products.Come in now!: "HOUtfOF TELEVISION" APPLIANCE STORES 3STORISDAILY9-9-SUN. 1-5 PARK Cf NTBAL MON.-THURS.-FRI. f v* Park Central, 109 West Mall 264-6204 15141. Van Iwrtn at 16th Street 252-5521 1051 C.Comelbackat llthStreet .,..277-6888 2414N.1 " CQMHITI IIWUV 800 signatures also will be distributed at a Monday night rally, staged to urge a "return to moral decency." Speakers will be the Rev. Reuel Lemmons, a Church of Christ minister and editor of the Firm Foundation religious publications; Callan Graham, executive director of the Texas Catholic Conference; and the Rev. 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