Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 18, 1930 · Page 8
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 8
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i serving cocktails his-nightcap,"' " I"' 1 1ln( '« "iftd« solely of the gold gown was ^.-Trr-T^^^^^ DECATUR HERALD SATURDAY EVENING; OCTOBER 18, 1930.. D£C*TUR HERALD Two Sisters Compared Hofni too, hut no one IB .paying What «*n't b* too much to atk (if itlrdty-nlno out tif every hunclrtd .Just to be «w«nt nmlabk, tur«4.' pl«tFf»nt, ngreonblc, kind, Adaptable, ganlle, nice. What toUi wortld Ihcx ar«, nnd they all mean ttw««t. If I could rtmlly b« ths old witch ·who «ometlm«M looks al niu out if my mirror, ntt«r K hard weokond, an4' tf I oould really KQ to fhrlitenlnp, In fairy -tftlo [»«hlon, und nllp nomethlnft Into the lieart antt soul of encti of them, I know that ov«n titter a llfn-tlme of wcdi-ohlrn; t could find nothing more vnluftblo than « we » trie*! · of U s poult ion. P«rhap* you can't bn rich, (fttnon,«, »ucc(iflK/ul, "pretty. flut yiu CAN b« iw««it. nnd thnt'M worth the whole tot of them boiled together. Why lit It that onu jtlrl linn thlf tw«t)ty and another-- porhftpn her etji- ter. perhaps brought up under ox- tetly Dlmllur clrcumttuncc^, IK completely dovoM ot It? Why la It tlitit apparently clover pnnon» onn be Closely udMoclated wltti flfrreeabtr onts for year*, tind never ftbuot'b nny of It? Why Id It we mothers wocli «o harA over teeth, toni*ll«, Uincln« leuons, achoollng, bouuty In our children, and no often forgot to try t.o nstll simple »wto(riM» into th«m? Take Lucy anil ,-- slntoru , . like that about her. Wherever one go«n tlioro 1« ftn ntmosphcro of friction mul trotthle nnd adjustment and jii l(tiin/J*rstanl luff and »enalllvcn«as nnd nil tho other horrible thlnge Hint make Ufa BO hard, "In *ha mftdT" we used to whisper about Lucy, twenty years ago. when used to fling out of the that .1 have known ntnco their bnby hood 30 yetird ago. Laura Is Just nat llralty sweat, and Lucy is naturally aharp. and they seem no niovo ro sponsthle for it than j»ugt»r find vinegar. Lauut Is beloved everywhere, besieged with Invitations, always the center of a joyoud group, She never was ax pretty as Lucy, but Micro was always a certain light In her fuciij Country club opening, win Jane's that wa* as good as boauty. She," titernal (fratltudo by being more tlmn nurwery, with ti door bunging behind her. And "la she mad?" l« still the [ H« t Ion the world If Intt uVout her, Thltt Id n good hint to pass on to all the ,Tune brides who uco ulng lo »ettl« Into harness ; tht» anlunin, b«slnnlng lo realise t inner l«(fe la u IKo Job And needs tho courage nnd nhnrecter and ini- uglnntlon imd paOe««e that rtny other high vocation demand*, And If It Is true of the wqman, It Is doubly truo of the mitn. There In NOTHING that new wife of youva IA going to love In you as much w 3hn lovoii sweetness and 8 e nil en OHM. Be nmldblo with her, Whun the tremendous trtflcH of eftrly mnrrled life begin to pllotite, be sweet about It, Perhaps It won't nm tier. Porhaiw nobtxty will notice that Tom's dress vest didn't go to the cleaner; perhaps her guestfc will be too mnrry. Isugh- l!i(( tit Juno's dinner table nonsense, that to note that a Jelly omelette hat to bo hditllly iiibstltnted for the potted ohlok^n that went bnd. Bo »woet. When hi brings someone Important hntue for dinner without wixrnlnx, only sweetness will save you. When her mother turns xip un- y on tho very night of the ordinnrlly gracious to tho older woman, Lone maiden ladles, solitary lnch«1irtt. can go to club openings. But It IH only about the neck of n kind husb6nd that Jnnn will link hei. Isn't as witty HH J.uoj', nor ns efficient a housekeeper. But Ijftura's two urnull boys adoro her, and her kindly, not-toc-muwHs- ful husband thinks she is wonderful, and their household I* one of Incej im-lng arms after Mother has gone, find laughter. "Easy" mionw to (to-! nnd l( )(J on)v to nim t i, at she will scribe everything they tin, j my »j adore you for being so kind Lucy, on the other hand, tuiti wU| to.Mnrhor! t know what it m«vn to ways been "difficult, 1 You hnv« tO!y n l l 'i consider Lucy. "Vou know how Lucyi j^nov. jwsition, paulon. teauty, hates tt change of plan," wo tihvayn ,,,,.,,,,,,,; havi) n( thinK to do with have to iwy, ''You knuw Lucy won't like that rftom. You told Lucy that tt wan Just going to tie a fninlly din ner, now t don't think you ought to *»k anyone etae In. Did anyone hurt Lucy's faollngu',' She 6('iiin;d n little: cool. What was tho matter with marrlago, Murt-lagpti RO eti the every day. with all these olc- , and more, In them. But swentnnsg In the Jowol; Hweotness creates Its own at- uisih*re. An nmlnblo womnn and a Lucy, divorced, with HUB elionl little girl to rtilMi', despised Lniiru'u easiness. 8ho sayti that everyone ul- ways Imposes on Lnura, They laml their bnblrm on Lutiro; Launv's moth, or in law 1# always comlnjr down from (,-hlco on no-en I led trlpn, anil "working" Laura for hospitality and laundry and tickets anU everything, Nobody. ever impts«s on Lucy! One sister's jilory Is a ,,,,,. .. laughter; the happy history of a loved woman, whoua am I ability generosity nnd good-nature eternally gulling her Into hot company coming Just M the tracker In eaten, the new baby ar Hving In tho during (\ friend's c.exuitl vlatt: "Dttt you hoar of the terrible doff Sum W'OULl; pick U] ou the hl^lt way"' 1 LMirti demand*, heur about my getilng every one else settled In btxl, und then tng that place for me to «loei, myself, that t had to spend Sum's hlg leather diali 1 ? Did i you that I cooked a picnic lunch for seventeen people on Munday ~- and had counted on eight?" Laura has been years, and Haiti, with look thnt niati can eiu:ounter 111- nuns, moii^y troulile, nhtinge. sorrow rattkd no dlttpranco, Tho survives, nnd tho tin b'o- twenn them Id nil tho stronger tie- cause of the dark hours along the road. WHAT TOMOKItrW MUAN* TO VOU "LIBRA" ' . If October 10th tt your birthday,: the best hours for you on this date are from 7 a, m. to grJft a, m., from 3 p. ni. to 4 p, tit, nnd from 11 p, m, lo midnight. K The danger periods are from El a tn, to 10 a. m., and from T p, m. to 8:60 p. m. Th« Mtrologlcal Influences on thin Date will bring prosperity, hut not happiness, and there will be a multitude of small worries to overcome. (Existing Interests foreake, but not for your good. Be careful of lovt and courtehlp, M misunderstand- Ingo face you. Your elders will b« t your frlendi. Children born on tlil» October 18th will have Intense, emotion*! nd nometlme* «xploilv« natures, nnd they will need to eulllvit* wilt- control. They will be fond of g«l«ty and social llf«. and will like to take en active part In all that Is going en around ,h«m, They demand attention and love, although they will not express much affection. TVtere is nothing that new wife 9} yours it going to love in you as much as the lovtt svtttnttt and gentlenets. Be amiable with hit. ;he despised last choke turned out to be the best, and the grubbers all were to be found negotiating with :ho baby, who, by force ot elimination, and possibly with shrieks ami protest, was found In possession of ;h« nicest ot all? To wait amiably, Indifferently, of- tan moans Just that. It often means that you tint! yourself at ft t re man- dons advantage--ushers run cnwn tho aisles for you, with extra c ha Its that (ire placed In front of Row A llaolt, or tlio coolt, having disposed of all the meat'pie and potatoes, ent- iles forth front the kitchen with n random collection of chicken curi"y and mushrooms and artichoke hearts and trcsh toast, for that young who got left out on the first helpings- ey and position that are coupled with We all know beauty, genius, man: the . utter wretchedness ot the poe Perhaps you can't be rich, successful, pretty. But you- CAN be sweet, and that's worth the whole lot ot them boiled together. Honey, position, passion, beauty, success, have nothing to do with happy marriage. Marriages go on the rocka every day, with all these elements, and more, In them. , ' But sweetness la the etwentioi jewel; fweetneit creates Its own atmosphere, So cultivate sweetness, you girls who write me wistfully that you want to be popular, that you want to win your way iotnehowto beloved wilehood and motherhood, to your own place tn the sun. Wa alt know beauty, genius, money and .position that at* coupled with the'utter wretchedness of the possessor. But not one of us know* a sweat-tempered generous heart that Is lonely or forgotten. SCHOOL But not one of us know* a sweet-tempered generous heart that Is lonely or forgotten, tlo, nor ever will--not while fire burns, and water runs downhill, and men nnd women love laughter and goodncaa and unselfishness. That Is probably Oio answer, the explanation. Being "difficult" Is really only being iwlflsh and egotistical, To object and question and criticise Is only an effort to moke yourself unimportant above others. Rocks don't move, and we stumble over them. But fluid things, living things, change and adapt themselves. The Bushing old song In right; "'tis love, love, that moke* the world go 'round!' i,(j.:ui;niJ*(irn* will tin mental and itol material, You liavn Ihn Intel- lecturnl grsjtp which ahowi/tbat IF you wlshtd, you could make I If* stand and dellvtr, and probably you rr« UMn« from httr bin*, th* thing/' which you mist de*lr«--th* novel- tie* of lit*. You »r» never without frlnndK, »nrt, you *onn mak« new '»«·-- picked from wiry walk of life, If a p«r*on (nttrenW you or umu«e* you, th*y n**d h»v« no further pedigree. Tour lack of «nob tttf Is a hallmark of your fr««t- ness, and popularity. Vou *t» quixotically loyal, and you will al- nays have a *r««t many hanger* on who take advantage of the ft' your bort, SNeenwryl P*»pJ» Born , ._Robert j,, Htcv*n«~1»tv4)nlM«-r An ^ inv«ntor ,, _ M , )en Hunt j M k'»on-»Uthor s_E4w*rd Ix»*lt«-- actor. ^^^re^^icit m ft f o«rmany. n ,.,char!M Seribiwr-- publliher, fl ^harlcjt W«diw«rth Cunp-»n- thnr The traltti are exhibited In nearly every t role you play, You are a born, spender. »ml nearly all your mole rial gifts soon slip through your fingers. YOU will nJway*, however, have an abundance of ttoort humour r.nd your wells or faith will never run dry. Your spirit* can never be pauperized. TTierf are few people who live more In the "now", than j you do, and you often have to pay heavily for your yesterday*, but you do BO most cheerfully, nnd you will never learn to provide for "lha ( · rainy day," ; You get your excitement frotu; outward rather than Inward thing*: | get It from dtehJng about, and from ' necking new and fantastic quips o f | experience. You will neverirtiy "put"' and you are a bom wanderer inj nju«*t of tomethlng new, and your · SEA STOEV A ju«rt*tto of rev*tor« were down on the waterfront on« moonlit night. Hinging "Sweet Adeline," when the tenor fell cff the dock Into the bay, The Incident panMd bnttoticed by th» loader, but be perceived tbat torn*thing was wrong with the harmony. " 'Small*r wlilt you boyoT" h* complained, "On* of you don't sound right." "It's Jack," rumbled the b*s«n, stlomnly, "He'* off quay." rOMCJS CHIKF; So tho woman conf*Hed, «h? How did you get hr to do It? SMART DtSTRCTIVB: Offered b«r a prise for thn So cultivate swootnotin. you girls TO SAY THERE, CAN BE MO CHANGrE IN TWK PRtSENT HIGH CO*T _ want to bo popular, that you want CAN GO I J HtCHEP. to win your way somehow to Ixi- loved wlfehond nnd motherhood, to your own places In the sun, Be the one that eats anything, plays any doesn't mind the seat behind the column,'t mind giving up her reom to .Dnd's guoitt. Tt, isn't qulto natural to be unselfish and «m*nn,tilii, tw. Tint It IH n supernatur al experiment thnt n'lll reward you so Instantly that a very nhart trial makes it seem mere commonsensc. LI In tries to teach us lessons-- or perhape It la Divine force, perhaps It Is God wl»o Is the teacher. so dull! Fur example, you remember, when you wore a child, and some choice wns presented to children, what SL grucolcsii for the best sent, the best til* heat pleon of candy, and bent corner for a "houso," took place. eight jTlie oldest or Htrongost boy umutlly at all the gam on, all the wllh this kind or re how* and arrows, ell til* Indian suits WHAT.* YOUR PILOT.' AND YOU'RE TWIMV i FELLOWS; IM PON BYRNES AND SKEETER HVF 1UST IN LOSANSELES LANDING ' LITTLE PLANE ATTHE^ 1 MUNICIPAL AIRPORT WHERE THEY ARE TO EXHIBIT PLANE AS THE NEWEST TYPT IN' "SAFETY DESIGN" AT THE ALL- YEAR AERIAL IT'S A SORT OF VACATION TRIP" FOR THE- BOXS, THEM BOTH TO AFTER THEIR. TRYING EXPERIENCE WITH THE PIRATES' SUPPOSED ID BE ON SICK LIST BUT I'M OKAY/ SUCH A CUSS LET HIM, DO AL11HE WORK! HOW ARB YOU, BYRNES! TONKINS' GLAD TO KNOW YOU, TOM KINS' mark, from a iiunbnivt, sny* that he and tho rtnjnlmtur wa.i dtvldod only ANPTHIS IS TAD-SPIN TOMMY jusr HIS LITTIE JOKE, BYRNESI^ LFT HIM has yet to icti hpc iuid, or tir (llaflftrcwiWe 1 , or whvn he had had his iilck. An" then you toiii'Muhiti'liow often Putting On the Ritz fa* A 23v BROADWAY /SUM M"W£ MAti OU THE By Glenn Chaffin and Hal Fonreit Shtrlock Holmei Murder On the Moor The Stranger Vanishes "At ton," wd, "** InfomwHM to )MV« ^^·Wil -- -^"^ *iw, .of f». ^ « r , ibriBfl tt oat In th» fflomlog, h««rd Km moving ·bwil. H* utd M eeutd not il*»p b«oMH* h* WM wwiiy »bcwt *» horwi, *nd !nt*fld«d to wilk dew* b the it*bi« «nd weN, Sfw t*9»:d hfn.- ' '· *t tn* [ eouH h«*f ttw ritn o«tt»rtM tttmt (h» ' hirf I «BJ kt* ' -. J "Tbi.fwo Ml v*» By Sir Arthur Cotuui Doyle "Mr*. Strettr ewekt «t MVM le n*4 W httbmd hid Ml .yet (wfwnie*. %· dmtwd h««%j eil*d #» M let ot* w «w tHeUe*. The «W WM *p«« hiltf*. kMM «n «thilr, Hmt^.-tht tfetk^r, «l Alt/tut* tlVMT, Tk« flVMttt'l fMI vn *MDh r'T 1 Mminf dvrtng tht ri)gM, Mh|wiM «f torn* J»WWM A* Of, N» tern* «wM b* t»t MI of Km, wd U WM lad do I!MB tt off, «Mt the two womwi anJ *· b»yi t*« ««t In t*«rcA

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