The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 14, 1914 · Page 10
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
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Tuesday, July 14, 1914
Page 10
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Page Ten T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Tuesday Evening, July 14, 1914. ] i -. _ i ' DEM PEOPLE i OFF ON WabasH Station Scene of Much Activity. ONE OF BIGGEST DAYS at Camp Butler. The Stewards entertained and those present were Mrs. George Ford. Misses Ellse, Vera and Hallie Ford, Bruce Ford, Miss Edith Scott of Memphis, Tenn.; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jackson, Marie Grey, Pauline Nickens, Lelah Goins. Blenche Kelley, Robert Earnest, John Lawrence. Harry Long and Homer Goins. Misses Ellae ana Vera and Bruce Ford will enter the College of Nashville this fall. Bruce Ford expects to specialize in dentistry. THREE~RUNS TO I.eForgees, Graliams and Muellers Leave. Th,- l.lgh t i d e of summer . o r ist and . .cation t r a v e l has s t r u c k the local ,,,,,,.,,. of .he W a b a s h a n d Illinois C e n , r , i Tii'-- 1 "^ m o r n i n B . w i t h its a.,,,'re of cool w e a t h e r , j u s t a b o u t con- L .,, °d a r e c o r d in -he exit of Deca;,, r f e e k e r s R f t e r f i s h , cool breezes, er , n a n d w i n k l e s m o o t h i n g rest. PCF.NE OF ACTIVITY. The W a b a s h station was the scene of t h f i K r e i t c ' t a n i m a t i o n a n d t h e g r e a t - ] .,,t r o r f ' i s l o n Tiiecnav mornin?. GRASS FIRES Dry Weather Caunea Blazes Alone tbe Railroad Tracks. The fire department made a run to the intersection of West William street and the Wabash railroad shortly a f t e r 9 o'clock Tuesday morning when a grass fire started by a spark became dangerous. The fire was ex t l n g i erty. A second grass fire during the da Tuesday called the department to the corner of East Hickory and Lowber streets at 1:05 p. m. when people) in the neighborhood became worried over t v.o extent of the grass blaze. No damage was done. THIRD FIRE. The third grass fire of the day called o p a r t i e s , of n e r a t u r people S t a r t - F °'! r i the department to the 1900 block on on s u m m e r v a c a t i o n t o t h e north W !, r . w h i c h m-lude,1 every, h m « f r o m K olf, to cure for ··reckle" an e - v t r a o r d i n a r v number or ' - b l ^ f i o t r a v e V r . , a n d people TM» k 1 "- h o r r t r i p s I n ' o t h e c o u n t r v a n d t h e » l t n p l - l l f " . s«. import passenKer agents , n d h-«a«e men and crowded o u t s o - .,,« t r a i n s . Fe« l o n e t r i p t i c k e t s w i r e ,.,ld ov,r i h « I l l i n o i s c e n t r a l as he . r ,. a ,e.r v i c a r , "n ' r a v e l over t h a t line ; t o t h e s o u t h a n d Is n o t i n f u l l swln* - t v o f HNF. OF r.i'-,c,F.?T DATS. M o n d i y w a s o n e o f t h e bluest days , t t h o . - n t i - e ^ . · J r at the loc.a Wabash o f f i r o I n conne.-tlon w i t h t i c k e t sales. X l n . r e s o r v a t i . - n s w e r e booked by De- 0,-itnr people to Penver. all of which the w,-ok. Xorth Lowber street about 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The blaze was inc i p i e n t and caused no trouble. Found in Good Condition-List of Donations. Members of the board of directors of the Anna B. Millikln home .were taken through the home after the regular board meeting this morning, by the superintendent, Miss Caldwell. Eleven of the rooms have just been cleaned and everything was found In good condition. The women also were shown the new walk outside. Only routine business was transact ed at the meeting. In the absence o the secretary. Mrs. R. M. Mschan. he place was filled by Mrs. E. A. Morgan One old woman has been admitted tt the home the last month. The follow .r,g d o n a t i o n s were reportded- DONATIONS. Clothing---Mrs. W. D. Orr, Mrs. Mar shall, Misses Huckstep, Williams, Mes Ele , r 'pinneli. Stowell and Howell. Jelly--Miss Skinner. Bunch bananas--C. E. Ward Com p a n y . Carpet--Mrs. E P Irving, rherries--Mrs. C. P. Thatcher. Eatables--St. Johns' picnic. I n v a l i d chair--Mr. McGaviu. Money--Two friends. Eatables--Congregational picnic. Magazines--Mrs. E. T. Evans. Clothing--Mrs. I. T. Machan. E a t a b l e s -- M i s s i o n a r y society Fir. e M s t h o d i s t church. T w e n t y loaves of bread, beans salad--Central Church of Christ. Eatables--Law enforcement b a n q u e Clothing--Mrs. ,T. M. Allen. To Hear Case--Has Excel lent Reputation. f r o m e busy t n e a t - , [ a i m e d d u r i n u More t h n n Jl.'W lolled I . l a v s f . ' l e s a n d an old I m o p p h o r e p r e v a i l e d . MTELI-KR? TO WISCONSIN. Among the who left the city on v a c a t i o n s T u e s d a y m o r n i n g were: Mr- H , - n r v M u e l l e r , her d a u g h t e r . Lenore. and th" p u r s i s wh Meeting of Firm's Directors is Being Held. Present officers ai the Mueller Manu l a c t u r i n g company are expected t o j v . ho for the past ten years have ma b a v o been v i s i t i n g a » t h o home, who went to Trout l..nkf. Wisconsin for th- summer L l f i t e m r l and Mrs John SiSson '-.raham « ho w e n t to M a l e Island. Ca.., whe-e the l i e u t e n a n t will report for n a v a l Mrs. C. C. LeForsee and ,1,ue'"i«T. Vallette. who accompanied ·,'·· M r ' I s i i b ' l l " Venr.Uerholz left to .o'ln' Mr LeFors-e at Fish Creek. M i c h Mis-? Tina Have? who left for !i«r t h IRWIN'S DRUG STORE TO MOV Heinle of Argenta. The contest was given under the auspices of the Argenta W. C. T. U. TO LEWD Lev. W. O. Roush to Answer Charges in Decatur. COURT OF MINISTERS Rev. William O. Roush, who for a number of years past has been pastor of the Methodist church in Warrensburg, 111., will come to Decatur Friday. July 17 to make his defense of charges made against his name and reputation by members of his church and other residents of Warrensburg, before officers of the Decatur district of the Illinois Methodist Conference, according to his own statement. CHARGES MADE, The charges made against him by alleged enemies are to the effect that he has been guilty of actions unbecoming to a minister which warrant drastic measures. "I wish to state," said Rev. Mr. Roush Tuesdav morning, "that half of the r u m o r s which are going about on the street here are nothing but lies. and I declare my innocence." TO PROVE INNOCENCE. F u r t h e r t h a n that the minister had no statement to make, he said, u n t i l a f t e r the trial in D e c a t u r in which he will endeavor to prove his innocence of the charges before church officials. The a f f a i r has seriously a f f e c t e d his h e a l t h , according to the members of « o f t d r i n k devotees and patrons his family, who siy he has been ill " ROCKING CHAIR CLUB. The Rocking Chair club will meet Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Laura Goff, 1644 North College street FRESH WATER IN LAKE. Fresh water from wells is now being pumped into the lake at Dreamland park. The water had become stagnant and there was some complaint about the odor to the township board of health. There will be no further jause for complaint when the lake is filled with fresh water. W. C. T. U. MEETING. The W. C. T. U. will meet Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the First Christian church. Mrs. Lucille Loring- Evans will be leader. IS IMPROVING. Mrs. Mary Miller, 1025 North Edward street, who severely inlured her left a n k l e ' i n a fall about ten days ago, is improving rapidly. Mrs. Sarah E. Roberts Expires at Mt Zion. ADMINISTRATOR. Guy E. Hockaday has been appointed administrator of the estate of Martha Ann Hockaday, and filed his bond in the sum of $1,000. DIPHTHERIA. A case of diphtheria is reported in the family of Mr. Massey, 220 Marlon street. East FOUND WATCH. . Frank H. W h i t m e r of the Decatur Model l a u n d r y f o u n d a lady's gold watch on the street Sunday a n d is look- ng for the owner. Mrs. Mary Florence Trowbridge, wife of E. A. Trowbridge, died at 2:30 Tuesday m o r n i n g at the family residence, 1490 west Wood street. Her death was caused by opthalmtc goitre. Her maiden name was Mary Florence Phillips. She was born at Salem, Ind., Feb. 11, 1871 She and E. A. Trowbridge were married at Vallonia, Ind., Oct. 7, 1893. She is survived by her husband and three children. Ray O. Trowbridge, Olga F Trowbridge and Olaf H. Trowbridge and the following brothers and sisters J. C. Phillips of Nickerson. Kan.: J. H Phillips of Medora, Ind.: Mrs. Nora E Laudermilk of Stanford, III.; Mrs. A W. Wheeler of Tunneltown, Ind. Charles B. Phillips and B. H. Phillip of Urbana, and Laura A. Fey of Con nersville, Ind. She was the member of the Central Church of Christ and ot the Loyal Americans. The funeral will be held at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the residence. The services will be conducted by F.ev. TV. H. Cannon. The interment will be in Fairlawn cemetery. Papers Secured for "Illinois State Club." STATEMENT BY DECK Says Incorporated Clubs Can Be Prosecuted. be re-elected at the meeting of directors of the f i r m which is being held this week. They a r e : President--Adolph Mueller. Vice President--Phillip Mueller Secretary-Treasurer--Robert Mueller. The report of the officers shows the business of the company in a satisfactory condition. th« I ,,,,,- ,., C i n c i n n a t i a f t e r a visit at l n n ,,.,mc of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Hess: Mr and Mrs. Luther M a r t i n to Chicago, n o r t h e r n a n d eastern .in.1 p o i n t s . ,,,·· p r o m i s e of heavy passenger bus- tnes? t h r o u g h o u t the m o n t h of July is h o l m s m o r e ' t h a n f u l f i l l e d , according t o W a i . n s h o f f l c ' H l s n r s i X E S S INCREASE PROHISED. CHARGED WITH HARBORING DOGS Pnul Memloser Gives Bond of «"' to Appear tor Trial, Paul Meminger was arrested Tuesday morning on a charge of keeping an unlicensed and unmuzzled dog. He appeared before Justice U. G. Gile and gave bond of $:5 to appear for trial at 1 o'clock next Friday afternoon. It seems the Memingers, who live in the 500 block on East William street, complained to R u f u s Gardner, t h e doe catcher, about a woman next f'.oor who owned a dog. When Gardner went down to Investigate. the woman said she wasn't harboring th N. Irwin North W a t e r street b r a n c h store a m e e t i n g place will have to a c q u i r e the h a b i t of w a l k i n g an- o t h e r block s o u t h by A u g . 1. at which t i m e Mr. Irwin expects to be r e a d y for the o p e n i n g of the N o r t h W a t e r street b r a n c h in a new location at 225 North Water The b u i l d i n g is that recently vacated by the Lotus bar and soft d r i n k parlor, and Mr. Irwin t h i n k s the, location greatly improved over the old stand. since the t r o u b l e arose recently. REPUTATION GOOD. Mr Roush is well known among cen- tra! Illinois church circles, and ac- q u a i n t a n c e s in Decatur say that his r e p u t a t i o n has always been of the best. He s t a r t e d his career in Minier, 111., In In 1S90 he was called to the Decatur Men Interview Frank S. Dickson. J. A. Corbett. president of the Association of Commerce: John Byrne, . c h u r c h in New Holland and In 1S84 went to Heyworth where he remained u n t i l 1837 when he took up work In Downs. He went to Bloomington in 1599 and remained there u n t i l 1901 when he took the call to xWaynesville From the l a t t e r place he went to Stonington and from there to the c h u r c h I n Warrensburg. Conference o f f i c e r s here r e f u s e to m a k e public anything concerning their part in the coming proceedings. They say that they have no d e f i n i t e knowledge of the charges and that a n y t h i n g they should say now would be prema- t u r e and m i g h t be unfair to the accused. LIKE WOODPECKERS. The riveters began working on the Powers b u i l d i n g Monrlav. Two gangs are at work and t h e y make more noise than a million woodpeckers. WILL SELL MAPS Harold McXabb l e f t Monday night ] , . v . , , i ~ . . ^..m .T.~ - sociation 01 t - o m m e r t e , . l u u n ui i n^, H . c h e s t o p e r a t i n g o f f i c i a l s of t h r e e ;|og . ag ehe didn . t w a n t , t and t h a t ; _ Dr A. F Wilhelmy. J o h n - A . drolls o p o - n i n e I n t o Decatur who d o u l d come an(J t a k e It away : ,, , . . " · · _ ; -,,,. p,TM. - a n t a i n of , u l r ".on!nc met w i t h b r o t h e r off i c i a l ? f i o m n i n e o t h e r western r a i l - TM,r]? . n St. Louis. promised a heavy i n c r e a s e ,n the b u s i n e s s done and the '...-nines t', ho received hv t h e i r roads r t u ' i n i - t h ' l a t e s u m m T ami f a l l m . r ,t"^ In o p t i m i s t i c speeches which were b a c k e d rrp by the e x p e r t s of all t h e roarls G o n o r l l M i n a e e r Honr-. M i l l e r of the \ V i v a ? h . c a n f " n o t h i n c b u t better -usim'Ss f r o m now on ami e x p o r t s t h a t oth f r e l c ' . t a n d passenger revenues on th- B m n r r R o u t e will increase in · c a p * an'! b o - i n d * He savs t h a t the i n c r e a s e m b u s i n e s s has n l - » a r t y begun ·ind t h a t f o o n o m l c a l c o n d i t i o n s in the WM» m i k " f u r t h e r dopr-sslon impos- s i b l e . V v » P r e s - d - n t W U Park of t h e I l l i n o i s ' C e n t r a l n d d » d h l i voice t o the eer.oral n p t l - n ' M i e conference and s h o w » d hv s t a t i s t i c * t h a t t h e I. C. ·.nrt o t p » r l o a d s oporarinir i n t o the « o u t h are d u e for n l a r t r o Increase .n t r i f f l e '1'i'lne t h i s and following -urnm*"- «".'! f a l l m o n t h s T B H a m i l t o n , eenornl m a n a g e r of t h e V a n d a l i a . f o u n d eeneral agreement w i t h h's ."tKtcment t h a t the corner has ho»n ti'-n-'1 on the nTlod of general d e p r e s s i o n a n d t h a t soon t h e surphis - f o r k of the r o a d s s h o u l d have to be .-al'od i n t o p e r v i c n . A m o n g other rail- -oad *-p*-rts w h o p r o m i s e d trood times urnone r a i l r o a d circles, to come, Imme- d l a t o ' v . W H S A l e x a n d e r Robertson. former!-- W a h a F h s u p e r i n t e n d e n t a n d now a s s i s t a n t to the president of the M i s s o u r i P i r i f i c - F r o n M o u n t a i n . P H V O B TO VEW YORK. I n t o D e c a t u r ^ w h o G 3 r d n c r coul( , come an(J t a k e It away henever he wanted to. For this r e a in. he did not prosecute h e r , but he · u n d the Memingers had f o u r dogs r u n n i n g around. W i l l i a m Rodger pleaded guilty before Justice Gile to harboring an u n - icensed dog and paid a f i n e of $3 and "lists. FIRST CHRISTIAN LIBRARY PLANNED A committee was a p p o i n t e d at the m e e t i n g of the Cfc-lstian Endeavor society of the First Christian church Monday night to confer with the Ladles' A i d society In regard to using the ladles' parlor as a library for the Endeavor society. The society Is expecting to start a l i b r a r y if it can secure a room and will ask for the ladies' parlor. The committee consists of Doris Lew-man, F l n e t t a Radford and Leland Smith. About thirty young people attended the meeting last nlsht. Reports for tho last six months were read. It was voted to give $10 toward tho curren expenses of the church, and it was also decided to take up the efficiency chart fo r the society. Scribbins and Roy Riggs. c a p t a i n of Company 5. F i f t h regiment, I. N. G . l e f t Tuesdav m o r n i n g for Springfield in Mr. Corbett's a u t o They are plan- ing to meet Ad.iutant General Frank Dickson t h i s a f t e r n o o n in the hopes f s e c u r i n g a $3,000 annual rental from he state for an armory here. BEST IN STATE. If this a-mount Is secured, the erec- ion of a $50,000 armory in connection 'ith the new Odd Fellows' b u i l d i n g j-ill be insured. It will be one of the, est single company armories in the tate. Mr. Scribbins has already d r a w n ians for it, for Bristol. Wis., to t a k e a position w i t h the S c a r b o r o u g h Map c o m p a n y . He will travel on the road and soil m a p s d u r i n g t h e s u m m e r v a c a t i o n . PYTHIAN HOME BAND. The matter of o r g a n i z i n g a Pythian Home band has been put over until a f t e r the grand lodge meeting in Quincy next October at which t i m e p e r m l s sion for the band will he asked. I was u n d e r s t o o d when the band was f i r s t proposed t h a t It met w i t h the hearty approval of the b o a r d but since then some strong opposition came f r o m part of the board so that the band was not organized. J. ARTHUR MOORE HERE. J. A r t h u r Moore, f o r m e r captain of the Millikin f o o t b a l l t e a m , visited friends in D e c a t u r for a short time Monday and then went to Taylorville. Moore has been spending the last year in Alaska as a t t o r n e y for tbe government and is now located in Seattle MRS. SARAH E. ROBERTS. Mrs. Sarah E. Roberts, wife of M. F. Roberts, died at 6 o'clock Monday evening at the family residence in Mt. Zion. Her death was caused by tuberculosis, a f t e r a long illness. Her maiden name was Sarah E. Howard. She was born in Douglas county, June 30, 1S62. She and M. F. Roberts were married at Camargo, Sept. 7, 18SO. She was a m e m b e r of the Presbyterian church at Mt Zion. She is survived by her husband and one sister, Mrs. Anna M. Another phase of the e f f o r t of for. mer Decatur saloon men to operate "lid" or "pleasure" clubs in this c i t y developed today in Springfield. Articles of incorporation were secured from Secretary of State Harry Woods today by Lonnie Creekmur. James Whalen and John Davis for the Illinois State club of Decatur. It Is f be run "without profit and for "social" purposes only. ON NORTH FRANKLIN. Creekmur stated that he has secured rooms at 116-20 North Franklin street and proposes to open a club there. Beer will be served to the members for 5 cents a pint and 10 cents a quart. That is, that a m o u n t will b! paid to Creekmur, Whalen and Davis for serving it. Each member will bo supposed to order his own booze from Mt. Pulaski, Springfield or somewhera else. C r e e k m u r stated he had no par. ticular reason for Incorporating his club. DECK'S STATEMENT. According to State's Attorney J. T* Deck, an incorporated ' lid" club i» more open to prosecution t h a n on* tand anQ one » i a t c i , i.^.^. -»....«· ---- i n u i e UIJKII t'^ tj« -j-"- - ·-*.-... .. White of Toledo, III., and four broth- which is not incorporated. He declares ere. J. M. Howard of Toledo. 111.; John t r a t they can be haled Into court for Howard and M. G. Howard of Mt. Zion, tne ]eas t offense and given the l i m i t and Emmett Hov-ard. who lives In Iowa. of the la . w because they are governed The funeral will be held at 11 o'clock bv the state as well as the city stat Wednesday forenoon at the residence. The interment will be In the Mt. Zion HAg A .. TR1 7MP." State's Attorney Deck is anxious "· have the newspapers drop mention 08 the "lid'' clubs for a while. He I n t i . mates that he has a trump card up his rleeve which he proposes to play against them soon. Scraps of News. Receiver E. B Pryor of t h » Wabash ac-ompanl-'l by J. I.. Minnis. general solicitor of the road, has gon» to New York to con'er w i t h h e n d s of t h e re- c r i r n n U a t i o n c o m m i t t e e concerning t h e 20 "FRESH AIR" CHILDREN HERE Will Be Entertained In Decatur Homes for Week or Two. Wabash train No. 15 was given a big welcome by a platform f u l l of Decatur people when It pulled In at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, the occasion being the arrival of about twenty "Fresh Air" children from Chicago who came to kind Decatur people for a vacation f r o m hard pavements and tenements The children were photographed on the station lawn before being separated and taken to the various homes. d e v e l o p m e n t s in t h e wind up of t h e W a b i s h r e c e i v e r s h i p . D u r i n g t h e t r i p h" w i l l fo to Woodstock, Va., to o b t a i n in o r d e r f r o m Judge, Adam? of ,v,» f e d e r a l court r e l a t i v e to the re' M ^ r r p ' c e r t i f i c a t e s m a t u r i n g August 1. Central Passenger Agent J. D Mc- Sarn.ira and T r a f f i c M a n a g e r W. C. K a x w r ' l . tt iso of the Wabash. parsed i h r o u r b D e c a t u r lote Monday evening "n t h " i r wav fo New York to attend a 'oint rin f ---r«"-f on l a k e and rail tour- 'P( r a t e s Robert Hnffey LeaTM. R o h r r t Haff'-y. who for a number of ·--irs past ha? been employed in the 'M.-|pion o f f i c e s of the Wabash in De/ . i t i i r and l a t e l y has held n clerkship m the local maintenance of way office, , l l H v t .^ ,. -. has ton.1c-"od his r e s i g n a t i o n from Wa- \ all the tvaKJns and the consumer ca Msh «r.rvic e effective at once. H a f - see the ice weighed if l.e wants to. fov went to Lcwistown. Mont., about a week Ften for an extended vacation and according to word received here, has s e e u r r d a position in the C. M. * St. P railroad offices there. His ' a t h i T and mother expect to join him oon and spend the summer in Mon- 1.1 nft. TESTING SCALES ON ICE WAGONS Jobn Dayton Telln of Recelvlnsr Com plaints of Short WefgrhtB. John Dayton, Inspector of weight and measures, said Tuesday that h had received a number of complaint that certain ice men were giving shor weigh-.s. Mr. Dayton Is now testini the scales oil the ice wagons and no tifying the drivers that complaint have been made. There are scales or GucfftK of the Steward*. Major Ford's family of Springfield wer« the E u e s t s of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fte«.'flr! Sundav. MT. Ford is the sup e r i n t e n d e n t of the national cemetery FRED RICHTER OUT FOR SHERIFF Files Hla Petition) A. A. Hill fo County Treaanrer. Fred Richter, Democratic candidat for sheriff, filed his petition wit County Clerk Penlwell Monday after noon. A. A. Hill of Casner. Democrat! candidate for county treasurer, file his petition Tuesday morning. People You Know LONG CREEK SOCIAL. The Epworth league of the Methodist church of Long Creak will give an ice r r e a m social on Tuesday evening, July 14, at the home of George Shumate. TO CALIFORNIA. Mrs. Ray A. Moore left today for her home In California. She will be accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Hannah Potter as far as Ft. Morgan, Colo., where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. J o h n L. S_erree, for two months. THREE M SOCIETY. The Three M society of the Riverside Baptist church will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Spoclal business will be a t t e n d e d to. ON WAY BACK. Earle K o l l i n g t o n and Wendell Cross, ictorcvclists. reached Detroit Sunday vening on their w a y from Niagara 'alls to Decatur. They are coming by ,-ay of Ann Arbor. Chicago and Starved ?ock and expect to reach here Friday morning. T R I P TO LAKES. Mr. a,nd Mrs. Carleton F. Mattes left Tuesday afternoon for a trip of several weeks i n t o Michigan and on the akes. E. A. Dearth, registered pharmacist t the Decatur Drug company, has re- urned from a week's vacation trip to Grand Ridge and Ottawa, 111. Raymond C. Scherer has, gone to ..ouisville, Ky.. to visit his grandpar- nts. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Berten, f o r - · n r l y of this city. Miss Edith Estes of Lovingion is ·isiting Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Acton. Mr. and Mrs. Acton and Miss Estes spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank -sarnett near Oa-Kley. TO U. OF C. Miss May Boland, p r i n c i p a l of the Oakland school, w i l l leave S u n d a y for Chicago where she will spend six weeks in summer school at the University of Chicago. HAD RELAPSE. J. Earl Miles of the D e c a t u r D r u g company, is taking a. vacation this veek. He, Mrs. Miles and their son, Marlowe, are visiting relatives in Wel;n. Mrs. Kenneth Sherman, 129 South First street, entertained the Misses Ha^el and Leola Tate of Staunton and Miss Nellie Vaughn of Danville over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs C. C. Strong and little son returned Sunday after ten days- visit with Mrs. Strong's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. O. Newton, in Macon, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carter returned after a ten days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. Newton in Macon, Mo. For the present they will live with Mrs. Carter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Newton, 1249 East North street. Mrs W A. McKelvey and Mrs. F. G. Stewart, both of Chicago, are spending the summer with their mother, Mrs. S. McGowan. 1303 North College street, Mrs. A. S. Kazar of Bement has Just returned to her home after a week's visit with her mother, Mrs. S. McGow- DEEDS RECORDED. I A. Chappell to J. J. Swatz lot 12, block 2, Leafland Heights: $4,000. William Banfield to Hugh Logan, lots IS and 19, Mock 11, Walnut Grove addition, 5100. Mrs. W A Graves. 1348 North Monroe street, who was recovering from her illness last week, had a velapse Sunday evening. She was reported b e t ter a g a i n t h i s m o r n i n g , though she s still p r e t t y sick. AT GLASGOW. Word has been received from Miss Alice Dempsey reporting the safe ar rival and landing of lh» S. S. Saturnla on which she booked passage from Montreal, and subsequently her own arrival In Glasgow. Scotland. KIPP AT BERLIN. Fred Kipp has written briefly from Berlin to say that his European trip i progressing nicely a n d that he Is en joying every m i n u t e of it He says h hasn't time to settle down to a long descriptive letter as yet START WEST. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Van Gundy of Ma con will start T h u r s d a y of this weel with their six children for Los Angeles where they will spend the remainder of the summer and part of the winter. While in California, they will visit the f a i r at San Francisco IN "CHICAGO W. R. Bresle, 624 West Prairie, general agent for the Wells Fargo Express Co., is in Chicago on business. Mr. and G MrI 0 E°V White and .on Fred, who live at l«-'9 North Church street, leave for Oakland. Cal.. tomorrow They will stay in California for about three months visiting friends. AMERICA*. Chicago-New York game postponed; rain. St. Louis-Philadelphia game postponed rain. Cleveland ... Boston " ° ^ Steen and O'Nell: Shore and Cady. Detroit " " W a s h i n g t o n o n D u b u c and S t a n a s e : Ayres and Williams. LABOR DAY UNOBSERVED. The local Trades and Labor Assembly has voted to not hold any sort of celebration of Labor Day here this vear. The local unions have received a number of i n v i t a t i o n s to participate in other cities and they may decide to accept one of these. N ^ T I O S A L LEAfltTE. Brooklyn at P i t t s b u r g h , game postponed, r a i n FIRST GAME. PhlladMnhia . . . . . . . . . . . 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 . . C i n c i n n a t i ° 0 1 1 0 .............. Batteries -- Alexander and Killifer; Y i n g l i n g and Erwin. K. of C WOMEN. The K n i E h t s of Columbus women will hold t h e i r regular social gathering in the hall at W a t e r and North streets Wednesday a f t e r n o o n at the usual hour. The a f t e r n o o n will be passed in cards and o t h e r f o r m s of amusement. MOTHER SICK. Mrs. J. ?. E d m u n d s o n . ?29 West Dec a t u r street, has been called to Rockford by the serious Illness of her mother. Mrs. F. M C h a m b e r l a i n . Pittsburgh-Brooklyn game postpon- 'd. rain. FIRST GAME. 3 u f f a l o 000 00" 00 Baltimore "00 O f 3 00 Krapp and Blair; Suggs and Jack- iltsch. SPENDS VACATION HERE. E. H. McCartv, disiri't m a n a g e r for the Hershev Chocolate company, with h e a d q u a r t e r s at Peoria. is spending a two weeks' v a c a t i o n w i t h his m o t h e r at :" W«;t Cerro lordo s'reet. ST. JOHANNES' CIRCLE. St. Johannes' Sewing circle w i l l meet Thursday a f t e r n o o n at the home of Mrs. Paul Arndt. 1130 N o r t h Illinois street. TROUTMAN OUT. Charles T r o u t m s n will be a Republican candida'e for nomination for sheriff. He began c i r c u l a t i n g his pet i t i o n Tuesday. RETURNS HOME Mrs. A. S. Austin of Chicago, who has been visiting Mrs. .Tames E. Stumpf and f r i e n d s here for thfc past two weeks has returned home. COOLER WEATHER. Decatur welcomed the cooler weather Tuesday. Though in ordinary summers. Tuesday's temperature would be considered hot, it was icy compared with w h a t has been handed Decatur in the past week. The mercury was SS at neon. FEDERAL. MUST HAVE BEEN GREAT BALL GAME Just sixty-eight s e a r s ago June 19 the first game of baseball was played in this country and it was of course tbe f i r s t game of baseball as we know It in the world. It took place at Hoboken. N. J.. and was more of a society event than a n y t h i n g else, those rarticipating being members of New- York's first families and the spectators for the most part were society belles from Gotham. The game as it was started differed q u i t e a bit from our pastime of the present day. There were no gloves, masks or equipment of the sort. The pitchers tossed the ball underhanded and took pains to place it whereever t r e batter wished. Fielders, or "scouts,"' as they were called at the time, were allowed to catch the ball on the first bounce. The team scoring twenty-one runs was the winner regardless of the number of innings played. And after the game the whole company adjourned to a nearby tavern where dinner was had at the expense of the losing team. $5,100. Milton Hughes to Cora Hughts, lot. 1, block 2, James Selberllng's addition to Blue Mound; $1,000. MEETINGS. LaaloB' Auxiliary to the B. of L. E.--Meet- Ing- Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in K. of P. hall. A bicycle was . In front of A oicycie was* i Boone's grocery store Monday evening with the light b u r n i n g It w a = . t u r n e d over to the police. It is t h o u g h t that some one stole the wheel and then got scared and left it «i« re - MEDATCONTEST. At the gold medal contest given at the Shiloh church S u n d a y evening, the medal was awarded to Miss Grace Danville. July 14.--Renewed interest in the Rev. Patmont mystery was awakened today when a local investigator learned from a woman who has ''squealed' 1 that a. number of Westville, 111, Italians were concerned in the f i r s t as well as the last disappearance of the dry worker at Detroit. BORN. s ago . « , « r . r father or the child died several To Mr and Mrs r Chapp'H. 1334 N o r t h Gullck avenue, lueiday. July 14, a «on. wa.hlngton. July 14--I.ate today the Mate deportment received advice* that Haerta'a resignation wa« certain to come within a day or ao. .Tnl, developed after a conference between Secretary Bryan and Minuter Suarei l,l Chill. Surprise Party for Daughter. Mrs. Sarah Robinson, 502 South Church street, gave a. birthday surprise party for her daughter, Miss Anna Winston on Monday. About twenty- five were present and the evening was spent in playing games and music. A two course supper was served. Miss Armenia Collins of Taylorville and Miss Clara May of Springfield were the out-of-town guests. Judge Too Weak to Prolong Court Session. Clinton, July 14--Judge Cochran l» yet quite feeble and is unable to stand the hard strain of court work d u r l n K the exceedingly hot weather. Accordingly he caused the attornsyi to h u r r y through with their procedure and a f t » r granting ten divorces, hearing two criminal pleas and various other mo. tlons, he adjourned court u n t i l J u l y 23 at 9 o'clock. Nina Kraft was granted a divorce from Charles B. K r a f t , given the custody of her children a n d f i o per m o n t h toward their support. A motion was allowed that Fred Walden be caused to show why he doei not pay a l i m o n y to his former wife, Florence E. W a l d c n . Dismissals from w a n t of prosecution were entered In the cases of Beii- lah Hinkle against George Hinkle an.I i M. Withers against George Withers. Edna R o f e was granted a divorco from Alva Rose. Margaret Campbell was granted l divorce from Lewis Campbell and allowed to resume her former name of Margaret Dunbar. Lawrence A n d r i c k . r o u n d house foreman of the Illinois Central shops, was granted a divorce from Laura Andrick and given the custody of hi? twelv. y e a r s old daughter. Flora I. Eveland was given freedom by a divorce from Ivan E. Eveland Frances Spencer, whose case, h a s been heard in recent years In 'o-il and higher courts, was g r a n t e d a divorce from Cyrenus Spencer. HELMICK-MOOP.E. A marriage license was Issue* S i - urday In BloominEton to Clarenc" ~, Helniick of Farmer City and Miss 1M V Moore of Clinton. At a meeting of the directors of tr.« Weldon Springs chautauqua association next Thursday the board will mike a trip to Weldon Springs where thev will view the situation and decide upon definite plans for Improvement oefor« the beginning ot the session in August. FINDS VALUABLES IN BOX W. A. Cromer. living outside the cttv limit*, last Thursday h a u l e l away from the city several boxes which had been discarded by merchants. Among them were some f r o m the dry goodn firm ot Brown Brown. When he arrived home he found in one of the boxes from that firm two hundred yards of fine linen which had been overlooked. He returned the same yesterday to tha firm and received a reward. HAS DIPHTHERIA. The home of Pearl McCJurg on West North street was quarantined by City Physician B. M. Pugh because of t h « illness of Vincent Mullen, a. twelve- years old boy of Freeport who Is visiting the familv and who Is s u f f e r l n s from diphtheria. Next week the Hopkini Carnival company will pitch their tents on tha vacant lots in the 900 block on East Washington atreet. Three new lights have been received by the Clinton Gas * Electric company and wilt be placed on the cluster poles to be tried out. If they prove satisfactory they will be adopted at » cost of $2.500 less to the city than th» preient contract holds. Stivers Thorpe were given per mission to operate the airdome, for« merly occupied by John Solll^ IEWSPAPES! IEWSPAPES!

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