The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 16, 1916 · Page 16
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 16

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 16
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THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, THURSDAY, NOV. 16, 1916' 3 ^ 1 Empire To-night! Lightly" They pay tkc pipe'' Ttis man paid, and t'le rstru- ment of doom -was Le £eared most m all tiie "world -- · "Tbe featuring f Edith Storey and Antonio Moreno D°picts the love of a -woman T?vKo "was wrocgecL but- who metas out ttc frightful reckoning to the rnai. A. drama with a tremendous ji2art pull. A Released tVoueh 1 T«Vtt«8r*p^-l »-s*m Sc'jg E»«aB«jr,LM. ^ -- 1i« til Foil , -^ Shows at 7:15and8:30 Stockton's Orchestra Prices: 5c and lOc SOCIETY AND CLUBS The P E O s will meet w itli Mrs John Milbank tomorio^\ Tuesday Iscrv 28th the ladies or Garce churcli will hold a biuaar and tea the place to be announced late This TUll be -\otir opportumti to Inn j a first choice Christmas piesent xn_l many household coin emence= besid_ meeting ~vour friends at tea S N Noriis ha«i letumed Itom the Eastern market ~Vliss Onia Abbott has returned [rout Kansas Citv -n here she has been the past eight ^\ eeks Ask Your Neighbor How much money we saved him on his purchases at our big clothing sale. Come to us for your SUIT or OVERCOAT or anything in men's wear and we will save you from 20 to 35 per cent on your purchases. More than 2000 persons have attended this sale and profited Have you taken advantage of this sale? A look will convince you we are showing high-grade merchandise at exceptionally low prices. RENSCH'REYNOLDS CLOTHING CO. BA K ROJIP.BR KILLED I\ A DW-tilGHT ATtEMPT I\ sr PAT^IJ, M - S N , TODAV St Paul Minn Nov 16--Willi-im Sandell 22 j ears of age was killed n h e n lie attempted to lob the Secur- itj State Bink m a lesidence district hers \.odaj He entered the ban\ this afteinooa put a revohoi into the tace o£ the cishier and obtained $670 00 Then William Oliver a de Itective who has been staging at luf j b x n k constintly since it was held up and lobljed last Ap-il opened fire on Sandell Several shot "ueie e\chaig cd Oliver escaped uninjurrd San dell was mstantK killed before b" could leave *he bank M. W. LITTON TV\.C1 !3i Ci!I m ilc foi Pliono J13 Pi- ties J \ti., 1 u*» -tils Ilay^ cook stene and other house hold good now for sale 15 3 rrank Scrub} ~\fAil that cheefc to The Constitution foi AOUI befoie 'Sm !8th That is the lost rt.i\ ot b u _ i . i n r ttes W D WAHAMAKEB EBAL ESTATE Loans, JXeh inaes Insurance ot all Kind" Oftce OS:--Phones--Re* StxMV DR. S. BLACK Try a Constitution Want ad 01 PVTI hi i^n M PHO\'D3 Office S41 Residence 716 pmate Calls PrompUv \nswereJ Chiliicothe, Missouri West Side Square 7 ONIGH Sorosis met testerdaj afternoon ·with Mrs Fitd Harris, Mrs J H-role-v letdmg the lesson on Italian Vrt ·which "ft as opened at a previous meet in^ -Xfte 11 defining and outlining tha aifferent schools ot art the Floien tine Artists "weie gi'v^n as follow ^ Bruneleschi Doncatello G-iotto Fii Angeltco by the leader Del Satto "Mis Shea Delia Rotha "VIr» Harrali the "\ledica "Vtrs "VIcIIola nd and tho galleJies ^ffi^zi and Pitti In "Uiss Webstei t o Li, layette ^t the l v m _ o[ the Coinei Stone ot the bunke Htll Monument ii-as also i e^d b^ Mrs Wile% Mrs Cunb^ spoke of hei re cent visit to the Athenaeum Club o Kansas Cit\ A number ot the club members to'd shoit stories oE pioneer da\s in Missouri The cluo "\\ill meet ^ ith Mrs Gun bv next \^ eek v T i e ladies of Ccntenaiv chuich one and one h*nf miles south of Sturges "vMll sei\p dinner ind sup pei at the church on T'linksgumj div They "v. ill also ha\o man^ boau- tiful p eces of lancy/work for sale \ grood place to do j o u r Christni^b shopping d2-\vtd Mrs Jos Botts and Miss Kester ^ era guests Mr md "Vlrs Barclay will entertain tils Young- "Uitrons and their husbands Saturda\ evening Mr and Mrs "Vliles Elliott mil en tertam friends for dinner next Mon daj evening The Cultuie Club met with Mrs Harr Grahara "W ednesdaj atternoon Miss Lucille Graham was leader for the day and directed the following interesting lesson Sketch of Daniel Boon Mrs John Reed The Fir«t Steamboats in Missouri Mrs Mor^head Interesting Stories ot Missouri'-, Pioneer Statesman Miss Inez Dtif field The Capitol of Missouri Miss Catha Wells La Fa^ett's Visit Mrs Wilev The beautiful tribute of Daniel C nstitution Want Ads are winners PERSONAL AND LOCAL J o i n Cair a veteran of the Cml w 11 depaited ^estercli-v Loi Souther i CAlifoinn, ^here he "v\ill spend the \\mt^i with, his son Mi \ n d Mr! C M Millei niotoi- ed f i o n x Ticnian. \estei da md spent tlit dt -v\ith the J" T England f u n il\ South Elm street I G G-ladieux incl M I Wile% \\ent to Kansas Cit toda to attend tne annual meeting oF the \\ ebtor' Ice Deileis Association Jack Biackey ^ ill go to Polo Tri day -where he will juctge tho chick ens at the annual poultt bo^ being held there He will also judge the entries at TV inston on "\Iond'a\ aiJ lii eckent idge on Tue^di% Mr itrack e^ s fame is judge of good chickens iq lapidlj spi e idmg OVQI the stite olici l.i ul^o Conti actors Notice is h e r e b y a ven th tt sc Lie I piopo'-ils \\\U oe locoivcd iL ra\ ol- Fic^ until 12 00 o clock noon Satin- d i Bet ember n 111 191 b foi the consti uction ot se\ en ic inloiced con cicto budge? A-Iso for i-he ^ r i d m , of v,hat is- kno\\ 11 is the HIMICS hill T rescie the light to isiect an \id ill bid-, JO J3RO1DDUS n ] o \ tddl Bridge Commiss oner T h e big Rex ill One Cent Sale stai fcs tomorrow at C l i r k s Pbarmao and la«t onl\ thiee dis It The Great Griffith Hypnotic Comedy Co. The show with a 1000 laughs Entire change of program each evening Admission: Adults 25c, children 15c COMI1S 7 G THURSDAY --- AT --THE MAJESTIC THEATRE SLPER FEATUriE PICTLRE P r O D U C T I O N A. SURE TIRE IIIT DAMEL FROHM \.N PUESEMS OWEN MOORE and HAZEL DAWN IN v picruRizvrioN qr TJID D R X M A T I C sr^-s^io^ "Under Cover bjRoi Coopei "\Iegruo Constitution "V^ ant Ads aie w m n e i b Dr. Holloway's S A N I T O R I U M Corner Ann and Elm Sts. CHILHCOTHE, MISSOURI Modern house for the treatment of Acute, Chronic snd Nervous Diseases Experiemed nurses in attendance. Rates $10 to $25 per week Special Price ! !! 1 2 lb box of Fancy Chocolates 1 lb. box of Fauc Chocolates E C M Y S A L E LARGE ASSORTMENT ol best quality, fresh, p u r e and v. h o i c s o m e Candies ~ lOc for 12 ounces Wrig coiromy 9* Begins Saturday, November 18th--A Sale of Fall and Winter Goods · that you need right now, values that we have beat down the high prices with CASH BUYING and being on the job when the other fellow wanted to sell quantities of desirable Fall Goods at economy prices. This is your opportunity to save on your fall buying, come in and see for yourselt. Yard Goods Remnants lOc and 12 l-2c Outing flannel, heavy goods, yard Amoskeg Outings in plain colors, pink, blue, red, white, etc -i n wortii 15c at per yd. -LUC Ginghams from 5c yd to 15c Feather Tickings p e r d _ _ 19c Denims per yd 25c Comfort Goods per id 8jC Percales, lights and darks, per yard lOc tO 15c 40c Silk Stripe Poplins. - v d _ . 25c A large assortment Curtain Goods, per y a r d . ,, . 1 30c to 29c Table Linen, per 5 d 25c Hemmed Table Napkins, each lOc Notions of All Kinds at Lowest Cash Prices. Decorated piites, bowls, cups, saucTs, etc., special each-. lOc Fancy Salad, special- 15c No. 2 Lamp, complete, special 25c ButteKjar with cover and bail at lOc 6 Table Ti mblcrs at_ 15c 6 large cups saucers 49c Extra value Toilet Paper, 6 rolls 25c A special lot of Aluminum ware ... lOc to $2.25 Lanterns.. 49c and 75c 4 sewed broom . 25c Coal Hods., 2 5 c t o 4 9 c Matches, special 4 b«s 15c Fine Toilet Soap 2 for C5c ENAMELWAKE Dish Pans and Water Pails--Choice 19J NICKLH PLATED Copper Tea Pots, Coffee P o t s a n d T e a Ket ties 98? to $1.50 PILLOW CASES 15c Pillow Cases -- size 36 x42-- each / Oc BED SPREADS Bed Spreads -- large size -heavy Nos -- to $8.5O Sport Caps,. Auto Hoods Knit Skirts, Drummers ' Samples -- worth double in nany instances -- 1 to TABLE OIL CLOTH Special Table Oil Cloth-- ligiit and dark patterns -yard Children's Dresses -- long sleeves, high neck -1 lot 25? to 1 lot 3S to GLOVES and MITTENS A large line of Pickups -- 1O- to $1.25 CHILDREN'S COATS Sample Fall and Winter Coats -- a fine lot at a Cash Pickup Price -- 98d to ?9.98 FURS Children's and Women's Fur Sets -from $1.98 to $13 Wright's Economy Store SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Chiliicothe, Missouri COMFORTS AND BLANKETS Extra heavy Crib Blank ets^ -- pair 25£ 55x76 heavy Blankets- pair 79i Large bed size Blankets -a big assortment to pick from at 9S£ to $6.4S A $350 "Home Made" Silkoline Comfort -- size 72x90-ln. -- made of Simpton's silkohrie, filled with 6 rolls white cotton, tack ed with Fleisher's y arn -- a great value--Yours for $1.9S For Bovs and Men -- Caps with Fur Turn-Dow^ _ 25 to $1.25 Overalls -- all kinds a-d sizes 25£ to $1.25 Boys' Waists a^d Shirts 25 to 49$ Men's full cut Work Shirt -- 60c value -- Sale Pn-e Sweater Coats -- samples -- are prreat value -- worth UD to Sfi 98 -- Special -49^ to $3.98 .Misses' Ribbed UmcLi Suits -- 25 tc Boys' Ribbed cr Fleojcd Union Suits 49£ Women's Shirts aad Drawers ^ 25c Women's Union Suite -- snrunk jams -- pertest iiti±a%,'ii heavy or medium weigat-- Latch neck shoit sleeves, ani is length, high neck, lori 0 , sleeves a~Kle length low reck, slcevei-m, a r k l e Ipngth -- extra qualities -Choice P^-JE'S Feavy Fleece 5 Shirts Drawers -- Sale Free Pe^'s I-icavy Ribbed or Fls Unior Suits sc 1 Hos3 -- rib toti 15? O£ to 35" -- a 20o weight Mer's Wool Hose Oui Kotto (Jvel ty Ilsrchondise --at-- Esoaomy Pii^eo "

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