The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 18, 1973 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1973
Page 10
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THE FACTS , MomUy. JHIW U. l»73 10 Submariners iPontimird from Page 11 '•But thm Is sMl no rapoiw from the two In ihe buck," Smith said, explaining this Indicated Ihe two were unconscious.. Smith said "the critical thing is not the air supply but amazing carbon dioxide The colder it gets the less effective the chemical absorption is." Adm, John Mnurcr, commander of Key West Naval Station, said two teams of divers had been down, one to within lofwt of the sub But "neither one was able to completely reach the submarine because of tho wreckage involved and they were in danger of entangling themselves," The elder 1 Jnk was (wiping to direct the rescue attempts 20 miles e*M of Key \Ve*t, Unk, whii was aboard the Sea Diver, mother ship trf the mints^h. alerted the Coast Guard to the emergency Sunday morning. Ttw !irsi a!!«npt to lower an atr compression bell chamber with two divers abcwird in an effort to free the craft believed trapped in cables dangling from the wreck of the l ; SS Fred T Berry failed "One of the divers had a problem with h« n:a<ck aixl they had to bring the bell up after u reached ISO feet," a Navy spokesman It was the first operational test for the beil. an aluminum chamber topped with a plastic bubble designed to give the diver* a panoramic view of the situation The submarine became trapped about 10 a.m. Sunday while it was on a fishing research expedition for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D. C. The trapped men. in addition to the younger Link, are Archibald "Jock" Meniir* of Scotland, the sub's pilot-commander; and Robert Meek. 27, a marine biologist from Santa Barbara, Calif., and Albert Stover, a diver and submarine pilot from West Palm Beach. Kla Lt Cmdr R. H Blsbing said early today the trapped men bad reported a rise in the carbon dioxide level The old destroyer was scuttled a year ago as part of a program to build an artificial rwrf The sub crew had just started studying fish around the rwf when they Uvame ensnared N.iv> offivtaU said Uivyrs ••vtw working to almost the e.xireme limits of depths (or surface-!«-(i4«1 divers "Due to ihe*e d«p«hs. the extreme chill factor below the 3u>foo( level on and th* debns enctxijner«l surrounding the destroyer she divers are extremely hampered, in this difficult rescue mission." Maurcr v»kl. Navy m«-n also load*d a second mtnisub on a full-sue submarine fur transport to iJx- rescue sitr Collisions hurt two bicyclists CUTK - Two 13 year old bkycltsts were both struck by vehicles under similar circumstances over the weekend in separate incidents The first occurred around )3: 30 p m Saturday on Ditte Drive when police reported Kd Stokely o( Lake Jackson was driving a Jeep north along the inside Ian* when a bicycle rtdden by Alan H Cherry of Lake Jackson attempted to make a left turn from the outside northbound Utw The bicycle was struck in the rear by the Jevp, n»e l,ake Jackson KnwrgetK) Car took the youth to a physician's office for trvatment The vcoral such amtienl also apparwtl) resulted m only minor lnjun*» Tht* occurrvd abuul 1^ JO p m Sunday in Ihe ») block o< tUrtfett Strvwt when- Hetty G Klkfwm oi l.iiite Jackson wax reported driving wr*t when Hay Hotxtti, 3K tUrgHt, turrwd in front a( her car ami was hit by the !*<t Memorial planned The Angl*ton Kebtkah xlg? 4«J Ui* (Kiel Fellows ill m<*{ jointly tonight at "Jo m (he jiuisti! memorul jrr urtfvd to On Juiv 37 4ti sc* wiil be tx'yS ir. the Hal! Money recovered Deaths and Funerals CLl'TK — Mike Ferguson ol Anglelon went for a s*im in Buccaneer Lake near the high sciKioJ here Sunday and came back so hts truck !o find SI5« had bc«t taken from his wallet The story had a good ending for Ferguson, but ifce four area }u\eniJe boys arrestetl for the theft wer*- turned to county authorities tavern Anderson Mary Dirzanowsky SABIATURA'S OFFICE SUPPLY HRAZORIA Service* .'ur L-ivern Kdward "Sailor" Anderson, S9. who died Sursd.iv -Juw !T, !97T' in Caney Valley Hoipvlal. Whartuo. are M.-tvrtlu!*d far Tu«*li> it J p m Tne Hev Howard and liie lle\ Herman Coe « til contiuci tfce srrvtcct in !fe«- First Bap(i»; Church, Brjiorua Burul will foi!»-* in Brarona Ceutetery Anderrsoa, a r«*itlent of HraJtiru for M yejrs. o-*n«l arxl operated a Uvem here He served wish the I'mted Navy durtng CLL'TK an- ptrdin^ <or !fec Juf Mr* Mar) Pauiinc .Mood*) morosr.^ June IS. 1*773 < tn>' Hc«piUl A rr*Kk«! for 30 jejn herr. jj»c !<v«i 4'. «;.i W llonve Kup.*r*l it (n C. 0. Finch KKKKI'OKT for furnwr Kr rr»Ml«ntC U '5UU' K Ot*vfUr*l. Kinch dwxi . JuiX 17 !'jT"J in 4 C He « sunivcd by his Mr> Ijjreoa Andcrwrt and two sors, Paul Anderson and Bubba Anderton. all of Brojtona. f*o brothrr-s. Pat Anderson and Jtgjj; Arxkrsor. Day'on and ihree grandctuldrvn Baker Funeral Home » handling the arfar.geir.KttA Kinch. 47. *j.» a r«»!<kml h*rr bu! CUrvcUod 4f!«r hi* wrtcral yram 4go con»!r-uc!ii>r. lu GIVE YOm BACK A GOOD NIGHTS REST SEALY POSTUREPEDIC (If »4.i t>> the 1'a! H Kolry ')fr.<? 4/srf turu! n planrmi (or Brookisde Mcmorui T'jrlt us il'ivtitx-. Ktnch u survived t>> fsii chiltlsvn Leon Thomas Sc. WKST fOl.fMBIA Sr . « a njin.« llraxoru Count), dtcil t' IS. iVTJt m 4 HO»J ^^^^BIHfl^^^ ^^^•^^^^^ QUEEN SIZE SET'279.95 109 KING SIZE SET »399.95 Ei. PC. Twin or Full RAMBO'S FURNITURE HIWAY m CLtTE. TEXAS : QLH will t* t*kl ufi iv 4! 2 p m 4! the Biu< Run Bd(i!u( ftiurch *uh ttvc K«n- K i. C'jrruil ofdcudr^ Buna I will /olkr* m !hr Tftomai family cemetery. Columbia Hlu* Hun Bjpxu! Church O!d Survivcri include h»» Mr» DONT WAIT... •*V£Z*j M .. T A . .A ^ \\V V M;\ ZOO S£8IES AU C<*»UK0 I; V l V \ • if to \ 8 t U V V i wflif.j m*B«i condti F«OU 269 00 come and see toe convert/Wes soon! PRESCOTrS SU Dr. Handling ih are K Viola and .V* Wnl SPANISH CLASSES Ad* . an INSTKKTOH: Air. llrrtM-rt ti. Turrn Six injured in Hwy. 332 auto mishap Su iwriiom weivtwl minor injure SuiuUy wgftt ID * l*t> fit cr«»h on SH m near Surftuto Talked la Community by {tr*io*|M>f( »f*l treat**} and Flood... up and iwellen. debf water* TV **k* ot th«*e IMMIU •*• might itM Kav« t**« by (he Jtood *«J <i«fc ****** »k««r a r«*fcfett< Milt wsd Ihrr *peel el lh« d» . .», <ir*t«t wi 4 they »U* a* are tfee bwit8v*«'» »*.» «•*(*»»«»«, J 1«« *•»*• »*** u*>.(it he «*.* (•»»< '** ttir I'ulrttiii: vat *t>» rU tli a l'»4»h *MJ! 4 WJ «tttv«tt ifj Ciimk ;<> VI ot |U«*«*W tfcr IV * !l«i* (tut (JM *l * fitti N KM) ol a iiatuni rovfcct u m j.< lh* VrtlK'i* l»»rt<T tut Ifcr *« Bugged by Watergate? ftf-tilt Americans prove they can make a joke Itv PICK K1KINKK «*•'" iur-4. rt*»w vv, •, t.i.H AS.iKl.r'.S . NHV flin{ iVf t?s# ti^'t " "Tbrtf i> ;f!i'?«T4»!(li{ v-«; ,\( !!»<• K.'n:!n i-mi(<lt <•&•<• Ifu'. \rr.^i»-j i i,rni^ .-f ::f I'>; >or i.j;J I »), 8.. 1tJ F!*'ft f-3* ft ». '.be t •.T Arsjrfn'J '"'i- >'.4ft )•>»** I! J'ia-1,". ! !«.» yroft!*^; t - > i*i). TTTl'l'M :' TA\:f: '.'I iLi TV UOj' ?-.»: »r?l.I> .iV •i"! ill *'t ; l!!\pj, {:> f 1 \ ;«4 41 '.h<- V!'"."''.- J'",--.? ^^-^iti.; t .• -.- t .",<•• -it H H Hit U-, !ll>-"4 S'jS 'If' 1 ' J -V' '* l ' r f 4 J ' ^ - . It : i 'A i*.*«f .» It/ :«,-; f .\ I'rIA OK ii'.'ir !!<r : <- > f-ij CLOTHING an<} jcceHorttt WHERE? it. at IK. Son.. WUPPIMC SELECTED STOCKS 'OPE I IHG QUOTATIONS Piano students receive awards Lake B&PA to meet X Sit 'if. Shp IK'S f*Vjijiu f'amprCj!(t>n tp^jto ,N 4! (i'4(U » ir-«t Krrrpi tVaw Jcer \rnef Njl'l I Vmrr TAT WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF AT J THI ' \tyr :,**•&: daughter, Mrs Uvru Jran Crawford o( Alvm. ihrt-c stlJtrs. Mrs l^ila Ma<r I>uon and Mm IxrtUv TVwiii* o( West Columbia and Mrs l^oU Batieue »/ Vtclt<ru. l*o broifwri, Ourlit Mack Thotnas and I. C Thomas, both oi Wt-sl Columbia, l*o and Ihrrr C'OMMt MtlOAV Htli) Jowpfc f. Jjjpf >\>.*?n«T MTl'MDAV K • cuSf! fv.rruth. mwwwmwmwwwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmw WED. JULY 4 thru WED. JULY 11 * Special Limited Engagement! * • Sam Houston Coliseum • j * 500 PWfOftMERS -^%._. «,«-.M4,,«. ^ MM It V M»r> f'jul TIE SIT!! SKCTiNUI llhl HtUM-ti». tj-*«»!. (.lute *. tlutc h> B iAi SlurrR-l Kirk. Frwj*,rt AM.O.rON-JJANBlHVHOja'ltAL Kt'MJAY Mar) A ^i 8VLVAMA SAtfcS »od 8KHVKK All S«att R. Mr »»d: 13.50 - M.SO - tS.M OPENING N1TE IS KPRC-TV FAMILY NITEI Every NUmbor of th« Family Sav«t $1.001 CHILDREN UNDER 12 SAVE SI.00 lolh Sh*vw» Thui*.. f;i AH., Sal, Mora, and Both Sbo-w* Moo. tluu TJCIET8 OH SALE: COUSLTJM BOX OFFICE k AU S POLO'S FOR IN FORMATION PHONE: J» 4H* •••f SIAFt MAIL fNIS COUPON TOMTI MAIL TO: Rlcylloy I rot. and Barnum fc Ball.y Clrcu* Sam Houston ColU«um • 110 Bag by Si. Hou»loo. T*. 77002 • • • • • • • f.»tl I»M*> Cl» »l CUM *»M. . « I . Guy. NEVER MAIL CASH) Mob* cb«k «i M. O, poyafcU to RtMOUNQ IHO8. CIRCUS.

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