Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 6, 1897 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1897
Page 8
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ILL., MAI s, 1897, t*$ dote t» /ft" rtffJtf of fttt«r Wflww .rtwww wfurn $x jHTdrlvj) to. If t? Tw rwte ptr " OF. NEWS. Weather tt*port. OiufJABO, tu.8., May 6, 1897* f orseasts for next 86 hoars are for III., fair, wara&r. ZeMtTwho has for many connected with the Gilbert iswtwaerles, has resigned ,hls position wnd gone to Hazelhurst. —Miss Kora Lust, a pupil of Miss Mabel Tfeasher, passed the examination for-graduatlon. She was the only fortunate one in the township. This •peaks well both for Miss Last and for fcer teacher. "' . —Amofl Ahrens has sold the Me- Klbbon property, corner Fifth street Bad Fourth avenue, to John H.Krelder, east of the city. Mr. Kreider expects , to baild on the lot and move-into town within the year. , —-Word was received sometime ago from Iowa saying that Alexander Maxwell, who used to be a resident of Jordan, had died from heart disease. He was a brother of James, Archie and William, now living in Jordan. ' —Mrs. Letitla Philips, mother of I. M. Philips, ia eighty-seven years ot age today. Mrt. Philipn was boru in ' Her- eev county, Fa., and has been in this city and Bock Falls since '75. She is nowjiresidlng at the homo of L M. Philips. ' r^J,.F. Strock.the popular shoe man, .—JitiMLflft^tbree years of age Tuesday. In honor of the event he entertained Vfitb a dinner at his home Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martin and Mr. and Mrs. M. Fellows. The guests report a mag- aiflcent dinner and a very enjoyable ' -time. ... . V ' • i First Methodist church is ma king active preparations for the big excursion to Deer Park. The park has been secured, but the date is not yet set. The excursion will take place much earlier this year than it did last, laore time will be given at the —Several members of the Young Men's Christian Association will con duct the evening service at the Como church- next' Sunday evening. The service will be in the nature of a young anen'e Sunday. Messrs. Van Sant,Ben- aiager, Lester Wetzell and Leo Philips will be present from the local Association. ' '. .;'•'".;•'•'. /;.'•. : ' .-' .'' . \. . —Miss Mabel Mangan passed the beat day Monday since the accident. It ia expected that she can be brought Jhome next week, it is requested that Mias MBngan's f rienda refrain from calling upon her, until they are notified that they can do so. Her condition is such that she is anable to bear any ex eitement —The firat organization to notify the.Secretary of the local organization regarding its attendance at the C.T. A U. of A. Convention, to be held here May 23, is the Holy .Name Parish, of Chicago. Besides the regular delega tton there wiiljbe twenty-three people "In theirparty7rThey~will arrive Saturday evening. , —Mrs. I. M. Philips received a tele gram Saturday afternoon, announcing fche;death of her mother" Mrs. Sarah Bunkei, at her home in Harthegig, Mercer county, Pa., on that day. She left for the liaat at once and was joined in Chicago by her Bister, Miss Suete Bunkei. Mrs. Philips did not know of her mother's Illness, and the news of her death was a great shock to her. She has the deep sympathy of her friends. ' -^-Lyndon has been in the swim lately with a saloon war, but of a dif- fejent nature from the one in Sterling. The lady, who owns the building" oc eupied by the one dram ebop of the gteea, placed her rent 'way tip out of sight, which resulted in the closing up of the shop for a day or so. Another building waa finally secured at a rea soaable price, and now there ia booze fox tbe thirsty in Lyndon, J, P. Mehan, who has been the agent £©r the Metropolitan Life insurance Cfo to thin city, has been assigned to .,$» position of general manager at Ka45kforii and will move hi* family to SfcftS city. Mr. Mebau will leave for M« new hoics tomorrow and Mrs. Melee?e next week eonietime. o log* Mr, and Unt. Meh»u, ttill it ean bot oongratu- ,lsfc« tb«m upco the good fortune which * come upoa theiii, FlfcfcJubilee Singers, famous 1 the country, wiil slug lit thw ' of Music {iext Tuesday even Tfce A'Ibany, N. Y.. MornUsg i of tba eom^&ny\ "Net rcelodiea i;ear(l within tbtua these aweet voiced uigbt. It wail haul «r< ^^ Th fi * ^-J them on large hiU« hst <Hj than for many —Extensive repairs frre bftinf n the Sterling Kowing Club's boat ooss, Fonrnew 8ect!ot)« are being dded and the ptatfotm will be rebuilt, —A fonr-year-old tot, living on Bant Third street, was beisg tucked into her bed last evening by her papa, when he suddenly remarked with great vehemence, "Papa I am Just shivering 'or summer ." . —Mr. J. P. F.arry, of Jordan, voted 'or the forty -eighth time at the late election In that totfn ship. The first ,ime he voted there wew buUerenteen votes cast, and since then he has not missed voting at a single town election. —Chris Sheuler is .hauling lumber! rom Dillon's yards today for a new barn and addition to his house on his arm south of Bock Falls. He had eventeen teams at the yards this morn- ng. Chris intends to dp the thing up while the weather is good. —The Bock Blver Assembly .has arranged for a Prize Oratorical Contest at the next meeting. Percy Barrett, of this city, carried off the honors last year, and there is no reason why a terling pupil cannot do 4t this year, The Hat of prizes Is fine and. the con,est will be much more elaborate this year than last. —Will Haskell says he has a record- breaking hen, but as yet he can't point out the individual. .He has nine of ;hem and the other day he collected ;en eggs. Nine eggs are gathered every day, but one of the biddies did double duty on that ,day in question. He says it could not have been a visitor, as the family do not receive. The Board-of Pension-Examiners _meet_in_ this JitylWedjaesday, i_Djrs, Wahl, of Tampico, McBride, of Coleta, and J. F. Keefer, of this city, the present members of the. local Board, have been requested to hand in their resignations, the same to take effect May 15. The gentlemen • will hold ope more meeting to close up their business before that date. .. A number .of the Sterling citizens are talking of some plan whereby funds can be raised for the purchase of a town clock for the tower of the new Congregational church. The plan is to get up a monstrous excursion to to Deer, Park. It is said that a good clock purchased for 8500, and it is held that this sum could easily be raised in the manner suggested. —A letter was recently received from Joe Dillon, in which he tells of a ten- mile run (on foot) that he took with the Boat Crew the other day. Joe was one of the fellows to finish with the "push," which proves him to be of the right sort of "stuff." Joe, has good prospects of getting the CoxwalnBhlp of the crew. If he succeeds in this, it will be a great thing fox; him, • for the 'Varsity has .already planned a race with Yale. --- Albert Welaenberger has returned from a prospecting tour through Nor them Iowa, where he has, been looking up a location for a machine shop. He says that at present the outlook is .bad, as the corn crop has rotted in the oribs to such an extent that the grain is sold at $1.50 and $2.00 a ton. Spring work baa hardly begun because of the wet weatherV Al has i decided tbaOUInoia ia a pretty good place and that Sterling will also do fora while longer. HIGH SCHOOL. BOARD MEETS. Decides Not to Attempt to Open School * ' Before the Fall of'08. The Board of "Education of the Township High School held a meeting Tuesday evening. The gentlemen decided not to make an effort to have the school opened next fall. The time is now too short to allow 'them to have the buildings erected and properly fitted before the fall of '08, and this step was deemed necessary for this reason. D. L. Miller and F. W. Wheeler were ap pointed a committee to look up the bond matter and to report to the Board at a E. Brown and J. W. Alexander were instructed to secure plans for the proposed buildings and to look after all matters pertaining thereto. This committee, also, must report later to the entire Board. The organization Is now completed and the directors propose to push forward energetically. Proposed plans will be received from architects and a plan accepted as soon as is possible, All the members of the Board are deeply interested lu the school project and each will exert his best effort toward the 'completion of the enterprise. THE HUME~BASKET SOCIAL. linn Thnr«d»y. Mi*s Alice Feader, of Folo, Monday in Sterling ,the gnestof friends. Glents Colcord came down from (Uo- Tislfc witb rela- Crowd t»uii M Jolly Time—Many Bittketv Hold. The basket BQciable held at the South Hume school bouse Friday evening wtis a decided success in every partlcsu lar. The program was well carried out showing careful preparation on t*b part of both teacher and pupils, The bttBltets »old well, bot Will Hellier, be- tog th« aueUonecr, accoisuta lor that, tba basMte brought 18.85, tirea, James F. Miller, from southwest of , Harmon, was in Sterling Tuesday on business. : Matthew Kea, of Galeaai spent Saturday lu the city, the guest of Robert Bosenthal. Miss Matie Burton, of Rockford, i« i spending a few, days with her mother n this city. , ,. i F. J. Dahling has gone on the road n the interest of a Medicine house of Racine, Wia. Charlie Bort, of Jordan, shipped ft carload of hogs to the Chicago market Thursday evening. Aunta Christie Nichols, of Eagle Point, was buried on Thursday. She was seventy-one* years old. Pearl Dlppel arrived in the city from Freeport Thursday evening and will spend a few days with friends. Amos Ahrens is expected home from Chicago this evening, He was an attendant at the great horse sale, Jamea F. Miller began planting corn on his farm south of Harmon Tuesday. Ee says he will put in 300 acres. Miss Cora Weaver returned Monday night from Chicago. She has been en- ibying a brief visit in that city. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ramsdell, of Buffalo, N. Y,, are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Miller. ' Mr. Louder, who has been a guest of Mrs. Susan Wilson, is now visiting at the home of J, P. Wilson, in Woosung. -James Wickena, from- southeast of Tamplco.-nas in Sterling Tuesday,vi8lt- ing bis eon, S. J.' Wickens and family. Charles Herrmann arrived home Monday evening from Pasadena, Gal., where he has been spending the winter. ' '• . • • /'.•'.'.- •/. Misses Eals and Dimmick were Sterling visitors Tuesday. They came down to call' upon Miss Mabel McPherran. , . Mrs. Sarah Anspatch, who has been a visitor in 'this city for some time, returned to her home in Morrison Wednesday. • , . Rev. and Mrs. P.R. Keltner returned Tuesday evening _ from Mt, Morris, where they had been to visit the Dun kard College. Frank Miller,, of Jordan, brought twelve hogs to the city Thursday tbat averaged 800 pounds. He sold them to local buyers. 7 Mrs. George S. Tracy and Miss Edith Tracy arrived home Monday evening from Kenosha, where they have been at a sanitarium.^ — - — — : — -Mrs. ADQOS Burkholderi of the First ward, Is one of the earliest florists of the city. She has a handsome bed of pansies in full bloom. Henry Weber and wife went to T&m- pfco; Wednesday to visit relatives and friends in that vicinity. They will re main absent several days. Mrs. Emma Otterman, who has been spending the winter at the home of Mr, and Mrs' S. A. Schmoeger, has re- turped to her home in Moliue. — Miss Bullis7Who has "been- visiting her friend,- Miss Frances Hershey sev- , eral days, returned to her home in Olean,.N. Y., Tuesday morning. Miss Mabel' Mangan, who was seriously injured at Stones recently, is doing nicely, tibe is cheerful and there is every .hope of her recovery. Jacob Hillyer and Mrs. Fred Hillyer and children drove down from Mt, Morris Saturday and stopped here for dinner on their way to Henry county. Rev. Gtover* C. Clark and son, Charles, and Mrs. Gray left Wednesday] for Lake Bluff, 111., where Mrs. Gray and Charlie Clark will remain all summer. . ; MiBsSibbie Hoover, who has been visiting her father, Isaac Hoover, has returned to her duties in the Baptist Hospital, of Chicago, where she }s employed as nurse. Mr, and Mrs. Jerome Sands visited Wednesday in Morrison; . They visited B, F. Lathe, of that city, who was seriously injured Feb. 25. Mr, Lathe is improving elowly. < Daniel Potts -has gone to Qulncy, III,, where he will enter the Soldiera* Home there. Mr. Potta la there for medical treatment, as he baa suffered from bag health during the gaat winter. TbeRev. William Carter Jefi Monday' morning for Oakland, Cal., where be will eupply the pulpit of the Rev.'S. 8, Palmer for six weeks. He Was accompanied by Mrs. Carter and the little one as far as Dea Moines. Mr. Carter's pulpit will be filled each Sunday during his absence. Mr, and Mrs. Elisba Ryder, of Oa- ko&bjWls,, formerly of Praideville.wlll arrive In Sterling Wednesday afternoon They will atay over night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kloetennau, and will be tt*ken the n@xi day to the of AtesUo Pow»rf - Oa Friday, Frank lifter will unlit with the rew»iQ8 of grsmi-sou MoteAtfQni.i»—'to l Mr. sac! Mrs. John MeLangWira, of Rcsnod Orovs, Sunday, May 2,1897, a danghter. H^NDHICKS~TO Mr, and Mrs. Abs HendriekB,of Sotitb of Rock Falle.Sea- day May 2,1897, a son. GRONIS—TO Mr. and Mrs. John Gronia, Sunday, May 2,1897, a eon. Letter, List. Letters remaining In the Pot 6 Office at Sterling:, 111., for the week fading Friday, May 7, 1897; LADIES. ,Ml8sMMl«,(2) HontateB". ifl •« K»tle Battora.Mrs. Steveiw.MlteirWle GKNTLKMEH. Batcheller. Henry MalltanWIU Orahi, E. B.' • lloot, Henrt,. Grsy.Thora Oraamentel wooden Haviland,M88ler \V'mis Bowl Factory, H*rdman, W H. Part, JanOT, Harphan. John F. Radcllffe, A. O. HIIUB-F. BatidiUl, B. Hill, W. A. ; Bnmmel, Jas. E. -lll, Swertelle. G. A. Tesch, Jessie. , When calling for above letters please say "Advertised." ; JOHN R. JOHNSON, P. M. —Crash suits of all colors are going to be worn by the men this 'summer. The merchants have laltT in a good supply, White duck' is knocked "gaily west.' _ _._ • ._ ., Notice. Those wishing to breed to stallion "Beeoher,' ? owned by Samuel Wells, of Como, can leave word with J. S. Scott, at his feed sheds, in Sterling, or John Rosengren, east of Rook Fails. 10t4w The ladies of the H. H society, of Como, will sell two (2) quilts and serve a supper, at the school house. Wednesday evening May 12, for the benefit of the Sunday School and to get money tp repair the old Como church. Every one cordially invited to give a helping hand. > • ' 16t3w Something to Eat. Did you ever try the Merchants Cafe ? Everything first-class. Low prices. Good grub and courteous treatment. Try it. •••. 0. S. VANDEMABK. Executor's Notice. Estate ol Thomas K. Facey. deceased. '. /' The undersigned having been appointed Executor of the last Will and Testament of Thomas K. Facey, latCL. of'jthe County of- : Whlteslde and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives no- tice'that tie will appear before the County Court ot Whlteslde County, at the County Court room In Morrison, .at the June Term A. D. 1897, of said Coort, on the . Firtt Mcn&avin June next, at which tlnjo all persons having claims against said Estate arc notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having tho same ad] usted. All persons Indebted, to saldEstate are requested to make Immediate payment to the undersigned. ' Dated this 13th day ot April. A. D. 1897. ' 16t3 . .ELWIN B. FACEY, Executor. For sale. One to 2,oco gallons. Age 1 to 8 years old. Becoinmeoded for medical purposes. 'For particulars address' I,. HOENING, . ' Malveru, 111. DON'T MISS IT.! A great many Sterling ladles' missed the opportunity of. seeing B. T. Bab- 'bitt's beautiful pictures, last summer. We open at £4 West Third street, for one week, beginning Tuesday, giving a mandolin concert every evening. Don't miss this chance. Everything free, : Yours truly, • 28wl B. T. BABBITT. Manicure and Chiropodist, E. M. Specht. Office 20 East Third street, Hours 9 to 12 a. m.; 1 to 7 p. m. J. B. BELL & have the nobbiest line of men's specialties in Patent, Tan and Qreen Shoes in the county. ;28tO*- A Fine Line of Shoes. , I wish to call attention to my fine line of shoes. The very latest in style and color, of any shade. I fully guarantee my goods, and ;ask you to call and be convinced that I can save you money. J. F. STBOOK, 06tf 116 East Third Street. Ice Cream. I am now prepared to serve delicious ice. cream, in all Savors, at my elegant new parlors. Also to furnish it in any quantity for sociables, eocleties.picnicB, etc,, on short notice. . J. A. GROVE, 21H2 Star Bakery end Restaurant. Opportunity for Homeieekers. There are excellent opportunities along the line of the Chicago ^North- Western B'y in'Western Minnesota and South Dakota; for those who are deal- rouo of obtaluJug first-clasa Janda upon most favorable terms, fo£ general agricultural purposes', as well as stock raising and dairying. • For particulars and iandseekers' rates, apply to agents of The Nojeth-Western Line. new car pet? < , How about that new T earpet that you promised yourself you %ould have this Spring? Of course you want if, and now is the time to get it. 1 We have already received .advices from the 1 ' n ' . • . • ' ' ' •'.•"' * manufacturers that prices have risen, but we are x still selling at the same old price, which, is the lowest p98sible; and prices on carpets will never be so low again. So now is the time to buy* ' .We have an extraordinarily large and well selected stock of All Wool Ingrains, Cotton Chain Ingrains, Tapestry and Body Brussels, Wilton Velvets and Moqiiettss, which taken with our line of Art Squares, Smyrna Rugs and Moquet Rugs, make the most ' complete assortment of floor "coverings kept in this section of the state. Come early and make your selection before the stock is all picked over. We are also making extra low prices on Spring (Hosiery and Underwear, and a call at our store will convince you that we are the Leaders in prices, quality considered. -^ ! jt vl -I TO JL0AI*. To tUose desiring to build homes or Improve vacant property, excellent term* tpr securing loans are to be tad tlirougU the WhUeside County Building and Loan Aaaoclatloii. For full Information caU oa JOHN G. WBTCEi; Uefl-y, Oittca 8. K, (X>r. Gait House. •' M * J p i, ", !>'' i IPor the Visitors naturally look about them. Being strangers ' they naturally .'note the slightest jar«-the slightest in- --^ harmonious detail. The WALL PAPER is the keynote "•"• of beauty in every room. There is no excuse for old ,/ , and raussy paper on any walls in .Sterling, while "we are here, and charge. the prices we do. There is no . excuse for ugly, inartistic paper on any walls in Ster, > ling while we have the stock of beauty we have. •""• ;,t>rpp in and get acquainted with it. ; Ai R, HENDRICKS, OPPOSITE CALT HOUSE. • ' ,' i . . .. • • . • * - ••--.. Go where you please, you caonot find a finer assortment of, choice dried fruit than we have in stock at the present time. PEACHES."-; '""• ;; .- •; • • We are offering Special Btrgains In Peaches. Those we are selling at Three Pounds for » Quarter are a bright fruit, and have & delicious flayor-TRY THEM. . - ' fl When Vow Build, You want good lumber/ I am receiving the nicest lot of Piniab, Common, find Sheathing lumber you ever esw. Estlmstsja made • oat promptly #n anything you want. I can save you money on shinglas. JOHN PBCK f ' Take a peep at our display'of Fresh Vegetables. We are constantly getting in new stock, so you can lUways find Hice, «ri»p garden goods at Tise Bee Hive. NEW CABBAGE, . - ' A crate of choice California Cabbage-solid head® —just in. *

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