Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 18, 1930 · Page 7
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 7
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DECATUR HERALD SATURDAY'EVENING, .OCTOBER 18/1930. UECATUR HFRALO N fas William* Finally Decides fo Dine Diamond In Berkshire Towers CIWITBB XVI The IU Utirldhlri' 'I Ing-. Mly. v como h« , w lord o thu nmnor. i Intn ft iwlltor llOI'lltllC 0[ \nw n , i.,., M I "Ko'H lfl (tending nl" i" «. LVD no door " "fill, that oven- for thrown fur the InV iim)«Uiwt*'*·«· Nuvorthc- 1(JM j dim't think I'll "Nwl BO?" ll'» P |1(Jt ' »il "Whatever'!! K«ttin Intct yo to ri fiisoui;mnl iium like Mr, Diamond wh*n lit bltl'i yn i" hi" house' 1 ' littlil OvMhi'itrw "It'd n W lull' In 'he dny to tha ttem* In the wardrobe tntnk whloh Abby had packed tra unw lo|tly for thla mud adventure Into thu (mirth (Hmonslonid part of Connecticut. Tho man Inclined hU h«aU In token tbat h« underatood, undar- rtood nwrt ttuui »he had meant, that he ahould. D»iplt« an effort to b« calm, her voice trembled with annoyance, "You will plaaa* net leave the house until Mr. Toby's two man com* on duty at eight Abby aayn ahe li not atrald, bu* I am afrnld for her" He Stop* AnnMM With a coldly polite good-night, Mho turned to go; but tha man had sprung Into her path. The flune thnt leaped on the hearth eeemed to have caught fire In his dark eyes, "You're wonderful!" he whispered. "Wonderful!" For a moment ahe feared ho meant to take her in hi* arms; but when tha tribute to bar beauty had been paid, ha stepped Into the hall and stood well aelde, holding the! door open for h*r to paw out i John Diamond always dtnid at eight Nothing would have templed him to alt down a minute earlier. Nor wtii he content to dine Informally. Night after night, though the long table In the atate dining room WM laid for but one, th« oamt fa»- Udloui care was taken that might be expected at a banquet for » hundred, Flowero In the center--» groat bouquet picked in one of the many greenhouses. Service platea with heavy, gold-oncruahed bordera A cloth of fine lace from Antwerp. The bout of everything, It waa what tbo owner of tho «stabitahment de- manded tor blmielt Diamond Decant Drink In the arrangement of. the table thto evening there wae one difference, Tall wine glaewe atood grouped abouKtwo of , the three place*. . The owner of Berkwhlre Towers never drank. Hie own place hod but the one goblet; and that waa Intended for water. It waa not until Mlaa We*t entered the dining room, on the arm of her boat, that she knew they were not to dine alone. Another gueatwoi expMted; but where he waa, and why he bad not put In an- appearance, John Diamond did not offer to explain. Though a tall man, and heavy, the owner of the New York Dally Free preaa put hla gueat In her chair with a grace that blntecV of much experience, afterward walking around to hi* own pMie with the leaaurely tread of on* who anticipate* on hour or two of pood food and good company. perfection Boeamaa Bfcaotenow ' Used aa ihe wo* to tha home* of wealth, Hlaa Weft fait a trifle op- preaaed by the magnificence with which ahe found heraelf surrounded. Perfection of detail become monotonous. The elockllke praolalon with which dlshea were presented and removed waa unreal, theatrical. Too, »he felt at though the man op- poilte her were acting a part- Hamlet or King Lear--something that required considerable hlntronlo ability to put H ovar, H*r f*mwt dhrtrtiat of him return**, m«gnUI*d n hundredfold, She wi*h*d aha had not accept** the Invitation, tbtt ah* ha4 stuck to her first daeMon and nmalned at Brfct* 1 * Howa. And with th* Intrusion of Bride** Houa* Into her thought* ah* Ngan to, wondefvimftaailjr ho' · thing* w*re going that*. (To B*Contlmia4) ADDBEB0B8 VOTBE8 OLflBY.--Ollv«r W. Stewart, who ,la advocating tha Mtectlon of Mr*. Lottie Holman O'N*ll f independent candidate for th* United State* Senate, delivered an addresn at Ui« lUch- land county court houm bora Friday MRl BACON SPEAKS IN MOWEAQUA CUB MOWBAQUA-TlM tag at tb* Art ··« ·ion «f tb* WoBMtfn ·** day afternoon, with MM Mi' UtH OMM ·aydar. Hra, Portar ww aMMMt tJOMm Hatj sided.* Mr*. T*» *Mt*T Mi I M«yriM Hoof* wan vtajun Hra. Bufaate BwM « gftva M intarMtiftff laotu* «m I tur*. It WM 4aeUad Out M** *** aaaa bar should MM*M ft *·** to Ik* Ha. weaqua, puMlo Mfcvwr to 4k* Mb* meeting, by the heatewaa, ONCE UI)FE NEED A Ttfte i llOHS OH WELL. , STROKE'S AND fJRE Shorthand [for, Says ' 1 ." w;iy tll(1 enlitnialie reply, "I'll xfiwl n nctii of i-c(ii'Bt by Ssth Toby wlu'H hn fciwfi dL C c'clnck ', Nor did Ml 1 * 1 ' Ctalh'c «iuLtitB*l bet( mil tli" tturlil *«m U"!"tj t( ( thti ftoj{!i tmivd hor to icrcd llie H'-lnp luoiu with (in armful of loK" '° 1 ' ""' fli'cplncs wftfl tb* 1 nbjcct "f ''«' Iflti'f brought up tgaln. It «ii' thn trlnnt himself wtio montlonel It; und ltd touk no jxilns tlic ffit thrtt h- hntl over- LI^ILI EL ruw u '.n Lht b r in AntL'rlcn It lii fur .16 IlC'!ill one duv U will bi«onii! ptodf nt writing;. John r of 1hn system In i In ttn inter- tiencd tin' corwri'i»llm tlmt bad tnk- «i pl4C» wiilloi 1 In Hie nftoriiofin, Tt K« i(inl|;ht if C wore you," Minn the inti'X(»'i'tc(l iiu'jircwllon IIH tin knolt ti |llu tin: lof,'H In thu wood bntkot. "Oh. you woukl!" I'tiui Mtss Weal In [i ciml ' i l - | i Vdii'C, li'oiir houiH uf towlnu ovrr tin' ' · u n t m i l k t l o n u pro- aontwl ly thh ilKturlilni:ly Ingi'ut- ialliw '"*""'!'"' bin! (tcvi'lopp*! In hnr a »l Iff i' rent Kin to [ inlntl. tihc WHM In no inuwi t Union to · it Hhoilhnoi). trie fiullon rf ·n\ild be tttll (n Nctl," titlyn · · - - · - » (hr CJrctil A i i i n i l r. llo ndilii Unit too ^rt woniHii :t(in('t;n)|ii- la n H[c j m t i n o r riilhi-r [n^lru'H:! JWjrtoi'l 1 lit 1 li ttlvr. 1 lowrvi-r. fre^'^ |mn mimed 't'lro In th fin-in n ml otlK 1 ! 1 lti» i l;ni'W it · v.ilctH. Tim 1 I flivrirflod prJitii''. " J fiiiln;: Ilnfvci 1 !! or hnnil* Jili l e p o r t l n p wpurchi 1 '! gWtdlci, Chittti^ Pick rv nnit otbi'i 1 HIT Ennvfil iicuMnKl to notice It "1 kiiiiw ll'i noun of (ny , he nvul h n n t d to nxpluln, and thon. insnllKi', ui'i'lli'il I hi- Kcnttiro of self- cffaccnifiK tiy tuUllnKi "tint I think j'ftti'rti nt'iiiliu; 11 nilitiikn not to." "Why?" The luiiTii'i' ^Cilch Hho had w i t h -tirh i l l f f l p t t l l y ( down t'l-ii h f t e i n f i o i i wusi up bftwcfii lln'in t i n t now R WAS of her hullilli)^' "N» i i ' i ' n n In imiUrilltir," the jdnnl u u w i ' M i l 1'ntlicr wwn'Ny "i on|y iluiii,:iit. It tnlt;lil i!i you j[»oi to Kct mil ( thlii ntDiitsiphfri. 1 for «t 'Thurslt i fin j-inir willclhlilo." Jilu 1 w i i l n r n i f i l In rim Hi 1 1' tlmt Uuf riKIK' ii.'iil Ui'CdiiHi n IWLj.tHl^i'd yrt unlilil" winmliow to II ti ( t u i t l v o 'iwM'i. ")«it Tvo IWHV fiom Hi? -wi-nu nf Action. "Tm.-Hwl.i1Y 1 ' tlio rout« / hncludlnt; John J, UiW' Jin-:on, fortnor prful'lcivt , llpnt Jinj |owcir niiitT- h.ivintt Mtitrtdt wlU' OHM men. enter !i bUalni'sM " r Fntir JIM n ultlllod work otiftht immedlfiloly lull' ^fipontilblo tiieni Wlit'ii yo« fi r p ' [ltlti*ra from the timnii Iwlntt jiiikl t« U-" tt* of liTtuicii n l»w tu i. A" : Inir ftciu 111" hlin-hlti-'h nf lif-r owtij wnnti "1 : i i ( p | p ' i ' i ' It wtml'l milt your rlnns liciii-i' lr lln ( u W I U P n» onn In inltlvdrlt'. In fc (oiil).Ill " "0[ fi'iii''!' H woiitd." He roia nml MI h'-t, nutfli n,J u ln-iic nub tiu'h i 1 ilic M'ri n whli h al- Itidsfl It Aitei' what hud litTomi* nn iiTi[ b r,i,ifix!'*lily lotuf piitMt*. "MHfl "Wrii, ihi f i i . i u i v !i l u k r (innt.lif'r iviHon fni i t i i ' i l i n nlKii of tiroeil- Init, Ymi'vii c l i ' t U i l l t ' l y ciiUiloKliC'l Vounplf In i,iv inliiil HH li HiorouKh* lircd S,i ninv 111 iin[ (iiutrrrl -with Hill If M i r i i l l U l n i t i r h t H HIM In9fl (fUdinH I! in vmti flitit " "I'm Nut OitltIK" flu pnrtknlnr liroblow- just hovf to bo you hfivc n"y be tnlclnK tvfr * |itobkm-i. 'I'hcro uuvi-H wliw nron't It of ocrmin T«*pon»l- M t i you with ju*t iui- ·inlty to pro'o yonr abli- liirlril Job thiia furnldho'i 9 qukkwt chanco to At ^ jinr cnpncltlM on" ""* ·r H»! fVi't of !«i!i AlMtd, M i - . t U'iMt stilil, Tin not In):!" Ami llirn. tltmixh «hi' Itncw rc| winilil nntv wcnUi'ii hor (Kultidti. "iiniiiUi^ I'.'tilil lotiipt nio tn j;i!" "A'i y»n iiiio." tic wilfl w l l h HiiU- f l i i i j t t i d i i i ' i i , nnii t t l i l i m i t *oiit tinned unit l e f l thi- loom. For nri'l hum A n i n i - s fll iiiwil, trvliiT In iln-ldo what iiho »niti'il (11 ili. Tlui'i 1 Hi-Ira, declining I ll» lnvlt i Him, wr-n- w r i t t e n anil thrown Inln thn w n i l . paiwr bitnkot. Al ln«t fhf riiltiit Alihy. VVh«n ttiCj Scolctmnui in ii|n'H!-i'il. : "I've 1-hmixnl my nihul about ttf nljhl. I '!(·;· I, i nnii' iitHtiilrn nntl M)i hin i'1-i liun iiy ihlntti'-" Minn (ini'tli nfcrletl un uoooutl bid- fllnw Onn nr tic Iwu dinner clremn'B "Wi-h iilu, h i d Dipped into thd tntnk dif ]iut imcit uu otntirKom'y «" (hi- fin cut wii-i hii.nirht out nnfl Wit nn thn liril- untlKUrcil ftoth of JoliH rlf l ' i to .ir verity, wllh ft lonff flrolchi iMiLilc nu, | 11 wltld. how of tiui)ii(il*ii' vrlvni rllibnn on tho Isfl %. !!)· P(|II.| Icncp ulic knew how **'! II Hiilii-il llui j; nf her rs Fed Depression .iilc dopretidton hue *·* I liquor trn«lc In N*w i,- «t leMit Bf por 001" _ tho Slftto Problhltlot. ir, Harold W. Knfor, ·urea on arrcslH, rftld» ii liona during the flw of 1930, at our office, lulled orally, "thor« hw % off of nt l«n»t SO ~" . liquor trofflo In ps rompfti'td wllh iiitenclcs have IntTOixttv* 1 | iice and hnvo UghKMio'J .; fpourt work, but it THIW' Vthtvt It Is not fear of IM Vera that hne driven «* , frunnors and seller* out It IB the stock nmrUc' e IncroMO In tinumplc)' i MurpluH ctwh In « nw» "· ; to tho b«otleft«or on" can barely mnho Ji serving cocktail* "You'll \u ((1 ' your lnothcr'» "nail Jrwi I hux. I ''t think llih tin-1 liHihit butter| finy trn i n i r n i , " (.'nttHnK (in .I\IT 1nih civrc uni oliouUior " iwr re i i lv tlo n In iim nilrror, "Ool TM'1 ihil huvi' him wult, for m. In Jjj* living iiinni. ] wunt lo H ( iwl( 10 "W bC tin II [ £0." if fnun Rtrlothlrc -f(iPn thi 1 Ktito wltpn. Ml-t Wc'it truilutl down the iritl Into th*i llvlnp tl\ii w\v nlntito boy Tow»r« nnii tlviillpht. WttllB tn ilncn Ivory by tho « hnl( (i century. No " por- Tlir Kirt took hold oC u tnll fW« bnttnmer! clialr w l l b ono hand "?« rratwl (1i« other, rln^rs wklc- Wn'i. fin her hi|i. 'L'he phlurft wow JTM *»«t (lojtt could iinva tmirtoitnl- 'wi on , emiKht hta »"»vlil **»» Of Wnll In hotter for (or a 111- thut tho Indl-hour decls- John Plumond's In- (Wltily bo- This b SET No. 1 This is SET NO. 2 PS OP THE NATIONS THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE wm Pay 10000°^ CASH PRIZES For Best Answers! Can You Put These Stamps Together and Name The Nations They Represent? Open fo Men, Women, Boy* and Girls Everywhere H AVE you started the Interesting new 410,000.00 Priw Game --"Stampa of th* Nation*" now appearing every Sunday in the Chicago Sunday Tribune? It's fu- ctnating--instructive--educational) It will familiarize you with many foreign couorrie*, tbair geographical locations, etc, Just cut the itacnpi apart, put them cogether properly and name them. You can start with Sen No. 1 and 2 printed here. They will count. Then get Set No. J IN FUtL COIOR IN TOMORROW'S Chicago Sunday Tribune. The Chicago Tribune will pay 673 Big Cash Pi lies totalling |10,000.00 for belt *mwtr». Don't mitt this opportunity to win a big Cash Prize. Cut out th* two lew of ttampi printed here. Put them together and name the nation* they represent. Read the duea below the stamps. They will help you. Get Set No. J IN FULL COLOR with full rules end particulars In tomorrow 1 ! Chicago Sunday Tribune. Save ait the stamps until you have the complete 14 sets. Then send them in. CUT BERK CUT HERB \Tkhhtbt Stamp tf. I i TUt it *·* $t*mf*f: I I ^ * WriMMtWNMlMkM [ I «F«»MM*ll«MtHh« I CLUE: Tha top portion ot tU* composite (tamp repreeenla a country of which Peri* It the capiult tlM middle portion I* part of a tump of a nation whoae ruler bears the tide George V; the lower portion represents a nation whoae Eastern bounder/ b the Mediterranean Sea. CLUE; A nation termed a "Serial Republic" teeuad th* MOM which tarn* tb« upper portion of this compoeite, Christian X ai th* tKU of lb* Uag acknowledged aa niar in the (auatty wKkhtwuaa the Mamp forming the mlddl* portion. Tba lower portion ttpttMBle a nitlott which ·ufJered hu|* prapeny doMft at lh* ootbieak of the world war. 673 The Six Stamp* Shown in Sett No. 1 and No. 2 Art Among CUT HERE CUT HERE Big Cash Prises 1st Prize . . . . $1,OO4 2 n d Pri» . . . . 5OO.OO 3 r d Prize . . . . 3OO.OO Next 5 Prtoea . . . I,25O.OO taSIKOOeach Next 10 Prizes . . . 1,OOO.OO ·Ml* Next20PribBra . . . *saoo«a«ii N«xt40Priiie8 . , . 1 9 OOO.OO »25.00 cteh Next 100 Prizes . - 1,OOO.OO 110.00 «Mh Next 490 Prizes . . 2,450.00 45.00 each 5 Awards to School Teachers . ·.loo.ooaaeh. 5OO.OO U « W « » » f _ *IUT Tkh b Ibt Stamp of: -- ( j Writ. »· *f ttollH Un j CLUE: The upper portion of thii tompoiJt* sttbp rcprcMnu a nation lepvited by the English chinncl from Fwnce; th* middl»portion that of a nation nJedfcr a Kingnaimd "Alfomot" «]M lower porton npreaent* a nation within whoM boundwict ' ruet Mount Blanc, hitfhett ottSthe peakf In tb* Alp*. Mt ti tbt Stamp *f I f * WflW««**ttlMlMlk«l I CLUE: Th« country rtpns«ntad by he wpper pornoti el thai eump ta found directly Batt oi Cranbwd, Franca fotna Aa · Southern boundary ot UM nation which (uued the simp liowi in th* middle portion. A MOon alnlchlng from the Bm» Sat to the Ural mmnmtaa to nfraaaaMd by the tower pettloB ol tha etaap ehown abova. f!O,OOO.OO Start With The Two Sets Printed Here! Get Set No. 3 and Rules in TOMORROW'S imdtaj HERE CUT CUT HERE Order Your Chicago Sundaj Tribune In Adranetj From Your Newsdealer. The Edition U Limited. - DECATUR NEWS AGENCY Wholesale tHutributor Oblc«ga Tribune-- Hear 130 E. Wood-- Phone S-4SBI \TUthtb* Stamp eft. , __ j j f , WtM* «^ ft HtOtm hw* j CLUE: Th*iu*toa wefawnnd.!* th* vppar pordon d ihlt «ompo*it* stamp ha* u It* capital a city Darned Madrid; th* central portion raprctentt a nation in Europe gowned by a pre*. Went and whoie kgisbtive autborir/ i* veatM In d» Chambtr of Dtputtet and the Senata; the bottom portion b part ol a tump of i nation upon who** £tg ft is Mid tbesunaevvraat*. I 7JA b tin Stamp a/. j ' Wrtw^**tiMMaM CLUB: BnMtla to tb* captal ef iba aatlo* ntmaaatal hf appM ponkmof ibif atanp, Tba Vol|» rt*«t AMI tVwa tha wmatty repraaantad fcj dM tatddla pwttDA «l (ka s tb«M eo«ipoalta ttamp. Tba conMcj whkk bWilO»h»trffOMie» bM b 1U9 bawaaa * twn P *"*· ao indepeadant country, SEWSPA.PER1

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