Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 26, 1936 · Page 2
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 2

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1936
Page 2
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LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX IOWA • Simplicity and Honesty of Language Advocated by Dean; *In writing and speaking, be simple," snys Dean Alford, "be unaffected, be honest In your speaking and writing. Never use n long word where a short one will do, you always lose by using n long one. "5Tou lose In clearness; you lose In honest expression of your mean- Ing, and In the estimate of all peo- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pie who are qualified to judge, yon ™^^"" 0 " IB!BB>ass3IID lose In reputation of ability. Ble- situation in Europe Is gance of language may not be In the _ , 1t _. . power of all of us, but simplicity and MU1 ^nreatenmg straightforwardness are." OIXTY thousand German troops *«-* In the Rhlneland that was sup- 1 •'posed to be demilitarized. Practically the entire French army In and behind the vast system of fortifications along France's e a s t e rn fr o n 11 er. The French government, backed by the other signers of the violated Locarno treaty and by the little entente, Poland and Russia, demanding that Germany By Edward W. Pickard © Watm Neuijiapfr Union Here Baking Results/ " M. Flandln withdraw her troops from the Preparation One does not wake up and find himself famous unless he has done some good work beforehand. Tired.. Nervous Hhlneland or that sanctions, economic and possibly military, be Imposed by the League of Nations. Great Britain trying hard to keep the peace, reproving Germany, supporting the French demands in great measure, but urging that Hitler's proposal of new non-aggression pacts be given consideration. Relchsfuehrer Hitler reviewing his forces In the reoccupled territory and receiving the loud plaudits of the Inhabitants for restoring their military sovereignty. That in a nutshell was the perilous situation In Europe as the representatives of the Locarno nations and the council of the league as" in London to consider what Foreign Minister Pierre- Etienne Flandln of France was • there with the full support of Premier Sarraut for his demands that Wife U/: n <. Wins Pepl action be taken to 0 Hitler to time. He was represented as "almost convinced" that a "preventive war" now would be preferable • to "carnage two years hence," and In Paris it was disclosed that France counted on hav- Herra'wne^eswer. lng nt her dis P°sal, from her own soothed. She ban- forces and those of Russia, Poland toed"feem d wo d n and the ]It «e entente, a potential new youthful color—restful nights, active day» army of about 40,000,000 men It -TflU because abend her system of bowel-clog- TOno onM onnnn/vT^ ,, ^ ginif wastes that were sapping her vitality. NR snla °,UOU,000 Could be mo- Tablets (Nature's Remedy)—the mild, safe, blitzed in 48 hours and 11 000 OOn all-vegetable laxative—worked the trans/onna- A , , " uula «uu 3J.,UW,WO tion. Try it for constipation, biliousness, head- were trained reserves; and that how refreshed ^T*fMrfl7TiTT|jfc ° f warsnI P s wei> e ready. flruggista—25c. (^•••••••••W^. -^ ne Franco-Russian treaty came r _ U P In the French senate and was ratified by a huge majority. | but the military parades and other features were canceled. Elsewhere In the relch the day was duly observed, but the feeling of anxiety was general and unconcealed. The Frankfurter Zeltung, which like all German newspapers Is tinder close government supervision, published a warning that Germany may repudiate her foreign debts if she is penalized for the rearmament of the Rhlneland. New York's Building Service Strike Ends /COMPROMISE brought to an end ^-* the two weeks' strike of building service workers in New York and thousands of elevator operators and other employees returned to their Jobs In some 2,400 apartment houses and business structures. The settlement provided for Immediate re-employment of all strikers and arbitration of wages and hours, and It was hailed as a "great victory" by James J. Bambrlck, head of the local union and leader in the strike. Arbitration of minimum wages and maximum hours was begun under Ferdinand A. Sllcox, chief of the United States forestry service. Wages and hours are to be fixed at the end of each of the next three years on the basis of prevailing economic conditions. In signing a three-year contract with the realty advisory board, representing the employers, union leaders abandoned their demand for a closed or preferential shop. Building operators, in their turn, agreed to reinstate all strikers instead of insisting on the retention of 15 per cent of the replacement workers hired during the strike. Leftist Riots in Spain Prince Serge Mdivani killed by Polo Pony DRINCB SERGE MDIVANI, one of * the more or less famous brothers from the Russian province of Georgia who have married so many American heiresses and movie actresses, was killed by the kick of a polo pony at Delray Beach, Fla., during a game with Cecil Smith's Texan team. Only five weeks before the prince became the husband of Louise Astor Van Alen, and she and her mother witnessed the fatal accident. Serge was divorced by Pola Negrl and Mary McCormlc, and then married Miss Van Alen, who had divorced his brother Alexis. The latter was killed some months ago In a motor accident in Spain shortly after his marriage to Barbara Button ended In divorce. The third of the brothers is Prince David, former husband of Mae Murray. r Arouse the Army OINCE the recent elections In ^ Spain the riots staged by the leftists have been growing more vicious dally, ,'HMPLES from surface conditions, 'need not be endured, dake your skin clearer r and smoother with rv-% soothing m Resmol He Won't Be BALD! He uses Glover's Mange Medicine followed by Glover's Medicated Soap for the jhtmpoo.IfYOUare afflicted with Baldness. Dandruff I or Excessive Falling Hair, «top worrying about it. Start tumsGIqvu'jtodavandkeep ft it Sold at all Druggists. OrnaveyourBarbergiveyou Glover stieatmentrcgularly. Is Jhls pact that Hitler gave "as his excuse for remilitarizing the Rhineland, asserting that it was a violation of the Locarno treaty, being aimed at Germany. It is the final link in the "Iron ring" around the relch which France has been forging. GLOVERS MANGE MEDICINE 2*? from DOG S TBLACKLEAF40 /Keeps Dogs Away from I Evergreens,Shrubsetc. ^""UselttTeaspoonful per Gallon of Spray. BEFORE COMES Elimination of Body Waste the other • Great Britain, France, Belgium and Italy, signers of the Locarno treaty, agreed that Germany had violated that pact and the Versailles treaty and referred the matter to the council of the league. But Britain, still striving to flnd the peaceful way out of the row, was averse to the Immediate imposition of sanctions, and naturally Italy, herself suffering from that form of punishment, felt the same way. foreign Secretary Eden of England continued his efforts to persuade Hitler to withdraw the troops from _the Rhlneland pending discussions, "and urged upon Flandln the advisability of considering the German chancellor's proposal of a 25-year peace pact. Co-operation with the British for peace, the league council invited Hitler to send a representative to Its meeting. His reply was considered "unsatisfactory" by the Brlt- •Ish and enraged the French. He said, In effect, that he would senJ a representative to the council's deliberations only on condition that powers meet It there on and ders after dlsor- at Logrono Manuel Azana Is Doubly Important a bnsls of M1 equality and prompt- In the crucial months before baby arrives lf nnCa °? ldei ' e , d "T treUty negotla it is vitally important that the body be rid " to re P lace tlle Locarno pact. of waste matter.Your intestines must fane- Fren( -'h Premier Sarraut and his tfon-regiUarly.completely without griping, cabinet, according to ofliclals in Paris, at once Instructed Flandln to fight to the bitter end for the Why Physicians Recommend Milnesia Wafers punishment of Germany, deciding These mint-flavored, candy-like wafers are that it would be better to take such pure milk of magnesia in sol d form— „ Htnn ,, - " ii i* .. , £mch pleaaanter to take than liquid. Each f Stnn ,?' T D lf " ^cks the •waferis approximately equal to a full adult lea sue, rather than bargain away dose of liquid milk of magnesia. Chewed " the nation's just right" by ac- thprpughly, then swallowed, they correct cepting Hitler's proposals for a new acidity in the mouth and throughout the Locarno. Sarraut was Reported to dwestive system, and insure regular, com- be ready even to quit the leacue plete elimination without pain or effort, taking France'a allies wlfh him' Milnesia Wafers come in bottles of 20 and J t h e ooun^ d d nt accede to" U 48,.8t 35o and 60c respectively, and m de mands convenient tins for your handbag containing 12 at 20c. Each wafer is approximately At first the British government's one adult dose of mUk of magnesia."All response to France's demands for good drug stores sell and recommend them, full support against Germany was Start using these delicious, effective ambiguous and not satisfactory to •ati-acld,gently laxative wafers today Sarraut and Flandin. JRrofessional samples sent free to registered ?" he Brltlsh statesmen seemed so physicians or dentists if request is mado calm ln the crisis that there was on professional letterhead. S«l*ct Product*, reason to believe they knew in ad| ,*•*•! 4402 33rd St., Long liland City, N. Y, vance what Hitler intended to do. 35c & 60c bottles 20ctln» When Flandin and the other Locarno signatory representatives arrived in London, the attitude of the British cabinet changed and grew decidedly stlffer. Germany's "army day" celebration was much quieter In the Rhineland than had been, planned, owing to the tense situation. Troops at Frankfort were Inspected by War Minister Werner von Blomberk mm •» HtgoMlmW*Hn and there was a speech by Hitler; In which a number of persons were killed the Spanish army was aroused to vigorous protest. Premier Manuel Azana was told by the officers that unless his new left government adopted measures 'to stop the w 1 d e- spread violence the army would take the maintenance of order into Its own hands. Gen. Carlos Masquelet, minister of war, was said to.be in sympathy with the army's demand. Azana held a heated conference with Francisco Largo Caballero, president of the Socialist party, and is said to have told him that he believed revolutionary Socialists were responsible for most of the disorders, demanding that the violence ceaee immediately. Largo Insisted that the Socialists be permitted to demonstrate, but finally gave in to the premier and issued orders to all Socialists tt behave themselves. Despite strict censorship Imposed by the governor of Logrono It was learned that Incendiaries there set fire to six convents and churches, four rightist centers and a rightist newspaper, Britain Names Inskip to Co-Ordinate Defense PROCEEDING with Its great re- 1 armament program, the British government has named Sir Thomas Inskip, attorney general since 1932, to be the co-ordina- tor of the entire scheme; giving him a newly created cabinet post. This selection by Prime Minister Baldwin was a surprise. It had been thought the place might go to Winston Church- Ill, Neville Chamberlain, Alfred Duff Cooper or Sir Sam- s ' r Thomas uel Hoare, Inskip Sir Thomas Is known as an "antl- jlngoist," is sixty years old and always is calm and unruffled In the house of commons or at the bar, It will be his duty as defense co-or- dinating minister to synchronize activities of the army, navy, and air services. Destruction by Floods in Eastern States S PRING thaws and heavy rains created a serious condition throughout the northeastern states and as far southward as Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and in the Maritime provinces of Canada. The number of reported deaths was not great but many cities and towns were threatened by great Ice packs that were swept down the swollen rivers, and vast areas of the countryside were under water. Textile mills and other industrial plants were forced to c)ose down and railway traffic was handicapped. Cummings Is Winner in Dispute With Ickes N UPHOLDING the conviction of Leonard Walter Mclntosh, chief clerk of the department of public works of the Virgin islands, on a minor theft charge the federal circuit court of appeals at Philadelphia ruled that the federal Department of Justice has complete control over the district court and the government attorney of the islands. This was a victory for Attorney General Cummings over Secretary of the Interior Ickes, for the latter's department, using the suit as a test case to determine control of the civil affairs of the Virgin Islands, had asked that the conviction of Mclntosh be set aside as unjustified. Franco Makes Paraguay Totalitarian State C OL. RAFAEL FRANCO, who became provisional president ol Paraguay after the recent revolution there, has set up a totalitarian government modeled after German Nazism and Italian Fascism. He issued a decree which declared the state and the "liberating revolution" of February 17 as Indivisible and banned for one year political,' labor, or other unions which "do not Wdshin_ Digest M_i: IT- I . i A • iuiii_Miai iwpii^s miKifjieiea •*?, By WILLIAM BRUCKART /* Anxiety Is Parent of Many Sins andofjilore Mi 8erie8 I Anxiety ia the poison of k life. In a world where evervth. an doubtful, and where we mav h appointed, and be blessed in HI pointraent, why this restless stir commotion of mind? Cari it "~" the cause or unravel the m ys L^ human events ?—BlftIr. y <* Rafael Franco emanate explicitly from the state." Paraguay, the government asserted, will be purged of "endemic, demagogic, Industrial, and sectarian evils." The official statement places In the "liberating army" the principal source of authority. The alms of the new government, the decree said, will -be/the construction, of a new, strong Para- Washington.—Overshadowing all else In the national capital at this m. , „ . writing Is the con- Need Curb troversy that Is on Inquiries boiling and surging a r o u n d the head 6f Alabama Democratic Senator Black, who Is the chairman of the senate's lobby Investigating committee. As an offshoot of this controversy, the federal communications commission Is In water much too hot for bathing and It begins to appear that when the steam blows off the communications commission Is likely to be a thoroughly discredited federal agency because of the part it played In Senator Black's unprecedented seizure of private telegrams from the Western Union and Postal Telegraph companies. Speaking generally, it has been Seldom that n United States sena- ntor has ever attempted to assert the authority that Senator Black has used and It is equally unprecedented that a federal agency has gone to the extremes that characterized the action of the communications commission In connection with the seizure of the messages. But some good may come from the police court prosecution tactics employed by Senator Black and some good may come from the accusations leveled at the communications commission because that body helped Senator Black carry out his plans. The country-wide indignation that has arisen ' from Senator Black's usurpation of power has brought to the front a question that needs public attention and needs it badly. I refer, in this connection, to the steadily expanding efforts of congressional Investigators, especially senatorial Investigators, to take over, as their own, powers that always have been regarded as reserved exclusively to the courts. The consensus among Washington observers certainly is that the legislative inquiries have developed to a point where the most humble requirements of justice have been and are being completely Ignored. Whether they are so intended, these Inquiries, and this Includes investigations conducted by committees not only of congress but of state legislators and even city 'courier's, guay and constitutional reorganl- are approaching the point where zatlon for a future republic. Franco's government' was formally recognized at Asuncion by diplomatic representatives of the United States, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain. Legal Measures to Stop Seizures of Telegrams "~- fiHIEF JUSTICE ALFRED 'A. *~> WHEAT of the District of Columbia Supreme court checked the telegram-seizing activities of the Black senate committee on lobbying. He granted the Chicago law firm of Silas H. Strawn an Injunction restraining the Westtern Union Telegraph company from giving the committee copies of the firm's telegrams. The judge said the subpoena served on the telegraph company by the committee, calling for copies of telegrams "goes way beyond"- the committee's powers. Next day William Randolph Hearst, newspaper publisher, began a fight in court to keep an original confidential telegram out of the hands of the Black committee. Death of Earl Beatty, ! . British Navy Figure TpAUL BEATTY, commander of •*-' the British war fleet in 191018 and afterward first lord of the admiralty, died In London after a long illness at the age of sixty- five. Rising from a sick-bed to attend the funeral of Earl Jelllcoe last November, he predicted that he would soon follow his colleague. Lord Beatty had a meteoric career as a naval commander and displayed his ability In the battles of Heligoland Bight and Dogger Bank, and especially in the battle of Jutland where he commanded the first battle cruiser squadron. His wife, wljo died in 1032, was Ethel Field, daughter of the Chicago merchant prince, Marshall Field. flopjcins Denies Demands of Workers' Alliance /COMMUNISTS and radicals who *-* appeared as representatives ol the Workers' Alliance of America went before WPA Administrator Harry Hopkins and made a series of demands that were all coldly turned down by that gentleman. These included the dismissal of Victor F. RIdder, New York WPA director ; no cut in the 8,500>000 persons .on works relief, and full union pay and union hours' for persons on relief and pay ifor elcl? leave. They also demanded that all employed, whether or opt on '•"D «f roll*, b« given W?A worfc they are almost tyrannical. It goes without saying, then, that the time has arrived ,for citizens to assert themselves. These Inquiries will not proceed when the elected .legislators, state or national, learn that the people do not approve of such high-handed tactics. * * * In order to have an understanding of the latest of these pending. Undoubtedly, the questions, whatever the rulings may be, will find their way eventually to the Supreme court of the United States. The senate Itself Is looking into the situation. It has, by resolution, asked the federal communications commission to make a report stating the facts and by what authority It acted. So there Is much hubbub about the whole thing and if one may judge from the line of conversation generally heard around Washington, Senator Black Is on the hot spot, and the spot thus far has shown no Indications of entering a cooling stage. Senate Investigations long have been considered by many people as modus operandl Charge that creak with Unfairness unfairness. U n biased observers frequently have criticized them because of the methods employed. It seems absolutely necessary that the senate should have power to call witnesses, to ask legitimate and proper questions and to force answers. If it is going to enact legislation to correct evils, it must be equipped with such powers. But the point Is that In seeking such information, the senate has consistently permitted its committees to act In a fashion that can be described by no other word than outrageous. I have watched them over a perlbd of nearly twenty years and seldom, If ever, has there been an Important Investigation that did not degenerate sooner or later into a condition that savored of police court practices. For several years, there has been a bill pending In congress designed to prevent, or at least reduce lynch- ings. The theory back of It Is that many times Innocent persons have been lynched and that every one has a right to a trial by jury in a properly constituted court. Over Do You Ever Wonder Whether the"P a i n " Remedy You Use is SAFE? Ask Your Doctor and Find Out Don't Entrust Your Own or Your Family's Well - Being to Unknown Preparations THHE person to ask whether the * preparation you or your family ?fe c ffeS 8 /™ the relief of headachw is SAFE to use regularly is you family doctor. Ask him part icufa ou about Genuine BAYER He will tell you that before the discover? of Bayer Aspirin most remedies, were advised pain , se against by physicians as bad for th °u m ?. cl ! a ? d - °f te n. for the heart Which is food for thought if vn I seek quick, safe relief. * Scientists rate Bayer Asnirin among the fastest methods yet discovered for .the relief of headaches and the pains of rheumatism, neuritis and neuralgia. And the experience of millions of users has proved it safe for the average person to we regularly. In your own interest re- member this. You can get Genuine Bayer Aspirin at any drug store — simnlv by asking for it by its full name BAYER* ASPIRlfr. Make H a point to do this — and see that you get what you want. Bayer Aspirin Black's Activities escapades, It is necessary to review briefly what lias happened in the case of the senate lobby investigating committee. Almost a year ago the committee sought the aid o.f the federal communications commission which had the color of authority in law for investigating the business of the telegraph companies. Senator Black Issued a broad subpoena, directing the telegraph companies to make available any and all messages his committee desired. Communications commission agents then went Into the telegraph company flies, read everything they could flnd and made copies of all of the messages which those agents under guidance of Black Investigators, thought would be helpful to the Black committee in exposing operations of private Individuals. The purpose of this, as outlined by Senator Black, was to locate clues to the machinations of business Interests who were seekin" passage or defeat for legislation pending In congress. The Alabama senator wanted to "show up" lobbyists. He contended and has maintained consistently that "these malefactors of great wealth" could not accomplish any influence in congress unless it were done secretly and "in the dark." In other words, Senator Black persuaded members of the communications commission, to help him in his fishing expedition. He persuaded that organization that it should become a party to an unprecedented effort designed as a dragnet, a movement to smear anybody and everybody who had used telegraphic service. , The Black plan, was carried out In secret. Senders and receivers of messages which those agents copied knew nothing about it. Tne operation was just as much "In the dark" as any of,the lobbying about which Senator Black complained, even more so. It was only by accident that the facts became known but when they did become known,, the lid was promptly blown Off. The end Is not yet, nor is it even in sight. One federal judge has Issued a restraining order against •uch tactics and a half dozen other applications for similar orders arei across the Atlantic ocean, dictators have operated and have employed the "blood purge," the Summary death sentence or the execution without granting the accused the right of defense. Undoubtedly, some persons • guilty of murder or rape have been lynched; undoubtedly the summary executions by the Soviet or the Fascists of Italy have provided death for Individuals who were festering sores to humanity, but there can be no doubt that in the case of the lynch- ings or In the case of the "blood purge" or the summary executions, many Innocent persons have had their lives snuffed out. So It Is with senate investigations. Undoubtedly they have uncovered some dirty crooked deal- Ings. Undoubtedly they have brought to public attention activities and conditions that ought to have been exposed. Yet, the fact remains that nearly all of our people are decent people, law abiding and self-respecting. And when senate Investigations go beyond proper limits they approach, if they do not wholly become, tyranny. • * * In defense of Senator Black's action In the lobby investigation, I »T » i»7t ii think it can fair- Not Wholly , y be sald thata ; re to Blame is not wholly to blame if he has gone further than any other In the program of Inquiry and prosecution upon which he has launched I it tie by little, bit by bit, the 'senate has arrogated to itself authority hitherto not used by It. Little little, It has encroached upon many believe to be the lurisd of the courts and In a ] ;o mn It has taken unto it a i,, G ™?". ner Make Probabilities ' The method of the enterprising If to plan with vigor; to sketch ont t °>|P....qf possibilities, and then treat' them as probabilities.—Bbvee. •tii CORNS QUICKLY SAFELY To instantly relieve pain; stop nagging ehoe pressure and quickly; safely loosen and remove corns or callouses—use Dr. Scholl's Zino- pads. These soothing; healing, cushioning pads prevent sore toes and blisters. At drug, shoe or dept. stores —only 25j and 35)5 a box. It It Interesting Perhaps you are not expected t» flnd this a happy world, but an Interesting one. Be content with that unto itself powers hitherto supposed to have been ex cluslvely reserved to the executive department of government. It would seem, then, that if O th or- of ods. The trouble in his ,••,*", *" CL "" he did not stop at mit? " lat ly set, discreditable as £0^1 were, but went beyond them To repeat, there l s everv ', „ tlon that some good ui i ? dica o* this circumstance 1™'?"? ° Ut and brilliant lawyers — nt men ganlzatlons like the N.=r,irri 2= ".rutrs - rssry£S£ the questions Involved »nf ns that the courts, it i, { u Ui « et Into f}| P., lr ,lll i S CO HP fl/\n« _i . . they win be presen| n such a ffianner «ons may be finally answered, that the legislators mm; h« that a ci efl n,T eay e Xpb r ees r mlte 1 and fro * the Judiciary X f^ome mine whether member, WlU deter " and the .„„_. mt)ers of therm,,,,,. tors. CHAPPED LIPS To quickly relieve chapping, roughness, ., /cracking,apply soothing,\ cooling Mentholatum. MENTHOLATUM ._£r£s:COMI=OR.T Daily ucv. •«*« you tried the MEW MEHTHOUTUM LIQUID •Hi. i or l'! lea *«»>d»? 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