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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, July 2, 1859
Page 2
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WM T00NO, Branch Warehoue, Walkert Point. . FOB nch F ed Wheat. .-_. , received • anAlf .ample6f La Whlto Wheat dlrectBotn Frmnce, and will receive ' for same. As the quantity arriving |i small, Tithing to porebue, will do well to lead In -wltliso nmoh dwger lo T% ; h«reby glreo that . and made it my boilntn, to tni»lIiMJon bet? bti »pplle4ito-iiern a m price of thdr conUBOMoe In the repnb- Ue*n party, tbU^jdekgates should be refused •dmlttanoe to. the next republican-national convention fo^theae threata theBwton At- J WUVVIUMVM • ,~«-y/»•*»* UumadStt replies; Mc.MJbdlM.JaMn, Ufil. •Mat* ,• ,J x yA»;<or :explndlii^ the MaMaohusetts 'dele-I $* "^i ai *°. «»-* r«*pict~t »«j;gat«* fronUhe national oonTentton nnleig they • •*§* ( - / B ta »U-Vwy natnral •repudiate the two jjew»» amendment, «u we hare to Bay Ir: I>ityluebneeatwntryft. 'The MaMaohMette delegates would probably not *-~~'~- -~' -boa* who uige*uoh»propo- -« a MasBS-huBeUa repnbli- Q«n.<JM»'iporitfonrt all bwards, and fladtag that h« referred only tp persons wko tadtaourwd some legml peaalty by desertion from the «rmy, whenie epok* W iibaJr emi- {ration «nd uktonlissfion not «xenpting tbem ftwa tbe fenalty thtn tacorred, it my*:- .., -• •'But even wen It deserters in aotnal «er- rice we don't see that it alters the case. Tbe Mrrioe it not voluntary bat enforced. Tbe soldier bas no part nor lot in dictating bis dn- ty, but it is tbe bidding only of a despot If, then, tbemanift^i"*** to assert bis own natural lights, by emigrating to a neutral and independent country, and renouncing all claims for protection or txran ol any kind from the landof bis birth, be can4p so, and It is the duty of the,goTarnmant to which be has made 'bis new «n^g»«nna to protect him." Gen. Oass makes a distinction between persons wbo were simply liable to military dnty, and those wbo bad incurred a penalty by desertion. Tbe former be claims become exempt from Jbeir liability by emigration and natmral- ication, while the.latter de not become exempt from the ptnt&ty incurred by desertion. Tbe frit Dmoerat -cannot see the distinction. That it is unable to see it, is not tbe fault of Gen. Cass, bat its own misfortune. The one incurs penalties by doing an unlawful act, while tbe other is guilty of no offence, and incurs no penalty. But the Frn Democrat proposes to oontrorert the right of European Governmintt to exact military serrloe from tbeir snbjecte. If OUT goTernment should enter upon that work, it would bave ita hands full for gone time to come, as those gorernm»m£ exact a great many things which we would not ap- . prbrc of, and of «ourse must correct, according to UteJogie of our neighbor. In Cast, he boldly proclaims that snob is the mission of our fOTernmeut. Tbe articleoonlndoes as follows: " Tbe mission of our government is to establish the doctrine of the Declaration of Independence, and vindicate K with reference to all of its oUisBna, whether br birth or naturalisa- tion. We go distinctly for snob vindication, less of oonseqnenees or cost If var every crowned head of Europe, is necessary in the premises, then let it come. Better that than surrender a principle SQ vital.' .There is chivalry for you, such as has not been witnessed since tbe memorable campaigns of Don Quixote. And the author of this sub- fflnw manifesto is a member of tbe-peaoe society, and opposed to .war for any purpose 1 We are glad, however, that he limits the strife to a war simply with tbe "crovmtd beads," as tbe vncrowntd beads an much the most numerous, and generally do all the fighting and suffer all the hardship* and privations of war. We, too, would he willing to fight all the crowned beads for any cause, or without cause, if tke uncrowned heads would not in- ierfsreintt. U M good as a Oermati one, and they will find also that Massachusetts will take no step backwards in this or any other proposi tion she can honestly and properly maintain. We say again'that w« have no unkind feel- Ing towards the German voters o7 this country At tbe aame time, iUssaohasetts will permit no one, native or foreign, ttving beyond "her bonndaries, to dictate terms to her. Let it be known, now and forever, that if tbe western republicans submit tbeir party and themselves to be lorded over by a fe they will break up their own State, and sow tbe - . - --i.r.,-.--; r- --• j-*"* -—* - . tertenfrem tht army, Otey 'trfH & t» r/aiww «/ -' may be held to pay them. Jfthey tti penalty of a broken lav, that tftnforced'againit them-. Thit it retptct to #af|M citnent, and it it retptet^to foreign-born citi- „,,, . 7 natnjid »* Mr- Botts and MS confederated to oonrej a different iinprea- Blou. They bare <no regard for oar foreign- bbrn citizens. N They make constant war npon Uiem. They are quite:nnbonoerned M to what' may happen to them abroad. They would be German voters, that nisation in their of another Amer- Hut Gu* Doctrine We invite tbe particular attention of our naders to the article which we copy from the Washington Constitution, entitled " The last ftand." It contains a dear tUaotory erposttfonof ibe docjrinerre: promnlgatodTSy the government, in regard to the liabilities of naturalised citizens on returning to their native country. SnOden Chaayea. We have only to remark that tbe production —Sale's poem on Low —was characteristically racy, abounding tat flashes of wit,pun?f>nt surprises, sharp satire, and sweet senOnicut, which well repaid nb auditors.— Outdnnati Oonumreial, ttbrHaTylb, 1869. This wit, punster and-poet, was, when the above article appeared in the Oommtrcial, a private citizen. Within a few days past tbe Democracy of Vermont have nominated Baxe for Governor, and thereupon ,the Commercial of the 23d June nit:, says : The Democratic candidate for Governor of Vermont is John G. Saxe, tbe toothless poet of the Green Mountains, wbo has for some years been peddling, about the country his stock of "stale rhymes and strained witticisms, all of the most .dreadful character. Tbe proba-, Wlity is that he will not be defeated by more than twenty thousand majority.— Cincinnati ,June 22.1,1859. Thii if no .Bore remarkable than tbe tergi-' venation of the press of thin State, am the great "pome' 1 read at the printers {t-trva..— When it was. supposed to be production of -"Brick," it was ehanwteriMio and beanti/ol; bat Then it waa .Moertaiaed to be Ihe work of! the"0onqwror," it was then characteristic •Bough, bnt crazy and uncouth. Ceasfbl* . Conctaatoti. Tbe Washington State* of the 37th nit. say*: "'Senator Dpuglas left this citj yester. day for the north, to be absent about a week. SncE arethe obligations imposed upon, and •eknowledged by Urn, by tbe political principles which have animated him through life, that in defining his position inhis recent letter, -Mtbing more or less was meant than that, if be could not conscientiously assume the lea* dsnhlp of tbe democracy, in aocordanoewith certain conditions imposed, which -might be . firoposed. he would prefer to ocMiperate dutifully as an humble individoal 'in the janks. — W« shall swe him, in the indomitable array of • hisanergy at Charleston next ^spring, and in the fight In tUinois nest an- may be our -platform *nd _ • fact ihat. neb »«!'«apabl« of performing iu tbe ' tTaton. Stephen iaL^ taeae Old Ironiida a> Wai loan party, which will exertapowei more vart than those who now tradnoe MasBaohaaetto to obtain favor of the Germans, have the remotest idda of. Should tbe national convention, by resolution or otherwise, be silly enough to attempt to single ont Massachusetts abd discredit her for having in her own way amended her own fundamental laws, or should they attempt to exclude tbe delegates from this State from holding seats for any snob cause, a storm will be raited ruck at hat not beeti heard o/tince convention* had an txisttnct. W e hope we shaft bear no more of this kind of talk. Nrw HAXPSHIKB NuLLiriCATioH.—The Personal Liberty bill, as it i« called, which was recently introduced in the legislature of New Hampshire, was kicked oat of the House on the 24th inst., by a vote of 277 to 17. This bill made it a penal offence for any citizen of tbe State to assist in tbe recapture of a fugitive slave. In plain terms it sent • man to the State prison for obeying tbe laws of bis country. THB QBOKOIA DEMO.B-s.Tie CONVHTIOK.— According to all accounts, the nigger-drivers and fire eaters who gained admittance lute the recently held Democratic State Convention of Georgia, displayed their ohivalrio qualities to their hearts' content. The Savannah lican says that for disorder, rowdyism and general contempt for all raise of propriety, it* parallel ha. never been Witnessed in that State, and that they Lad respeet neither for themselves nor for the people who sent them there. To such a disgraceful pitch was this disorder carried that the President of the convention abandoned the chair in disgust, and declared that "he was ashamed of their conduct, and bad never before witnessed tbe like in a deliberative body." SAK. HOVSTOX.—General Houston, who is now fairly in tbe field as a candidate for Governor of .Texas, in a letter to a iriend, says he will make no regular canvass, though he may deliver a few speeches, and when he does, he will be down upon all the modern isms, ultra- isms, re-opening the African slave trade, secession movements and artful dodgw of tbe day. DOUGLAS w £BHTOCKT.—The Louisville Journal saye that tbe democracy of Kentucky .is completely Douglasized, and will go for him Without a dissenting voice if be is nominated at Charleston. SODTHXKS DEMOCRATIC F.B.B-EA TIBS' PLA-TOIM—Democracy and the Union, or black republicanism and disunion. New JSBSCT Dsire>CBACT.—Tbe Damoorat- ic State Convention of New Jersey will be held tn Trenton, on Wednesday,the 34th of August. ImiMm BLBCTTOK.—The toUl vote at the late election In the Eastern Congressional district of Rhode Island wan : Robinson, American republican, 3,406 ; Davis, straight republican, 3,654 ; scattering, 34. TbU closes tbe Congressional elections for New England, tb* entire delegation being republican or American republican. lfapole*n»a Penonml Pecottwltte*. Blackwood's Magazine for June gives some remarks on the personal characteristics of Napoleon in: He hu gained friend* as well as enemies l<y one most extraordinary faculty that he possesses—that of holding his tongne, and of doing so in tbe company of the most loquacious people in the world. A perfectly undemonstrative man, some Frenchmen respeet him for it; while others fear him, others hate him because he will not take thetn into his counsel ; and many Englishmen.again, like him because he flatters the national vanity by being in many respects very like an Englishman. He is cold and reserved in hj pUblio demeanor ; more cordial, say his friends, when seen in private. Certainly he does not' 'wear his heart npon his sleeve for daws to pick at.'' He listens to all that Is said to him, aod then takes tls own course. He consults everybody, and iollowa his own advice. Again he has a good seat on horseback — Other Englishmen dislike him either because -they ride badly themselves, or because not being able to keep their own counsel they hate a close character. Such trivial causes, or causes of no greater weight, are perhaps more nearly the true causes of his unpopularity In England than any oommo n place notions of nil being the destroyer of %be UberUes of France. Be had equally destroyed the liberalities of France When he made his triumphal entry into London. The English pressed least «f its leading organs, has ncdergone many phases of opinion concerning him ; and he complained to Sir Francis Head of this coo- daotof the English press, by that very complaint showing that he had some regard to the public opinion in England. If we venture ourselves to express an opinion .regarding his character, we put it forth in all modesty, and wish itio be understood in as vague and general a sense as possible. Feeling ourselves incompetent to take the measure of. a man. It is pur impression that he is a man whose general talent barf been rather overrated than otherwise. He has doubtless a great power of will, an undaunted courage, vfery willing, perhaps, that they should never return M the tTntted States ; and hence, they feel no responsibility iu giving them bad ad- vjioe. 1 Very different, however, is the condition of tbe democratic party. This great organisation has always maintained the rights of onrnatn- rillzed ctUzens,-and&els & deep interest in their Welfare, When they Usr-e been unjustly assailed it has stood by them, and, in frequent cases, has perilled Its majorities and its power in so doing. While Mr. Botts was sapportlng the secret order which struck at them in the dkrk, the democracy madt) open war upon the order, tore off its dlsguie?*, and held it up to tbe light of day in its truo character of bigotry, intolerance, and wrong. Under this exposure, after a bard oonfli t, It was completely vanquished, and our foreign-born citizens were relieved from the threatened danger Mr, Bjotts knows this perfectly well, for nowhere was the order more warmly defended than H was in Virginia, and nowhere was it more tri- to rout. But now these very witk wornu anf Urer cympUlpt at Uu> une Ume, and had bMa rofferlng tor «ome/fwo month*. Through mj •enaatMB^ jrareha»e<Hine bottle of Dr.'Iant't «ftd OB* .box of Ltftr fOU, which the toot acedrdsitto alrtctloiii. -The retail wai,ihe paucd a large ^oaotttr of womu, and thlnki that on» box More of| th* Pffl» win rotore her to perfect bemlth. Her name and teiidenc e eaa b« learned br caliiDg on nualU Draggtit, corner of Bulger «ml Monroe itreeti. Pnrcaueri will be careful to uk for DR. ITLANPS OKLJEBKATID TIEMUTIOK. maDafaetar- ed by FLOtlSd BROS, of PltUbarnh, Pa. in other Tetmlfajia In epmparlsaa an worthleu. Dr. M'Lane'i «eaalBe Tennuice.alia hli celebrated UverlPilU, cu now | be had at all ropccUble draf itoret. Son* gunubu vrUhout Uietiffnatvrt of P] _ Jel4-d*wlm PLKMINO BROS. NEHVOIT8 DEBILITY. a complaint very common, c»p««liHy among temale*. Ofoflan<Fi German Bitter* nerer falli to core thii dlieue. .The tjitem, under lt< tue, U re- •tored to Iti original itrength and rigor ; the appetite becomei good, is iplrlU become cheerfnl, and ID bodj aad mind yon feel the fall reiteration of health, for •ale by draggteti ud deaJera In medlclnei treryirbere, centi per bottle. dawlmo BOAKUINQ. men who were then scourged back to their oa- I H> »« T WA«««I, «ornei vims not only dare to show their faces &™fn ! ' W ,, T ° I ? 0 J 1 '- "'e'o'i' T WO gentlemen wllb their ladle, can be accommodated with Brat class feosrd at 39fi IvlAIN 8TBEET, lecood doer north of Onleda; ai«o five or ilj gentlemen can have rooms, aod from ilx to ten day boarder, can b» accommodated on reasonable terms. J«28-dlm MRS. WILLIAMSON ;i>y onaineai, D; ainly reaUied. Y M K N T . »5O a Month and all Expenses Paid. A N AGENT is wanted In every town and county In the United States to engage in a respectable and eisy bnatneas, by which tbe above profit, may be cer- Por farther part culars, addrei. Da. J. ler 12th Street and Broadway, ising one Postage Stamp. NO'lIOK. Crrr CowrrmoLLm's Orric», I Contract Department, Mil., June 27. 1339. t I ^HI TolloTing U a icbetlale of lota rronttntr on 7th •treet, from Ordar to Tamarack Btrrct, ID Che 2d Ward or tbe City of Mllwauke*, ihovtng Uie amoaot of benefit* to each lot, by grading £a.d itreet and walka, planting walks, paring gutter*-- and graveling the J H. BUVMXG, LOC13 AUKR, Street Commiss'.uoers. Lot. Block . 1C7 18T 187 Itt y 16 in 11 .to show their faces again Mfore the persons whom at that time the; out- riged, bnt have tbe brazen impudence to as- stime e¥en to give them advioeT What right h»ve they to address a naturalized citizen in tbe words uf friendship? Wlro does not see thiU their friendship is falsely assumed, and that they still retain their old hostility? The de mocraoy, however, hare a right to speak with , - . . . — friendly confidence to this class of our n«onl» , §t ^ et " per pUn "' the °"* Kn « in " r . a,se».ment as and to expect that their words will be niard-d ' ' as tbe words of truth and sinc-rity. Upon this expectation they act. They do not de- ceSve thorn in one tingle particular. What they know to be the policy of Europe they a™ not afraid to declare. jWhen they believe' that a naturalized citizen is teafe in returning home they are willing to tell hto so ; and when they believe otherwise they toil him otherwise. They cannot assure him of safety, when they know he is in danger They wfll neither invite h'.m Into difficulty nor 'refuse to admonish him whrn they se« his peril. The contrary 1s the court* of know nothing. bat it U not the cause ofjastice, sincerity,' and fair dealing—it can never be the course of th* democratic partv. It is to be borne in mind, on this subject, that U is one thing to announce what tbe policy of Europe is concerning military 'ervico and similar obligations, and quite another thing to justify it. Our government mar fair ly seek to change tliis policy by negotiation j and treaty, bnt It cannot anonnnce the change I until it has been acc.ixplij-hed. It is obvious, I (ram his published l«it«r to Mr. Hof«r, that Gen. Cass has been '-ni?»-ed for some time in discussing this subjt-.-t with the German governments, with the v rr purpose of obtaining greater facilities for <.ur naturalized citizens* Ills chiefly with ref-'oniw to Germany that tb.« questions in r^pecl lo military <w>rvic. They have no application to Great and are ceMom raised In France.— Whenever they arise, they are sure to be atUn- tivi-lv regarded by HSr government of the United States, and concerning the legal principles which idDst qontrol them there can be no hon- "t difference of opinion. Mr. Bolts may seek to convey a contrary »ptn<'<n, and by a pn-at deal of spread-^agle nonsense may lead a .-»snal reader into error , bat even ht leaves himsrlf a loop-bole of «j cape should he be called to aooonnt hereafter by admitting the obligation of every foreign- born citizen to discharge every debt which he ow«s to his native land. Mr. Botts says : "If the debt is still binding, there is neither justice nor morality tn any attempt on our i part to deprive these governments of what < they are justly entitled to." This is the whole doct-ine in a nutshell — This is what the Administration holds, and what every Administration has held which baa ever had to deal with tbe question. There IB no need of any disguise about it. Gen. Cans holds fully to the right of expatriation. He does not believe that any man can be punished anywhere for exercising that right If he does exercise it, his native country has no claim on him as to the future, and no other claim on him as to the past than the discharge of snob obligations as he bad incurred before he changed his home. Subject to this single condition of "a debt still binding/' as Mr. Botts has It, be is as free to go to one country as to another, and is entitled to fall protection everywhere.— Conttttution. Benefits. 230.00 180.01) 1M.OU 850,00 300.10 130,00 28-.M 810,00 On crossing of 7th street and north -I ey In 166 and 167. On crossing of 7th street and south alley la 164 and 1ST. jeW-d8t K. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller o. vu» Dtcreca ». o. w _t_ia VON D E I) T S C U <k \V 1 > K L E R , ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, OPnOR— Impire Block, Wl S Kast Water su JtlLWATKSS Urt5) NOTICE CITT OoiirTBiiLLu'ii Orrici, ) Contract DepartrotDt, Juoe 23,1859 f T HE Common Couocll bj r solution adopted Jane 20, 1869, h»r1nj[ coocarred in the rwmmeod*- tlon of ih« 81 reel Comm •Jtunen of thf sih W»rtJ, It n ordered : That E irwpr b« eonstruciM ID Oth trenae from Kcoii vtreet to Washington itr**i, and ID Waahlugico ktreet, from 5vh U> 4tb »Trour, 6«i W.vrd, m *cc rdfcnc* wnh th« pl»a and lp«oiflcaUo*ii of the City Ln^ne^r. on file in the Comptroller 1 * office- h 1 ata a Mnnrty D u withdrawn from X thBflrmofllqirar.I'JIor* r 0 ., h«rlng-«6M an hl> right and Interut In aaid firm to Wl Uam M. KlmbalL • 0.0. M0BKAT. Thebutnea* win hereafter be conducted uoder the «ijl»of prior. Barblck* Co., «cho wUlMttle all aecooota or Murray, prior * do. A. P. PRIOR, J. t. HA&BIOK, /e6 ,, WM. M. KIHBALL. 80 KKWAKD—SJLTJT L.OST. A SMALL Black and While Hot, wearing «»—-w a'&ew leather strap around her neck --i-s*"***^ and h*. her can cut lo a point In the .hap- of loic. ear., and answer, to the Dane of "Jennie," was lost on Saturday afternoon, June 4th. Whoever will return aald S1U1 to SIT Main street, will receive the above reward. jeT coos.. amatol«. BOLUBTU. . rn..i»» c. COITOS. OOOfi, HOLLISTEfi. & COTTON. Altoriieyii mid roiui^ellors, ' ,&, AND6, PH(HIX BUILDING, (197 Eatt Water street,, >» ..WH. THE GREAT EN6L1SB REAEDf, ana JAICKS CLAKKB^ Celebrated Female Pi 1 1». Prtpartd from a prescription of Utr J. CLik^ it. D., Physicinn Extraordinary to tht (fuetn This Inralnable medicine la unfvllna in the >nro if t.i those painful and dangerom dlseurs i.. »' ; :.-i, iu, r... male oomtitntloD .a-rabject. It mo<l«ratea all etoeas and rvmoYefl all obatructtona, and 4 ip««nly anr- m«y be relied on. TO iTIARKlCD I.ADII-s It ut pecnjtaSTy suited. It will. In a fhurt tlni^ »nr>rf .. the monthly period with regularity Each bottle, price One DoUa/, be»rs u..- i<>. v^ lt , .» .t Stamp of Great Urmln, hi prtveiii u .'-rr. .. •flUU PiUnlJunUa notbt riKSTTffRfS VO;l Ore fur*. '-** brintj >•» 3/w. H A r l"' STRAW TKN PFH 'ilia ii ran 1) I »• VI IM- CAPS A P - I ' • W F K Piirr.ia.n- l AN V \l UlU *V| <* ' •« THKK -r i .N I' H h V\ H -T tllirttn '.'/ flrni't the Back and Umbs, VaUxiie >u slight tatlon ofthr Hi-irt, Kyiiter < ; ^' Will etfeet a cur« w-.en ill ..INT . I'm r although a powerful rt-msily, .to n..: -n mel, antimony, or any thing hurtful i.> L full diteotlooj In iha pamphlet &r.m» which thoald he rarefuliy pr^s^rv..,] Sole Agent f..r the rnit-d.*tali-> .»: JOB MO8KS, ll.«t- li'! JJ..NNK I i \ Nil. A or PROMI=O8Y NOTE for $50, payable M Barbara Held, tilth t raonihs after ilate r.iecated by rraldertah Froegel and ll\ila Oh fruf^A, dated Milwaukee, October la, 186% I warn ever, body nut to yay laid note as U will not be paid to any one r-x-ept ] BARBABA IlltD N. B -|l,i»i »nl«, thonir l A*... •. * .: pills, r>y retain maii K. NO'J 1CK. U<*| nl M >ble> - ng..| Cli :I,.i, lloth Qoods, with lnt< rea* T. the hu No. 194 !ast Wa'er > r.ct, v cr* I i Clothing bosti ess In all iti braiict H AVING trade, c W K have sold iu 0 K M>bl- with later « Ir. fn tiuxln.ii . IVe ret; / gc: erally Ullwuuk.e, maytl-d8w M»y 81), > •Jtocft )Q nu Fur- K MAI.I.'Y rk .n tra.le. 1 fast W%ter MARl >.Y t Co. HATHAWAY &. BtLi ., I :-\N K I :.( . I,a ml nml <'of HT f inn «»ih. v_ ' 1 Mill III •• /f L'K'KA. {' H V HOT.iJ.LS, <StC. 'is iT J . ,11 1 H K:-. i •><> i U K 11. Gentlemen s, Misstd' &L'hildreu' Boots KlIOi:S, SI. I PHI IIS .V K I V Ko. 2? HILB Al'KEK. UAl>E Katt \VnI T« iik rr •trect ALBANY h h S TM U K t N R. Sll.l 1A 111 • \1 GltL.fl FIN I !! II ASU 1'AI.I K K U I \ > AKT < rA ! 1,1 KY, Hi H it. H A VIM) sec-'c.l most cxpertar.' .) in the U cut. i] H.V many of thf CU.I<:L,B of M Iwa utter.) I »m nu w p< eparMl o offer to the pabnc fTerj- ies:rah|« *tj!* if Picture.} [Down to tbe community it lower ri!e< &.Q«J ex<M:ui<i1 a a better manner than CM. b« done it- any >th«r r»- In the ^ ett DAGUKRHF.A- I.AL; K.nv. Tl Ka»t Witer itr- T, r .rmtr'j kn-.wa tu fie^tj'* I H ' JANK-VI; IT":'".'.' ll«..r. f, . I ! The Mrun western '..un I Veep'.na, »r. '. I Hy»tl H us- A r \ I It r Hi!,™ 1 JL M 4 llntjr i THE HtfNGRY," rtUle*t extent bj llt.W 248 KAST MIL-JACKIE. Whc are J-jjt .n remand most complete • Family Ever exhibited In Ui.t c'.l/, ihi time . recently m th* New V ir« and Bo, .. n A < KOSHV, WATKi: S 1 Jil-.K i L<-i'K II 1> J N I OC ATI- [ J 41 . if ' Kht < I J N \ K \\ > \ I > i . II X 'I • - A I 4 h ' .1 J» t ; ), , I S\ t of it * .ck ^1 W1-CON«IN (». n. r— 1\ i«wii t. ries (» » >T 1. li «• \ > I n 'V-ry »t , e. . -' ;.[,i f 1 W't.1 u r r. ..v. -.*\n Tr.r,. nil 3 r. I A H I At ru-h pr;c« a* I in IbtJ trtule, and » (fur prop-airme er both uji a r.*u,l <. \ ^rj- ar 1 . from this date, or the Street OjmtnissloD-rs tf the Sth Ward, will cause the same to be done and charg-d lo Ihe r~s[>«cure lota, according to law Je26-d6t 1. L'H GARDINER, Cr.mplr-il-er BITTER. " mb.i... rj.l It T W 1 11 WOULD (•» i the sltectlon of Families l DOS O UUT'J Kit. 1 am daily rectrlr ng by Kiprej*, choice lou uf Buti-r from tbe best Datrlei In the State, which for gu&lity and fiaror la uo«arpa«»ed Pr;ceJ aJwiyi to corr-»- pond vtth the "market r»te»," and quality v&rr%DLed Or den soil c tied and >eoi to all piru of the oily fre« JOHN W. LED.MRD, fe Groc«r ** d W me I>e*ier. 161 E»*t W»i>r itreet. L.U.-: both physical and moral, ud by that Inestimable fiwnlty of holding ills tongne he tt^ble to bide iis tone, obserre circumstances, and thus make the most of them, and bring to bear on them, at the right time, all the faculties he possesses. Perhaps his policy appears to be mysterious, simply because he has no policy at all, bnt U ready to abandon one course and adopt anotb- W, according as he siatnbles against a barrier m anna inw*n operiUja, Doubtless it is often ithe came Ofarocoess in life. Some men of un- jhelr pliins.i Others do *o by fonningno plans m hii«wcKtd to Itsj'atali-in^paPtnsiMttiwB, tutt fashioning 1 and re" """"* ""*" " *" ' " " " the mould of .Seymour and DlcklnaoB. The following paragraph, which we extrao from an article in tbe Albany Allot it Aryiu, will be interesting to many readers at this time, as both i'-? gentlemen mentioned in U are spoken of I/ tbe press as candidates for the Presidency: Such men ad Oov Dickinson and Oov. Seymour—to whom we refer as types of our meaning—with mitigated minds, refined tastes, exquisite apprei i .tion of rural beauty and love- line?* and fine social qualities, have deeper \nd broader sources of happiness, than the <otici- patlbD of any official position within the- gift of their Callow countrymen. And we are confident they have the good sense to appreciate, possess and enjoy tbe pleasures within their grasp, instead of making themselves unhappy in listless aspirations fer high political per- fiutnent, so uncertain of attainment and generally so unsatisfactory in its yield of happiness, when attained. Let the great mass of those who mingle in political strife and who aspire to official position of whatever grade, exercise a like sensible philosophy, and they may be able to be active politicians and at the same time contented and happy men. . . B T rtrtoe of aa tbe aboTe en IS1J KIIF.HIt r^ SALT- BTATB OF W18OONB1N, i Oircnlt Court, Milwaukee County. ' Brel B. Camp, 1 Daniel U. O»rr«t VUet, J«p«r Vlitl m B. SX&lth. execaUoa I3sue«l frum Cuurl ntitled action, to me directed ai.d de. llrered against tAe personal and real property of the above named defendants, I have seized and levied 01* toe following real. estate, to vrit : Beginning at a point In the line between section It, and SO, 1287 feet north of the quarter section corner; running tbeoce vest £99 \ fret to the east line of Fourteenth street; tbencr with aald east line of Fourteenth street, DO nJi 764 feet to Beaubtan street, or the extension a! that street M represented In the plot of Yllet's Addition to the citir of Mllwaatee; thence 'ilh the .oath Uae of sstd street, east £i06 feet, thence with the southerly line of said street ncrtheasten 3 about 310 feet to an angle lu laid street; thene« with the M>oth line of said street eajt about 60 lect to tbe point where the south westerly line of the land conveyed to Abraru Vhet by de«d recorded- In Milwaukee County In vol 61 of deeds at page 810, crosses said south line of said itreet; thence with said tonthweater- Ij line of Abrara Vllet's Land south 47 depots, cut about (TO feet to a point on Eleventh street, where laid line Is intersected by the wot line of Abram Tliet's land, according lo deed recorded In vdl (1, of deeds at pajte 243, theuce south with said weal line of Abram Yllet's laud 12J1S chain, to a corner: thence west with boun- arj of aald Abram TUet's land S chains; thence south wflh sa£l boundary 615 X feet to north line of Sherman street; thence- with sa^d oortb line, west 6.9ft chain. Ui section line; thence with section line north 969 feet to the place of beginning, containing about 8O.70 acres, and being .ituated In the east half of the north east quarter of section 19, and In the weat half of the north west quarter of section 211, town 7, v M> > r vi' Sarb at 8u_ikrt. , t I k n'» ir I «• t', |>rt«a,) Tc»i, l> r '• t N- «,rr» I- l bv bouifh ! s ^ , , n.-. poucJ for n • tn. i Coff— ». , M > -• A .» R* ad ID f aad.-ui-nt,.t ?&-."ri-[.« pally ef Tark)«h ..nd • . j cul'aary product ..r.« >f I relish Titli F,.f,, Me>l>. FJ j a valuable a Ul.t -. in •'vups, >1 ' and (4eost-r* Olive Un, Lac. Fru;t j A blacwc i I Pi.:. le-« of r* , I U)listtn. Fresh S» mon. .•>arli..e« Cove cryst^rs. Corn dtaich, I \j K Coopers ehrrd Ifiog *ji*w. Mace Flgl, KaulDl. Cltioi., Ac . A- We «r la Wisconsin for Macombcrs Salad Cream A Tery popular article »hch should I.e .n r-v; f y currs family We have aliv 2000 SIGAH <IKI.O HATIS, TL« b«t er«r cflc;rB-l in tUu city. AUo 4; 5 BBLS. TIFSS PORK i'-ii up pxpreolj for our tr..Je MtKsH OKOI;NU M^H Alw»j* -.n hind fr u tti t' c Kmp.rc fcod New Y° • md TV/ t'l T A /. t'A'O -^TuHY ^llvl The be«l ilocia "f (ir"-er.--s (r i;. a :j . . i, »e le -i tn- town and »,t A S ^ni, Vcrma--<l «.!•.> S..I- An WE l'W<-*X rale* K L L FO H C ASH, A n J m»-e DO bswJ debt*, w« C&D i.ffor.1 to dn-l'-rn;., L, -gt b in who do a time Lra !e, Jtnd of cour. • 'i. .. or lew or their pro flu in -h*rt w\y. Call and Examine Ou. <!n K, wfirther J"Q w»nl to ttny nr IT)', tt> 1 will trt*lj snow y.,u '-iur joodj »a.l prices »t..ct. krow c»aD it to pl^aje you. Jrf " HrNN A CR09HV .41 *1 \ \ li i .V U «• li . J, H. CORIJES& CO COC* Till ME IU H4>rs Tiie Franklin (heniiral \Vork> WO. 831 !VORTH FR AX KLIN STREET. CHICAGO, . . to cur customer!, lr( )( >1>S AND T HE NEW AND THE OLD TO romance nsprru, by ii Mnia .;». by i.'i« vmr,..r •' ^ A Baohrlor'i ,-*'or-, r»y O ,.". Llf« uf G«D«-r«i H»r«ii»t?» r. Th? Onv»!-». -i : T N P The .'p.irr w _;r«*a P»prr« r.j f T r. __-•<_ • 1M4H h H . P. < VV L O i cj c e i J .i (»vof us bj range 22. Also lot. 9, 111, 11, IS, block 2. Lou 2, B, 4, 6, t and 7, block li. Lot 6, blocL-4. Lot 6, black, 6. Lot 8, Mock 18. All In Vila's Addition to {the city of Mll- W E Wg L*Kve u> in no CDC e t* t-ic! tr»<l< in ff^Tirra), th*t Agent wtl« be dispatched fr *m We inm« oar old ouctomeri fcnd others u> itUer wvtL their ord#n for tsseiices ol" Liquors, which, at -Uw»j»- wUl b« executed to ihetr cntirr f*rl,on. Thoa»*D<l-i »ppreci.w.e the pl^n upon »h,ch [ HOL^ PKCI'RIM oar K*i(*nce4 are mad-which prejenta the foh* «• nj ad ramagrs aod lac lltt,-! neTer - ffere'l 67 oth«m I. The E ience, from thfie wofki ar. »c^aa.lj flkitied bj LIU I atlon t therefore HeaJthj an I Purr— • "me hing that otntr. cannot .-^ darr n-t i-;* m for thfiri. 8, The Coit.4 are much le«i than CM her * , b«*cau*e thet* K»»«uc<-9 re pot up tn packages, each CODIAJDIDK en crotch for fort 7 gallon*, -und '•ompnsmg not only aJI eing er o( s AddreM letters to CARL ERLKR, M*Aager. rranklln Chemical Works, Chicago, 111 , P. O Box, 3343 je4—d6Tn Orrics or rni MIL. A M f l s i n TI o \ i> «*, MANTFAi'TClliR P i". 5 OHIO GATAWBA BRANDY, llrtndy has heen rs from Lhe pure ju o ent^rpntitf and I Artu'lrs at ^ me »u,«rh» Br». Ir Beeebrr'c CourtdUp. 2An eminent divine, who U as well known as he is universally respected, many years since was led to the conclusion that" it Is not well for man to be alone." After considerable pondering, he resolred to offer himself in marriage to a certain member of hit flock. No sooner was the plan formed than it was pnt in practice, and getting cut his cane, he speedily reached tbe dwelling of his mistress. H fchaiioed to be on Monday, a day which many New England readers need not now be told, is better known a* washing day. tJpoongclon* of the honor that was intended her, the lady waa standing behind tbe tab in the back kitchen, with her arms immersed in further postponed toSmtnr- tbe Poit-OOoa. at .aukw, April «. 1968. A. 1. LANG WORTHY, approximauDg, tot on ihe part of " For heaven's wkfc 8berumu.06.,wu. PMtpontd to at Uuaamaplact ilpSiI^^II^^WP'i^*--' 7 '^ ; -^' •-/•"•• ''^iff-^' thetnds, tnuliy engaged In an occupation, which, to eaj the lean of It, ig more useful thazi romaotio. Then was a lond knock at the door. "Jane, go to th* door, and if it U anybody to see me,t«ll them that I on engaged and bannot we them.' 1 The message *aa faith- folly rehearsed. ''Tell your mistress that it is very i important that I shoald see her." "Tell, him to call this -fternoon^'said the lady,"and I will see him." Bat it Was tmarailing. 'I most see hu now," said the minister; "tell me *here she Is.'' ' 8a saying h? followed the serrant Into the il)en, lo the great surprise of her mistress. ' .,'•! .lava oome to the-ooholnsion '—will yon huvB-mel 1 ' wagthemin. ' speech,, "Haveyon?" replied lady.; " This is a singular Ume Jlfu, S>wh, an Important step u matlimony, rboald be made a matter of pfayeT and dellBerationi" «• Let n»pray I' 1 was |Cr.B/s.o]bljr response, as he knelt down _ thejlubind pmyed that a onion might /ornted that -would enhance the happiness Of hdth parti* His prayer was answered, and fr^TOthlSfUniijn^tba- singnlarlj. formed has talent and ea.t quarter o( section 19 and the west half of K W H of .ection *0, town 1, r-uge _3 east- — Also the follo*wlng real estate beginning at a point In aectlon line between section. IB an«l .U at north aide of fihecman street and 888 feet north of the qnarter .ection corner; thence with Mctioo pne north 059 feet; thence west MMJf feet to sast side of Poorteenth street: thence with eatt >lde of said street, soutti iSSI feet to north' .Ide of an alley; tbenee with north aide of .aid alley south ea.tcrly 044 feel to north tide bf Bherman Mnet; thence with .aid north lint of Sherman street 401 feet t* place of beginning, containing 11^ acree more or lev, being iltoated In the east half of the north eaat quarter of aection 19, town 7, range -Seut. AUo Lot 4, block 8», Second Ward. Sorth )f lot a, block 89, Second Ward. Also the following real estate being tn the north e«t quarter of aectton- 17, town 7. ranf^e -2, beginning at appoint In the west line of said cjoarter section,; 10.0« chain, north of tbe south wot corner oflald qoarter section at the north we*t corner of land, conrtjed by Daniel H. Richards to ode John P. Bhoemacher, thence with said west line of Mid quarter section north to a point 8.1* 'chain, .oath of the north west corner of .aid quarter section; thence east 14.70 chains Uj middle of Green Bay road; thence along noddle of .aid road sooth to point 10.00 chain, north of the south line of .aid quarter sectloit: tbenee west 14.70 chains to place of beginning, containing about 83 acres and be-ng on the west side of the Green Bay road. .; Which said property, as aforesaid, I shall expose for sale and sell at PuMic Auction at the Court House in tbe . Of Mllwankee, on S*tnrdj-T, -bo 19th Daw of Ittarcb, 18-», at the hour or - r. »^ of that day to satisfy said elocution, together with expenses of Dated EhenTs Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 8,1«59. Vucuaa. It-Moi A .JJiM'ta, l A. J. LANQWORTHT. fl'ttt Att'y.. f Bb'ff. Mil. Oo , Wu. Jan26-dlaw-w : If the above tile Is hereby postponed till Saturday, th* MU) day of March, 1868, at the Post-Offlce, at the hour of 1 K M. BberUT*. Office, Milwaukec. March 19.185». j A. i. LASGWOBTHT, nar-0 Sheriff Milwaukee Oo. fr The abor* sale Is further postponed- to Wto- nesday, the (th AA ol April, at the same place and time of day. ;T Bated Bherif'sOfflcs, Milwaukee, March 94,18W. , ;[ A. J. L4MOWqBTHr, N OTICE Is hereby jlTcn, tion of this Compao>, ^-.,.*-—: -it rr T ^ 1—n I TTT TTD. L*^?Z?*r' to hweb ^ ftirther potiponed to .v. o^ ^y O f ji V) ^ t the Mme plice and V* Ol^ce, Milwaukee, Hay 21,1839. * Sheriff MIL Oo^Vu. tu T» R. R. Co., ( »»akrt, Jm f G, 1S.*9 { thml th- dr*d of orp»oua n In tbe offlc- of the Secr«- t»ry f>f thu Compmy, tn the City of Milwaukee, r«»dj to b« rxecaud by halderB of bnod.. ttcured by Uie mortgigcfl of Ule LACrow A Milwaukee R*ilr,).•»,! Co., under for*clo?xjr« of which this Coropaoy ts orgxnUeti; aott persoos hold log »ach boadt wbo hare Dot »lre»-tjr extcultd ihe i&me u*e ooUfled to do 10 ID prnoo or by Attorney duly tatoorfeed. Notice Is Kl»o giTen, th*t the Secretary of uiu Cum panj will luae ccrt.flomt.ri of the clock of thin Company to tbe holders of Bach bon<is upon surrreDder there- •f, ID purauuice of the prorUloof of the deed of or- gaatutlap. NoUou Is also given, that Uj« Board of Directors of thfi Company haj ma4e an aaseumenfi on the ito-;« %t the rate of ODV per cent, for the j orpose of p«jriuf the QXpente* ot-fcreclotlng the said mortgagee and o< or- Company, payable on or before th« tint day of July next,to the Tresvsurer of this Company, at hl|| o<no« in the City of Milwaukee. je7-dll DW1GHT W. K EYK8, Secretary. fd au I The I countrj, s • •' - : • :_ r »n « j ty aa Vo tupcrst <-Ut; (.fn. *KK; AC. 1 a»r i pounds i.iiherto sol.l uc.lf 'fu- i;;inif b«remrde<< » _TT**I puJilrc ^o^.l T: imported l.tjunrs, »ml m of |i«TiVrt [ fl»Tor, *a*l » JOTfrtjfn na-t «ure r"*tne Flatulency, Cr*mp, C-'in-,, i »1 Dvbtllty, Ac SO FAMILY SHul LU Recall Trice, * l,. %&" R«comm«?t.<(ei| hy ^^ of the Coiled 0t*tea. Q. ?immond* has ap^xitnit,' 141 Rut W»(«r Jtreet, .nl.; j wTird Ihetr order*. By ctUliQtt <>n -ftf irffTua, c ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. II . ifl E\C L E & S O 1% ! SION OK THfc BIG RED KETTLE ! DEALERS IN Stoves, Sheet Iron. Tin, Hardware. —AND— iCiUCULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, J ropectfolly Inform their (riend. and the public generally, thxt the; haye opened a Store at . , . J.......WHT WATER STREET 9O6 lor the tale of the .bore named articles, togeth e ' ; with ' BPADE8, 8HOTKLS, BAKU, HOBS, And AptBaltaral Implement, generally, u well as all ' sort, of SHEET IRON AND TUVNEKS 1 WORK, . eta. etc, eta. BtoTel pot up to order. 0r~ Rooflbg. KIPAUUN6 of an kinds, and ererj sort of work la our Une punctually attended to. IV Order, left will be attended to without delay MXAOLI * SOB. BE Ji. MO ••• l i.i.Mi il J P * u f. e puhh u.tu ... B Y resolntlon of the Common Oouncll, adopted Jane 6th, IBM, tbe recommendation of the Street Com- ml.ilonen to grade North alley to the established grade running ihroogb block 163, In the Second Ward, It Ij ordtred, . That jtald alley be gradrd to the e>tabllab«d grade, according to the estimate of tbe Olty Engineer on die tn tab bfBkw. Ownernof property In aald alley are hereby notified to maks) such ImprOTcmenu wltb'n 20 day. from thl. date, of tbe Steeet Coomisaioner. of the Secbpd Ward wlU e*o;«e the time to be done and charged to the re- ipmtlt* lot. aeooidiBg to law. JelJ-d'» B. L'H. UARDIN CR, Comptroller. General Advertising Agents, 1 i. ' »6 RANDOLPH anon, WbDian*atb«rlx»itoT«eeifi AdTertitementa for thia pAper. t^ro««h«ut tbemtin North- Wert. THIS WAY WITH YOUR MONEY JOHN W. LEDYARD, Cash Grocer and \\\w Jicakr. NO. IGI EAST « ATF.R ST. mHK BEST PLACE TO Bl Y FINE limCfN > •A BLACK TKA." . Tbe br.tpl.cetobuyOLnjtVi <irj>IO(tl\. i FEEJ; Tr,« bat place to hui oloe SYRL'M The best place to buy all klmls .>( MuL i.^E." The beit place to bujr sal of <L'.i t H.' The belt place to bu- all kln.lj ifSALT nsll Tb* "cat place Co bay Cross t BUcK»<?lr< PI. K L t . Tbe best place to buy all ilmls POKElON SAI . i..The belt place to boy all kln.lj Pig FBUITS Tbe best place to bay SUOAK CLREIl HA.M- The best place to buy SMOKED BKEF Tbe belt place to buy OBO1CE BLTTKX Tbe best place to buy P»LK ALE The best place lo bay -ORHHN ALE tn.t P'lRTb^ The best p ace to buy TOlLKT 3OA P^ Tbe best place to buj all kinds WAdUINii ,-o.v f!> Tbe best place to bay best STARCH The be-t place to buy PIGS, RAISINS, PRt/NS.-> Tbe b«t place to buy all tin.Is .N U i> . Tbe best place to buy pure L1QCOH3 '-<r raun.v i..r Tbe b«.t place to buy NaUre an- fnrt-un WIMX < Tbe ben place to buy a good box >'1UA«3 . Tbe belt place to buy Ueer-haum SMOKING TOBACCO: The bat place to buy high inJ low cost CHSWINO TOBACCO; Th< best place to buy Weldbam Pine Apple CUEE^t The best place to bay Sn/gt sh and American Tlie best place to boy grod GOODS . The best place to buy GOODS CaKAP . The bat place to bay all klod. 3 Hi CJ.IUUN . We a»k the etluwns of to try us—rich an i poor. ? Je»4 JOaN W. LEDYARI) C3BAKLi:» K. ,iu«TI^, Domestic Exchange and Sped., rilHE bifbeit rate, paid (or aU kind. o( Gold aod 811 < JL Ter Coin and BullloD. exchange cansUntly for sale at Ihe lowest prloea. ! Ai I make dealing In Specie and Exchange my entire and eicloilTe baiineu, I am able to J!TO mj cn-io- mer. an adrantage OTCT cnrrutt flgare.. Uit a. price, irlll be ramlihed atm; oOoe, NO. 88 WISGOIf Hlf STBEET, Cbdtr th« Baptist Church, nearTf oppestt* U>« Uoitoa Home. miT.4-<l«m \l t I 1 M \ I J I \ V I III I AM I I >rk M I • • . I I M 1 JE \ .N 1 > r-. 1 JLR Y I JItern U.svrk xed since stock of Ladies' With movrn the Am-rica 500 aud Gentlemen's Watchea, NDTS ;ust reo«T«d at UL'NN a OBOBY i

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