The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 1
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fo read rOHANADVANCKlookm Mxnft of the member* of Houston, Symphony Or- chettra bef or* the Tuwday tJght performance hew, turn to P*ge JO, •7 IP YOU DON'T educate • child from Wrlh to *lx year* you might a* weU fer|»( II, wpert uy», Page 7, 8«*Uiw I, WANT TO eboewe practical toy*? »r»wria County Home Demon- itrallon Agent Hetty Pinxerlon dltcunet *ei«cik*t of toy* fn her column en Page I, Setton A.V U.WKKK^W boy in tltAtiiurt f»«9* fifing It* (tf »l IMV jrnan at hit We in « germ lr« uolaiw, <rut eff from W* eul*kk> Air *Iuch rt*iW (wing him d*4th Page M The family doily paper of Brazorfcr County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Yf*r No, U9 Aft«oclatrt1 I'rm Member tit tut rt M****** Sunday, Dectmbw S, 1971 Freeport, Texas .Sunday 20 Cent* Lawyers probe appraisal records tt'!IR,V II American TtW TV r | prtMrtti [afuduMr for Us* : ami enioyablr far TJw K.VV »** K* i««?) cafe 4 wrote) to Mfilc Star? Ps «. IS Snwth of tar. »*» trs «3 J fr^ tl VM'*» 444 I I- V*,*•» SKY and SEA P-VBTVV UyJIMHAHNKTT UUlrkl Judge John Campion Friday calltd a 71-hour rcc«*» of * in*I challenging new tounly tat valuations in order for attorney* Inland Kw and Cleveland Duvii |y protx- flppr»iMl ftt-wtli uf Hr«i/jfla Counly'i major induMrim. ca»ne a/Urr Ihrw full day§ trf t-arllcr lhi» »<x^< slid the in Dulric! four) in Whrn Comon wderttl U»e rtct beiald) pm ll«Klax "WWIx-l^f •«««•«< he rouW rrMJm« ew/rt txsc«UKf o< otbrr »w* Ally, itictard McKJ>«. C'«iimt*Uarjtr» Court «nd T«« A»ws*or.Coll«;U>r II. A, Thomat, ukcd, however, Ituit prtiftwling* conttnoe into Saturday or Surtday "ll'» l(w >«!« lo cwuider that al (hit limp," Appraiuil rKordt of !J«r county's valualioti firm, I'ntclvard and Abbot;, have U*n a ttutttiwi Wore U* ciMfl all wetk. t-^irly Tui-*d«), ibe finl day of procwdinjpi. em- H- (inn brtMg)n numerou* lxi>.«i. »r«J ma {» Into th* courlrown in ! to a vubpo«ia tv*ued to Trut-U l*n(rh*rd. managrr o( Uw firm'* f-'ritchard ha* xidetlcppcd qucKttoning on many of ihc record* with the contention that l« i» ihc administrative head of On- projftt twl not n«.t»wnly th« isu[*rvi«/jr>- or technical diirf Attwncy* Kt* and David released most of Prill-hard and Abtx>tt'» retordu Friday, contending that many of thow brought to the courtroom had not tx,«n called for in the subpoena Still under comidtration. however, arc the uxJuKlnal valuation opiniom, wme rnajn and the firm'it cornputc-r worluhccu that were changed during taxpayer consultations before Pritchard and Ab)x>tt or the IJoard of BffuaHxation-Commi«.<iioficnr Court. I'riichard, who has been on the stand on numerous oecasimw, has maintained that the induntrial apprawal records are secret and should not In; ux«d in the court. These document* reflixt generally, all details of industrial products, processes, and capacities. 'Hit; inspection of rttords by Kee and Davis » l»mg o(Ki?rv«'d by McKlya and Stanley Hinion of Houston, i'ritchard's attorney. Kcc ha» been seeking a map of the lower San liernard Kiver area (hat *as used in (Continuedon Page lot A CtlRirTMAJi PAWAUK. H |t- » IhSr «wv t 1* p TO !t J « »t» 4 33 !l*r» t *rsrfu*l!> l- sir o i r ,-r'»j KNgh: «!'.« tn rfwuT, »-,!)> t;;r T>fx-M K*m>rr> 8 jon Ustre- SanU from If ft. t. 7 Gladney lists 3 precautions women can fake 3>><-*r«-J() ("oirttr Hilitif,. tr, Ai'iir, wtmJ (lyl thai iiivi}> itni Jtr.-*- \~ TVr vo-.rirjlri ^ l'»«d) •*!» frinni !av. -*(-<-i *t Aiiisfls ri <xr w -ar^rfn HMTH • ovnt> Al <(-«• MHIC Nct-ix- f./fu-ct s ti«t> 1,4 (,k«ri.i t^x.jjik-k t« !i<-\f«j s» l»- the v^riin; <>i i Mrs. Elder glad of A school dress code To Thf Fart* i would like to M) tw» glad lam that we ha tea drcwcud* tn our KhooU Also, that I am very grateful lo our school board and adminiiiraton (or enforcing il ; If Ihe parrot* who »te unhappy with Ihe <tra* cod* would call a school board * member and ask him to explain the reaion* for having Mich a code, some of them t, would (eel differently about u I Mr*. T W EMM 101 Oleander ' Lake Jack*on Ernest Johnson ired ' by pickup parade To The FacU: A* a dally commuter down Highway 2*8, ray Volk*wageti mull p«u a wnc* of American Flag* with Pickup* attached The principal oc- cupaUoo of thi* parade U to buck traffic and wave lo each Bob Casey speaks to Noon Lions M*n> c.Hni-r» tx-iior !.';A! ;.,', cntvnrvlnl »i)h iMhrr dotKs ir. <i \ «ii\j>r«s ».»itj;5'it h;. Ham* Krrri WA« r iti (kmfjklr* murders .in' «i and Hamit C<ur,l\ S.bni(l (.' V "Hu>tn n (Vt^-d h> calls fn>:r. Uwt thc-y t-ciic\ c n;a> In- Ik* •ho tune fffpcrvctil* moil <M llntratit County, uili i|«cjk *( the HratiMfKirt .Noon Uunt Oub meeting tVc 9 Meeting with ihc Uwu will be the {,akr » (.,'fn-f hkc Kitn * i-,.n rrji'Ttir;); iuspu sum i»v urnx irlAlcul t» t) t r niunVrts Onrf I'riminal ln\<->ugalc.r J U ,KUH>S Mid nomr (if the calls rrialr to itvuVnis Dial CH"\IH ris! d*<r nr five mowta .1450 iil*drir> MI(! Uirtr ,111- (l.rcc ii.avir precautions wvmen cai. lakr if il a(i5»-.ic> Uiat .«-, aUJixti,^ a!tcv,p< is K°\ng to U 1 madr <ti tlx-n, First, iry In fc", a»a> Xv<«xi .ittr!u[X to get a IICIIIM nunitwr. il a! all H'S-wblc Ar.d third tv\t.<n An) such alti-mpt tn thr aulhonlio im ' PARADE-SET ON FRIDAY AT CLUTE I l.l TK Si.')! -»'ii .-irTUo herr- >IK.-C 10 r;dif,K •:•!-, n !:,•<• n,;itr, attractions u! ,i parade that begirt al ; an- p m Trw f«ir.'!<ir, with the Clulf \'<iluntivr Fire l-W-p-t N-4dn^; plans, will begin ;it IU'A»nvt(Mi High School jp-d ond at C'luic Klrntcnury Persons or >ifSiniu!uinv uishinj; to <-nt« may cttniact Jack F-arle. Si6 SH«<. or Jimmy Siinta mil be available aflt-r the parade to ha>e pictures made with children The cost is S! a picture He will mrt make house calls this year, txit w ill U- a\ ailiible fur partit* aikl school (unciions /•IN WorW-Sui* ML ®Briefs^ and the Bnuotport Chamber u< Commerce r«4[rnwioaal Action Committi-e TV dutch treat luncheon mccUrut will be held al the Pickwick Calclrru in l^ri'n Planladim t'entrr at Plantation Drive and fJixsc Dnve Anyuctv mlemlcd in «i tending (his meeting should contact Krcd Frederick al 2656711 or Jerry D*ere at 2J3 J57J Nixon to start summit meeting IT 'HI tivocuiio LONDON - Continued economic stagnation, ratiini! prices and high unemployment are forecast for Wealcrn Kuro(>e in 1972 b> an aulhorit.tli\o Hntiih research MASIII,N(;TO\ President Nixon ttarts Monday an unprecedented teric* o< tummit meetingk aimctl at steering the major US allies along parallel course* in a rapidly changing world Canada's Prime Minister Choir concert slated Monday My VW ii continually challenged to race by lime Finn-yard Honieo'i I am a/raid to paw them (or my VW might become entangled with (JbeJr dragging teat belt*, While I am trying lo gel Uw The Uke Jackson A Cap jvlla choirs will have their annual Christina* concert Monday evening M 7:30 p m , tit the Brajoswood High School Auditorium The choirs will sing traditional Clirisuuas carols as well M larger work*. One uf the major work* will be "Haltelujab Chora*" (from Judas Maccabaeu*) by George Fredrick Handel, accompanied by Kim Cook, a former choir member. The audience will be invited to ting along with the choir* on a few of the traditional carols. The public is invited lo attend The choir i* under lite direction uf Bob HoberUon Concert tonight "ChrUtmas Oratorio" will bo presented by Alvin Junior Choir at 7:30 tonight at ihc Uanbury Baptist Church 'tttu public is inviied IV-rrc Trudcau inaugural es the parade by flying lo Washington Monday afternoon Nixon next see* French Premier George* Pompidou in the Aores. Dec 1S-U; Britain'* Prime Minister Kdward Heath m Bermuda Dec 20-22, West German Chancellor Willy Brandt in Key Bi&cayne Dec 3»-». and Japan's Prime Minister EUaku Salo in San Clvmente Jan 67 This won't be Ihe most presidential meeting* ever with foreign leaders in such a short span. Longer trips and bigger gatherings in the past hold those records But it is the fastest puce in history lor ^v'parale summit sessions by a U.S. chief, say American officials busily working on advance arrangements for seven of them. tt.\SlllM;T(»\ - President Nixon begins Monday a series of summit meetings *tlh the la-ads of allied govertimenis in an effort lo steer five governments along a course parallel lo lhal of ihc I'nitc-d States. WASHINGTON - What do desperate Democrats do now that President Nixon has successfully sidetracked the parly's effort lo win federal financing for the 1972 presidential campaign. "Frankly. I don't know," says Democratic National Chairman Lawrence O'Brien WASHINGTON — Ally. Gen Jolui N. Mitchell says recent prison disturbances appear to be ihe work of a militant hard core among inmates BEU1.1N -- German talks deadlock on ihe question of wall passes, blocking signature of the four power agreement on Berlin's future. US reviewing economic aid for India \MIISf.7ON sAJ'i The Stale «Ti! Salur4a> butmed India for the flare-up «( fighSir.j- ixil'j.i-'ti India and Pakwu.'i In vj d.>;i.-g ,1 high Stale iJppanment official visd the :na«ivt I.' S economic a;<3 progratr, !'jf Iridt.t li under review. Tht State L>«-"fwr',:ncr. ! . rarher fh;s vket-k announced a cu!«!( ',rf Ir.r •::n;il:-w;ak- (,' S arnvs shipments Uj Irci^:: Sp?j>ii!,j; Ui fn-*-!,n'.<.*fi after ita: United S'lalf* Ka-- calU-d (err an urgerit L'.N' Secunty C«uv:i! :!.—-lir;^ sn an ef for. to quell Shi.- India Pakii'.a:.: hos'.ibUiw lf^ laRh offlciai au'.hvr ::«,-<', (Jirecl isolation o! ihii tlaterr.f-nJ "\\< U-lirve MM:* the t«L-gin.Mri){ (/! lrx> crisis '.!.al Irnliar. (x,!icy :n a *;.\!en«itic was has !-.-d l'.> p-r;.»-!<jn oi the cr-j-.s. a dtieju.-nmg of thf- tnt-is. and that Irrfia bears U* rt-.ajftr :ts.p<xtilt-ij>ty for UM: broader ttt&tiV.lic* wtuch have «i?ued " Ylv? S'.^tr l!K-5>.irtn',er,t authority. *ho oth<T»;».e aik-Aed f» dsr-K-*. quotation oi hH rtmarki. went into no detail concerning the scrutiny of economic aid to India except to .13> it '*ill be under acme review as the situation unfold', in the subcontinent. Tti>: official -*a!, not optimistic about any cfforls by tht> (Jig p<r*ers to ha! 1 , the fighting. He «ii<i he tx-iievf-i nor* of the top three—the l.'r.iti-d Stall-?,, the Soviet Union and Com- munut Cruaa has a great deal of influence •*!'h ei'h<-r India or Pakistan. , Nor he added, us th*:re any ir.tucation that any of '.hes<- power* -AanLs to get involved in t/.v dispute I." s economic assistance to India is slated to ruij N«mc $4<>j million this year under priAiT,'. programs The arms flow was reported at only some S3 million annually tx-fcre '.he cutoff The official said U S aid to Pakistan, scheduled at about the S'jno-million annual level, liad already b«<»n put under review previously tj S arms supplies lo Pakistan Galveston asks state to extend bridge road ^ rt'icj^c-'.i whu:;- »^.(h'i ^•\.u^vU ."i '* i' i ', A ,1 T',1 i TOT'. i'*'*rfni Hr.trnr.,1 vr ; <iff fotV^Orrav! 7V\a> H.^!.'Aa> t ! .-i;v tuivc»iun i * *. f r •..' % is :•. '.=•; i.hc •-,'.". ijahf>tmi ('i*int\ ofdcials thti uet'i; a^krd the state lo emend the \i-arold KM K«JI another m:>t- miies This wtiuld mean it would terminate about thrw miles short of Ihe S,ir, l,u:> ['a\v brnigc- A', ihis time must 01 thf roadway connecting tlR-cr.y ai i.i.'iht-.ston and Surfstde "."ommunity i- maintained by the two »-t)un!!«, The bridge iLvelf AJS built with road ccitnci bond fur,<is. ar»i is maintained as a toil bridge by ("liivt-ston County FM 3u»fi nov, rurw westward from Galvestoji lo the 13-mile fioad. which is seven miles wtsi of the end of the (iaheiion Seawall. Il stops just short of Ihe 1,725-acre park site bought by the stale in 1970 This is aboui 12 miles from the iUn l-uis Pass bridge. A dtfifgation headed by County Judge Ray Holbrook asked the Highway Com• Continued on Page 2) CASTING OFF THE PACIFIC ST.«l, the Tesas coast's only cruise line are, from left. A 0. Kvans, Jr , Navigation Board chairman. C. U. Hosaire. vice president of Canbe Cruise Lines; T. C, Selman, Mayor of Freoport; and Charles Castlebcrry, Brazosport Chamber of Commerce pix-sideuH'ltvt. The group of officials were part of a christening ceremony Saturday afternoon at FrtKiport Harbor for the new line. The ship will operate one week cruises out of Freeport Harbor to Merida and Coiumel, Mexico Several local people were part of about l?U passengen> on bo^rd (or Ute maiden voyage of the line. A crowd of about too people were on hand to hear welcoming remarks by several local officials and to hear comments from cruise officials. The casling-off ceremony followed the tradition*! champagne christening of the Una Theresa Thompson, representing Brmospwt Tourist Council.,

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