The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1945 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1945
Page 5
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lOIjA. KANSAS THEIOLA-IffiGISTEH ,'f^mfflgsfeAY E JANUARY 24,1^5. PASS FIVE Classified Ads ANNOUNCEMENTS QUICKIES By Ken Reynolds Coming Sales Dates MONDAY, JAN. 2&-J. M. Bailey Sale ^of farm ar.d personal property, 5 miles west and 1 mile .«outh of Colony at 1 p. m. sharp. See large ad in Register Wednesday, January 24. 3—Strayed, Lost. Fonnd BLACK AND WHITE 'pup. male, strayed from 516 South Sycamore. Reward. Phone 1320W. BILL FOLD Saturday night in or near lola tiieatre containing money, Hi-Y mpmber.ship cards, etc. Reward if returned to Alan Lynn, The Register. LOST—Bunch of keys, somewhere on .square. Plione 391. LOST—Lady's Grant WTist watch. Please return to Mrs. Dick Bar- liGtt. 210 South Buckeye. lola. Tlielmti Miller. Humboldt. LOST—fur mitten between Hart's ;.nd junior hi^h school, red suede mitten with fur back. Return to Taylor's Hntch.'ry or phone 746. LOST—Milk route book with .sales lux letter. Don .N'ichols. Route 3. lohi. PhMue 970P12. X l.OST—Pair of hig-h topped loggins ] .shoes frorn front of Kelley hotel Saturday. Rp.vard for retui«i to - Kellev. AUTOMOTIVE ft—Anto Accessories, Tires, Parts Whiz Motor Rhythm Ciin fjive your car up to '3 more t,'u?oline mileage. WILSONSKRVICE Missianary to India To Speak Here Sunday The Rev. Victor Hugo Sword, who' has spe&t 20 years in India as a! Baptist fhissionarjr, will speak at ttiej lola Baptist church at 7:30 p. ntj Sunday pn war conditions in the Par East. Mr. Sword "lias a keen understsipding of the people of India due to his close association witl^ them, i He Was president of the Bai Union of India and a member 0: the executive committee of the] National;Christian council and held a similar' position with the StudentI Christian Movement of India. Mr. Swprd will also speak at a^ youth banquet at Humboldt at 6:30| p m. Mpnday and at the Huinboldtj Presbsrtejian church there at 8 p: m.; The pubjlc is invited to/hear him. "Too bad we have to leave it lay—but regulatio.ns prevent us from accepting Register Want Ad rewards for lost purses!" FINANCIAL 18—Money to Loan—Insoranee Real Estate for Rent 36—Farms and Land For Rent (JOOD USED PARTS PIONEER AUTO SALVAGE 817 Siniih .SI —Phone 969 TRACTOR TIRE RECAPPING With Fire-stone Ci'ound Grij) Tread P:».-.s(-:ii'fr Tir;- Vulcanizing 2-D;iy Service. lOLA HO'vTE >.v- AUTO SUPPLY Pirt-.sloiic Dealer •il!; Phone 43 BUSINESS SERVICE INSURANCE, Real Estate, Bonds. Farm and City Loans. Charles M. Funk. LIVESTOCK 20—Dogs, Cats, Other Pels COCKER SPANIEL for .sale: black purebred. Phone 912 or call at 801 SouthWVi.shington afterG p. m. 21—Horses, Cattle, Miscellaneoas 160 ACRE PAR.M. 1'.- miles, ;;nd '_• mile north of Bayard: alfalfa, lespcdeza and le.spedezji pas- lure. Inquire 306 North Fourth. Real Estate for Sale 40—Farms and Land Poi Sale TEAM OP HORSES for sale: al.=;o cow and calf. W. M. Gumfory. Gas 22—Ponltry and Supplies BETTER CHICKS at lower prices. Call, write, or come in and .see as. First lialch January 29th. Sunflower Hatcheries. Bronson, Fort Scott and Pittsburg. HAVE SEVERAL desirable farms in cuunty for Marcli 1st .siun. They vary from 80 to '320 !.cres. Well impro\ed and well located. You can have possession on •A combination rental and purchase contract, which reouires very little down payment. If interested see ine immediately. G. E. Mahone; 204 South Oak, lola, Kaasas. Yugoslav and Chinese Home^Troubles a Worry Washington, Jan. 24. (AP)—To both YiKoslavia and China- wentl this thoifeht from the United Statesl today: We wish you would get your domestic' troubles settled. These troubles have become ma-^; jor allied worries. They are high on the Hst of political problems facing Presyent Roosevelt, Prime Min-| ister.Churchill and Premier Stalin. Joseph C. Grew, acting sebrctary of state,: in two statements- issued yesterday called on rival factions in ChinA and Yugoslavia to reach 1^ agreem^ts. RED TAPE San Djego, CaUf.. Jan. 24. (AP)— Robert 'VV. Davison rides a triple- horned ^.ilemma. Neighbors complained to the city covincil that Davison violated zoning laws by having more than two families on Jjis lot in a one-family zone. He had .rented a small cottage on the lot lo n naval officer and his wife. : The c^ty council denied his request for' a special permit for occupancy of,.the cottage. If he evicts the officer's wife without a court order, he faces a jail .sentence for violating the soldiers and .sallcj^rs civil relief act. If he .wants to comply with both the planning and tlu' .soldiers'-acts, he can move out of his owii home. This puti liim on the third horn of ihe problem-how to get another place to five. ARE YOUR HENS LAZY? Sluggish system.s mean low egg production. Give your hens My- Ko-Otims 10 days in feed, and see liow last they pick up. GoodseU Hatchery, Gas, Kans. 10 ACRES ot land lor sale. IH miles northeast of lola. on gravel road; S600. Answer soon. Effie Techan. 2GU East 21st. City, Mo. 9 —Services Offered PA.SSEXGER TIRE VULCANIZING P;i .'.:<nuvr Tire Recapping. TRACTOR Tire Service Complete. Dunlop Tire Store Fl'i:,d -Chig" Mann lur, Ea'.st .St. Phone 150 I SEAL YOUR' RADIATORS and cracked blocks for 25 cents. Plenty lit uood Sinclair alcohol. Ed Hess, bT.i South Washington. CERTIFIED FIREPROOF STORAGE Goods Pucked for Shipment. GEORGE R. HISER :;24 N. Jeffcr.son Phone 63 If. I.MCO LAY MASH. .S3 10 cwt lola Milling Co. 23—Wanted—Livestock WANTED—A dozen White Rock roosters. Forest Runer. Cc^ony Route 1. WANTED —20 head of coming 2- year-old Whitefaced stock steers. H._\Vood. Phone 190 or 929. ~~ MERCHANDISE 24—Articles For Sale DINING ROOM SUITE—Like new See on North Kentucky, I'; east pumping plant. Fi-aziers. FIVE QUILTS pieced in colors of plain print. 619 South Kentucky. Phone 1075J. EMPLOYMENT 13—Help Wanted—Female WATCHES, diamonds, jewelry, hair aryer. comic valentine card;-; with envelopes. Public Exchange, 111 West street. 27—Feed, Fuel, Fertlllzera 164 ACRES, extra good, level, productive land; all but 2 acres can be farmed with tractor; school house, *1 mile east of Leanna is on north line of farm. This faim has always been paying good rate of interest rented. Price S5500.00. Ed Hess, 823 South Washington, lola. 41—Ilonses For Sale FOR SALE—Proijertv or house to wreck. Phoce 701W. MY 5-ROOM HOUSE and 3 lots, water, gas. electricitv. some fruit. .•^02 South Fourth. Write T. J. Hackett, 930 West Sycamore. Nevada, Mo. 7-ROOM-. HOUSE, garage. 2 lots. Write Willard Doolittle, 111 West .-•'treet, lola. Kas. a-ROOM HOUSE, other improvements, gas. water and electricity; two acres grotmd. Mrs. Willie Keen. Gas. LOCAL FBODUCB Oradsd Eggs: No .n 34c No; 2 : .29c Checks - 28c Ungraded _.i _ _ -32c No. 1 Butterfat . No. 2 Butta4at. Swe6t Orc&m —. Hensi 4-5 lbs, 2Jc _47c _44c _bbc No. 1; Light Hens, under 4 lbs 19c Heavy, bred springs, 2 lbs. up —24c Lights springs, a lbs. and up 23c All cpcks and ^ags, lb 16c All cilasses No. 2 Poultry, 3c lb. less Green Hides 10c Kansas City Prodnce Kansas City, Jan. 24. (AP)—Produce:; eggs specials 40-41; eggs extras 36.5-37.5; eggs standards 35: eggs current receipts 34.5; all other prices unchanged. good, and choice 170 lb. and. up 14.50; sow* mostly 18.75. Sheep i4,0(i0; moderately active, limited early;trade slaughter lambs steady to weak; practically no ewes sold earl^; early top f?d lambs 15.25: solne held considerable higher; early- sales good and choice truck in hatises 15.00. Wants Kansas to Abolish New Assignment Capital Punishment To Gen. Lear * Kansas Ctty Estimated Receipts Kansas- City. Jan. 24. (AP)— Advance estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow! Cattle 2,500; calves 400: hogs 1.500; sheep 8.000. , COAL for sale: load or ton. Call 154. BOY OR GIRL lo deliver The Regis- ler m ELsnwre. Write or phone Kmer.son Lynn, Thf Register. lola. fjfti^ HOUSEKEEPER wanted at 501 N. CO.A.L AS USUAL—Prompt delivery. J. D. Judah, 810 South Washington, lola. Phone 774. Walnuir Phone litmiiv. G60J Two in .LADY Wantet! for work ui lola retail .••loi-f. A'fc not important, but iriu.'^t be active. Married or sin- pie. state particulars and reference in lirst letter. Address Box 97. care Register. , WAITRESS WANTED at South > Street Cafe. 14—Help Wanted—Male (lOOD STEADY MAN. past 45 years old, truck route, good opportunity, own your own truck. Will Imance and lurnish drawing account. Write Box 96, care Register. M.'\N for daily janitor work. See Mr. Murphey at Aladdin Shop, 4 South Washington. 16—Situations Wanted—Male WA.\"TED—Job in store; truck driv- nig or anvthing considered. Earl Hillen. Phone lllOJ. FINANCIAL 18—Money to Loan—InsnnutM INSURj^NCE. Surety Bonds, Real Estate, Farm Loans, Notary Public. Tlie R. L. Thompson Agency. GOOD BALED ALFALFA HAY— Howard Morrison. Route 1, Moran. KANSAS LUMP COAL for sale. $7.00 a ton. Ernest Tippie. Phone 1200. 28—Household Goods •WE BUY, TRADE, seU, household goods and other articles. Henninger's. West Madison. 2»—Machinery and Tools JOHN DEERE 3 bottom tractor plow, high speed mould-board. George Small. Phone 991F3, lola. McCORMICK-DEERING 7 ft. power take-off mower. Will fit F -20 or Model H Parmall tractor; 1 fresh Guernsey cow. Peterson, north of Piqua Hill. 1 mile 20 HORSE horizontal boiler for .sale. M. & M. Packing Co. 32^Wanted—To Bay PURS AND HIDES Will be at Horde's Fruit Market every Saturday. Kenneth Sharp. TRACTORr-Two row pull lister, with power lift—in writing, give details. Lynn Dutton, Colony. WANTED TO BUY—An electric fan. Phone 1184W. FROM STEEL TO RUBBER You can now convert your tractor or any oilier farm implement from steel to rubber. For (kUail.s see us or the Local AAA office. DINTT^S TIRE SHOP published in The lola Register, January 17, 1945.) In tlie Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas. In the Estate of Henry Elmer Johnson, Deceased. NOTICE OF APPOLVTMENT The State of Kansas, to all per- .son-s concerned: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned was duly appointed and qualified as administrator of the above entitled e.state on Januar^y 16. 1945. All parties interested will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. Demands not exhibited within nine months from the first publication of the above notice shall be forever barred. AL-VIN ERICSON. Administrator. J. C. Edwards. Attorney. (11-17-24-31 < First published in The lola Register. Jariuary 17, 1945.) NOTIC£ OF SHERIFF'S SALE ?1N PARTITION In the- District Court of Allen County, Kansas. W. H. ijing, Plaintiff vs. > H. M. L9l6, et a] Defendants No, 19G10 By virtue of an order of sale issued by ;the Clerk of the ITliirty- .sevenlh Judicial District Court in and for' Allen County, State ot Karusas, in the above entitled cause and to m'e dij-ected and delivered, I will, on \he 19th day of February A. D., 1945. at 10 o'clock A.M. of .said day,- at the south front door uf the cjDurthouse in the City of lola, Allen County, Kansas, offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to-wit: The East Half (E. "x) bf the Northeast Quarter (NE. M) of Section Thirty-six <36), Township "Twenty-four (24). .Range Seventeen (17). less highway right of way; Allen County, Kansas, and suijvect to a mortgaee made to Lelah Works, dated April 1, 1941. in the sum of Six Hundred Dollars ($600.00 1.'! bearing five percent interest ang due five (5) years from date; als?) .subject to rifrht of way agreement and industrial lease and oil and 4as lease, all of which are more fuUv described in Decree,^ of Partition. Said p.«operty is appraisjed at Twentv-e'ight Hundred Dollars (2800.00) ^without regard to any liens and is to be advertised and sold according to law in the same manner as sales of real estate on execution^ to the highest bidder for in Vand. Said land shall not be sold tbr less than two-thirds of the appr.iised value and the .same shall be;: .sold without redemption and in pursuance of a decree in partition/ HOMER V. TROXEL, Sheriff of Allen County, Kansas. By John A. Page, Undersheriff. Prank W> Taylor, Attv. for Plaintiff. (D-17-24,31 (2)-7-14 U. S. production of 52.008.000 bushels of flaxseed in 1943 was one and one half times the 1932-41 average, i WALLKIDE • FLORHID5 • WATERS PAP. • SUN-PROOf Shannon & ShannoiiE Hardware Phone 29 for 49th Year ATTENTION FWMERS! NEW TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS ARE SCARCE We have the repairs to keep your present tractors and implements in operation. Mechanics available for those wlio do not wish to do their own work. JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENT DEPT. BUD WHITE MOTOR doMPANY o ,_.j^ CHEVROLET Cales * Kansas City Grain Kansas City, Jan. 24. (AP)— Wheat tmchanged to 1 higher; No. 2 dark hard i:64-1.68; No. 2 red nom 1.67-1.70 Corn tmchanged to 1 higher; No. 2 white nom 1.23-1.26; No. 2 yellow nom .1.13-1.13-7i; No. 2 mixed nom 1.13-1.13",. Oats unchanged; No. 2 white nom 77-81. Milb maize 1.94-1.98. Kafir 1.85T1.98. Rye nom 1.10-1.12. Bai-ley 1.0IM--1.07. Kansas City Livestock Close Konsasi City. Jan. 24. (AP)—Cattle ;A11 Masses well cleared up, steady: fat steers at 15.85, average 1161 lbs.;, small package choice mixed yearlings 15.50; scattered lots good and, chojce feeder steers 13.0060: around l.CNBO lb. at outside price. Hogs: Same'as early. Sheep:.: Closing active; ewes around 25 Higher: other killing classes stieady: top fed lambs 15.60; many loads from feed lots and wheat pa.stures -15.50; top natives 15.50: good and; choice truck In lots large- i ly 15.00-40; numerous loads medium and ;good wheat pasture lambs downward to 14.00; good and choice yearlings. 12.75; 4 loads good and choice wheat pasture ewes 8.00. Topeka, Jan. 24. (AP)—Sen. M. V. B. Van De Mark of .Concordia asked the Kansas legislating today to abolish the capital punishment law under which three criminals were hanged last year. He Introduced a bill to repeal the 1935 act legalizing executions—used for the first time last March when Ernest Leon Hoefgen was hanged for the cornfield slaying of Bruce Smoll. a Kansas State college student from Wichita. ERNIE FETCHES 82,000,000 In a recent Dallas, Texas, W.-ir Bond rally, a pencil and crayon portrait of Ernie Pyle was sold for twD million dollais in War Bonds. j Paris, Jan. 24. (AP)—Lt. Gen. . Ben Lear has been appointed deputy commander in the European theater charged with administrative matters of United States troops, supreme headquarters announced today. Lears' new assignment pertains piu^ly to American administration, and is not cormected with the direction of the campaign, which Is on an Allied basis. He had been In command of U. S. army ground forces. He was appointed to that j>ost In July, 1944. succeeding Lt. Gea. Lesley McNair, who was killed in action. I The table lands of Tibet, in cen- In Tibet, only the well-to-do use tral Asia, average more than 16.000 yak butter; the poor eat goat butter, feet in altttude.. Madame Perkins Will Continue On the .lob Kansas City Livestock Kaasas City, Jan. 24. (AP)— (WFA)—Cattle 6300; calves 650; general trade active, all classes steady: good beef steers predominated i'n receipts; bulk selling 1415.25:' few loads good and choice 15.40-85; common and medium short, feds ' mainly mixed breed 11.50-13.75: medium and good heifers 12.00-13.75: few lots good and low choice' 14.25-40; small lots mixed yearlings 14.50; odd lots common heifers 9.50-1030; odd head good .cows 12.50 -13,50; common and medium 9.00-11.75: medium and good- saiLsaee bulls 10 .7512.50: beef kind to 12.75; medium to choice ve,alers 12.00-14.00; medium and Rf/.;jd heavy calves largely Il..'j0-l3.50; .small lots good 13.75; 5 loads choice' 8()7 lb. feeder .steers 13.85: few lots! medium and good n.00-13.(*0. i. Hogs 2.000; active, fully steady: Washirigton, Jan. 24. (AP)—The ! resignatic^ of Frances Perkins has been turined down by President Roosevelt, and she will continue as secretary of l^bor. It was learned authoritatively today Miss./Perkins had intende(i her resignation—eiubmitted as .a formality—to "s.tick;'' and that .she had been preparing to leave Washington after the -inauguration, i Mr. Roasevelt rejected the resignation orally last Saturday—inauguration day—!-and followed through , with a letter..- CASH for DEAD HorMs • Cottla • Hoga Phcnd '•-"'oct 834 lOLA FREE REMOVAL -OF- Dead Horses-Cattle-Hogs WASTE f ATS F <m EX1»L0SI¥ES Telephone CaUUsCoUect » \ lOLA^ RENDERING WORKS WASH TUBES IFoR FIFTEEN MINUTES,JAP RM>OOPEEa- TORSTCyro. CONTACT ITHE MYSTEBOOS Trouble Ahead BY LESLIE TURNER / HE SriLL DOES \/ BY NOW HE HAS PASSED OUT ^ MOT ANSWER, SIR/ \ OF OOR RANfiE...PROBABLY IDEMTIFICATION OF \ CHANGED HIS COURSE J WARN MYSTERY f=LAME IS I HEADiSUARTERS ON HONSHU NOT SATISFACTORY.'/ TO LOCATE HIM IMMEDIATEIY/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HAVE THEM DIDEa MTERCEPTOR PATROLS to HUM AT ONCE.' IF HE IS AN EMEMV IMPOSTOR, TMEY Will BLOW HIM TO BITS/ He Asked for It! BY EDGAR MARTIN p\v.v V e^NO voA>fo io^' AU.EY OOP King Gets Told Off BY V.Ti HAMLIN I'LL SAV VOU HAVE.IM A GREAT, BIG WAV! VOU GET DUMBER AM' DUMBER EVERV DAV! Ab I RECALL.VO'J RETURNED TO MOO.T'GETTH' MAGIC BELT HAr>lDED BACK TO VOU! YCAME. WITH A PACKET OF BAIT AGLITTER. HOPING 'TWOULD SET GurS HE/>fCr ^ ATWITTER! .AN' VEH, 1TSL«E ' MUSTA DONE IT.TK VJW HE CAME RQM^IN' IN HERE WITH A«My.' 3^A*CN HE Gof , HeRg .o «jfrr vou make MwahftSnm) SO HE'D CMa .fNTHATHEEl. -1 OFAjSRft^ip-WlZEP.; I FRECKLES AND HIS FREENDiS C?N I.M.'oALS ---IIS CM ME.' ) CM.ticD.'^'OJCF , .I'M ROLL^NC- !M MAnuMA A.NJD IM . .^J?iTrVELV SUPER.' \ Horrors! PI- SUSAN J '-'i -lt-S: ,%'^">V (fS 1 L'kE lj\ ;-_;?ROL ;NjL'rO e.-- A -'ARE.^^: •• AND l \\C-itD\ r viss THIA pcrjRr POK A vutON e,o:K> '. sou / i ,ri .:OLJLL>N'T DRIVE.'•• HtV •.•Z Av.iV ; y LAKD- HAPPENED , ( To JUNIOR I •.:z Av. Av ; ^, BY AffiRRILL BLOSSER i 00 THIS TO .

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