Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 6, 1897 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1897
Page 7
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I" TO! CtM* *« IB NAVY, an Sairy HILO M'GIFFIN, tfe0 young naval captain who c6m- ffianded the big Chinese ironclad Chea Yuen in tha great flght wlth.the Japanese, in which he won the title of "The Herd • of the Yalu," was a mem- ,„ , ber of the class 1882 at the United States Na- Academy at Annapolis. He, whole eouled and good natnred -aad a great favorite with his fellows. McOlffln started the two years' cruise, •which every Annapolis man han to • tt&ke before final graduation, on the old Hartford, which was ordered to the Pacific station to take the place of the Peasacolft. BB r flagship, for r rAdmlral HRghggf- There was a ydiihg' surgeon •«« the Hartford who was aa extremely bad sailor, and Succumbed to the least motion of tbe ship. Tqhe Hartford "was expected to make as much of the Toyaga as possible under sail. One day when she was loafing along down in tba tropics she was caught In the doldrums. Whll^ ahe was lying with her Sails napping a big German merchantman •drifted Into view, la the. forerigglng' •w the merchantman the lookout on the Hartford saw the international code «lgtial of distress. Steam was got up *i the Hartford and she moved over *ward the merchantman. AB she drew «P the merchantman set the signals which mean, "Send a doctor." It was the turn of the .seasick : little surgeon •or the Hartford to do duty that day, «nd he was ordered to go over to the merchantman. The whaleboat was -sent to take him oa his errand. ~t&ir cadet: officers all crowded up on the forecastle to watch It. The little doctor was : thin and whlto and looked very miserable. As'the boat pulled by the bow of the Hartford, McGlffln, who wag leaning against the rail; turned to 'Hia mates and said la his slow drawl; -** <B M, ys ' ~" h * n ' they Bee ^ at fel low, they 11 think we're the ones that are Jn distress." ' . - McGiffln shifted from, the Hartford -•to the Pensacola, aad flaished 'his Bruise in that ship.-He did not take '. «i?n eaough raak ia his class to secure ^•one of the few appointments to service , which were to be made, that year, so he got bis $1,000 and an_ honorable dis- ,,-charge from the government as a "surplus graduate." The next year he went ,- out to China as a newspaper corre- , «pondent. for the Tonquin war. Cap: .tain Maufaix of the.United States ma- rtne fiorps was at tifat time la Chiaa jjfo -on a Ipng leave .of absence, and was' ;f ?~<3ngaged by-Li Hung Chang to reor- Kf. ^aize-^ha-Chinese^Tiavar^bbol." Mc- : mj , GIffln knew Manaix, and after the war I*' "was over he'aaked the captaia for a &J T _place in the naval school. The captain |j^ seat him to see Li Hung Chang. Me- A ;i,-jr*>;. IT «tvp;<5 ITS OWNRtt No ANO CUM?""? IN HANPY. **» Rfwilt «f ft Cotapoandl Fractal'*— A<-c!d*nt ^huf, Happened t» Vtarkl* When He WHS a C«»b«y — A ^T palace, ana~was stopped by several , «antrles. Every sentiael waated • to ' ' KBOW what the American's business " <was, and each sentinel in turn was shoved aside wfth the good Amerlcaa 'remark that it was all right, and Mc- •Glflja was going to see Li HUBS Chaag. < Thfe result was that he did see U Hung Chang, and he told the Chinese - «ari what he wanted. . •••• • Li Hung Chang was greatly amused ^ and pleased by the long-legged Ajnerl- , «an and his method of getting aa au- '•dioace. But he refused utterly to believe that McGifna had received a discharge from the United States navy; r 'IThe-Americans are not fools," said the Chtaaman. "They would not let euoh a good" man go/« : But Captain Mannix vouched for , i McQiffln,.aRd so he got the Job. He was ; made instructor'•-. to.navigation, aad i; t *ka.t ,was ;a great Joke to ;AtcGiftin's ; classmates, for 'they tcriew that this :, was the subject in'which McOiffla was £ least, thoroughly prepared. But they .-"were mistaken ia the man. McGlffln turned out to be. a first-rate instructor '- ia navigation. He knew every method ; <fry which the cadet could hope to hood-' l < wjnk the instructor. A good many of - <theai he had devised himself when he •waa' in Annapolis, and the cadets soon #ound put that they bad to do their •work. •;."•/ ' •A' ' : •'' '•'' .. ':/'• '•' '."> '.' ;• • ' Three-years afterwards some of Mc- ?i «Gltfin's classmates who were oa the > ; /UaUed States ships met McGiffln at \ ^Gibraltar, whea he was taking the CJhea Yuea, which had Just been built ,is England, out to Chiaa. They jpked •JlcQifiln about bis appointment as instructor in navigation, ( aad ia retura £e Showed them the notebooks of his ',$adet officers.: McQiffln had been- a " at maa for what "the naval officers tatuag "berth deck sights;" that is, would take' the sights, aad let some the boys work out the ship's reck- liag. There: were no "berth cieok fht" j&kerspa the Chen Yue«. Every tlftt's notebook was filled with hia own ^. ^wroa, and the Americans were amaged £•> at the amount .of work McGlffln got out "• v -™* bis cadets. ••'••• ; • . ' ' ==^^^3L::^feSW^ no introduction to readers In America or Europe. It is one of the largest hotels in the world, and ia one of. the great institutions of Chicago. Mr. Willis Howe, the well-known BU perlntendent of the Palmer House, writes the following letter: Wells, lilchardson & Co., Burlington, Vt.—Gentlemen: It is with a feeling of sincere gratitude that I write, you this letter. I was seriously sick with fever, and after passing the dangerous etege began taking Pane's celery com-, pound. At this writing 1 am in excellent health, find in fact never felt better. I attribute^ this to the use of Paine's celery compound. Hoping others will find that Paine's celery compound will make then! as well as it did me, I am most gratefully ypurs, • * ( WuLLis HOWE. . ' Chicago, Jan. 14,18ft7. ~~ "Repeated lind astonishing success~ 10 making people well bra, lifted Paine's celery compound to tbe admiration of the world as the surest and wisest means of invigorating a "run-down," nervou8~c6¥ditToDrorthe body.;^"" =^^ Since the discovery of this great remedy men and women who keep them- j jely-eH-teaBonably-welUnformedijn-the world's progress, refuae to be martyrs to such well understood troubles ~ as sleeplessness, rheumatism, neuralgia or kidney dlseaseB. 'Paine's celery compound is used with perfect assurance in those households where only an Intelligent, authentic remedy can get any consideration. As a Spring remedy nothing compares with it. . As physicians are all the time _,aay> ing: The pain over the kidneys, headaches and the misery of nervous debil: ity should be met by ^aine's ; celery compound. Its invigorating action is at once felt by the irritated,, worn-out nerves and brain. It makes new blood. It brings fresh strength. and vigor to tired, worn-out men, weary women and to sickly children. For those diseases which are the result -of weakened nerves, Buch s as .dyspepsia, headaches, neuralgia and heart disease, Paine's ~~ MAN with » petrified foot! Talk about cold fe*tl Ugb! it gives on« the cold shivers to think of that perennially cold p«dal extremity nestling against the email of his back when enow is on the ground, says the St. Louis Dispatch. His name is Bill Merkle and he lives in the mountains of Texas. A party of hunters from El Paso discovered him. When • they got back to town they told the story. It might not have been believed but one of the party, becked it up by showing the little tpejof the stone foot. It had accidentally been broken off some time before aad Merkle gave jt to one of bis guests as a souvenir of the visit. Merkle was a cowboy in the days when the cowboy was in the height of his glory. He has lived,, ia the hills for twenty-five years. It was about 1876 that the accideat befell him, walch caused him to be the ultimate possessor of the only atone foot in the world which Is attached to a live leg. He was rounding up a big lot of cattle, when they stampeded. In trying to get out of, the'way his horse slipped and he was thrown to the ground, directly In the track of ihe maddened cattle. How he escaped being trampled iato a shapeless mass is a^nystery. The probable reason la that his body was partly sheltered by a very slight rise in the.ground and most of the cattle went over without toucaiag him. After the here FOR THE LAD! GRENADINES Latest styles M striped and Figured lonely. ORGANDIES An attractive assortment. - SHIRT WAISTS Large and elegant variety. T OS S O permanent cure. • It feeds the wasted nerve tissues and regulates their ao ; tion. ' It tones up the entire digestive tract and encourages the .body to take ~ pure blood in the arteries and veius, of Gsiuiau Anuy It ia fartu^ata for Uteui that the Jority of tne^ otic^ra in the German ' *r«ty faave aa incouie outside of their '*$Jar>, otaerwine it would be difficult tbera to maiutaijj a poaitiou ou j* s^lftiT troat tee eutpije. German- erg* aalsi-ies &j*e very Jow co?»p&yed x tlt0 saiwiea paid la the Uaited fia army. Pseently tits OwnMm of- ft' pay was ia^reawJ. Flr»t Itaaata will rectsive |450 a y<j»r, 1 captains |S«5, instead CHINESE NEW YEAR. Krelfybodjr IB Expected to' Pay Oft HU '• "''•".' ". Debta. ' • ' • . The, first duty is 'to pay oft all debts. Everybody la dolag this aad where his moans dp not permit he is reaewiag his .iadebtedaesa with aa I. 0. U. note or draft, says the New Yprk Mail aad Express. :Second, every having his visiting cards made for tbe occa- v sion. 'These consist of loag sheets of* red paper glazed upon one side. On' this the name Is printed from wooden type or else written with a brush. Men of distiaotlda us? a very large sheet with corresponding characters and send It by- a messenger •.unfolded. Merchants', clerks and tradesmen' fold their cards Iato fours and upon one of the eight leaves thus made belongs to a very large Chinese family, such as the Wong or the, Moy, ^yhicH would cprrespoad to Smith or Browa, he, does not write the family name, but merely, his given name. Mr. James Joaa, Mr. William Charles aad- Mr. . Thomas Georg? la New York city would refer to the Mpy family or else the Lees. The third duty la making preparatloa for entertainmeat Everybody will call upoa everybody else sad for all callera there must be coaveatloaal refresnr meats. These, laclude rock ca.ndy, driecl shrimps, watermeiloB seeds; salted peanuts,^ toasted pumpkin seeds, crystallized ^orangea, lemona, dates and -flgs, cakes ; of various sorts, tea aad Chinese cordial. These are offered to everybody aad Everybody Mr expected to take some aad eata. Besides taeaa there are~other diah'es set or inputted which are tp be looked at. In this class are roasted birds mouated on sugar lega aad decorated with ex-. tmordinary feathers and little flaliea roasted or steamed and .thea put back into their silvery skin. There are hoi- Ipw balls which resemble oranges, but are made of dough containing in tbe interior a small piece of jam or marma,- lade. Last of all'are ,new suits, new boots, new skull caps and aew silk hair strings, which are woven Into the queue and give that appendage its seemingly extraordinary length. , " • ings. ,1 woul5 fall ia a fit Just to see some of the old people .'scamper about and' -look .'frightened; 'Among strangers I would sometimes pretend to be dumb, sometimes deaf aad oa occa- sloas assume both of these difBcult roles. Tom Kilter always used to help me when he 'was available. '. "One day when we were on our. way td college a bevy of -pretty, laughing girls tgok the train at a village station aad fluttered into our car. I winked. : at. Tom and 'the farce began. After we had murdered the sign 'language of the mutes in a few meanlag- less finger gestures and facial contortions Tom left for t}ie smoker, for companions "hastened T to him, expecting to flnd his mangled corpse. They were surprised to flnd him unhurt,- except for a compound fracture of the left leg, below the knee, both bones being broken. They were far away from a. town or surgical aid and so the cowboys carried him to camp aad did the best they knew how by him la' the way of spllats and baadages. Apparently the bones kait very rapidly, but below the fracture the flesh seemed to be uadergolng a remarkable change la color and texture. la a few weeks the bandages were removed. The bones had knit firmly, but the lower part of the leg showed uamlstakable slgas of having uadergoae a hardealng process which could not be explained. As time went on the foot coatlnued to hardea, until the entire foot and the leg below' the fracture, became completely petrified, although remaining Joined to the live flesh. Merkle declares there Is jiopain^ anywhere JnXhe region of the old fracture," and" while 'the length of the . petrified; limb necessarily retards his progress he caa stand upoa it aad evea take fc 'few steps, and his geaeral health is excelleat. Of course, there E. D, Davis. he never could control his . rlslbles. " 'Whatv a pity,', said oae of t ' the girls. '"It is hard,' thirped up the'pret- tiest of'the lot, 'to be deaf and dumb and in addition to being so mortal homely, • Note the size of that mouth, girjs, the slope of that forehead, the failure to .mate ia those eyes aad the hump oa that nose that is 'Romaa'— all over his face." v "I came mighty: Bear having'a natural fit, for I was,a fairly good-looking boy and proud of it. Some of the other young ladies undertook my, defense, but my defamer rode rough shod over-them all. I was sallow, shallow,, narrow aad criminally disposed. If my picture did not at'soine time adorn a rogue's gallery, justice would ba.cheated. And' that young fellow who had gone put was no better. I invented a case of nose bleed aad fled. "It,was Tom's. Bister, who had been vlsittag friends, and he put up the job. I got even with ber, for she's my ^ife.", ! •' « .-••: -t./v' '-• •;•-'-•'" :•• :'••"• ' ber; it may be struck, o.r pricked with impualty aad lifting the foot across the right kaee Merkle uses It as a, whetstone, sharpening knives against the hardeaed sole. However, if the , foot be placed ia the fire a seasatioa of heat Is traasmltted throughout tha eatlre'body, becoming palaful ia the immediate neighborhood of the old fracture. . The geatlemen say that Merklo is as Jolly as the average mortal aad hoots at the Idea of placing himself ba exhibition ia a museum. "But you .could make your fortune," they ' re- moastrated with 1ilra. Our Semi=Annual '':-.'-' ' * " • • * Muslin Underwear Sale IS IlOW .011$ and will continue for TWO WEEKS, '••- when the^people of this vicinity will be given another opportunity to secure some of those matchless BARGAINS IN UNDERWEAR It is unnecessary for us to .go into details as to the quality ' and workmanship of same, as you are* already familiar witk them, As to the prices, they speak for themselves. Ladies' Ruffled Skirts, only 25c. ' .-= *4~M-/i ; !~ r ri j'jj Ba b rotdjred Skirts, only -- 49oand73c, * . t Ladies' extra wide- Lace Trimmed and Em- . • broldered Umbrella Skirts, $1.00, $1,80 ana $2,00, "Shucks,." was his characteristic rejoinder. "What 'iid life be wuth'to a feller ef he Jess had to set up an 1 have bis ol' rock foot stared at by a gang of tenderfoot gawks frum mornla' till night?" ' CALLED HIM DOWN HARP. Clot Even with H«* la tUe 3£«4. "When a young callow freghiuau I tf# all kinds of fool expert; uitsute," i*ukli8d the usually ttx* A Wcuderful \V^ter B^ont. Ou the night of the 2§th of November last a waterspout burst over the city, of Povoacap, b» the island . of Saint Michael, one of the., Asores, aad according to the retort accompanying a pjetttiqa for aid; wihlch haa been seat abroad, almost la an instaat "\tlte deluge of "water rpse above the roofs of the low houaea. ,Ti»e homes, of thou- eunds were destroyed, , a great Iqes of life pftcui'red, and oa Its 'way to the sea _ the water plowed a, broad, deep chaa- 1 uel nine miles long. yenr ' Allen* 1m France, A step which, presents points of lm- portaace for foreigners settled in Fraace tfas just been taken by the gov- erameat, says a Paris letter. The mia- ister of the interior' ha"s been authorized to lay -before the parliament a bill drawn up with a view to supplemeat- lag the law promulgated ia 1893, All aliens exercisiag a profeasloa, trade or calling have* to! give prompt notice of their removal whea they take up their abode in a, new town'or village, and are also expected to register their, certificates after the ib .change has been duly anaouaced; but ao peaalty for infringement of the latter formality has beea laid down, and it is with a view to making up for this deficiency that the bill alhided to is to be submitted to the chamber aad the, senate. Noncompliance with the order to notify a change of residence is visited with a fine of from 60 francs to 200 francs and it is proposed that the same penalty, shall be meted out la cases of omission to registey the certificate~re'r celved.—Boatoa Herald. to fourteen ^ years, only'lOc and • Ladies' Good Muslin Gowns, only Ladies' Embroidered Gowns, only 39c Four styles Ladies' Handsomely Trimmed 76c Gowns, only 49c, * One lot of Handsome Gowns, they are full length and full widths, regular made 'aad warranted to fit, Ihe price is 81.00— in this sale 73<s. Another lot of Gown8, 7 copled from the French, the regular price ia 81.50— sale price 99& Your seamstress will charge you more for the making aloae. Ladies' 25o Tucked Drawers, only 19c. • Lace Trimmed and Feather Stitched Trimmed Drawers, only %5c. • Ladies' Embroidered 40c Drawers, only 2Sc. Ladiea'"Umbrella" Drawers, JtOcto $1.80. 8e. • Ladles' 30c, 50c and 76c Corset Covers, only 19c, 25c, 39c and &9c. ' ' Children's Tucked Drawers, all ages, from two A. L. HECKMAN. First wh*itilT Sseoud Wine la . The Alggest item of. Incidental loss ia ocean traffic during the utonny sea- BOBS of the y*ar la that of breakage in the wine stores. No matter how securely the bottle* are fixed ia the bins a particularly heavy sea striking the ship la a certain spot or eoiuinued rolling and pitcfelng will cauae great loss in costly wiaea that were never Intended to 'WJUJh the floor of the w*.Us. A Preach firm is going to da away with this plcHiiae source pf anapyance and complaiat. After ye»rs of experimenting it haa BuectKMle4 ia £aaauf&ctur)Bg & paper eottle which will not tiresk and wftlcU bag the advautagea of tie ordinary gifiift J«wtle. ; In tb* hos»0, too, bottle Wonders In Offerings are winners of recognition. ;3?l*e theme uppermost ia my *«*«»* »ow Is to round your dollar^ with a bigger circle of value than ( ever possible before. Trade at the Spot Cash Grocery ~~ BE CON\ r INC]ED OF THIS FACT, For a limited time I will sell a well made 5-fbot Step-Ladder aud a 1-pound cau of Gold Mine Baking Powder for 5O cents. qpUla offer is made to introduce the Baking Ppnyder, that Is guaranteed to give perfect ar «~^'-«— Extra Hoojay Syrup.............. 85c 10 Iba. beat Oat Meal........«.,..., 85o Fancy California Sliced Peaches 10and l&cacaa 8-lb. Canoed Pears..........10 and 15o Solid Packed Tomatoes'. , 8c Canned Corn...... ..6to8a California Dried Peaches.,.. ,8 Ibis. 25c Evaporated Apples.... ^........ 5 to 7o White Beans.., ........8 to 4c a qt RaWnB ,,.......'.. So a }b Butter Crackers.. ,$j|e to 6 Jbs.'for 25o Tbe Best t'ttncy Patoat Pickles (9 ft Coffees ..,.;...,...i5««p Beat Gloas Starch.. 5and6e»pl|« Japan Tea..i ,..,2Dto8i$ Fine Cut Tobacco 25cr, worfcl* 8&a Sp*ar Head Tobacco.,,,..,., Ginger Snap? Lewis jbye...., Nice Lemons Igjk io Qt bottle of Bagliah" Cnoiee Dairy Butter PwtryFiaur 3-lb, 10 ttme, IforahiOl'* Beat by the leiidliig- bak«*8 of

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