The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on October 2, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1939
Page 5
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SAFETYDRIVE IS LAUNCHED Governor And Motor Commissioner Taking Active Parts. Following on the heels of Gov. Herbert R. O'Conor, who opened Traffic Safety Week Saturday night with, a broadcast address, W. Lee Elgin, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, will speak over the Maryland coverage network this afternoon from 2:45 to 3 o'clock. Tonight Commissioner Elgin will address the Chamber of Commerce at Frederick and Tuesday noon he will speak before th e Kiwanis Club in that city. Highway safety will be the theme of the three addresses. In his address Saturday night Governor O'Conor emphasized that. 642 persons have been killed on Maryland highways in the last 19 months, or three fewer than the number of State soldiers'killed in the same period in. the World War. The State-wide campaign will be conducted by a committee of seventy-five men and women appointed by the Governor, who asserted that "among the eleven States of New England, New York. Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, out- State has the highest death rate based on definite measuring standards during the first portion of this year and it has a rate higher than the average for the entire United States." Co-operation Urged Outlining the functions of the special safety committee, the Governor invited all citizens, fraternal, civic and other organizations to co-operate in making the .Maryland roads safe both for pedestrians and motorists. 'Rnrlinr j n f} ie f ] av a £ Annapolis he warned that drunken drivers convioled nf a second offense would not, receive executive clemency. He refused to parole Julius Ratas, who is serving six months for drunken driving in Washington county. Ratas, Governor O'Conor said, was convicted on an identical charge in March. 3935. and that his $100 line •was.remitted. The Governor added: "It- does not appear that Ratas was sufficiently impressed with the necessity of remaining sober while handling a potentially dangerous Instrumentality as an automobile on the public highways." THE DAILY MAIL. HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1939. BEEF: How To Buy And Cook It STEAK-Teider. CNfce Cits, Juicy, Flavorful, Cut To Buy —' •• PORTERHOUSE: Cent,In* part of th« tenderloin. SIRLOIN: Larger, more bon«, no tenderloin. CLUI: Like Porterhouse, but hai none of the tenderloin. Rll: Short cut. How To Cook • • • —_ BROH.: Cook tfiree inches beneath glowing fla PAN MOIL: Coot in « jintng hat ^^•••••••NMMIMII^BH^MM^^^^B STEAK—Less Tender PLAWK: Broil on Kot wooden plank. M^^MMM •Flavored. CUIIO: Round, flank or cKucl. HAMIURGEH: Ground, to be formed into cilccs or loaves. FLANK ROUND CHUCK How To Cook BRAISE: Sprinkle with flour, brown in a little fat cover tightly and cook over very low htat. f * HLCO . QK: Cool < '" a pan In a sm*H quantity ot tat and water or other liquid. • RAISE: Stuffed and baked, or cassarole. SWISS: Stuffed and baked, caiserol*. PAN COOK: Stuffed or casserole (smothered' SOUPS, STEWS, POT PIE-Less Tender Cuts, lit Nutritious And Well-Flavored. Cut To Buy SHANK PLA NECK How To Cook SOUP: Leave whole, or cut into small pieces-cover with cold water and slowly bring to boil.' Add salt and seasonings; cover and simmer. STEW: Cut into small pieces; braise; add water or vegetable stock. Cover and simmer. Add vegetables, cubed, in last 40 minutes. Thicken, serve. POT PIE: Cover stew with a crust. DUMPLINGS: Very nice, cooked on top of stew. Cut To Buy ROUND CHUCK RUMP SHOULDER How To Cook BRAISE: Add seasonings (parsley, onion, celery). Add small quantity of liquid, cover tightly and simm*r. Cut To Buy RIB: Standing, or boned and rolled. How To Cook SEAR in hot oven and roast, uncovered, in moderate ovt-n. The Horoscope (Copyright, 1939, by the McClure Newspaper Syndicate) n»r* Cuticura ntmrnt at first *i<jn nf externally caimrii redncsx or chafing. " Cuticura Ointment, Soap, Talcum give baby'sskin ideal care. Approved by Good Housekeeping Bureau. Buy today"—each 25e—all druggists. For FREE sample. i»vrite Cuticura, Dcpt. 39, Maiden. Mass! See us first when you need your USED CAR HAGERSTOWN AUTO EXCHANGE 934 S. Potomac St. Phone 1133 LIBRA (September 2:1 to Octobei 22)—Persons born under this sign are often unusually talented. In spiration Is a frequent companion of Libra men and women, who succeed us writers and musicians. Their ruling planet, is Venus and they love beauty in all its forms. Friday la their lucky day. Monday, October 2 Adverse aspects are active today and it is wise to delay important matters until late in the afternoon. This is not a. favorable date for starting anything important. Judgment may be untrustworthy while this configuration prevails. It is not a fortunate sway for attorneys whose advice may be costly but not helpful. HEART AND HOME: The head of the family may be inclined toward drastic .economies. This is lucky where boys and girls take the- rmit to be self-supporting. The stars presage need of partnership between young and old who desire to make the best of their opportunities. Economic problems may assume novel phases and should be carefully studied. BUSINESS AFFAIRS: This is not a lucky day for women. Competition will be extreme, blocking many positions that are desired by women. The wise will cultivate whatever talents they possess which promise novelty in achievement This is a threatening rule for aviation and'may forecast accidents. There is a promising sign for commerce. NATIONAL ISSUES: The relief problem will distrub all who are concerned with the future. Lack of aid is to have a far reaching effect upon persons who have lost their initiative and independence, increase of crimes is prophesied, especially those that hinge upon he acquisition of money. Robber- es and burglaries will be numerous .hrough the coming winter. INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS 7ontulen1.ini information received n Washington will cause anxiety n the White House. The President ill cause a. sensation by an inde- FOREFATHERS GROUP 4 Pieces Skillfully designed to fit into any decorative scheme y v, - Provides New Interest and Quaintness This Group Lends Itself to Imaginative Decorating THIRD FLLOOR MAIN FLOOR SPECIAL VALUES $1.00 54" WOOLENS Dress and Skirt Weights yd SPUN RAYON PRINTS Plain — Stripes. Prints yd. COTTON PLAIDS OC Also stripes yd. fcH/L. I2c vd. Ifc«l- HEAVY SHIRTING Stripes and Plain BLANKETS PART WOOL PLAIDS Singles Doubles 79Ceach pair 36" OUTING 1 7 _1 O Lights and darks yd. 1 £C IOC 36" PRINTS Attractive patterns. .. yd. PAPER TOWELS Washable — 75 to box box 36" UNBLEA. MUSLIN Yard 36" BLEACHED MUSLIN Long Cloth Finish Ilc-I5c 5c 6*C lOc BLANKETS 25% WOOL, EXTRA QUALITY Singles Doubles yd. *1 9 °each pa ir EYERLY S Dependable For More Than Fifty Years. FIVE Frederick Weeds Out Lawbreakers pendent act of widest interest and effect. Increase of confidence in the administration's foreign policies is foretold with a correspond- ng impetus to a boom for a Cabinet member. Persons whose birthdate it is lave the augury of a year of hap pi- less. General good fortune is indi- :ated for both men and women. Ro- nance is prognosticated for the 'oung. Children horn on this day probably wil l>e exceedingly strong- willed, but tactful. The subjects of this sign should be guided with tact and diplomacy. Half-fare railroad tickets for children between the ages of five and 12 years of age went into effect in 1864. DANISH SHIP IS SUNK BY U-BOAT COPENHAGEN, Oct. 2 (£>)—Ritz- aus ? Danish news agency, said last night a submarine sank the Danish steamer Vendia in the North Sea Saturday, killing 11 O f her cre\\\ The agency said the attack took place off Hanstholm. ofi: the northwest coast of Denmark. The Vendia. a 1,150-ton vessel belonging to the Associated Coal Importers, of Copenhagen, was empty. She was bound for Clyde. Scotland, for coal. The Vendia was believed to have been the first Danish ship to be torpedoed, six survivors arriv-i ing in Copenhagen tonight bringing the first word. They had been rescued by the submarine and later transferred to another Danish ship which the Uiioat halted. A fourth Danish steamer, the Lynas. bound for the Netherlands with wood pulp, also was seized. The letters C. 0. D. (meaning "'cash on delivery") originated in the railway express business 98 years ago. Caskey's Three New Loaves NOW AT YOUR GROCERS FREDERICK, Md., Oct. 2 (/?).— They're literally weeding; out lawbreakers here and the city it getting three-fold results from its prison work plan. Not long ago the city decided to put ordinance violators tc work at cutting weeds and olher tasks to pay their "board" at the Frederick county jail. For a week or so now two groups of prisoners under the guard of an officer have been swinging scythes, mowing down weeds in the north- rn section of the city. "It's really helping," Police Chief Allen Bartgis said. "We are not getting as many drunks as w e did Before. Frederick's chronic drunks are afraid of work. "Working prisoners has broken up the practice of making the jail a winter headquarters." j A check of the docket at police headquarters showed few local persons had been arrested since the work plan went into effect — and Chief Bartgis is determined to keep the docket as clear as possible. "We're going to cut the weeds on every vacant lot." he asserted, "and when the weeds are gone, we'll have the men sweep the streets; and before all the streets are cleaned, there'll be some snow for them to shovel." In other words, there's a year 'round job awaiting anyone getting a term that long. COUiiTESY AND 1NTELLICJENT service await you when you call 104 and arrange a classified ad with *n ad r taker. Tired,Run-down? Make a "date" at any drug store with S.S.S. Entertain the "date" at every meal for a while. You will be happily surprised how soon you will begin to enjoy your food and begin to feel better. Check your condition to see it is not due to organic causes or a focal infection. So frequently worry, overwork, loss oE sleep and a lagging appetite help break down the vitality o£ the blood. Pull directions and the S.S.S. Formula are on each bottle. Untold millions have been benefited. If your case is not unusual you will notice an improvement at once. Why not make this the day to begin an S.S.S. course of treatment. No ethical druggist will offer a substitute for the time-tested scientifically appraised S.S.S.—a Tonic, a Stomachic and Appetizer. © s.s.S. C«. OFFICE EQUIPMENT Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co. TELEPHONE 2000—2001 Ladies' FUR JACKETS are a fashion sensation. Cliooc* j-oiir.« here at low price* on easy CREDI1. PEOPLES STORE 67 West Washington Street Vigoro Plant Food A square meal for all lawna. Fall feeding- helps through the -winter. HOWARD'S 7 E. Baltimore St. Phone 806 FENDER BENT BODY DENT HUGHES MOTOR CO 30 E. Baltimore St. Ph 2460 r me. thi* o buy the. best Cangatetnri/' far #1*, offer* Jast the pattern* 1 t to 4/recs tip myffoo ~~ «««af -rave money m bargain.** SALE! . Jhi one mJaafy gmuini StUSial CONBOLEffM_ ^^^^ .„..».- &t .... I»**XMHA A^rprAu fflflTIOfl* _ . * ,, * T»_-. "LucJty for me, ihix Sale meant / yet more vafuc for n\y money m that easy- tv-ckan Cofc/ Seer/ Fit>or~ Covering.'' Never before offered nation ^ ^ ally at these low prices Yard at big-value prices. ATfcU U the most important ^To make shopping easy ?olr cover ng * ent m yean- "ealers are showing in special Boor-cox ering ^ ^ j^__ ^^ and floor displays the largest assortment of patterns ia years-sparkling tiles, nch florals, "hooked" styles, gay peasant designs, authentic ori- entals-patternsforeveryroom. • Take advantage of this unusual opportunity to save money. See your Congoleum dealer at once while selections are still complete. UUUJ.-V." • «-••-—e> . , It comes at an ideal time- just Tvhea you're moving or redecorating for fall. • It offers you not "clearance "ale" goods-but the newest f^Js'^ genuine Congoleum casy-to-clcan, sanitary, longer-wearing, with the fLous Gold Seal guarantee end or the "Lacky for me, en Oc- fo6« who nee<ft to *aue money on house You caa'cteUby lookingatamghowlony wear' Accept no substitutes or uni- ^W l*g**Si*< Congoleum, you get i-J!/ T^t means years longer ^wear. Gives Years longer Wear WATCH LIKE A HAWK! Congolcum bear* this Gold Seal — your assurance of tougher, Uftaririf; £ COAT and m o n c y guarantee. Ull Patterns GOLD SEAL RUGS Year after year more housewives demand Gold ScalCongolcum than all other makes combined.. There must be a 9 x 12 it. price* SQUARE YARD "Lvctty For m*, Sal* com** right at moving time —/ir«f when f need n«rip floor- /or my Hagerstown, Maryland M. H. Barney West Franklin St. Jacobson Furniture Store 3fi \V. Franklin ST. Mac's Linoleum Store •2$ \V. Franklin St. M*yers <t Berkson Furniture Store 43 \V. Franklin St. Miller's. Inc., Furniture Store On Th^ Square C. D. Miller's Furniture Store ,11 S. Potomac St. Sears, Roebuck <t Company 6 X. PoTomac St. Shockey Furniture Company 30 Summit AVO. Smith Furniture Store fiS \V. Franklin St. Zacks A Mills Company 11 W. "Washington St.. Boonsboro, Maryland Bender Rug Store Brunswick, Maryland H. R. Mace <t Company Potomac Furniture Company Charlestown, W. Va. B. H, Riddleberger's Store Strider's Furniture Store Martinsburg, W. Va. Geo. Katz A Son Dept. Store Martinsburg Furniture Co., W. King St. W. O. Nicklas Co., Furniturt Store S. Queen St. Ramsey Furniture Stort W. Kins: Si. Smith Furniture Store Mercersburg, Pa. Myers A Trittle Middlctown, Md. GladhHPs Furniture Stort Tancytown, Md. C. 0. Fuss A Son Furniture Store D. J. Heston M, Thurmont, Md. L. Creager A $on Furniture Store \

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