Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 18, 1930 · Page 6
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 6
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1 1 DECATUR H E R A L D SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 18, 1930. OECATUR HERALD H E R A L D ' S P A G E O F I N T E R P R E T A T I O N A N D O P I N I O N E d i t o r i a l s The most honest man In our block sticks little fttjtmu* of udhisivu tape ovui the word "Hot on tho bathroom faiu,«t!t wtion guests stay ow night If Henry t'out In ilylil and fartoiy wages 50 yeam from now fire {21 a duy for foin houre' work something ot utlti will tuwu to bo dono about ft lot of follows who ftro going to try to hold two Jobs KINGS AND GOVERNMENTS STICK TOGETHER Secretary Slimwn has made it plum that (he Brazilian government has ihc right to luy war ammunitions from private sources in this counlry. Whether tlws revolutionist* will have the same right. Mt. Shimon (low not smy In (ccent years it Ims Uccn the settled policy of tins government to nid friendly governments ln putting down in- jwrrecltww to llw cxiutt of Jillowmg them to buy mumtioiw (reely (roni pnvale t,ourcw tn ihu counlry I his policy held in the lait uitunirtcd rtvoliilion in M(.xi,o in 19^9, though prior to that tliu policy Iwci 'JPUI nointwliat wobbly. Sometimes thtrf has been ,in embargo on shipmutl!, both to the government nnd rcbils. As n twunl ihiim govuniiicnls ore like (he ancient kmgi. 1'hey may di I ke ont, another, "rid occusionnlly were not averse lo dom« a Itulc land gutbLutig, but if a king's siiltjccw ever roe ! putitst dim, lie could be prclly sure of having the assistance o[ his follow monarch* This theory tlwt kinti* ou«hl to stick loadher, bro«(fht the Allict franco fit (lie time of (lie I runtli rcvoliidcm. Oiu [(titli In tlid iruthfulncsH ot s ti' toiml p i n i t l i d l l y t i H t o i u d whun ii\o of tho yitiri|"'i niul IK t t i r loulclng pulniid mil to 11 · that ' IIUUULV Iwlp*' du tidlji i«uut ivi ii 1C noLlilnK mmh is utctun (in U \ 1'mi.llciilly (ill tliu cutulltlutos wo hsivu tniKeO willt u i u willing to t^inon tlnmiatlviiB openb, uni- nnil (iiiLqtilvocully on tlio sltivory lmvn A REBUKE FROM THE HIGHER COURT *[ he HUpmnr con it snirl ihu expected ihintf on the prac- Use of Judge lylii of ( liK.itju, in lio!Jm« gungslcrs under extoiliwnate bondi ns "VUHMIIU. ' "l.xcc«ivc (MI! is not to be required foi tlie purpose of preventing ihr pns(jiici (Jninci Sanunoni) fiom being admitted to bnil," -md the court, And it is difficult to sec how it could say unylhm,) else, nnd *till jKcteiid to uphold (tie Constitution, winch vested uml coiucrvnlive mtcrctts profess lo rcRtird as the veritable ark of the ccm-nnnl of (jovcinmcnt For the Inw enforcers of Chicago, the supreme court's docltirntinn that bml must lie reduced from $JO,000 lo $5,000 nity !v n 8et-l«fk but it destroy* a precedent by which n crook on the bench might contrive lo keep u philwn- thropisit, or n retired preacher indefinitely in jttil became Iw Hid not like Onti MiiHtiF»Hui!Kitti towtuthi|» him a tux i n t o or JSHJO, und wn nto KPlnK to try to tomr-nilier tluit tn oui own (tdyi vt tulvoiftlty. ttilnjt In ffuoi of (ootbnll 1» Unit eoni- InR en Sutuitluy pitnllrally ali ttio oxoeutlve« uet. n dnv of r it and ttto In pietty humor aifnln by the tlmo tnoy H«t liult to tlm office on Monday morn infT MRSrO'NElUL HOLDS FAST Mm. 1 nltie Holm in O'Neill showi extraordirmr) cournpe in IwnigKiR lte prohibition issue into n discussion ol unemployment. Duvmp the uicat slock boom tind inflation thnt ended wuh the timtMtr of A year «go, prohibition ipcnker* in every p«rt of (he country wore joyously informing llie nation that the 1 itthteuith Amendment \yas the source of nil llm titipnrnlltllpcl prosperity Since "prosprrity" is we knew il llwii has boeome n bunt (nibble, some milliwi* of workets have niffercd the agony of iinrmplnynK nt nnd moit of tin' ictr of ui have been more or les^ pntchul. tii)l much ha* been heard of the "prosperity" nrgum-nt in bclulf of prohibition Only Mvs O'Neill, more i t i n d f i i t t h m most of the professional lender* of the Mice, st.ilw.ully sl.inds by her guns and announce* from the slump llmt the unemployment is due tn the nuicliinnlion* of wtilr In behotf of Mrs O'Nt-ill * logic, this much at Icaet ten bo mid . 1 1 r e\pl.iiiMion i' at Wit nt pnod ,11 the Democratic rtplaiiitimn. wlncli r)lnmti condit'oni upon Mr. Hoover, and ns nwl tw the official KeiHibhcan etplanntion which blames llicm ttvon the Dcmocratii who delayed enncl- merit o( lb. new t n r i f f Ono tbln/t n. ( hlf «(co Riinsatcr doen not cnri for ftt (ill w( hnvi nn iFlnii, \it bfitif. titkun tn Wli cnnnln fm trln! In n Wh«n'itn court It Mr Wlcktsinlmm hrlii(,« hnek Iho whipping podt ftwl wtlll wn tmvo oilnio ptohablv it will then bo eonxkleretl nooianniy to Uy tho thumb screw tho rneU nnd whoi I nnd lonjn of the othei out* invention i of our medlouit THE NONCHALANT MR. GINSBURG t Some people t^n bejru-ned to do exactly the wrong thing m nn emergency. To this elasi belongs John Gins- burf, ft minor figure in the "Legs" Diamond sens A I ion, but wliwe action* elevated him to such importance llmt he was btld under $25,000 bail. Ginsburft wns lh iimnnncr of the hold m which Dm- mottd. underworld *cnnn. wni shot apparently by rival fAAtpten. Dinnronrl rtfifwered ottt of hit room into the private «wic of Manager Gmibnrg nnd mked for a doctor. Af the mannger of a hotel, -uhiih had been brought into unpleasant notoriety and as the first person with whom Diamond spoke after his shooting, it would have seemed to be GrasbMrft's duty lo stick about until the police were through with their investigation Instead of doing so Girwburg ran down to the slreel where a friend wot watlma for Jtmi with a car to keep an ·(^ointment for a Sunday drive. While the police were trying to find out wlwt me shooting was all about Gjnsburg (vas taUng dinner with hi* friend nnd family up town, and later in the afternoon drove to Philadelphia to visit hn mother- The quickness with which Giniburg f rt dcd out of the picture aroused police suspicions. He was subjected to a thorough quwlionif^ at the end of which the dtjlrid attor- toroug q u w i e tj a o r - ney fftve it M hu cptmion that the managci had told all he knew, He was able to throw no light on the assailants, but he wai held for further investigation A hotel manager trying to restore the peaceful routine of rm house wliile atiisting the police to unravel ft murder mystery is one thing; a hotel manager enjoying the delight* of Jersey scenery while his hotel is overrun with detecttvm, reporters, photographer* and curiosity seekers u quite another. This is one of those cases you read about that came you to wonder how some men liold responiible jobs. T h i s a n d T h a t NEWS OF 25 YEARS AGO TODAY , 4 FROM THE HERALD OF 1905 There la a bad hole In the drive way of the Wabaah station In which somo horse IB going to break a leg aomti day. Yesterday afternoon whllo driving to the depot Dr E j. Brown's horae stepped Into the puddle and fell Considerable difficulty was experienced In getting the how up Ho was not the first that has fallen there Tho purodo of tlio Knighta of Pythias convention, (ht first big public teatmo ot the meeting yeuterday, proved to bo one of the finest evex seen In Dccatur There ware more than 600 men In lino and they niude an Imposing The muu'lftfe'O of Mlifl Vonna Vfida Ritchie and Doloaa Stoddurd Brown, Jr , of Pcorla took place ycstetday morning ut Wnlntit Lawn, the beautiful home of the bride's parents nom Wars dishing Tlireo hundred Invitations had been Issued and it was the largest wedding In Warrena- burg'H histoiy. Be two oti tho Kntj,'htt of Pythias anil tho Rath bone Sisters, tho St Nicholas and Deeatur hotels ure about Hwunipod Mnny mo lleoplng four in a room and not B row cots have been placed in conldors and halls William B McKlnlcyj while in Dscatur with tha party of Montreal "capitalists looking over tho Inteiuiban properties, sold that the construction of line bo two on Dccatur antl Champaign will be tho n«xt stop, nnd btt hopes that ^lading for this can be begun next year CREAM OF THE JEST INCONSIDERATE OF HIM you don't bpllnve It, and no wondei, bul n w\(o suing foi divorce ccmplaina that her hius- ttand BOldom cornea lion to und when ho does It » at the wionft time- Philadelphia MIGHT SRLL A FEW SENATORS If tho Soviets could knoek the bottom out of tho Chicago wheat market wli not get them to trin It o u bunr raid on the piico of Itllnoli aenta In tho United Stales Senate'-- St Louli Poat-Dlapateh OUK ONLY WAR AT PRESENT Tho denth of anolhcr marine In Nicaragua i(.rv«3 as a i-oinlndoi that the United States In stilt ut jxmcu with ull otliBi countries --Boston Globe COMES NATURAL TO SOME During a campaign It must be a fearful attain on the candidate to keop from saying what hi thinks-- Toledo Blade MORE PAHM RELIES' Tho ArnoUcan coiuumci nmy brontho a sigh of relief Delivery from the ojipieaaive ratea of thu Gruntiy lailft IB now In sight The now tariff cominisslnn has uultfiU to lower the duty on nitns silk opcm lints-- bt Louis Post-Dliipatch A PALETTE FOR THE CONCRETE MIXER? -UuiaUan bciuiei, Monltot Slnco the rlalng tide of color haa invaded tho home, thv offlqo and tho ftcliool, leoving tn It a train a procession of magenta bathtubs, hellotiope kitchen stoves, royal purple fountain pens and upplo frcon tpt-wrltcia, the newa that certain up to date Amcrkun cltlua arc ajvluahlng their sidewalks witlt color nmy be ace tip tod calmly No doubt Uio harmonious blending of color even undci his foot delights tho 'aesthetic pedestrian. But how about Ihu oquaUy aitlstic motorist? Ho huu to atand the glarlnt jnonatroaltloa In the way of hillboaid postcra n« well ns the iku7l,ng, tiylrig wliltfncss of mile alter mile of concrete lOitU A pulo grun 01 soft, tuowu road would be easki tu look ut anil v-ould bknd ploasutitly with tho landscape Wou kin t it be u kind thought us well as u practical one, both fur the motoilat of tho piescnt and the future, tc P«nr u little paint In tho concrete LAW CATCHES UP, AT LAST WITH THE DAUGHERTYS -·Ohio Slate Journal. llio luBt vc»t)yo or tho ante powoiful rolllkul and HnuiHlm Daughorty luglmo in Ohio has reached Ha end In the indictment*) rotutncJ against Mai Daugheity by tin t'uyctte comity gianil Jury by an Ironical turn of fate. tho community that gave them With, the community fiom which Uicy drew their strength, the community In which they weu almost toyjlty-- thia veiy community became tho InutiuuiQnt ot their retribution So long hud they hud thlngg their own way Unit no doubt their outlook upon life was -warped No one hud dur eU Inquire Into tho honcaty of their purposes noi Into the i not hods of their OfCtnt to power Evin the United States ·Senate, when it Bought infotmatlon from the books of the tank of MtJ Baughutty, watt dnflod and turned away But when his bank crashed and his neighbors demanded an accounting tho curtain was lifted, and what was thought to bo strength was only a mockeiy. It remained lor a grand jury, uftur an liwoallgutlon actuated by the Incensed sentiment ot an outraged community, to do what theretofore wus unthinkable How complete the collapse la finds apt Uluatiatlon In the specifications of HID indlctinentu The 15 true bills returned against the former bank president enumeiates GT counts, « colossal array for any man to face For 25 yoais Tho Ohio State Journal, standing consist- ontly for what It legmded as tho beat in politics and finance, waa nearly alwaya from the very nature of their dlffttront purposes compelled to oppose that which the Daugheitya repieaented and advocated Relentiesi llm* has again shown that the principles of honeety and fair denting, and fidelity to the right, are the only ones whlth In the long run triumph FAITH Better trust ail and be deceived. And weep that trust and that Than doubt one heart that If believed Had blessed one's life with true believing Oh In this mocking world too fast The doubting (tend o'eitakes our youth, Bettor be cheated to the laat , Than lose the blessed hope of truth ,, --PRANCES ANNE KEMB1*. ' As I View the Thing :BY W. F. HARDY- V OUH OWN MB, PBPYS SATURDAY, THE 11TH--To the Libra?/ to consult IL map of Brazil tor Information on the re volution, "and find that from a new atlas eomo vandal has lifted the map completely. And I think that If I were a librarian I should lone confident;* In human nature, though after all it le but a small minority that tear* up and steal* library property, At my work all day, and down In the evening to « music ator* where I buy Jean Sibelius' "Vatee Trlate," which the Minneapolis Symphony orchestra used to play and which I greatly adrolic Home and to the plane, where my niece comet to tell me that she simply must know wbnt her birthday present la to be, and trlei by all her wiles to g~et me to reveal It But I only laugh at her, and we very merry. THE 12TH (Lord's Dfty -- A perfect Indian Summ«r day With the family to church, and after luncheon take my wife and nleco and the Misses Dill on a drive to Taylorville and to SpDngfield. And In Springfield wa visit the parks, and while 1 admire them, 1 am ever Impressed by what our own Nelson park gains by having Its splendid water view Homo and down town for dinner Thence tn my rending und practise, '', MONDAY, THE 13TH -- Up early and busy alt the morning; with mean little tasks such as a real executive would have turned over to somebody el«e, but which I think I must attend to To luncheon with Mr. Secretary Bolz and President Field, talking about sanitation, and par- Ocularly A G. Webber's article about the practise of allowing bathing in tho lake And Mr. Field thinks that frdhi this source there Is little danger of contamination which I am Rind to hear him say, lor I think I should hnv« perished with the heat could I not have had my dally swim in July, Corned my niece to get my key to the car, sho having left her'B In Brown's, two flights up and she could save climbing one flight by coming to the editorial room on tho second floor And at dinner my wife and niece tell me that they aio not going to talk to me or tell m« what they do lest perchance I put It In my diary and some one finds It out To a meeting of the Mllttkln board, which continues until 10 o'clock, which I think Is too long, for t am of the Impression that tho cabinet dlscustied Lincoln's emancipation proclamation only 10 minutes or so TUESDAY TltK 14TH -- Comes a letter fiom Henrv Wilson, asking ua to iuncheon when we attend tho game In Champaign Saturday. At dinner today my niece says that Rice Institute In Houston, Tex, "has not won a football game since doomsday," and my boy uotts hoc when that was and he very merry but she loughs with us This evening I bonowed from my boy a book of English poetry which he la studying, though It acorns but yesterday that I held him on my Inp to read the funny pages to him So lead latf from Pope, Addlson, and Isaac Wntts My music lemon today went somewhat better WEDNESDAY, THE 1BTH -- Bu*y at my desk, but found it*, dull day My boy coming for me, we discuss his study of the English poets, he telling me of the analysis to which they are subjected. Out In the even Ins to a melting of the Halloween celebration committee, I being assigned to help supply tho band music. And I express hope that wo will have thlnpa so arranged that there will not be the awful confusion about the Judges' stand such as we had the firrst year For I wonder now how we ever got tho names ot tho piizc winners But we all learn by doing, and most of the members of the committee are now experienced THURSDAY THE 16TH--Mild and raining To the office whore at noon comes my niece and we together to the church, I to n meeting 1 of the men's ctub, and she to eat with her aunt in the kitchen A merry entertainment, consisting of blowing a football up and across a long table Supt William Hanls calls up to teil me that Hex Bees will be responsible for throe bands In the Halloween parade which pleases mo Comes my niece after school to tell mo that she is on a committee to arrange a Halloween for Brown's, and I feol that our home Is cursed with committee woik Homo to my practise, but my niece wishing to do something I take her down town BO that she may look in ths shop windows, which Is her gront dcllglit And she tells me that sho thlnki she ought to have her birthday present Friday morning Instead of at night but I tell her that If she had it tn tho morning she would not have hor mind on her work all day ior thinking about It, and nhe replies that she will not be able to concentrate on hor work for speculating about what It Is, und that I simply do not understand With my wife to the High school for the entertainment In commemoiatlon of Vtrpil's birth But It turns out to bo a movie of scenes from the Aencld, msdo by some little school girls In Atlanta. Ca And at the sturt of the run. they find that tho film has boon wound wrong ao there Is a long delay in rewinding It, And the plelwu was of littlo account, the Tiojnn horoes appealing ns delicate school girls «nd tho one taking the part of Aonoor. wearing short sklits and jaw gm tors So we home Finished this day Sheriffs play "Journey's End » which Mrs C A. Ollie brought me, one of the moat dramatic thing* I ever rend and which I regret 1 did not see on the stage FRIDAY, THE ITTH-Awoke i-arly Bfiiverlne by reason of the change In the weather which I am Rlad to ace And at breakfast my nieee opens a gift from her mother To the office where comes Editor H J3 Young of the Illinois Farmer, and wo discuss taxation his paper being against tho proposed tax amendment , Busy at my work and out to luncheon and to arrange for my niece's birthday gift to be sent out to the house. So finished my work trying to get ahead on my writing In that I shall bo out of town on tho moirow. Home to my practise and to dinner where my wife h«g a calce In honor of my niece. And at 6 30 comes a messenger with a box addressed to my niece which eho open* And her delight with what she finds is pretty to we for she tells us that this Is something she never expected to have So we all very merry, and an onrly tfa bed, my nleoo taking her gift to bed with her EFFICIENCY EXPERTS CALLED IN TO USE UP MONEY --New York Times Tho Treasury Department has never known what to do with old paper money. To chew It up In the "macerator" wo* one thing, to render the pulp salable quite another. For a long time the only urn the department could find for the mash was to mold It Into souvenirs The little hats and dogs and cats grew familiar to every capital visitor ha could get a "thousand dollars' worth" for a few nickels, But tho manufacture of these objects was riot a bonanza, and It did not go very far toward meeting treasury deficits. For 35 years officials have been trying to discover seme better way of disposing of the surplus pulp, Lately experts of the Bureau of Efficiency have taken a hand in the search for a process to rid the pulp of Ink, adds nnd foreign matter The latest reports from Washington indicate that they are«maklng considerable progress' with their experiments It these should eventually prove successful, it would be a red-letter day for ins treasury which must now dispose of something like «,000,000 pounds oX wom-ftitt Wttwucy «r»iaUy. Suburban HeighU^-Starting the Furuice By Gluyai WES TOWN WRNACF.MWWWNfc Hi DOESKTSttuJrtVWGMtrJ WUt* ARCXW LOOKS flT COW BIN WOW IN n«l POT Of ftW A6H FOR A *W WITH fftOUT MOM 16iERUKK Mr' VST SidHS OH WELL, "Unreasoned Fear" Causes Depression, Says Chamber of Commerce Editor By CHARLES P. STEWART Cuntrul 1'n sx istoff Writer WASHINGTON Get 18.-- Editor Merle Thorpe of the Nation's Bust ttesa," oif;an of the U S chamber of commerce, speaks in a puzzled tone of the Hlown«ss of tho country's recovery from Its hard tlntea com pi ox It'a purely a "state of mind, 1 he nays Why don't we come out of It' Addressing the American Asuo- d at Ion of Personal Finance corn- panics, at the society's a n n u a l ^^^^^^^ banquet at Wash ,, . _ InRlon a short Merle Thorpe t lmo ago, Editor Thorpo blamed "unseasoned fear" for tho depression Of course the editor h right in large part. Every tli Ing Is still here that wan here before tho murk tit cnwh The actual numbci of folk who are pinch- «d for cash, because tliey had been (·ambling and the crash caught them, ia considerable, but, In pioportlon to tho conntiy's whole population, there are not so many of them The others aie alt right If they only think so Noverthelesu the psychological factor does cnlei Into the problem DOBS IT enter Into It to Oils extent?-- Is thoif quite it MUenblc, Influ- ntlal cltiss of Americana who distinctly do not want to return to pr«- niarkct crnah "prosperity?"-- provided thnt they tticnnelvcH can haiiff onto their Jobi nnrt wiggle through rather niecailous period for awhile, until a new sort of prosper- ty evolves Itflclf-- ft sort they fancy will suit them better than th« prc- market crash variety, It It ever does evolvo Itself la It among the possibility a thnt these npoHtlea of peaaimUm are pui- sulng a policy ot pooh potih Ing al hopeful lit tern noes '-- tstupd from authoritatlvo sourc«a,wlth a view to stimulating buiincsR-- and that iiomf of them arc staloftically so «ltut\t«d AS to give n certain amount of pn- ttney to "ieir pooh pooh-lng' THAT DEMOCRATIC are makinir 'be most of trade's slackness is trolly charged by the party In power's prosperity hooul- era Without Implying tliat such poll- tlclana would br happy to see thft alnrltnftss continue until tha end of the present niimlnUtintion, It IP hard to recall many Imitator* of Senator Ccpeland's oxanipb la en- surlng the voteia that things will soon mend, every thing atari boom* luff again and thai President Hoo- vei win be triumphantly re-dectcd Few Demoe ratio politicians talk trnt way However It noi Id politicians thut I nm referring * * · THE WHITE COLLAR worker Is tha chap I havo In mind-- especially one smallish but highly articulate subdivision of him The white collar workor did not profit by "prosperity" at any stage of the game No tfne pretended that h«- did. There were protperity-shoui- Ing politicians who insisted that the farmer was not M badly off as ho Imagined he waa, but everyom roe ognlzed that the white coUar-IWt Income was far from having kept up with th* increased cost of UvlNt Not that the politician!! cantd. the white eoDar-ite bflng without either the money or the organization to make him formidable. Still, ha* tough luck was generally conceded NOW, among whtfo collar workers are America's newspaper men. They aru tn that class, anyway, and have shared Its privations Uks otherh, betildcfl wutchlny their Incomes' pur' chtmtne {rawer shrink, they have been hard hit by consolidations, and ha\e bean worried about their Jobs, even If they have kept them. As to the remainder* of tho white collar class I'm not HO sure, but I do know that the newspaper boya never were to "sold" on prosperity *» many other people-- for the obvious reiuiun that, to them U was prosperity wltli reverse English And now what? Why, wlih (ICOK- perlty laid away in moth Ui"a, our reporter, doing nil fall Nhopplng, find* his pay envelop stretching materially farther than at this time luet year Oh' certainly; be may losf his berth, altogether Possibly this frightens him to such an extent that be is willing to have the old thing bock again; but possibly not, too. Possibly he has nerve enough to run a risk OP two, to ktep what amounts to his latest raise In salary * · PLAINLY the newspaper felieis and the O, O. P's interests clsjh on this question of prosperity, The O O. P (Imply mum restote prosperity to stay "In " The newspaper gang quite generally speaking, prefer* to hold Its pay checks' purchasing power at the newly-created level -- and If th* administration suffer* by It, It'a just too bad for the administration. · ' · · AND WHAT can (he newspaper man do about it* He can da this About It' Every time he gets what Director Ben C Marsh of the farmer** Nation ui council calls a "pollynntos statement" from the treasury of the commerce or the labor department, or even from the White House, though of course he uses It, he writes In between the line* "Thl* Is tbe bunk," In about a down different Ah, htt does it very subllv The sharpest-eyed publisher (for publishers are business men, who really want prosperity restated M upeadlly a* may be) never will discover ii Rut It's there -- and shouldn't it figure In Editor Thorpe's calculations, trying to find th« annwer to the problem ot trade's slow recovery from the "state of mind" that the market break slumped It into* I wonder Anniversary of the Hot Dog, 1805-1930 ,St. Paul Pioneer-Frew America ha* tah*n many European Institution* and adapted them to Us needs Some of these borrowed Institutions It ha* Improved upon, and not the least of then* In the hot dog. The United States therefore, has a vital interest in the celebration In Vienna, Austria, of (he one IZSth birthday of tbe Frankfurter The creator ·f this well known snusagn wu one Jobnim CJeoi'g L«hn«r, who 4e*ervei a sort ot Immortality tor hi* contribution to the gustatory joy* of life TnoM who hrwe a bent tor nomenclature wllV be Interested to know that the Inventor named hi* product after the German city, when he had learned the butcher 1 * trad* Thl*, no one c-ui deny, wa* * beautiful **ntl- ment nobly expressed, The American Improvement en the Frankfurter WM ttt ln»»rtton, with plenty ot mustard, between tbe halve* ot a bun. By Oil* experiment the Frankfurter wa» transformed into the hot dor, * typlemlry American institution. Thl* Vlenn«M product has been *o thoroughly amlmllat- ed Into Amerlean life In the COOTM ot years that lu BuropMn ani*e« dent* had been quit* forgotten, America, to inteful tor the reminder. Gregg, Shorthand Inventor, Says We'll All Use h '.m ti},\mi u have a monopoly on the Icnuwlfdtt of nhoilhand In America il i* (« from being an rrfimlmii newer. plUhmenl and one day It will tttconit the universal mode of wiliinx, Jton K Gregg, Inventor of hi njiitcin tn genera) uae now declines | n un \ n w- view In Th« American Unimrln* 'If an armv of vounu people mii, forirut «horlhanJ, inn nuitotn would be surpiUKml" rajt , ttlorlfylnjf tho t3r»at Am«l can Stenographer. He nJJo ilwit too often the expert woman ntonOKi'«pli cr is nought as a Mt pa it net raUior than as a buslrmitB pailner l)r t youthful exceutlv* How«vvr, nhonhand Is The ail of pot-hoolfs v,nn lmntHj bv a yi)iinf man named Tiro in ttic first centuiy bofwc Chi hi (iicgitdf. clures Jultus Canmr wun nn odcpt at the anciiinl fnim end other Rn nxtn emix-roiii IIIIMV u Mflem Tbr; held conicsts nnd aw irtlc well as amputating ffngch! or for mltitalwH in reporting Benjamfn Fiuittitn, Ohurkit ens, John Wenley un-l othci nolnbtns u^d \iLilmin 1\prii of ·lump and th« Incwate tn ment The aurplue c«h In poekct foes to tbe bootlegger when t man «ai bare^ "»·;« meet b* quit* aervln* eoekttl)* dot* wKtwut Mt lasso With 1 own letter her OI4 W lord of th« * twitter b* .-Hill b» ««ndh ,, !·» "0h, y Maj 4,o 1 nr' Qregg citea modem i who i*tiiucJ their careers through tho routu of stcnoirraiihy, Including John J Hw hob, A B Johnson, former pwdJwi of the Baldwin Locomotive worki. Samuel Insull, liffht anJ iow«r mart- nat« ot ChlcuRO 0«)r«« B fofM" -ou. William I^oob, flnandw. nnj m*ny othnr* *t h ivlntf atnried with tho pencil and notebook «» «*« Uilee lo fmnous men ' When you enter a buKlnciw or- RunlEallon ns ft Becri'tiirj " ·*« Jreifg. "y«u enter UK a BKlllotl wwk- er and are brought Imn-edlntely M» contact wlih some rcsponslb'i 1 infl11 her of the concern Wlicn you nr* taking do*n lotlei* from Hie nun* Ber jou're leally uelntt ]wM 1° 1|H ten to a. werks of h-ctui es on now in conduct llw company's bu«ii«»' you follow throush the c enee on mint purllwtur you're leamlnK J«*t h perplexlllo* ought to b* "Then, if you have any IriHUitlv* you will soon he tnkinit ovor win* of Ihc routine problem* Tb-re aw very fow I'jti-uiUv.'K who aien t than i-sady to let a e*j»1*' relieve them of certain bllitlew And ev*iy w«»B» tak« ov« provide you with other opportunity to prove ywr Ity, A mrrttrM Jnb thus you with the fl«l**rt ^· monstrate your «padtl« Mre.clly under til- i-v» «* ucutlve " BoolleMer»F«lb«» The wonomlc deprw«lo«i has «»· ermsed Ihe liquor traffic In W Hampshire by at lewt 60 )«««* , aecordlnic t* the Bt*te Prohibit*" Administrator, HsroW "Prom ffpires on arrerts. ·nd prosecutions durlnjf three-fourths ot IMO, »t fi Mr. Enter *utwl oraMjf, been a falling oft ot it least BO cent, h Ihe liquor tratfle l» Hampshire ai comps-red with tloa* In 1MB, agdnale* have e v a n S and have Ughtm* ; up on tfcelr «wrt work, but It j»u»t W admllted th*t U It not (ew ot ib» tew or ottlem th*t bai drhjen mtny rum nnuwr* and itltew ot buiineM H I* tht stock ,, according t \tu I don't thlnl ··fcotgoT" the ri, "Whatever'* i fuse n grand ma vhen he hlds ye i IMvM "ft's a bit late »|y "fll Mud a (Nth Toby who o'clock". Nor did Ml« I Ott tbet the t to uw her nfind the living ful of log« tot " lublect of the ijtln. It wa» th mtotfoned It, at to conceal the fa burd the eonvci ·n place earlier "I'd go tonlgl eunc the uncsp tw knelt to pile bwlwt "Oh, you wou In a cool crisp t brewing over th mnted by this tatlntr rtranfrer t a different itati ttt to mood to lit Spoil* David necroed '1 know it's m h« nude haftto ( tuanltk« t spoiled ·ttacement by B j-cu're ninktnR a "Why?" The I lad with puch down that aftei between them her building "No wiwton 1 1 (tent answered enty thou^tit it to get out ot thl boor or t w o " Speak Thank* for i «u alar me il to tongue hid b ·word, yet ui Miy Its Jcetrilcl ,, M Intqntion c awiy from the "Inveigled '" "Tes" Quite r Ing from the b worda, "I euppo pl«n better It i Mttwrlty here "Of coune It looked et her, might look it tucks It Afte an uncomfor^ub We*t, the Ablll pewon on tru^t UiB, You've (1 wed Sj now you If your two generous than ·TM Oenerouo Ind Aloud, Miss \V( Ing!" And tho repetition wou) position, 'noth to go"* "Ae you Hko «en Btltlness, i word turned at For and ho about, trying wanted to do ' Ui* Invitation, thrown (nto th At lot she ca Scotchwoman , "tve change. Blfht Please ( nelp me gpt Ir Xlu Earth t . One of tl ebo ba for Just «a tho Regent on th« be plain tc bodlc, e velv By expci *·!) It suited ·*mug ot he wea, she metal Je thlnk th without any o ·Ppralelng loe W her wrlectl u (,,,, na , "vJng root tt»)r where 'fi* h »» "* emu

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