Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 26, 1936 · Page 1
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 1

Lenox, Iowa
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Thursday, March 26, 1936
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WfY.':.- Column One! Written Chiefly Tor Our Own Amusement l n iiiiniiiiiiii v L. s iHiiiiiiiiiiiin fpor two years and three Liths I have been keeping a [iary. I started doing so more a matter of dicipline than • any other reason and to ate I have not missed a day. lome days have little other than I remark about the weather re- orded but, if I do say it myself, hose books contain a very good of the extremes of weath- II Hr we have been having. I never alized until I started keeping diary just how blameless my |fe Is. If I should lose a book would occasion me no more ban some annoyance at having , a record of the weather for jiat year. In fact, when I ought my diary for this year , only kind I could get had a k on it, and I was so confi- lent my life would continue to blameless that I promptly )k the lock off. On the other ad, though, maybe I have ich a toughened conscience I do not realize what in- friminating evidence I am set- Ing down. Hmmmm, perhaps [should keep the books under : and key until I have found iut for certain about this. ii n ii. [ The Newspaper Iowa Depends evidently feels tha't its aders are depending upon it fertilizer for their gardens |ils spring, judging from the nount and kind of publicity Iven Taylor county's murder VOLUME SIXTY-TWO A II Published in the Inierest of Lenox and Surrounding Commnnities. Group Named to Explain Soil Act IOWA, THURSDAY.. MARfm LENOX HAD ENTRIES IN MUSIC CONTEST Lenox was one of 12 schools entered in the sub-district music contest at Bedford last Friday and Saturday. Other schools were Clarinda, Nodaway, Mount Ayr, Clearfleld, New Market, Villisca, Kellerton, Diagonal, Maloy, Gravity. The Lenox entries, with the rating each received, follow: Girls Sextet, Excellent Girls Glee Club, Excellent Boys Glee Club, Excellent Piano Solo, Phyllis Copeland, Excellent. Soprano Solo, Thelma Hunt, Good Violin Solo, Excellent Richard Kimball, lial. Some days ago the. Reg- Iter printed the confession fade by Mrs. Johnston in which went into detail about her with Floyd paragraphs Rating in this contest is Sup- perior, Excellent, Good, Average. Only contestants rated as superior go on to the next contest. Temporary Committee Will Present New Plan A temporary committee has been appointed to present the new farm program to Taylor county farmers and to super- vice the election of permanent township committees under the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act. The five members of the committee are: Earl Taylor of Gravity; Claude Hamilton of Bedford; Clifford Shields of New relationship irton.- Certain was a master, ntences in such i deleted by someone in the ter 'office but whoever did He. deleted a wby y thlat could be little doubt •', in one's mind as to what Mrs. on told. I have read a iiderable number of French ances, some of which have *n branded as obscene, but I yet to read anything as •ight dirty and obscene as confession printed in the jeglster. I I J ' |I spent part of Wednesday irning chasing around through [pasture at the Robert Don- m farm southwest of Len- taktag pictures of the lamb does all its walking on its t feet. I was surprised at he could change his pace f he traveled about and it kept " Jumping to change the time distance on the camera as |e sun disappeared behind ^uds and as I gained on the and as he gained on me. 3 was also a considerable nount of brush in the pasture the little fellow liked to ?e behind each clump of it. not a whole roll of film but l «her the pictures will be »<i is more than I can say. they are good you'll see one them in a day or two. if i n ° C. M. V., Tulsa: Isn't there tything you can do about down your liandscape? y a used to be noted for its It we fields and its black soil are gradually taking on '« of dun color as hundreds tons of your red soil is waft- lour way by the wind. If you F 1 ' do the job alone, I'll try [get down there this summer maybe we can work out a DOUBLE TEST OP SEED CORN IS RECOMMENDED "Make a double test of seed corn this spring." That is the advice of H. D. Hughes, head of farm crops at Iowa State College, who suggests that corn should not be discarded for seed if the ; first test does not show satisfactory germination. The seed may be entirely satisfactory, but , the test may .have been poorly executed. . Good seed corn is scarce this spring, and no one can afford to let go of seed and begin again the search—with the possibility crt getting- something not• as good, Hughes warns. On the other hand, no:farmer can take risks with poor seed, making it doubly important to test seed corn a second-time. A dinner plate filled with moist sand land covered with a second plate turned upside down makes' a good tester if kept at room temperature. Corn that was tested in December and found to have high enough germination to save for planting may be wholly unfit for seed now, Hughes reports, due to the unusually low temperatures of January and February. More Iowa farmers are buying seed corn this year than for many years past, says Hughes, and most of the seed is of lower germination than usual}. The high moisture content at the time of the first killing frost, combined with the extreme winter weather, has injured much corn to such an extent that to plant it would mean planting fields over again 2 or 3 months after the regular corn planting- Market; Bert Archibald of Lenox; and County Agent Robt. M. Davie. Mr. Taylor, chairman of the county corn-hog committee, was named chairman of the temporary committee in accordance with instructions of the AAA forwarded to the county by R. M. Evans, chairman of .the sta corn-hog committee, anc director R. K. Bliss, of the Iowa State College Extension Service The committee will attend state meeting at Ames Friday March 27, and Saturday, March 28, to receive Instructions for proceeding with the new program. The committee will conduct township educational meetings the week of March 30. All farmers are invited to attend the meetings at which permanent township committees will be elected by producers. Chairman of the township committees will be members of the county committee. They will elect officers of the county committee. NUMBER TWENTY-SIX _ | Along the Street j MbRE ABOUT DEATH time. Prairie Star News Be. CARD OF THANKS sh to thank the en and all others who W at the time of our fire Thursday, i sincerely ap- ate their efforts in saving The Haigler Family. the Want Ads. 5 Time Table contains The Prairie Star Busy Bee Sunday School class held their meeting with their leader last Friday evening, Mrs. Hazel Butler. Art Hiley came last week from Council Bluffs and is working for Ira Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leach were dinner guests Sunday with their daughter and family, Mrs. Bert Shawler. Mr. and Mfrts. Ira Campbell moved Tuesday to the Bill Pugh farm. Joe Cain sawed wood last week. Mr.; and Mra. Bert Shawler and Vina Lee were supper guests last Thursday night with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leach, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Chandler and son Paul Robert. Grace and Joy Ann Clipson went to Bedford Saturday to be in the musical recital given there. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Campbell and son Hall Dean wetne dinner guests Sunday at the Ira Campbell home. Mr. Hardin and family, south of Lenox, have moved onto the James Bowman farm. OF FRANK L. GRAY The following clipping, taken from the Corning Free Press, tells something more about the death of Frank L. Gray, former editor of the Time Table: Frank L. Gray, formerly a resident of Corning, where he was connected with the publication of the Adams County Union Republican for a number of years, passed away suddenly at his home at 244 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California, last Thursday morning. Mr. Gray was 66 years old last January 11. Death was caused by a sudden and unexpected heart attack, although the deceased suffered a lighter heart attack about ten days prior to his death. His family believed that he was well on the road to recovery. He awakened Thursday morning and' remarked to his wife that he had the best night's rest since the heart attack a few days before. Five minutes later he was dead. He was buried in Englewood cemetery at Los W P A workmen uncovered something unusual last wee! while digging up an old water main that is being replaced The original pipe, of galvanized iron, was laid in 1913 and has been leaking badly during the last year or two. It is now being replaced wjith cast iron pipe. When one 30-foot section was taken out it was sawed in wo and about midway of the oipe was found a child's base- mil bat which has evidently oeen in the pipe ever since it was laid in the ground 23 years ago. Inside diameter of the pipe was 2 inches while the bat neasured a full inch and three- quarters at the thickest part. fortunately there was only one house service on that particular ine of pipe and it joined the main before the .bat was reached. The bat shows evidence of hard usage and had a cracked place in it. It would be interest- ng to know what man placed he bat in the pipe when he was a small boy. The bat is on display in the Time Table window. The Time Table; is printing the supplement to the bar docket for the March term of court which will convene Monday, March 30. Work was started on it Saturday and we expect to finish it today., i. Angeles. After disposing of their interests in the Seymour (Iowa) Herald in 1931, Mr. and Mrs. Gray moved to Los Angeles and for some time managers of they the have been Blackstone There is a, message for you in the classified ad column. apartments at 244 South Olive Street, a sixty-room apartment building in the heart of down town Los Angeles. Mr. Gray is survived by his widow and six children. FLORENCE CONNER FOR COUNTY RECORDER Florence R. Conner of Bed- foard today announces her candidacy for the office of Recorder of Taylor county, subject to the will of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. MLss Connor was born and raised in Taylor county, educated in the Bedford public and high school, completing a two year commercial course at the Highland Park college in Dee Moines, Iowa. She has never z^sked for a political office before. Should she be successful in her candidacy and be accorded the nomination to the office she seeks, Miss Conner pledges that the office of Recorder will be administered in a competent and economical manner; also there will be no cost to the county for a deputy here. Robert Donaldson?'has one of those unbelievable 'odc|itiels at his farm southwest of Lenox and it has been attracting a lot of attention among the neighbors. It is a lamb, about six weeks old, that walks on its front feet. The lamb was born early, in February!" and during the extremely cold weather or that month both its hind feet were frozen off. The little fellow has plenty of vitality and he doesn't seem to be the least dis- iouraged by his misfortune. When he wants to travel he simply raises his hind quarters .nto the air and goes places on his front feet. We saw him in action Wednesday morning and were astonished at how 'he is able to change his pace. He can saunter along slowly on his two feet or he can speed up and make good time. He lifts his body from the ground with.lit- e effort and when he gets tired and wants to lie down and rest tie lowers his body to the ground without a jolt. When it comes ime to take his lacteal nourishment he takes it standing up. The lamb has perfect balance nd has little difficulty stand- ng in one spot when he wants o do so. Carpenters went to work on the First National bank building Wednesday and have erected a scaffold that reaches nearly to the top of the building. Last winter freezing of moisture in the plaster loosened a large piece of the ornamental cornice around the top of the building and caused it to fall. Since then several smaller pieces have fallen and a space along the south side of the building has been fenced off to keep anyone from getting hurt if some more of it fell. The last piece to fall crashed down Monday night. Chas. Wurster and LIFE STORY OF N. C. DAVIDSON N. C. Davidson was born in Washington county, Iowa, February 18, 1857, and died at Greater Community hospital in Creston March 17, 1936, at the age of 79 years, 29 days. Mr. Davidson made his home at Greenfield before coming to Lenox some fifty years ago. After locating in Lenox he engaged in the meat and cattle business until he retired. He was married to Margaret ! raig who died 15 years ago. Three children, a daughter aged four, and two sons, Leonard and larl, preceded him in death. He is survived by four sons, Jraig and Virgil, who are in nisiness at Los Angeles, Calif., Win, at Omaha, and Harry at Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Davidson was a member of the Presbyterian church of ,enox, the entire family being brought up in that church. He was active in civic affairs and ras informed and interested in he events of the world and was if an optimistic turn of mind. He believed in the present and he future rather than in the past. He never considered him- elf an old man and was a friend all, being particularly -fond and well liked by young peo- Two from Lenox on Horton Jury 36. Funeral services were held at t the Arnold Funeral home in Lenox Thursday, March 19, con- ucted by the Rev. L. T. Knot- er of -the Presbyterian church, nterment was made in Fair- lew cemetery by the side of is wife. CHURCH OF CHRSIT BEGINS CAMPAIGN A three months "personal workers s'o'ul winning campaign" waii' started by the Church of Christ Sunday evening and will, continue to Sunday night, June 14. A series of sermons has been worked up by the pastor, the Rev. I. G. Randels, to be delivered each Sunday evening during the campaign. There will also be pageants and special musical numbers throughout the series. The sermon topic for next Sunday night is "If Jesus Came to Lenox Would He Be Crucified?" All the preaching will be done by the pastor, Mr. Randels. CAME TO ATTEND DAVIDSON FUNERAL Friends and relatives who came from a distance to attend the funeral of N. C. Davidson were: Sol Degan, Joe Zak, p. R' Mc' Curdy, Mr. and Mrs'. James Bower, Martin Heller, Anton Lacina, J. B. Cooper and Chet Cooper, all of Omaha; Murry Smiley of Washington county, Iowa; Clete Jordon of Ottumwa and G. E. Patton of Des Moines. RED CROSS ASKS FUNDS FOR FLOOD VICTIMS An appeal has been made by the National Red Cross for funds to be used Jn rendering assistance to those 'in flooded dist- rics and the .mayor in each town in Taylor 0qunty is asked to name* comrntittees to solicit funds for this'cause. A quota ;p'f ,;!$75 has been set for Taylor '. county and as this money is collected by the county organization it will be sent to the Red Cross organization for relief work. T. F. Armstrong of Bedford is county chairman and Mrs. Faye Orth of Bedford is county secretary. FIRE VVT HAIGLER HOME LAST THURSDAY Considerable damage was done to the roof at the home of Miss Winifred Haigler last Thursday morning when started from a fire, evidently spark, burned through the shingles and sheeting on the north side. The fire had a good start when it was discovered and was burning too strongly to be put out with hemicals. The house is very tall which made it difficult for the firemen to fight the fire. Fire damage was confined to the roof but there was some water damage to the interior. Chas. Eckler are doing the repair work. Paul Davis, John Porter and Verlin Sweeley have been named as members of the committee to put on the proposed basketball banquet. A date will be selected in a conference with Supt. Parker and will be announced. Every effort will be made to avoid having this date conflict with anything else. ond year Cjanterville has won the state tournament. The fact that Cumberland went so far in the state tournament should make the girls of Lenox, Farragut and Martensdale feel a lot better. They were all beaten by a team of championship cali- bre. Lenox postoffice patrons can soon expect to see a new face at the stamp window. Grades on the postmaster examination were received by the applicants Sunday and the three high grades were made by J. B. Wood, Lenox had the honor of holding t'he district basketball tournament that furnished the runner-up in the state contest. Cumberland, winner of three straight games here, easily handled all opposition in the state meet until the girls tangled with Centerville in the final game. The Cumberand girls gave a good account of themselves even in this game but the Cenjtervtlle girls were fajr too good for them, This is the sec- H. C. Killion and E. J. Klarner. The grades ranged from 79 to 82. Selection of a postmastei will be made from this group of three. The matter of an appointment is how up to Representative Otha D. Wearin. If you are interested in see- how the ballot looks that will be voted at the town election next Monday, turn to page three COUNTY, S. S. . .. .. ;. : ' f .... CONVENTION AT " " ' GRAVITY, APRIL 3 • The Taylor County Sunday School convention will be held at the Methodist church in Gravity, Friday, April 3. The program for.4he.day follows: Morning 9:00 Registration 9:15 Praise; ifind Prayer Service, Rev. L. •vft'.Nixon, Gravity 9:30 Address, "We Are Workers Together With God," Rev. I. G. Randels, Lenox 9:50 Separate Conferences 1. Children's Work Symposium (Two 30-minute discussions) "The Child's Need of the Church" "The Church's Need of the Child" 2. Young Peoples' Work (Two 30-minute discussions) "Youth Building a New World" "The New Individual" O. Herbrecht, Des Moines "The New Home," Rev. Boshen, Bedford 3., Adult Work, "Christian Education in the Home" 10:55 Re-assemble 11:00 Annual Reports of County Officers 11:20 Congregational Song 11:25 Address, "Old Truths in Death Penalty Asked by County Attorney ^ Tuesday Two Lenox persons, Mrs. Floyd Boltinghouse and Tom Ferguson, are members of the jury that will decide the fate of Floyd Horton, accused of murdering his wife. Roger Warin. county attorney, Tuesday asked the jury to. send Horton to the gallows. The full jury list follows: Tom -. Ferguson, Lenox, farmer; Sam Hoxworth, Jackson • township, farmer; F. S. Hatfield, Ross township, farmer. O. W. Hubbard, Jefferson township, farmer; Christie Hillers, Blbckton, farmer; Alan Thompson, Bedford, store clerk. W. F. Johnston, Gravity, merchant; Mrs. Floyd Boltinghouse, Lenox, farm wife; Harl Sturm, Sharpsburg, farmer; John Overholtzer, Blockton. telephone exchange operator; L. A. Walkup, Conway, farmer, and M. T. Kendrick, New Market, farmer. The jury will be kept segregated at all times. It will be quartered in the Garland hotel and members have been forbidden newspapers and radio accounts of the trial. Judge Homer A. Fuller of Mt. Ayr is the presiding judge. The jury was impaneled Tuesday ,, afternoon at 3:30 and opening statements were made by County Attorney Warin and bjr Hfpmer -S. ^Stephens, of Clkrlnda 1- for the defense. These opening statements lasted until 4:30 when Judge Fuller escorted the jury members to the Hortoix home where they made an examination of the room where Mrs. Horton died. Taking of testimony started Wednesday. was the New Religion," Walter Hutton, Des Moines 12:00 Basket Dinner 12:45 Meeting of the Committees Afternoon 1:30 Praise and Prayer Service, Mrs. Brooks Nash, Bedford 1:5 Separate Conferences 1. Children's Work Conference 2. Administrative Work, "Superintendent and Stak Building a Program," in charge BASKETBALL OVER WOI The state high school basketball tournament, Des Moines, March 26, 27, and 28, will; "be broadcast over WOI, Iowa State College radio station. •: "Andy," known to thousands of lowans for his word picture of past tournaments, will be on hand for the sixth consecutive year to bring fans a "basket by basket" description of the games. WOI listeners will hear the tournament Thursday from 9:50 a. m. to 12:15 p. m. and from 1:50 to 5:00 p. m. Friday, games will be broadcast from 2:20 to 4:30 pm. and Saturday from 1:20 to 3:30 p. m. of Mrs. W. Clearfield A. McKinstry, of this issue where ballot will be found. a sample Rev. I. G. Randels likes fried chicken (as what preacher doesn't) and this year he seems determined to have all he can eat. Recently he bought about half a lumber yard and had carpenters build him a brooder house large enough to accomodate a herd of elephants. He now has purchased from the Caskey Hatchery 500 White Rock chicks and he intends to feed them out to broiler size. 3. Leadership Training, Walter Hutton, Dos Moines 2:45 Special; Music, Sharpsburg 2:45 "What Happens When We Work Together," O. G. Herbrecht, Des Moines 3:30 Closing Period: "It is God That Worketh in You," Rev. Barker, Creston 4:00 Adjournment Evening 7:30 Praise ind Prayer Service, R. J. Naah, Bedford 7:40 Addrtess, p. G. Herbrecht, UNIVERSITY CLUB MET WITH REV. RANDELS The University Club met in regular session this month at the home of the Rev. I. Q. Randels, Tuesday, March 24. The devotional hour was led by Rev. Kratz of the Baptist church of Creston, \and Rev. McMican spoke to the group. The ministers present with then* wives were: Rev. Kratz of the Baptist church in Creston; Rev. McMi- can of the Presbyterian church in Afton; Rev. Neuschwanger of the Presbyterian church in Oreston; Rev. Frank of the Presbyterian church in Creston; Rev. Lister of the Christian church in Creston; Rev. Randels of the Christian church of Lenox, and Rev. W. A. Thompson. Des Moines 8:10 Play^v, Clearfield People Young Bring basket dinner—Gravity ladies will furnish coffee and table service, LENOX SCHOOL TAX COMPARES WELL WITH OTHER TOWNS A comparison of taxes for the eight towns of the county as shown on the tax receipts, show that while the tax millage for Lenox (including sthool tax) is the highest of any town in the county, only two towns in the county have a lower school levy. Clearfleld and BJLojpkton, have slightly lower school levies than Lenox but all other towns in county are higher. The new graveled Need mo£0y? use the classi? tied ad and turn *oad $Q be good condlt&m uqvir, since rad workrs have

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