The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 2, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1859
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LE NE WS. ADVERTISEMENTS. ^m -i*8|!is§^? ' T J5UBM«j«'S4» .v;,..,**.,...! -- -«'••'' — 4w*|ii;lujunM« v ttai«fl BTUR. , WeOMMtjr and tritar. »t«tir Paper, payable l*»dTan«....|T,fle *ri-«Te«Uy Paper for one ywvpayableln adTanc*.ai£0 - nUIBOf m WETO.YPAPIR. Y«*U*£apeMar one year, payable In adTanee. .$1,00 RATES OF ADrERTISme IN J»A)XY Xen Unit, or leit, of VeonnQ makt I ware, »d»7;.. » do. t fe 1 do. 1 do. 1 «o. Sday> * day. 8,00 Iveek 8,60 S week*.... 4,00 »»«*».... 6,00 1 »qamre, 1 mbntfc.v.16,00 1 do. 9monfl««10,0» 1 do. 8 month!.. UJDO 1 , do. 4montbi.. HUM 1 do. « monthi.. 1»,00 1 do. » monlhe_. SO.OO 1 do. lye«..... 80,00 Rounds & Langdon, AJDFEKVI8HM2 AGENTS, I Aft Randolph Street, an a*Owrt»ed to rt- eetoe Aieertittmmit far fUt and aB On Leading Paptrt tftke SorOnait, and an On on* and cz- a.wma avOinrUed Agent*** Ou BorOwHtfar a majority qfUum. mar« IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. MASK M. POMEROT, Editor. meteorological Record., (or July 1, -6» kept by 0. -H. GARDINER ft CO., DrnggllU, » Spring •trert. Si... *». K. 8r. 88 = IT Telegraph and Commercial matttri tee Fourth Page. • Hood Bells a fine row boat at auction this morning at ten o'clock. •§&* Where are all the oironases 1 We have not yei heard of one in tbe State this season. 19" GIBBOUS.—Messrs. Blair & Persona very kindly furnished all the orookory needed for the Good Templars' Festival Wednesday evening. The festival of the Good Templars, Wednesday evening, was a grand success and leaves the Lodge a nice sum, after paying al expense*. GOOD FOB UTICA.— The Utica Telegraph, IB requested by the committee to state that females ' of irreproachable character will not be allowed to accompany some pio-nic excursions to Trenton. STBAWBBEKIES.—J. W. Cnnroh, 18 Wisconsin street, is supplying our citizens with a large beautiful strawberry, just the thing for eating or preserving Now is the time to call around and get some. • QU«BY.—Olin, the popular conductor on the La Cross* "Boad, rather had us yesterday, by asking " if we sent the Jfevu to mail •nbscribers for a dollar a year, what the price was to female subscribers 7" "PIumber is not the'real name of the young man now under sentence of death at Boston for piracy. His real name la not revealed, but be is said to be near relative of a distinguished U. 8. Senator. 8. H. Hewlett, widely known, is now speaking on temperance in New Jersey to crowded audiences. He is to be orator of tbe day at Patterson on the 4th, and will speak Sunday evening in New York. »FlKE EARLT VIQITABLES —Mr. Spaan at 256 Main street, is prepared this morning, with a large assortment of fresh seasonable vegetables of all the different varieties, which he would please to have the public call and see. It is really a fine horticultural show. ' THKA.TB.I.—Mr. Van Liew, who has energetically persevered in his efforts to maintain a theater at St. Paul, during the hard times, has been compelled to soccomb In preference to closing the theater, however, be haa surrendeied his lease and the management to the stock campany, who will continue their •ftbrte as long ai the public afford them sufficient encouragement. -A correspondent of the Scientific American states that a crock of butter was recently recovered from the wreck of a steamboat which had been sank in sand under water for seventeen years, and was found to be as sound and tweet as on the day it was made. He, therefore, suggests sinking butter in a Well or cistern for preservation. FIOKT.—According to previous arrangement, the fight between Wm. Blake, alias Dublin Tricks, and Hike HcCooley, for $200 a side, came off in the vicinity of Louisville, Ky., a few days since, resulting in the discomfiture of Blot' who sustained several •even poaches on hie brain keg, and in the vicinity of his baad basket. The fight lasted thirty-two minutes. THE WAS is Enaora.—fl. W. Anger, 237 East Water street, has for sale a most interesting work under tbe above title. It contains splendid maps, views of th» principal cities in^Italy, portraits of the leading men engaged in the present great straggle, and orach interesting reading matter. . Price twenty-five cents. This afternoon at 3 o'clock, the great 8 win Bell Ringers give a grand concert to the cfllldienof Milwaukee, at the Albany JBall. Tickets ten cents. Let every one who has efcadreE go with them. Also, this evening at * o'clock, they give aaoth« grand concert— All ioonU see these wonderful performers be* fore They leave our city. . the companion of Mi flight. HTb**»ke xJomi plaing that the woman "dtdnntwhrmweU.*' .-,>«»» Sarah ^ane, tn th« Springfield JE<yB6. liean, Koonmends to bashful ladies irEo an stared out cfconntenance by horrid men, stop the practice by «Ao*nn^(A«mJU(/ Th« our SflUHmenU exactly. Pomeroy, bow b We look at ft this way : Showing tbe ankle always tends to keep the eyes of. men a* aear the earth, and as far from the iace a» poe- tJHe, therefore, showing the, antlt will certainly prevent the '-horrid men" looking ladies in the ctniatauHut. Sarah Jane has U the wrong end to. Aain't that so, Mr. Register t PKOPIK.—Mary Denan wag arrested in Galena, 111., on charge of anon.— The officer making the arrest, did not inform her of the nature of the offence, and when at the jail, she made a fall confession to having committed >n abortion on herself. She was then placed on trial for the confessed crime, when in accordance with the principles of the constitution, the Judge decided that she had a right to administer to htrtelf as much, or whatever kind of poison she chose. That if a person wanted to take arsenic, strychnine, opium, or other poisonous drag, no one had a right to arrest them for it, as the offence consisted in its being administered by any other person than themselves. She was accordingly discharged. !&• BLACK REPUBI.IOA.H VILLAGE*.—Horace Greeley, the venerable and ambitions father of tbe New York Tribune, and of tbe republican party, has left hit Graham bread and cold water cures, for a trip over tbe Rooky Mountains. In his Journeyings he has found several republican villages, as he writes borne that be has found out to a certainty that owls, prairie wolves and rattlesnakes, all occupy the same hole! The pleasant holes he has been looking into, remind nj of the republican party. The owls are those smooth-faced chaps like Horace , the rattlesnakes are representatives of the know nothings, who burrow In caves, sound the alarm, kill, burn, hang, shoot, bite and destroy poor foreigners , while the b.rking prairie wolf and tbe rampant, howling abolitionist are exact counterparts.— Horace has found an oat and out republican village, and of course is much pleased with the country MASOKIC HiXL.—A FtB.8T-a.ATE Bu- siBESS LOCATION.—There is little doubt but the heaviest part of the business of onr city is working along up the river, slow but surely. Several very fine buildings are being erected on W^st Water-street this Summer, and property on that street is rising in value very fast.— Among other large blocks in course of erection, ww notice one that Byron Kilbourn, Esq. has jus. got finely started on West Water, opposite the foot of Mason street. It is 80 feet front, by 100 deep, will >be of pressed brick, handsomely ornamented, four stories high, and tbe lower floor divided into four large stores. The second floor will be used for offices and store-roomft, while in the third and fourth stories, will be elegantly finished off, and fitted up, two Masonic Halls, with ante rooms all complete. Great pains are being taken to have this one of the most durable and well built blocks in tbe city. None but th« best of material will be used, and everything is to be finished with great car*. Mr. Kilbourn has identified himself with the best interests of Milwaukee, by projecting the great lines of improvement which span onr State, and, although one or tne oldest resident* or me city, was never known to be idle. In these times of general depression, it is greatly to his credit that be should engage in so laudabla an enterprise, thus tarnishing employment for a large force of laborers throughout the season To such public spirited,eagacioas and liberal men as Byron Kilbourn, is Milwaukee indebted, in a great measure, for her present prosperity. THB.OWIKO STOJTIS.—The Wueoniin fires at us for reporting the proceedings of the Good Templars' Festival Wednesday evening at Albany Hall, and says we did not get anything as it was. We reported all as it transpired, till time for press. On the other hand, the Wircaniin gives what purports to be T. W. Brown's address on tbe occasion, but is no more the real adSrea than a speech L« may have delivered years ago. Ln the address last night, Mr. Brown mentioned that Reporters were present—mentioned an Irishman who wanted help to keep a secret—a man who had reformed from, drunkenness and was now holding a lucrative office in the State of New York —of a poor widow whose only sou, when in a drunken fit, struck her, and his after penitence—of tbe love the speaker bore his mother, his sister, and one dearer still to him, and whose love had held up his hands when tbe professed friends of temperance stood idly by —of Wisconsin as his home, and tbe home of his children who would likely live and die here, and many, many other things the Wit- conrin does not give. Mr. Brown's address was far better than the one given by the Wit- eonrin, and for that piper to palm that off as the real out, is coming it a little too strong. We will compare reports with that paper at any time—give it fifty points in a hundred, and beat it at that, tmfeu i* eon do better than give reports of speeches with half that was said, left out, and give as genuine, half that was not said. Mown o» Ju«».— furnighes ns with a list' of the larceny 0; «-' ry .14}. passing conuterleitjno- •^"MuwiCtPAl CoBBT—Hl*BO»OR, JUDOC FOOTI, FKUiDUro—Friday, July I.—A man named G. Gale vat arresUd for being drank and disorderly. At4r»the«»Te his name ai 8. Spraker ; bat thU happening to be th^e name of a respeotable citizen, and several gentlemen being preterit who knew: the prisoner^ real name, the game wag-blocked. It seems that be went Into a itloon, treated tne company, and then commenoed an todiabrisiinate assanlt, by reach, i»«nt,he;jrM»einteBoed.• of $6 Jd, tt»t, know- able men;wlien tobwjie wtrald wit Ihe fine 5 '- •s.-.'l.i ^W« «f'* ™- -' • ing irewnbte iand nwolnfloM wert nnanlmqnj-. WjmiiuuL»,,The Mllwanke* Light Guard, dnri ng thdr lon to ttie Bart, have conr- -- — *« . -,- i -.-—.-~^*v peraf toe recipients of many _„„ P , , and hospitable attentions at the ftandi jtJr mffitary brethren, ai well M of the rattioiitteruia dttau «f the wioOT placet whteh they pasted; and HA*, The only present return which tin Light Guard can make for those grateful tivtnuei;fB a brief expreagJen of their warm aokBOWltdgnwnU W their numerous kind en terti inen; therefore . That tbe heartfelt thanks of tbe offloen. staff;'and members of the Milwaukee Light Guard be and they are hereby tendered, to the serena militarr oompanto of the city of Milwaukee attached to the First Bigiment Wtafonion State MUitia, to-wlt—The Artillery, Cittaemi' Corps, Oadett^ Union, Montgomery, and jJnneao Guards, for the compliments paid M, on oar departure from home, and to the Oitltens' Corp for the courtesy of an etoort on our return. To the citizens, authorities and military of Grand Rapid*, for the handsome manner in whieh they received ru in their flourishing town. To the public authorities, Engine Co. No. 2 and other firemen, citizens of Detroit, and especially to oar cornrp•>.•<• end friends of the Detroit Light Guard, Oapi Williams, for the cordial welcome which greeted our arrival, the profuse hospitality extended to as during onr stay, and tbe unwearied attentions which made onr two visits to their beautiful city, occasions of unalloyed enjoyment. To the officers and member* of D Company, Buffalo, Capt Bid well, for tbe reception riven ns in the Queen City of the Lakes, and he pains taken to render onr sojourn there a pleasant one. To the Washington Continentals, Company B, Albany, Lieut. Wakefield Commanding, 'or the elegant entertainment given ns in the Capital of the Empire State, and tbe abundant provision made for onr comfort, on onr way borne. To Company C, Oapt. Coles, Company D, 3apt. Mesobntt, and Company A, (New Tdrk Light Guard) Capt Garland, all of tbe 71 »t Regiment, American Guard, for tbe distinguished reception given to ns on oar arrival "n the city of New York, and the numerous courtesies shown ns during oar visit there; :o the City Guard, Capt. Hailaok, for the en- artalnment furnished nt at their Armory; to Go's B, E, F, G and H, of the 71st Begunent, Capt. Miller, Commanding, for their escort on onr departure; and to Col. Vosbnrgh, Lieut. Col. Buttorfleld and to the field and staff of the American Guard, as well as other military riends, and the Ten Governors, for many hot- jiUble attentions and kind favors. To the Powell Corps, Capt. Evans, and tbe Continentals-and Bines of Newbnrgh, as well is to the authorities and people of that beautiful town v for the opportunity -afforded us of visiting Washington'! head-qnarters, and for various civilities shown ns during tbe pleasant hours spent in that city -, especially would ws not forget the ladies of Newburgh,who"8trewed oar path with flower*," and encouraged ns with their smiles of approbation. To our good friends of the Washington Con- Inentais and Burgesses Corps, Albany, and to Engine Co. No. 12 of that city, for their prof- ered escort and kindly greetings, on oar way lome. To tbe Utica Citizens' Corpa.Capt.McQuade, >1. Johnson, the Mayor and other friends at Jtica, for tbe pleasure of a day delightfully spent at Trenton Falls, and for the handsome entertainment given ns in their own city. To the Rochester Light Guard, Capt. Dewey; be Dragoons, Capt. Bracket! , the Union Guard, Capt. Ernst, and tbe German Grenadiers, Capt. Miller ; as well as to Col. Fairchild, field and staff of the 64th Regiment, and other military gentlemen and citizens of Rochester, for their hospitable and soldier-like greeting, and the enjoyment of a quiet day in camp. To tbe Eighth Battallion of the AettngForn-, at Hamilton, Canada West, Lieut Col. Bookw. Commanding, for ike distinguished coarU-' •« shown as during onr brief, but most agreeable visit to their thriving and handsome city. To Messrs. C. J. Brydges, President of tbe Great Western Bailway, and to W. K. Mair, Superintendent of the Detroit & Milwaukw iailway, for unceasing attentions while upon heir respective lines of road ; also at Windsor, I London, and Hamilton, C. W., and at Grand laven. Grand Rapidn, «od Detroit. To Alex. H. Peters, general agent of the LA •resee Railroad, at Buffalo, for similar favors. To the officers of the steamers Cleveland and the City of Cleveland, on Lake Michigan, and of the steamer Isaac Newton, on the Hudson river for constant care and attention while upon those boats. To tbe conductors of the Detroit & Milwaukee, Great Western, New York Central, and audson Biver Railroads, for their generous interest in our behalf, and successful efforts to make onr journey over their respective roads as far from tedious as possible. To tbe proprietors and clerks of the Russell Boose and Michigan Exchange, Detroit; Amer- can Hotel, Buffalo ; Congress Hall, Albany ; Astor House, New York ; Orange Hotel, New- trargh ; Bigg's Hotel, Utica; International Hotel, Niagara Falls: and Anglo-American Hotel, Hamilton, C. W., for their generous at- Lentions to onr bodily and social comfort, while in their respective houses. Finally. To tbe numberless friends whom we flan not now particularize, but whom we m-t at every point, both in military, civic, and private circle*, whose greatest pleasure seemed to b* oar comfort and amusement, we do tbns acknowledge oar indebtedness,and again thank you all most sincerely. J. C. BTARKWBATHB&, ~> Rums KINO, ( Committee. C. C. MCSIBVIT. ) JOHH C. BTAUWBATKBB., Captain. C. C. MrsEBViT, Secretary. Milwaukee, 4th, frotrramrtte gayjtfac Calebrattoii. Federal 8alnU|»t ranriBe, by the Milwaukee Artillery, Capt. Bade. Gemralmilitaijy and oivio procession at 10 o'clock. : ; National saJut4 «t 12 o'clock, by Milwaukee Artillery, Capt Bade. ,y Addresses in Court HOOK Square at I 1-9 o'ciook. Tbe speakers are Hon. Jonathan E. Arnold, Hon. Lev! Hnbbell, and, hi German, Augustus Kreur. Beading of the • Declaration of independence by J. G. McKindley. > Grand banquet at the Newhall House »t 4 o'clock. Grand Regatta on tbe Mliwauke* River at 5 o'clock p. m Grand display of Fire Works in front of the Newhall House at 9 1-2 p. m. Performance at Albany Hall by tbe Peak Family, at 11 1-2 a. m., 8 p. m., and S p. m. Marshal of the Day—Gen. B. B. Woloott. Assistant Marshals—J. S. Fill more, 8. 8/ Merrill, Edward O'Neil, Oapt. D. George, and D. Sobultz. comriTTBt or ARBASOBHBNTI. John 8. Ftllmore, 8. S. Daggett, Caleb Wall, C. Prensser, T. H. John-,Bosfl beok. Philff Best, A. H. Johnston. Edward O'Neil, Dennis Cnlligan, PROGRAMME FOB THI DAT. Federal salute—13 guns at sunrise. National salnte—33 guns at noon. Parade at 10 o'clock. Military. Fire Department. Civic Societies. Draymen. Express. Turners. Druids. Good Templars Odd Fellows. Masons. City Officers State and County Officers. -Clergy. Orator of the Day Revolutionary Soldiers. Distinguished Gnests. Citizens generally. The Procession to form opposite the Newhall House in Main street, at 10 o'clock. At 11 1-2 Peak Family (SvUs Bell Ringers) perform at Albany Rail. Oration at Court House Square at 11-2 o'clock. Declaration of Independence. Ae 3 o'clock Swiss Bell Rin^rs Grand Dinner at tbe Newhall House, at 4 o'clock. Swiss Bell Ringers at 8 o'clock, at Albany Hall. Grand display of Fireworks at the Xewhall Bouse, at 9 1-2 o'clock. Dr. £. B Wolcott, Marshal of the day. The several railroads diverging from Milwaukee will carry passengers to and from the city at half the usual rates of fare. Osn OovrnoLLU's Oreo, I Contract Department, Jane is, 1899. ( f|tUJ( following If a Mhednle of loU fronting on H«r A tajjnm street, from 8d ttnet to Tth itreet In Uu 9th Ward, of the City of Milwaukee* ihowlng the amount whKh each tot win be beneOtted by Anlihlng th» itrert aceennnc to the plan and ipedncatloni of the City on file In Comptroller 1 ! office. BRNBT HrRZKR, OAJIL BD8AOK, Street Oommluloneri. Sherman's Addition. Lot. Benefit*. Block. Lot. Beneflu. 15 6M,T' a 16 ID «60,T« !6 1 1 601,77 M 9 2 «3SyM 24 8 16 8M.44 29 1 Perkln'i Addition. Block. 83 23 91 27 23 466,44 311,77 842,77 878,78 M 24 24 24 KB 25 IS 806 206 905 10 ll 12 IB IS 17 H6.48 M.OS 105,69 110,70 89,60 10008 111,70 Houghton'i Addition. 70,48 204 78,81 »4 891,H «04 SS JOS 206 206 804 204 H6.08 129,33 118,64 169,60 125.00 1803ft 358,44 58.61 TB.OO E. I.'H. GARDI1TE&, Comptroller. NOTIOK. Cm CoMmoixn's. OTT-CI, I Oontnct Department, Mil , July 1, 1-S9 f rVlHK following li a schedule of lots fronting on slnh M. street from Walnu stre«t to Hannaan street, In the Sth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, showing the amount which each lot on said street will be benefit*! by grading said street ar d the sidewalks, graveling the street, planking and curbing the walks and paring the gutters, al per plan of Olty Engineer, to wit EttNSt HERZKR, QAftL BTJ8ACK, Street Commiatlonerv Block. 7 7 K N 19 N M M M II H 86 204 S04 204 204 M4 204 Lot. 2 t « 7 8 9 10 9 10 11 15 18 19 20 21 23 24 9 10 Benefit*. m,M ITT.OS • Haskln's Si 87 fli 80.03 Block I 88 M M M L L L L L L 133,69 irr.aa 83 ,M 78,46 :;,«» ss.w »7,69 Perkln'i Addition SS8.40 JOT ,00 1M.69 183.0? 154.M 281.73 188 1-7 1ST 187 187 HI H7 Lot. 9 1 14 IB 16 9 10 11 19 18 14 II in li 18 14 ID 16 H Benefits. 153,48 223JW 101.69 185,t« 146.02 1MM 156,69 160 t* •.SI 36 \W M N ire ;s«4o '8 ff.' 97 (rl S50-J 8201 Jcrx* J3. liVtsrs. BtrUno it Bruno . GsXTLnn:—1 take pleaaare in stating that I >i,i<i one of your Safes In my office. In To.rng'i Block, and that on being opened this morning afVr the lire. Tii« bonks were foond to he unirjurrd Inside nf the -over», and none «f the papers destroyed, «t,| ^n'j 'ew ,[ them slightly charred. Ai the Safe was one nf the smallest i ie, aiul the d, , a rery hot on>-, I think ynur Safe stood :n« te«i r,,,.,. ,, able well. f . I am ynan trul/, JeSS-dlw A K ' LARK £ NOTK'K I B HEREBY given that a meelifitf o< 'he dtocich" l*r. In, tbe Swedes Iron Company, wiu hl * .i*- ' •' [ * •' free In the C-.ty of Milwaukee, 10 Tuen.iny. 'hr ,e- m 1 day of August next, at 2 o'ciook p. « . t»r ' ••••• nury« «»• of electing Director* for the ensuing year in |Mif,u»n. of a Stockholder') cill, ar.d o(« r-,ohii..,,i ,r ' .. u i--l of Directors nf laid Company II COWLICK, S-iT-Ury Milwaukee, Jane 28, IS6». --•.' .1., ,,4. UNITED M ATK* Tl AIIS1I H 'S s II t. James Buchanan, 1 The Propeller or Steamboat ' Seneca, her eatrines, machine f li .* .!r:.,rai :, ry, boats, tackle, apparel and i lumltare. J B Y Tlrtue of a writ of lendlin'i- i, .'.M.iiue.l oat of and ander the **aj of h. 1 O'*lr'i-r I'.m't ,r the UolUd States for the Distort if W<4i 'min I «niu] expose for sa'e. and sell at Pubic" \m't. -. •., -.: - -ii^ii.-si bidder for t -a.<h, -,n hoar) of -n - «a. I ;.r :•* \*r >- steajabO4t Seneci, lylntr at 9upe.r1' .- n .» •! 1 .tr •; m Krlday, the eighth day nf Jul/. l-'-i' 1 *t ^"nr V -IM-M n the afternoon, the propeiler r.r «t-aint'U .1 j'-iir t engines, machinery, bontA. tarK^. ipi .\<~\ \,-..\ • ,,r•• tura, as she now ties In the turfv r ' - i:i- r " r -i •• County of Douglas, in »ilil Dujr.'-t if W .^.- .-m-i demned at the lull of James R\j.-fian\D Manhal'i Office. Milwaukrr, W,.,Jjr.« ••!, : %'.» M J THOMA?, ' .•" Ma-,;. ,. NCJTICK. Oontmct Department, V T HK Comm o Concii. i>' 2uih, l*vj. nar:nk' *;• tlnn r)f the 3tr»et Comn.n* !• or<i*ret1 : That a Mwer b« i~orut-m< from First to (>ecoo<J ATP accorlanc-- with th* 1 ;>l*.n » ITn0ne*r nti fll^ m t'^ ''li / Owo*rm -if pr'.p^rrr :-, «» to make >al<l t-w^r AMUSEMENTS. CiHA NO INDEPENDENT FESTIVAL ! On the Fourth July, 1S-V.), - i r V I, I K F ' S < r K (> V J.; , •NI'NTIi W4MI». ENGINE N ( ) T HB Cn«Jcr»lt(ncd. Ct-nt miller, . w~. t fiUJy tnu • , ''> U.,i Pub ,, „ ,,-f^r^, •;. u >: ne ',.^ (•„ M H , . (.r.tiia ( aiii-cct lu u,« \!T.'ru,,,,n. <>r»li«i B;«II in the K (JIT » \t.K \\\ iat ; to t 2OS.OT t. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller. SCHILLIB CELSBEATIOX — A meeting for tbe purpose of making preparations (or a Schiller celebration took place Friday, J4 ill alt., in the rehearsal rooms of the Magical Society. J The audience having bnun called to order by Mr. Balatka. Mr. W. H. Jacobs was nominated President, and Mr. E A Zoend Secrntary — Tbe Com' " <• appointed at tb<" first raw-ting to fraojr a piogramme for tbe festival the following: NOTICJK. ClTT COMPTBOLLrH 3 Ofr^CI. > Cootr»ct D--p»rtnient, Milwaukee, Ju^y 1, 19 f T HE following li a tchedule of the lou ber. e rtt*-d r>y the construction of th* propoa«d »*-wer, »hir-h 14 Coing it b« built throatrt) block iwentj -*tfrht <2*i -n tne Slxitt W»rd of the CUjr of Milwaukee, "howia* ih*r *moant vhlch «*ch lot *1il l>« benefited by ih« cno- •traeUaiL aliivid tewer. £ft*?8I HFT.ZE&, OARL BCBACH. 8tre«t CommlMlDner. R LH C-Kitrtct I)* -• ... • -.' . ^ r pHR Common Coiin,-;. -sy ••-»• .;• .»•;•. i 'JOlh. l-*63. havnif •.• •'.-' ;irr-.l - tl<iQ of the Street Cnmin!M."OHr» t It !• order-l • That Poplar itr-e* an-l * !-•* t a* ' Fiifhth iLrrrt, ;r. li- -•"•.,-. i War ; , i labMahfd ifrvlf «!•!«•* \j if * -iirh'- ! < : , i . • : ; av-.J, *n.i •! ^-1 f i .--,- 1. -. i. - - » a-.-t ij-Tiflrn,' • 4 :.'.. • • . « C'-mptr 'iirr 4 i:b.-«- 'll*' MILITARY BALL n "H l^o liir i-\ ' West >< .if fait S of Weal ^" of Let. 1 1 13 18 U 16 it F L H B.. I-' t* 21 S- •is is Ber.-Cti. 5 t, *,*• 14 .11 U51 M ill , U-51 .4 31 Je2fl-d6t L i. il -• \ : NOTICK. OFT'- «-,.„.„ . • -, v.,ctra.-t D-par'tner.:. M ..-.,• . .- . T Ht '.ilow:n< t,t - •*- I •• • - . . : * •.d- Dty M Mi w*-.*,-. -y -. .• mi n C r ' incil, ajo[»lr<l J -.".*• ~'. .*••'}.*••*• -..* f nai<a:^"Ht 1 y r--»r. ' *. " *.. '. , t H-- <• thereon. »nd tai I nasani-es iri»-r — l : i« tnn - : .r. "20 ]ny« 'i^rr. •..-. < la:.-. T i icu \ in..) 5. M-^tic C. .01 U. ri. c< 4J • ^. an.I 13. hlr-K 44. I'M ! I. H 4* -: 1 * "•) '• 6 %rv! R Vi 't i' W iU •• * \ 1 %r>-1 - ' •< in - I t ' I r- ; i H i • ! ... N i • ..t I I II I I II > I \t > K I II H \ I . - r '. Her r < . . MAT • • ••• i i 11. LA T <) I \V A K 1.1' r '.\ L ~. i i • . - Al »>lri. klaiKi X i » - X3 2V.f •» a ' G1RDINE8 " «i«rTi- to i- 1 >n- * r L'H 'f \ KDl N ?. R. T HJ Board of Re^cw of u.e City mrtt at Cotcmoti Cooricll R--um, TO CO\TH%I <n the 14th day of July i objections of parties ci city f ir the j-ar. r the purpo*- • rrqutrr, ao<l ID ppl y • raent Lj*u a« to thf » tiotu Uiereof. and w.;i their dOliM lhall be c Ml|w«ultet, July 2, coot.nue '.T >n. o.»y t I - j 11 30J I STATE OP WI?CU>SI>, j CouDty C .iiirt, M.:lwaui-« C-uu • { John CtvrhsU. • 1 roported ' Bjchard L, MuKord. I Neville Btoufbton and rOeorpc W. Tracer, i V . * i -; i AR&KST.—On Tuesday last a stranger giving his name as J. H. Stewart, was arrested in Peoria, charged with forging endorsements on two certain bills of exchange, for $1,000 each, left by him with the Central Bank for collection. These bills were drawn by the Merchants and Mechanics Bank of Troy, New York, on the Metropolitan Bank in faror of Harwood and Cipperly • The latter bad endorsed them orer to Wm. 8 Jndd, of Fatribaolt, Minn., and Wm. 8. Jndd had in return endorsed them to Stewart. The Traateript says : When Stewart name to write his own endorsement, the great similarity of the writing with that in whioh they were endorsed over to hfm by Jndd excited suspicion. The bank, however, took'them for collection, and Stewart went off to return in doe time for the proceeds. Information was at once dispatched to Troy, and it was learned that the drafts in question had been enclosed by Harwood & Cipperly to Wm. S. Judd, in, Minn., by mail, and-that Jndd had written in regard to their non-reseption. An officer was ao- •oordingly placed ta the bank to await the re* tarn of Stewart, who was arrested as above stated on the charge of forging the Indorse- ment tod signature of Jndd. Stewart says that he U a miller ; that on the 16th of May, two days before the bills appear to B»TB been drawn in Troy, be was Hurried In St. Louis; that a week afterward heMarted with hla wife to Tennessee, and was on hU return home 1 to Minnesota, when he receded the bills by mall from'one Stanton, of Preston, — T «tr; Minnesota, with which be rain: tbatthew is % .man named in ifiQmdre county, and how far bad, connection with tthem he doe* not know. He knows nothing further than tMtte-Twiired them T^'iBW^br the ..-•- _i,»'._.^L (gfjgp 1. The Centnrial Celebration to tbe memory of Schiller, shall tak» place on the 10th and llth of November. 2. AspncKxltng ratlebratlon the lotb of November, the poem, "The Bell." be performed by allegoric living tableaux, and music of Rbomberg; the bnst of Schiller shall then be revealed and decorated with wreaths, after which tbe festival speech shall be pronoanced. 3. On the lltb of November there shall b» a festival procession throogh the principal streets of tbe city, to be commenoed br a patriotic song of the male chorusses of Milwaukee. At 2 o'clock p. m., Festival dinner, and toasts, ID a locality yet to be decided upon. — [n the evening, one of Schiller's dramas will be performed. This programme baring been read, a debate was commenoed , and finally the program- me was accepted, Mr. Finkler then proposed to nominate a Committee of Order of nice persons Mr. Balatka made an amendment to this that the Committee s"honld be nominated by the President, Mr. Jacobs, and should be published eight days from: to-day. ' The motion of Mr. Finkler was accepted by a mojority, with an amendment of Mr Ba latka. Dr. Hoebscbmann also proposed that the programme and committee should be published in all German and English papers, which was accepted. Finally Mr. Balatka moved that anything else to be done should be submitted to the oommiteee; accepted. Adjourned tint die The committee consisted of the following gentlemen: Hans Balatka, Phillip Best, F-r. Hnlbschmann, 0. Braner. C. T. Helms, John Thompson, J. H. Cordes, Jacob Mahler, Hani Boebel. W. H. JACOBS, President. E. B. ZOSKD, Secretary. tpalnit r Cyrui H J hr.«"R an t I Jnnn 'ir*y J T N Tlrtoe uf an pur«L.ani L *»ld Ooort, In th*- ahov . 10th d»j of Jane. 1&A9, 1 ^a •xi nrorfc AUCUOD, •« ui« r->f • sale an.l i j waakee. ^n I GCPT, I8i8, a: th- h I «Y f M:l f Af s» St* Louis Sugar Gored Ham?. T All bpniuntly nodTUg a supply of thae celebra- J. ted Bami, the best In the United State*. Those who lore rood thing! In my line would do well to can and examln* my stock. JOHN W. LIDYABD, Grocer and Wine Dealer, m*ytt It! Ea*t Watev street. MIAFOFTHK SEAT PBtlOE OF WAK CENTS. of Northarn and Central Italy, ihowlni Beat ef the War, Petition of the Armies ( t 0 ° to (ttaohed a mall Hap of Eorope-*!! forffl money under ' vv ; Insane 2,- disorderl^l ; drank op Monday mom- tnmk In whioa were *cbedale of lot* fronting on Har- ing.-uWngwl wiiimwtrtti from Second it^ eaii to Bhbtart rt.. in tne'etterslrom Stanton enclosing Uw drafts. 'h|» tM Steth Wart ef «nro»nt'Whlch-e*e «treetandaldewal fine Map of tbe Theatre of the " JMftirt Water Street. & Hay Enporiam I i=pl^ ; NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. KOW BOAT AT AUCTION. *l/ ILL be told at Hood'l Auction Booms, No. 4, Spring TT ft-, on Batorday morning, the Sd of July, at 10 o'clock, 1 fine ellnur built Row Boat, sound, new and perfect length U fret by 4 feet breadth of beam. Sale poIlUTe. Cermi cub. JyS 1. HOOD, Auctioneer. NOTICES' Oin OOMFlxou^a'* Omox, I Contrast Department, June it, ISM. f T HI following li a •ehednle of lot* fronting the north and aonUi alley In block St, In the 6th Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, showing the amount which each lot win be benefited by grading raid alley* to the eeubllahtd grade, at follow* i I DHBT HZKZIB, ; OHA&LB8 BOBAOK, : Street Commlnloners. Block. Lot. Beneflt*> Block. S9 » 29 S» Lot. 1 4 6 8 U 18 BeneBU. 29 29 29 9» T 10 11 14 10 4.88 21,M 43,68 64,33 4S.M 89,«6 48,83 U,t> «S3 tow * 7 66 1 L W. GARDINER, OomptroU«r. NOTICE Our OolcrTEOLija'B OTFRB. I " Wlwmnkw.jBiyi.Bwrf PATL'BDAY, THK .' ( - r » . ,nt to Chapter 163 of -he Re "Of th« lien nf McchAnlc^ fcn4 icrlb*d prtmitet, to wit ''A crrt»in hu Iding utaafr lot four (41, ic blorfc r>r,« three {188 t. In the Potirth M.liria.akee, tod iJ»o iul ihe r ght, i t.« an i in Ur««t of the **id d<rf>nd*DU tn »nd to [he ft.'l vtt* hiilf of lot four (4 ). >Q t I - ck IDC h ur.fl r«l and thlrty-thr#>* (ISSu tn it.e P.-arth W »r |. -f tha City of Mllv&ahe*. Count; of >i;(wmmi-^ Dated 5h*r.ff'i Offlc-, M. *»UK»«, Ji T i, 14^9 J. V. T. PL.rm, t A J L*NOWORrHY. P.'ffi Ait'y f HheniT MiJ Co . ^ Crrr COMFT»iHL«a'» nrrica, i Contract Departratnt, Mllwankre, July I, !>;>» f t^ EALED prnpoi&Ja will be rpce'Ted al -his Tfflre antll ™ JnlT 6th, at 11 *. « . for paring the rit'eri in fnnt of pabtlc square, on &th fl , Poplar it . and Ce'lar it., chargeable to the 2nd and 6th Ward Pub! c Hquare. and also In Tront of srhool lot< 16 and IT. block 197. .n the Second Ward. Jyl-d* E.L'H. OA.RDINKR. Comptroller. '. \; > t. '.i^.-ic '.a^, ',. i l.i. M...-C : •. ; » . Mock JV*. lou 4 and 13, ftiock 7. " M 4. ' i- 1 -i ^ \V»ueri P--snt. i.-u 12 an-1 X, - .. < , » block &, Mif*»altP* prnp«-r. *oaLh -^ J-- '. L ••• < " I 1 *, biock 24, Walker* Point, am fier- >• mi a- l • forws.r-1 w thin flT? <1ny^ Trim tb?-* iv, i^ t •nr-.i, • aid wrwk and Oni«h 'h- ^*m^ wu/i * '~4,.. n »-,, others" tl o D l h hUt'lTr Ward e weat h* 1 '. of ] HIM iTrt T - ••r thv city ^r HKiM \N KKoftl j INN R'^KHM: L- nn.' . 'r* 11 1 Si • .•n^fTiisn . -••« , J * -• 1 s I N: i , i i * ^ » > OK 1*1 > V > ( NOTICK. T HK Jarors appointed hy the precept of His Honor Arthur MoArthar, Jodre of the Clrcu t C'-urt, Mil- vankceCo., to rlew certain premtaea rn th« .Ninth Ward, and decide as to tbeneclsVty of ukmg Ule lime for lha pobllc use, are requeued to meet at ray of flee on Saturday, July 2, \*S9, at 10 o'clock A. M Mllwaakee, Juae t», 1M» Jyl R. B. LTNCB, City Clerk Crrr Conmou-n'sOrnci. i Contract Department, Jane 2S 18otf. | S EALED proposals will be re- eired at thin offlce until Joly 2, 18S9s at 10 ». « , for repatrtnn stone fratt«n tn front of lois,and construetlag and repairing gutters on croulafn In the 1st Ward. Bld« must stAt^ pilce per square yard for taking up and rrlAr'na with old material; price for fnrnlablng new stone when D«- ceasarj, and price for coostruetlDg Dew gutters, fur- nlahtng all mat. rials.•* Jc2S-d8t E. L'M. GARDINER, Comptroller D STATICS MARSHAL'S SAI.K, Andrew Johnson. 1 John Henessey, I B .bert Bell, | Ulram g. Tromball and i In the C S. Dtstrl^t Court Oeorg«:Vorbes, \ District of Wlacooslo vs. | In admiralty. The 8c looner Charley Plb- bard, (ier boata, tackle, appsinl and furniture j B T virtue of a writ of Vendltlonl Cxponas, Issaed oat of and nnder the ieaj of the District Court of tbe Doited Bute* for the district of Wisconsin, I itiall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, to the highest and best bidder, lor cash, on Monday, the elerenth day of July, 1859, ai tvo o'clock tnthe afternoon, on board of the Schooner Charley Hlbbard, Lying Ln the Milwaukee : Iver, Sooth of ibe Onelda itreet bridge, at the foot of Onelda itreet, In the City of Milwaukee, In the said District, the said Schooner Charley Hlbbard, ber boats, tackle, apparel and fnrnltore, as she now lies, condemned at the salt of Andrew Johnson and others. Martbal's Office, HIlw okee, June W, 1M9. JeSD-d8t H. 1. THOMAS, U. g. Marsha ~ NOTICE Crrr Oonrr»oU-im'9 OSTTCI, I Contract Department, Milwaukee, June 23, "69. j •TAHK Common Council by resolution adopted Jnne 20, JL 1649, baring concurred tn the recommendation of the Street Commissioners of tbe 8th Ward, It Is ordered : That Mineral street and sidewalks from 1st to 3d annnc« 6th Ward, be graded to the established grade and sidewalk! planked according to the plan and peel- cation* of the Olty Engineer, on flte in the*! Offlc*. ' Owner* of properly on said street an hereby notified to make aald Imprarement* within twenty-tvo days from date, or tbe Street Oommluloneri of the 8th Ward will eatuM tne tame to be done and charged to the reipeoUTe lot*, according to law. '"" t L'H. SAiDlNSR, Comptroller. T HE ' . * '.J • » • • •.! :. •roc: ri . R'- t «•• »•• <**•• : i«- < itreew in the f fu. H'ar-. ' v f M VM.I . Ner,efli l ' «ai-l 1 : --7*-: ' •. ' v C"»•!•»•» an.] furbint; laiil ttr^ei an<i « .|.--»v < «, » •• - i •''the ''-'.y •' mptr-'M'-r JOHN RD^KKF.- r> HFRM tN KR f ,..a N M i, .1 7 and n J-J t, if » ,• S 88 of n is v l-^t :. »c I i 3* I r, MX of w -^ ' S 19)4 "' " ; 5 of ;»t T. an-l i :t\ of n TC ir w ^ N « of i «5 of lot T, an.l a '25 if i 68 if « * N '.i, -,( i «n of !at 7, an.i n i ^ of i 40 of w ^ N Knf « SI), of lot T. a D J r, IT of I »1 1, Of W , S US "f l"t 7, an.l i 14. .f w ij of N M * S K V "• I n 48 - t N *' SKI S tt> S BO N S 9 -» N iO of . IW S 80 of f l-.t) Jyl -J3t - t * < J I 1 1 144 4" '. " •< nv ,* ' *».:•< .i 1 . 41 -• .,» * ' V » n '.; - -.-• t -\ , - l K 1. H uARUINF.R. i_,.mutr. NOTICE . Crrr CoMFT»oU-«a''» Omca, t ' Contnot Department, Milwaukee, July I. 1SS9. ( T ITE following Is a schedule of lots frontmir an Stii-r- man street, from 3d street to HubbarJ inreet. n IheJBth Ward of the City of Milwaukee. <hn»tn,r the a-nrtqnt which each lot will be beoentt.-i| hy ;,iaDit Ing and curbing the walks and panne lh<> rutti*ri, %.- CTdlnir to plans of the City Engineer, aaae*nmeDi as follows In Sherman's Addition. Block. Lot. Benefits. Block. Lot. Ben<Mlt< »• -i. l ••M , N01 U >.. I';TT C »»T»i-l.. <> Contract Department, Mllw-iaki*e. J i y rilkK fnllow'ni lo-u Tr^ntlnil in ?v ->v >r.. *r--^'.. '- -rr I. 6th to 7lh «lreet. 'n the Ith W ir.|. >• 'T 1 •« >i Milwmtrkee. »ill be henefite.l to ilie ti . u:it *»( ..!;•. ."^ each hy grading the «treet antl ililew*»«< to :h- ^t^h Ifsheil trade, and planking and -urntuB -fi-- < t-w,,,. A H JOHN MN J H. TWCH. [ ot BI.10« B-T-1-. •in ilti ..:.w 9 •'••I '. l ^ '^ •:-t.''i 7 *'. Illl.n"! ri An \'tti.M •> M, <-:., i •uprn l^r I-M. 411,1 ,- Hi. - .».4 •• ' !l,n. . Lot. Block. i ;» 3 79 « T9 4 Ttt 6 ^ 6 79 Tr:» «i-r V I t >. >| 4U >M II s s t I S7.1B 59.1fi 4A.41 86JK E. L'H. I laf... 1 il ram I' 44 44 37 87 49 49 9* JTJ-dSt 1 9 IS 16 1 S IB 16 176.46 1T8,:6 118,86 U8.M . 116,66 ITS, 68 178,66 IS 18 1 1 IS K . ITS. an 178, i>« I78.M US IS I68.W 168,13 I John J ' >r.,, n , -.\ -in, r ^ .' : ;au .Aflt wi 1 10,1 t^siAin^-ii i ' Alll.t'll Lews. I.-. ^^^11 4l ,.l • I The ^Itio* Bunk. j I N ;iunu»iu-e »n,l T» vir'u- f , lr. r-- u« . , DUtrvt f • h, U,it,.,l <t»,,., ., . .,.'. . if Wisconsin, in '.h- .n«i u, i .in..i.. r 's... j «l.»vo -lUltle,! o«u»c. and » .upiwri-.c--'.. "i, <r .r \ 'on-closur- «oln«» Pora Am, p..-,.,,,. , u »., ., -i,.. ., . v-'nurt, on th^ =i B ht lay ..f jane, ri«ntr«i -. n Ir-: .. : rifty .i.n-, n IKM| ,-» u »,, I , n »u ,,,] ,. ; l0 , . i ,,.,,. ,, ,; 1 '.nc Ln:l.!j .Itatnt .tUrHhii.'i uihi-r. n •!>.• tity >l i . lAHKf, .n .ivi.l t -t, in riinr».l»y r,. ,.. -,,u i,, ' -i Aanut, 14A« al tiirer -i'.. .,-t „ M,.. af<iTTi»..-i -' ' loiluwinn l^tcnbetl ^roper'y. '., «n • W unrui » •il Int nunibfr eli^vvn .11 i, 10 KI,,,-. luniti-ri-.l '.I. •', | s«T«n 1 37 i, i tho Third \V«rd. ol inn City .f «.,•>«.. ' - - -T-— —-w . v 1OTJ. |O 1. L'H. QA&DlNgH. Comptroller. Crrr CoxmoLLn'a Otrroa, i CoanjiOT Dsrunmrr, Jnly 1, '59. f OEaLro propotal* wfll be recelTed at thl« office, nn- Cl tn Wednesday, Ja'y Sth, at 10 o'clock i • for repairing Ith street, from Poplar to Tamarae. street- also «th nreet from Tamaraxy to Oedar street. In the tod Ward, of the City of Milwaukee. Jyl-d4t C. L'H-. GARDINER, Comptroller. Crrr Covmoun'B Omo, I Contract Department, Jane 18th, ISSEh ! flTHE following I* a schedule of lota fronting the alley M. running last and Wesi, throagh block 18, In the SlTtt Ward of the City of Milwaukee, showing the amount which each lot wDl be benefited by nlltng said alley to the eitabllahrd grade. . BBN8T HXHZXB, ' ' " OABLBOSACiC, '* Street Commlaalonen. Block. Lot. Beneflta. «9 T J49,00 " 8 188.M 9 1CJ.48 " 10 28IJ8 Jyl-dSt K. L'H. 9ARDIH1TR, Comptroller. PINK APPLES. OHOIOB lot of Pta» AppU, reeelred and for «al. Uanha.'i OliD'M. B .-, Mllwankee. June -'0. 1-SY M. J. THiiHAi, L a NOTll'K. OITT CoypTnou.ui.'H ">rrii K, Contrit t Dvpartiuetit, M\l., Jui»- £& t l*C>* . T HE Common Ccumctl, by rcdolullon i«lnpt>*tl J '^Oth, ISM, tiavmtf uuucut«<i iu >h« rr^<.moi«n tiuo of tbe 3trv>.-t Cnnimlaal»aer« jf cn« _'U rt**r '. ordered. That Sid Jtreol nod iKiewrUka lr.,in Wlaued«({ u ' l to VHet itreet, ;n iJia lm\ W»r., .if ihe City ->f *li.»- r ke«, twt tcrsde.i ui thtt eat*b.iMbed (Erade, •nl*"* curbed *nd plaakeil, ijattem pdveu *ntt ««r>-ot ft^^ Tn accordance <r4th plan tad estimat* uf the City ^ oeer, on Hie In t&e Comptro l«r't oifloe. Owner* of pr^peity no *»»•! «tr~ t an* iwrrtr n ' fled to make tbe *bore uuprovrtnent**"* 10 lw * nl ^" ( day. from dale, ur ih« Str«ii ComB»i^^ r V ) ' tod Ward »U1 cauM tbe «m* to b« d°«. mn«l ( Jiar Contract crri Co»rraoU»'» Orticm, I >' ISM - f will be reca!Y«d at Ihli office an- ««rtn to be dell-wed at such time and place in Ward, of !he City of Milwaukee, M tne Street .1— . «, direct Jyl-d4t Olty Oomptroller.

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