The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 45
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 45

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 45
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Compiled by Fiw Leading Hashing!on Ven^vomen Take a Look al The Ford Style of Things W fetS M the *.ESK»pfc«c it F«<fi What Haute? Hsve feat* efasnfcd »U that nassi! Muce ih* Naot»' The K«a- nedyj'' Ho» are she parne*? !» the Wbtie House realty that ojwa to reporter* HOT." FAMH.Y WEEKLY west to five s<>p wocaett wrrserv who S»vc bsc House watchers 'through tnaas :ras*3B». tor their view oitbe Pint Family, What ate the ocas import*!*; or coiorful changes you've *een? «t asked The is wiua they sa*d. YMELDA DIXON Cotamnsst, Sot Song ago, ! was a: Betty Ford* Whrte HOOK or. the occaaisn o: 2 stj:e dinner for Walter Scitcci. the v».r-<n? H Germany. VI r-> Ford &nd her Sorts! bad pulled ou: aij she stops. The hsg planters in the Great HaH acre jammed wan cauh- fierwcri and frape- Jruii Boston lettuce. which willed by 10 ?.M. In the East Room. the manteis sprouted delphinium and xtp-ar- egus arrangemcms tied with what looked like a torn pak biue sheet. Said one reporter. "It would be all right in Southampton or Jamaica or Grand Rapids — but in the. White House?" And a Congressional wife was overheard to *ay. "Let's lace it. the only one with ciasi was Jackie.' 1 took exception to this I said thai was true only if your criterion for "claw" wa* decorating the White Houie for cie- garrt entertainment. I pointed out that Lady Bird Johnson might not embody this type of "claii" either, but ihe uill be remembered ai long as the flowered parks she created around the country continue to beautify our land. 1 think probably the grcaie-u change "He f'osdt rsrt:rr-i 'he 'tiii- piictji* ork. qasf* dc . :OT the pre« i'fiSurssj !-*o :>,:;.* -A- ir ; bin ir>4 U'-Eth ?^u"cJi i.-vJ :: »<r.r .-a iilS al! bivjrv i! rrak r».v ru-. c Sr»r. i •"Kcnrsttiy -tvpc" r*rtv. hi;; a M of ;n a:>prrc)itoi tt. VERA GLASER The frcitnr cfianjc th^r I *<:? jr,x:r,4 '*>" ^~" '£ H te v -. p. j v v c le-r, F -d » ^ rnay he, rut i: sure rrajtcx po:r.ii »,'!h fnsr Shortiy after Ford bccjrrsc Prcuder.:. I aiked h;m about 197h. Nixon »ouki have played that or.; ' dose :.:> the vest' until :hc i.ti; m:nuie. but Ford said candid!, he wis m :hc rice. Asces^ to Ford\ recently opened campaign orlkc n ca*y. uniike i972. \*hcn Njxoa's receptionist a.*iced for rn> J.D. Ford's relaxed pohiical style include* ha outspoken, independent fxmiij. rneani he's ir.jng djngcrouviy. Talc Jack Ford, who criticized Nixon when i! could have hurt Jack's father, then Vice President. When Susan Ford reportedly iajd ihc di%iikei reading, it caused a tlap among the intelligentsia. Musi recently. members- of the Ford J'amiiy have commented frankly on abortion, prcmanu! 4cv and the use of marijuana, and each comment has triggered .1 national explosion. Compare that with Tncu\ main- ppcart m-:^re '.11-- the fijir '.-r'-cr. years. f-orJ '.^t he-:,; Jj-.i So p.'j^i'c »:c :hf->e rncctir.;. :h "Ford's While Hou»« is like your friendly neighborhood drive-in. Not as efficient as Nixon's hostile fortress, maybe, but it sure makes points with me." — Vera Glaser, Columnist they never ipjvrar on Ford's calcntUf I hey were carcfuilv kept r.u! ;•{ pr:r.! !;n!ii I recent!} rr.jnjsc-t! ;.•> pr% the vMr» i'Vic. Nixon, by tontra-.t. he.'i! soijihi Iiiit Room services, feniurin^ hifih-pou- srcd clergy and musical Client, complete wiih media coverage. Another thing. Nivon 1*^4 pr.-itecu-ii from persona! coa!.icti and i!.iii> chore* by a "gaggle" of aides } : on! is a gin who picks up the phone and calk hu tailor when he need-, shirt-,. Old college friends and skiing buddies say Ford i*. accessible, usually reluming their c.iiK within -JH hours. F-ord has been cr;tici/.od by members of both parties for not "u;- niling ' the country .is John Kennedy did. hut I think an ca-.yilocvit attitude "I runre to *mit< wtvon I s«« Su»«n Ford running tiround lh« In a j«r»«y pu.'k>»«f . . , , At l«tf w» haw Whit* Hott*o crwldr en wfvo act as if tn* WhH* HOUM t» home."-H«ten Thorn**, U.P,L Bureau Chief HELEN THOMAS Thi r-,:4 \t~.w.»;...,.... -,-. ; : .. t :.. f! sr-,J rr.^rj >-•;•«••. ;"j" .;-, ?-f^f,-;i.,-: .. K.!--.: iU^j: --. i; - s (....., •;..;: r.-r,i ti ~.-«-f ji.fii.-f-'.r ' '': j >i S;t .->.-. .* i i. F.-rJ hi. V.v. v- cr *£in; AN".;! ;-t N ".'•s -. ».T;;>:er...f» i ^•s* f^r ; '""' --:•••••••-•"• W-N,^ .--.r_,:,n,. !w p-'T'cti fro::? ,i.>-, (r:n»: oc!»!s. with the civ.-ptton ni vtj;c dinners rt*Ji:i»n- j'";.. ihct"* hj'-c brcn sir««1 ii nc-.»s- The rrfii,.!-rn: •Affk--:n f.ivt. to . <-< parties c>cr ! j week He r;s;:; h' i-r- - !. : : V) !-.,-. .. : \ ,..- :h ;.i»c icr !hr -\rnctic.m Sociel psprr fidiiors »r fcpotlcrs ihtv,<|,-J *•>/• shcrc \:n!hii>- ..viM )u rr i-n j?;J -AC *h.-,i:it f c th.crr -is «!ttiirssr\ l\\ e Presi- f-.-;it hai t-.-M me he >!i>-,-sn I hk< "Ifir mhihitins presence of jiotchooks .iiid nnwrophonc'.." hul I't! hate t.' sec us ,;,• !uck to the Kenneth cr,» uhen J nek if once h.i<l us huluu: Hch:nJ pt>tsrJ pUniv <)th-; on this pom!, the Presi- ileut .imi Mrs I ..n! .ire more gracious in their h<ispit.ilii\ than the Nunns. 1 he rclascil attitude is even n-Mecti'd in the attitude of the Secret Service And other While House iissist.uiis. Hut nowhere is it more obvious than .imoni.: the 1-ord children. I in smile as 1 see Ford. iS. running around the White House in blue jeans and .1 icrscy pull- C 'oniinufii

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