The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1971 · Page 16
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 16

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1971
Page 16
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HE ftttAZOSPOKTPACTS, Ftecport,Texas, Friday, Decembers, t»7U Pnge tfl '-'—if~- -• -• ..-. ... ..-_. —_,,-....., ,....,..., lichwood Lions set tree sale F| pr *j nn R1CIIWOOD - tiesldents Christmas t«* sate, wllh ail tlvUllUIl J RlcilWOOD - ttcsidents r bre desiring Christmas trees obtain them At two locations beginning Saturday, Ith every purchase of a tree Contributing to city park improvement, 1 Richwood Lions Club is conducting its second annual Christmas tree sate, with ail profits earmarked toward the construction of a baseball field in the city park. Sale locations are the entrance to Glemvood Bayou at TM 3004; and SH 288 at Cedar St. Pat Hunt and David Head are project chairmen. CHARGE IT! NO INTEREST OR CARRYING CHARGES '<>^yr> x U\KE JACKSON 2»7-7»l KHKEPORT Z33-5MI ANtiLETON MS-C6I . (Continued (mm Pngcl) end, where the club and community house nre located, the committee proposes n convention centpr-molel complex. Del- ween, the group suggests multi-family rcsldenctfl—nparlmcnls and townlwuses ~ If ihere Is the demand. The convention center was suggested to Ihe clly two yeflrs ago by tlic Hrniosporl Oinmbfr of Commerce Tourist and Conventions Comntlttcc. headed by Uill Colegrove. Mayor T. C. Selmnn said that as yet, the Council has not chosen nslte for n new golf course. If Ihe sale of (he jresenl golf course property Is approved, he said, there would be no sale until a new course Is ready for use. He agreed with Collins on financing. "1 think the sale of the present property will be at least enough lo build » first-class course, so there swuld be no cost to the taxpayers." State law requires tin election before city land can be sold. The same law restricts the use of the money to laml purchase «m) improvements for Ihe same purpose as the land that Is sold. The present golf course and community house were formerly owned jointly by the Dow Chemical Co, and Ihe Fret-port Sulphur Co. Dow donated its halt lo the city, and gave the clly tin interest- free loan to purchase the Sulphur Company's half. Thai debt has been paid off. There was a reversion clause in the transfer. In which the property would HO back to the original owners if it were no longer used us public park projx'rty Dow mnmtgemvnl has waived this provision. Collins *aid, on condition Ihnt the city construct tnjual or bcHtw f;u-ililH'.i for Uie same purposes, Collins said the conmtitltVs proposal su^rMttl IDOfuot by 130 fool lots in the rwiUwitial nrea, for building InrjjiT homw. The committee was hopinK lo sw at Ihe olhiT tiid a cwnvmfon hall tliat swidd seal up to 700 persons for wettings, and up to XV /or banquets. "Since Krceport has now salved mwt ol its water proWeins" Collins said. "1 have the feeling thiil omt- tlus project w underway, it will open up Frf^porl for apartment prujevl» and other residential dcvflopmcnl." KK COOK Wendell Ulwin and hu awiuant Manning will be preparing th«? bartxxue and all the trininnngs fur a bent-fit (imiter .Sunday a! the K'OK Halt BIKES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS . UflflrlY- DELUXE WILDCAT DELUXE BIKE BOrS « GIRL'S MODEL DON'T WAIT • SHOP EARLY THIS YEAR! PBB JCl GIRL'S HI-RISE BIKE \ WKto 66-H2/10 SAVE NOW) STANDARD WILDCAT FLORAL DESIGN With BASKET • Canttew Fruw .- • OHIHM f widtn • Fal Uflfft Quio 66-1W-0 \v eors OR GIRL'S MODEL Ntii Sporty Quo Ftwkti &6 143 0,1 SURE TO PL£AS£ THE GIRLS! LOWI Ft Eliminator DELUXE BIKE I MARK FOUR • 3 SPEED BIKE ^ 7WZV • Twin BN FIIM • Polo THK Saddk •itt 3" R»fct1o» ' 66-144/M) SAVE 3.95 DELUXE • frwri tad Rt« Clip** HjndfKjU • I*m B* FJMH • BtttWMia* $4tf«e»iaiB«» lUBtetoi LATEST DESIGN FfiAM£ QUAIITY BUILT FOR YEARS Of USfl Make Lack's Your TOY HEAPQUABTERS.,, LAY AWAY NOWIPICJC UP CHRISTMAS EVE! OPEN TIL 8;30 TONIGHT! PLANTATION Cr PUOT mm OR. 397-7227 A 1'itoi'OSKD I'LAN for using the 7l-«cre tract when Ihe golf course Is mot'cd to a new site i« sjiown In this (IrawInK prt'|Ktr«l by the Krceport Unlimited t'oimultle^. Left, the bulk ot the irurt U dlvWed Into Urf«lot* for hom«*. Tb th« U, righl of (hi*, a group of opartmtnt* amiJownhouwt, At f I, a molelcwufftikKi ewittr HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS! EX-COP NOON CALU HHAZOSt'OHT COMMUNI'H' HOSJ'tTAU TMUMDAYi Mrt. E*t«U Etn« Singleton. Ctute Mr». H. E. (June FVanew) Glraton. F««v<»t Mr». K. H, tBcrnlcci Gecnje, Uke Jaefcion Mr» J. tllHtn G » Uavhn, tlule Mrs It W iMar^ir Uarloie* Crrvkmorc, lakr Mr* K. M. (Klaiwt Bufrtl. Ktt«t»jrt Mrs. I) A <ll»>l«> Kertrlli Allen, Ff*-*yiort ANOI>rrt)N-UANRlfH V IIOSJ'ITAU T1IUKSUAY: Nicholas Hrisvno. A Jolaj FOE dance, meal benefit the retarded Tltc Rratuaporl Pr»leriwl Order o( Kaglrit annual program lo aii) rcurilrj chihirvn «il! b« Iwld (ht« *vt,'kientl, wUli a daix* o« Saturday night ami a bar 1 Ikecuc chnrtrr i»o4 d4nt« SumU) at llw Kl)K IU11 on Hwy 333 All prixwU wit) ^o lo thr Hraiorui County Counctl tot thv Hc(ar»W H«l Mann awl ttw Country Continental will pUy lor the SJlurilay !»'«>>< tk>nc« awl wilt ats« tlonatr musk (ur ( (null 2 lo S p m S m*< twrU^u*-. al ftM a |>latc, will txc !trrv«l Irwm noon unlit J p tn Thcr* *tll uho bv a vakv auctiofi ant) J proii-vsiotul clown will txr en hand -*ith lavor% tot all Uw chikirvn. Ttw IliO (pr dinm-T jho stlmjts p».f sww lo the iljmtit, Th* rvtml u b«ii^{ »{*)« ,«*«) Iry KOK Arrw 3111 and • Is ,\u»ilury. *(Ih Vivin llrumli-y jnd Krnnrlh Scliimmint; hrjdnix up pUra Mother di« Soph cage tourney on 'ready to go back' r'HRKJ'OHT "> Aft e»' cwiVH'l loW Frwpucl (wJkrc be wa» **ru<i4y to K» >*»cl" after hit »rrr»( (tit charge of (<x$*ty a forget) cJ»ctri Stock mirtet report Mtd W. K. ItMlM l> C* DJII. ..... Air Itnlucihxv , . , A turf Nttl't |m , , , Atttrf Nn*» Amrr T4T. A I v*f K"<?W , ^ *, Inr. Ohio It It L'twnUuliMi Ki) ««!»; »u{ A tl«n«n, Ihrtr |)*«^( (or timiUr irttr>w«, in liw J«»tK-f H »«r IVaw Court «rf It C, Tl»»ii4.» Ni> «<« bond 4 1 Dul'tml >'«J : fn« The pin ith TV ifUllal rotnplaini » is I, I'feih. Ciuij 0.1 in I l!riJUOB*««»J tales on City at * (i m m 4Hu»fwt dot rouml KJIH-T Othrt Iranu in Ihr iDurnalarnl ifr t.j M«ft)u<r. K! I'jmpo 4nd Hay Ctty Thr ctunipioa>hip *ill Ur plj>rU at * with the third 6 X>. Use S 4»1 the wxrn'h at ] l chcvfc II <**» tn4jr cut lo Janvn A B»w«n, fc«» Ihcrr »ii tw UirtJk a<r«uni (w thtc Njl t (J tint I,Maft liv{ i[jfilf>5n (hi Si ] I* 1 , p m at Mrs, McNeel rites Satruday arc pU»nn«*J »t |i) tf m Sjlunbj A! Hi5u»loo'» .South I'ark Crmrtrry Chapel for th«? motbet of Crorjfr Gitftcn tJ I jkr J^ She diet) ThursiJj) mghl WKS7 CIM. »*ntkw (or J4r» 0. Wc.S'wl, 7|. a r«iJ«icW hrrr (or about » . will b«f JwW at 1 p m at Coiumbu I 'mini Mr!hr>0t«l (.-hwrcrr. with (he Her Jlob<rl Kobio.««n o/ (HTM tint; Huru! wilt N- m t'oimnbi* Cftnelvfy wntJrr th«r «J«r«v«i«»i ot fUkcr Kiowral Home -Vlri , 4 Fr»irpB»t cilttrn. (oW h* h^4l 4 k(I*t j4 <l/ir*irtj to (umwIJ /row 4 Jjnx» A !!rm»n, then tn priton I'olicr Mtd IwncJ oo thr Irtjrr 4t> nuUtmi shji o/ if*- rhrci A •* a« AHy M Hrwrtt i)< 'T^rport patim on Jjrrara A tlfwuft, Jfrr-tt ltwt<r rnn If all x- f!>|n, iitd <hl erf In.) W4 tW o< K J Sjnir*. (»•( <*f, <»*» tt T titv»a« led Tnno4 Kuswi I1.W him Ift IJw jjJ. wtwfr h«- M (runtlrt l» the \'\A VM M W the hrr horn*- on thf IMOUXI fnjh wjy. SN: to uwvivvd by (wt> torn, <I«W|{c C McNtrl at Kem*h and Jofcn I' ,Vtc.\oH Jr e< «»««•»•«, (jsjCTVillr. Ky . o» Clurlm fterrj c< PRCSH BARBQ DAILY 3 BROTHERS NO 5 n " ^ j -5 ^ Sf'x 1 *!. RETREAD SPECIALS NOW... FREE MOUNTING WITH PURCHASE GET YOUR CAR READY FOR WINTER now.., BRING YOUR CAR IN TODAY, • tt TAKE YOUR PICK FROM THESE POPULAR SIZES! 5.60 X IS 6.50 X 13 700 X 13 6.95 X 14 7.35 X 14 7.35 X 15 USE ONI OF THESE CONVENIENT CHARGE CARDS NORMAN'S TIRE SERVICE, INC Phw»lIiS47« Clute tJbl "!.. 'V,

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