Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 18, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1930
Page 5
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OECATUR HERALD SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 19, 1930. DECATUR HERALD 1 Wrong c ultrehrn. HOW ,,,,, ' "" have ». WABASH WHIPS MILLIKIN, 6-0; REDS DRUB BLOOMINGTON, 33-6 Blue Squad Lacks Punch When Opportunities Loom r , '"'.· you know |, -mcl you huvc I ) , ' !l. to do ,. Stan Fails to Help Local Came CROWD SHIVERS Clmf on what . Uin,- thi- Job. T)lh( , I!'" 1 ' /*" first «t. 1 " L '"'" ( Never mino n,t t i y [I"' it tliH beciuuc it If i idlp nwity. w-hdl^ ] n 1-1-- hut 1'vr Iciiin. 'i n [ v . r k f I" 'irnvhcto you |M 1 unit it u||) 4 \ I'hp R«t pf, inc.) ·mil ptutr i i f t r i o w tuhfi rni- , l h p force n hnrw i t pull « plo K FROSTiS id ill a ice. The ace tele- ping in young when te calls [Icphonc . . . t o if you 6r across ANY By OOU H week of uncertainty pleading with ntcrn minded , V ,MOM. Athletic Director Leo lohnwn produced a full quota eligible football player* for " University's ftnmn with CoJteg*! Frirlny night. j(hn»n rwifbwi down Into hH hat M d rticiwd (rotii tho Kofes*orlal tin »«ch nothblei an Gcow Cor- MI jJckr^y MoOiilr* tmd ftayt« (i\in» littt whwi IIP hnt /lulshod ·H ht hal llln ol " ^ trick*. Ho (uiW "^ eonjuio up n touchdown fUjTaml M 't resiult MllltUIn lost to Iftbub, 6 to (i , tt inu the tilWtt flfflt lo«.i tt th« rtKV and Its second In three noa- ^ni. A *hMilng crowd of llttlo pM( ttwtn l.(W saw the contest, Mllllkln ll»orgi»nltwl fttira tite vnry (Irut, whnn Johnion jdrttd a lineup with two now backs Mid two now linemen, f he Jlltw *««m dlM'fi'U'l**' 11 ' tl fl(l1(ll l to ^ llte jnlH'o ot thn bionics, lit the Heu- iJd partcr Mllllkln Iwl Iho tiall on ttfitra on th(* Wahnith h-itv ynttt lln« i(wr Owrgo C'orliolt lutd Uwl it «««· mutch down tho fluid. In fourth ^uaft^r a Wabash punt the Llttlo Ulunt*' 3( »nt, yot Jtisl elffht plnys tiitor MH- ww bitfk on iii mvn 2B yard lint iL In the fourth qjliwrtor ft Awn the (I^UI tiuk thn th* Wittxuih no jiird line, __ fur M lottK IMWi to torbJlt that wni dtonniploU' on Itt fourth ilown. Mllllkln hflrt wktn trlcrt r u n lit n K 'pl»y» im nit four doww*, end fl- wlly took tlio boil on Iho 2U jird Mil"-, Ittit tb« rwid wi Thi IH ':t]il;iln ihlnttH tuvxih ,.,,,,. .my, tlolh l*ni [Irtt (Icwn-t, bui three of thn l(i\vnH wore tnadt) un ptmul- flu In |'lny« from *crlmi*.nsi) Mil- Mnnilviinivd thn h,\U 177 viu-di to tViiliicih, M U H K l n f of the w«c lntfrc«|ttod, by nforKo Mit«Ho. brought hw'iirom l»cl!l(' to dcnioiW 'jtflMto tinrdvealed talent. Tint PISH, ft S3 ura affoli 1 . r'M flitK^i' til 1 *; tb Wit tidt tluit clfu 1 *. M(«i Ariwlt On uftt-iVHi tho lluo inliind th« Triumph in Homecoming Tilt CT.INTON. Oct. Ift-A homecoming crowd ot over 600 fans saw Clinton crofcrgn an IS to 0 winner tn Its battle with Normal High here Friday afternoon. Led by Andrews and CnllltMin the homo team throo times drove morft than half the length of the fltilri for a touchdown, Tho first *core canto at th« »L»rt of the necond quarter,, when after falling In one chfuics tit the goal, Clinton took a Normal punt In mid- flu W nnd Blunged and ran the ball down tho field, with Andrews taking It over. The nocond nnil third score* wore repltttion* ot this drive, Clinton taking lite hall on tho klohoff and marching It straight down. Tho margin of Clinton's miperlortty If shown In first downs, of which the toeaU hal J8 and Nornml four. Normal'* only threat, In the third quarter, wan nipped when they were hold for downs. U L f N T f J M (1S1 VOrtMAt, million', tl ..'.,,.'.',''.', ,'.,'.'.'.',','., r't, Millar o ,','.'...".'.'.','.'.',',','.','.*.',,..'.'a. Moo f i l t e r . i( ,'.',','.','.','.','.','.'.'.'..'it. iinmlnir H^ltll, t» .. , . . , . , , , . . . . . . . , , l('j Mo(n a iu lit . hy i . rh. H h Mp. l fit. If I'lliUnn (J IS S 0--11 Normul ., . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 0 l 0~- e HlLLSBORO"TOfMS~ NOKOM1S IN NIGHT BATTLE, 26 TO 0 NOKOMW, Oct. IS-filiowing a strong nnd varied attack and an 1m- prt'gnulilo (luftinua, HlHsboro drove Its way to a SB to 0 triumph over Nnkoniltt In a night gftnifl here Frl day, A.nldo (rom a 50 yard run by 1'urchl, Nokomls wan helplcug. nevci gflttlnft closed thnn Hlltuboro's SO ynrd line. The vtalloi'ii soured first in the see- on«I quintet 1 whon Murknt Intercepted a iasis In mldfleld and. with nice Interference 1 , for a touchdown, Nako- nilu Knve nway the aoeontl touchdown In thr name period when It! punttii 1 ftimblnd behind h(a own goal line and Olftdlnwa fell on the bag. At Ihv atari of the third quarter IIHlHboro (tot off a Ulple nans thai took thu ball to NokoinlN' 13 yarJ lino and Valitla took It over. A 30 vtmt pnmi, Ttovltva to Murjtel over tho Bool line WM good for the flna' touchdown. IllM.!4ilrK» (-1:1 NOKOJ1IS (0) m.finnnk, tt , rt, RMC C'vnilntili, IK r|t, *rn»H, Iho loiii miMi that Jobiaon not pi't undfli' tho flljdblllty On rturnnto tho Una whowed iii- flimhi'ti of brllllnnfiO, but .,,, hirinif thu iincontl quarter .... Wubnsli (Matin Its louohdown. Tta lino titit one grout moment, Ititn irithtMctmj ((iiarltir. wlton tho Lit- tit Ohnla hud thn hall on the on« tM* linn and one down to georo tholr d touchdown Hwnrtout. their .... rellaWti ground twiner, hit thn Iiti ttfld slid off A rltfld nnd ig Mllllkln (orwurd wall. 1t»rtfliti I hat Itroiifbl -It* totiflndown dliirlixl 1*1* In thr (Inl tiuarlnr, One of ''uptiiln Vlw'i |HinN wan low ttnd tmv- «W «nly to Ihp WutHwth 4t yard lillwi Sitllivtvn t'r a low*, bitt oit th« nexl play l;ii|flo rwlwt oft IT junk oulMil« lit* left Utvklf, tor WYHIIKC on Hrtfrrll. forced tn [Hint, n Waliiwh man dmvnoO Mt Ifnni'it klrh ittt tho MIDI hi u Wt *rd line, anil V)M'N return trttvi'lrtt ntily tit tttti Mlltl- ' yiifil Unit. r««lnd off nltm yarilti io Ji« lad tmll td tho 2(i yard lino iw 1! * (Iwt ((itiii tfr ctulod, A (n»n, Hul- lf w to fiiliiu-r united 11 yurdii, tdk- '"I tho bull tn thf. nltiv ynrd line. ""* "loro MtifTftn nnd ICnjrol t!i« Uull down tirit tCngol It ov^r. Mntlhow*' kick for blockiid lint! WA3 Htlllrnni. rt' OlhUlutu, 1 *, ] b t . ,,,,.... hTunhliiTdtt. 10 .......... ttutK!ikii'. rti .' Ih, 7,iotito VnltllB. (h ,*fh. , H, I'UVitD r(Ti, *c*ufcfil tnililiAr,i o I) 4 t -jn VrtMolillt , ............ 9 0 » 0 -- 0 *'rtr,tf Tnu^hita^firt' rnrk«1 (2^, fllMV (iritis v,tdl'i Puliit- H«'lna (plur-nlit"-!; S! SAFETY GIVES SHELBY 2 TO 0 VICTORY OVER ASSUMPTION GRIDDERS ASSUMPTION, Oct. 1-A safety In tho first quarter waw all the «tcor- ln(t either Aiwumptlon or Shelbyvfllo could actomplitiht! hero Friday, but 11 wan sufficient to give Shelbyville a 3 to 0 decision over the local*. The KCOIO r of i ti! ted when Fturffonnr at- tompldd to block a, Shulhyvlllc und [from downing a Shelbyvlllo punt bo- Curd It c rouged the A-mximptlwi goal HUD, nurgunnr kicked the ball In tho ft t tempt, sending it ncrtiat the Bcal line where an Assumption man (oil on It. M'.U.KEB WINH tHu (tftUtti J'lfei i ST. LOUIS, Oct. Ift--MlcUcy Walk or, middleweight champion, knocked out Tl^or Johnny C'llno In the sec- end round ot their scheduled ton rtiund mateh her* last night. Mershls Wilson, llanvllle, dnfsated Muddy Sohlurnth, St, IxntlB In their t]x r^tind bout. """· tb* Wnliti.ili drivti HIM go* in. tho MllUkln lineup wim J*'!* With Nrff, llpldlngor, for J[t WtOtttte (ind Coiiltts in tho **T. tlio Ulim niiii ritilt' t start a nllitcks of ltd own that ftlmotit nine of ntiwo»it, Im hlokuff tiftwr I liu toui'h- Wfl» re(:rtv:trl «n th* Milll- . - TM ynftl Hue, On the flrnt play '*« Mrlrmimm,. Vrnnrt made 15 GLENNA COLLETT MEET VAN WIE IN FINAL TODAY Three Time Champion Favored To Defend Women's Golf Title BOTH AT TOP FORM LOS ANGELES, Cat,'' Oit 18,-- Itnntt Colktt, America's leading ·woman golfer, entered the. Jinn) round of the 34th annual women's national golf tournament Friday, a favorite to retain the crown she ha defended three yearn. Pitted agalnut the champion was Virginia. Van Wlo, Chicago, desirous of capturing tho tltlo which eluded her In 1928 when MistB Collott eliminated her In the final mutch of, the tourney. Odds wove with Miss Collott. who beat Helen Hicks of Now York, G and S, Friday. Van Wit Bent* Hill Miss Van Wlf, in nor semi-final round against Mra. O, S. Hill, Kansas City, was good enough to win, 2 and 1. Mlsa Collet t reached the final round by beating Mra. Harry Orosn- mnn. Helen Lawaon, Pcgpy Wattleo and Miss Wlckw, Mlsw Van Wlo'e opponents were Marlon Hnlllns, Mm, tloy Green and Mrs. Hill, Both finalIstH wore ald^d In their march to the laiit bracket by tho (act that they woro hitting Ions drives and powerful brassle and spoon shots tturlntr moat of the play Drlvtng Wrll Most of Miss Collott'u drives were from 22S to 2SO yarrtd right down the center. Mls» Van Wlo In her round with Mrs. Hill astonished her nailery poling out tlrlvre ot 275 yards on No. M and 3fW vnwls on No, 11 and No, 13. Mlsa Vnn Wle'fl play was steady from the tlmo she took the first tee In tho qualifying round last Monday. She has a pratty. upright stroke and plays Iwr shots with extreme confl- Aertue. Her puttlnn has been voty accurate Tho champion, on lh« other hand, ,,,iowcd some exceptionally goctl golf and al«« some very shoddy play, (luring the (otti-nnmfnt, At times It ap- poarnd to tho gallery that her game ·was lary. HAMMONBTDEiFEATS MT. ZION, 19 TO 0 MT, aiON, Oct. 18--Mt Zioti's defense trucked wide open In the last quarter here Friday afternoon permitting Hammond to score a 19 to 0 period. Mt, ZJon's (froen team prr- aentod a stubborn defence for the first throe periods, although F, Legtge did slip through tor a 30 yard rim for a touchdown tn the second quarter. Hammond twice worked the ball down tho field for touchdowns fn the last quarter, P. LeRge taking It over one tlmo and Foreman tho other, foreman also plunged for tho flxtra point after tho second touchdown. Tho Golden WrxlJln*s of the Three Ouemuniir llrntliem This triple golden wedding was celebrated with much public ceremony at Flnnlsterrc, Franco, on Oct. 28, 1902, The complete story oC II Is contained In the foreword to Professor Zuboff'a "Heredity". This author In a famous authority on longevity. "Rabbit" Helserman had an on Haromorid'a punter throughout the contest. ffAMMONP W MT. ^'J^^jj piirrcll H + ,». + »** + -. tt Tlrfflf't "»"""· * ::;::::."· S L^ It . . tUliK. Ill X llnj'l. rti t', L,"B«'.. "I M I li in . it, ,ln»«i rli. f M*r] mrvh O D D M--ID H O I * 0 -- (I the bftlt out of ant! thru Corhetl' (ound a In Iho ii*uttr of the line not downed until h roach- S,, 1 TM '«» yard line. Cacrylnt the JTM 'Wr miecti'tlft tlmt 1 *, Corbet t 1 J* a » «nly itoven yards, tlis boll go- ^_w Wftbush on down» on tho * ' · onlv hut TM undoubltHlly was of valuo Blu* (or Its fam n«xt rend thlt fnr ana ioi IP * · . + ,,, ft. (d, \Vlnnn rldfr o. AMihury . «»*..,.*. Ir. Vortofi ... i. 07-0 I'nlltit J*rc"i. ,, SLD, Oct, 18-'Svorln( an uveruKO of better than one and cnu-hnlf points a. minute, Sprlnjf- field Hlfth school'fi football team oponfld ttM Rlit Twelve coniT«roncc npnaon hero Friday night with u 1'T to 0 Victory over Jacksonville. FILE CONFESSION HILLgBORO,--The dtato Bank o( Glrftrd, a corporation filed a conies- slon unit Thursday In the circuit durltitr vncattoii p*nd)ngr thf and Mru. Telomma Bray oi ui,,.i J' Arc township. Judgnmcnt wai entered In the court In favor ot the Unh for S811.36 on one note for tMO Klven August 12, 1880 which hM been defaulted In payment of principal and Interest. SVorlnd--TVnienni nirtn, ItufvrM--'Mtiyan Uinplrt--Ji'tmliio (Mllllk'n). Olney Man Is Charged With Drunken Driving OLNEY--Wiman* Graff has been placed under Jl.OOO bond for hla appearance at the January term of county court by County Judge D. ». McCarthy, to face a charge of driving a our while Intoxicated. Groff wita arrested last week by city officers for driving without llghta. State's Attorney John Lynch, learning that doff wtus alleged to be Intoxicated, filed tho uliarss against him. Groff furnished the $1000 bond MIIMO, it h. Ktrtihurt llarrcll, ra ., .-.. It* P*linn; Pnvii, rib ab. l)lnford Vina, ll lit Kngtu Tw*r, rh rh, S nil I vim Uuwll, tti '. KK«'I OKIclnia--lUmmlnj nviwonnln) mftr»; (IlllnolU umpln, Julian llnill- by Mllllhln 0 t 0 0 6 ti »--0 o--« ,i«mnnr,i «H^nlnt;; l.iutln (toui-hdoii n ) i MiibBthuilotii-·Mlllllcln: Kof tor ItHrrfll HHilttiucr [or IHimi'll OoiUHU Cnr Jicvii'.' Mrflulr* ftir tfffl. Cf11lnn (or Tftrin. t^iam**' ft.r I'HVIn, KnllliiH for Cull I UK. Cnltlnn for itliMtlr, IJHilo for Oottmtt, Coitutt (or t.'avln, W«bn»li; MntilMw* for lltnlord, SwurioiH tor Sullhojt, I^inrw, "'«' it»*i* BELIEVE IT OR NOT. --By Riolev (12,365 FT, HUM) is so LIGHT IN TEXTURE THAT 17 ACTtWLW "**"' - B K D · · · G B a a · · · B B a B a Q- Q a n n a a a a a Harrison Team Tallies on Break Late in Game Pad Hill Make* Good in New Awfiuunt »» Ead* Kntner UMI Sub* REX GETS AWAY ,.,,TM.-, to The H«*-uM) ' BLOOMINGTON, Oct 1«-- Dccatur High'i back field r»n wild againtt Blooming ton here Friday night to scoie * 33 to 6 win. Long gttin* were a com' mon pMtirne for the R«4*U before the game we* over, and but for the fact that they wtr« forced to play the Itat quarter wlih only ten men, the start might hive mounted higher. Th* ten man Jiltuuloo niultatl when Turnbo WM carried off Uu field KI the atari of Ui« final perlo-l with » IxwUy wrench«d «nk)o. Co*ch Klntncr had Kuhatltutcd all of hltt available men by thli l.m-. *w there WM nou,.ng elw to do hut , ',-j with (tn men. fiement Eleven Hands Sullivan 1st Okaw Loss A "», KIU Ftiwo %·*«, In, CnM Mull rtt** EXPLANATION OF YBSTBHO- CA1VTOON Vic Haiuon of Synewio Hanson, the present coach at Syracuse university. Now York, htut ptayod on every football, baseball and tmsKetbnll team during his days la public school, High school, Mantlua Prep and four yean at Syracuse. Ho has captained every team In each field of sport during that time, and for two year* watt ehoaeti by Horn* critics for an All-American berth. It) the Fwirtwnlb Century In ancient times sugar was known only In India, from whence It npread to Persia and China, Until the »(J(J of discovery, the fourteen century, very llttto suyar wan produced, and It was used only as modlctna. It was not until the increasing use of tea and coffee In the 18th century that It bacamo emu of our principal food staples, Reference: Encyclopedia Brit arm lea. MoiiOuy--A UnUpio Heconl Sorvke. Oct. U -- Rax Mllll- H)n'8 Okaw Vallty cbumplonihlp ·*· plrnntu conllnufd toward thai *o*l nere Friday by defeating th« unboml- en Sullivan eleven, 19 to ft Thn nine WM a Imrd fought inn*f«m«Bt wlih Bcmcnt holding th* adwiUir* throughout the flrat half, white Sullivan cam« back In the iMt h»M only to lack th« nccesnary punch whtn K iiad ecoring opportunities, Bcmcnt started on IU third .ntralght conferenc* triumph with a JAO yard march down the field In tho opening half that ratulied In ft touchdown, Kelly going over. A blocked punt In Sullivan territory, the Ml rolling over the goal line with a Sullivan man falling on It, gave Benent .wo more point*. Tli* f*«m«««i7 (10) KULUVAN (t) M, It wai during thtt pertod .itut BtMmtngton took advmoUf* ot Mt Eedi' plight to regiftier i(a only toucltdown ot the yanv, . »ar*httit Mught a Dwatur punt, got ww and ran 40 yardt to Deoatur^ Ki yard line. A flrnt down Atto«vd, MH) after that a penalty, Btoov'itv ion mode It up and more with t ,poj« that left the ball on (fee two yard marker. McKny fumbled for t five yard ION*, but Johneon went around ind, out bade and ecoreJ A tcucMnwn, Extra point (ailed, Decatur mglrtH«4 H» tint tDticMowM In th* opMtor fuu Wr after tenth n*m* had Iwn* M«d four or more tinea due pewilMy to Ik* coM nadtod to Ito own nine line, Woowlnctoii puntoe\ Hal- Ittt'* kick tMVftHug t» rMcMvr'f M yard Mn«. fto Bt)fa tbMl preWded on * It yart (MKh- down march. JUw tew «tf 1* jrftfd* Hill went M yard* M a erew buck, and Ttimb* ten more u MoomlngtoR'* M ywd HM, Rex nwd* 10 Mid MMI «rMhnd «v«r for » counter, IW- l*r added extni point «n a III* Another long run tty Hill- ted tn XVeeetur'* next More In the Mcon4 quarter. The quarterback, convert- TUSCOLA DEFEATS ARTHUR, 19-7 FOR 3D OKAW VICTORY ARTHUR, Oett Ifl--Nick Carter's Tus cola eleven rushed over two touchdowns In the second quarter heie Friday, enough to give them a victory over Arthur and thel» third x»ns«cutlvs Okaw Valley Iriumph ot tho season. Tho final score was 1 to 7. Arthur rt|[i3lfer«d Its only score In the third period wht-n Fleming hurled a 35 yard pass to Bouclt who ran 25 more for a score. ·lUBcoiiJL oi') Aimtun (T) Kunitny lo "· Toniltn Snip, It i rl, Alnim Krnsoe, Is i*. Dlioti w m i h n i f u i d , fe lluDti. rl W. Hfliitun, rn i . a l t i i i i n t h , al' 1'iurlck, Hi ftiitil, ill firniin, fl IK, JiiritoiiB 'I, l-fullt .... K', Plpnr I 1 '. Anni-V rh. *'l»mliii( IH, V'lfiniill Tli" flliv .... A i t l l l t i ...... 1--11 »-- T BKTHANY NIPS LOVINOTON J-OTmtlTON, OoL IS -- Bcthany ilefeated Lovlctgton 6 to 0 in a hotly contested football uuntc here Tltura- day alternoon, A larpe urowd saw the game. POOR OLD BUTLER tttu t;«itp(i j'ntx i INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. l~B«tler lost Its homecomlnu game hero Friday night to St. Louis tlnlvorslty, 7 to'o. Friday Grid Results LOllitL Hill I kin, u; WnbBKtl, I Uocnfur, jj, Bloanjl nit ton, senooi, TuHtola, It; Arlhllr. 7 T-tatttuUt, \A; S U l l l V K I I , 0 t'llnlon, IS; Nonno,!, 0. JtutnmAnd, 1; Mt. Iclnti. e Forrnflt, 11; Farniar cn.y 0 Slu'lllJ-l-Jrlu, S; Assumption, 0, J^lua Matikid. 7^; Mhcoti, ft, ArciAa, »; Vllln Cirovu, 0. Nomimn. V; Biilcll, a. Hj)rLnKfU}liJ, tf7; JltL^NOAVIUph V. IVtnrtlfttdttn, 3^ Potgriiburg, 0 \Vnjlv H I u. GS: ilulfor.l, 0. liintfn Hliltniy Acmlumi, I], i*l woi'tl). 0. Ottknuixl, 0; at. .iMcph, 0 flrnatar )i; V. J] It'll fN'oi;iml, 7. 101 Pimo. U . . Pontlmj, 0 rnntoii, n t ; IswlBtimn, o L'n mi I nut tin. i t : Wyoinlnt, * Kli«(tmnn, i n , imvnna, 0. Hi'rrln, Sj; HnttliOmiK, 0, CIM, Id, .Moumoulli, * firuku, 3D, (iilnitol), 1 Kt tjnnla, t\ Bulli r, » Indiana Stnlt j;oini«i. it nnlUun fi- inil, T. DvinBrillij. 13; Onkloiiil ffitj- 0 Ijd^oln Hfiitih, »B! J^iyoin, ulik-nto, o I'uiUio, Ii; .\|L^ Idr, tl I^OIR^ Wn nli Intt ton, 0: SdiiUi Uakocu. d U. ul'olt. J.I; w«st VJrivlnla. ». IlohMtocre, tt, IVkt.mlmlfK, T. .Tohn Cftrroll. 31; A ill Inn l'oltiK(i (If)i'hi- ,·»», 7, IVHt Tjli^drtv, i:; ^ludKtiieiim, 11 O#tcthorpii. 0; OuMin, i). Dunucmja Utilvirnlty, H; Hiiwnril ful. oiftt, 0 Ilmitlosf 'I'mli, it, flinrttMinii Tonc)i»r(t ». DoKiJli, 1:1; Jltlnotn I'O»VKII, d. Bowling Scores I. T. a -- Brli l't( I * V narnh't IS a I in H all J lt'3 nn vatou nobh't Tnltiott El tint'r Jland'p 1I4 S7B 111 1U 1SII US ."01 161 IKT 1*1 t"i! u «a f!i isa 16U itn Ml 101! leu 1(10 1KB lit Totul *W U! 8l[ ETON'S LHBJ5. CO! Malltui JM 3RR HI tifrtrit^t IV) IGtf TM Mils fl.lvo'kl ,H6 ISO Tdtftl 7J1 100 flol V.P. 131 Oflhor'4 lie Kill lt» [l.Ko'kt 114 vn "« 790 «»4 ' CO. m 101 m is* 3 fift J.7? in i5s 1«1 IH ·rot. H) 3 JO J31 z id Tot, ·110 511 031! Tbtu) lxrtEU»9 Lolp'l ftod'It *:» J»l (6J CLOTHING 16* 327 UO 93; ittt 169 :oi lea Tit H6 MUBLLffiltt-- llaoro iTd 351 Brillty IS 9 310 Crinl'n JS 1C1 Dohor'y 171 anB Guatln US Hf tlfnd'jt it 14 Totul n * . If ill It Illilo «llt SOS 1*7 Kit 1S« 100 i l l 11T Itl Iffl 1*J 14 949 Hjl 100 1(7 If.,! Tot. til BIS 31*1 517 1T1 llitntl'l) II Totfil ID(I STAN Hlfl'ltl !1 11 OH, CO.-- _ t1 111 4M .Hllhinfy Jl* 139 ill" 1«I Miiii" y Tss nt4 sis jjti 1'IJHITI C". HRBAIV-- BtliiD'r iSt 101 :::t 0(1 Suin'n 10* iin i"» 6;« Ttl«'»r SS3 J.IK XI 014 Hop'im 1BO too ion too Tolul inED JOT UK? I1S3 MHO. LDMBJU^ CO.-Murphy i;* r;s 112 MS Hiilllott OS 141 102 Slli HUSftfi 141 14 B ICO 411 K.KU'KI 106 17D 101 E(l! kfnnil'p TH T£ 7A «! Tntnl *1S S8E S»6 a Ml iVUTO BfKC. CO.^ Ahr*ml SS6 11J 179 C70 Vnvm 17t 111 1*3 400 Rocpre 140 251 a7 031 Connors 141 1K 140 4IE Taj-or ItD ]IT ill (90 T«t«i "m "m "iTs STST (tiMtnw'l lilt 160 :07 Ell Slinp'n ]C7 lit 103 SH Sctiultt 1ST 113 Itl 407 Mtntun ISO 1*0 IH 49* Wll'ntR HC lit 197 (III Total (» 7«t 007 !4Tt I. P. * L, ALL STARS-- Tat. Hoot* I TO U HI 101 Utirlwr tC lit 1BI 431 llnrvoy 181 H! UO 400 Sdiulls III US 14Jj +J( M'Hn'n'Ht IKK !1« 01C TotBt SIR 7T4 913 243* CLINTON 1TBW-- 'Jfot. Mcrrnw 1«3 ltd Ifl 4ns MKlh'll 151 90 147 90* Lt.tiB. t7 l i r 1£1 US Ulltld lit HI H'llionn ISO 148 Bliot «4 04 Tutill 7HJ T3» /i, \v. Cuujror t(»4 1ft nutU'ii in; 102 HlVlB 100 130 OoJfls tfln i jo i(tr Tit 13(1 I S K iltl II! I Riinjun iu(i 101 Mllnd Mnrn Sl rjom T 1 J Uttnd'p Tolftl 3 S I I'lO I' 47 111 3(1 1)0 HO 160 (OS 717 2209 Tit, 1(17 S14 ins fiuii 47 H I OOt 809 2) M'Xnl'y 1i!l 13» 'I'ttrry toi 127 Blind 190 110 Temple 103 ' Ot Dir'Mn no H? «00 *47 (Inrd'r HO' tit fonib'h n: lit delon'k ItO ITS (I.Hnl'y US U) Puta'l IDS 13 llnnd'p 10 2 Ttfl. 13* 410 at ais l^tl 910 108 301 IS! 104 419 1DI4 rot, 145 4(4 iti inn t« «77 19(1 410 1J4 411] 3 U Tot«l 72S 741 715 *137 STAN* DA BUS-- Vol. Friend 1C* 101 141 m Diva* 141 141 134 4 OK n 8«t'P 10! 110 111 34S llutt'g l l B 01 14* 3(8 Miller J)1 1S» 101 (00 Hand'p it ;S It Tl Total T7 Msltoh 10! ) i ' smith Un l i ) cinrh vj is: Mutul* 109 179 Trtttl 7K* fld tso ):»* To(, tn tin m, i39 isn :tsi 14 m nj- 14« MACON SATISFIED BLUE MOUND BEST; LOSE AGAIN, 72-D Vttin^r, li .. SI nek, lit ., I.' Tt ' rt . KVJtf , MnriinJnU, Ih rti rl. Tt, . e. O. . ... !«, Stitrny ... II, nr#n*li .... I*, f1r»t* fll), Dumeomli , rti. rr**m*n Ih. · (h ............. ..... tb, M(rt*lBt tiy Holthnn «-- I Toiidi-limnii-- K*tly. MurilmteV*. nrtur ton eli*o win-- DHlVIII, ICMlr. Mf* »(*·« Mm irtrw-- Flint, Milo Turab* Out For Seiton; Keler H«t Mllo Turnbo Mid Oeorge Keller, Decatur High grtd *tblete», were rush** to * Deeuur hoiptUl In private car* following the Iled'n tmme at Bloomlngton Frl- ilny night, Ex-rays enowcd Hlto Turnbo, colored mi, to have a fracture in (he email bone of tile Uft ankle. Kelter, ehlfty halt buck, nuitalned pMnful chttt brulitcH, T«rn»o will he out for the Meeen, Couh Kintner tn- nounced, but uxpremwd hope that Keller might be back In the tine- up next week. MACON, Oct. 18--There remains no doubt In tho mind of Uacon Hlgli school's most, loyal fan thai Blue Mound had n better football ttam, On the 2iUi of September Macon journeyed to Blue Mound and wws budly ben I cti, SI to 0. The natives nursed their Injured pride and silently looked forward lo a, different state of affairs when Blue Mound «nmo ht'i'o for a return game Friday, Friday night they were convinced after uralnK their lentil whaled, 72 to 0 by IBIno Mound, ' The Hluc Mound backs had a field )ny, Rtalr )rd the raco wltJi five tcuchdowpjt; Tray nor three, Daniels two. nnd MtLthew one. Traynor returned punts 53 yards and 10 yards for two ot Ills Heores t»nd Mnthew on one orti.tsion look i 25 yiird paw and ran -15 yards to tho goal line. 111,1:1* M'irMi (;;t MAI'OS w 1\ U'liltc Iu f, E"l(li(iiilt ·M, l u n l i . 11 '. rt. 't Ji rs. n, Atcr \v, Hrown . . T \VhHi. Ih ........ It Ulllll, fl) ........ rh. Uimfrn l)lu» Minm.l 21 ,M([,nt) ., I) H~ 71 ti-- t . , MIUIIOW i»«l»tii~.i. tlflyt W), nuir , /rt\v*. Mm htm 1 Casey Men Home from Trip to West Coutt CASEY - · Harold Nuah, Kenneth Fox. und John CJocohonour returned Tliumday from on automobile trip la the Pacific coasl, where they went some four weeks o^o, eeexmB employ cvn I. Mr. and Mm Kenneth Thompson have returned by automobile to their homo In Michigan City, Ind., after n visit Were with hla parents, Mr, and Mrs. Park L, Thompson and with her parents, Mi 1 , and Mra, Fred Grabam. Mr. and Mrs. T. 0 Daniel* have returned to their home In Bloomingdale, Ind, after a ten doye visit here with their son, A. M, Dnnleli and family. Miss Maude Robert! of thli city aoeotnpanlctj by Mra. Otto irtlrtng- ton ot Newton, motored to Chicago, to vlalt.the lutter'a aona, Eugene and Deou McBryde and their famllle). Mra, Maliseii Cartwrlght hai returned from a tovenl uontbi visit among her children in Oklahoma, Texai and California. Mra. Win lam I* Orndorff departco Tueaday with Mm, Margaret Wisely of Toledo, HI., on an automobile trip to West P«lm Beech, Fla* where they will visit their children, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wisely. Mrs. Arthur Davis ntut returned from » five weeks visit with her ton, Harry R, Hovin and family In Akron, O SIDELL GAINS 0-0 TIE WITH NEWMAN SIDBLL, Oct. 18-- Sldell held Newman High to a 0-0 tie In a hard fought game before a crowd of TOD here Friday afternoon. Although the local trim wot r*ted the underdog, they played on even term*. i Sldell hud two chancce to ecora In U)e flr*t half, but on the flret WM held for downs, Md the halfllme gun ended the second threat Newman had the ball on Btdell's 90-y«rd line after a steady advance when the Kume ended, Eddie Kane, Manager Of Champions, Dies (Jiii i nfttd I'nir.), PUTO3KEY, Mich., Oct. 18-- Ed- tlfe P, Kane, prominent middle-Wfest- crn spariJ! figure, dift Friday night nfler a five day*' lllntMt with pneu- monln. Kane was 42 and had been aneocl- died with proftuslontil eport« tn the rapacity of maneger »nd promoter for more than 25 ye»r§, eK WAR tit one time manager or Jake Schaeffer ond Willie Hoppe, billlart] champions, and formerly managed fSninmy Mftndetl, former world's llghtweiRht champion. *d (nt« M «nd for thli fMM, i'«lm- m«d « yard* uround ttl* right win* Thin pl««4 th* ball within cur scoring dl»Unc« »nd Turnbn w«nt over. Point fKlled, Hex Ofia too*! It wb» thun that R*y R*JX. O*y Kintner't «Wuir hkt( back. 4mkcUd the fe»tur-» run ot tit* day tor totnc GO ymrda through UIB *ntl» Hwrt- «on forcM tor ft touchdown. H* ·lio Added tztnt point. Pravlmu to thli ptay Bioomlngtott Ju»t mliM* » touendown wh«n R«dt(«r mfwd t. PMI In th»'eod Ktnf. Atwtkcr Dnektur H*n UMiiMd to UM tMrd *|Miti». 4Uter HW kU -rttlrted ttM 4jn4» ttow «MM (or Htnrt -tow-wt, B» MMtoi f«r I* Jotuuoa wka fwvbM «·**· nwti 15-rMd KM Mi Avfwttav rao4n«M4. Bex WM* UOM-t toft «wl fat U yMd* On th» Mtt pl*y |w«hot tiUMKR taefch Mr W§ Utti4 towM-wm «t the SMM, The final marker c»m* wMn, R*d Olnn lnterc«irt«4 » Bloomlmttm p*M OK Btoomlneton'i 43 yard lint. Hill ititd* two'Mid th*n ·prlRUd 40 yardi to th* cokl lint 4m t, UUntl pa* «pl»y. Doolen add*d point, Tuinlw. 1* »l*k»ri*t. tt Toliy's QrUQamti 1MCM. ,, ,, . Ttittitll RfMrVH VA. JOnh* Illll, P. tit n^ l^W. tft . tti. _ ^ St. Tcrtt* tt. l\ If. 8. fltMrvti, B. ti, B. mM. S p, m. - . . . . lu . . HnMMrtti v», t'rbdn* Frew. · urbMi*, Id s. m, Ctt41!nit1(ti ^Jl RUlllVAn rivfitt, Mt ft:^Q a. m. * Stuildine it Pwrl* MunuiO. I. S, v. M Mftttixin N~.) Illnditwro UithfloM tt Ml. dive. , M MKIHM Ctty. Iknton u Mirtwi. »nir «t fltlfm. Mt, V«ri)Mi nl M rnrml, »l MtrdntvOl*. MO TKN Northwcilvm «l 11 Until MtchlfM it Oltto HI* If fiirdtw at low*. IhltiUfc ·* MIlHKHMt. at Ottouo. »t wiMonMln i. IT*, c. n'4)'Ut M IP»UW. I KUnlwnt M Eunki. ShBrtltfr at WiMirn. wlMktMi at Ml. U«nrta. curthaw »t Ctitvtr IWKkton, Unit NHOi*l ·( CulMMet«. MMa *i North Ctntril. Ffirttt M Nwtnw«itr» ( W i l t at Knmc. COUJiaMf Drown el Ytln, Conult t PritwM*n. Army *t K»rv«rd. iHik* a( Nivy. llliitMirff)! *t fo'rtni*t. Utmoiirl «t K«w Vortt C I'mn Ulalt tl , itairsvtOHfl at W, Mnrslu*. .lolini IlvtAitnit *i Ruutcn, I'urnff)* Tfflh M VfHi'i Dim*. XtiiiratH^ at Iowa Atiir -ot«nt« nl MlttltlDiin Rinl*. M OmtirMon. While Ktntner employed hU entire equad agalnit the l*Mle, to* work of Hill, the converted quarterback, etood out. The former Roeee veil player probably will remain at the end poiitlea now that Mite Turnbo he* htfti forced bttt for an Indeft- nlte period. Tumble Injury conRldered of a ccrioun nature, , Itny. ·' 11111, rn , «b Kf))«i*, til Kftt, lit \V. re, l'M*v*«t H, - " ' e, BUI ton , lr, Mo*r» II. Kn*N . If. Hkllltt li, o, ttartiHi rh. H*rihril Mi. Jotintw 7 » » 0--SI . « « » t-- i -K J, 'rutubfl, mil, Joint- »Rar louclujewn-- K*lltr, fw Hon. n, 'M, n*r*ivn-- Muht (UllnDlu. I)nrlrt-- Dili ttH1n«U). Tiy on* k^ of ERIE SOOT- LESS F«MM Lwnp at I4.TS iwr IM dtUrand tot jroe wiO MVW bum Mffthl ERIE SOOTLESS (· only h tbf Mi»»iqu» «nd » MM oriy * A» W. hwt no *·!««. Otdbr horn yow tMefc ArlMr «r At mtot, ttrNb N* ^^vw w^i^p VI^MH PI, JEWSVAPERl

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