The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa on July 10, 1903 · Page 8
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The Kellogg Enterprise from Kellogg, Iowa · Page 8

Kellogg, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 8
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WHAT HE HAD Misse Low «f Pleasure Wat Dying KentlMU- lan's Chief Regret Lem Whittaker was one of the fatt ywung bucks of eastern Kentucky Hie motto was to gather in a share of ail the 'fun" going. · One winter Lem's merry go round of dizziness got the'better of him and he found himself with a tough case of penumonia The doctor saw that he was about ready to kick the bucket, and had a private audience with him for th« purpose of warning him of hie prospective change of residence When the doctor had finished, Lem said "Doc,,you know that young nag o' mine?" "Yes," said the doctor, puzzled at Als patient's indifference to death "I was offered »JOO for her three months''. ago." _'TVell?" said the doctor, inquiringly "Oh, nothin 1 ," said Lem, "only, doc I wisht I'd a-took it Think of th sprees I could a had on it before this!' Baltimore American OMreien . is it that from the first lnce tion ot our pmper to the preaent tima we have never had au editor to sojourn in our midst? other profes- sione have been well represented Of pieaehers we have had enough to furnish subsistence to an African chief for a year, of doctors, sufficient in numbers to depopulate a. state, and of lawyers, enough to establish a good sized^ colony in Hade* But editors--not one."--Minneapolis Penitentiary Prison Mirror. DR. W. S. A I) A IK, R-eeicieixit Dentist, ; - : KEtlU5GGj IOWA: ' Dr. \dair is pnpared to practice Dentistry in all its touches, iuclndin* Extracting, Filling, Crown and Bridge Work. Also Plate Work of every d«- ' 8cri|tion. I US. KHNNINGTON ATTOBNir AT LAW, SffiasS5i«r to THE LONGING FOR HOME, Nostalgia Recognized by Physicians as a Dreaded Foe. Nostalgia--that is what the doctors call it. In ordinary phrase it is known as homesickness. It is a real disease. Strong men die of it in the Philippine Islands To all ordinary diagnosis they are well. No organic trouble is apparent The patient is literally side for home arid unless he is sent home he grows worse, and often dies. Officers of the army, private soldiers, civilians old, middle agpd and young--all these are subject to the illness It is no boy's malady. The American in the Philippines Is like a fish out of water Edward Ever ett in his ' Man Without a Country' show£ us how hardly an American can give up Ajneiica There is so much tere to get homesick for. A Stngt lar Malady. Death has at last claimed the victim of a singular disease Nine years ago David Yetter of Oakwood was assailed with, rheumatism of ·; form that-attacked the joints.. Progressive oaslfl- cation, marked .the caise, , the entire body being stiffened with .the. disease. The victim was at length, unable .to rmaaticate^food arid relied- OB liquid nourishment, then the jaws stiffened so-that he could .rib, longer- open hi* mouth. A front tooth was, extracted ,and through the opening thus provided was given the-nburtshment that added longer : lease, of a life that even under such ^ .conditions : was -preferable^ to death."·;.\Kiii. this came: at -last Yet- ·t, Why H Married Many TlmM. When ToJstoy was preparing to write "Resurrection" he frequented the criminal courts of Moscow and St. Petersburg! He tells} : In , a letter to an American friend, how a bigamist appeared one ; day : before a Moscow judge - The man had man led seven -wives in three years. This he himself admitted. "Why on earth," the judge asked, "did you want to mar ry so many times?" "In oider, sir,' he replied, "to find a good one, if possible." A. P. JOY, ANNA H. JOY, H. J. JOY. DEUSPTISTS. Gas and othw anesthetics used with care Office In Fehleiscn'a Block, 2nd door North of Northwest corner of the NEWTON. IOWA. orer .National Bank. NKWTON.IOWA. B. J. ENGLE, Attorney at Law; 'Mershon Block, NEWTON, IOWA. '. Especial attention to the Settlemett of Estates. Real Estate Loans. u. H. P. ENOLE M. D. His Title to Fame. "What. ha\e you ever done to de ·erve~the confidence of your fellow citizens?" asked the man of severe Ideals. "Not much, I'm afraid," said Senator Sorghum, remorsefully. "Aren't you afraid of being displaced?" "No. They- sent a man to 'this position some time ago who failed to give satisfaction Then they sent another who was worse Then they sent me and they say I m still worse, but they ·re afraid to take any more chances. OCULIST ter's_bodjl; . _ , _ Detroit Tribune. ^Td hardness tot.St- . Cold April Every 100 Year*.. French meterologlgte have worked out the theory that exceptionally frigM Aprils occur at intervals of exactly ,100 years.; In April 1803, the; gutter* were frozen and snow "fell in Paris. ID April, 1703, the price of" wood ros« and people, died'of cold in : the streets, . w h i l e a chronicler of' the period writes:, "There, is snow at Versaillef and we.are perishing of coid'at.Parlt at a season .when the sun ought to be warming us. The north winds Afflict us, "bringing us cold from the mountains." Documentary evidence !· «iot needed to prove that April, 1903. is; also distinguished by low temperatures. "·'.. - . - - . " ; A *~ A Lone Widow's Appeal. n A lone widow in Henry county, Mi» .eburi; sends the following plaintive ap- , ' her local paper: . "Dere Professor Editer, 1 would like fer you to .putt in" yer .paper a notice for a bus-, barid.fer ine.. I am 38 years old,'have clothes and there :will be no dentist bills fer-my teeth air all .ok.' .1 kin cook a stake, wash deeshes an grace the parler fine. . Also player on the acordeen an'-have had two husbands. They a i r ; ded but there graves air 'green an .tended'to all ,on account of me. Any. lovin man ot wait over 120 nnswer please." No dudes." . -'..· A Fortunate Speculator. The man who has profited most by the recent Wall Street declines 1» gen erally supposed'to be Harry WelJ, the St. Louis opeiator Mr. Weil'g'wln- nlngR are estimated to be between 2,000,000 and $3,000.000. Over · month ago Mr Weil told his friwd hat Atchison common would sell below 65, Union Pacific at 77 and Can adian Pacific below 120. Rrery on* of these predictions hav» been fnk filled, UnbUied Criticitrn. "What do you think I ought to get for this painting?" asked th« very young artist. "Well," replied the matter-of-fact friend, "I think any Judge would be justified In giving you at least »Js months." The Exception. The Englishman--I understand you Vmerlcans elect all your ruler* by allot _ ,,/ The AmM can--Yes--all but our Hat Inherited Dramatic ^Talent Miss. Blanche Booth,, a niece of Ed win Booth, has established 'a dramatic school at Minneapolis.' Shei was for merty a member of her uncle's company and played Ophelia to his Hamlet. V ^r -^ ^ ^- ^. ^ - - -/^Z^^r^SKQtryityKrSgftjgXjpqXjp IT.H. BUCHANAN: ML EM, LOAN, Insurance Agents. I dp a general real estate, loan | and insurance business, including * Eire, Lightning, Windstorm, Accident and Life. Farm and City properly sold, rented andexchariir ed* fiifp. m«*ii * *»ii a " Glasses identifically Fitted. Ofljce Hour? 8:30 to 12 M; 1:20 to 4; 7 to 8 P.M. Sundays 10 to i. Office 200 Olive Street, Newton, Iowa. " ' Telephone 76. 45 O. C. OGO, AnOfiHEY AND ABSTRACTOR, NEWTON. IOWAT *"" Mjr Abstract Books are complete.~I JOJJI Money, hoy and Bell nil a*t*t* Ad do a gen , A. M. HAKRAH. O. P. MYERS." Hai» Se layers' ATTOR NFY9 **«· Abstract, Loan l i » v/i\ui. 10,»ndreale»tntBoffice. .fEL^J 0 " 1 * ·*» low ?f* "'«·· Special ssffls^KiSa^r^* 1 * 1 - Offlce: ^ - Burner Block. . NEWTON, 1 Anctioneers and Salesmee, Either or bUh will respond to all calls for tb ',r services NOThS BOUGHT. SALES CLERKEtfAND SATISFACTIO!!} GUARANTEED. PRICES REASONABLE. . sr A. MORRIS! | CLEItKS - M. A. ACCORD, Newton, Iowa. C. R. MOBERLY, Kelloggi Iowa.; J.B BCBTON. Prw.C. J.IaiSB. C«»hier. BURTON COMPANY STATE BA1 r ·- CAPITAL , $50,000.00. w -w v v v v VIST \^f-*y^r^r^*y^^f^pty^ MONEY! MONEY!: IHAVEPRIVATK MONEY ON HAND 5 Per Cent Interest. To Loan ' E. O. OGK3-, NEWTON, IA. V. H. MORGAN. H. C. KOItr. A: Kof f, Attorneys at Low, "LARGEST. PAID UP CAPITAUh;MSPER.C'OtliiT?. General Bankintr.Business Done. Issue Foreign Drafts. [MAKE FARM LOANS AND RENEWALS Opens at 9 A. M. and closes at 4 p. M. with lime lock. Suite over First National Bank, 30 Uewton. lo-wa.. A. W. AOAtR. ,W. S..ADAIR. ADAIR-dtSON, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEOHS, KELLOGG, IOWA. ' 22:44 Give mo'atall T. II. BCCJUANAIT, G RINNELL, IOWA. . . -' Doing Her Beat. A very small Philadelphia girl, who is,.not only noted for her immediate family circle for obedience, but Her reverence, was playing in the garden one hot summer day, when a thunder stornvarose suddenly. The little one'a mother called to her from the window to gather up her toys and come:in. .'lust then, without warning, there was a heavy peal, of .thunder. Then ' the- child, very much frightened, paused lor a rnornent,..then looking up to the ' s k y said: "Oh, Docl, don't scold so Jiarrt; I'm hurrying all I tan." . ;·- Not at Ease, in Society. Jnmes Whitcomb Riiey, the author, confesses'to .a fondness for social life, but always feels at a disadvantage at society gatherings'. Being short-Bight- cd, he is unahlb to recognize people easily and as a consequence he «eem* somewhat ungainly, "Bcsldeii," he adds; "not long ago I was recently d«- tccteri pronouncing the 'programme' as it is spoiled and you can imagine my overwhelming, -suffocating nense of humiliation when my attention wa* caJled t o it.". ' . . . . · - . · BEST Edlforiollv Tearless. Consistently Republican. News from all of th« world--well .written, original stories--Answers to queries -Articles on Health, .the Home, New Books and Work about tlio Farm and Garden. .· Wly Inter Oceai Rock Island System TIME-TABLE KFLLOGG, IOWA The "Right Road' to and from and between OMAHA DENVLR COLORADO SPrlSl FORT WORTH ST. PAUL. MINNEAPOLIS Is a member of the Associated Press, the only Western Newspaper receiving the entire telegraphic news service of the New- ^ork Sun and Special Cable of · the New York World-daily reports from over 2,000 special corro»i»ondont8 throughout the- country. . v ~c-« F ONE~»6TL Subscribe for TUB ENTEKPBISK and the Weekly Inter Ocean one year, both papers for $!.,«. CHICAGO ST. KOUIS MEMPHIS PEORIA ST. JOSEPH KANSAS CITY and e\erywLere beyond. TRAINS LEAVE KELtOGb AS FOLLOWS: BAST BOUND. No. 22, Local, except Sunday 8:22.A.«. No. 2, Local, . . .daily 1 36 p M. No. 4, Mail and E^.Vex; Sun 6:39 p.- n. No. 54, Freight. Brookiyn'and. , · intermediate points, ..... except Suiiday ; 12:45 p. M. WESTBOUND:" No.,21, Fast Mail,'..:. .daily 10-15 A.M. No. 3, Local,.. .ex. Sunday,'2:22 p. m. No. 1, Local Ex. ex Sunday. 730 p. m. No."53, Freight, Des Mpines and intermediate pts "..:.. .except Sunday H.-OOA.M. For sleeping car reservations, tickets, time-tables, etc., apply to .any Rock' Island Ticket Agent. . L. M. Gen'l'pas.Agent, CHICAGO, ILLINOis! J. P. HACKETT, M. »., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, ' OFFICE JN BANK BLOCK, DP-STAIRS, S . E . ROOM. · Ail calls answered day or night 8 Residence m W. J. Breeden property. 60 YEARS' .EXPERIENCE DONT BE FOOLED! T«ke tb*(«nuhM,orl(liu| MOCKV MOUNTAIN TEA M«4» only by MwllHn M*4I. clM Co.. MMIIMMI. Wl«. it kwps yon w«ll. Our trade mrk cut M each pKk*«K prtw. as etnts. NtvVr iJw In bulk. Accept no cubfU* M* tut*. A*k your dr«Efl«t The June sun shine* on many a fair bride, mnde.doubly lovely by the ura of Rockjr Mountain Tt». The brfde'g be«t freind. 35 co»J«, W. W H. Co; Nothing has ever equalled it. 'Nothing can ever surpass it. ... 1 1 ' · Dr. King's New Discovery ·· O *"····! ·· i^^mm 11 mm rnon A Perfect Cure: For All Throat and Lung Troubles. Trtal ··««··*··. We still have in stock a large variety of choice Wall -Papers, - which we are selling at bed-rock: r prices. .We are showing kitchen, bed room, dining room and parlor papers at 5c, 7c, 8c, JOo, 12c, me, 15c, 18o-anC 25c. Our papers are all this years'pat; terns. We invite inspection. ,, HAMMOCKS The season for hammocks is at band. The first installment 'of hammocks for this season's ·_trade has just arrived. They're beauties. * Every hammock we offer is free from jute filling or starching that are commonly used to give false" weight; all cords double and every fiber guaranteed strictly pure cotton;" colors absolutely fast. No better hammocks made than we sell. Come in and examine them aid get prices. ICE CREAM SODA AN are specialties with us. Our ice cream is hone-made and we guarantee it to be strictly pure. We sell it by the rsh, pint, quart or, : jrallori. CIGABS AND TOBACCO. We "handle, .the'famous Geo. W.Childs, Lilltan" Russall and Miotn 5c Cigars, and a number ofjthe leading brands of smok- ing,ana chewing Tobacco. We carry in stock a variety of standard perfumes both bulk 'and-card. , Our. prices on'.this class of goods,is from;10to25 per cent below the"! average drug store- prices.; One trial ".': , will prove ;: lo «ni, ; that the qual- - ity is right and the price as low '. as firet-class' perfumes can bb sold for.. ; : - · _·':' STEAM lAUHDRY, GRINNELL HOWARD HILL, AGENT, KELL.OC30, IOWA. ·* "~ ·V ' f1 i -'l -' · ''! '--,! -i; lEWSPAPERI VSPAPES.I

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