The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 14, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1914
Page 8
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Page Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review ie per line for first insertion. 214c per line for each subsequent consecutive insertion. Minimum charge 20 centi. 3 line* I times JOo ( line* 8 time* -..-. 80c 4 lines B times......... *0c 1 line. 7 times «c g lino T times........... 52° 4 lines 7 times 80c I linn SO time* ~ *l.fO X linn* SO time* 1-80 4 lines 30 time! *·* No advertisement eeceptad for leas than t»o lines. Count ill ordinary words to each line. Discontinuance of advertising must b« In writing. It will not be accepted oy phone. This protects jour Interests as well a* ours. If You Can't Bring or Send Your Want Ad Phone Bell Auto HI Courteous operators, thoroughly fa- ailllar with rates, rules and classifications, will give you complete information. And, If you wish, they will assist you In wording; yout want «d. to make It most effective. Ads accepted by telephone to *x- ooiamodate you 1C your name 1* !· b* telephone directory. Every Home Has Use for Review Want Ads T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Tuesday Evening, July 14, 1914. "" FOR BENT. HOUSE*-- (On.) FOR RE5NT--FITS room honss, *M_W. Wood, «12; clos. in. Apply Off. W. Wood. Bjrtl FOR RENT--Seven room hen**. IMS N. Morgan: water, gas, toilet, electric lights, cement basement. Allen Jon**. 118 Old. phone. T802 FOR RENT--Five room house, ·Uetrlo light* eras, water, full basement, 1SZ4 N. Churchy Call Bell ZTiS: Auto 1988. TT8S FOB RENT--Six room cottage, 10M Bwt Leaflanfl. Bell phoae 1010. »T93 FOR RENT--Seven room modern housa, 845 S Union. Apply L. W. Cook. SOB W. Macon, TM 7! FOR RENT--Six room modern oottage, with c£ter£ water In kitchen. Will be vacant July20 Call 985 B. Cantrell St. 7748 FOR RENT--Five room house on Clay and Mafflt; city water. Bell 8111. "32 FOR RENT--STRICTI/Y MODERN T room house, 828 B. Cantrell. Auto phone 8»79. T726 FOR RENT--6-room modern house, $23; corner Oakland «nd Forest, T667 POR RUNT--On* It-room house. Bast end, $1000; one 11-room modern house. 252 W. William 8L Inquire Johnson A DImook 7CSHJ BEHT-SLATS. FOR RENT--Flv» room flat, upstair*, modern «c«pt heat; no children, T«0 North Church Auto 1905; Bell 802. 7TS1 FOR RENT--Modern well Tentllated flats, 110 to 120; elevator service; steam heat. Frank Bnffera. Snffern Bldg.. 851 N. Water. 7814 YOU CAN'T BEAT A REVIEW AD. WANTSIX--To buy, horae. Great Eaitern Te» and Coffea Co., cornar Main and William- 7T58 THIS AD WAS RUN TWICE. It cost 20c. It got results. Many more horses than needed were' to be had. You don't need a horse, but you may need a Review want ad. BELL 551. CALL AUTO 1158. HOUSEHOLD GOODS CCOK.) Bargains. Folding bede, IS on: center tables, 25c up; gasoline ranges, $2.50 and up; beastesd" BOO and up; bed springs. _5_0c and up; 121 Inch electrio fan cheaE""6"fheV bargains" too numerous to mention. Eldorado and depat_cars stop at store. Albert C. Bllckel. Eldorado BL. Auto 1591. The Exchange. 74Z B. 0365 FOR RENT---Flats on North, Main Bt, on 2nd and Srd floor*. Billiard Bldg. Inquire IA W. Bullard, Citizens National Bank. 7415 FOE RENT-BOOMS. FOR BBNT--Two rooms, unfurnished: modern conrenlenMs. 2»4 W. Main. Bell 422S. 7862 LOST ACT) FOUND. BUI book containing a 110 and » »» kill. R«tnrn to »M N. Union Beward. TSW WANTED. WANTBD--position a drtw Art Johnson, meal it tut cook. Ad- lllopolls. 111. 7840 FOB RENT--Two furnished rooms on around e Oo general work by woman with 3 year old child. Beat of references. Call at one* 222* Oraceland AT«.T748 WANTBH}--Poaitlon on farm, by youoff mar- Kled man- experienced; only yeaa^'round work considered; references exchanged. AMre** O 053, Eevlerw. TC5S FOR RENT--Four nice rooms, upstairs, at 25T B. Main. Inquire 506 B. Prairie. Bell *one Mid. 7754 WANTED. POR RENT--Furnished or unfnrnlshsd room. 133 W. Prairie, upper flat. T701 rUOO OOTBUOfMENT JOBS wpen t» sum mud women f6A to $150 mouth Write for list. rmt*lm' Institute. Dep't 89*. Rochester,!! y 7266 'OR RENT-- Furnished room: modem; pri- WARTED--MA1E. FOR SENT--Furnished room- modem, close rn; «2 N Church. Bell 1X0. 7400 Two carpenter*. Apply 1505 K. Union. T985 FOR SENT--N!c« room In modern home and small family; gentleman preferred. Old phone 247S. TM" HEKP WANTED--FEMALE FOR RSNT--JHirnlshod rooms. Modern, private entrance. 640 W. Main. Bel! »»! WAMTEO--A air! for general house '·orlc: pa wHjshhlg »r.d ironing. 846 W. North. ?all 1174 rav* MISCEILANEOTTS WANTS. WANTED--Waihlns and ironinp and work. W3 W. Sawyer, vTAMTEI--flwltobcn Inirs. Bell 3JOS. to mftk« from comb- Tour peinttns and flnishlnr, In "5tr~or country. Bell 4S35 I. L Burrls. 1T*5 N. College. T7S5 Boarding Horses Wanted. at 215 "fl-'. "Wood Delivered ana oallfd for. Clint Bromley. Bell 307; Auto 1TO7 T756 WANTED--A place to do general worlc; 4 WANTED--Tour paper hanging, yrtees to «ult times. Call Be'l 2S3T or George Broclt- -way, 43f* S Broadwnv. 7745 I -WANT your -well 31gsli» »n4 w«ll boring and cistern -worn, see me »t onc«. 963!N. Main Bell 4344. WANTED--Dressmaking; .wltoliM m from combings. 12S E. Main. Bell VBt. T441 W \XTED--All farmers to know t«r oan have dead Block r«moved fret of *«£*«· X o t l f v tvilllam Price 964 N. Monroe. BeU Phone 2474: Auto. 3024. JVANTED-- All klnd» a! lewlnjr. Call Grlsxon after 6 p m . B«ll 4M1. 7311 BOABDER9 WAHT£D. WANTED--Rooro«r» and bearden or dav. Call at 261 E Main. Wanted to Buy. p«y the highest cash prio«* for naed *. ruga and refrigerators, or win take oM furniture aa flrat payment on new, Home Outfitters, into pbous 1SU. M WANTED TO RENT. To rent a 5 room modern bouse, ·ortn. part. Bell 2S32. 752' WANTED--O- modern opuse, olose In.two adults. Address £42 WMt William, wast s.du 4sbr. FOE BEST--HOUSES. Oit JstBWT--Six room hod«rn hocwe; north part. Apply Crystal Theater ' 7861 RENT--6 room house. 163T 9. Church, T. 6prlng*r. 124 Merchant. 7860 RENT--Stx room bouse, H5 K. Union C Corley, Slllllkln BMr. 7850 burban nom«, 8 roomi, al*c~ trt« light, barn, plenty of ·had*; IA«al for poultry: T blocks of car line, 1 to 8 tores ·woofled land Inquire C. "W. Lewman, 3W5 E CantroR Beft phon* £M3. 7851 FOR RENT--Part of turn** 40f Ea»t ls.f- land. T84T ?5R RENT---Six room modern cottage, 867 E. Prairie and 7 room modern honia, 120 M Hilton street, I* S. Ca?!ien CaBsell's Him, Auto phane 4«3S 7843 FOR RENT--Seven room inodarn honae 5M W. William. Call 560 W. William. 7839 FOR RE?*T-*-6even room houae at 83B W Packard; strictly modern. Injutre at 46! JT. "Water 7844 FOR RENT--T room modern house. 1471 Decatur. W. A Dearth, 3560 N, Union. 7823 FOR RENT--Cottage of 5 rooms and bath electric an4 gas, water find heat; hal block froia X %Vater car line; no children 311 B. Center, 7822 FOR RENT--Beven room houw, «8 B. Olive. $12.30 per month. Call 460 B. Olive. 7TO. FOR RENT 4 Rooma 133» N Clinton SL, modern. .( S-Of 5 Rooms W. Main close In.... ......... 200 5 Rooms 443 Powers Lane .............. 23.OC 2 Other nouses on Powers Lane ...... 27.5 o Rooms SOS S Maffltt SL part mod.. 16.0C 5 Rooms 10B2 W King St. good house. 12.0 5 Rooms W. Decatur St., mod furnished 18.0 ft Rooms £24 "W. Pralrl* St.. city heat.. 400C » Rooms very fine, N. E.. modern.. .. 25.00 5 Rooms Southeast, modern .......... 20.0 5 Room? "West Side, furnished ........ 30.0 5 Room? "W. Prairie avc . r. Rooms 457 P. Oakland, modern ...... « 280 ft Rooms modern, east end ........... . 20.0 4 Fix room modern houses, N. »ld«» S19 and .............................. 200C f. Rooms on West Main, steam heat.... 300 6 Rooms 746 E. Center St.. modern.... 20.0 6 Rooms on "W". Side, furnished .....* 30.0 « Rooms 761 N. Morgan, near depot.... 150 6 Rooms modern. Northwest end ..... 180 fi Rooms modern, very desirable, west. 230 ft Rooms on S. Crea. furnished .......... 250 « Rooms In Riverside, modern ....... 21.5 7 Rooms 3057 "W. Green St , bant. Iota. 15.0 7 Rooms modern, "W. Macon, barn. .... 250 7 Rooms modern. clo«e In ............ 23.0C 7 Kooms close In. North Side ........... 25 Of 7 Rooms modem, Northeast side ...... 240C 7 Roomi 1177 Cottage Hill ave ........ 200 7 Rooms East Side, mod., close In ...... 2500 7 Rooms W Macon St.. furnished ..... 40 Of 7 Rooms Northeast Sloe, gam, toilet, and wa'er .............. . .......... 14 OC 8 Hcoms 40fl W. Macon Rt ............. 85 OC 8 Rooms U5» Cottage H!!l, modern.... 20.0C 8 Rooms 1259 W. Decatur St. .... ...... 22.IM3 8 Boom* 1157 N. CHnton St., modern.. 22.50 A rooms very close In. modern ..... ... 25 O r Rooma 7 blocks west, modern ........ 83.00 Rooms 1835 N. Main St., mod. garage, 3501 » Room* modern, W. Macon St. ....... 32.5 0 Roomt modern, on N. College St ..... 200 Meridith Rerrt Co, OR RBKT--Boom with board; family; modern, 216 W. William. private 7828 'OR RENT--Nice furnished room In modern home. Price reasonable 1S6! W. De- atur. Bell 886, TMS floor, 527 TC. Jackson. 7707 'OR RENT--Sleeping room, modem, nicely furnished; gentleman or lady. «51 N. Main -- vate family. Call after 8, 648 W. LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. 'OR RENT--Rooms for light housekeeping; ground floor. 112 E. Eldorado. ·"« Furniture Will psvy mo« for illchtly used Pianos. Furniture. Carpets, Rugs, Stoves and Refrigerators: or will eichacge new for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Bell phones: 4O6-4I3. Auto: IMS. 820-390 Cerro Oordo St. 1768 FAEM LANDS. FOR SALE--Michigan farm and fru!tlandfl In Mason, Manistee, Lake and Wejcford counties, 50.000 acre* to select f r o m ; prices $10 to $35 per acre on T years' tiro*. Write for 72-page illustrated booklet fre^ Excursion Tuesday, July 21. Address G. W. SwJ- gart, owner. D-1247 First National Bank Bldg., Chicago, or his local agent, R S. Baker. 420 Citizens Title A Trust Bldg., Decatur. 111. 7838 FOR SALE--Central Wisconsin farm, 170 acre farm with, rood house, nearly new; two barns, 75 acree under plow; price J50 per acre: will consider small stock of hardware In trade. For f u r t h e r particulars writs A J. Oleaon, Montfort, Wls. 6S69 FOR BENT--Two furnished light_hou»ekee; flo! in* roo*m»; front and back entrance; ground oof; no children. 1411 N. Morgan. 7834 FOR. RENT--One lwg« furnished light housekeeping, 287 'r "W. Eldoraflo. a for 7817 $15 to $26 RICH, BLACK LAND. No. 1525--I ha-ve e«veral sections and some halt sections o? land In what wan originally the famous "Big Grass Marsh," northwest of Winnipeg, near Gladstone, Manitoba. Canada Thfre IB no deeper or richer eoll to be found any where In Xorth America. This land has been thoroughly dredged with main dlteb and laterals, and is all ready for the- plow. It Is close to railroads and markets, and but a short distance from the me- tropcMs of Canada. The character of the soil and location ought to appeal to any one who wants good land cheap. These lands range In price from $15 to $25 per acre depending on the lay of l a n d and location. and can be bought one-fourth down and balance In four equal payments at O^r This soil l! black loam w i t h ^lav subsoil and works easily, and is the greatest g r a i n producer In Canada. No man can leave a bet* tar tegacv to his family or make a. better Investment for himself t h a n to buy some of these good lands which are offered CD cheap and on such liberal terms. Some of the best farmers o? Macoc and Sanpamon counties and business m«?n of Decatur and Springfield own land for Investment In this neighborhood. I would bs glad to give a list of the owners and to talk this matter ment in land today at the price than some of these sections or h a l f sections. TM! C. A. BURKS, SSR-824-325 Citizens Bank Building. ^OR RENT--Large cool housekeeping rooms, ground floor; cheap. Ref. 149 E Green. 7S08 FOR RENT--Two furnished roomi. housekeeping. 1730 E Wood. Old phone 34S2. 7SOO 'OR RKNT--Light houMkeerjInr or "Jeep- Ing- room»; 8 unfurnished room*. 628 N Church. " 8 * TOR RENT--atoeplnc »ud Hgnl hou««k»eplr,g rooms, Sll E. Prairie^ '°°9 FOR RENT--Thr»« H«nt honokteplac roomi AJso household good« for «*!« « » ^JI- gata. 414 S. Morgan. "682 FOB SALE. rot SALE!--Small Jolt wagon; «oed OOT- dltlon; cn«ap. 1184 W. Oreen. 7S28 ?OR SALE--Gravel wagon and 2 section harrow. 12SO W. Green atreet. TS35 FOR SALE--Steam radiators and pipe; a fir* cla»a vralt 4oor and frame; three jtorr fire escape complete. A. W. Hendrlx, Old phone 916. 'SO* "OR BALE--30,000 olean second hand brick. Bargain. Call Bartello, 126 E Main. 77B7 FOR 6A1»B--One oak roll top fleik; 1 oak typewriter flei*. bath, sanitary Jtyle; 1 No. 5 Oliver typewriter Cooper, B48 Walt T760 JOE HEUT. POR RENT--Barn for two horses and laggy. 1248 N. Monroe. Bell 1890. 7809 "OR RENT--Stores opposite roof garden on Eldorado strset. tie »nd »18 per month Inquire 458 JS Franklin 7801 FOR SALE--06 acres, 4 miles North Rosf, 5 miles Wolcott. 9 room house, basement barn, 30x40 feet, barn 20x30 f e e t , all necessary outbuildings: 4 acres apples, bearing; 14 acres set 2 years, lots email f r u i t ; gra\ el and sand loam soil; wMl fenced and -watered, price *S,000, $1,000 cash. Frank C. Eirh. Wolcott, N T 7.48 CITY PROPERTY, FOE SALS--Beven room house, full concrete basement and walks, barn, oblck«n lot and fruit Lot 80x150, 8»* owner, 1226 West Kins atreet. 7837 FOB SALE--Six room modern, W. Bldorado. $3600; 8 roomi, modern, N. Edward. $8600; 4 rooma, W Wood St, $2000. B, F. D*rden, 1153 W. Eldorado. Bel] phone MM. 7S41 COMBINATION RESIDENCE FOR SALE. No. 1529--This residence located close In. on one of the beet afreets, lot flOxlSO, paved street on car line, 2H story, 15 rooms, strictly modern house; $1,000 worth of furniture goes wlcb house. Rents for $113 per month. Steam heat, 5 baths, lavatories and water clonela: 3 porches. Owner could rent half of house. Price $12,500 Owner will carry half. ThlB property ahould Interest any person--man or woman--wanting an Income property to occupy or rant 7760 C. A. BURKS, 323-534-325 Citizens Bank Building. Money to Loan--(Continued). $10,000 or any part to loan on real estate. Call or write W. Nay Boggess, Atty. 513-514 Millikin Bldg. 7765 PEGRAM COMPANY. 415 Cltliens Bank Bldt. _ owl All classes of loans. Terms to suit borrower. First- class house for rent. FARM AND CITY LOANS--Any amount. 5% and 0% Interest. D D Hill, Attorney. 31S, 314 Millikin Bldg., Decatur. 7890 MOXET TO LOAN on good security and to salaried penpie E. M Smith, 127 E. Main. 7B9I Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans made i-ithout delay. Call or write. 8795 J. E. Patterson, 401 Millikin Bldg.. Decatur, III. --YOU CAN BORROW ANT AMOUNT-Nono too large. None too small. We lend money on Furniture, Pianos. Horses, Carriages, Goods In Storage, Cattle. Grain, Growing Crops, etc. Easier terms than other brokers Also we buy NOTES, Telephone No. 134. OLDEST LOAN OFFICE IN CITY, «·- tabllshed 18SL A, T. SUMMERS SON, 110 .Torth Water St. Next to Millikin National Bank. Money to Loan On beat possible plan. First the lowest cost, second the paymenU are arranged to suit the borrower and can be made either weekly or monthly. And last, but not least, everything confidential. When you come *· ui for a loan, you can have the money within an hour or two. Any amount from $1000 up. STou pay only for the actual time you keep the money. Call and see us when needing a loan. Rooms 7 and 8. Conklin Bldg. Half block north of Transfer House, 144 North Main street. Bell phone 2041; Auto. 15M. M H iit tflinois Mortgage Loan Co. i $ t t t ! l * t l l f ' ~ t $ l * l f ! * f M « s f s t i i i s t s ! t i t s i i i * * MONEY TO LOAN on the e«»y payment plan. HO and up. All business private. Decatur Loan Office 202 Citizens Bank Elds, 810 Phone: Auto. 1118; Bell. S2TO. IF YOU have a lot, J A Adams will furnish money to build you a home. 911 N. Water. Bell 4960. TIM MONET TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITY property, lowest rate of Interest; no com mission. 1IWJ Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Cltlsena National Bank. LITTLE BT LITTUB yon oan repay a loan--or all at onoa. Carefully explained befan yon take thsimoner. Fay only for the llrnfl you use It. W« lenfl $10 and up on th» squarest terms Imaginable --private, too. Fidelity Loan Company 115 Citizens Bans: Bldg. Bell SIO: Anto S8S8. PROFESSIONAL--(Con.) To Net 7% First Mortgage Farm Loans Netting T* In amounts from |250 to 12,000. Security four times the amount of loan Principal and Interest payable her*. HENRY D. SPENCER. 220 E. Main, Decatur, Illinois 2801 Automatic Eyeglass Holders, Chain guards, hooks hal.- pins and ear loons, ringer piece mountings, expert eye examinations Lenses of all kinds Nose clip to fit r nose. Frames to fit the features. Are a few of the eye helps ottered hy T2W Dr. Mary Nesbitt, Mllllkln Building. Drs. Alsip Eowdybush, Dentists, Stiue Bldg., over Hilligoss Drug Co. S955 Entrance either Main or Merchant St. Bell Phone S17T. Hours 8 to 6 p. m. BELL 398T. ADDRESS 180 W. MAIN ST. Bath Parlors. OPEN EVERT DAT AND EVENINGS. BUHDATB. g TO IS A. M, Exparl ed Lady and Gentleman Attendants. DECATUR. Dr. Hugli A. Vaughan Dentist. WAIT BLEKJ. ' go" B B fl o'u'8 5 6 0 0 0 f l u B o f t C 6 0 o o o B 8 o a O l l 6 ; 8 o o o SVGl B B 6 8 B B'o BTo" Ninety-five Per Cent of Decatur Renters Come to TJs for Houses houses T buslnees befor ·e the liouse becomes vacant. ouM promptly. Seventy-five rer «ent of th« e application, on file In our off!» do to. Cost. T renting your house immediately to responsible tenants whose when their applications were filed, we save you many time ilMlon which is V«y small. The scores of properties we mana; B gated commission which -- -- a better rate for collecting than ,nv other firm In the city. whose records we Investl- ics the amount of our .ge enable us to maka Money for You. provements at a remarkable discount from regular prices. Always Ready. property. y o u l f Proof. Auto. 1691. «9S4 SPECIAL NOTICES. Seventeen dollars per ton. Chop feed, scratch feed, bran, hominy chop. Straw, 3 bales for $1.00 at 539 W. Green. Belt SIT; Auto 1S*. 1WS* FOR SALE OR RENT--5 room house snout Aug. 15. 1S56 E. Wood St. 7S12 FOR SALE--Nine room house at 320 W. North street, all modern, city steam heat. 63 feet frontage; quiet residence neighborhood, close to business section. Call R. S. Bohon, 134 E. Prairie. ""90 Sealed Bids. Win n» received for refreshment »ad lunch privilege at the Grocers' Picnic on August 6, 1914 The committee reserves the right to reject any bids. Bids may be made on one or all five stands and must he Bent by mall on or befor* 1 Julr 2T. 1914 Succees- fu1 bidder must have all money paid on July 23. 1914. D E. Baucom. Cumberland Pharmacy, Decatur. 111. 7674 BUSINESS OTPORTUNTIIES. J2S.OCO STOCK IN DECATUR COMPANY. No. 1526--This company !s OM of the beat snown and most prosperous concerns In the city of Decatur and IB one of tae oldest and beat established businefls«s tn central Illinois It will make any man or woman wishing a safe Investment a good Interest. It can be sold elth»r In on« bHoek or In lots of |5,0(XX The men at the head of tJUm company are recognized to be leading bnstneas men of central Illinois. For further Information »e m» personally. T770 C. A. BURKS. 82S-W4-S2S Citizens Bank Building. OR SALE--A two chair barber ·hop; everything new. ·V7111 sell at a, ·asrlflce if taken at once. Addrws Barber Shop, East Main St.. Pana, 111. 'T4T TOR SALB--One ot the, b«st s»looni Springfield, half block from «Qnar» Filth atreet. Q-T14, care Rovtew. In on 7T1« POR BALK--Old established ln.k«rr and Innoh room, doing good business. AddreaB J. A. B.. Box 32, Sullivan, 111. 7832 LIVE STOCK. FOR SALE--Gentle family drtrlm horse; also phaeton In good condition Call at 106 N. Franklin. Ja Ullstead. 7842 FOR SALE--Good brood mare colt. Bell 78S; Auto 4918. FOR SALE--Nice black driving hone, coming « years old, »76 If taken «t once. 8!6 B. Colfai. re08 FOR SALE CHEAP--Good team of mules. harness and spring wagon. 2SS B. °''|| FOR SALE--Nice gentre driving horssv E. Cerro Gordo. T HOTTSEHOID GrOODS. FURNITURE TAKES A DROP. Beginning this week w« will offer better bargains than ever before. Both In new and used furniture. Iron Beds, 95e each and np. Springs. 25c each and up. Dressers, !200 each and up. TTashstandB, 75c each and up. 6 dozen four sewed brooms at cost. These are only a few of our many bargains; D. C. Holt Furniture Co. Bell 2778. Auto 13S7. 2S2 H. Main. T548 STORAGE FTTRNITURE FOR SALS. 12 Bissau's carpet sweeper* SOo each SOO glass fruit Jars ...Ste each 25 Iron beds tl-00 each 2S bed springs ..50c each 2S settees TM....- , »1.90 each 12 gas range* W-00 each 2S dressers M.OO each 12 sideboards J5.00 each Meridith Storage Co., 320-850 B. Cerro Gordo St. 7290 Furniture I buy. sell or eTchange new or all(htlr usud furniture, stoves, rues, eto, M. A. Peabody -- - X. N«rtk Bt. ' 4741 ·"·OR SALE OB EXCHANGE--Property at 428 Wabash Ave. A. T. Summers, 110 N. Water St " 2 « TOR SALE--New five room bungalow: mod- «rn- grata, mantel, cement basement; a fine lot; west end A bargain for quick sale. Evans Boggess. 514 MiUlkin Bldg. Bell 144 7736 FOR SALE--Nice little home. E-Z to set; only $50 down, $12 per month; 8 large porches, shade weH.--clstern. small barn, west and. on car line; price $1200 If sold by July 16th Bee Walt Carver, 25S N. Main. 7791 FO-n. BALE--At public auction, July 2Srd. at B'SO p OL, 8 room bouse on fiTxlTS foot lot; good well, cistern and cellar. 916 N. College Et. 7672 FOR BALE--«-room modern house. Leafland and Illinois. Auto 13M. FOR SALE--»2,500 for « room. house, north part B«II 2803. modern OS28 POiTITRY. BIRDS AND PETS. POR SAME--100 baby chicks, « days oldf Barred Rocks, Wo each. Mrs. C. XV. Mar- ihall. Auto phone 5 or 9. TS32 FOB SALE-MSCEHANEOUS. BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and. blank book manufacturing. 1ST South Water street. Decatur. III. Herman Spies. Magazines bound. names stamped In gold on books, pocketbooks and memorandum books, toilet cases, etc. VEHICLES. FOR BALE--Two seated rubber tired pony surrey. Inquire 1381 N. Edward. J. W. Stalling T BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOR SALE--Five passenger auto; first Class condition, 1150. 8338 Auto phone.7S62 FOR SALE--Good second hand blcrola. 955 Bast North. 7853 FOR BALE--Five passenger Bulok In flrsi class condition; *200 If sold at once. Address G-810, Review, FOR SALE--Stoddard-Dayton CM: quiet smooth running; fine condition; a bargain of the s«tson. F-140, Review, TO EXCHANGE. FC* SALE OR TRADE--A 5 pssienger Detroit auto. Will take truck, lot, or horje and wagon. BeU 40«7. 7772 For Trade. Could *ise good house and lot In exchange lor one ot the best reitaurants In Dscatur ·running full blast and doing fine business Can show you books for past six months It's a money maker; owner going away What have you to trade. Could use vacant lots. See me for further Information. Brueck, 127 B. Prairie. 78SS "WANTED--To trade for a small store business. Address F-776, Review. MONEY TO IOAH. WHEN-- UW ANT A--LOAN BORROW PROM WALT GARVER. Ijoans made on Furniture. Pianos, Diamonds Live Stock, etc. No payments required. !»8 MAIN BT. AUTO PHONE 1578. MM SPECIAL NOTICES. WILL not be responsible for the debts of my wife. Julius Olshefskl. 7S18 MRS BOWMAN, Importer and manufacturer of 'human hair gootfs. Scalp treatment a ipeclalty, 137 N. Water, 2nd door. 7TSS STEAMSHIP TICKETS ON ALL LINES Travelers' Cheques, Letters of Credit, Foreign Money Exchange. 508 North Water. THE EXCHANGE BANK 5458 REAL ESTATE. Choice Lot on West North Street. for B«3e at ». tirgaln If sold »t onoe A!«o 7 room modern house, slate roof, for sale at a. bargain If «"!d at once 520 S. Crea. St. R S. Bohon, 1M E Prairie. 84«T For Sale. Improved 80 sores, Shelby county; psod terms; 2fl ares near Decatnr; 1«0 acres Crawford county, Ito., will trs.ds tor Decatur propertv. 45 eorei good Macon county land to trade (or Decstur residence. Frank Godwin. 118 Merchant St TT95 For Sale. F1v« roomi. new sjid modern, full lot, northwest, J2600; « rooms, northpart, modern, $2Mn. 5 rooms, new cottage. North Main, a snap for $2200 with $650 cash, bal- .nce $1B per month. ' 77M 0. L. Millburn. Phones 14"8 401 Bldg. For Sale. S-room hous«, well, cistern; OB c«r line; lot 40x150, t7on 7-room modern, oloee, $2,600. »-room modern. W Decatur |8.IpO. 5 acres. U.5/X1, 20 acres, M.^ 2 lot *l; aide. MOP, S lot, N. W. «lde,$l,800. T450 A. C. Allen. 119 S. Water ^^ A 12% Investment. $300 lo WOO down boys a n!o« B room new cottage on car llns; newly painted; full basement; corner lot- electricity; good. well. Price U250. Corns' and see this. Rents for $12.80 per month ws6 E. F. Drobisch Son., Bell «18 Auto 1077. 189 E. Main. North Water St. and 943 N o r t h Water street. « you are look- Ing for a houie and to go Into business see 19,500. r ' nt f ° r 7088 43T M77. J. M. Pickle Citizens Bsnk Bldg 'Bell 188S. PROFESSIONAL No Drugs No Osteopathy. Office hours 9 to 12. Sundays. 10 a. No Knife. 1 to «. T to to 12 m. Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADT ATTENDANT. Auto phone, 1250: Bell phon Rooms, 214-15 Moran-Corbett UI N. W»t»r «i4 B. North,.D«C»Ur, . sao. 710 N. Monro* St Poundmaster and Scavenger Will remove dead stock anywhere ! a cm OR COUNTY, FHEE OF CHARGE? Call BeU ppon« 2S8. Auto 4285. 8341 LEGAL NOTICES. MASTER IN CHANCERY'S SALE-State of Illinois, Macon County, SB. In the Circuit Court Fannie B Sawyer, complainant, vs Alexander C. Ryan, et al.. defendant*. In Chancery No. 23007. Public Notice Is Hereby Given, That In pursuance of a decree of' the Circuit Court of Macon County, In the State of Illinois, entered In the above entitled cause at the May Term of said Court, A. D 1914, I, William H. Black. Master In Chancery of said Court, will on Wednesday, the 22nd day of July, A. D. 1914, at the hour of two o'clock P. M , at the North door of the Court House on East Wood Street In the City of Decatur. In said County, offer for sale at public vendue tc the highest and best bidder for cash In hand, subject to redemption according to law, the real estate In said decree ordered to he sold; being described as follows, towit: A tract. Beginning- at a point, Eighty-two (82j feet east of the southwest corner of Lot No. Tea (10) In Block No Fourteen (14) of H A. Wood's Subdivision of Blocks No. Thirteen (13), Fourteen (14) and Fifteen (15) of Oullck's Addition to the City of Decatur, as shown by plat of said H A. Wood's Subdivision, recorded in Book 149 at Page 77 of the records In the Recorder's office of Macon County. Illinois, running thence east Forty (40) feet, thence north to the north line of said Lot No Ten (10. thence west Forty (40) feet, thence south to the place of beginning, said premises being situated In the City of Decatur. County of Macon, and State of Illinois. Subject however to a mortgage to one, William A Phares, in the sum of SSOOOO, dated the 22nd day of July. A. D 190S. and recorded In Book S29 at Page 5 of the records in said Recorder's office. Dated at Decatur, Illinois, this 30th dsy of June, A. D. 1914. WILLIAM H. BLACK, Walters ft Latham. Master In Chancery. Complainant's Solicitors EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE -- Estate of Charles Wllschewikl, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Executrix of the last Will and Testament of Charles Wilschewskl. deceased, late of the County of Macon and State of Illinois, hereby gives notice that she will appear before the County Court of Macon County, at the Court Eouse In Decatur, at the September term, on the first Monday In September neit, at which time all persons having claimi against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this twenty-sixth day of June. 1914. AUGUSTS WILSCHEWSKL Albert O. Webber, Executrix. Attorney Cor. ·Ml ADMINISTRATRIX? 8 NOTICE--Estate of Frank Gronkowskl, deceased. The undersigned haying been appointed Administratrix of the estate ot Frank oron- kowskl, deceased. late of the County of Macon and State of Illinois, hereby gives notice that she will appear before the County Court of Macon County, at the Court House In Decatur at the September term on the first Monday In September next, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attena for the purpose of having the same adjusted All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment to tne ""DMeeftwi twenty-sixth day of June 1914 BERTHA GRONKOWSKI. Albert J. Webber, AdminlsUmtrtx, Attonwr. lif« whose property we now handle iN£WSPAP£r GET IT AT BELL'S. We carry all the POPULAR FACE CREAMS, FACE POWDERS, Talcum Powders and all toilet necessities at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. We deliver free to any part of the city. 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' 7761 Supervisors Appropriate Sum of $5,744. Sullivan, Jul y 14.--The board of supervisors of Moultrle county met In special session Monday for the purpose of looking over the plans and specifications and estimates for the state aid iad between here ana the county farm. The board decided to accept the plans as made by the state highway commission and an appropriation of $5. 744 was made by the board to be used on this road. This amount l! half of the estimated cost o£ the road and the other half to be paid by the state. According to the law, It Is necessary for the. state highway commissioners to make the survey or the proposed hard road and then submit the plans and estimates to the county board of supervisors for their approval and as this has been done by the board of this county, the, state highway commissioner can now go ahead and advertise for bids on the work of this road and this will not take long, «o that the road should be In and ready for use by »t least this fall. ENGINE FIRES PASTURE. Some excitement was caused shortly before « o'clock Monday evening when the) flr« whJstlet blew calling the fire department to ward No. 2, but It was soon found out that It was only a meadow on fir*. The chemical engine was called out to assist In putting out the fire. The fire was started by the Wabash local freight as tt was leaving the city about 6:SO p. m. and was on a small pasture u»jt east of the Wabash tracks and west of the C. * E. I. so that there WM not much dangw of the flr» cut- ting out of this pasture Into any of tin residences, as the two railroad* and » wide street separated It from »ny oi the houses. FLEMINGS MOVE TO CHICAGO. Mrs. Gay Fleming has loaded het household goods and shipped them 10 her husband In Chicago »nd will lea- » the last of this week to Join him thorn where he has «. position In the dep^t as United States mall clerk. Mrs. Fleming will »oend the remainder ot this week visiting her parents. Mr. sn1 Mrs. Will A. Hayden, before Joining hf r husband the last of the week. The work ot rolling the grade on tFa North Market street pavement was finished Monday and the work of t h e laying the bed of concrete will commence at once. The grade was already, a very solid one before the I»rffe roller was placed upon It. Misses Vene and Rose Mllllzen left] Monday night for North Vernon, Ind, for a three weeks' visit with Ihelr sister, Mrs. Green. Sir. and Mra. Joseph A- Sabln an1 three children are spending the wee!c near lola, 111., with relatives. Mrs. J. F. Lawson and daughter went to Gays Monday noon for a visit with, her parents. Miss Grace David arrived home from Decatur Monday noon where she hal been for a visit with relatives. G. O. P. COUNTY TICKET. The Republicans have their count-' ticket filled out with the exception at county superintendent of schools. Th« ticket u It now stands Is: County Judge, A. A. (Bert) Brown o« Ijovington. Sheriff. James O. lassden. Bethany* County clerk, J. B. Martin, Cadwell. County treasurer, Clyde Harris. Sullivan. An effort will be made to bring out a candidate for county guperlntendent of schools. Carrolton Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs, Claude Harris, of South Washington street. Is suffering from an attack oC appendicitis. Willis S. Harris transacted buslne»« In Decatur NEWSPAPER!

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